USA surrenders two-goal lead, falls to Mexico in thrilling Gold Cup final

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PASADENA, Calif. - The U.S. men's national team started its Gold Cup final almost as good as anyone could have imagined, but a two-goal lead to start the game wasn't enough against its most bitter rival.

The United States lost its second consecutive Gold Cup final to Mexico, falling 4-2 in a thrilling match played in front of a sold out crowd of 93,420 at the Rose Bowl on Saturday night.

Goals from Michael Bradley and Landon Donovan put the Americans ahead 23 minutes into the game, but Mexico responded with four unanswered. Pablo Barrera netted twice and Andres Guardado and Giovani Dos Santos added one a piece as Mexico stayed undefeated in the tournament, won its sixth Gold Cup title and a place in the 2013 Confederations Cup.

“These games, more often than not, come down to special plays and sometimes players,” said Donovan, who started in his first game of the knockout rounds. "They just made more plays."

The Mexicans pushed the game from the opening whistle, looking dangerous with runs on the flank from Barrera and Guardado.

The U.S. team withstood the pressure, however, and opened the scoring in the eighth minute when surprise starter Freddy Adu whipped in a corner kick that Bradley was able to head home.

The United States' fortunes took a turn for the worse three minutes later as Steve Cherundolo sustained an injury to his left ankle. He was replaced by Jonathan Bornstein, who manned the left flank while Eric Lichaj switched to right back.

"Both teams had to deal with losing some players, key players," said U.S. head coach Bob Bradley. "But certainly Stevie is an important part of our back line and when you play Mexico because of the way they play, it's a real challenge to your back four.

"Mexico came out and put all the pressure right from the start. I think we were figuring out ways to deal with it. Losing Stevie hurts in that moment, and we then move Eric Lichaj to the right and Jonny Bornstein comes in. But not having that experience at that point is a tough one."

The Americans didn't appear to let the injury phase them at first, doubling their lead in th 23rd when Clint Dempsey sprung Donovan free on goal. Donovan, deployed as a forward to start the match, raced by goalkeeper Alfredo Talavera and finished with his left foot. It was Donovan's first goal since last summer's World Cup.

Then things changed for the worse for the Americans, as El Tri began attacking Bornstein.

That resulted in Mexico starting its comeback with a goal from Barrera near the half-hour mark. Following a throw-in, Barrera got behind Bornstein and received a pass from Javier 'Chicharito' Hernandez before finishing with a shot inside the near post.

The Mexicans found their equalizer in the 36th minute when Guardado found the back of the net. The play began when Dos Santos cut inside of Bornstein and played a ball across the penalty area. Lichaj got a touch on it but not enough, allowing Guardado to pounce on the loose ball and tap it in from close range.

"They did well to battle back,” said Tim Howard. “I thought we knocked the stuffing out of them at 2-0. We really hit them where it hurt, but take your hat off to them. They’re a good bunch of players.

It was more of the same in the second half as Mexico got a goal five minutes after the intermission. Guardado played a ball to Barrera, who took a couple of touches on the ball and then took a shot with the outside part of his right foot passed a helpless Howard.

“It’s beyond me how they rallied back from that,” said Howard. “We hit them, they counterpunched, and I think they staggered us with that counterpunch.

The U.S. team had chances to equalize, but Mexico added a fourth goal with 14 minutes left in regulation to seal the victory. Dos Santos received a through ball into the six yard box and he eluded an oncoming Howard, dribbling away from goal before floating a shot over a leaping Lichaj into the top corner of the goal.

"It's one of those things where we had a great start and unfortunately they got a couple goals and it put a lot of pressure on us," said Adu. "It's not easy playing against quick, fast guys. Like their whole front line are quick, fast guys and it's difficult for us to always have to deal with every single one of them. They've got a lot of weapons." 

Those weapons translated into a loss that the Americans will find tough to digest. That, and bragging rights and a Gold Cup title for Mexico.

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436 Responses to USA surrenders two-goal lead, falls to Mexico in thrilling Gold Cup final

  1. freddy says:

    is he rubbing the, uhh, “cleet”? soccer cleet? nice chice of pictures.

  2. HoboMike says:

    Bornstein. Nuff said.

  3. Jeff Awesome says:

    Fire Bob Bradley. This is a good time to make a coaching change and a majority of the fans want it. Bob Bradley was a fine coach, but things need to change if we’re going to be an elite national team. And give the new coach full control.

  4. HoboMike says:

    Damn. Imagine if Chandler was on the bench.

  5. bottlcaps says:

    The game was lost to the US when Cherundolo went out and….wait for it…Bornstein came in.

    No…No…No…Not Bornstein!!! has been a frequent rant on this board. You really can’t fault a player who is called to play beyond his abilities. The blame and the loss belong to the coach.

    Bye Bye Bornstein and Bye-Bye Bob.

  6. MicahK says:

    Bob Bradley needs to go. I know he will be kept but I am tired of seeing us fail when we do not need to. Bornstein warmed the bench the whole time and he did not need to be on the field. Bob needs to cap tie players like Daniel Williams and other young and upcoming players. The Cherundlo injury hurt us and in my opinion not having Jozy hurt us to. Even though people say he is no good, but I think he is good. Congratz to Mexico, but this is not over USA will get revenge

  7. Down and out in Beverly Hills says:

    It seemed the US didn’t care. This was one of the most lackluster performances I have ever seen. The US played with no sense of urgency in the second half and passed carelessly. They deserved to lose.

  8. brad says:

    Tough game in Mexico City…i mean Southern California..what are you going to do!!

    Props to Dos Santos

  9. chente baltazar says:

    putting in bornstein is a joke. awful decision. spector only plays in the epl. or he coulda put boca wide and brought in gooch. bornstein is always terrible and bradley refuses to give up on him. he always makes terrible coaching decisions at the worst time. fire bradley.

  10. radi0ead says:

    my depression is setting in real quick…

  11. Byron says:

    Let’s not start bantering. Mexico deserved to win. And let’s admit it, we are no longer the giants of Concacaf, a title we held all of last decade.

    Good job, Mexico.

  12. montana matt says:

    bob, it’s been fun, but it’s time for new blood at the helm.

  13. radi0ead says:

    as terrible as it is to say, putting in bornstein was the only choice. spector wouldve been burned, he has no speed. bornstein atleast has speed, but his positional sense is just so bad…he was never in the right place…and the few times he was, he just didnt press them…ughhh…

  14. TC says:

    The game was lost when Cherundolo, our best player, went to the sidelines.

  15. FulhamPete says:

    USA goes up 2-0. Great Bradley decision to bring on Adu to start. However, Dolo’s injury was a game changer, and the play of the game was BB’s decision to put Bornstein on the field. I’m not going to call for his dismissal, but his crotch bulge for Bornstink MUST be deflated by now, because he almost singlehandedly lost the match. Once Bornstink comes in, USA gives up 4 straight goals.

    I actually think USA played well over all, but when the ship hit the iceberg, it was destined to go down.

  16. REAL Coach says:

    Bradley deserves to be criticized but the players need to bring it for 90 minutes! This isn’t a 20 minute or 45 minute or 75 minute game. Bottom line is our key players failed to bring it for 90 minutes. We have enough quality to hang with any team. We just need our stars to play like stars for the entire game.

  17. Joamiq says:

    Me too. We need a support group. Ugh.

  18. Tyler says:

    The injury to Cherundolo was so damning for us. Gratz to El Tri but they wouldn’t have won had Dolo been out there because that means Bornstein doesnt see the light of day. The only other thing I disappointed about is the poor selection by Bradley on the defensive end. We had no one we could be comfortable bringing in off the bench and it showed. Before the tournament I was hoping that someone like Zak Whitneead would have gotten a look but we went with the guys we knew and kind of got burned (literally and figuratively).. We’re headed in the right direction though guys no worries.. Timmy Chandler not being here hurt too but overall truly feel we are on the right track. Will some changes be made? Probably, but who can really say for sure at this point.

  19. danny says:

    tonight mexico proved that they are, in fact, above and beyond the rest of the concacaf including the USA.

    Nothing more to do now than lick our wounds, and FIX THIS!

    If Mexico can play at such a high level (which is now frightening from the point of view of a US fan, as myself) WHY CANT WE!!!

    we need to compleatly change the identity of US soccer. playing style, mentality, and unfortunatly, the head man must change.

    this revolution is not in reaction to today’s loss, but rather in response to the much needed “catch-up” now need to our neighbors.

    savor this win mexico. you have the bragging rights. let us Gringos have it.

  20. Pangloss says:

    1. Mexico were great. They totally deserved to win. Dos Santos’ finish was class. Hats off.

    2. Starting Adu was inspired. Bringing on Bornstein was fatal.

    3. Bradley deserves heat. Like Ives said, can’t blame Bornstein for answering the call. The buck stops with the coach — who selected him and left him in as he got repeatedly torched.

    4. Adu was special. Confirms again — he deserves to be a part of the picture.

    5. We need a world class coach so that our mediocre talent *overachieves*. And so that we advance tactically. (Bradley is fine. He’s just a mid-level, nothing special manager. And shouldn’t we look for more?)

    6. Doesn’t need to be Klinsmann!

    7. Get the revenue for the salary from a few friendlies against the Spain’s and Argentina’s of the world.

  21. Martha says:

    Bornstein Bradley for picking Bornstein Bradley for picking Wondolowski over Burnburry Bradley for playing LD as a striker instead of Dempsey Bradley for letting Chandler switch back to Germany. Bradley needs to go. Sunil will put a scrub interim avoid a big decision and name the interim the permanent coach.

