U.S. U-17s vs. Germany: Your Running Commentary

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The United States Under-17 national team advanced to the knockout stage of the FIFA Under 17 World Cup, but its first opponent in the next phase is perhaps the most impressive team from the group stage, Germany (4 p.m., ESPNU/ESPN3.com/Galavision).

Germany thrashed its Group E opponents by a combined score of 11-1 in three victories and stands in the United States' way of reaching the quarterfinals. Making matters worse for the United States is that captain Marc Pelosi won't be eligible for the match after being sent off in the final game of the group stage against New Zealand.

Should the U.S. U-17s claim victory, they would advance to the quarterfinals to meet either England or Argentina.

If you will be watching any of the U.S. U-17 match, please feel free to share any thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below. Enjoy the action.

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136 Responses to U.S. U-17s vs. Germany: Your Running Commentary

  1. Ben Slager says:

    This field looks terrible

  2. Citronomics says:

    Threatening cross by Acosta, which leads to a corner and a shot on goal parried by the German keeper. Encouraging sequence.

  3. Teddie Smooth says:

    US goalie looking like the truth right now!

  4. Kevin_Amold says:

    It’s taking all I’ve got to avoid trying to turn this game on in my office…..

  5. jp992751 says:

    US defense looks about as bad as our senior team…seems just a bit of time before germany gets one of their shots in the back of the net

  6. Aaron in StL says:

    Score? No ESPN3 @ the office…

  7. Ben Slager says:

    No goals yet but the Germans have been peppering the Americans goal with some good shots

  8. jp992751 says:

    Why is our best striker (koroma) playing in the midfield?

  9. jp992751 says:

    1-0 Germany…that should do it.

  10. Teddie Smooth says:

    Goal Germany in 20th minute 1-0

  11. Justin O says:

    Well that sucked.

  12. Teddie Smooth says:

    Captain Optimisim over her

  13. Ben Slager says:

    And germany scores off of a quickly taken corner kick

  14. Kevin_amold says:

    Seriously. Morale is low these days….

  15. Ben Slager says:

    welp so much for this game

  16. Spider McCoy says:

    thanks for the updates, keep ’em coming. at work and the fifa.com gamecast is limited at best

  17. ericJ says:

    i am more entertained by the U-17 worldcup than the women’s… (also thought the U-17 girls were more entertaining…)

  18. Teddie Smooth says:

    Guido is going to be a star, the only thing holding him back is his motor, he looks slow and sluggish, but what beautiful touch he and the vision to see things develop is a trait few if any of our players possess

  19. Aaron in StL says:

    That last part could misinterpreted pretty easily

  20. Teddie Smooth says:

    They switched Koroma up top and Areola (sp?) is on the left where Pelosi typically plays

  21. ericJ says:

    At the fault of the reader for their lack of reading comprehension and acknowledgment of context of course…. :)

  22. Citronomics says:

    Another terrific save by McIntosh. Hope he finds his way to a MLS squad or Euro club Academy as his instincts and positioning (from the few games I’ve seen) are good.

  23. Teddie Smooth says:

    beautiful thru ball by Guido to M. Rodriguez, goalie beats him to the ball, Koroma can’t get to the deflection in time but takes out German CB in 36th minute

  24. Teddie Smooth says:

    McIntosh is in the Earthquakes academy

  25. Colin says:

    Koroma looks good.

  26. jp992751 says:

    2-0 and I am done for the day

  27. Citronomics says:

    D’ohhh… sloppy defending and Germany bags a second.

  28. ericJ says:

    Wow, an American CB falling asleep on a runner? Go figure…2-0 Germany.

  29. Teddie Smooth says:

    Acosta getting sliced up for 2nd German goal in 40th minute, 2-0 Germany. Now I agree it may be over… :(

  30. abc says:

    Don’t be so pessimistic… okay 2-0 NOW it’s over.

  31. syght says:

    Damn, USA was kinda still in the game there. Not anymore. Germany 2-0 40′

  32. ericJ says:

    Aaaaand Germany off the post. This could get ugly.

