SBI Stoppage Time: A look back at USA-Jamaica

SBI Stoppage Time: USA v. Jamaica Postgame Analysis from Soccer By Ives on Vimeo.

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25 Responses to SBI Stoppage Time: A look back at USA-Jamaica

  1. Jon L. says:

    The US was very solid during their game against Jamaica. I think Bradley took himself off the hotseat for the time being.

  2. Dirty Denzel says:

    Rodolfo Zelaya (Salvador) to MLS.

  3. marco says:

    Agree that Bedoya and Kljestan were big in this win. The best game ever for Sasha in my opinion. The Jamaican wingers never got into the match.
    Not to jump the gun, but will Gerardo Torrado vs Jermaine Jones be a classico? Who will get the first yellow?

  4. Dirty Denzel says:


  5. Marc B. says:

    Not to sure, lately I’e seen a kindler/gentler version of Torrado…

    yes, I said it!

  6. GigG says:

    Jones for a dive.

  7. Ian says:

    Agree on Kljestan. He almost always brings more to the pitch than he gets credit for, I’m glad he’s earning some props this time around. The dictation of the pace of this game and our calm possession is largely due to him always being available as an outlet. He’s always there for the simple pass.

  8. Super metro says:

    Michael Bradley had a great game largely not noticed due to Jones’ play and the others but the kid was all over the field opening space looking for distribution; good game for the kid.

  9. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    Bradley Jr. is a solid player, but this was his worst game of the Gold Cup. The first chance alone he made 3 bonehead mistakes:

    1) Keeping the first player onside

    2) Not covering the carom

    3) Not covering the player who got the rebound.

    He wasn’t horrible afterwards, but neither was he steller. I’d say a solid 5.5 maybe a 6.

  10. Jon from Chicago says:

    Your a troll GigG. It wasn’t a dive. Period. Contact was made. Period.

  11. abc says:

    Four mistakes as he also turned the ball over.

    It was his worst game so far and he was still solid, so all the haters look like fools once again.

  12. Jason B says:

    He’s always good for a choke-hold or two per game.

  13. Cario says:

    About time…Dude is relentless with his shooting

  14. Diggy says:

    He was good, but still too many giveaways

  15. Paul Thomas says:

    Eh? Bradley was very shaky in this game. He kept holding the ball far too long and then almost turning it over in dangerous areas, apart from the already-alluded-to problems with the first near-goal.

    Inevitable disclaimer: I am not one of the ridiculous Bradley haters. He’s the best central mid in the US pool. But, he had a sucky game.

  16. Tadi says:

    Time to focus on Panama…I think there will be a few of these guys playin the States after the transfer window opens

  17. Joey Joe Joe says:

    there was some contact, but it was a dive after the fact. its ok, it happens.

  18. B.Stef says:

    I’ll eat my words a little bit on Sacha, he played very well in this game. Thought he could have served some better balls in on corners, but a good game for him. Lets hope that continues. Bradley was fine a bit off in this one. He will play well vs Panama. Agudelo, played very well, holding the ball and beind dangerous going forward.

  19. kimo says:


    From a FIFA rating standpoint, this was easily Bradley’s worst game. MANY errant passes (I think the total was over 10) and lost a couple of balls in bad areas.

    Mikey looks tired. His touch was a bit heavy and he seemed to force things a bit. Hopefully, he’ll recover in the next couple of days.

  20. terry143 says:

    Bradley is a poor defender, that’s where he’s weak. He is the best passer on the team right now, he sees the right play even if the ball doesn’t always get there.

  21. terry143 says:

    Panama is undisciplined and clumsy on offense. They switch the field when they shouldn’t and don’t switch when they should. They try to force too much through the defensive trees and rely on the opposing defense to make a mistake and hand them a goal. They put the ball in the air when they should keep it on the ground. If El Salvador had a bit more team speed they would have won. Mexico-US in the final.

  22. Alejandro says:

    If you’ve been around soccer long enough you know these conversations are futile. Live with it and move on. At the end of the day the scoreline is what matters.

  23. Alejandro says:

    OMG this just made me laugh. But that’s a terrible thing to say. Still, very funny.

  24. Alejandro says:

    Will anyone watch if it’s Panama vs Honduras in the final? I wonder.

  25. Paul Thomas says:

    You’d have to think Blas Perez could do a bit better than stuck on some second-tier Mexican side.