Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary


It is a light day on the soccer calendar, but the kickoff of the 2011 CONCACAF Gold Cup serves as the day's headlining event for American soccer fans looking for some soccer to watch.

Mexico takes on El Salvador tonight, while Costa Rica opens the tournament against Cuba in the Gold Cup's first set of matches. The international soccer offerings don't end there. Poland is taking on Argentina this morning, while the U.S. women's national team is taking on Mexico in a final pre-World Cup friendly.

If you will be watching any of today's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's TV Schedule is after the jump):


11 a.m. - ESPN2/ Deportes - Poland vs. Argentina (Friendly)

1 p.m. - Fox Soccer Channel/Fox Deportes - Real Madrid vs. Bayern Munich (Corazon Classic club friendly)

2 p.m. - ESPN2/ - U.S. women's national team vs. Mexico (Friendly)

3 p.m. - GOLTV - Flamengo vs. Corinthians

6 p.m. - Univision - Costa Rica vs. Cuba (Gold Cup)

6 p.m. - Fox Soccer Channel - Boston Breakers vs. MagicJack

8 p.m. - Univision - Mexico vs. El Salvador (Gold Cup)


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159 Responses to Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

  1. nacosTri says:

    Come on you cuscatlecos!
    Arturo Alvarez: the Salvadoran Messi

  2. Salvatrucha says:

    What did Messi ever do to you to insult him in such a way.

  3. Jay says:

    Alvarez isn’t even playing today

  4. Brad says:

    I am predicting an El Salvador scoreline of 34-1. Mexico plays so poorly that they refund all the money in ticket sales for their fans and spend the remainder of the Gold Cup watching from a Denny’s.

  5. jose says:


  6. Brad says:

    On second thought, I think that in not likely. It will almost certainly be an I-HOP.

  7. women's soccer watcher says:

    Watching USWNT vs. Mexico. The English guy commentating knows NOTHING about women’s soccer or the US team which is disturbing. Does ESPN just like the accent or something? They should bring in Brandi Chastain, Lori Walker or someone knowledgeable about the women’s game to team with Julie Foudy.

    The team is also stuck in a rigid 4-4-2 when we have the personnel and player pool to play a much more dynamic formation. The women’s game is progressing and we need to progress with it. Instead US Soccer is still stuck in 1999 mode — all they need to do is provide a bit of funding (which they don’t do, as Chile now spends more money per average on women’s soccer than the US) and we’d be progressing like we should! It’s very sad to watch the decline of US Women’s Soccer.

  8. Al borland says:

    El Salvador suck i see a 3-0 Mexico winning.

  9. J-man 2112 says:

    I LOVE the picture 😀

  10. chris says:

    Not really

  11. Jay says:

    He’s recovering from an injury he should play next game.

  12. Brian says:

    Costa Rica is killing Cuba right now. I wonder if MLS will gain any more Cuba defectors after this tourney.

  13. elgringorico says:

    anyone catch why Chich got booked? I only saw the salvordeno push off

  14. Daniel says:

    Denny’s is for winners.

  15. Jason B says:

    Not sure why the Mexico v. El Salvador game is blacked out in my “region” on the CONCACAF TV site. Anyone else having issues watching it online. I would watch a stream but they’ve all been choppy.

  16. Daniel says:

    Ian Darke has a lifetime pass for his Algeria call. I didn’t even think he was doing bad. Not bad at all.

  17. RB says:

    Sure it is.

    Particularly the aspects of it that are unnecessary or pointless, as WSW notes.

  18. Daniel says:

    Same here, I assume it’s because we have access to Univision on Cable and it’s only available to smaller regions where getting that channel would be otherwise impossible.

  19. Daniel says:

    El Salvador looking legit. The score is 0-0 at half. El Salvador seems to be playing up to their opponents level. They’re even generating a few chances here and there. Not sure they’ll be able to hold out, but their first half performance is admirable, especially since Costa Rica put up 5 on Cuba. If Costa Rica is able to draw Mexico, that’s a difficult goal differential to make up.