  22. Hank says:

    Bornstein as an excuse is stupid. Cherundalo, Spector, or Chandler would have been burned by the Mexico athleticism…Lichaj was subpar also

  23. Daniel says:

    Most here forget that Mexico’s backline was weakened and the US wasn’t able to do anything. I don’t think its only one player’s fault.

  24. Diddy7126 says:

    Ugh we are in feel trouble for 2014 if the pattern continues which it looks like it’s going to. It’s gonna be a repeat of 2006.

  25. Tyler says:

    Whitnbread* damn my autocorrect

  26. PTM9 says:

    Bornstein made Dos Santos look like Leo Messi. I would have rather played with 10 men than put him on. He washed out at Barca, Tottenham, Ipswich and Gala. Gio is not a special player, compared to the US team Dos Santos is only better than Wando at F.They had Ream and Gooch on the bench…I had always given Bradley the benefit of the doubt, but that’s that. He’s got to go.

  27. Austin says:

    Dolo is too slow now…Would be surprised if he is on next World Cup team. You have to play the youngsters..

  28. Ray says:

    Relax…better team won

  29. Ray says:

    BS…Best team won

  30. Open Heart says:

    Its not about leagues eurosnobs…teams, players, and the right fit

  31. Ken says:

    As a USMNT fan, I’m sadden with the lost. However, this is a chance to regroup and start anew. You can only truly appreciate success when you’ve failed so many times before.

  32. lprevolution says:

    Bornstein Bornstein Bornstein. Definitely Bornstein. Agudelo? Who? Oh the guy who had Eddie Johnsonitis? Could not hold onto the ball, jogged to cover the goalie, jogged positionally, jogged jogged jogged.

    Let’s not forget that Dempsey hit the crossbar. And how about the balls of Adu, not the ones passed, but the balls to steal the free kick from Landy?

  33. Tyler says:

    Chandler still plays for the US, it’s been confirmed multiple times…..

  34. Pete says:

    Gio has always been good…Would have destroyed any USA Fullback. What u smokin?

  35. Bill W. says:

    The Cherendolo injury was the killer, however Mexico showed mettle that they previously didn’t have. In years past, if they were down 2-0 to us, they’d quit and start hacking the crap out of us. Cicharito and Dos santos are world class players. Mexico was the best team in the tourney and they deserved the win. Chandler should ahve been on the roster, not Bornstein.

    I’m happy however to see Adu play well and to get back into the picture. He was responsible for both US goals and he set up a few other chances. Hopefully, he’ll play full-time somewhere!

  36. fischy says:

    That’s the thin. With a healthy Holden and Chandler there, I think the USA’s best 14 can be competitive with Mexico. To be sure, Mexico’s first team is more talented, but the real gap is the depth of the programs. The USA has no depth. We’re 14 players deep…and 2 of those guys are really Germans.

  37. fischy says:

    Oops. “That’s the thing.”

  38. PTM9 says:

    Wrong. The game was lost when Bradley decided to put Bornstein in.

  39. NSP says:

    – Does everyone now remember why the USSF has not scheduled a friendly against Mexico in SoCal since the mid-1990s? But CONCAFAF sure cashed in.

    – This generation of Mexican players will pose a challenge to the US for a long time. DosSantos is impressive.

    – It shows how 1 player can change the tempo of a game. Cherundolo for Bornstein. Is it possible to give a player a negative rating? Bornstein really is that bad.

    – I thought Adu played well against a very strong and talented Mexican team. It looks like he’s learned how to be a two-way player.

    – I sense Bedoya has a good future on the US team, and will get better with experience. He was thrust into a very difficult situation with Feilhaber going down, and made a good impression.

    – With Adu and Bedoya joining the recovering Holden in a crowded US midfield pool, and with our obvious weakness at striker, that we’ll see Donovan & Dempsey up top more often.

  40. Tyler says:

    It was a ballsy move and he almost scored it too

  41. inkedAG says:

    Could’ve been better & should’ve been better. Mexico was just too damn good. They showed the US how it’s done.

    For all the people wanting Bob Bradley gone, you’re missing the point. Unless USSF is blown the hell up, it’s going to be business as usual. USSF is the issue. First, the whole thing needs to be gutted. Then, soccer smart people need to be hired who will get this entire country on the same page; from the U8’s or whatever to the senior team. Get USSF up to snuff and them maybe this country can do something. But if Sunil Gulati is still in charge and idiots like him, we are going to be neck deep in mediocrity.

  42. Bob B says:

    no, the better team was the killer. Show some class.

  43. Angry says:

    The game was lost a couple years ago when it became clear that Mexico was developing better players than us. Where is our Dos Santos? Where is our Hernandez? That’s right. We don’t have ’em. Not yet.

    Our defense is a total disaster right now. Bornstein was a mess, but let’s not forget it was his first appearance all tourney, and Bob probably made a bad decision to bring him on.

    Tough loss, but it will make the region and the U.S. better in the long run… Might take a while though as the talent gap of the incoming U.S. class looks weak. Adu was a pleasant surprise though.

    It burns me up that there were 90,000 mexicans at a final game in the United States of America. Pathetic.

  44. jmac says:

    A lot of the blame goes on Howard in my opinion. When Cherundolo went off and we had no one to turn to, Howard needed to play strong. Instead, he let is 4 fairly soft goals. Hahneman/Guzan only let’s in maybe two of them. Just sayin.

  45. fischy says:

    Except…you can’t blame the coach for playing a guy when there’s no better options. The USA doesn’t really have other left back options. Maybe Chandler, but his team didn’t want him to play and he went along.

    It’s not Bradley’s fault that there are maybe a decent dozen field players in the US system, right now.

  46. RNG says:

    + 2.
    I said exactly that at the 10 minute mark–and then said it another ten times over the next hour plus….

  47. Arlington-MA says:

    Some fans are already saying, “if Dolo didn’t get injured” or “if Chandler was on the bench”. This response ignores the lack of necessary creativity coming from the attack – e.g. midfield and strikers. The USA came to rely too heavily on its outside fullbacks to create attack situations, which masked the obvious shortcomings in other positions. Having attack-minded fullbacks are great, but a team cannot rely on them for generating most of the creativity. This is foolhardy. The U.S. needs to find and develop depth in its midfield and strikers including locating players that bring creativity. Resurrecting Adu was shocking, but a pleasant surprise. Now, who else can the U.S. resurrect or find to combine with Adu, Dempsey, Donovan, Bradley & company.

  48. brad says:

    Hurting right now..

  49. AR says:


    There always has to be a scapegoat for some…

  50. Jack says:

    Chandler would have been smoked too…Get real folks

  51. CrispyST3 says:

    dos santos is only better than wondo? WOW! How you can make that comment after his goal today is beyond me

  52. John D says:

    Obviously the whole game wasn’t his fault, but he was horrendous and the left side was where all their goals originated from.

  53. RB says:

    I cannot find this so depressing. We did make it to the final. We didn’t go down early. We learned that Adu may well be back. We answered some key questions about positions and players, like with Jones in the midfield and Lichaj at LB. We discovered BB had some good and gutsy calls in him. We got beat by a powerful team on the rise that many commentators say hasn’t been this good in a decade or longer. And we didn’t have either Holden or Chandler (assuming he does become a cap-tied US player, as Jones now has).

    Don’t get me wrong: I don’t like not winning, or missing the chance for the Confederations Cup, and I don’t think it’s all good. But it could be a lot worse, and improvement and solidification is happening after quite a while.

  54. Hank says:

    SJ missed Wondo today…fine player that is going to get better

  55. brad says:

    Oh yeah.. Jones is verrry

  56. John D says:

    Chandler is not an American and I hope he never plays for us. He chose not to play when we needed him so I question his allegiance. I want Americans who want to wear the Red, White and Blue over any other colors.

  57. brad says:

    totally disagree

  58. Bull says:

    Relax, nobody in the world has them…Good effort by USA

  59. Bill W. says:

    Bob B, I did give Mexico full credit for the win and I did say they were the better team. I won’t ask you to show some class, but I will ask you to inprove your comprehension skills.

  60. Feminem says:

    You are lost for making that comment

  61. Jose says:

    The title should have been: “USA surrenders two-goal lead, falls to Mexico in thrilling Gold Cup final, Bradley ousted as coach!”

  62. Bill W. says:

    I said they were the better team, Bob. Enough class for you?

  63. Pangloss says:

    Jose Francisco Torres.

  64. JJ says:

    Because one of their best players plays there…Howard has been shaky all tourney

  65. AcidBurn says:

    Good teams don’t lose 2-0 leads in major tournament finals. (Sad to say it, but Bruce Arena would have locked that down after the US was up 2-0). Instead BB brings in a player who hasn’t played the whole tournament, and surprise? his side is responsible for the goals to give Mexico hope. In addition, some blame should be placed on Howard. He had an atrocious game tonight, out of position big time.

    Look for Mexico to be unbeaten until mid-2013 at least (a lot of 2-0 wins against New Zealand in front of 80,000 in US stadiums), and rocket up the FIFA rankings…and they will be seeded for 2014. We’ll struggle to qualify and get placed into a tough group. Big ramifications from this loss.

  66. Jack says:

    Imagine if Howard played like Howard…

  67. Jeff Awesome says:

    Chandler is the real deal. Bob should have demanded he be on the roster. Would Klinsmann have accepted a no from FC Nuremberg?

  68. mrk_76 says:

    +1 Bob has proven he can’t win with or without a lead.

  69. CA says:

    This Mexican side is for real. They are by far and away the best team in concacaf, and the US is a distant second.

    Our youth system-a system that is dominated by American coaches and pay-to-play-will NEVER produce the kind of dynamism and technical ability Mexico demonstrated today.

    It’s a sad and infuriating reality. Our current youth structure can only produce the mediocrity we saw today and last summer.