  33. Steve McSteve says:

    3-0. Sheesh.

  34. jp992751 says:

    3-0 another CB falling asleep! And we look terrible!

  35. Ben Slager says:

    can’t handle this anymore

  36. CILII_blog says:

    Ok, I’m done.
    keep the updates coming. I’m not wasting my bandwidth to watch this.

  37. larry says:

    What do they teach these kids at Bradenton, how to be naive soccer players. How to glide along instead of battling. More if the Sr team.

  38. Justin O says:

    3-0 and I am done for the night here. A hideous defensive 30-40 seconds there.

  39. Larry says:

    More of the Sr team

  40. Mark says:

    3rd goal was looked offside. Player who tapped it in was in the offside position when the first pass was made.

  41. QuakerOtis says:

    Let’s see if we can keep them to two goals in the second half.

  42. Larry says:

    A third?wow, nissed that to type.

  43. USMNT fan says:

    That has to be the worst defense i’ve seen in my life…

  44. JB says:

    There’s going to be a lot of footage of this game in the “How To Ball Watch” instructional video.

  45. Dawsaw says:

    At least one player looks interested…

  46. Sam says:

    wtf was that??
    i’m starting to get worried about our future

  47. Seriously says:

    The second goal was all on Fehr, what was he doing just letting the ball run like that? The third one should have been ruled offside as the player who actually touches the ball and scores was offside when the ball was played. Had the intended man got the ball it would have been ok but the actual goal scorer was off. Not that it excuses the poor defending that allowed the play to break down so badly.

  48. Seriously says:

    Yup I said the same thing. It was clearly offside, but had the defending not been so poor it would never have happened.

  49. kimo says:

    LOL…some of the worst individual and team defensive awareness that I’ve seen in years. Our tactical awareness is so below other nations it’s laughable. We simply start too late. The Germans are learning how to play before they are 10 in club / professional environments. Until we can emulate this approach, forget it.

  50. jonk says:

    Tell me again why we even have first half stoppage time. The German defender was on the ground more than a minute and 3 goals complete with choreographed celebrations were scored = 1 min stoppage time.
    Anyway, I imagine the US players were just happy to get off the field.

  51. Predicto says:

    Really, the game is closer than 3-0. I like the USA kids composure in traffic and wide open flowing style. But mistakes killed them – Germans are deadly in front of goal.

  52. Citronomics says:

    Besides the fact of being down 3-0 at the half, I also am bummed for McIntosh who has made several quality saves and looks to be one to watch.

  53. Martha says:

    Fire Gulati after BB. US regressing at all levels. The run all day long as fast as you can tactic hasn’t worked for the Mens side since 2002 and now the rear of the world is catching up on the Youth and Womens teams.

    Reliance on speed and physicality won’t cut it we need to start developing technical players not the fastest ones who can’t dribble thier way out past a kindergarten team

  54. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Close Bradenton. It’s not helping.

  55. John H. says:

    gosh Leaky Defense Syndrome is contagious…..

  56. Alex says:

    Reliance on speed and physicality? Are you watching this game? The US team are a bunch of midgets outside Koroma.

  57. USMNT Fan says:

    Haha I think I might agree.. If this is what Bradenton get us we are much better off without it. The product out there was absolute sh*t. Time to search our massive country and find the players that have the talent and the drive to win and succeed

  58. jonk says:

    I was about to say the same. Maybe it’s just the field, but nobody on this team looks fast.

  59. Guy says:

    And Koroma is playing like Altidore on some of his worst days… lazy and not motivated..

  60. Sam says:

    c’mon, we are over 300 million people…
    i believe we’ve got a plenty of unknown talented kids out there

  61. Citronomics says:

    USA with it’s best passing and lync up sequence from box to box and then cough up the ball…

  62. Alex says:

    Close Bradenton, force all MLS teams to have viable and integrated academy systems from U12 to U19 along with U23 Reserves (no more “homegrown” players and “college drafts”), and discourage college as a viable soccer option for elite players.