  20. Jason B says:

    Okay, too bad I don’t have cable.

  21. Elvis says:

    watch it on, in spanish of course

  22. Daniel says:

    I feel for you Jason B. I’m watching a shady stream and it’s sort of difficult to pick out individual players. If I squint I’m pretty sure I can tell which team is which.

  23. Jason B says:

    I’ll try that, thanks.

  24. Alex G says:

    Cmon Selecta, give the Mexicans a run for their money, or something haha

  25. Spectra says:

    WOw univision in HD didn’t even know I had it. Will the US games be on univision too

  26. Spectra says:

    Wait the GOD of all concacaf soccer (as some want to say here) just had a horrible finish.

    Should have put that in easily

  27. Spectra says:

    wow falling to the ground not looking and his rebound hits off his shoulder and goes in. Entertaining.

    Mexico 1-0

  28. RB says:

    Juarez falls forward and puts Mexico up, finally.

  29. Dawsaw says:

    That was a fortunate trip

  30. Shark says:


  31. The bums will always lose says:

    Mexico had that goal coming, but still….Juarez is one lucky dude.

  32. RB says:

    Wow, he’s only been in a couple of mins…

  33. Daniel says:

    And the flood gates open up.

  34. Daniel says:

    That turf looks like absolute garbage.

  35. Spectra says:

    wow what the crap was that? Salvador totally has a brain fart or something they just let the ball in.

    I guess they thought there was a foul but holy cow play to the whistle

  36. The bums will always lose says:

    And as I type that, Mexico goes up 2-0. El Salvador D not at their best right there.

  37. Robert says:

    As a USMNT supporter, I have a strong dislike towards both Mexico and El Salvador; however, it a disgrace that these two teams have to play on turf. This is supposed to be our regions premier tournament, but by playing an international match on turf, it just isn’t right. Imagine a Euro Cup match being played on turf; it would never happen. How could the executives of concacaf be ok with this?!?!?!

  38. JW says:

    Loving the feed… Time Warner doesn’t carry Univision on basic cable, apparently. Boo Time Warner, bravo Univision!

  39. Shark says:

    Yup agree 100%….

  40. Spectra says:

    3 – 0

    someone tell el Salvador there are 2 halves here. yikes.

  41. dan c says:

    dios mio, ahora tres……

  42. Dawsaw says:

    Wow, going for the throat.

  43. RB says:

    3 in how many mins?

  44. Spectra says:

    the third goal was much better than the other two. I’ll say mexico will get to 5 at this point

  45. Shark says:

    Damn…El Salvador just fell apart….a very lucky first goal…..second goal they stopped playing as it looked like a foul should have been called and shell shocked they just gave up a third goal in 5 minutes….too bad as they had played tough up until then….

  46. Mike says:

    Mexico and El Salvador are looking very dangerous. This doesn’t look good for the United States.

    We’ve had so much trouble with a team like El Salvador and Mexico is just dismantling them left and right.

  47. Daniel says:

    The game between Cuba and El Salvador is the battle of terribly beatens. El Salvador wasting any good will that strong first half performance may have earned.

    As biased (and I’m way beyond biased) as I might be, I would credit Mexico’s pressure, but certainly not their class finishes. A better team doesn’t let those goals happen. Each sort of seemed like El Salvador just forgot they were playing soccer. But like I said, biased.

  48. Dawsaw says:

    Should have been 4 there.

  49. Shark says:

    Its all about the $$ and filling a 100,000 seat stadium….CONCACAF could care less….its a cash cow for them…but I agree with you…

    England played a game on really bad artificial turf in Russia so it happens their too

  50. Jason B says:

    Just once I’d like to see the US beat the shite out of somebody like this. I know we beat Barbados 8-0 recently in World Cup Qualifying, but come on, its Barbados. Maybe we’ll beat Guadaloupe 5-0.

