Poor start dooms USA in upset loss to Panama

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TAMPA – The U.S. men's national team entered its game on Saturday night with an unblemished record against Panama and in the all-time history of the group stages in the Gold Cup.

Both unbeaten records were broken at Raymond James Stadium after Panama held off a comeback effort from the United States and defeated the Americans, 2-1, in a Group C match played in front of 27,731 fans.

The Americans fell behind 2-0 in the first half, but a Clarence Goodson headed goal and a number of chances in the final 15 minutes of the match almost saw them pull out a result.

"(A loss) was bound to happen at some point," said Landon Donovan. "CONCACAF teams are getting better and better. It's a pretty good team that we played against. It's disappointing but the reality is that it's over now. We've got to learn something from it."

Panama jumped out on top in the 19th minute when Goodson scored an own goal after Tim Howard made a save on Eduardo Dasent's headed effort.The Panamanians doubled their lead 17 minutes later when Gabriel Gomez scored off a penalty kick following a Tim Ream foul.

"I went to clear it and as I was swinging I was already committed and (Blas Perez) gave me a little nudge," said Ream. "It was on my right side and as I was swinging through I caught him."

The United States rallied in the second half, cutting the lead to one on Goodson's goal, but several quality chances went begging, including a point-blank open look from Chris Wondolowski that was easier to make than miss.

Panama came out with plenty of energy and out-hustled a flat-looking USA squad. The forward tandem of Blas Perez and Luis Tejada gave Goodson and Ream headaches all match long, with Perez forcing Ream into a penalty foul and Tejada forcing Goodson into an own goal.

""It wasn't that we were so flat, we still moved the ball and had some chances," said Donovan of how the United States started the match. "We were just a little off for some reason and I wish I had an answer (as to why we start slow). If I knew the answer we wouldn't be in that (situation)."

The U.S. midfield that dominated Canada struggled badly to cope with Panama's pace and movement. Second-half substitutes Alejandro Bedoya and Sacha Kljestan gave the team energy, but the United States couldn't finish off the handful of quality chances it created late in the match.

"We had the ball in some pretty good spots but still didn't finish plays off," said U.S. head coach Bob Bradley.

The win gave Panama first place in Group C with six points while the United States falls to second with three points and the tiebreaker of head-to-head against third-place Canada.

"Panamanians (as a people) don't need a reason to celebrate, but this will definitely make them celebrate," said Valdes.

The Americans must now beat Guadeloupe in the final group game to earn a top two finish in Group C. The United States could still finish first in Group C if Canada beats Panama in their final group match and the USA has a better goal difference than both Canada and Panama.


What do you think of the Americans' 2-1 loss to Panama? Who impressed/disappointed you? Still can't believe the U.S. team lost its first ever Gold Cup group stage match?

Share your thoughts below.

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338 Responses to Poor start dooms USA in upset loss to Panama

  1. timF says:

    Definitely not Bob Bradley’s fault.

  2. Disgusted says:

    The U.S. is so pathetic. I think I will stop watching this embarrassment of a team until they decide to hire a real coach.

  3. Dave says:

    I have followed the USA team for 20 years and that is the worst effort at home I have ever seen. Dempsey appeared the only player who cared. We lost, and we deserved to. If we play anything close to this from here out, we will be out of the tournament long before the finals.

  4. michael says:

    dont know if im the only one but what was tim howard doing on that first one he needs to get on the ground on that play and not tap it away softly. maybe its jsut me

  5. Alex G says:

    Im there with you, i feel sad and embarrassed of this team, I know they will play better against guadaluope but still it sucks, Mexico is definetly a better team and that`s hard to admit, BB is an inept coach, bring Adu.

  6. oncebannedtwiceshy says:

    one word: travesty. another word: embarrassment.

  7. tim says:

    donovan was absent for 3/4 of the game. it seemed all he was good for for the entire game was hitting a free kick.

  8. Jeremy says:

    it was pretty clear the team didnt try until they saw that they might get embarassed. Time and time again under BB we start flat, and many times we are burned by it.

    I would say that is definitely bob bradleys fault.

  9. Joe from El Paso says:

    The better team won tonight. When will US Soccer get rid of Bradley and Sunil? This was a sad performance. We should be bossing other teams on our home soil. Sad attendance as well. We have a long way to go…

  10. Adam M. says:

    This was a utter emabrassment that had never happened for a reason. But the US does not have good enough players to score enough consistently, as the World Cup should have proved to anyone paying attention, and games like this will happen for that reason. So you can criticize the coach (who took too long to make subs) or the ref or the hustle, or the heat, or the inexperience of some involved, but this is another example of how the USMNT has hit a talent ceiling that isn’t high enough to preclude games like this.

  11. art37 says:

    It looks like there is only one team in Concacaf. Mexico and all the rest.

  12. Josh D says:

    Please. Yet again we are disorganized in the first half… Once? Twice? That’s the players’ fault. Almost every single game? That’s preparation and the coach’s fault.

    Bradley completely to blame. He plays Ream who has had a couple caps, only one of which was solid and now he’s starting? I pointed out his flaws after the Spain and Canada game and was blasted by people. Where are they now that those flaws cost us??

  13. Guadalupe Coach says:

    Yes, we can beat USA too.

  14. maka says:


  15. andrew in tally says:

    a lot of ball possession for Demsey but i believe he crowds out players off the ball up top. Is he playing forward or midfield? Not saying he had a bad game but not enough payoff for the amount of touches he got. The central defenders had way too many touches going forward. this team needs a player who can make an accurate, incisive forward pass. Most of our forward passes went astray. And Donovan? I think he needs to sit. he was a spectator for most of the game. His corners and free kicks…. And Cherundolo – for someone with his experience his crossing was terrible. Overall a poor game. We need Freddy off the bench. Bendoya doesn’t do anything for me or the team.

  16. maka says:

    Herculez Gomez, I am so sorry that we left you home for someone who kicks it over from four yards out.

  17. coach says:

    Altidore, Agudelo, Wondo = PATHETIC!

  18. maka says:

    Tampa did not outdraw Detroit. Good job, Tampa.

  19. Rob says:

    This is a game where Bob needed to take his son out. He was awful, but Jones Jones out instead. I would be pissed as well. Oh well Bradley did play well against Canada….

    Ream needs more experience before the team can rely on him.

    Our fowards were not making runs in the box.

    Donovan was invisible till the last 15 mins.

    Bad game over all.

  20. Valdo says:

    I’ve been on the fence for awhile on Bob. I respect the guy and think he has done what he can with this group. It’s time to let someone else take over. The team seems very capable at times, but it’s only when we’re down points and the only choice is to attack(and not follow someones tactics).

  21. ARTES says:

    Howard screwed up badly on that first goal and Felipe Baloy blocked every pass or center that came his way. Not sure what else they can do but the U.S. is not made to play from behind. It did get a little exciting at the end but it wasn’t a good match at all.

  22. Michael Stypulkoski says:

    Good riddance. You’re an embarrassment of a fan.

  23. JD says:


    But it can happen to any team on the given night. So my opinion is not about a one-off bad performance.

    That said, we need a serious up-grade in our coach.

    This level of disorganization is something the coaching staff bears responsibility for.

    Also Robbie Rogers and Sasha Kljestan and Freddy Adu over Jose Francisco Torres? This is simply crazy.

  24. CrispyST3 says:

    Bedoya doesn’t need to do anything for you, because he certainly provided a much needed spark for the US when he entered

  25. mat says:

    We have Howard, Dempsey, Jones, Bradley, Spector all in the EPL.
    We’ve got Dolo in Germany 1st division
    We’ve got Edu playing in the champions league
    We’ve got Gooch playing in Dutch First Division
    We’ve got Boca playing in 1st Division France
    We’ve got Jozy playing in 1st Division Turkey
    We’ve Goodson and Bedoya playing in Denmark and Sweden 1st Divisions
    We’ve got Landon who rocked it at Everton…
    We’ve got Sasha playing in Belgium’s first Division


    Our roster has an arguably better pedigree than Mexico’s

    NOBODY can seriously tell me we don’t have the players. It’s all on the coach at this point.

    There’s no way we should be outplayed by Panama.

    BB has clearly done his time. No matter the outcome of the tournament, it’s been an AWFUL play from USA since the WC. Just take a look at our record since the WC: wins vs. South Africa and Canada and that’s it.

    I mean seriously our starting defense changes at every game, and then we wonder why we suck at defense… We always allow early goals. No strategy all energy.

    I supported BB last cycle, but the USSF blundered by letting him get a second cycle.

  26. langan311 says:

    Ok i dont want to be sterotypical but…is it really the TEAMS fault they come out like this or is it Bob’s…I’m thinking Bob and his conservative tactics

  27. Disgusted says:

    Now you know why he pretended to be sick against Spain!

  28. Josh D says:

    Coach’s fault completely.

    P*ss poor organization…AGAIN! Getting scored on in the first half once in awhile is acceptable. but almost every single game? That’s down to the coach. The coach’s sole job is to do two things: prepare and players, which brings me to…

    His selection is sad. Same ole’ Bob with no plan B except to allow us to get scored on so we show up in the second half. I said last game and against Spain that Ream wasn’t ready and got blasted. CBs should never be so young, they need experience. Ream showed his inexperience a few times…

    Third: Our subs are all the same players. We don’t have a creative outlet. Sorry but we need to see Adu as a sub. He’s the only creative one we have. Everyone else looks for the long ball or the short pass. Embarrassing.

  29. maka says:

    Howard messed up, the ref messed up, Wondo messed up. Ream was slow and messed up.

    Donovan was invisible. Dolo was blowing crosses all game. the midfield was lost.

  30. Jeff Awesome says:

    Let’s see how the rest of the tournament goes before we start calling for heads. Guadeloupe is all that matters at the moment. It’s a tournament and the goal is to win the tournament. Nothing more, nothing less.

  31. Phil says:

    Who would you have started in his place?

  32. Raffi says:

    I think that’s about right – the talent gulf between the US and other isn’t so severe that we aren’t going to lose more than a few that we shouldn’t. And we really don’t create enough chances and finish well enough. Nothing surprising there.

    HOWEVER, you do have to question why the US was *so* badly outplayed in the first 60 minutes. It wasn’t that the US had all these chances and couldn’t finish; the US wasn’t creating much at all. That is what the focus should be on — the poor possession, the lack of good movement, the lack of bite in the midfield, etc, etc, etc.

    Either way, there are more games and hopefully growth to come out of this team and coaching staff. Not ready to throw the baby out with the bath water but this was a bad defeat. Got to move forward and find some answers but Panama provided an interesting blueprint on how to take it to the US.

  33. bottlcaps says:

    Bye-bye Bob. If Sunni doesn’t see the writing on the wall, his own job may be in jeopardy.

    The team has been poorly prepared, with poor player selection, stale tactics and NO imagination.

    We have some of the best players this country has produced, and we have been playing miserable for too long. It’s time for Bradley to go and get an other coach in, another coaching schema, in time to properly prepare for the WC qualifying campaign.

    I think the loss is the best thing that could have happened and should wake up some people.

    WHENEVER you are behind by two goals to a country you should not be losing to, and you have to put in a third rate player like Klejstan….you are in trouble.

    Under the Bob Bradly tenure, we have steadily lost ground in the FIFA rankings, despite putting out great players. AS we are in the second weakest confederation in FIFA, with only Oceania below us, the fact that we might not win our group, or even make it to the next round must make the powers-that-be in the USSF sit up and take notice.

    There are a lot a “free” coaches after the group stage in the UEFA Cup. hint-hint

  34. FuelMonkey says:

    I’m embarrassed to be a US soccer supporter. The problem is not BB. It’s Gulati’s regime and a team that refuses to play with heart. I’d rather see a team with college players play hard and lose 2-1 than this group.

  35. maka says:

    That is the kind of thinking that messed up Adu in the first place. You need to think big picture. It sucks if we don’t make the Confederations Cup, but the overall goal is still the World Cup.

  36. Lorenzo says:

    Ok, this comments section is bcoming a big whinning complaining fest.

  37. I don’t think tapping it softly was his intention, but maybe that’s just obvious.

  38. Phil says:

    It is just you. Caught him going the other way. He was lucky to get a hand on it. That said, if ther had been no rebound you are right there would have been no goal.