  63. USMNT Fan says:

    Lmao at #4

  64. Citronomics says:

    WTF… where is the CB marking when Germany is in the box? I guess on vacation. 4-0 spanking and deservedly so.

  65. Spectra says:

    Wow on the fourth goal I counted. There are 5 defenders and 6 Germans in the box. Where the crap are the other 5 US players

  66. syght says:

    And there’s 4. Look, the Germans have the best youth system in the World along with Spain, maybe better at younger levels like this. But yikes. I love the US playing this 4-3-3 style, and I hope it continues at all levels of our youth system, this loss aside. But damn if we don’t get some more technically gifted and tactically smarter kids. We’ll keep getting our asses kicked like this. I don’t know what the solution is, but at least I’ll admit it.

  67. Will says:

    Haha…should probably just shut down the city entirely

  68. dl says:

    We suck.

  69. Guy says:

    The offside there once again shows how bad this U-17 team is..

  70. crazygang says:

    Yeah we suck, where the heck is the energy? Geeze these guys are walking all over the field. This is embarrassing.

  71. Dale says:

    Mexico scores again,similar uniforms…

  72. crazygang says:

    And what’s with the shots from 30 yards out? Is that the only way we can score? On a wonder-strike?

  73. CA says:

    The sad thing about youth soccer in America is that currently there is no real alternative to pay-to-play. There simply are no big and rich clubs here that can afford to devote tremendous resources to full-time youth academies.

    So we’re stuck with pay-to-play-a lousy failing system that can produce only a few Donovans and Dempseys ever few years.

    It’s tough to be a US soccer fan:(

  74. furia yanqui says:

    Germany has and always will be a power. What is worse is that Japan would probably be handing us an equally nasty lesson — they beat NZ (whom we tied) 6-0 yesterday. Japan was even worse off than the USA 20 years ago, but by focusing on technique, they have produced better players than us in recent years, enjoyed good results internationally and continue to improve. The lack of optimism someone cited is looking like realism to me.

  75. Dale says:

    Most of them rather play for other countries thou….

  76. abc says:

    You know who I blame for this?


  77. Kevin G. says:

    I’m sure if Cherudolo was playing we would of won.

  78. Alex says:

    Guido looks slow as dirt and gets knocked off the ball all too easily, and HE’S supposed to be the example of the players we’d like to produce? No thanks.

  79. Ja Ja James says:

    I was thinking the same thing when dropping off my son at soccer camp yesterday. The facility is great and the coaching is good (from what I can see). But I came up with the same conclusion. Until revenues increase for MLS clubs, this will be the model used for my kids kids. I hear we need to change this….but how?

  80. Mad Man says:

    How about we at least score a goal…

  81. CA says:

    Support your nearest MLS team as much as you can.

  82. Citronomics says:

    Let’s start first with a shot on goal (kinda sarcastic, mostly serious). Like the one from McBean that was parried away.

  83. glaing says:

    Our guys have the touch of a baby donkey…

  84. Larry says:

    If youth clubs would focus on technique versus winning we would have a chance. Too many clubs are onlu concerned about the winning to attract players. US Soccer must funnel money down to clubs to develop players. Bradenton is obviously not the answer, players are not hungry enough. Tough balance.

  85. Ja Ja James says:

    I’m all about the MLS and the Dynamo! This will be a long process but I’ll try to remain positive.

  86. CA says:

    Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t kids already 15-16 once they arrive at Bradenton? If this is true, then it’s way too late.

  87. BellusLudas says:

    Extremely intelligent remark! I find it sad that there are so few of those in the youth development discussion in America.

    We have made great progress as a soccer nation but have plateaued. It is time for fresh ideas. We need change from the top down.

  88. Marta says:

    Academies? They haven’t produces sh!t. I read about The Fires great academy and they’ve signed one player who never ever ever plays. Everyone jumped on the Bowen bandwagon but what’s he doing now? Anguduelo wasn’t really a product of the academy and he is behind a career 2nd div English player on the bench. We need Germany system. Hmm who would know how to implement that?