  51. JW says:

    4 now.

  52. The bums will always lose says:

    Class finish there from Chicharito. But wow, El Salvador – Get. It. Together. 4 goals in the course of 20 minutes?

  53. Big Chil says:

    Sheesh. The floodgates are open. 8-0 anyone?

  54. Shark says:

    Yeah right…Mexico is beatable and El Salvador is not that good….

    You have to remember we are bigger, faster and more athletic than Mexico….and trust me we want pay back for what they did to oru ‘B’ team in 2009….

  55. Mike says:

    I’m predicting it now.

    Chicarito is going to destroy Onyewu and Ream. :(

  56. Shark says:

    El Salvador has quit…I hate to say it…but its a fact…

  57. Dawsaw says:

    Scratch that. What a finish by Chicharito.

  58. Daniel says:

    That’s something the US HAS to address. Ream and Goodson aren’t exactly burners, and neither are Dolo and Bocanegra. We’re going to need to be wary of the speed of Chicharito, which is easier said than done.

  59. Harris says:

    I’m scared.

  60. Big Chil says:

    Are they playing halfcourt with Mexico getting the ball every time?

  61. Shark says:

    LOL…of what your own shadow?

  62. kimo says:


    Adu lit up today’s practice per the Washington Post. Maybe he’s pissed about his exclusion against Spain and wanted to prove a point. He certainly couldn’t have done worse than Rogers. Anyway, let’s hope he comes to play and is given a chance.

  63. RB says:

    Too much like that 09 final. Scary…

  64. Jason B says:

    Its make it take it. Score, get the ball back. Repeat.

  65. Daniel says:

    9 goals scored today by Mexico and Costa Rica. Both teams have the ability to beat the US when playing well, but I think we need to keep in might the large disparity between 4-5 teams and the rest of Concacaf.

  66. Mike says:

    It’s too late. If he continues to play like he has for the past year, he’s going to torch our back line.

  67. Shark says:

    Just win baby…that is all that matters…we will be fine…funny to see folks scared to death of Mexico…:)

  68. Benny says:

    Mike, you have been talking garbage all day. You know absolutely nothing about soccer. You are a joke.

  69. Benny says:

    your’re a complete idiot, 100%.

  70. Mike says:

    Washington Post has a blog out about today’s Gold Cup practice. Freddy Adu was apparently the best player, scored some nice goals.

    Oh, and surprise, surprise Bob Bradley is playing him as a winger. That’s just what you need to do, play the kid way out of position. It’s not like that’s been the problem with his career to this point anyways.

  71. Daniel says:

    Too late? wut? It will be about managing Chicharito’s speed and forcing the rest of Mexico to beat us.

    It’s not like there was a crazy fast CB waiting in the wings that we could have brought in.

    I just think our defense should be wary of it and we’ll need to minimize his chances.

  72. Mike says:

    F off kid.

    If you don’t think Mexico is clicking at a level above the United States right now you should just stop watching.

  73. Mike says:

    Aww poor baby, somebody talking bad about your big bad Ream?

    Awww how about a binky?

  74. Mike says:

    That’s my point man. We can’t manage his speed without dropping off tremendously which will then allow Dos Santos and Barr to just dribble around our midfield.

  75. Shark says:

    Mexico is not exactly a great defensive team and never has been and they have a goalie who is a head case…and not much to back him up…our midfield and forward speed and athletic ability will give them fits not to mention the height advantage…

    Man some of you guys have given up already….that is pretty sad…

  76. Jack says:

    Saw that too.

    I remember Bradley giving an interview about Adu saying that he was glad he found a team that played him in his natural position, and then he turns around and sticks him out of position. Head scratcher.

  77. Spectra says:

    Last I checked his preffered position was on the bench. Why couldn’t he be a winger? This isn’t a 29 year-old veteran.

  78. Daniel says:

    Good one. That binky bit. Keep that, that’s something you’ll want in your back pocket should another golden opportunity arise.