  39. Josh D says:

    This is the kind of game that we “Bradley-haters were afraid of.”

    Michael played well against Spain because they weren’t pressing hard any more. He played well against Canada who didn’t press at all. He plays against a Panamanian squad who applied pressure at every second and what happens?

    His lack of game fitness kicks in. Game fitness is not down to stamina, it’s down to having the quick reflexes and the touch that comes from playing to put away goals, create opportunities, and gets his passing off.

    He deserved to start but he did not deserve to finish that game. He made Sasha look good : /

  40. Kojo says:

    Definitely Bob Bradley’s fault. Starting the game with the long ball when you know Panama was going to play the counter. When you have the talent to move the ball around and maintain possession. Make Panama run in the FL heat and humidity. Eventually they will wear out and the goals will come. Again another game starting flat, too tentative,speed of play to slow, ball movement to slow, passes were too soft, focus was lacking throughout the game. Players need to get psyched for the start of the game and Bob just isn’t doing that. Never ever have I said anything bad about Bradley but today this is his fault. He lost this game in the first half. This is the tipping point. Having the same manager for two consecutive WC cycles is not a good idea.

  41. bob says:

    To play four across the back against a team that where only going to play one up top, is just beyond any coach I know, other than BB.
    Also we need midfield players that can get the foot on the ball and move it, one or two touch, but having too much time and too many touches on the ball, you will never break a team down that plays 11 players behind the ball.
    Time to go BB and not sure MB can make after that.

  42. oncebannedtwiceshy says:

    howard’s play in this game is totally beside the point. most everyone else however is free game.

  43. mat says:

    Since the start of the World Cup last June, so about a year, we’ve only won games vs. Algeria, South Africa, and Canada in 14 games.
    We played 8 games at home and the only one we won was vs. Canada.

    Anyone who can argue the coach isn’t to blame needs their head examined.

  44. Yusef says:

    I’ve never pushed it before, but it is time for Bob Bradley to go. His roster selection ended up being even worse than the consensus on this site feared when it first came out. Rodgers over Bedoya? Bedoya was a nice spark off the bench and Rodgers could not make the bench (which we all knew he shouldn’t, but Bob just figured out). Wondo over Herc, Buddle, and Davies? C’mon man! Can we stop slurping Ream now? It doesn’t matter if you can pass out of the back if you are good for a couple howlers a game.

  45. Federico says:

    Forget fire Bradley. Lets fire Sunil Gulati for not firing Bradley after the World Cup!

    Just my 2 cents

  46. That would make at least two teams.

    Is this what trolling is like? Going down the line-up looking for really stupid comments and then responding.

  47. mat says:

    Because you can’t argue we don’t have the player pool. We’ve never had so many European based players, MLS is better than it used to be. The talent IS there.

  48. Super metro says:

    I say this: Bob’s time is up, that’s even if we trash Guadaloupe, win, get to the final and win the Gold Cup, YES! I said it, that’s the standard, we should have no problem doing this on a constant basis, now we need to get to the next level and Bradley is not the man for that, where is that Argentinean coach again?

  49. MC Pharaoh says:

    Was at the game, 3 rows up at midfield… Referee was awful and it was another joke ref. Yes, we were awful, but cud of had a pk with bedoya and the pk that was against ream was a whiff. He even knocked the ball and then got the player. I’m not making excuses, but we were also extremely unlucky and ripped off like several times in the past. Shuda been 1-1 or 2-1 us maybe even if he got the PK’s right. Oh well, if Canada beats panama and we beat Guadeloupe then we can still get 1 in group.

  50. oncebannedtwiceshy says:


  51. canchon says:

    Give some credit to Panama. It was obvious that they watched the tape and had the right idea: quick transition play and aerial play against our CB’s and to take them on 1:1. They did get some calls, got a fluky first goal, and created the second penalty. After that, it was park the bus and Baloy had a hell of a game. Reminded me of Gooch of 2009 Confed Cup. The Telefutura announcers joked that he would need several lbs of ice to sooth his head as he was so strong in the air.

    That said, the US was atrocious. I wanted to punch Bradley – they should realize they are not freaking Barcelona and stop trying to play a slow possession game through the midfield, ESPECIALLY when Panama has 7 players in the box. Get someone wide and stretch them out, even when they did get a cross, no one was moving and it went right to the head of Baloy. They brought in Bedoya and instead of providing width he went back into the middle as well.

    The book is out on Bob. Could you imagine what a good coach like Chepo could do against us?

  52. Mike says:

    The Bradley has a history of not doing well against Panama; a changing of his transparent game plane will help his team do better against the likes of Panama.

  53. Joe from El Paso says:

    I agree!!!

  54. Nathan says:

    I don’t really know what to say. It may be too early to call for the coach’s head,but this trend of giving up early goals and then making a furious comeback is getting beyond old. While it’s the players who physically give up the goals, the fact that they’re being given up so quickly to a variety of different teams all playing different styles comes down to preparation. It doesn’t matter what sport you’re talking about, preparation always comes down to the coaching staff. The staff is coordinating the review of video, scouting, tactics, etc. Something has to change.

  55. marco says:

    Good news, may not get out of group if Canada can get a result against Panama. Good win for Panama. They came out with more skill and energy. Many USA players were below form. Donovan and Bocanegra were very bad at the start. Jozy lost 99% of passes to Panama CB’s, they just out-quicked him. Like it or not but the USA is on a level with the Panama side, about #30 to #40. Ream reacted badly on the penalty as he let the swipe to the face knock him off the ball. He has to hit Perez with his upper body not his legs while in the area.

  56. Dave says:

    I think you hit it on the head. This team is playing uninspired football despite all the talent. Every National Team has to balance playing time, injuries, club duties of the players, etc. We were on the cusp of joining the world’s elite 10-12 teams, but we have clearly dropped back from that.
    I was okay with Bradley’s reappointment, but now I agree after the tournament it is time to see him go. Jurgen Klinsmann, still interested in the job?

  57. Yusef says:

    Agreed. I think the only way we get progress on that for is for Sunil to go. Klinsman or Hiddink should have been given the keys to do their will.

  58. Phil says:

    Wow, you b$tches need to chill… The team got outplayed and never found a rhythm tonite and Panama had a bit of luck and the US did not. The team had plenty of chances to win this game bur flubbed crosses and free kicks and missed total sitters. Fire the coach if you want, but he isn’t the guy skying shots from 3 yards out. It was a bad game, hopefully it lights a fire under their a$$es… If they crash out then let’s talk what next…

  59. Didier Deschamps says:

    if i have to see boca at left back any more im going to shoot myself in the nuts. he doesnt get forward, he cant cross the ball, he cant hang with speedy wingers and forwards, he doesnt win any headers like he used to. time to go back to the fire buddy.

  60. joe says:

    youre either being daft, or youre just daft. BB is a caoach. we need not a coach at the interantional level. we need a manager. BB aint that. lose to Guadeloupe, or lose to Jamaica. either way, we lose. fire BB. finally.

  61. Rob says:

    It’s sad because this game gives ammunition to the haters. Jones was outplaying Bradley, why do you take Jones out instead. This is too bad because I like Bradley. He played very well his last two games, but was lost in this one for the most part.

    Now to be fair, maybe Jones was pulled because he had a bogus Yellow card given to him?

  62. maka says:

    The Chilean?

  63. Scooter says:

    Thanks USA you just messed up the group C and cost Canada any hope of a place in quarterfinals. the deals was USA 3 wins for first place and Canada 2 wins for 2nd.

  64. mexicanbluefish says:

    wake up bitch slap.

  65. Charlie says:

    We were trash tonight, period.

  66. Didier Deschamps says:

    he’s the guy that picked the players. putting a cb at lb, and ream getting overwhelmed in a nstional team shirt AGAIN. coach has to take some blame.

  67. canchon says:

    Bedoya was a dive (watch the replay). Ream’s penalty was also legit, he was stupid to swing wildly at the ball like that. Stiff arm your man in the area. He gave Perez an invitation to make contact and Perez, as a good striker, gladly went to the ground.

    Although he got those 2 right, Chiquidracula was HORRIBLE though. The card to Jones was a joke (he never even made contact) and that free kick lead to the first goal. He was off on a ton of challenges, and gave out cards like candy to US players.

    And even if we beat Guadeloupe Panama can tie or beat Canada and get 1st in the group. Win and we get 2nd, tie and we could get 3rd and get in the same bracket as Mexico, lose and the US could be out.

  68. joe says:

    why? because he is not a fan of sweat-pants Bob? really? are we as fans not allowed to criticize the “coaches” decisions, or lack thereof? fire Bradley. he sucks. we dont need a coach. we need a manager.

  69. Rob says:

    I think the going down before half time thing in almost very game is the coaches fault…. Maybe I’m wrong?

  70. joe says:

    plus a bajillion.
    that and Fire Bob Bradley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Adam M. says:

    You give way too much credit to the teams the players are attached to and overrate the lesser European leagues. Dempsey is the only player scoring consistently in Europe and the only player scoring period in a top league. Donovan had a nice cup of tea at Everton, but that was a while ago and who knows how a whole season would have gone (particularly if he falls asleep as he did tonight). With the exception of Howard, the rest of our side plays for lesser teams in lesser leagues, and there is far less difference between them and lower than them and higher. We don’t have a single starter or bench player on the offensive side of the field or central defense at a top 4 team in England, Spain, Italy, or Germany, not to mention Brazil, Mexico and Argentina. All of the top tier teams in the world do. I don’t like Bob Bradley much — I do think he could get more from the pool than he has, but our talent isn’t good enough to avoid games like this, and if you look at the World Cup, it took a Royal goaltending screwup and a miracle finish not to get bounced before the knockouts. That’s us hitting our talent ceiling.

  72. patagonia says:

    The team has to stop going up the middle all the time and starting crossing from the wings more. They were much more successful when they did so – and their failure to use the sides at all allowed Panama to clog the middle.

  73. Johnny Ramone says:

    Bradley is very unimaginative coach & his teams come out unprepared. Look at the last world up. We were always having to come back from behind. The LEgend of Bob is very overrated & should be sent paking.c

  74. Yusef says:

    May want to check some of the replays. the Ream penalty was a howler and the correct call. I saw the bedoya “dive” a few times and couldn’t tell if the body of the keeper got him or not, but it was close. the ref’s call on the free kick that led to the first goal looked like the wrong call though. that dude is always a mess for the US

  75. jpc says:

    It’s the end of the world, AAAHHHH

  76. joe says:

    and yet Jozy stayed in. with a yellow. that was bogus.

  77. Chris says:

    Mat- couldnt agree more.. WELL SAID

  78. danny says:

    Wow. Lots of dumb comments with best being “Coaches fault completely… we need Adu”. Overall, I thought the U.S. outplayed Panama with more shots and possession but they couldn’t finish. Wondo’s miss was a joke. This game showed how we are missing a striker who score and play consistently at the international level. Jozy was, well, Jozy, and i think we’re expecting too much from Agudelo. Dempsey needs more creative support and Donovan was absent from much of the game. It showed that our backline still needs more experience together, and Bocanegra looked like a defensive liability down the wings. I love the guy, but he is just too slow. I’m not sure why Bob subbed Jones out so early, but I liked that he brought in Bedoya. A tough loss, but not an embarrassment. Give Panama some credit.

  79. Phil says:

    Okay eunuch, mayb e the fact he plays left back for a first division French club means nothing to you. out of curiosity, who would you have stared out there, lichen? A right back rookie ? Bornstein? Who has been invisible in the Mexican liga?

  80. Didier Deschamps says:

    exactly, and it is not like this is something new. there is an obvvious tactical issue with how they start games. to me, no intensity, they dont chase down the ball when they lose possesion. it is as if they think they can defend, defend, defend, score of a corner, defend, defend, defend……

  81. Didier Deschamps says:

    edgar castillo

  82. Yusef says:

    Who in the pool plays left back at a higher club level than Bocanegra? I’m the biggest Borstein hater, but figured he could handle regional competition.