  89. Ricky B. Free says:

    Landon grew up playing soccer with latin kids and Dempsey grew up fighting for everything he has ever had. Those are our 2 best players.

    We keep trying to move away from the kids that know that soccer is going to be their only hope of taking care of their families.

    We keep trying to create soccer player out of middle to upperclass kids.

    You can keep the pay to play programs but we need to start searching for talent that doesnt have the money to play and bring them to the MLS academies.

    Pay to play academies will not profit from losing, thats why they will always focus on winning so they can get as much kids as they can.

    Pay to play academies will start focusing on developing players with skill when they can start selling them. That is a no no.

  90. jinny says:

    Youth dev takes place in the street when 5 yr olds are pretending they are messi. Until that day comes, the us sucks. This other stuff comes second.

  91. glaing says:

    The MLS teams making academys will help. Across the world the professional clubs manage the development of the youth. As someone said above, support the MLS. The pay to play and ODP systems only benefit those who can afford it.

  92. Sean says:

    Well, I wasn’t sure how on board I was before about the firing of Sunil Gulati, but after you look at the how:

    1. Our National Team was manhandled and toyed with by the Mexican National Team in the Gold Cup.

    2. Thomas Rongen is still a coach.

    3. The U-20’s didn’t even qualify for the World Cup.

    4. The U-17’s utterly embarrassed themselves today. They couldn’t pass, shoot, win one-on-ones, defend, they were slow, and had no heart… well, pretty much they were an absolute disgrace for US Soccer.

    I think these all point to time for a shake-up at the very top. We are in trouble long term and someone has to pay for it.

  93. Sean says:

    Most of these players were on MLS Academy Squads. Ugh.

  94. Sean says:

    We also got served by Uzbekistan and couldn’t top New Zealand – even when they started passing between their back four. No US players challenged for the ball.

  95. CA says:

    I’d say pay-to-play benefits very few people.

    What a young player learns in a pay-to-play league may win him games when he’s 14(against other pay-to-play teams), but all that emphasis on physicality and strength does nothing against technical sides like Germany when you’re playing in a u17 tournament.

    I guess you could say that pay-to-play benefits those who are just looking to score a college scholarship here in the States.

  96. briosucks says:

    Sean — Thomas Rongen has been let go by the Federation and how can you say they had not heart there were beaten by a superior team. No matter what you say there is a culture to the game which our country just does not have yet. It will take time, the academies are at the beginnings so how can you expect that these kids will think like the Germans do who grow up daily entrench in a soccer culture.

  97. briosucks says:

    right CA

  98. Dude abides says:

    This was pathetic. Poor effort and bad coaching. Guido was literally walking the entire second half — yet he was left in the game. We need wholesale changes. Bring on Klinsman.

  99. CA says:

    Here’s our roster with club affiliation on the right side.

    link to ussoccer.com

  100. Sean says:

    No heart because they weren’t running hard. I remember the USA of the 90’s when all they had was heart. Our teams nowadays don’t have that. When players play with heart, it shows.

  101. Sean says:

    And, the evidence also exists in the loss to Uzbekistan and, especially, in the latter part of the New Zealand match where NZ just played the ball between the back four and US players didn’t challenge to win the ball.

  102. Ricky B. Free says:

    Sunil is failing miserably. He is in charge of the US soccer and there is no improvement. We are not developing players and are falling behind.

    Maybe Hyndman´s grandson (Emerson Hyndman) could have played better than some of these guys and he is 15.

    By the way he is in england is going to be with Fulham youth team.s

  103. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    We need our club academies to start producing. DC, LA, Dallas, and NY have shown they can do it.

  104. Cereal Box says:

    what was the score?

  105. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Demps also grew up playing against hispanic kids. Adu started playing in Ghana. Holden in Scotland. Feilhaber in Brazil. I’m not surprised that these are some of our more technically gifted players.

