Must-See Commercial: Alaska Airlines

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  1. kop of the pops says:


  2. Not only is a great commercial, but it’s a great promotion — priority boarding on Alaska Airlines if you’re wearing a Timbers jersey!

  3. Chris says:

    Now what happens? Oh sh..

  4. Joamiq says:

    That was pretty awesome

  5. RSL123 says:

    Great commercial and idea!

  6. soccerroo says:

    Great commercial and you get something for wearing an MLS Jersey. That is great.

  7. Rabid RBNY says:

    I wanna fly Alaska Airlines now

  8. mike says:

    That is a great commercial…very well done!

  9. hilarious! says:

    I want to see the unedited version where Spenny uses his colorful vocabulary to tell that “prat” where he can shove that phone!

  10. Hincha Tim says:

    Ayup, lods, laffed me bludy arse uff, I did.

  11. gnfn,,, says:


  12. shutupayouface says:

    great promo and a funny commercial. Portland is doing a lot of things right.

  13. rob says:

    I flew Alaska Airlines almost exclusively for most of the better part of 4 years I lived in the Pacific NW. Hands down they are my favorite airline, and that coming from someone who worked in the airline industry for 2 years. Chalk up another reason to keep them at the top.

  14. scott says:

    awesome commercial

  15. Mark says:

    Great stuff!

  16. Felix says:

    can you say “prat” on TV?

  17. Felix says:

    lol +1

  18. Jeremy says:


  19. Mutt says:

    Too much, awesomeness… oh my god.

  20. BWH says:

    Go to youtube and check the Alaska Air Timber Joey commercial. It isn’t as funny but still a good one.

  21. PetedeLA says:

    I actually thought he was a professional actor/comedian.

    MLS needs more of these types.

    Please bring us Jimmy Bullard– in whatever capacity!

    I’d take him over Beckham any day of the week.

  22. jdavids says:


  23. Gary Charles says:

    Here’s the Timber Joey Alaska Airlines commercial that is also worth watching.

    link to

  24. ELAC says:


  25. Me says:

    Sounders fan approves.

    Alaska is good travel, even when they sent my luggage bound for Charles de Guale to Denver by mistake…

  26. PetedeLA says:

    Thank you. Right at .16 you can see he just want to crack up and stop the filming.

    The icing on the cake is that he is still (when not injured) an excellent soccer player.

    Don Garber– are you reading this?!?!

  27. PetedeLA says:

    sorry… “wants” not “want”

  28. JoeW says:


    People used to say that the Chicago Fire were the gold standard for an expansion team b/c they won the MLS Cup and Peter Wilt and BB got so many things right. Than saying it was Seattle instead became trendy. But I don’t know, Portland (with no insult to either Chicago or Seattle) may be setting the new standard for expansion teams. Portland might not even make the playoffs and may still raise the bar–they’re getting so many things right.

  29. abc says:

    It’s like a youtube comment where people repeat a line from the video above, word for word, and post just that quote… I guess for the benefit of people who are deaf?

  30. abc says:

    The rest of the league could really learn a lot about marketing from all three of the northwestern teams.

  31. Chris says:

    cynical enough?

  32. Dominick says:

    As a fan of MLS–I appreciate good marketing to grow the league. As a fan of the Chicago Fire, this commercial angers me that not only do the Fire fail to market themselves well….they don’t even have a jersey sponsor to team with!! Sorry, frustrated..

  33. Fred Garvin says:

    With their commercials?

  34. Colin says:

    I guess no one has seen the Bruce Arena Herbalife ad where he gets out of the pool in slow motion wearing a bikini…

  35. Ian says:

    It doesn’t have a derogatory connotation here. It’s like saying “bullocks.” To American ears it’s just funny.

  36. Ian says:

    It’s especially hilarious since Spencer was ejected last game. He’s got a big mouth, and we like that.

  37. Ian says:

    Ha! Pretty sure if you saw that you’d go blind.

  38. PPH Services says:

    I freaking LOVE this commercial!

  39. Numeros 800 says:

    First legit funny commercial I have seen in a long time!!

  40. Shut your haggis traps—that is the funniest line in a commercial in a really long time. Hilarious.