  83. Phil says:

    Yep. Any time someone used the word always for logic they pretty much start sounding like blah blah blah to me…

  84. Sven says:

    Did you all see Jones throw his shirt to the ground when he was subbed? What a disgrace….

  85. Phil says:

    You can’t be serious.

  86. Sven says:

    …..and why was there an upside down American flag behind Panama’s goal in the second half?

  87. Brandon says:


    1. We don’t have a “Chicharito”!

    2. We don’t have a Gio!!

    3. We don’t have a Marquez!!!

  88. Yusef says:

    Remember the good old days when we had a whole 3 weeks of a confident Jozy playing off a quick, finishing Davies? What could have been!

  89. Phil says:

    Thank you, mr voice of reason.

  90. Didier Deschamps says:

    phil, honestly, how much st. etienne have you wathced? he was trash at rennes last year, he went the STE for 400k that is peanuts. he is only there for what he did in the past. he is too slow to play lb and thats the truth. he is fine in the middle, and i have no prob with him playing there, but he is terrible on the outside. he cant get forward, i keep waiting for a LB to make an overlapping run and it never happens

  91. Chris says:

    If you have a National team with a lineup of players that are all productive at their respective teams, and we continue to see unproductive, uninspiring play…. Im sorry but that is coaching- period – end of sentence. If you only questioned tactics, or lineup, or the ability to play together, or the ability to be prepared, or the need to be motivated.. thats would be one thing – BUT when you see all 5 of these in question, it boils down to coaching..period- end of sentence

  92. Kelly O says:

    Really? Josh D is 100% correct. If you were coaching and saw Ream get turned inside out all first half you would have sent him back out like Bob did? The CB’s had a decent game against Canada, but Ream was in over his head tonight and looked way too slow. Bradley should have given him the quick hook. Not to mention the numerous balls he blasted right to the Panamanians while he was left unmarked with all the time in the world…and don’t get me started on his brilliant red card that gave them the game winner.

    The problem I have is that this team seems to think that they are good enough to take a half off and still come back and win a game, while frankly they are not. I have to point my finger at the coach and question his abilities as a motivator. We also need to be more realistic as a country about the strength of our domestic league, and what our style of play should look like. Tonight I saw at least half a dozen turnovers from no-look flick passes…we are not Spain, or Argentina, nor will we ever be. The physicality was lacking on the defensive side of the ball, save for a few blatant cheap shots. The reality is that we just lost to a nation of 3 million, and that fingers must be pointed.

  93. Yusef says:

    I thought he was just frustrated with himself as he just flubbed a pass before getting subbed off and had a tough match. Wishful thinking maybe.

  94. Rob says:

    Where did I use always? Lol.

  95. Kyle says:

    I have wanted Bradley gone for a while now but the players must share the responsibility as well. Their urgency in the first half was nonexistent. I originally had us losing in the semis of this tourney but now I am afraid we may not make it that far.

    Real concerns with our CB’s. I like Tim Ream but have never thought that he has the size or pace to play at this level. I hope he proves me wrong but he has got mountains to climb.

  96. Ricky B. Free says:

    You want to celebrate?

  97. Rob says:

    We lack at left back…. Can’t blame taking Boca on anyone.

  98. Didier Deschamps says:

    just b/c he plays in ligue 1 doesnt make him a hands down first choice left back. how about developing one, or coaching one up. there has to be a better LB with an american passport.

    i’ll take…cant believe im saying it…


  99. Damian Bethel says:

    Yeah who the heck does he think he is?

  100. dcm says:

    the ref pretty much handed them the first two goals. that first free kick that lead to a goal was an even worse call than the penalty. i’m surprised your the first to point it out. yeah, we played terribly, but as far as i’m concerned, we didn’t deserve that final score.

  101. canchon says:


    BB didn’t whiff on marking the Panama attacker on the 1st goal.
    BB didn’t wildly swing and miss, kicking Perez and causing a penalty on the 2nd goal.
    BB didn’t whiff on a sitter – Wondo did.
    BB didn’t shoot wide on Bradley’s shot in the 90th minute.

    And on and on…

    BB’s tactics were weak, but blame some of the players as well.

  102. Ricky B. Free says:

    Bedoya touched the ball and kept running to the middle of the field, taking more space from the strikers.

  103. canchon says:

    Canada beats Panama by a lot, US beats Guadaloupe by a little, all 3 teams have 6 points and comes down to goal differential. Canada needs to take care of business and they’ll be fine.

  104. Sven says:

    He fubbed a lot of passes before he was yanked out. Way to pay back the team that gave you a chance. The guy doesn’t even speak English!!!!

  105. Brad says:

    I think timF is being sarcastic…

  106. Owen says:

    I am as frustrated as the next guy, it just kills me that we our bench options are Sasha, Bedoya and Wondowlowski. I sure wish Holden, Benny and Davies were fit.

  107. Brad says:

    did they? Tampa had 28K, I thought Detroit had 26K…?

  108. Rob says:

    Players are blamed, but when we see a clear pattern of going down in games over and over, with different players used, blame has to fall on the coach as he is the only constant.

  109. Brad says:

    our gio is landon, our marquez was Gooch, both central defenders that won’t be included in the next WC cycle…

  110. Gene says:

    I don’t agree that Jones’ throwing a shirt is such a huge deal. I’d want players who want to be on the field and are upset about being subbed out.
    Jones played OK, made a few good defensive plays, including the one on the play that lead to Panama’s
    1st goal.

    Also, in terms of chances, in my book, the one that Michael Bradley missed is more of an easy chance than the one missed by Wondo. Bradley had the ball laid out on the ground right in front of goal. Jozy’s pass to Wondo was very hard and it was in the air. A pro should normally finish that, but it is a harder ball than looks on TV.

  111. Kojo says:

    All of you who say Bob’s selection is poor, starting Ream was a mistake and then call for bringing on Adu must never have coached at a competitive level. Sit Ream because he doesn’t have enough experience but to give Adu the keys to the offense is simply nonsensical. Bradley’s selection is good given his squad. But to have Ream and Goodson start because they are good passers out of the back and then start the game with them making 30 yard passes in the air was just poor tactics. The tactical game plan was just awful. Use what you have that are your strengths and Bradley didn’t do that.

  112. Manny says:

    We need some creativity! right now we have none… Let’s see Defensive minded players, Maurice Edu, M. Bradley, Jermaine Jones, Bocanegra, Ream, Goodson, Dolo, Gooch etc…. Why not give Adu a try precisely in this game in midfield… because I think he would have made a difference. Anyways, as long as we have BB as coach, I don’t expect any changes same old boring team who wakes up midway through the game when they’re down 1-0.

  113. oncebannedtwiceshy says:

    wut kinna name is sven anyways thar boy, yoo sur dun sound ‘merican to mee. get over it dude. it’s a shirt.

  114. CroCajun says:

    Kudos Andrew

    On a night where dumb comments were abundant, you rose to the top with incisive exaggeration, well thought out criticism of our best players, and an admirable disregard for logic or reality.

    And the icing on the cake…a call for Freddy Adu.

    Kudos to you my friend.

  115. oncebannedtwiceshy says:

    yeah dude, adu the defensive wiz sure would have shut down panama.

  116. Jerry Garcia says:

    We could use someone like Baloy.. reminded me of the old gooch we used to know…

    ..and yes, fire Bob Bradley.

  117. fieldsy says:

    The miss by Wondolowski was one of the most unbelievable misses I have ever seen a USMNT player do. I’m still not sure how he missed that shot.

  118. Owen says:


    Specs Goodsen Boca Lichaj

    Lando Jr. Edu Bedoya

    Juan Duece

    I think we can rest a few starters and give a few other guys some minutes next game. We are still in a good position.

  119. Martha says:

    Yes!!!! Ream sucks it’s not inexperience he’s just not good defensively in MLS and he’s just not good enough for the intl game he blows Wondo also sucks. Time for Bradley to go If Gulati has any balls….which he doesn’t …

  120. Joe Hamilton says:

    To Danny ; You obviously know nothing about soccer, if you think criticism of Boob Bradley is a “dumb” comment.
    Give Panama credit? They don’t have one player in any top league, while the US has 6 or 7 starters playing in the top 5 leagues in Europe. Bradley, who people forget was fired as coach of the Metrostars 7 years ago, could not get a job coaching a second division team in any European league. The US has never had more good players. It takes a total moron to start Tim Ream. He doesn’t even deserve to suit up for the national team. Juan Argudelo is not even a starter in the MLS. He is not as good as the current starter Luke Rodgers who came from England’s 3rd division. But it takes a real coach (Hans Backe) to see Argudelo while talented is not ready to start. But an imposter of a coach Boob Bradley starts Argudelo in an important international tournament. Almost every country in the world that takes soccer seriously has hired a foreign at one time or another. The US coaching establishment thinks they know soccer better than the rest of the world and thus has blocked hiring a top foreign coach since Bora Milatinovich in 1994.

  121. Ricky B. Free says:

    Marcelo Bielsa is from Argentina.

  122. Rob says:

    No that got pushed back to October….

  123. A-Lott says:

    Maybe I’m in the minority, but I thought that swapping Jones for Kljestan was an understandable move. Leaving a player as physical as Jermaine in the game when he is already carrying a yellow is risking an ejection. Especially considering that the referee’s decision to issue the first card was questionable.

    I also thought that Sacha played surprisingly well, bringing some much-needed verve to the attack. That could simply be a product of my low expectations, though.

  124. Ricky B. Free says:

    Ream kicked him in the stomach.

  125. Mark says:

    I think what is getting to most people is why does it take the team 70 minutes to start playing the way that they are capable, especially when playing on home soil. This was not some hostile environment, how can we consistently come out flat game after game leading us to need to go nuts that last 20-15 minutes. I just wonder if Bradley knows how to get these guys going or light a fire under certain players.

  126. boosted335 says:


  127. john.q says:

    i was never on the bob bradley hate train but c’mon another slow start?! not just slow, disasterous! a horrible trend that goes beyond our talent pool. the us should have thoroughly dominated this game.

  128. canchon says:

    Considering that the ref was giving out weak cards to US players, definitely a possibility. And for all the hate Kljestan wasn’t that bad, he at least helped with some ball control around the box to help create some chances in the second half.

  129. john.q says:

    bedoya and kljestan played very well. we might see bedoya starting with demps and jozy up top on tuesday.

  130. oncebannedtwiceshy says:

    i think the thing people are taking issue with is that jones was having a better game than MB. but yes, the subs (minus wondo) did okay.

  131. FulhamPete says:

    Hyperbole will be the end of us ALL!!!!

    Wondoh! sucks.

    Jozy is still a marginally better Brian Ching. That calm centering pass to Wondoh! was quality and should have been the play of the game.

    MB90 was ok. Donovan was ok. The TEAM came out flat and expecting to win rather than taking the match from PAN. Again, poorly motivated team.

    Fire Bob. You don’t lose on home soil to Panama. Period.

  132. john.q says:

    have to disagree. its a simple tap in. couldve hit it with his heel or shinguards.

  133. a2p says:

    This was a terrible game. Absolutely awful.

    Panama were an athletic team who looked hungry. We were not there. Too many players look complacent.

    Bradley did NOT name a squad ready to conquer this tournament, but that is the squad we needed.

    Mexico are here to win. We are here to do what, I don’t even know. It’s a half and half squad, let’s develop some players, and our established player will carry us through? I guess.

    If we weren’t ready to absolutely walk all over CONCACAF, we should have called up and capped every dual nationality player on our radar. Doyle, Diskreud, Chandler, Bunbury and the rest. That would at least give us a foundation to move forward.

  134. Pianta says:

    They might as well give Mexico the cup now.

  135. Ski Fast! says:

    I think there is something to be said about teams under Bob Bradley having a repetitive theme of slow starts to games. Preparation and tactics are valid things to call into question in that case, not just the specific players themselves.