  79. canchon says:

    Have you been watching the game? Mexico has a lot of speedy attackers and slaughtered ES by switching up tactics to simple balls over the top and running past their backline. They tried the same ball over the top 5 times in a row before it created their first goal. And Gooch is slow and Ream is not that speedy either.

    Can the USMNT beat Mexico? yes.
    Is there reason for concern? yes.

  80. Shark says:

    We have plenty of speed ourselves…and our midfield with Bradley, Donovan and Demspey is one of the better ones in the world…funny how you forgot that..

    DeSantos couldn’t even hack it in the EPLhe is nothing to fear if we play our game as we are capable of….

    Quit being so scared….we will be fine…

    There is a reason Mexico is ranked below us…

  81. Jack says:

    Some people just can’t play in other positions, they simply don’t have the skill set to do it.

    You’d never want Dolo playing center mid, just like you’d never want Howard playing forward.

    Adu is a creative, skilled attacking midfielder. He is quick but he is anything but fast. Playing him on the wing on a full size pitch is just dumb.

  82. Daniel says:

    @Shark: Preach.

    Mexico can be beat. We can win this. Will we? We’ll have to find out. But dismissing this team is ridiculous.

  83. canchon says:

    It’s the “get rid of it!” game. If you complete 3 passes, you must give it up to the other team. Reminds me of Azteca 09.

  84. Jack says:

    Dempsey does not have speed LOL

  85. Shark says:

    Yes we can and will..seems to me the worry warts have already dismissed the USA and given up…I find that sad…

    Yeah I think we do beat Mexico…lots of reasons why…not to mention 2009…these guys won’t forget that…

    I’m not dismissing anyone…just watching folks melt on here…and its pretty damn funny to watch…

    Preach indeed…then again i don’t quit on my team…

  86. canchon says:

    Arrrrgghh. Just like Spector is playing well in the midfield and BB lines him right up at right back to get torched.

    Meanwhile Chepo makes a tactical adjustment after a slow first half and his team scores 4 goals in 10 minutes.

  87. Jack says:

    Have to agree with the Mexico fan on this one. Mexico just coached and played El Salvador off the pitch.

  88. Shark says:

    Oh really…guess you watched the wrong guy then…he is big, mean, athletic and fast…and will give Mexico BIG TIME fits…just sayin’

  89. Shark says:

    They got lucky on the first two goals and then El Salvador melted down and quit…then again far from a great team to begin with..

  90. canchon says:

    And here comes the third for Chicharito?

  91. Harris says:

    Cheeky bastard…

  92. Jack says:

    Chicarito is a hat trick hero.

  93. canchon says:

    No, they did not get lucky. They switched tactics, lobbed balls over the top (they played the SAME ball like 5 times in a row before the play that resulted in their first goal.) Take off the blinders – they played a great 2nd half.

  94. torporindy says:

    Chicharito looks better in red than green.

  95. The bums will always lose says:

    Ha, I just said the exact same thing.

  96. canchon says:

    Now ask yourself if Altidore would have finished those chances. I think it’s more like shooting wide, or into the goalie, and then making a huge pouty face and burying it in his jersey.

  97. palm says:

    hat trick of chicharito

  98. Jack says:

    Chicharito is going to be a freaking nightmare. Ugh.

  99. qwerty says:

    anyone saw chicharito penalty know thats class

  100. Shark says:

    Sure they did…that first goal was plain luck and the second goal El Salvador stopped because they thought it was a foul…after that they melted down…sure they scored five goals….buit its funny how a coupel of lucky mistakes will see a team meltdown in a hurry who doesn’t have a ton of ability ro confidence to begin with…

    Mexico took advantage of the mistakes and drove the stake in…I will give them that…so yes a good second half…

  101. Alf says:

    Q pasa?

    Kid didn’t miss a step from United to Mexico. In fact, looks like he stepped up his runs and overall play.


