SBI Gold Cup Final Watch Party in NYC (Where will you be watching?)

USAFans (

The 2011 Gold Cup Final is set for Saturday night at 9pm, and unless you're one of the lucky thousands who will fill the Rose Bowl to watch the USA take on Mexico, you will need to find a place to watch the game on Fox Soccer Channel.

If you will be in the New York City area on Saturday, SBI will be hosting a Gold Cup Final Watch Party at The Football Factory at Legends in Manhattan (6 W. 33rd Street). The party, which will be hosted by SBI's Mike Nastri, will go on from 8pm to 11pm and SBI has arranged a deal for readers, who can pay $30 for a wristband that will give you access to an open beer bar. Those looking to take advantage of the special must secure their wristband between 8pm and 8:45pm, with the open bar running until 11pm.

Where will you be watching Saturday's Gold Cup Final? Tell us where you and your friends will be gathering for the big match. Are you going to the Rose Bowl? Plan on joining us in NYC?

Let us know where you will be on Saturday night.

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183 Responses to SBI Gold Cup Final Watch Party in NYC (Where will you be watching?)

  1. cdavis627 says:

    I’ll be watching at Sweetwater’s in St. Paul, MN

  2. Ben says:

    Rose Bowl, Pasadena. Ninth row in the corner.

  3. Fred says:

    On my couch, screaming at the TV, scaring the dog.

  4. Jon says:

    Anybody happen to know of a spot in Virginia Beach/Norfolk to watch?

  5. Joe says:

    Bedford, MA on the couch before I move to Broad Brook, CT the next morning.

  6. Black Flag says:

    Arlington, VA, baby! Maybe, at Summers!

  7. Johnny Thunder says:

    Last month my wife and 5 year old son came home from a shopping trip. They’d bought my son a new soccer jersey at JcPenny…a Mexico jersey. I immediately took it back to the store and traded it for a USA jersey. He already had a blue one so I got him red. I was on the wife’s sh1t list for a while. I explained to my son why the Mexico jersey was evil and tomorrow I will show him why. Maybe I’m a terrible father but I’m USA all the way. I’ll be watching on the couch while I further indoctrinate my son into this world of USA soccer.

  8. emt says:

    In the comfort of my own home, because “technically” I’m not really allowed in a bar (not that one around here is showing the game anyways)

  9. Spectra says:

    Me too, but replace dog with wife and kids.

  10. Ian says:

    I lagged on buying tickets. Know of any viewing parties in north OC / south LA county?

  11. Spectra says:

    Oops! did I just compare my wife and kids to a dog

  12. Troy says:

    Going to First MLS game Saturday the Earthquakes v Galaxy. Looking for a spot to view the game afterwards anyone know anywhere in Santa Clara to see the game?

  13. Ne-Dub says:

    Either in the Rosebowl if I can swing tickets or nearby bar if I can’t. Driving from Albuquerque tonight after work.

  14. Ne-Dub says:


  15. drm says:

    I salute you, sir.

  16. EFG says:

    How is Summers? Everytime I’ve been (for non-USA games) it has been a huge disappointment.

  17. Reid says:

    @ a wedding…. so complete media black out, wake up early in the morning and drive 3 hrs home to watch on DVR. There needs to be a yearly list of blackout dates for weddings, etc that are in conflict with major sporting events that the bride/groom can check before scheduling said event.

  18. Omar Little says:

    In NYC but at Manchester Pub on 49th and 2nd. AO affiliated bar, trying to become a full fledged chapter.

    USA 2 Mexico 1 as Donovan tortures El Tri one more time…

  19. Morning Train says:

    The Globe Pub, Chicago, IL…possibly America’s finest bar to watch soccer and home to the Arsenal supporters club

  20. srfinger says:

    Any prediction other that 2-0 is sacrilege.

  21. Tony in Quakleand says:

    Say hello to Bruce and the DuNord crew! I’m going to be looking for a family-friendly sports bar with Fox Soccer in South Lake Tahoe

  22. Coach says:

    This is a reach with all the activity going on in NYC, but if anyone knows a happening spot in North Jersey (Bergen-Passaic) that is US-friendly or even mixed company, please post.