  106. Dude abides says:

    Going to be a star? You are 17, playing for your national team in world cup, and walking the entire game. I would bench this kid on my U5 team.

  107. Ricky B. Free says:

    I cant believe there are a lot fo California kids and the Galaxy only have Mcbean and San Jose have McIntosh.

    Guido plays for the Aztecs. Really Galaxy!! you cant even bring players in that live near Los Angeles?

  108. Sean says:

    Most = Several (correction)

  109. Ricky B. Free says:

    bad development program 0 best development program 4.

  110. Teddie Smooth says:

    kind what I said about his conditioning in my original comment reading comprehension works! “he looks slow and sluggish”

  111. pancholama says:

    I second that emotion.

  112. SuperChivo says:

    If only “hire this (insert your big name here)” really was an answer to what ails U.S. Soccer right now! Alas, we will have to probably see some work done and some money spent in order to see progress. I agree with Glaing, support those MLS teams that are really into developing young players (Dallas, DC, RSL).

  113. Teddie Smooth says:

    Actually Martha technically this is one of the most composed teams I’ve seen on the ball and playing it out of traffic, this is for a US team obviously I’m speaking about not compared to other national teams. This teams lacks what all US team lacks, soccer IQ, and also lacks something that our national does have and thats a toughness, which will hopefully develop with maturity

  114. rob says:

    Absolutely correct, we need to overhaul the whole system

  115. briosucks says:

    Having heart and field awareness are two different things. I think they do not have the field awareness. The kids would then get plastered on the list for aimless chasing the Germans like chickens without heads. the problem is field awareness they are thinking in the moment and not two or three moves ahead. I was impressed with how the German players knew where the Americans were going to go with the ball before the pass was made. On the US side they were surprised that a German player was there.

  116. pancholama says:

    True – I grew up in Mexico every summer, and the number of places where I played soccer pick-up games, and the variety of objects that we used in lieu of an official FIFA #5 – of my word, I’m telling you.

    50 gallon oil drums, or garbage cans for goal posts in the middle of small clearings in the woods, dusty patches of ground in the middle of wooded glades in Chapultepec Park, goal mouth made of a pile of rocks, dusty patches in the middle of corn milpas in Cuernavaca, – playing in the city on cement basketball courts with our school books as goals, playing with red rubber balls, the kind kids use for stick ball in Brooklyn, or with tennis balls, plastic pretend soccer balls of every size and weight imaginable, or if there was no ball, you would step on a soda pop can and mash it into the semblance of a puck shaped object and play with that – learn to dribble it through 16 other guys, in the school yard before the morning bell, books under one arm, ice cream rocket pop in your other hand, spinning juking – I just don’t see American kids playing pick up soccer like they do in Europe and South America.

    Brazilian boys learn to charm a soccer ball and accelerate like jungle cats by playing barefoot on the beaches of Ipanema, and Copacabana, in the loose hot sand high on the beach – adjusting their step and their touch on the ball to the flat wet sand, hardened by the waves licking up and down the beach…..up and down the Brazilian coast – thousands, thousand of pick up soccer games going on every day on the beaches, not to mention the ones going on in every other little dusty patch of flat earth where some sticks have been propped up to look like a FIFA offical sized goal mouth – and the grass will NEVER, ever get a chance to grow… because there will forever be thundering hoards of kids chasing down a ball until sundown….every day of the year….I’m sorry, but the kind of instinct and touch you develop by playing like that in so many diferent conditions, and with different sized objects, and with so many different player learning and sharing different moves and skills – obviously that’s why basically no one can touch us in basketball – look at what is going in every inner city neighborhood in the US in the summer time………you imitate the best, and you memorize the rest……….

  117. briosucks says:

    I have to second this point. Until US players are immersed in the best athletes are playing the game it will be a long development process. Also, I am sick and tired of youth sides just looking at the size of the player and not the technical skill. But that is the pay-to-play, the coaches need to pick teams that they think can win in 5 game weekend tournaments. The players learn nothing at those tournaments.