  102. slyboy says:

    come one man, i get what you are saying, but no need to be a eurosnob. European qualifying has taken place on turf on several occasions, Europe is not perfect either

  103. Jeremy says:

    Mexico just sent notice across CONCACAF that they are still the best team.

    What an incredible second half performance.

  104. jason says:

    what ever helps you sleep bra

  105. Shark says:

    So are Dempsey and Donovan against a not so good Mexican defense and a goalie who can be a headcase…should be fun…I liek our chances allot…and Howard knows Chicharito so that is a + too…

  106. Eric120 says:

    That was some penalty kick by Chicharito. Got to admire that.

  107. I’m glad Mexico is getting hyped up right now. Let them. They beat a CONCACAF minnow who had enanos (midgets) defending and a piss poor finishing third that even my first year club of fat kids playing Hyper-Catenaccio defense could finish better….

    El Landito/Mexicutioner sits in a dimly light room staring at a Mexican flag waiting for June 25th….

  108. canchon says:

    Get ready for the US to “send notice” by beating Canada 1-0 on a 85th minute PK from Donovan.

  109. milito says:

    costa rica and mexico beat there opponets by 5 goal i want USA to do the same againts canada.

  110. TheFreshman says:

    Good call sir.

  111. Red White & Blue Porker says:

    Funny a Chicano calling others midgets, learn what chicano means maybe you won’t look like an idiot.

  112. Eric120 says:

    I don’t know what happened to El Salvador. They held their own in the first half, but in the second they completely fell apart.

  113. Omar Gonzalez (6 foot 5 inches) might say otherwise…..Troll.

  114. Shark says:

    Funny guy…last I looked Mexico is ranked below the USA to boot…so no they are not the best team…and as i recall we finished top for WC qualification too…

    We will see how Mexico responds to our height, athletic, physical and speed advantage…

    FWIW Canada is a better team than El Salvador…

    Once Donavan spots a Mexican jersey he ups his game 100%…and lets be honest the Mexicans have not faired well in the USA over the past decade or so…the 2009 game saw our ‘B’ team make the final…and yeah they lost…but this time the ‘A’ doesnt’ lose…

  115. TheFreshman says:

    +1 When was the last time the USMNT had a dominant performance? The 3-0 in the home qualifier in 2009 against T+T? Against Egypt in the Confed Cup? And even these are stretches. As much as I admire the determination, and the way they’ve grinded out results the last few years, it would be nice to see them play somebody off the field one day. Maybe Tuesday we’ll see it, but probably not.

  116. Phil says:

    rogers should be sent home on a bus.

  117. Shark says:

    Lets be honest the average height of the Mexican team is around 5’7′ or so…and yes they have a tall guy or two…the USA team will be around 6’….height disadvantge has always hurt the Mexican’s….and no he is not a troll..nor are you…:)

  118. Benny says:

    No, no reason for concern. Why? Mexico defeated an inferior team today who played their hearts out in the first half. Or should they be concerned because they lost to Spain with an inexperienced squad? No. Give me a break. Everyone was saying the same thing in 2007. What a joke!!!!!! Can Mexico beat the U.S.? Yes. Can the U.S. beat Mexico? Yes.Right now I put my money on the U.S. If the U.S.limps into the finals, then their might be some reason for concern.

  119. Shark says:

    Funny guy…you crack me up…

  120. Eric120 says:

    Height disadvantage hasn’t seemed to hurt a side like Argentina, though…

    This isn’t basketballl.

  121. Totally agree. While Mexico did look dangerous on the finishing third, ‘Memo has, I like to call them ‘Gomes moments’ alot more than people will care to admit, and the Mexican backline can be broken.