  136. Brad says:

    Let’s not over-react too much, but Bob’s history of having the USMNT starting slow is starting to be a problem. Altidore looks for the call too much instead of standing up to the contact. Makes me miss Ching. And let’s remember that our back-line is in transition, there will be growing pains. With Altidore and Agudelo’s play, I think the 4-2-3-1 set up is going to get more consideration once Holden is health…

  137. Jonny Tsunami says:

    I was at the game and I thought Tim Howard was going to rip Tim Ream apart. Im tired of USA playing down to the level of other teams. Whenever we play a south american/ central american team we cant handle their style of play whatsoever. It was sad that our only dangerous plays come from set pieces, or uninspiring desperation crosses. We have quality players that can pass around the ball but we choose to just cross it hoping that someone can find the back of the net. Jones played good while on and won the ball away to spark several counter attacks, but whenever our forwards received it they would cough it up. The panama fans really gave their team confidence and it wasnt until our first goal where we started to build momentum. Confidence on the ball is what several of our players lacked, hoping we can turn things around in our next match. If not BB’s job will be up.

  138. Jack says:

    Okay, I’ll say it.

    Michael Bradley should have been subbed out. Inexcusable to sub out all the others player that were taken out, yet leave MB in.

    Michael Bradley was probably the second worst player on the pitch next to Ream and Altidore.

    Also… where the freak was Donovan? Best US player? Come on that’s such a joke.

  139. Clover362 says:

    Let’s be real though Wondo had the equilizer on his foot, him missing that shot should prove to anyone who did not know it already that Wondo has no business playing internationaly.

  140. A-Lott says:

    I missed the first thirty minutes because I was having dinner with the in-laws, so I can’t really assess who was having the better match between Jones and Bradley. That said, I don’t doubt that Jermaine was playing well while Michael was struggling.

    Still, I don’t think Bob’s decision was based on the first-half play of the midfielders. Even if Jermaine was the stronger player at the moment, he was still a red-card risk.

    I probably wouldn’t have made the same call if it were mine to make, but I think I understand the logic behind Bob’s choice.

  141. a2p says:

    I want to emphasize that I’m appreciative of the Agudelo cap, he’s ours, now and forever.

    But never, should a nation with as much quality as the USA have, lose to a nation like Panama.

    The call ups are wrong, the squad is wrong, the formation is wrong, and the starting XI is wrong.

    I’m thrilled with what Bradley has brought to this countries national team, but I think he might be better suited to a director role in identifying player to bring up and ‘audition’ for European clubs.

    I’m not trying to portray that he is a bad coach, I’m not, but at this level, I don’t think he has been around long enough, experienced the different situations, or had the player management ability necessary to really move this nation to the next echelon.

    I don’t know what manager would be able to do this, but this nation needs a federation that can do everything in it’s power to identify that manager, it is what is needed to take another step towards the top. I truly believe that with the right influence and personel this country can be one of the best in the next 10~15 years.

  142. SuperChivo says:

    Never once, except Jozy’s should have been an assist to Wondo, did we get player behind the defensive line. almost all offensive plays went over the top or right up the middle. We lack wingers and left sided players.

  143. a2p says:

    My $.02, which I know is probably nothing.

  144. Jackie says:

    Group C match played in front of 27,731 fans


    Not even 30K! I bet there were more fans in across the USA watching baseball matches

  145. Brad says:

    Panama was “parking the bus”, hard to get behind defenders when the whole team is inside of 30 yards. Besides, seems the USA has always had a hard time breaking defensive teams down…

  146. Jackie says:

    It’s stupid for USSOCCER to keep a coach after 4 years. Don’t tell me USSOCCER can’t even fund a World Class soccer. USSOCCER is run by inept people

  147. marden08 says:

    On most soccer blogs the debate is about who will be the last 2 to 3 players on a 23 person roster. The debate should be about how well we are playing I contend that we have not played as well as we can in a long time. The Confederations cup was an aberration. I think the dynamics and psychology of us not performing well will not be a deterrent to us winning the Gold Cup. In qualifying Mexico always starts out slow looks like they are dead and finishes strong. I think the same is likely for this year’s gold cup. We are in the 15 to 20 range world ranking when we are playing well. I don’t think we have played as well as we can for a long time and we consistently start out bad. This is at the feet of the coach.His last two years have not been good. I think he and Gulati got there head up there arse over the Confederations Cup and either they get it out or we need somebody that has us playing better consistently.

  148. Ski Fast! says:

    Yes, many MLB games regularly get more than 30k in attendance.

  149. Jackie says:

    FAct: What mmost fans ignore. If Donkycakes was really the best US Player, then he would be playing in Europe !

  150. peter says:

    totally agreed – I am a BB supporter but I thought hiring him for a 2nd cycle was a mistake – what do we think – he is a better coach than Bruce Arena? – BB is burned out

  151. Benny says:

    Canada has a very good chance getting a result against Panama. Canada rested some players against Guadeloupe who will start against Panama.Panama may rest some players as well.
    The U.S. get their heads out of their butts and win their next game. I still think they get to the Gold Cup final but not the way they played today. They played terrible and still had a chance to tie or even win. If they play like this again, with the talent they have, BB has to go. 8 years is way too long anyway.

  152. Chris says:

    If you have a National team with a lineup of players that are all productive at their respective teams, and we continue to see unproductive, uninspiring play…. Im sorry but that is coaching- period – end of sentence. If you only questioned tactics, or lineup, or the ability to play together, or the ability to be prepared, or the need to be motivated.. thats would be one thing – BUT when you see all 5 of these in question, it boils down to coaching..period- end of sentence

  153. dallas__texas says:

    Can we get some of that clenbuterol for Donovan & Altidore?

  154. Benny says:

    They are not at the same level? Panama had three attacks in the first half and two goals. Yes, the U.S. played poorly but had great chances to tie of even win late. To say they are not at the same level is laughable.

  155. JJ's shin says:

    I know it sounds strange, but did anyone else think the second half was the perfect situation to bring on Adu? I think he could’ve added something different to our attack tonight.
    Also, at this point I will just be relieved when the day comes that BB is let go. He’s not a bad coach and not a bad guy, but this team is too talented to lose to teams like Panama. This CANNOT happen. It’s time to bring in a seasoned football mind to manage the national team.

  156. JC says:

    Well said, mate.

  157. Bruce Arena says:

    We want Jay Demerit back!

  158. Huginho says:

    Who else saw jones throw his shirt off? Most fire I’ve seen on this team since Donovan s ored against Algeria.

    It is my belief that he knew he shouldn’t have been pulled off and that MB shoulda been the one. Don’t save his a$$ with the assist on the goal… Rather all the missed opportunities for creativity in the mid that he doesn’t have. With a player like jones in the mid, it gives the formation the room to throw in a creative center mid with better passing skills and compusure than MB. someone like mix or Paco who don’t look for 40 yard over the head passes but rather look to create triangles on the ground… Frustrating night… But before I blame MB … We blame papa Bradley. Your potential was collegiate soccer/MLS tactics and we can’t play to a game plan anymore. Things change bobo and you gotta be able to recognize that most of these guys are playing at a higher level than mls and deserve someone to ‘teach’ them more.

    Is it too late for Marcelo Bielsa?

  159. Will says:

    No, because a real fan supports his team no matter who is the coach or who is playing. Hornesbyesque fan is what I am talking about not some fairweather fan who supports the Heat when they get Lebron. I am tired of this ish,

  160. Adrian says:

    Oh absolutely.

    Jones played Michael Bradley right off the field. He was twice the player Bradley was today, and yet he was still the player brought off.

    I don’t think you can deny favoritism at this point. Jones and Dempsey were the best field players by a country mile.

  161. Benny says:

    They played poorly but still had chances to tie or win. I would say that they got outplayed. Panama took advantage of two mistakes and deserved the win. But they did not outplay U.S. They well did what they needed to do to win.

  162. joe says:

    you are wrong on most accounts. Crispy is looking for a natural wide player, of which we have none.
    crispy is right. while i enjoy your wordsmanship, your overall statement is wrong Crocajun. Deuce should be playing up top. we need some wide players. maybe…oh i dont know…Convey for instance?

  163. Benny says:


  164. DNYCE says:

    We can all agree that this match was plain awful for the US. Panama took it to the US, created opportunities and had a bit of luck on their side and took advantage. But they came to play, which our boys unfortunately did not. The team came out really flat, which I agree with a lot of you that Bob has a pretty significant role in, and we’ve seen this time and time again while at the helm. I’ve always given Bob the benefit of the doubt over the years and have great respect for him, but if you can’t get your team to give it their all from the get go of a match, regardless the team you’re playing against, it may be time to go.

    Although I questions the overall selection of players for this tournament, I have to commend Bob on one thing. His choice of starting and giving significant playing time to players like Agudelo and Ream. The team is going through a transition period, and unfortunately the US is not blessed with depth like other national teams have at their disposal. Bob’s using this tournament to get these guys prepared for when the matches truly matter, qualification for the 2014 World Cup. With age not being on the side of the current crop of players at the CB and Forward positions like Onyewu, Bocanegra, Buddle, and Gomez, you need to get your prospects some the experience necessary to survive and prevail hexagonal. This is the time to do it… which, it kills me to say this, may mean not winning this tournament.

  165. JJ's shin says:

    I’d prefer it go to Wondo and Ream.

  166. mike r says:

    Ream = Drew moor

    Claudia Reyna could pass too but we didnt put him on the back line

  167. Common Sense says:

    FIRE BOB BRADLEY!!!!!!!!!!!

  168. Will says:

    Dumb statement of the night.

  169. Neruda says:

    National Team Manager. Qualified Candidate must have high level managerial experience in top league and World Cup, ability to scout talent and select winning squad.
    email sunil@ussoccer.com

    Striker. Must be able to score goals.
    email forward@ussoccer.com

  170. Nolan Gonzales says:

    Fire Bob.

  171. Josh D says:

    Boca and put Lichaj on the wing. Boca is as fast as Ream but with more experience and better positioning. I also find that his presence is felt greater than Ream.

  172. Neruda says:

    One could argue that jones was carrying a card and BB was nervous because jones was playing with great passion and he’s prone to being carded. Otherwise I agree.

    Bradley missed a golden opportunity at the end but let’s not forget that Landon Donovan didn’t put his open volley on frame shortly after Bradley missed. The whole team lacked sharpness throughout the game. It does point to a problem with the manager.

  173. atlas says:

    If you look at the statistics coaches of national teams who stick around for two four year cycles have a terrible rate of taking their teams to the knockout round the second time around. The thing about international soccer is that it is constantly evolving as coaches are constantly changing and as a result teams are constantly shifting the way they play. Coaches like Bradley that keep the same strategy for an 8 year period are really doing their teams a disservice as it is very easy to scout and play against their teams. A new coach is necessary for the US to introduce new tactics/players to face the changing international landscape. The fact of the matter is that Panama is a second or third rate team that boasts players playing in juggernaut leagues like the Guatemalan first division and numerous unheralded leagues in South America. Their “star striker” Blas Perez is effectively a journeyman with stops in the UAE premier league on his resume during the prime of his career. The US has more talent than it ever has had with many players getting lots of time in the big European leagues, so this result should by no means ever happen, especially at home. The problem is certainly coaching, talent wise the US should never lose at home to a team with inferior talent like Panama, in Concacaf there is a large talent gap overall with only Mexico boasting more talent. Because the US has had the same coach/tactics for such a long period, teams are having an easier time planning to play them as we are so predictable. We need a new coach with more ideas who will infuse the team with some semblance of creativity and unpredictability and who does not play favorites like bradley does. There is no way some of the players on the squad right now merit being there.

  174. DaleDaleDynamo says:

    Learn how to ready DA. He isn’t bashing BB, he’s bashing the team as whole and frankly we don’t need a POS fan like that. So F off with him.

  175. Kevin says:

    Sure I can blame BB. He’s the one who thinks Wondo is an international striker.

  176. Huginho says:

    It’s so clear he hangs on to hope when bob knows there’s nothing there. Imnsorry guys but bob is a collegiate coach with a ceiling that peaks at MLS level. An American/MLS coach will have his favorites as this one does. He’s probably scared to realize that there’s better ways to utilize the players in this country and find his favorites(jozy MB johnny B sascha) won’t fit in that system.

    For now let’s find someone to give these boys something to play for, to inspire them to do something more than defend and long ball over the top.