  118. Cereal Box says:

    We must be on the steady course to soccer Hell if you will, the players cant even play the game correctly. Not just BB needs to go but Gualti as well, as US fans we have to boycott! Until change is made!

  119. Cereal Box says:

    This whole country’s soccer programs are just terrible, its getting ridicoulous.

  120. briosucks says:

    Several of the teams have just started U-15 academy teams, just last year it was starting at U-17.

  121. briosucks says:

    Gualti does need to go. There needs to be an overarching approach to development and developing a style of play. It may take some sort of action, boycott for our team may be much.

    The other development problem is officiating could the level of officiating at the youth level also hinder the development of the players?

    I think that the USA is in such a transition period. let us not forget that US teams tended to be direct on the counter with 7,8,9 10 players behind the ball showing all the “heart” that the teams are famous for and hoping to snatch a goal and keep the other guys frustrated and off the board.

  122. Jw says:

    Last summer we sure were a disgrace too… Off years happen. It’s disappointing, but far from apocalyptic. Not that you should be pleased by all the results this year, but the trend has been up, and so has youth development overall.

  123. vinceN says:

    Rongen has been fired dude

  124. Dude abides says:

    Please identify for me a “star” midfielder who is slow and slugish? My reading comprehension is fine, your logic — not so much.

  125. jayrig5 says:

    Dude, he’s saying he won’t be a star until his motor/conditioning/effort improves. Your only criticism of him involves his motor/conditioning/effort. You both agree.

    Take it easy.

  126. SoundersGoal! says:

    Boo!!!! US Soccer sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  127. abc says:

    You don’t know what you’re talking about, Rongen was fired.

    Firing Gulati because we’re not performing makes *slightly* more sense than firing Bradley because we’re sucking, but not much more.

    Should Wilmer Cabrera be fired based on how the U-17s did?

    What about Bradley, Rongen, Cabrera, and Gulati’s replacements? Should they be fired in a couple years when our teams disappoint again? Or is it that your expectations are far too high and it’s going to take a lot of time and patience for us to improve?

  128. Alex G says:

    I know what you are saying, I also grew up in Mexico, the US just dissapoints me every time, It´s not a great accomplishment to just qualify to a WC, you have to get better, the US program is not working, our soccer system is stall and we are a mediocre soccer country…

  129. Juan from L.A. says:

    Lackluster performance…what’s going on Cabrera? One more cycle and if this continues show him the door. These past months for US Soccer has been a nightmare. U-20 eliminated, USMNT stale and the U-17 had one of its worst performances in U-17 World Cup history. Shame. Major overhaul is needed and fundamental changes from the U-17 and U-20 systems because it feeds the USMNT and right now do they need feeding!

  130. abc says:

    I guess Tijuana is “near Los Angeles” but Guido also has a say in it…

    Maybe he’d rather sign with a club in Europe and Mexico than the Galaxy?
    Or maybe he’d rather enter the MLS draft as a Generation Adidas player than be a homegrown player for the Galaxy?

    Sorry for being rational, let’s get back to blaming all sorts of random people and groups for some 16 year old kids being beaten by a better team…

  131. abc says:

    Each of your statements has only the most tenuous connection to the others…

  132. briosucks says:

    Maybe they need to work on it like this link to youtube.com admittedly there is much too much handling of the ball for my taste but the traps are really impressive :)

  133. briosucks says:

    About need for a better first touch, maybe they need to work on it like this video . Admittedly there is much too much handling of the ball for my taste but the traps are really impressive :)

  134. briosucks says:

    OK guys in 1990 the USA sent a college All-Star team to the world cup. I had to listen on shortwave radio to find out what the team was doing in 1989 T&T qualifying match. That is 22 years ago. It took another 6 years to get a division 1 league on the field. This all takes time. The fans are now expecting the US team to be dominant. It is all progressing and we are stumbling now and I think we are worried all the gains are going to be lost.

  135. glaing says:

    It was Bush or was it Obama’s fault