  70. Sac Town says:

    Chandler who???? Get real

  71. Bill W. says:

    Why should Bradley go? He’s had for more impressive wins and far more success agaisnt world class teams than any other USMNT Coach.

  72. Scott says:

    I agree that the game completely changed once dolo was taken and off and Bornstein was subbed in. Most of the attacks came down Bornstein’s flank. Another thing I noticed was that MB90 was holding on to the ball way too long and getting stripped too often. I’m not gonna say I want a new coach, but I wouldnt be sad to see Bob leave although I have to give him credit for starting Freddy . . . he looked good until he got tired. We need to revamp our backline, too old, too slow. Hoping we can develop some of our younger players.

  73. Wm. says:

    Most concerned about getting through qualifying. Panama and Honduras look good; added to Mexico and Costa Rica we may be in a dogfight for a spot.

    I think now is the time to thank Bob for his service and bring in a new coach. Also, MLS is thriving, no? So where are the new Beasley’s, Donovan’s and Dempsy’s?

    The backline needs serious experience. Lichaj has potential—-less sure about Goodson. In the end we’ll have to go with what we’ve got.

  74. Bryce says:

    I came into this game thinking we wouldn’t compete with Mexico. Now, I’m actually excited about our World Cup 2014 chances. The complaint in the ’06 and ’10 WC’s, and through the first 4 games of this year’s Gold Cup was that we couldn’t score. With Altidore up top and Dempsey, Donovan, and Adu in the middle, I don’t think we’ll have that problem. Heck, if Davies is able to regain his form and speed, something he has 3 years to do, I love our chances.

    Sure, it sucks that we lost after jumping out to a two goal lead. But lets not lose sight of where we prior to the game.

  75. Reg says:

    when most get shipped to Eurp with no playing time…its no wonder

  76. mrk_76 says:

    He hasn’t advanced our program, maybe only regressed it. Enough said.

  77. Dale says:

    Mexico lost Rafa Marquez and Salcido….No excuses, and I’m american

  78. JL says:

    Both outside backs hurt the team, but Howard has to stop 3 of those shots. He is world class right? Well world class shot stoppers don’t get beat near post. The defense as a whole is pretty sick to watch, Chandler would have helped, as would have Cherundolo. Lichaj is simply not ready. Boca has two clears to the middle top of the box, both lead to goals. Unacceptable from a captain. That’s Agoos crap.
    On the plus side, Adu looks like he has a role on this team, not starter, but nice offensive sub. And free kick taker, he manages to actually get it over the first guy.
    Dempsey was a no show this game too btw.

  79. Jeff says:

    We lost to a better team with more talent. We played well, but we are too thin at many positions. Holden and Chandler would have helped, but we still would not have been able to contain the Mexico offense. They are an explosive bunch.

  80. baller says:

    You are delusional if you think that Bornstien was the best option we had to enter that game considering the entire USMNT player pool.

  81. Jonathan S. says:

    Dude, I couldn’t read a word you wrote after “depressing”. I am absolutely devastated. Yes, I have a real life that I will go back to but I love the US team. I live and die by their wins and losses. I may be being overly dramatic but right now I can’t stand the fact that:

    1. we lost a 2 goal lead AGAIN!
    2. we won’t play in the confed cup
    3. Bob B is our coach
    4. We lost respect and won’t be able to redeem ourselves for a very long time.

    among other things.

  82. Wm. says:

    Mexico will never be seeded. Never happen. Zero point zero. I will give you a hundred bucks if it ever happens.

  83. Tyler says:

    Going forward I agree that it will the important to tie some of our young dual nationals down. The Olympics will be pivotal for us for that very reason. What a great way to get the young boys out there and comfortable on the pitch together. They’re the future of the squad after all. I have big expectations from them and the senior team regardless of todays loss.

  84. Paul says:

    Wow, how do you know that? Which counterfactual world are you looking at? Yeah, Mexico looked like they could’ve smoked the World’s best back 4, but the ‘Dolo-Bornstein swap, plus lacking Chandler, did have an impact on the game. Enough for the US to win? Maybe, maybe not–but the real gap between the teams is not as large as today’s match seemed show.

  85. mrk_76 says:

    Nice fairytale land you live in. We’ve got issues. We need changes… defense, goal scorers, a new coach and clean sweep of the USSF administration would be welcomed.

  86. pappo says:

    With Bradley we are not anywhere. Enough said.

  87. ggg says:

    I’m so sick of people from other countries coming to the US and rooting against it. I saw the Brazil and Argentina games at the Meadowlands and now this 90K+ Mexican showing at the rose bowl. It’s absolutely pathetic. We are playing away games in our own soil. Could you imagine going to Mexico City and rooting against Mexico? You’d be killed. Here people have the audacity to live in and prosper in America and then chant with glee at its downfall. It’s absolutely infuriating. I know I sound like a right wing nut, but I’m sick of it. It’s outrageous.

  88. joejoe says:

    He will be. On the German one.

  89. baller says:

    …and who will be our back 4 in 2014?????

    It won’t matter if we can score when our defense is swiss cheese…

  90. FIRE-BOB-NOW! says:

    sunil gulati is president of the New England Revolution … and they suck, the worst run franchise in MLS (no offense to the Hunt run FCD and Crew who are also rubbish).

    sunil gulati is the president of the USSF and the USSF pretty much sucks, has terrible development, has hired a journeyman mediocre talent-less hack as coach … TWICE … and can’t develop top notch talent despite having the largest youth player pool in the world.

    coincidence? i think not. the stench of failure follows sunil wherever he goes … perhaps we should start with his head before moving on to bob’s?

  91. Paul says:

    No better options? Uh, how about putting in Spector? Spector, especially after seeing the game, would have probably been better than Bornstein. Think about how the game was being played up until that moment: Mexico was aggressive, on the attack. We did not need Bornstein, whose strengths include attacking and weakness, as we all know, are in one on one defending; Spector, while not a perfect replacement, would have probably cut down on some of the mistakes. Further, he would have allowed for greater tactical flexibility once the US got down.

  92. NF says:

    American soccer fans are so content with mediocrity. I’ll never understand.

    We lose Altidore and have no striker capable of starting in his place. We resort to Bornstein, who is by far the worst player to ever have more than 30 caps for the USMNT. Adu has one good pass on Wednesday, so we start him (out of position I might add). No, don’t blame Bradley. He’s a tactical genius.

  93. AcidBurn says:

    You have a short memory. Study your history books. Mexico was seeded in 2006 in Germany and got such a tough group with Angola and Iran.

  94. Jonathan S. says:

    sorry, is that last line sarcasm?

  95. gabe says:

    There have been many assertions about how the best team one, and I agree with them. However, anytime a team goes up 2-0 in a match of this magnitude, conceding 4 straight goals is simply unacceptable.

    The strategy of the game (if you can identify one) should have been to take advantage of Mexico’s swarm tactics, which involve over-pursuit of players once the ball comes to them. The idea for Mexico is, quite rightly, that many CONCACAF attacking players lack the composure and touch on the ball required to quickly distribute and catch the over-pursuing Mexicans in the gaps that are created as a result.

    Unfortunately, and this has to fall on the manager’s shoulders, the CM tandem of Bradley and Jones failed to spread the ball wide quickly, too often getting caught in possession or holding the ball too long, resulting in being closed down by the scrappy Mexican defense. This team was poorly prepared.

    It is not as if there were no American players on the pitch capable of this. Michael Bradley has done this at BG, Jones at Schalke and Blackburn. Even when Donovan and Dempsey dropped to receive the ball, the movement was very sluggish, as it has been this entire Gold Cup tournament. The conclusion must be that this was not a part of the plan, and that the manager did not adequately stress the importance of quick passing and switching the point of attack to exploit an unbalanced Mexican defense.

    Also, the organization at the back falls to the manager as well. No matter who we have started this tournament, the US has conceded cheap chances and has lacked concise organization needed at the international level. As manager, it is important to prepare your players and help refine their focus into a strategic, executable plan with defined roles, objectives, and a clarity in the understanding thereof. There has been little of that, even spanning back to the WC2010 in the back four, regardless of personel, and the manager has to bear responsibility. And as much as the absence of Cherundolo hurt in the match against Mexico, the loss to Panama, the limping by against Guadeloupe, and the lack of focus found within those matches in the defense (clear chances were conceded, but not taken advantage of in both the Jamaica and Guadeloupe matches) shows only that the presence of good players masks the greater issues stated above, which again fall under management to sort through.

    I have not hated BB. He has proven able to adjust his tactics when necessary, take chances on players, and (at times) inspire great effort from his players ala confederations cup 2009, world cup, etc. However, it is no longer acceptable for a team with this type of caliber to be struggling with teams like Guadeloupe and Panama. Additionally, blowing a 2 goal lead to an international rival is unacceptable. It is obvious that the growth of this team has hit a plateau, and I think for the team to move on, a change is necessary. With Holden coming back from injury, young F prospects in the pool, and an established base of veteran players playing at high levels in their club careers, the United States must invest in a manager with a style that he can/will imprint on the US international game. There must be an “American Style of Play” that teams come to expect from us. Up to this point, that style has been “effort,” “athleticism” and “heart.” These are admirable attributes for teams to display, but they are not football styles. This group of players have those attributes on their own, and BB does not bring (in my opinion) the elements outside of those elements that are needed for US Soccer to grow beyond occasional second-fiddle/power in CONCACAF and group stage shocker in the WC or other Intl. Competitions.

    Any thoughts on this? I don’t agree with the mindless anti-BB stuff, but I agree that now is the time.

