Must-See Goal: Goalkeeper Finish

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17 Responses to Must-See Goal: Goalkeeper Finish

  1. John says:

    The title was misleading. I was expecting some kind of rocket or something. Lucky bounce like Danny Cepero.

  2. Eric says:

    And England’s goalkeeping woes continue.

  3. The Beard says:

    Ha ha, this was exactly my first thought as well. Also, was this played on turf instead of grass?

  4. J-man 1221 says:

    Awesome :)

  5. Eurosnob says:

    I wonder if this is the first time when a goalkeeper scored in U17 WC?

  6. Jamie Z. says:

    North America!

  7. Aaron in StL says:

    The goalie scores, from aboot midfield, in keeping with tradition. The tiny mushroom people of Nova Scotia go wild.

  8. Soro says:

    The game was in Pachuca at about 6800 feet elevation. Goalkicks were sailing the length of the pitch all game. The field was grass, but played very quick.

  9. peterjh says:


  10. Joamiq says:

    Hahaha, nicely done. What a glorious day for Canada, and therefore, the world.

  11. solles says:

    why did the english let the canadian goalie stroll up to midfield to take the goal kick? terrible.

  12. harp says:

    That’s England’s starting goalie in 2014.

  13. Good Jeremy says:

    hahaha it even haunts England at the youth world cups. He is well groomed to be Rob Green’s replacement. Should be ready to go for 2014.

  14. Kevin Smith says:

    Reports out there say this is the first time a goalkeeper has scored in the finals of ANY major FIFA tournament, mens or womens.

    So mens/womens U-17, U-20, World Cup, etc.
    I don’t think it would include Euros, Gold Cups, etc, and I’m not sure whether it would include the Olympics.

  15. Soccernst says:

    More amazing that it’s not off a set piece. The the typical atypical goalie scores scenario.

  16. Rev up those Revs says:

    Cool it guys, these English goalkeeping jokes are starting to cross the line.

  17. K-Town says:

    LOL, nice, I see what you did there.