  177. Neruda says:

    National Team Manager. Qualified Candidate must have high level managerial experience in top league and World Cup, ability to scout talent and select winning squad.
    email sunil@ussoccer.com

    Striker. Must be able to score goals.
    email forward@ussoccer.com

  178. Scott A says:

    I’d rather get the loss out of the way in the group phase. Never count the US out.

  179. donttreadonme says:

    Wow. I missed the game. And now Im dumbfounded. We need help.

  180. Gene says:

    +1. Jones is a defensive guy, that is probably why he was taken out (plus the concern about the 2nd yellow). Klejstan did a couple of good things in there.

  181. John says:

    We are fans we should be allowed to put our two cents. I utter most respect Bob Bradley and love what he hes done for the usmnt. But I think its time for a change if we dont win this Gold Cup

  182. Gene says:

    Instead of that volley, Donovan should have passed across the goal to an open team mate who would have had an easy tap in.

  183. Pat says:

    These bizarre losses have one constant…

  184. Stephen says:

    On Ream: I sat there and said, I would put Bornstein (don’t laugh) or Lichaj in and slide Boca to the middle in the second half. I also don’t understand why you take the set piece target out in when switching down to 3.

  185. Josh D says:

    No Adu got screwed because he was thrown on the wing when he’s not a winger. And was not dealt with well at a young age because he was our first proper youth “star”.

  186. blah-zay says:

    I’ll say it now. The US will not get out of the group stage… and Bradley will get another contract extension.

  187. td says:

    It wasn’t the fullbacks tonight. USMNT fullbacks often are only as good as their central midfielders. Tonight the central midfield gave the Panamanians all kind of time and space in the first 60 minutes. Also, our central midfielders, one more than the other, failed to complete more than 25% of passes that went forward. It was infantile.

  188. x4 says:

    Haha, so fans disgusted with the team’s play have no say?

    When was the last time the team looked good, for an entire match? The Confederations Cup?

    At the World Cup, they beat Algeria, drew Slovenia and England, and lost to Ghana. How was that a success, because we managed to win the weakest group on a tiebreaker?

    I don’t know what it is, but the same continued mistakes is tiring, and frankly, things like Bedoya diving are somewhat disgusting too…the USMNT was always at least likeable and easy to cheer for…now you have to spend the whole game in awe as to how they’re playing down to competition.

    I’m not condoning someone who hates the team for no reason, but someone tired of watching them after constant mistakes/underperformances? that’s more understandable.

  189. Rocco says:

    Hey, who said you could be rational here.

    Now back to what we should be talking about…Put in Adu. Fire everyone. The US is terrible. I’m never watching again.

  190. Coach Beck says:

    Does anyone else wonder if they are afraid to get rid of BB because they feel they can’t afford to lose MB?

  191. partnerincrime says:

    pathetic. fire bradley.

  192. J Dog says:

    Our Chicharito plays for Italy

  193. Peter says:

    Its simple if your a Latin player bob does not rate you. If you have any skill on the ball bob does not trust you. If you don’t play defense 1st bob does not play you. Its simple we needed someone who could actually make something happen with one moment of brilliance but look at the bench and that player was not there. I know people don’t like Adu here but at least he would have tried to do SOMETHING different than pass sideways!!!

  194. John says:

    I’m not a M.Bradley hater, but I have no idea why Jones came off instead of him. I’m not buying the yellow card excuse, Jozy had one and stayed on. Mikey was not having a good game at all. Anyone else notice Jones angrily throwing his jersey down when he came off??

  195. BellusLudas says:

    OK…I haven’t read EVERY post, but just in case someone hasn’t said it yet…Tonight wasn’t about BB. Tonight was about how we develop players in this country.

    We are at a major cross-roads and it looks like we are taking the better path (pros developing pros)…but we still have a long way to go.

    When we are the King of CONCACAF we can start to expect we win all of these games. Until then these sort of matches will happen.

    10 years will make all the difference because no one outside of Mexico will be able to match our resources. As Americans when we decide to go for it we get it done. We will rule CONCACAF and we WILL win a Men’s World Cup.

  196. Peter says:

    His point is we already have 7 defensive players we needed offensive minded ones!!!! Adu wouldn’t be in the game for his defense but his ability to create.

  197. jmac says:

    We should not be playing a 4-4-2, which has not been working well for a while, and is really outdated. With our personnel – and generally pourous defense – we should be in a 4-5-1 with the major change to Dempsey in whole.


    Bedoya – Dempsey – Donovan

    Bradley – Jones

    If would start Holden on the left if healthy, and start Feilhaber on the right and move Donovan to the left if he were here as well. But I am begining to question BB’s line up/formations as well; something is not right.

    That said, I find it hard to really question his decision to go wiht Ream and Goodison as centerbacks. Right now Onyewu is not an option, and may never be again. DeMeritt is out of the scene right now. Ream is fairly young and does have some potential, and we need to roll someone out.

    That said, I think people are right that Boca needs to move inside for Guadelope (!?!?) and Bornstein needs to start at LB, and let’s all pray he brings more to the ofensive table without being a total liability on the defensive end.

  198. Peter says:

    Now if he would have shot the ball I would agree with you. I think there were 2 times he was at the top of the box with no one around and just passed sideways.

  199. jmac says:

    85% Agreed. It could be time for a foreign coach.

  200. Peter says:

    Our best player is Clint Dempsey period!!!!!!!!

  201. Paul Thomas says:

    My take on it is that as crappy as this performance is, I’m sure glad it happened now (when the team might not even NEED a win against Guadeloupe to advance) and not in the real event, which doesn’t start for another week… yes, losing to Panama in a semi-friendly is awful, but…

  202. jmac says:

    We do need a new strategy. No more 4-4-2. Dempsey needs to move into the whole in a 4-5-1, and when healthy holden and donovan on the wings. We only have one striker worth a darn internationnaly (Altidore) and he has his faults (like limited technique and low soccer iq)

  203. jnanez says:

    All our best athletes play football & basketball. Hard to motivate kids to play soccer when you dont get paid that much. Plus, america is so big that most don’t care about the soccerteams we have here in the U.S. or its players. I would rather send my son to academies in spain & italy, but he too might end up not playing for the U.S. What I’m getting at is that were too entrenched in our own part of the world & have a hard time keeping up with our neighbor south of the border, who has access to better coaching who then generally produce better players in there domestic leagues. I don’t know about you guys but I don’t want to play like england kickin & runnin up the field send in crosses & headin in goals hoping to win. I’m sick of not scoring in open play!!! I WANT A PLAYER THAT CAN BEAT SOMEONE ELSE OFF THE DRIIBLE; I WANT A STRIKER THAT HAS A GREAT FIRST TOUCH; I WANT US TO HAVE A SOPHISTICATED SYSTEM that can adjust to other playin styles……. we win against Guadalupe then go on to be knocked out in the nxt stage. Then hopefully it sets off a chainreaction that leads to better things….

  204. jon says:

    he didn’t get the golden boot that way…

  205. Goalscorer24 says:

    The Spain game was no fluke. Losing to Panama was the best thing that could happen to US soccer if ultimately it leads to the firing of Bob Bradley! To me it is a motivational thing, and the US team has not been right since the World Cup. Mexico are dominating Concacaf teams, while the US has gone backwards. The US team needs change, Bradley needs to go, and I would love to see what Klinsman could do with the US team.

  206. socnow says:

    +1 on attendance

    Stop playing these games where is no support for soccer, e.g. Detroit and Florida.

  207. Ben says:

    Yes, you cant keep coaches for a second cycle, just like Arena. Arena is a good coach but 8 years is just too much for a National team coach.

  208. Ben says:

    A lot of good comments and a lot of bad comments. First, your need to put a lot of blame of Bradley. Bob got completely outcoached. Gogin back to the Canada game, it was obvious Boca was leaving tons of space exposed, and the Panamanians, to their credit, did the homework and exploited that on the first goal. Second, yes Ream made a mistake, a terrible error, and got punished for it, but otherwise he had a solid game, and if we are assigning blame, how about our veterans who barely showed this game. Donovan, Cherundolo, Boca, Jones, and Bradley were all dire in the first half. It is sad when Landon can’t be bother to get up for Panama and the Gold Cup, but this is exactly why he, while one of our best, isn’t as good as he could have been. He just doesn’t have the drive, hence the lack of sucess in Europe. People saying that Coach Bradley has to shoulder blame for this are completely correct. How many times have we seen this team come out flat under his watch? Far too many to be comfortable with. Eventually, you have to look at the coach and wonder what the problem is.

  209. Ben says:

    Sorry for the errors, its late, been drinking and I’m very unhappy.

  210. Chuck says:

    Well where do I start. I was at the game tonight and I have never been more ashamed to be an American or a fan of soccer because of the things I saw and herd tonight, real cool guys. As far as what I saw on the field, great effort by Tim Howard (as always), Clarence, and Steve C. I don’t understand why Jones was subbed out, why Ream was left in. I thought Sasha actually played alright for once. Donovan is a great player but is the biggest baby on the USMNT and had a horrible night. Jozy continues to be the laziest starting forward in USMNT history. Where is Davies? he would put more effort in on one leg. Juan A. didn’t seem to get much service, I’m not sure if this was because he wasn’t getting open or people just weren’t noticing him. In general, I’m really tired of hoping for a draw or hoping to squeak out of a group. When is the US actually going to be a good team? The US and Mexico should be dominating this tournament. Some serious changes need to happen, we cannot go into the 2014 world cup using the system that is in place now.

  211. Ben says:

    Not only all this, but Bob model is the AC Milan Sacchi teams from the 1980s, which is all nice, but tactics have changed since then. Imagine if you tried to play in the NBA or NFL with 1980s tactics. You’d be laughed out of the leagues.

  212. Ben says:

    Ummm…no. We might have outplayed Panama for the last hlaf hour, but they came out and stood toe to toe for the first 60 and benefits from the fruits of that which is what is so frustrating.

  213. cdc says:

    Jones, looked lost and frustrated. The refs lack of calls early in the match caused this. He picked up a yellow and was getting more frustrated. pulling him was a good call. Save him for later matches and don’t get a red card, thus to answer an earlier poster why not pull Altidor with his yellow, a midfielder is more likely to get a second yellow than a forward. M Bradley, was off but still added spark. Re-watch the match and judge. I truly believe that the tempo set by unlucky calls at the beginning of the match set our players off. That and inexperience. Typical USA we gotta be down and out before we can win.

  214. Chuck says:

    worst idea ever, if we can’t play 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 we shouldn’t be playing soccer, altidore as a lone forward is a sad thought

  215. Chuck says:

    It was redic, I think M.Bradley has a yellow card from the canada game anyway right?

  216. Chuck says:

    three out of 4 teams have the potential of getting out of the group stage so it would be pretty pathetic to not get out of a group with teams as bad as canada and guadaloupe, even at out worst the USMNT should be able to do this

  217. Brian says:

    Wondo! Go back to San Jose you f*&kin bum!

  218. Chuck says:

    we aren’t winning the gold cup, there is no way we will beat mexico. We don’t have half a j. hernandez on our team

  219. Chuck says:

    well man when you don’t call up davies who else could you possible put in that you had on the bench… adu?

  220. Brian says:

    Could have used Stuart Holden, or Benny Feilhaber tonight, hell even Freddy Adu!

  221. Chuck says:

    4-5-1 is not the answer better strikers are, wait until davies is back, he actually wants to play hopefully he will work will with juan a. and they will bench altidore

  222. Mental Assassin says:

    Need experience against these south of the border nations who hate americans and aren’t afraid to play physical. We needed onyewu in for Ream and also Agudelo out. Edu would have been solid and move the only player who can score goals, Dempsey, to forward.

  223. John says:

    yeah, he picked up a needless one when he kicked the ball away after a foul was called in favor of canada.

  224. mental assassin says:

    but before everyone starts freaking out remember the last confederation cup

  225. Chuck says:

    Fair enough about subbing jones out, but I don’t think you are right about M. Bradley. I think he’s a good player, I don’t hate him. But he wasn’t playing inspired football and he didn’t look like he was really giving it 100%. I’m tired of typical USA.

  226. Chuck says:

    I’m not saying Wondo is a world class player, but blame someone like Donovan for tonight not Wondo for the 10 minutes of playing time he got.