  96. Never cut a leftie! says:

    How many US players played in the Champions League this year? Our players are just not as good as theirs, simple. Chicharito is the best player in the Confederation and there are several other very good players in their team. Our team played well and scored two good goals. In the end, we just didn’t have a 5th really good defender to come in off the bench. Bornstein was bad today but Ream was rotten and cost us a game earlier, Gooch is gone, Lichaj is learning, etc. Let’s not overreact… Also, Bradley haters must admit that was a decent goal. Reminded me of Keane vs Juventus back in 99.

  97. PTM9 says:

    Stevie C. would have had him in his hip pocket. Gio’s got talent, no question, but he hasn’t proved it anywhere. His club career looks like Adu’s.

  98. gabe says:

    best team won*
    (first sentence correction)

  99. RB says:

    Ha — hard for me to remember the last time we had a 2-goal lead with enough time left in the game to talk about potentially losing it.

    And personally I don’t see the lost respect. Mexico is a very good team that’s been surging recently while the US is still trying to just coalesce.

  100. OfcRob218 says:

    I believe Bradley stuck with the veterans to make sure we qualified for the Confederations Cup. No that isn’t the case, I hope he makes a serious effort to find some young talent. WC Quification will be interesting and definitely curious to see what the January training camp looks like. Personally I would also like to see Bradley be replaced. I respect what he has done for the team, but I truly believe we need a fresh perspective going forward. Which is what they should have done after the World Cup.

  101. Dale says:

    Mexico lost Rafa Marquez and Salcido and brought up Hector reynoso (first cap for Mexico) and torres nilo(12 caps for Mexico) both less experienced in international play than Bornstein….No excuses people, and I’m american…

  102. R says:

    How’s Bobby Convey doing this year? I don’t care if he prefers playing midfield; he would be a better left back option than Bornstein or Lichaj.

  103. AcidBurn says:

    So where’s that $100?

  104. Wm. says:

    Perhaps I should have used [sarcasm] [/sarcasm] tags because I was making reference directly to that fact.

  105. Sitka says:

    I agree Bradley must go; he should never have been re-hired. The US had chances in the second half, but, couldn’t convert. I was disappointed first with the coaching. Second, with Howard.. The team needed him to make at least ONE big save and he didn’t. Mexico consistently looked faster because they let the BALL do the work! They switch the field quickly, much more one touch! This points out Bradley again for his coaching (and starting his son.. would he start if not for his dad?). There has to be change soon, or , the risk is to set US soccer back again.

  106. Ricky B. Free says:

    A mexican media member just said that Bob Bradley is in the hot seat but not with Gulati but with the players. As they were boarding the bus some players said some words to Bradley and they were not nice things.

  107. diddy7126 says:

    First of all jmac you blame Howard ? Seriously he has been one of our best players and there is only so much he can do with a defense falling apart in front of him. Bocanegra is the captain he needs to be the one to step up and rally the defenders. BB wastes so many roster spots with his picks. Where was gooch he is perfectly healthy! And why was kljestan brought in so late? And takenout adu? Really? We needed more attacker out there ! Sub out your son he kept giving the ball away but nope ge won’t . And why wasn’t Hercules called up for this tourney? Or buddle? We really need to fix up our defense start to add in Chandler and whitbread and get gooch back! We are missing Davies hope he gets better and we need to keep
    Calling up adu he is like dos Santos not much PT for club but plays well for national team. Adu has done well exertions he has been called up. We need a coaching change as well before world cup qualifying. It’s gonna be a repeat of 2006 and 1998 heck will we even qualify? Honduras and costa rica are getting stronger and Mexico have the so called golden generation now the score probably would have been much higher for Mexico if vela were playing. We got alot of work to do for 2014!

  108. NF says:

    Yes, sorry, the last line was just echoing many of the sentiments written after the last Panama match.

  109. JW says:

    We did get two goals, expecting more is madness.

  110. Ricky B. Free says:

    By the way Lichaj was doing a nice job on the left side. Mexico had 1 good scoring chane coming from the left side while Lichajd was there. Dos Santos and barrera couldnt go past him.

  111. Bryce says:

    Even when we went up 2-0, it was clear we were outmatched. IMO, our best case scenario was getting through to extra time.

    Also, with Gooch injured, our defensive options for replacing Cherundolo were Bornstein, Spector, and Ream. Ream primarily plays central defense, and hadn’t played since the first Gold Cup game. Neither Bornstein nor Spector had played the whole Gold Cup. I’m not sure why the call for Bornstein is so damning for Bob Bradley.

    Perspective. Get some.

  112. diddy7126 says:

    And why do people keep saying gooch is gone !?!?!? he is perfectly healthy got good minutes for fc twente and yeah he didnt play well avaunt Spain but that’s Spain !!! Can’t compare Spain to concacaf Spain is on a higher level!! And gooch played withthe back ups it’s about team chemistry too and gooch does well with the main players.

  113. DrewROC says:

    Jeff Agoos begs to differ…

  114. tricksyclown17 says:

    hindsight’s 20/20. not saying I wanted bornstein in, as I feel like punching the dude in the nose at the moment, but your reasoning suggests the team and bradley expected to go down. You have to assume you won’t give up a two goal lead.

    The point is, Bob put this team in a position to win. The line up he chose came out with a 2-0 lead in the first 25 minutes. It’s up to the players to do their jobs when their out there. Also, the game exposed our lack of depth across the board. There have been a bunch of times when it seemed right to blame bradley, but not this game.

  115. DrewROC says:

    No matter if Bradley is good or bad tactically (which I think he’s in over his head a lot of time) he’s lost the reigns. This team played uninspired ball at the worst times and barely squeaked into this final. Unless you win the WC, 1 four year cycle is as long as any 1 coach should last.

  116. joejoe says:

    Don’t blame Mexicans, Argentinians, Brazilians, Spaniards, or anyone else. American supporters could have bought all the tickets but they didn’t. Most Americans don’t care for the sport. By the way Jerry Jones (American) and the rest of the stadiums that hosted games made money. $$$$… Very American… Leave the prejudice nonsense behind.

  117. Tyler says:

    Freddy was cramping that’s the only reason he went out

  118. AcidBurn says:

    Perspective? Mexico lost 2 starters in the back line (Salcido and Marquez) and didn’t skip a beat. The call for Bornstein is damning because he’s BB’s boy…Bradley brought him in (even though he had been burned multiple times for USMNT and was riding the bench) vs calling in someone who was at least in form. Mexico did, and kept moving forward. Spector, Convey, or even move Boca to LB and bring in Ream for central defense, don’t bring in someone to play 80 minutes who repeatedly has shown that he can’t hack it.

  119. Mark B says:

    Why is this Bob Bradley’s fault? Many will say he was a tactical genius for starting Freddy Adu!

  120. Wm. says:

    The issues we have in the back will become issues in most positions because some of our key players are nearing the end of their prime in 2014:

    Deuce 31
    Donovan 32
    Howard 35
    Cherundolo 35
    Boca 35

    My biggest worry is we hang onto players in the World Cup in ’14 (à la Reyna in 2006) just because we have nobody to replace them with.

  121. danny says:

    i wouldnt go as far as saying our WC chances are now threatened by HON or PAN… that is overkill!

    the concacaf now looks something like this


    Tier 1- Mex

    Tier 2- US

    Tier 3- HON/PAN/GUA

    Tier 4- everyone else

    Correct me if im wrong.

  122. Tyler says:

    I don’t know if Gooch was 100% fit, he picked up some knocks over the course of the year and he looked a bit off the pace in my opinion. He needs rest as do many of our europe-based players

  123. tricksyclown17 says:


  124. CA says:

    Reasonable people can disagree over Klinsmann’s coaching abilities, but can anyone honestly disagree with his criticism of our pay-to-play youth structure??

    I’f we’re not gonna make him the head coach, then we at least have to get him into the USSF in some capacity.

  125. Chris says:

    I really hope that the USSF takes a hard look at the direction of the team (and specifically the coach) and lays out a roadmap for 2014. Unless Freddie (one of the bright spots of the tourney), Agudelo, Disko and Stu and a capable back line start jelling, real 2nd tier teams like Mexico, Ghana, everyone from S. America will continue to abuse us. At this point, I’m not sure that we have the talent pool (or national team system) to really improve the program. It’s not any one player, it is just were we are as a soccer country. We can get better but the system needs to change.

  126. Dos Santos' Hairstylist says:

    Agree. Lots of positives to take from this game. Had we won, would we find ourselves in two to three years of complacency? Adu…wow, who knew. In spite of wave after wave of mad rushes from crazy Mexicans, with a full first squad strength team, we bent but didn’t break. We are a good team, but Mexico is deeper. Very entertaining game, with lots to look forward to…we will grow from this and get better.

    Signed, Optimism

  127. danny says:

    you have a great point. with said squad we can eat honduras’ lunch all day!

    but it cannot beat mex… and that will always be the goal from now on!

  128. Bryce says:

    Get Altidore and Gooch healthy, and “resurrect” Davies and Beasley.

  129. joejoe says:

    The thing is that we know BB’s playbook. It’s the same all the time. Bob Bradley is not going to change much. We need new ideas. That’s why he has to go.

  130. zednem says:

    What @AcidBurn said… I’ll take a hundred bucks too

  131. Howard? You can't be serious says:

    Howard? You can’t be serious.

  132. Dos Santos' Hairstylist says:






  133. Tyler says:

    The one thing that I hope is not lost in all this is that in spite of the fact that this is the vest batch of players mexico has produced in a decade, we have players who are just as young with just as much potential they just need to keep maturing and theyll get their opportunities in due time. If we make a few tweaks in our staff we are going to be fine and most of you will have spazzed for nothing

  134. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    I just came from the game. Add to this the fact that the Mexican fans were cursing at the American fans and throwing beer on them, and voila you have a miserable experience for American fans.