  122. Benny says:


  123. Shark says:

    I recall we beat Spain in the Confed Cup and won in all aspects of the game and gave Brazil all they could handle and did okay in the World Cup too…

  124. TheFreshman says:

    Wait, wasn’t Landon the one who got beat by Dos Santos at Azteca in 2009, leading to the game winning goal? I mean I love Landon, but don’t make him sound like someone who is unstoppable against El Tri. And I really hope you’re right, but size and athleticism can only go so far (This means you Jozy and Gooch)

  125. YO says:

    The diference is – Mexico’s forwards score and ours don’t.

  126. Brian says:

    He had the piggy flu

  127. Shark says:

    Mexico is no Argentina and thats a fact and the height advantage has helped us a great deal against Mexico over the past decade and England used Crouch to beat them… I recall we have played Argentina pretty damn well in two consecutive draws over the past few years..

    Quite a few small guys have done well in basketball…:)

  128. Jeremy says:

    Won in all aspects of the game?

    We were dominated in every single possible category except goals scored.

    That game was a fluke.

  129. It’s a Latino cultural think to bang on each other. Mexicans do it to Guaetemelans. The Spanish bag on Mexicans, Mexicans bag on Chicanos (Mexican-Americans) for being pochos, etc. I’ve called El Salvadorians Enanos since my brother had a teacher who bagged on everything in Mexican culture, saying it was second rate compared to, ‘Espana.’ P.S. I am 5’6 enano as well… :)

  130. John Ramirez says:

    You guys overanalize everything soooo much!

    Bottom line is Mexico has a knowledgable no frills coach, who was obviously not happy with the first half. That’s what impressed me most, whatever he went over in the locker room it certainly helped. The defense is only “weak” as some say because they don’t park nine players to defend as the US does, and that is the truth. chicharito is WORLD CLASS, De Nigris is big and good and Giovani is small and very god!

    Now the US idsvery good too, and I think that if both teams maek it to the final it will be a toss of a coin. But one thing’s for sure…if anyone doubts that De la Torre has studied every single aspect of how to play us so that a 2-0 never happens then you are selling the man short!

  131. Shark says:

    He was sick with the swine flu…and you may recall that ref was scared for his life and called a horrible game…as I remember Feilhaber was brabbed by the throat by Tarrido on the ground he got away with it…

    That game was a travisty…the fix was in with that ref from the start…go watch it agin…there is a reason no wants to play Mexico in Azteca…very hostile fans…go look at the videos on You Tube as to how they treated American fans and the refs are scared to officiate their…

  132. TheFreshman says:

    We did not beat Spain in all aspects of the game. They had 11 shots to our 4. They had 9 corners to our 3. We won because we defended well, because of Tim Howard, because of Jozy’s one (only) moment of brilliance, and because Sergio Ramos forgot how to use his feet to clear a ball. It has been a long time since we have run a team off the pitch in a similar manner that Mexico did today. We are a good side, we should make the final of this tournament, but when we finally play Mexico, it will be a challenge.

  133. Benny says:

    If you had any brains, you would be dangerous.

  134. Shark says:

    I disagree…you better go back and watch that game again and read the reports from the world press…we won that games in all aspects…I can google you some game reports if you would like…go ahead I dare you…google the game reports…

    You sound like the Spanish who were poor sports after the game and whined about it…

    That game was no fluke we won it hands down…then again you just said Mexico was the best team in the region…I rest my case..:)

  135. Shark says:

    I disagree…go read the press reports…stats are for losers…and thats a fact…

  136. Shark says:

    Yeah I know…my niece is married to a Chicano and my nephew Manuel graduates tomorrow from High School…:) He is 5’5″….I’m 5’11″…we have fun with that…but he is a USA fan..:) :) Good young man and a credit to his parents..:)

  137. Phil says:

    As an Adu critic who is honestly rooting for him to make a comeback, I understand the frustration of not seeing him as an attacking midfielder, but I also see the dilemma that it presents. If Adu is a #9 or a #10 what would that lineup look like? with Adu on the bench behind Dempsey and LD.