  23. jshmrt20 says:

    I and a few hundred of my closest friends will be in downtown Asheville, NC….the Bier Garden…..

  24. Wispy says:

    Johnny Thunder, my wife will be having my first son in a little over a month. If your actions make you a terrible father, then I want to be exactly as terrible as you.

  25. DC Josh says:


  26. DC Josh says:


  27. DC Josh says:

    Murphy’s in Virginia Beach if you are near the ocean. No clue about Norfolk.

  28. TheRyan says:

    Amsterdam Tavern in St. Louis MO will be rockin’ tomorrow night!

  29. NE Matt says:

    Couch in Keene, NH

  30. DC Josh says:

    Laughing Man Tavern in DC. Will be my first time there. Usual spot is Molly Malone’s.

    Anyone else in the DC area heading into the city?

  31. Doc says:

    Kieran’s in Minneapolis, MN

  32. nunatak says:

    lucky lills Great Falls, Montana

  33. RChrisW says:

    I will be watching it with my bowling league pals in my garage/recently converted to a mancave. But unluckily it will be through mediacom cable who only broadcast the HD fox soccer channel in Standard def…makes sense right?

  34. Andrew says:

    Rose bowl. 9th row!

  35. EFG says:

    I will be at LMT. Haven’t been yet for the Gold Cup but there was a nice turnout for USA v Spain considering a lot of people probably went up to Boston

  36. Dave says:

    You are the man. Well played.

  37. Carlos says:

    Rose Bowl, 10th row kind of in the center. Go USA.

  38. Primoone says:

    The Olde Ship…Santa Ana, Ca

  39. Jeremy says:

    Unless your wife is Mexican you have no reason to be on her sh1t list.

    In fact, if your kid already has a USA jersey, she probably should be on your list for not having a better sense of your fandome!

  40. Dave says:

    To answer the thread, at home in Maryland, with a brew, watching on Fox Soccer.

    I know any answer to this question is kind of subjective and will be a generalized approximation, but what kind of a split will we see in terms of support in Pasadena. No doubt majority Mexican, but how stark of a difference?

  41. el Jeffe says:

    Natty Greene’s brew pub in Greensboro, NC. If you’re in the triad, come on out, sound will be on!!!


  42. Grant says:

    Manchester pub is awesome.

  43. Yusef says:

    Rose Bowl, Section 4-H, Row B

  44. Carl says:

    Seattle. Anyone know a good place to watch in Seattle? I’m there for the weekend and not too familiar with the soccer bars.

    Looking forward to my first Sounders game on Sunday…

  45. XPHiLtER says:

    Nice, I might join you there. They have a good Liverpool and Everton showing too! (Everton for me)

  46. Texas 1836 says:

    Freetail Brewing Co., San Antonio TX

  47. B1879 says:

    Natty Greene’s is awesome, but I won’t be in Greensboro.

  48. CACuzcatlan says:

    The Mad Dog in the Fog in San Francisco

  49. Duck says:

    Is there an SBI event is Pasadena? SBI Mafia tailgate or tour of Old Town Pasadena’s bars perhaps?

  50. DCD says:

    I’ve had the same experience there.

  51. Ryan in NY by way of NC says:

    Thinkin’ I might head to Standings, in the village or Woodwork in Brooklyn. I’m thinkin’ Nevada Smiths will be too outta control – always standing room only and difficult to get a drink.

  52. jason says:


  53. Steve says:

    Perfect spot…LA/SJ game will be on also

  54. jason says:

    Tix still available: link to

  55. Johnny Thunder says:

    Jeremy, that was my position too. I even said when they brought it home, “Were you TRYING to start a fight?!?”

  56. Sid says:

    I’m guessing 90/10 at best…Hopefully there is ample security

  57. Cutlass Sup says:

    Lucky Baldwin’s should have Galaxy game before the big one…limited TV’s though

  58. DOS A CERO says:


  59. Kevin says:

    JT, I agree with Dave. You ARE the man. Haha, I also like it that you don’t shy away from saying ‘indoctrinate.’