  135. Phil says:

    put down the crack pipe sparky. his non-call was not as simple as his saying “I don’t feel like it”

  136. Benny says:

    If Dolo does not get hurt, the U.S. wins. End of story. USA 2 Bornstein 3, Mexico 1

  137. Ernesto says:

    I’m Mexican and I have to tell you that the US HAS played at a very high level and achieved incredible things in a very short time. it just happens that a lot of Mexican players are peaking now, like De Nigris and there are more on the way Marco Fabian, “Cubo” Torres, Enriquez, etc. And “Chicharito” happened! Also I think de la Torre is an no crap, and I mean NO CRAP coach!
    But it will be alright. C’mon you guys owe a big hand to Donovan, Howard, Bocanegra and all those players who have given Americans so many incredible moments.

  138. Dos Santos' Hairstylist says:

    So Adu…you had that picked cause BB is soooo predictable??

  139. Wm. says:

    Danny–I’m saying teams that were non-starters two or three cycles ago are creeping up. Panama could squeak in. Honduras. Costa Rica makes it from time to time. The level of play in CONCACAF seems to be rising even as we have improved..

    I think we can be sure of nothing as US fans this time around..

  140. CA says:

    Are you serious?? Who is the American equivalent to Gio Dos Santos or Chicharito?

  141. head shaker says:

    And what is Klinsmann doing for TFC with his technical advisorship right now? What did he do for Bayern Munich as manager? What, you don’t know? Not surprised.

  142. Pangloss says:


    Convey and Bradley have — obviously — not seen eye to eye. But preferring Bornstein to him. Truly Amazing.

  143. danny says:

    compleatly agree. we have an extreamly underrated player pool which will only improve during this cycle. change must come. an American Playing Style must be created.

  144. doorworker says:

    it’s funny. I wondered, as I watched Bornstein getting torched time and again, and watched the pitiful hole his presence so obviously created in the defense…I wondered whether the apologists could possibly mount a defense once again about how serviceable this overmatched loser is, and how naive it is to point out that that bornstein fellow just isnt passable at this level.

    clearly, the ‘leave jonny bornstein aloooooone’ crowd remains alive and well. Bunch of dummies.

  145. Big Chil says:

    What was driving me nuts was how it seemed every 50/50 ball would end up right at the feet of a Mexican player, no matter which team was heading/footing it.

  146. Jeff says:

    This kind of makes me happy we don’t need to go through Mexico to get into the 2014 World Cup. I have watched the USA play even with and sometimes dominate Mexico for 20 years and during that time I have never felt scared of any Mexico team. They were always beatable in some way. The current Mexico team scares me.

  147. Benny says:

    Qualifying is much more important than the Gold Cup so the USSF needs to make some changes now (maybe with the coach for starters).

  148. Dos Santos' Manicurist says:

    Goodsen–shaky at best
    Chandler–we’ll see
    Lichaj–best of the bunch

  149. diddy7126 says:

    I just despise the way we attack all we do is pump a long ball forward and into the box and we might draw a foul and have a freekick and score with a header from a freekick or have a header from a corner this is basically the only way we score smh

  150. Joe Hamilton says:

    You have no idea what you are talking about. He was our best player in the GC. He is captain of Hanover which just missed getting a champions league spot in the Bundesliga.

  151. John says:

    I believe Chicharito and his confidence has changed the entire attitude of the Mexico team. The entire team feeds off of him. He is also very much a coach out there and constantly goes to the sideline to discuss matters with the real coach. Gio has always been gifted with the ball but Chicarito takes the pressure off of him which allows his creativity to flourish. Mexico wanted it more and had the support of the stadium. The USA has one style of play and sometimes it works for them and sometimes they get burned. Direct, set piece play with sketchy defense can get you a win against some teams but against teams with technical ability they will eventually break you down and get the goals they need. The better team won and better athletes need to be recruited to play soccer in the USA.

  152. Since 82 says:

    Coach Bradley made the right decision starting Adu. Cherundolo’s injury was devastating for this match. We are obviously in transition on the back line and Bornstein was a disaster.

    Mexico was more dangerous moving forward. Altidore’s injury hurt us as Agudelo is not yet ready for this stage. Holden not being here did not help either.

    Either way, no excuses as El Tri was the better team today.

    That being said, the most important thing that will come from this Gold Cup will be Freddy Adu’s reemergence with the national team. He needs to play.

    This game wasn’t Coach Bradley’s fault no matter whether he stays or goes.

  153. Jamie Z. says:

    Oh, come off it…

  154. Turd Bradley says:

    Why didn’t anyone tell me before Bornstein cant play a lick? How am I supposed to know these things? I played D1 in the early 80s and I love cliches.

    How bad was that game? Should I keep playing howard no matter what. His organization skills help are ball watching back line rite?

  155. danny says:

    From now on this period in American Soccer shall be known as…


    as during the “Red Scare” (get out those US history books) there is a growing sense of (among other feelings) “HOLY CRAP… THEY’RE BETTER THAN US! WHAT THE HELL ARE WE GONNA DO”


    (im a history major)

  156. Wm. says:

    Duh. Read the whole exchange. In case you still don’t understand, I’ll spell it out for you– it was poorly conveyed sarcasm alluding to exactly the 2006 seeding.

  157. Joe Hamilton says:

    Why didn’t the moron BB give Zack Whitbred a look? He will be a starter in the Prem. Because he has terrible judgment. Spector would have been a much better option than Bornstein.

  158. Rice says:

    With all due respect we underestimate Mexico’s defense too much. Reynoso is a Copa Libertadores seasoned veteran, and if not him it would’ve been Hiram Mier who has great physical presence and is a starting 11 for Champion Monterrey. It’s always their defenders that end up Champions in Europe, Osorio with Stuttgart, Salcido and Maza with PSV, Moreno with AZ and Marquez with Barca. So then?

  159. Joe Hamilton says:

    A tactical genius? Are you serious? BB the moron went with an offensive lineup making the US vulnerable to Mexico’s scoring prowess.

  160. Turd Bradley says:

    wait vs mexico speed of play and ability to see the ball and man on d is important?

    crap my bad. I try my best and am trying to get my wife on as team administrator. This should help. Also I want to to continue Brad Davis’s game. His left foot and vision absolutely do not translate at the international level especially for the usmnt.

    I also put robbie rogers on the roster. which make perfect sense.

  161. eRic gheimer says:

    great comment. Mexico looked extremely sharp and the US looked like they were finding themselves. Hopefully this elevates the US’ play in the future.

  162. CA says:

    As a fellow history major, might I suggest that tonight was our “1949.”

  163. KevDC says:

    What game did you watch? There are plenty of things to criticize but you are out of your freakin’ mind of you think the US side was mailing it in. Those guys gave it everything they had, and what’s more…it was obvious they were all in.

    That Mexico team is better than this US team. End of story.

  164. Jeff Awesome says:


  165. NF says:

    Sorry dude, I don’t think the Red Scare is at all comparable to this situation.

  166. ggg says:

    Thanks for erasing my comment.

  167. DC Josh says:

    Too emotional right now to think of a meaningful comment. Just very disappointed.

  168. Joe Hamilton says:

    Eurosnobs? You know nothing about soccer. Is a baseball who is successful in single A better than someone successful in the Majors. Bornstein didn’t start in the Mexican while Spector was a part time starter in the best league in the world. This type of cluelessness is why the US not only hired a totally incompetent pseudo-coach but rehired him. If US fans were more knowledge they wouldn’t stand for not hiring a real coach for the national team.

  169. PTM9 says:

    Just noticed that the headline at is:

    Mexico takes it.

    More like Bradley/Bornstein due give it away.

    After blowing a 2-0 lead to Brazi in 2009 everyone talked about learning from the experience.

  170. John says:

    Anyone who plays FM knows Mexico will be a world beater. The game is like The Oracle. The make the WC Final every single time in my game. Insane.

    Howard is good keeper but he hasn’t been Worldclass for a while. You can’t be a worldclass keeper and play for Everton. I remember a time where he was a top 5 keeper in the world. He would barley crack the top 15 now.

    We will qualify to the World Cup with Bob Bradley winning most of our games a losing to Mexico away and beating or tying to them at home. That’s not the problem. The problem is the World Cup where a group stage or 2nd round exist in expected with Bradley in charge.

  171. Kevin says:

    Get the emotional blinders off for a second and look objectively. Mexico is more consistent over the full 90. USA can’t consistently complete buildups through midfield. They either make the wrong pass, or they are off target with the right pass. The USA can play possession and buildup, Donovan’s goal is a prime example. They carved apart Mexico on that play. But they can’t consistently do that. Mexico is better. Then you throw Bornstein into the mix and all hell breaks loose. Mexico didn’t even bother with our right flank the last 60 minutes of the game. They knew where the weakness was, and attacked it. Then, Howard needed to be stellar, and he wasn’t. He was average on the night.

    Even with that, it came down to Mexico putting their best chances on goal, and the USA putting less than half of theirs on frame. Dempsey hit the crossbar that woulda made it 3-3. If Bradley’s foot was just a millimeter the other way on the ball, it doesn’t swerve as drastically and goes in. Then we had what, 2 more chances in the box in the 85th minute or so? The chances WERE there. They didn’t go in. Mexico buried their chances.

    Do we still hold the lead if Dolo doesn’t get hurt? I dunno. Maybe. Maybe not. Injuries happen though. Rafa and Salcido went down, and Mexico dealt with it.

  172. dcm says:

    man, americans start whining like little babies when this team loses. you sound like the british press. mexico scored two great goals to win, why can’t you just leave it at that? (yes, i’m american and a huge USMNT fan, but can accept when my team doesn’t win every time).

  173. PetedeLA says:

    I’m with some other people.

    Let’s get rid of Howard.