    Adu has a better chance of playing if he can show some versatility. He doesn’t need to be a heels on the sideline winger, but if it gets him on the pitch with LD and Dempsey whatever. Holden would often start as a winger and drift inside.

    Either way if he is lighting up practices that should translate to some match minutes, but not until after Canada and not until we get a result.

  138. Eric120 says:

    I agree height does provide SOME advantages in soccer. But it’s not that it makes a hugely important difference, like it does in other sports. Look at the greatest soccer players in history–height was not a factor. It’s for a reason it’s called FOOTball.

  139. Shark says:

    Oh and as I recall the Swiss coach talked about how he used Bob Bradley’s game plan against the Spanish in the World Cup…worked pretty well as I recall…:)

  140. Even if many of us disagree, we can all at least agree on that Mexico vs. Costa Rica will be fantastic to watch in a few days..

  141. Phil says:

    the US did it against Barbados….

  142. Jeremy says:

    Worked well?

    Spain won the World Cup and Switzerland didn’t advance out of the group.

  143. Shark says:

    It has helped the USA against Mexico…that is a fact…as it did England in 2010 against Mexico….

    I’ve played the game for many years im the USA and England so I understand what its all about…

  144. Shark says:

    Funny guy…you knew what I was saying..nice dodge though…

    Googled those game reports yet??…:)

    You are the guy who said Mexico ws the best in the region…not according to FIFA…liek ti or not…

  145. James says:

    if chicharito could score on argentina,france,netherland,spain, even if some where friendlies he has eye for goal.

  146. Whitehartlane says:

    “”and our midfield with Bradley, Donovan and Demspey is one of the better ones in the world””

    Have you people lost your mind on this board? I’ve had enough of this, what I call reverse trolling, just gushing Mikey love like this.

    I’m done with SBI til after the Gold Cup, won’t be reading the posts from the WUMs on this board, this is Whitehartlane over and out!

  147. James says:

    he can surely score a hat trick on el salvador

  148. TheFreshman says:

    I forgot that one, excellent point.

  149. Duque Time says:

    You are an IDIOT! It was an amazing game with a spirited performance by both teams and three world class goals. The atmosphere was electric, and the reason their fans treated our fans like they did is because of stupid guys like you who after the 5-0 thrashing at the Gold Cup opened their big mouths and kept saying over and over how the US A team, meaning not the C-1/2 from the Gold Cup, wa going to literally destroy Mexico at Azteca for the first time. It was repeated over and over again. When your little dream didin’t come true Mexicans took revenge.That’s the way it really was!
    Don’t look for excuses with the ref. Today’s reffing was completely biased vs MEX in the first half. The yellow for ChiCharito was a JOKE! This is a man’s game go cry to mommy somewhere else.

  150. Martin says:


  151. Frank Gati says:

    Chicharito has scored vs the best golakeepers in the world including Howard, he is an outstanding forward PERIOD, and we have to be very careful!

  152. RB says:

    “Funny guy…last I looked Mexico is ranked below the USA to boot…”

    Crazy guy, as that’s only on FIFA’s terrible ranking system. Take a statistical ranking that makes some sense and the picture is reversed: Mexico 12th, USA 27th, for example, at link to . (And that’s before the US got blown out yesterday and Mexco’s blowout today).

  153. Lisandro says:

    Yeah right! Gringo’s and their obsession with atheticism! I guess you did not watch Busquets, iniesta and co dismantle the USMT!

    Does Maradona, Pele or Messi look like Onyewu?

    You are part of the reason the US is just a good soccer team.

    You don’t need athletics you need HEART!

  154. Al says:

    You dont even know what is a chicano hahahaha what a fool. Search it up and its Culture And what it means. Ashame you even of mexican decent.

  155. Aranson says:

    Chicharito has scored on Howard, iker casillas, petr ÄŒech, pepe Reina.

  156. jackie says:




  157. MadKingGeorge says:

    I certainly hope so

  158. SBI Troll says:

    Good riddance, troll.