  60. KutamaObama says:

    At home…..though will be busy hosting people for our baby boy we just adopted. If I’m really too busy, will TiVo it (+ an additional 1 hr just in case for extra-time & penalties if necessary) but I have a gut feeling that we are beating Mexico……….GO USA USA USA

  61. Wm. says:

    Within one of the epicenters of American soccer:

    Booze, Junior Mintsâ„¢ and a little American flag. GO USA!

  62. Mattbag212 says:

    Home in small town Orgun, watching the game on PC (Univision most likely) with my girlfriend. Big or small, rich or poor, WE ARE INDIVISIBLE.

  63. Kevin says:

    Carl, check out to see where the official Seattle chapter will be catching the game. At the worst, you know it will be a soccer-friendly bar, if not a great bar.

  64. Randy says:

    Plenty spots just North of the stadium

  65. RichP says:

    In Pittsburgh, with friends. Though I’m sure Piper’s Pub will have the game on.

  66. Kevin says:

    The pic at the top is actually pretty badass.

  67. Thomas513 says:

    Close to the stadium – Fuel, Temple Billairds, Elysian Fields. Downtownish – The Owl & Thistle, Spitfire, Buckleys. Capitol Hill – Auto Battery Bar. George and Dragon in Fremont, Atlantic Crossing in Ravenna, the Market Arms or Stepping Stone in Ballard.

  68. Sly says:

    Studio Square astoria Beer grden. They will have it on their jumbo tron. That or home depends on the weather.

  69. Rowsdower says:

    Nice! i haven’t been to Asheville in years. Great memories.

  70. kenlynn says:

    I’ll be at the JFK airport, hoping it is playing somewhere while I wait to board.

  71. Leo says:

    The home of AO NYC. Just down the street at Jack Demsey’s.

  72. Sid says:

    will be watching the first half at the Union vs Chivas game at PPL park, hoping they show it on the big screen after!!!!

  73. Andy says:

    Baxter’s has FSC if you wanna hit up Granby.



  75. Joamiq says:

    You’re not a terrible father. You’re a great father. I’d do the exact same thing.

  76. pete says:

    i’m gonna be in the baltimore area. anyone know of any good soccer bars there to catch the game?

  77. Brent McD says:

    Rose Bowl, section 3-L. Vamos Yanks!

  78. KNPonder says:

    Kudos to you. You are a role model for your child. You did the upstanding thing – taking it back to the store instead of symbolically burning it right then and there in front of the kid. May of us would have done that, but you took the higher ground.

  79. Angel FAN of USA says:

    +1 Good one.

  80. Kevin_Amold says:

    Rose Bowl!

  81. emptyplate says:

    Hopefully better than the security at Belgrano’s stadium (See the feed from the earlier posting on River Plate’s match against Belgrano). You will also see why the casting agents for the musical Spiderman should be recruiting in Buenos Aires.

  82. Kevin_amold says:


  83. Carl says:

    Awesome, thanks guys. I’ll be in the stadium area on Sunday, so I think I’ll check out Auto Battery in Capitol Hill or another that you mentioned.

    Thanks again for the info, it’s nice to have the SBI community as a resource 😉

  84. El Torito says:

    Club trails inside the Texas Station Casino in Las Vegas. Surrounded by a sea of Mexican supporters wearing their green or black jerseys. I need an army of Red White and Blue with me. No problem, I’m a Marine, I can take the pressure. Lets go USA!!!
    GET iT DONE!

  85. wildchild says:

    Brewforia at Bown in Boise, ID.

  86. SIKE!!!!!1 says:

    Who’s playing what now?

  87. cam newton says:

    my house in auburn, alabama

  88. Please forward that list to the Dempsey and Donovan families.

  89. Mishewaka, IN. Hope the Spanish broadcast isn’t only on cable because I doubt the hotel gets FSC. I’m DVR’ing it but I won’t be able to wait to get the score.