    He’s too hot and cold.

    As a teacher I have learned that yelling at players who are low skilled (a la Bornstein) doesn’t work.

    I hope Guzan can find a good team. He seems more calm, and a better communicator.

    By the time 2014 rolls around our central midfield will be Deuce and Bradley. While Deuce will have lost the wheels to play the wings, he will have gained the composure to play in the center. Jones peaked a few years ago, but will be important for us in qualifying.

    Outside backs are not an issue as we have Chandler, Lichaj, and Fabian Johnson will be another find from Germany. And Johnson is two footed.

    Boca will be fine at 35. He just needs a speedy partner to work with him. That might just be Clark, who has played center back for Frankfurt. If Boca is too old, maybe Spector will be ready by then.

    We have great talent, just need better coaching to emphasize technique rather than hustling for second balls.

    I see this in 2014:


    The raw materials are there! They just need good coaching.

  174. Bob Daly says:

    Gio Dos Santos is a WC U-17 Champion for Mexico, who had one Leo Messi sitting on the bench for a year as Frank Rijkaard’s favorite sub for Barca. He hit a huge slump, started tipping more than a few, and who can blame him, he is only 22, but finally decided to get his $hit in order and become the prodigy every Spaniard that pitted him vs Bojan Krkic, every Modric fan, and every single US defender, did not want him to become!

    After his performance in this Gold Cup I honestly thing he can give Harry Redknapp the finger!

  175. fpm says:


    i don’t dislike the guy personally, but clearly everyone in the stadium but bradley knew this guy was not up to par

  176. Ryan says:

    Good effort there, but the German team has already said they’re not interested

  177. tricksyclown17 says:

    Can’t really defend the Bornstein sub, as just about any of us could’ve played better lol, but this Gold Cup wasn’t exactly the right time to be giving guys a look…with Adu being a unique exception.

    And as I said above, it really comes down to the players performing.

  178. AA says:


    On a positive note, the fact that we are devastated by this this loss shows how far we have come as fans. As someone who has been following this team since the 1990 World Cup, it warms the cockles of my heart to see this outpouring of grief for a game like this. Folks, we are officially a footballing nation! I’m already geared up for qualifying. Let’s go get ’em!

  179. Jeff says:

    I Love Dolo and I think you have a good point. Honestly though, the best team won. We need more players who can step into those back positions (I know Chandler will help). We just don’t have the horses (some are injured and some don’t exist yet). We were swarmed by wave after wave of attackers and the lack of composure and technical skill from some of our players was evident when Mexico applied ball pressure and closed space with multiple players.

  180. fpm says:

    sad aint it? all we need now is is some arizona legislation to reclaim so-cal

  181. Soccer Guy says:

    I don’t know what all of the fuss is about. What person in their right mind believed the U.S. had a chance in this game?

    This actually went a lot better than I thought it would for the U.S. I figured they would lose by at least four goals. Whine all you want, but until we get rid of Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel as a coach you have no right to expect better.

  182. Soccer Guy says:

    The fact that you were devastated by this loss shows how clueless you have become as fans.

  183. YO says:

    The best coach won this game!

  184. Jeff Awesome says:

    Yeah I know buddy boy. Klinsmann is not the reason TFC sucks. TFC needs better players. And Klinsmann didn’t get much of a chance at Munich. I’m not saying he should be the new coach, but he should have been hired a year ago.

  185. Mark says:

    I really, really doubt it!

  186. CrispyST3 says:

    and John O’brien

  187. RB says:

    Yes, I also thought of that complacency issue, if we’d won. I think it would have happened. I’m not sure if the negative effect of that would be offset by another Confederations Cup ticket. But that’s all moot now, and I do think this will be a motivator and help in the long run.

  188. AdamFromMich says:

    Congrats to the Mexican team. They showed mental toughness, and their transitions from defense to offense were impressive. If the US could transition to offense better (instead of repeatedly clearing the ball back to Mexico) they would have had a better chance in this game. But, like others here have said, Mexico were the better team and they deserved to win.

  189. fpm says:

    how long ago was it that mexico was squandering all their talent? look no further than the coaching change and the effect it has had on their team.

  190. DingDong says:

    “German team has already said they’re not interested” — this is not true, although some American jorno got the translation wrong. Here’s the quote in German:

    “”Timothy Chandler ist nach seinem klaren Bekenntnis zu den USA derzeit kein Thema für die Junioren-Teams des DFB””

    Translation: “Timothy Chandler is after his pledge/confession to the US is AT PRESENT not on the radar for the JUNIOR Team of the DFB”.

    Key words: “at present” and “junior team.”

  191. Mwing09 says:

    Im not a huge BB supporter, in fact I dont like him very much at all. I think there are def. better coaches available that are a realistic option to coach this team. But I dont know how you can blame BB for this loss.
    Everyone went freaking crazy when the roster was annoucned, and Kljestan and Adu were on it…yet they turned out to be some of the better performers on the team this GC. Everyone complained when we kept playing a 4-4-2, we switch to a 4-5-1 this tourney and it worked pretty well.
    Everyone is on here saying why didnt he put in Spector….if anyone on this board thinks Spector couldve kept up with this Mexican attack they dont know anything about soccer. If Spector was in everyone would be on here complaining about why we didnt put in Bornstein after the loss. We lost this game because Mexico is more talented, not because BB made poor decisions.

  192. Kelly says:

    I was actually hoping that Bob was going to yank him at HT.

    Have to admit that Boca’s clearance to the middle on the 4th goal was atrocious, but all the Mexican attacks came past Bornstein, even on those occasions when he was actually in the correct position.

  193. zednem says:


  194. Jason says:

    I don’t get it.

    Until tonight, I thought the legions of B. Bradley and Bornstein-haters were mostly overly-critical Monday-morning QB’s w/ a lot of opinions and the time to express them.

    However, after tonight, I can’t see another way around it.

    Despite Mexico’s brilliance, Bornstein’s entry spelled doom for the US. He just doesn’t have the speed (or man-marking) skill(s) to stop attackers. He forced his fellow defenders out of position all night, as they scrambled to compensate for his tactical blundering.

    G. Wahl suggested (a) Spector for Cherundolo or (b) Ream/Edu to the middle and Bocanegra moving left.

    How can anyone now seriously defend Bradley’s talent for squad selection or game management?

    Is there no other American on this planet who can start at left back? I don’t watch enuf MLS to know, but surely there’s someone w/ the skill to try!

    Hats off to Mexico – they are freaking brilliant. But, as far as the US goes… WTF? I just don’t understand. I really don’t.

  195. Phil says:

    My thoughts before the game were that if Jones and Bradley did not continue to play deep like they had against Jamaica and Panama we’d be in trouble. Jones had a sub par game tonite and that was a contributing factor.

    Cherundolo going down was the major thing that we did not recover from. He’s been a beast in this tournament. It’s a shame too, because like many folks have observed, he and Boca will most likely not be around in 2014. It would have been nice for them to get this trophy. They have both been great players for this squad and sadly I don’t think either of them will get much recognition for that, especially from most of the supposed soccer experts posting in this forum.

    One question I have been asking all month that I haven’t seen an answer for is: Is Spector hurt? There has to be a reason why he has not seen the field or dressed for the bench in a few cases. I just can’t believe that a coach would chose to play a guy who hasn’t seen a match in almost a year over a starter in the EPL UNLESS there was a really good reason.

    As for Jonathan “Chinese Firedrill” Bornstein, I’m beyond mad and disappointed… I now actually feel bad for the guy. He simply has no business being on the pitch in Red White and Blue and anyone who plays against him knows it and it’s why they go right at him. I understand that he staved off the noose with a decent WC showing, but I think everyone knew that he was delaying the inevitable. IMO he just can’t be considered an option anymore until he shows something drastically different on the club level.

    Also, there was not enough sustained attack. Mexico made it a shootout and we didn’t have enough bullets. I won’t go so far as to say the team lost their nerve after Mexico went up, but they certainly couldn’t shake it off.

    The plus side? Agudelo, Bedoya, Adu, Lichaj, and Ream all showed promise and should be around for the rest of WC qualifying. Altidore played with a real chip on his shoulder and hopefully will be able to maintain that momentum once he mends. USSF has a lot of reasons to make sure we keep Chandler. I hope that future friendlies will include these players plus Bradley, Bunbury, Holden, Diskerrud, Torres, and Edu. I think that LD and Deuce have an unquestionable role to play in 2014, but for now they should be given a rest, at least until qualifying. The young bucks need to learn how to swim… and I think those guys could use some time off. Guzan should be given more time as well, but I think Howard is still the undisputed #1 until BG proves otherwise.

    the looming question for me is what on earth do we do at center back? This used to be a rock solid part of the pool and now it seems really uncertain.

    Another plus like it or not is that we have a real worthy rival in our conference in Mexico. This was a young Mexican team that had it’s own injury and depth issues and yet found a way to rise above. They deserve credit for that.

    Finally, the whole fire Bob Bradley thing… will firing him change that trajectory we’re on? I honestly don’t think so. We have a crop of players who are better technically than the previous generation and they are gaining experience internationally. There are very few real supernova standouts at this point, but many players of excellent quality that should be able to (as a team) be very successful. A new manager will not change that and a new manager cannot solve injury and ageing issues. I don’t think it would be a shock, but change for change’s sake is silly, and I have yet to hear a scenario that is actually better than the current one.

  196. Tavish says:

    Mexico won the Gold Cup with their 4th choice keeper starting, has anybody mentioned that?

    Corona, Ochoa, Michel, Talavera!!!

  197. Kelly says:

    True we might have been complaining about Spector, but I can’t imagine anyone faulting BB for not putting in Bornstein. His showing today was no surprise.