  227. Chuck says:

    missing charlie davies

  228. Matt says:

    How do we lose to a country we created?

  229. Ben says:

    short and to the point, well said.

  230. Ben says:

    Boac isn’t a captain, sorry. No one is looking to Boca for inspiration, yet Bradley hopes he will lead us. Just my opinion, but Demps is the one who brought the only fire in the first half, is clearly looked up to by the younger guys like Agudelo and Altidore, and should be Captain. I think the reason Donovan shouldn;t be captain is evident from his performance tonight. A sickening loss and there is no excuse for it. Maybe we still win this tournament, but this kind of start has been far too familiar under Bradley, but the US federation is either unable or unwilling to find someone else. Jurgen refuses because he can’t control the player development at the younger level, yet we recently find Rongren lacking, so maybe, just maybe, Klinsman has a point. Tonight sickens me, we should never lose to a Panama, or if we do, not in this manner. We got outcoached and outplayed for the first 70 minutes.

  231. Ben says:

    Also, how many times does Landon say “we need to start fast” or “we are looking to start quickly” or some iteration of that and we come out lost. Please Landon, shut up.

  232. Ben says:

    I’ll scream if I’m once more subjected to Donovan saying how the US has learned a lesson from starting slow. Really, then why does it keep happening?

  233. Ben says:

    to be fair to them, Mexico is dominating.

  234. Pedrinho says:

    our tactics are awful. i know we all would love to play like barcelona or spain, but you’ve gotta deal with the cards your dealt and i accept that. what i can’t expect is this LOVE for set pieces and the damn long balls! i get it, we generate offense from them, but geeez, is there nothin else in our repertoire?! I think the USMNT is at the brink of taking there play to another level, but the coaching has stagnated our progress. it doesn’t have to be Jurgan klinsman, guus hiddink, or the like. it just has to be better than Bob. Not a bob hater, i think he’s done well. but we’ve hit a plateau with the guy and this has got a change. i’ve never been so disgusted after watching a USMNT game.

  235. Pedrinho says:

    right. stop placating us wit the same bs story!

  236. Dennis says:

    Let’s face it, this generation of players has no good defenders. Boca and Dolo are near the end of careers, Onweyu has never recovered and the younger defenders, Ream, Kichaj, Peirce, Bornstein, not so young Goodson and any others you might want to name, save Chandler are simply not good enough.

    Similarly, this generation has no international quality forwards, Agudelo, Altidore, Wondo, or any other potential striker you want to name can not score, only Wondo scores at the club level.

    Keeper and Midfield is the strength, but you can not win games with only 4 or 5 players

    What coach in his right mind would agree to take this group against international competition?

  237. jake says:

    The easiest thing to do is blame the striker, and that’s what most of the people on this board does blame our striker. If you watch the match today you’ll see that every time the US attack its either a long ball into our strikers or a cross from the wings. There is never a buildup from the middle and there is barely any through balls. Swing it from the wings or launch it from the back, if those are the only tactic we can come up with against a team such as Panama we have no right winning the game. Don’t even tell me that they were bunkering in the box and those were our only option. Or that we don’t have the technical prowess to make through balls or create chances up the middle. Guadalupe was able to build up an attack through the middle and got 2 goals when they were down 1 man against the very same Panama team who at the time was defending to keep a 3-0 lead. You mean to tell me that Guadalupe is more technically gifted then an American team with about 90% of its roster plying their trade in Europe. There is something very wrong with our tactics, readiness and desires. Something needs to change whether it be firing the coach or fielding a whole new team after the disaster waiting to happen that is the gold cup.
    US has only played 60 minute of good soccer so far this tourney. If their strategy is to get behind early then come back late I wont be surprise if they lose the Guadalupe. Maybe then the USSF will make some much needed changes to the US soccer program.

  238. tarfpir says:

    Your reasoning is sound. I wish I would have seen the game to know whether Panama is actually as good as Landon made them out to be. Somehow I think this is coming down to the sad truth that we’re missing a solid central defender to go with Clarence.

  239. JMAC says:

    Onyewu is not the the answer, in the least. He’s no better than Ream. And Agudelo out? Seriously? Not the lazy, ineffective altidore? Onyewu is probably more of a liability than Ream and Altidore was just plain bad against Panama.

  240. abc says:

    First of all, those games drew over 28,000 and over 27,000 respectively.
    Second and more importantly, those are the locations for a CONCACAF tournament, not the US choosing the best location for their home games. We could just as easily have been playing in Sheboygan. Or San Salvador. Or Mexico City.

    Maybe if people were more educated they wouldn’t lash out about such nonsensical things…

  241. abc says:

    Good summary of our failings tonight, can’t disagree with this.

  242. Brett says:

    Full blame on Bradley for this one. Yeah, he can’t control the players on the pitch, but the way he has them attack and defend is to blame. He also made the selections, which are already proving terrible. Are Bedoya, Wondolowski and Kljestan really our top subs? I’ve seen undeniably great players miss sitters before, but it’s gonna take a while to forgive Wondolowski for missing that one.

    I’ll give some credit to Panama. They dictated and played a schizophrenic style. One minute, 11 men behind the ball, and then lightning quick in transition with numbers forward.

    Why is it that the US under Bradley loves to play balls into traffic? When Panama wanted it, they had acres of space to play in. It seemed like we struggled just to face the goal for most of the match. It’s almost as if the team trains in 90 minmute sessions where they practice giving up goals and being lazy until the 65th minute.

  243. abc says:

    “Since the start of the World Cup last June, so about a year, we’ve only won games vs. Algeria, South Africa, and Canada in 14 games.
    We played 8 games at home and the only one we won was vs. Canada.”

    Wow, I didn’t realize things were that bad….

  244. Vxm says:

    You guys have forgotten a main reason – there was an air of ‘cockiness’ with everyone, including commentators Wynalda and particularly Cobi Jones who thought we’d give them a ‘whooping!’.

    This night Panama was superb in their quickness, from hovering like a swarm of bees around their goal post, to becoming instantaneous marauders at the other end.

    I have had this sense of deep dejection in me since the USA’s abject humiliation by Spain – granted you lose, why can’t you lose with some dignity? I think we also insulted a world class Spain by not showing them the respect of a challenge.

    After providing all benefit to the doubt, I am tired of seeing Bradley’s bland and passionless face over and over again, on the field.

  245. TimN says:

    This was like watching two different games. In the first half we looked flat, and the marking in the D was abysmal. What worries me most about that is that it seems to be a trend with the MNT for the last 2-3 years…that flaw really must fall back on the coaches and preparation. In the second half we played with much more intensity, especially after bringing in Bedoya, Wondolowski, and Kljestan and moving to the 3-4-3 set. The possession was better in the second half, but still not good enough. Yes, Wondolowski should have finished that great assist from Jozy, but at the end of the day it was our defense that failed us, not the offense.

    One criticism I had last night with the subs was that I would have pulled Ream instead of Goodson. Why bring out the guy who scored, who is also a great target on set pieces, and leave in Ream? It just didn’t seem to make a lot of sense.

    The MNT moving forward, both in this tournament and globally, MUST find a solution to its defensive ineptness, especially early on in games. Now we are in a position of having a must-win against Guadeloupe, while having to play everybody, instead of being already qualified and getting the opportunity to rest our key players. As they say though, “Tough noogies.” We’re going to have to suck it up and get after it.

    I do think a line-up and formation change would help us greatly. I simply do not think that Dempsey and Donovan are best utilized in a 4-4-2 set up. I think a 4-3-2-1 as follows would utilize talent best:




  246. abc says:

    Well said.

  247. doncraige says:

    The USA needs a play maker. It may seem ridiculous but does Bob have something against skilled and creative players. We need a player like Mixx or Jose. I think Bob does not know how to make adjustment during the game. The US needs a new Coach with new ideas and an eye for talent. I think Bob is over his head and is unable to adopt to changes.

  248. Bogie says:

    What did they call it on the old Wide World of Sports – the “human drama of athletic competition”? Well, you got your drama now. First off – and this is the least of it – tearing one’s national team jersey off and heaving it away in disgust after being taken out early would suggest some ‘splainin’ to do. But of course it’s primarily BB, not JJ, who needs to be facing the proverbial music. How long before Sunil et al lose patience with His First Half Flatness, Leader of the Early Goal Conceders? I realize the Mr. Bob supporters might say, “Hey, the other teams he coached never had this problem – maybe it’s just this group of guys,” but it’s gone on way too long at this point (in fact, many close observers of the team were saying as much a year or more ago). Plus this is BB’s only international experience as top dog, so who knows whether the same problem wouldn’t have surfaced at this level with a different cast of characters? And speaking of characters, howja like the Ream and Wondo Show? FoxSoccer aired a blooper program earlier in the day – their gaffes would have fit right in. Those were two of the best guys you could find, Bob? So…what’s the impression the higher-ups have of the Two-Termer after this one? I imagine they think like this: “If we win the Gold Cup final, the Panama game was just a blip – no problem, Bob’s our man.” They’re probably also thinking, “If we make the final and lose to a Mexico (or other) side sharper on the day, that’s okay, too.” But what if the team falls short of that? With a full three years to Rio, it would be the last good chance for a changing of the guard – but don’t expect one.


  249. Ron says:

    Well, I was there last night….bad ref calls, lackadasical play in the 1st half…Chrendulo looks like age has caught up to him, Boca never good at hooking up on the left with Clint, Jozy spending half the game on the wrong side of the midfield line, Ream and Goodson positioning horrible, LD asleep all game, Howard with a poor clearance, and Wondolowski doing his Chad Barrett imitation, only Dempsey and Aggie came out to play tonight – horrible team selection with a hispanic phobic coach (never integrated Omar, Torres and Herc would have bury that sitter that Wondo hit a field goal with…) As I’ve been saying for the last six years and it’s now the day of reckoning – Klinsmann should have been allowed to revamp the national team program…now I’m hearing everyone come to that same realization that we’ll never advance as a futbol nation until we rid ourselves of Bunker Bob and the Little Midget of an Economics Professor that knows nothing about Pee Wee Soccer – Sunil Gulati!!! Fire them both and rescue our USMNT from the abyss….NOW BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!!

  250. Nate says:

    The keeper’s body definitely got Bedoya’s foot. Watch the slo mo replay and you can see Bedoya’s foot get rolled up on by the keeper’s body. Bad call from Eddie Munster, like many he made. He did let a lot go which is usually good against a Central American team, but he picked the wrong spots to play on and when to make calls on too many plays.

    No excuse for the rest of US performance though.

  251. stever says:

    The team selection and level of play was unacceptable. If the US team are to move forward in World rankings they must invest in an experienced international manager. Mark Hughes is available.

    Meanwhile I can pick the next team and only 3 of the players last night would be on the sheet.

    We deserve better, and now, before we fall back into the wilderness. This would not be tolerated in other football loving countries, the press would be out for blood. Time to actually challenge the system and demand better. We have come so far, and we can go further, but not with this set up.

  252. Alex G says:

    certainly a great statement…

  253. docscott says:

    We will be embarrassed by Mexico. Javier wll pick us apart like a school team. My son and I had planned our road trip to go, but I think it isn’t worth missing work for. What’s the point?

  254. Ted says:

    Everybody sucked tonight. Pick your goat and point a finger, and they bore some responsibility.

    Jermaine Jones looked like the mad hacker out there, committing ugly fouls left and right. The irony is he actually wasn’t guilty of the one he was booked for.

    Baby Bradley was a turnover machine, and had a key miss from inside the 18 that should have been in the back of the net.

    Landon Donovan was invisible, and mis-hit a volley into the ground from about four yards he should have buried.

    Wondoloski – don’t get me started. A tap-in miss from two yards out?

    Cherundolo boomed bad crosses in all night.

    Ream was getting toasted all night, and that foul was inexcusable.

    Agudelo and Altidore did exactly zip, reminding us once again that the USA has nothing resembling a quality International forward.

    It goes on and on. Add to that: complacency. The team looked flat and complacent all night. I’ve never been a big Fire Bob advocate, but I think this is the problem with repeating with the same coach for the next cycle on the International level. Making Team USA should be the capstone of a player’s career, something you have to struggle and strive for…these guys just seem…comfortable, something they should never be.