  90. Matt T says:

    I will be at laughing man too. Went there for Canada and last game against Panama. Never been to Molly Malone’s but Laughing Man is a really good time.

  91. BIGTED says:

    Anyone know of any places in Boston to watch the game?

  92. A.Roach says:

    Looking for a place in Knoxville…let me know.

  93. A.Roach says:

    Looking for a place in Knoxville…let me know.

  94. Virgil says:

    Sadly, I will most likely be on a place coming back from Romania. I hope I can make it home in time for the 2nd half at least.

  95. Virgil says:

    I meant plane.

  96. Dainja says:

    As an Auburn grad, first off…WAR EAGLE! Secondly, please don’t roll our sick trees after we win. haha. (it would be awesome if the real cam newton was a soccer fan)

  97. Dainja says:

    No offense to Manhattan…but its all about CROOKLYN!! Bed Stuy, Do-Or-Die…at the Black Swan on Bedford. (Biggie would’ve been proud…hell, his Mom was Jamaican so you know he loved some CONCACAF)

  98. ThaDeuce says:

    At home in Cleveland, MS, probably the only soccer friendly venue in town (with FSC)!

  99. Mobster of southie says:

    Whitey’s, but i’d be careful.

  100. Eric says:

    Nice….I’ll be in Row 31.

  101. Don'tTreadonThis says:

    If anybody knows of a good spot in Little Rock, AR, let me know. Otherwise, I’ll be at home with a homemade pizza, some Wingstop, and a lot of anger if Mexico wins. GO USA!!!!

  102. Eric says:

    There’s a pub in Santa Ana that’s a good USA fan hangout….forgot what it’s called though.

  103. Eric says:

    Rose Bowl Section 22 Row 31

  104. buff111 says:

    In my living room, pacing back and forth, shouting instructions to the players. I still can’t understand they dobn’t follow the instructions I’m giving. That is very frustrating, maybe I should yell louder. My neighbors may not like but the heck with them, this is soccer and that’s more important than neighborhood relations.

  105. RedBall says:

    Fado Irish Pub in Miami, s Fl AO chapter is too far up north…

  106. The Rog says:

    I’ll be at Auto Battery tomorrow. It’ll be happy hour there, so I’ll be knocking back Lagunitas IPA all game.

  107. The Rog says:

    Auto Battery Bar in Seattle. Can’t go wrong with happy hour beer, dogs, and fires. Convinced the girlfriend to come and watch with me…gave her fair warning about how intense I’ll be.

  108. The Rog says:

    That would be FRIES, everyone…

  109. Morning Train says:

    good to hear, i’ll be donning a USMNT circa 1992 adidas Tab Ramos jersey.

  110. Big Chil says:

    British Bulldog, Denver, CO.

  111. Biebs says:

    Standings is a great bar, I’ve never been there for a soccer game, though.

  112. BC says:

    The Dog and Duck Pub in Austin, TX

  113. Quen047 says:

    I’m looking for a place to watch in SF- new-ish to the city. Someone mentioned Mad Dog in the Fog. Any other ideas for a place with a great soccer atmosphere?

  114. Ben says:

    Unfortunately, I will be attending a wedding. Wish I could watch this so bad.

  115. ben in el cajon says:

    Rose Bowl too, in row 51

  116. Josh L says:

    Anyone tailgating with satellite TV for Galaxy game???

  117. Troy says:

    San Jose Earthquake are having a viewing party after their game with the Gold Cup being shown on their Video Board.

  118. Johnny Thunder says:

    Congratulations, Wispy! He will be all about mom for a while but when he gets a little older it gets to be a lot of fun.

  119. Troy says:

    Galaxy game got moved up to 3:30

  120. Cory C says:

    Do you have a link? Will this be shown on the internet live? I’m missing my DirecTV/FoxSoccer.


  121. Matt says:

    In a chalet outside of Yellowstone in Gardiner, MT. Probably with my in-laws looking at me like I’m crazy and getting way too into a “game.”