  198. DingDong says:

    I’ll repost my comment from above:

    Here’s the quote in German from the DFB spokesperson:

    “”Timothy Chandler ist nach seinem klaren Bekenntnis zu den USA derzeit kein Thema für die Junioren-Teams des DFB””

    Translation: “Timothy Chandler is after his clear pledge/confession to the US is AT PRESENT not on the radar for the JUNIOR Teams of the DFB”.

    Key words: “at present” and “junior teams.”

  199. Josh says:

    And who do you suggest will make the US into an elite national team? We don’t have the structure, we don’t have the players. Hell, we don’t even have a left back unless we play Lichaj out of position.

    I think Bradley should have brought Spector on for ‘Dolo, but the outcome wouldn’t necessarily have been any different. I hate to say it, but Mexico was just flat-out better, more technically excellent.

  200. Mwing09 says:

    To say someone deserves a spot on a national team because of the league they play in is ridiculous. Whitbread is gonna be a starter in the EPL next year, does that mean hes better than Bocanegra and Cherundolo? Jones is a midfielder in the EPL, is he better than Donovan? Just because someone is in a higher profile league doesnt mean they are a better fit for a naitonal team. If you think Spector is so great because he plays for West Ham…you clearly dont watch a whole lot of Spector on the USMNT

  201. jjraines says:

    Didn’t break? 4 unanswered goals is merely bending? Huh.

  202. erik says:

    Doesn’t need to be Klinsmann is right. I think Kreis or Novak would be great.

  203. Kelly says:

    @Ernesto – agreed, Mexico has really picked up their game lately and have earned the success they’ve had.

    See you in the hex!

  204. C says:

    Typical USA, what an epic collapse I thought they would get annihilated but they suprised me by…. “scoring”, lost on home soil for the second consecutive gold cup. If Bob isn’t replaced, then….. wow they obviously like losing we barely beat Panama to get to the final. Mexico has a great coach who is very smart and has alot of passion, will be exciting to seem them in 2013.

  205. TheMarcMan says:

    No excuses.

  206. JM says:

    22-4 Mex’s goal differnce in the tourney!

    …something to ponder!

  207. Angel FAN of USA says:

    I’m sad and really upset, USA Came out big the best intention to win this game, Unfortunate Cherendulo got hurt and we lost this game. The Sub. Mr Bornstein was bad one. Like I said it before Bob Bradley need to go, not because he is a bad coach but we someone that can really win games with Statics. NO I’m not here to disrespect anyone but I really really SAD to let a game that it was on our hand slip away… ADU was great I have to give Bob Bradley credit for the 25min of the game and for inserting Adu, Donovan in the game. Once again Dempsey it seem to disappear in the big games…

  208. Jeff Awesome says:

    I can’t and won’t accept losing to Mexico. Ever.

  209. john says:

    lol most those’s players dont get playing time with there own clubs and they dont deserve to be on the usa mens national team thats beacause when you have a coach that never played soccer and puts his son on the team that can’t play in Europe and has to listen to his own son who should be on the team with him, everyone needs to play him the ball cuz hes a playmaker in germany, lol which hes not, thats what u called fixed, i bet anyone out there, that if klinsmann can make usa national team and made up of usa players and they can beat bob bradleys team any day hands down!!!

  210. YO says:

    This is the same situation as the final Vs Brazil in 2009, the coach should bave been able to manage the match. Mexico were hungry and they were playing from minute one, we did not deserve to go two up.

  211. Mwing09 says:

    Agreed. Lets face it, when you take out Dolo and Chandler, this team does not have 2 quality outside backs…..actually, they may not even have 1 (Lichaj has room for improvement, but I dont think hes ready just yet)

  212. Josh says:

    This is what some people just can’t admit. There’s no shame in it: Mexico is traditionally a strong team, and they’ve got the best young generation they’ve had in a long time. They’re really good, and on this day, they overran us.

    It’s not like this was an upset; most commentators and analysts were picking El Tri to win.

    This loss sucks, especially after we were up 2-0. I think that in hindsight, Bob would’ve parked the bus; part of the problem was that Jones and Bradley were pressing too high, and they couldn’t get back to provide support when Dos Santos went flying down the flank. Bornstein was absolutely torched, and given both his obvious liabilities and rustiness (he hadn’t seen match action in over six weeks), the rest of the team should have sagged back to provide more coverage.

    But that said, Mexico was simply the better team. Dammit.

  213. Tedmonds says:

    My two cents: I’m a Notre Dame grad and when I was a student I remember buying a t-shirt mocking USC because ND had not lost to USC in a decade. Well, things change. The next decade ND got blown out. Programs get better and others get worse. Mexico was a lot more talented today. They’re going to be tough to beat in the next few years. As many other folks have said, the US is in transition. But I don’t think US fans need to panic or call for wholesale changes.

  214. danny says:

    excellent point!

  215. gulatineedstogo says:

    completely agree. Gulati needs to go. Ives for President!

  216. john says:

    congrats to Mexico they should us how real soccer is played, they usa need to get a new coach and do some cleaning, they have to much garbage on there team

  217. Kojo says:

    Really bad coaching decision to put in a player who has not seen a second of playing time the whole tournament. Same player who was not getting much playing time with his club team. It was throwing said player into the proverbial deep end and it showed. Then sticking with the player when it was apparent it wasn’t the right decision. Said player should no longer be included in the player pool going forward. Need to start bleeding new players for depth at left back. Perhaps Zach Loyd from Dallas is the back up to Lichaj. Chandler competes for the starting right back side with Cherundolo. Bring in John also from Dallas to compete against Ream for Center back and hopefully Whitbread will see some minutes shortly. Opara appears injury prone, Marshall doesn’t seem to cut it, Gonzalez is questionable but needs to work on his lateral speed and passing. Onyewu hasn’t recovered from his injury and at his age probably will not improve much more than where he is today. Agbossoumonde presently is too young and has serious mental lapses yet is someone to keep an eye on for the future.

  218. zednem says:

    @Mark you can doubt all you want, but you weren’t there, we need to move beyond, need I say it?

  219. patriot71 says:

    What I believe the USMNT lacks that we’ve seen in the past is simply a killer instinct. Play with a chip on your shoulder, stick it to the other team and defend as if your life depends on it. We have had that in the past but it seems a long time ago now.

    I do believe that Bradley made some good tatical moves to start the game but I also believe that where he has fallen short so many times is overall game preparation and adjusting to the speed of the game as it is happening. Part of this I think has to be not instilling the right mentality among the players (i.e. killer instinct) and part is not making the right adjustments or else making them way too late.

    Mexico is a great team that is playing fantastic football right now, but you can’t sit here and tell me that we are good enough to take a 2-0 lead against them and NOT be able to win. IMHO, that comes down to coaching.

  220. danny says:

    well put.

  221. Luke says:

    +1…He wasn’t himself all tournament. Communication was severely lacking. Placing all the blame blame on the young defenders is wrong. Not giving credit to a great Mexico team is wrong also.

  222. ChiTownFire says:

    My left pinky toe would have been a better option than Bornstein.

  223. gulatisgottogo says:

    Don’t be a clown! This Mexico team will easily be top 10 by the next cycle. Hate to see the U.S. lose but give credit where it is due. Mexico is developing a very special core that will challenge any team in the world in coming years.

  224. john says:

    lol bradley losted most of good players like rossi and others by not picking them in the first place, and there are acouple other players out there and in the usa that are elite players that we can lose to other countries if we still have bradley as a coach

  225. danny says:

    they share subtle charecteristics is all im saying.

  226. Angel FAN of USA says:

    Bornstein ok like you say he is used as excuse but if you look the game right after Cherundalo was sub by Bornstain they new that the left side was the we from. It was from the left side. Barrera two goal 1st and third goal, Geo killing Bornstein for the second goal and Guardado push it in.even Chicharito on the left. And of course Geo I have to give to him a sweet freaking goal came from the left but this one I have to blame Bocanegra too but of course cause mr. Bornstein could do nothing about it…

  227. zednem says:

    @ggg look it is not people from other countries, we”re descendants from people from other countries, just like you, that’s what makes the US a great country, now let’s move on…

  228. YO says:

    You kidding right, the under 17 team just lost and tied to two underpar countries.

  229. Yusef says:

    You can blame him for the roster selection. Time for a change and a fresh look. We all knew starting Ricardo Clark against Ghana was a mistake, we all knew bringing Robbie Rodgers and leaving out Bedoya was a mistake, and we all knew Bornstein couldn’t hang. I was in the front row on Bornstein’s side in the first half. He didn’t just get burned, he jogged and played in no mans land instead of getting back, which directly led to the goal. Even if he was his old normal howler self, there is no reason to believe he has the game fitness for that type of match.

  230. Lars says:

    can’t play in a European that is dominated by a handful of teams? Bradley scored. You eurogeeks are hilarious.

  231. ThaDeuce says:

    Spector for Bornstein and I think we would have won. Hindsight is 20/20 and I’m quite sure Bob is thinking about it now as we speak. After that sub our defense fell apart. Why move Lichaj for Bornstein then you can just add Spector, an easily arguably better defender, without moving another player? I’m sure Bob is also considering Ream. I think Spector. But credit to Bob, that is one fatal mistake, but he made many tremendous decisions just to get us 2 nill up in the final. He wasn’t ready for dolo to go out, and he paid for it. The loss of dolo (with no chandler) was huge.


    I’m glad we lost. okay, no I’m not. But,

    The icing on the cake is that we will be a better team in the future because of this loss. No chance of being cocky, lazy, or over confident. We have a lot to work towards now to regain our crown. Donovan, Dempsey, Altidore, Agudelo, Adu et al all have a target now to become better and eventually again be the best in concacaf.