  255. doncraige says:

    It’s time we find a Coach or Technical Advisor from Latin America, Spain or Holland who understands how to teach the game. We have the athletes but not the technical ability. When the US has the ball the other Team collapses and cut off the passing lanes because of poor spacing and support. The same thing happens when we are on defense. The players do not pressure the ball or cut off the lanes.

  256. Phil says:

    What about you first pick of Castillo? What’s his pedigree or his travk record have watched him play? And for the record as a huge fan of olpique marseille I watch a lot of Ligue 1. It is a fast and technical league. I do not deny that Boca’s speed was exposed yesterday, but you still can’t name a stronger person in the pool right now. Lichaj might turn into a quality LB in time, but that doesn’t help us now. But that said, players get beat and teams lose. It doesn’t mean the players are washed up or that the coach is inept. Bradley fielded what he thought was his best team and they lost. What is the big deal?

  257. phil says:

    Uh-huh, I feel a hanging coming on… Hide the torches and pitchforks!

  258. Alejandro says:

    Being at the game does not compare to close up replay on the Ream penalty. Clearly a penalty. The problem with USMNT fans is they never give credit when credit is due. You lost, fair and square. Panama was the better team. Until you respect the competition, you will continue to hand in mediocre performances.

  259. Alejandro says:

    Don’t you remember what SAF said about rotating coaches? It’s not a solution. I’m sure Bob Bradley is sitting at home figuring out what he did wrong.

  260. Alejandro says:

    Why was this a team you “should not be losing to”? Panama has good players overseas. They showed more resilience than the US players. My feeling is US fans want a World Cup trophy on a silver platter and have no idea what it takes to be a real fan of the game.

  261. Bill says:

    I knew we were going to lose when I saw that Count dracula from Mexico was going to ref the game…

  262. BrianVT says:

    You meant to say, “…hitting a free kick badly,” right?

  263. sodak_in_nyc says:

    Does anyone have a good read on the Jones/MBradley on field relationship. Commentators seemed to put blame on Jones for poor play but I am not so sure that Bradley freelanced a little off the game plan and made Jones look bad.

  264. Alejandro says:

    I don’t think you really follow soccer. Better pedigree than Mexico? Do you get Fox Soccer Channel or Gol TV? With the exception of Dempsey and Howard, both of whom I have great admiration for, who else is consistently doing big things in Europe.

    The biggest challenge the US has is glory-hunting fans with no real knowledge of the game, or its players.

  265. Kevin_Amold says:

    I actually agree with a lot of what you say. Doesn’t make today feel any better though…

  266. sodak_in_nyc says:

    BBradley is a symptom not the disease. The problem is Sunil Gulati. He looked like a modern day Neville Chamberlain when asked why we didn’t stand with the FA against FIFA corruption and is a debaser of our country’s core values. He drove off Klinsmann when he was begging for the job. He presides over an ancien regime that regales in “how far we have come” rather “than how far we have to go”.

  267. Kevin_Amold says:

    It makes no sense to compare games against mutual opponents. I suspect that yesterday’s win was one of the greatest moments in the history of their team. They played a great game. Against Guadaloupe, not so much.

  268. Kevin_Amold says:

    I have a serious question too. Lots of people above were upset about how we are trying to hard to do a Barcelona style buildup through the midfield. You have complained that we never try to build from the middle. What exactly are we doing?

  269. bob says:

    Agree that Gulati is the one who needs to go. Get Klinsmann that job and let him hire the coach.

  270. Alejandro says:

    All I’ve seen so far are complaints, fairytale claims about how the US shouldn’t lose to a team like Panama and exaggerations about how great US players are doing overseas.

    What I haven’t seen is a congratulations to Panama and their people for playing a solid game and clearly being the better team.

    Is this what you boys consider to be sportsmanship?

  271. JoeL says:

    +1. Ream and Agudelo need to play a few more friendly games before they’re placed into starters. I know the USMNT team has other issues but Ream’s and Agudelo’s inexperience is killing us right now. IF we make it to the finals either Mexico or costa rica will have the two for lunch.

  272. Alejandro says:

    Is this your solution to creating a world-class team? Blaming the ref?

  273. Didier Deschamps says:

    the castillo comment was said in jest. as you can tell from my handle, i too watch a lot of ligue 1, so i would tend to think that you saw boca play a few times, and it wasnt always that good. he looked like the 2nd worst lb in ligue 1 to me, but thats just me.

    as for bradley fielding the best team, if that is how he evaluates talent that his a$$ should be fired. the cb choices were terrible, and the formation just doesnt work for this talent. not to metnion MB cant deciced whether he is a DMF or an AMF, but he is rarley box to box dominant outside of playing the little sisters of the poor and aruba.

    lastly, i would take 5 MLS outside backs over tim ream playing in the middle. that means sliding boca inside which i have no problem with at all.

    not in any specific order…HEATH PEARCE, kevin alston, sean franklin, james riley…kids liek soares, anibaba, kitchen. and my fav anthony wallace.

    yes some of these guys play on the right and im not a big fan of moving Dolo’, but if you have to do it. well, a coach with balls does it.

  274. Alejandro says:

    I’m so glad you said it Ron because coming from me, with a hispanic name, might be too much for other hispanic phobes on here to understand. This team does not represent the quality of players who can throw on the US national team shirt. Mix it up, use everyone at your disposal and get a result.

  275. Alejandro says:

    Amen, now we’re getting some thoughtful analysis in here. Respect the opponent, bring your A-game. That didn’t happen and Panama made them pay.

  276. Sven says:

    Well said.
    We got outplayed, outcoached and outscored.
    Congratulations to Panama. They were the better team.

  277. go usa says:

    Absolutely on the dive comment! Reason #23 why Bob must go is that he seems to think it’s OK for his players to dive.

    I would rather see the US lose with honor than dive, ever, period.

    I know Simon Borg disagrees, but he can go back to Malta.

  278. Ben says:

    Wait what is the US record against Panama? So, not only shouldn’t a loss to Panama happen, the record even shows it barely ever happens. Also, many people have acknowledged that we were outplayed by Panama tonight, so relax with the “sportsmanship” claim, which is absurd considering this is a website to discuss US soccer and we are fans, not players. We are here to discuss the US, not Panama. I’m sure there are plently of thoer websites where one can sing the praises of Panama. Even so, Congrats to Panama, now go troll somewhere else.

  279. Alex says:

    I don’t know what sport you watch, but the vast majority of top level teams always play four across the back, regardless of the number of forwards the other team plays… I’m looking forward to the day Bob Bradley goes and Michael Bradley continues to play. He doesn’t get enough credit. He was the only player who would pick up the ball in the defensive or middle thirds and play passes forward. People get these hate blinders on and refuse to see anything positive about him.

  280. Alex says:

    Serious question, not trolling. How does one fire Gulati? I mean, which USSF body has that authority?

  281. Alex says:

    Why would we congratulate the Panamanian people for their team’s great performance? That doesn’t make sense. Be happy for them, sure, as I am. I have a Panamanian buddy and he’s ecstatic today (and won’t stop rubbing it in my face.) But when we play well and beat a team we shouldn’t, who congratulates the American people? We should be congratulating the team on the flawless execution of a great game plan.

  282. Kevin says:

    I blame the USSF. Clearly we had too much confidence and energy going into this tournament. Setting up an embarrassment against Spain 3 days before the tournament starts? For SHAME. We should’ve got blown out by Argentina the day before, and Brazil the day after. That way, we TRULY would’ve been ready for this tournament.

  283. FattyMatty says:

    Wrong. Tim Howard is our best player.

  284. Chuck says:

    I bet you probably think we were playing mexico too don’t you? No to racism

  285. John says:

    JoshD, Ream didn’t have the best game, granted. However, how will a player get caps if he doesn’t play? Let’s face it, any defender would’ve looked poor with our foward line and the invisible midfield against Panama. If the US can’r beat a team like Panama on home soil — there’s a bigger fish to fry.

    Ream is an example of one of the few forward-looking things Bradley has done as coach of this team. note: Bob Bradley is the fish.

  286. baller says:

    I’m not saying we have better players at the moment than Mexico, BUT if you look back at past US teams, I think you would be hard pressed to find a team that has this many players playing at a high level in europe and that yes, are contributing for their teams there. THAT’s Matt’s point, I mean let’s look at the starting lineup for the 2007 gold cup:

    Tim Howard;16-Jonathan Spector 22-Oguchi Onyewu, 3-Carlos Bocanegra 13-Jonathan Bornstein 8-Clint Dempsey (20-Taylor Twellman, 69′) 5-Benny Feilhaber, 4-Pablo Mastroeni (19-Ricardo Clark, 46), 7-DaMarcus Beasley; 11-Brian Ching, 10-Landon Donovan.

    Gooch is nothing compared to the 2007 version, but besides that when you look at that lineup and compare it to the one we have now, there’s no way you can convince me that we shouldn’t AT LEAST be as good as that team was!

  287. Ivan says:

    Next time I hear the argument “but our best athletes don’t play soccer” and “What if LeBron and LT were soccer players”, I will throw up…

    Guys, you are clueless…Xabi, Iniesta, Messi and Villa are “great athletes”: tall, physical,dominant…hahaha…soccer/football is not NFL: you don’t have to be 300lb , 6’5 to win.

    It’s all about skill, first touch, awareness of the game…this game is NOT about the brute force…until the US stops playing the kick-and-run style which they copied from England, they will NEVER be successful…

    Thank God Messi isn’t an American. He would have been destroyed by now playing every week against the superpowers of UNC Willmington and College of William& Mary(no disrespect to either school as they are fine academic institutions)…

    Most people still don’t get it here: see who’s winning the World Cups: France, Brazil, Italy, Spain: teams which combine sublime technical skill with world class tactical awareness…see Barcelona humiliate the kick and run style of Manure…

    Are you people that clueless???

    And, please please please fire Bob Bradley…please, pretty please!!!

  288. bottlcaps says:

    Panama: 68th in FIFA rankings. Of the 12 teams in the GC, Panama is ranked 7th, US 1st

  289. Bill says:

    No, just a gut reaction when I saw who the ref was having seen him many times before.

    My solution: get kids out of the HS/College system. MLS teams need to set-up reserve and academies from youth on up like they do everywhere else in the world. Did Messi play HS ball or go to college? Rooney? Xavi? Chicharito? or hundreds of other top flight Euro or S. American players? NO. We will never produce players of that claiber until we get out of the HS/College set up that rewards “athletes” and not skill.

  290. Thorpinski says:

    The end game is the 2014 WC..and quite frankly i don’t see alot of these guys playing a major role then. It would be nice to have; Mix, Gyau and even lletget with the squad.

    Hell as loaded as Germany is they have 5 or 6 players under 21 with their national team.

    Our pipeline of future players have alot to offer in terms of skill and desire.

  291. Thorpinski says:

    This is a soccer forum with an “American voice”. Panama was given plenty of props before the game. This is our forum to vent about a game we should have won and why we didn’t.

  292. Ed says:

    they were playing 2 up top, not too mention getting numbers forward in attack. Also this is the modern game where fullbacks actually get into the attack, but dolo was just sitting at the half way line all night right?

  293. Tyler says:

    Umm yea Gio isn’t all that. He’s a fantastic player who derailed his career by leaving Barcelona to early but given his trouble finding time on the pitch (prior to this season) I can’t rate him as a “we don’t have” type of player unless he continues playing the way he did this year into next season and the future

  294. Tyler says:

    If this doesnt show that we need another coach I don’t know what will. We have spent the past 2 years playing like this! Im sick of watching us start slow, and go down every game before showing some heart. Yea the individual performance sucked and that is on the players but at the same time when it comes to the frequency with which we see our players performing in this manner, it’s on the coach to change this and implement the correct strategy which prevent this from happening. This ship has long sailed but I would have loved to have seen what a Bielsa or a Jurgen K. could have done with this squad. I don’t have a problem with Bradley and he’s done a fantastic job working with our team when we didn’t always have the best talent, and I truly believe that given top talent Bob would do some great things but with the current incarnation of the USMNT I just don’t believe that he really has the potential to take the squad to the level we as fans and a nation so desperately want to be at. Right now we’ve got a B-minus team talentwise (C+ when we are playing like we did in the first half against Panama) and sometimes what will help a team that is our level play higher, is superior coaching. He doesn’t have to be European or South American (but let’s face it the best and brightest minds in the game are, so he probably will be from one of those places) If we don’t win or make the final of this tournament, I’m sorry but it truly might be time to consider a change. And given our history, we have no real reason to believe we won’t make the final but if we somehow get shocked again it’s an unavoidable discussion which must take place (even if we dont make the change at the end of the day)

  295. RB says:

    “He was the only player who would pick up the ball in the defensive or middle thirds and play passes forward.”