  122. jimg says:

    The Olde Ship
    1120 W 17th St
    Santa Ana, CA

    or the American Outlaw official bar is

    Dillon’s Irish Pub
    6263 Hollywood Blvd
    Hollywood, CA 90028

    also check out:

    link to

  123. Rlw2020 says:

    Damn sounds like a party in NYC! Il be at the bulldog in denver tho!!!

  124. Rlw2020 says:

    Phoenix landing in Cambridge and banchee in Dorchester Are the AO bars

  125. Rlw2020 says:

    Ya bulldog!

  126. Adriano says: in Hoboken. Never been there but I did some research n that’s what I found.

  127. jrc says:

    Oakland anyone? Little help.

  128. Driving down to the Rose Bowl from San Francisco!

  129. busdriver says:

    Brewhouse Cafe in Atlanta. Always a good time for a U.S. game.

  130. MesaATLien says:

    Awesome, I’ll be there too!!!! Anyone else in the ATL, please stop by, wear your red gear, and scream your head off!!

  131. PeteBNJ says:

    I had the same problem convincing him of the evils of the Dallas Cowboys … it worked.

  132. Yevgeniy says:

    Hi. Can someone recommend a somewhat kid-friendly place in downtown Chicago. Here for Fire-RBNY match and staying in W on North Lake Shore Drive. Thanks

  133. Dennis says:

    Tir Na Nog in Philadelphia. Watched the US beat Honduras in the WC qualifier at that bar and had a good time.

  134. Dennis says:

    I saw the last 3 GC finals live, west coast is a bit of a trip so Tir Na Nog it is.

  135. FulhamPete says:

    I KNOW there’s gotta be a place in Fresno…that’s not in front of my 55″ plasma. (Uverse, however = Fox Fuzzy Def).

  136. Chad Ochocinco says:

    I’ll be playing in it! Starting 11

  137. vik says:

    Can’t believe I’m traveling out of LA tonight, but I’ll be catching the game via online stream somewhere in transit.

  138. Emerald_City_Jason says:

    Miss the Globe. Lived just a few blocks away for years.

  139. Emerald_City_Jason says:

    I’m a big fan of the Dray, up in Ballard. Place is tiny, TV’s aren’t huge, and you gotta show early for guaranteed prime location, but beer, food, bathroom, and espresso are all very good.

  140. abc says:

    ^ a true patriot

  141. abc says:

    Don’t spill your beer on Andrew when LD scores.

  142. Bangkok, Thailand – rockin my Dempsey jersey in a hotel room that I stay in for the good wi-fi connection, and emptying the mini-fridge.

  143. Kelly Goosecock says:

    Or if you do not habla Espanol:
    link to

    And while I’m here, f**k Fox for making this whole tournament inaccessible to casual fans and those of us who are too busy or too poor to pay for FSC. Tonight at 8:00 (central time), Fox 2 in St. Louis is showing a two hour block of “Cops” followed by the local news. And I’m sure Fox Sports Midwest will replay the same Blue Jays/Cardinals game four times before they would ever consider running a timely replay of the most important US soccer game of the year. Yeah, f**k Fox, right in the peehole.

  144. Brian says:

    Anyone know of a good place to watch in near Concord, NH

  145. EkstraBen says:

    The SmallBar locations on Division and Fullerton have edged out the Globe in my book.

  146. John King says:

    Tailgate starts at Noon

  147. EkstraBen says:

    Try SmallBar on Fullerton and Southport. About a $15 cab ride from your hotel. Awesome food, awesome brews.

  148. Sams Army Tokyo says:

    anyone know where a Gaijin in Tokyo catch the match? online or in a pub?

  149. Mike Caramba says:

    Do you know any soccer bars in the St. Louis area? The only one I know is Tigin downtown.

  150. Mike Caramba says:

    Good to know…new to town…don’t really know where to go.

  151. JerryGarcia says:

    Brussels, Belgium – Game will start at 3am and the Tequila is already on ice. Things should get well out of hand, in the pregame… Cheers!