    Well I don’t know what game you watched, but there was another midfielder name Jermaine Jones in this same match who repeatedly did the same things (even receiving a high-profile bogus yellow card for it, in one instance). So it’s rather ironic to hear you say that and then complain about people with blinders on…

    But yes, you rarely see anything but 4 on the back line, that is quite true.

  296. RB says:

    It’s simpler than that: we beat Guadaloupe, Canada fails to beat Panama, we finish 2nd in the group and arethen knocked out in the quarters by Jamaica, a team that’s bigger and faster than Panama and has better finishing.

  297. RB says:

    Are you not aware that the best two 3rd-place finishers also advance to the quarters? Canada is currently the best of the three 3rd-place teams, with 2 points more than either Guatemala or El Salvador. It’s hardly the case that Canada has lost all hope of a place in the quarterfinals, even if they don’t finish 1st or 2nd in Group C.

  298. Clayton says:

    Yes, but Jones is much more likely to accrue another one than Altidore. And in any case, you can’t sub out everyone.

  299. RB says:


    I was assuming shark would have the answer to that last question for us, but haven’t seen him here today…

  300. RB says:

    “Ream = Drew moor”

    Haven’t checked the reports of last night’s MLS action yet?

  301. RB says:

    I’m starting to think this, too: pull a Germany and go with the young crowd.

    Yes, I realize we’re not Germany, so it’s not like we’re going to just duplicate in Brazil the (even to them) surprising success Germany had with that young crowd of theirs in South Africa. I’m not saying that, and it doesn’t appear that you are, either. But the way things are going — and especially if we’re not going to make a change in the coaching — what else is there to do? What is there to lose (more than we’re losing now)?

  302. Stickman says:

    Bob Bradley should go. Half the team he picked should go. It is time to start rebuilding, let’s see what some new blood will bring.

  303. bryan says:

    weeeeeak. so weak.

  304. bryan says:

    i agree about BB, the team just has hit a plateau. but the selection in the Gold Cup hasn’t been bad. Other than players like Rogers and Wondo, this will be the core group that goes to Brasil in 2014. The only thing I can think you mean is the backline, but who would you replace Boca and Dolo with?! There is no one ready…at all. And since Chandler didn’t come, don’t say Chandler.

  305. Get your Pitch and Forks out says:

    Look people there is a time and place for everything, now is not the time
    For the young guys to get experience. Bobo should not be messing around with experimental line ups and tactics this a time
    To be serious. I don’t see Mexico messing around, granted they are playing somewhat weak teams but they are destroying them. That’s what we need to be doing Canada should have been at least 4-0 same with panama. Landon is wrong saying that teams in concacaf are getting better and better. Really? Last time I remeber we beat Spain tied England had brazil shaking on their boots and now concacaf teams are strong seems to me he needs a little bit of medicine called “Man the F Up”

  306. ron says:

    Alejandro…and last night the vast majority of Hispanic fans at Ray Jay were wearing Dempsey and Donovan shirts – and I’m a gringo…a decent international coach would be able to adjust our style of play between the beautiful passing game or the physical direct style….Bunker Bob and that Midget Gulati have their heads in the sand

  307. Lil' Zeke says:

    Decent point, but we were EXTREMELY lucky to survive the group stage. Can’t count on the stars to align like that

  308. Lil' Zeke says:

    What, you didn’t like his game-winning juke and assist? Granted Wondo didn’t finish it

  309. Lil' Zeke says:

    Hmm, apparently your TV was following the ball. You need that new “chalkboard view” — I’m not sure you’ll understand, but at least you’ll see

  310. Lil' Zeke says:

    Don’t forget he was spared a yellow on that elbow to the kidney

  311. RB says:

    “now is not the time
    For the young guys to get experience”

    If the other guys (and their coach) seemed focused and prepared and intent on winning, I would naturally agree with this. I think everyone would, as it’s an important tournament.

    But since that “If” evidently is not the case, there is no longer any reason to say that now is not the time for the young guys not to get experience.

  312. macheath says:

    Tim Ream is not ready for international play and may never be. Another solid MLS player who can’t make it internationally. He was torched against Spain, and now this disaster.

    We need to see Zak Whitbread, who is moving up to the Premier with Norwich. Probably another Jay DeMerit type, but that would be vastly superior to what Ream has shown so far.

  313. truf says:

    we had no width, plain and simple. Also not sure why we were trying to push so hard in the first half. We know the game they play, just pass it around, nickle and dime, a goal will happen from a set piece with due time. Instead we make careless turnovers and allow them to do the only thing they can do, counter.

  314. truf says:

    Kljestan has been playing well lately… Certainly better than Edu and is much better going forward. WTFolowski has no business on the national team however.

  315. truf says:

    Jose Torres isnt a play maker, that is a complete myth created on message boards. The thought that “Mixx” is somehow a “playmaker” and Dempsey isnt is completely laughable.

  316. Timbo says:

    Bradley needs to go…. Only in the USA does advancing out of your World Cup group grant you another 4 years. National team coaching is a 2-4 year gig. Fire him now and bring in some non American blood who will not be influenced to take players from the same pool but look all around our country/Europe and find the best American players no matter what team we play for.

    Where does this national team want to go? Everyone said the Spain result was fine and look what we did to Canada for a more fair look at USA soccer. I say to that, who are we trying to compete with, Canada or the Spains of the world? If you are content on beating the Canada’s and then getting crushed by the Spains then Bradley is your guy. If you want to try and compete you need to find a new coach.

    Also, check out the MLS Castro Index. 3 CB are in the top ten and none are on the Gold Cup Roster or invited to the camp.

    Tim Ream is #42
    link to mlssoccer.com

  317. CaliNick23 says:

    We need a creative midfielder. I simply do not understand playing with two defensive midfielders at this level. The midfield is not linking with the Forwards.


  318. JMAC says:

    That last play does not make up for the numerous times he was out of position, gave up the ball in key spots, was completely winded the entire second half, was targeted with great balls yet he did nothing with them, and he was downright lazy. Check every player rating from the match and all of them have Jozy lower than Agudelo or even

  319. CaliNick23 says:

    Further, I have never been impressed with Ream nor Goodso they simply do not play with any fire like Demerit.

    I have been coaches bradley supporter, but he simply cannot the same things over and over and expect a diffrent result.

  320. Crazy D says:

    Its not as if we have the players. We don’t have a good striker unless you count Dempsey as one. Our midfield isn’t getting time either. Our defense is depending on a center back who plays in Scandanavia. Enough said.

  321. Slamtorch says:

    Yes Ream was unsteady, but how about Donavan’s performance on the field? Yes, half his free kicks and corners were ok, but his play on the field was absolutely horrible. With a performance like that he should bot be starting.

  322. OC says:

    is 30k really that bad for a soccer game?? It’s no Camp Nou number but I don’t think that’s a poor showing at all.

  323. Hood Rich says:

    By now, everyone has witnessed the tactical limitations of BB.

    Starting an unexperienced player over better alternatives such as Bocanegra and Spector. Spector would have been a better choice over Ream as he reads and distributes the ball better and has more experience (Man Utd/West Ham vs NYRB). Usually you pair the two central defenders with qualities complementing each other. Goodson and Boca in there at the same time would not give you the ability to distribute intelligently from the back either. But even if Boca was in there with Goodson, it would not been as bad as Ream over the two games we saw (Spain & Panama).

    In the midfield, Bedoya and Klestjan were brought in to provide creativity. This validates the way BB has been playing with two ball winners was ineffective, even against minnows such as Panama. In soccer today, decent teams learn how to cope with air balls/crosses.

    You can no longer get away with crossing the ball and hope the other teams make defensive mistakes for you to score.

    Against better teams, you have to unlock their defenses. This is why Bedoya and Klestjan were brought into the game. Adu would have provided the ability to unlock and unsettle their defense. But then the Adu haters would say he’s lazy and doesn’t play defense. Does Messi or any other attacking midfielder play defense? That’s what a ball winner/defensive midfielders are for.

    Anyways, conclusion is that BB’s tactics are inept and fans are not as ignorant as USSF thinks. We can do better with current players, and a new coach.

  324. OC says:

    He replied to the wrong person, bro

  325. John says:

    Dave, if we take 3rd place in our group we play Mexico in the quarters… and that would be it.

    Myself, I just keep thinking, if this tourney stinks enough it *may* be enough for Gulati to do what’s right.

    Hopefully though it would NOT mean a mercenary like Hiddink or Advocaat. This team needs a shake-up. Even the veterans are just way too comfortable (see LD’s performance last night).

  326. Evan says:

    Maurice Edu didn’t finish the season very well but he played really well in the Champions League, in Europa League, and against Celtic earlier on in the season.

  327. Rex says:

    It is not about lineups, its about attitude and stagnation. USA just needs a change. Bob Bradley isn’t a bad manager, we just need something new. We need someone on the sideline that these players aren’t used to. Spice things up. How many other nat teams around the world have coaches as long as we have had BB? Not many. I guess us Americans and Sunil Gulati with our rich soccer history are just smarter than the rest of the world. Right..

  328. Stephen says:

    I think it was about the yellow card, more than anything. But Bradley also got one…Jones did not play as well as he did against Canada, but he did break up some attacks and tracked back on D well when Goodson was pushed up for set pieces.

  329. Stephen says:

    I don’t know…it’s a volunteer position, and he is the “head” of USSF. I have been wondering that myself. I guess someone would have to run against him and win…

  330. Stephen says:

    You do know that Boca plays LB right? Like, he plays there for his club. He is a LB.

  331. RB says:

    Yes, and Wondolowski is #8 on that same ranking…

  332. D-Bo says:

    I have always been a supporter of Bob Bradley, but for the United States to progress as a squad, I think it is time for a big name coach. I will throw out the name everyone is probably tired of hearing, but Klinsmann seems like a good option. Let him redesign the youth ranks if it means the US will develop young talent better.

    I have also never been a Dempsey fan, but he was easily the best player for the United States during that match. Donovan turned in his typical disappearing act, and our wings didn’t seem to be able to get in a decent cross. I can accept the mistakes of Agudelo, Ream, and any of the younger players, but it’s time to bring in a top notch coach that can make this team more competitive at the international level.

  333. MicahK says:

    Oh my gosh Torres sucks cant you people see that. He has not done anything for the team. The formations we play also he is of no use.

  334. MicahK says:

    He does speak English have you heard a interview with him??? His English is good I understood ever word he said.

  335. Tractor says:

    OK, I have a question here. It may sound sarcastic, but it’s not. I’m just a soccer newbie trying to figure things out. It seems as though the match commentators (and the players in their pre-game interviews) kept warning about how this could be a tough game for the US because Panama is such a physical team.

    I thought that was our (perhaps only) strength, i.e. that we’re fast and strong and can run forever, but lack many players with the technical skills of countries with more of a soccer pedigree? If we lost to Spain because they’re such a technical team, and then lost to Panama because they’re such a physical team, are there any types of teams out there that we are SUPPOSED to beat?

  336. 'ole says:

    That’s a pretty good observation. The USA is known to be a physical team with conditioning beyond most other teams. I would agree that you see either a team play technical soccer or physical soccer (usually not both, maybe germany and italy). But i believe that if you had to choose which style to play it should be technical. If your already fit and big and normally play physical it’s hard to switch to technical play in the middle of a game. Not so hard the other way around. Basic observation of the game has to lead me to conclude that if you have the ball, move the ball, and dictate the pace of play you win more than you lose. Flattery is the best form of imitation and nobody imitates the American style of soccer.