  152. Cory C says:

    thanks for the concacaf link, don”t know spanish so that is my only choice. I think Fox missed a big opertunity to grab some nice national ratings.
    Thanks agian and GO USA!!

  153. baller says:

    at my piso en espana at 3am on an illegal livestream…one of my last Saturday nights to party in spain before I head back to California but it doesn’t matter cuz I’m not gonna miss this game! USMNT HASTA LA MUEEEERTEEEE!!!!

  154. baller says:

    I always use…sh*ts legit

    …that’s strange “gaijin” sounds so familiar to “guiri” (foreigner in spanish)

  155. baller says:


    I remember running to my balcony screaming F****************CK YAAAAAA DONOOOVAAAAAAN!!! when algeria happened and I look over and my next door neighbor watering her plants (who kind of looks like a red-headed witch and lives with 100 cats) is just staring at me like i’m completely insane hahah

  156. Kelvin says:

    At Damon’s Tavern in Hartford CT with my fellow Outlaws!

  157. Duck says:

    Needs to be an SBI banner out there that we can all congregate at for a tailgate.

  158. Jacob says:

    Anyone know a good spot in Richmond?

  159. go to lucky, much better

  160. who cares about throwball?!

  161. laughing man is screaming eagles new place apparently. a few of my boys were there for the qtrs + semis and said it was lackluster.

    heading to lucky bar wearing my stu holden jerzzzzzz

  162. wow, expresso get real. all you need is whiskey.

    i just changed my mind about the seattle/sounders in this post alone

  163. Rory McCarthy says:

    Thats the joy of the Football Factory, all the passion of Nevadas but with decent space and good food .. plus cheaper beer. This place is a winner for me. I’ll be seeing you there.

  164. Coach says:

    Thanks, I also found out that AO supposedly watches at Tommy Fox’s in Bergenfield, but I’m not a member so don’t quote me on that.

  165. jb says:

    In Mexico! Puerto Vallarta. Go USA

  166. Supsam says:

    I will be representing the USA in a pro mexican crowd at The Grad, Davis, CA

  167. Landon says:

    Powerhouse Lounge in Jersey City has free shots during the game if you wear your USA Jersey!!

  168. Vivavilla says:

    ye olde kings head for galaxy game then our yanks. Oh yes, there will be singing

  169. Citronomics says:

    At home on the couch with the wifey, and maybe a few of her single girlfriendsm in Woosta MA. Need to get some zzzzzsss after taking the red eye from SanFran yesterday so I’m ready to scream at the TV. Cheers to SBI Nation and VAMOS YANKS!

  170. Edwin says:

    Anybody have a recommendation on where to watch in the Long Beach, Ca area?

  171. ZdBrown says:

    I’ll be cheering at the Graduate in Davis, California. All are welcome because I’m sure the Mexico supporters will outnumber us.


  172. Mwing09 says:

    Ill be heading there for my first time as well. Been going to Fado’s for soccer games but its a bit pricy. LMT looks like it has good deals for the game tonight.

  173. Wansteiger says:

    If I was in Chicago, I’d be at the Globe Pub for this game. But I’ll be watching in my apartment in Iowa.

  174. Americaaaa says:

    Anywhere to watch on Long Island, New York

  175. In Gardiner, head to the Two Bit Saloon. Soccer friendly with great Montana beers on tap. Try the Beltian White

  176. marco says:

    Old Town San Diego con mi amigos. El Tri 4 USA 1.

  177. mbw says:

    nicely done.

  178. Since 82 says:

    At Thirsty Lion in downtown Portland with the newly forming American Outlaws Portland chapter.

  179. JMO says:

    In cloudy Miami FL:

    ME: Arriba Mexico!

    My Son: Arriba Mexico!!

    My Wife: Go USA!!!

    My Daughter: GO USA!!!!

    Here’s to a great game…SALUD!

  180. irishneal11 says:

    Lion & Eagle Pub Boca Raton best soccer bar in Florida

  181. Zach says:

    With some friends on my 50 inch plasma in Marietta, GA
    GO GO USA!!!