    More icing: we learned quite a lot from this tournament.
    Bob Bradley has balls (and can coach)
    Agudelo can ball.
    Freddy is back and is the future( also has the respect of his teammates, which is major)
    Altidore plays good for nats, no matter his club situation
    Bedoya is a good option off the bench
    Sasha still chokes in the big games, but has skill
    Bornstein is never the answer
    Lichaj can play left back
    Our defense needs major major work, especially when boca and dolo retire ( though if chandler is still a nat, him and lichaj are the future wing backs, but center mid?)

  232. Yut says:

    Klinsmann is the man in charge of personnel at TFC

  233. danny says:

    Talavera has always been DL Torre’s TRUE #1.

    how can you even put michel in that list lol

  234. Alex says:


  235. jmadsen says:

    C’mon guys – Spector was benched most of the friggin’ season in the EPL, was a worst case back up for a team that was plagued with injuries and finally relegated, and only got back into the line up for the last few weeks as an ATTACKING MIDFIELDER.

    Anyone shouting “Spector is better – he plays in the EPL” needs to actually WATCH him play in the EPL.

    Eddie Johnson “played in the EPL”, my friends.

  236. Ollie says:

    Spector blows also…these kids need to play in the US

  237. byob says:

    diskeruud stinx

  238. Yusef says:

    I think I would take the 2002 World Cup squad over this one.

  239. Dave says:

    I agree with every point here. Here’s to hoping we can find an answer defensively before 2014.

  240. Rich says:

    Sad day. Hate to lose to Mexico. However, I never really expected to win. You can’t play the way we did in this tournament and expect to beat Mexico.

    Why Bornstein? As soon as he came in I thought we were in trouble, however there we are up 2-0. Go figure. Based on the roster that BB had to choose from the only thing I could see was bringing on Edu. Either in defense, or in midfield and moving Jones to left back. Neither is a good solution but better than Bornstein. But the BB was always going to bring him on Bornstein is BB go to guy…

    Adu was the best US player out there, that was nice to see.

    However we have no forwards. Love Josy but even he is not a forward to compare with Mexico. Until the US finds a goal scorer we will always be like this. Period.

    With out real goal scorers, it all comes down to Donovan, Dempsey, and Bradley. None of them played a great game. US lost. Unless those 3 play better the US will lose 8 of 10 to this Mexico team. Those 3 need to control the other team. They could not do it and we lose.

    I do not think BB knows how to get the best out of them. Time for a new coach.

    Better luck next time.

  241. Ben says:

    you need help

  242. Judas says:

    Top 5

  243. ThaDeuce says:


  244. Al says:

    Slolo wouldnt have made a difference

  245. Zeke in el paso tx says:

    Good thing. We shouldve not given up so many goals obviously, but if dempsey hits that shot were back in business. Momentum wouldve been heavily on our side.

  246. ThaDeuce says:

    But, he is an American…. So…. Sorry?

  247. Jackie says:

    US Soccer is Stuck in 20th century. College/MLS coaches are never going to Advance the US Soccer nor is OLD 20th Century Stadiums (ROSE BOWL? Come that is so 20th century). @ this point US Soccer players are just not good enough vs Mexcio players

  248. Yusef says:

    Agreed. We are seeing a golden generation of Mexican soccer. These guys won the youth World Cup and many of them are maturing into great players. Hopefully the US will experience such a period soon.

  249. Stan says:

    Zach Loyd of FCD is better than any that played in the Gold Cup

  250. gulatisgottogo says:

    also back from game with no beer thrown and only the most cordial good natured banter with surrounding Mexican fans.

  251. Yogi says:

    We can’t lose someone that we never truly had…Rossi’s only dream was to play for Italy. I’m not high on Bradley but pinning that on him is straight ridiculous.

  252. Jackie says:

    SUBOTIC (I wonder if Rongen still think he sucks)

  253. ThaDeuce says:

    True, hard to believe bob tried to bring robbie instead of bedoya, also that he went with bornstein instead of spector.

    But, i say keep bob. Good coaches make mistakes, and overall we did well enough to be 2 nill up over a better team in the final even with key players injured.

  254. Yogi says:

    I agree Fischy. When the US is fully healthy, we match up well. Players 12-18 are a completely different story.

  255. Gulatineedstogo says:

    well said. Why doesn’t the media question Gulati’s role in U.S progress? Gulati Needs to Go!

  256. ThaDeuce says:


  257. convay says:

    Bobby convey!

  258. gabe says:

    Honestly the Subotic thing really hurts now…

    I think a lot of you are getting into the particulars of subs, in-game tactics, etc. These are all concerns, and yes mexico is currently a better side, but lets be real….

    our starting 11 should KILL the other CONCACAF sides, yet we lose, then barely squeak by, Panama. We stagger by Guadeloupe. We have no style of play, etc. (see abve post)

    BB has to be replaced

  259. steve says:

    I agree with so much of hat your saying, but come on we all know born stein equals decent offense and crossing no d, spector is a way better defender and seeing how mexico was running it on offense, defense would have been a solid decision.

    I think the frustration is no matter every time bornstien comes in, people groan with worry, it’s for a reason. Rogers was the same, adu was a crazy selection, but he has always had the type of talent that can grow with time, and anyhing attacking is worth a second try

  260. steve the red says:

    Ha hahaha, I was thinking the same thing

  261. ThaDeuce says:


  262. Jackie says:

    Guess what ! if US had a Super Star/s and REAL WOrld Class coach then I am sure more would become US FANS.

  263. shweazy says:

    Sorry buddy you are wrong, Jamaicans did not play against us and i said it after they game. they played Timid and allowed us to run over them, which then tricked idiots into thinking we were playing well. Reality is Bradley and Jones is not a good combo in the middle, Onyewu should not have been benched Ma Edu should have played more games. We dont bring in any mids that can control tempo of games eg. Torres, but he’s not playing much for his club so leave him out ? well the Son aint playing much for club either but he’s the exception all the time. I’m done arguing these simple points that people fail to see all the time because we scraped by mediocre results from teams like Panama. Had the Jamaicans played us the way they played Honduras we would have been handed a good beaten since then. We need new leadership and better player selection.

  264. jpc says:

    This game will always be close, and today was no different. Right now, Mexico is up, they may have their best team in 20 years w/ the young guys from the U-17 WC winning team; and the US is in somewhat of a transition… We had the better of this rivalry for the last 10 years, it wasn’t gonna last forever. But I still feel like we are in a good place, our young talent is as strong as its ever been, and our pool of players is as deep as ever too. We just need some young guys to step up and lead the way Donovan Oneywu, Boca, Dolo and Dempsey did last cycle.

    whether it’s Adu, Agudelo, Gyau, Shea, Lletget, Opara, Gil, O. Salgado, Agbosoumonde or somebody else taking the next step, Bradley’s gonna change the face of this team in the next 2 years, and we are gonna get better and better, just like we always do.

  265. ThaDeuce says:

    You won’t find a coach who cares as much and has as much rapport and respect with the players as Bob before the next cycle. Change now and things could get ugly. You might scream for bob to come back.

  266. Poop says:

    Filthy Mexicans….

  267. Jeff Awesome says:

    I am not promoting Klinsmann, and I am certainly not defending the work of his consulting business over the past eight months, whatever the minutiae of it may be. I am advocating a coaching change for the USMNT.

  268. atlas says:

    Mark Hughes!

  269. Paul Thomas says:

    I can’t help but be sardonically amused that the same idiots who think it’s Bradley’s fault when the team goes down early in games, also think it’s his fault when the team loses a lead.

    It doesn’t matter how you win (or lose), and giving up early (or late) goals is not a coaching decision.

    Also, Mexico is a far better team than the US right now (and particularly a beat-up US team minus four major contributors). Not to rain on anyone’s parade or whatever, but we were (save for one howler by the Mexico keeper) already getting hammered even before Bornstein came into the game. The difference in team speed was comical.

  270. dgoshilla says:

    Are we really putting the blame on Bornstein? The US had 20% of possession. We have a team in transition. Mexico is fully formed. We have aging starters making up half the team and the other half with under 15 caps. We have good players coming up. Probably not a solid 2014 team but a great 2018 team for sure. Also, I’ve never felt worse than being at the Rose Bowl tonight. Total embarrassment. US supporters clubs were completely disorganized. We need a national stadium. Its not fair to have our guys play games on the road every match they play.

  271. Steve says:

    I agree, though I am curious, players get hit for steroids and they can be replaced? Maradona got hit in 94 and was not allowed to be replaced, and one of the replacement players did play today? Full plaudits to mexico though.

  272. skinnyj says:

    Unfortunately tonight Mexico’s best players played better than ours. I think Deuce, Lando, Timmy, Boca, Jones and Bradley weren’t their best. Not sure if that was due to Mexico’s tactics or just individual failings. We were close though, I thought we had a several great opportunities but couldn’t find the finishing touch, while Santos lofts one to the upper v without even looking and it’s a golazo. Thats some skill with a good deal of luck. We have a good core and looking forward to WC qualifying with this mix of veterans and new guys (which one is Adu?-and welcome back!).
    You want a coaching controversy? Wait until Holden gets healthy and he claims the CAM role, and it’s MB90 vs Jones for the holding mid. We’ll also have Dempsey, Donovan, Adu, Bedoya, felhaber, Sasha, etc fighting for a wing spot.

  273. gabe says:

    well, it’s sardonically amusing that you don’t find the pattern in the USA performances to either go down early, and have to fight back, or take a 2 goal lead then blow it to be indicative of the manager’s lack of focusing his team. Additionally, it is sardonically amusing that a team of six english league players (if you count donovan’s time at everton) don’t play a more english style of football (i.e. quick passes, one to two touches). The talent of this team has never been found in superstars, but in group effort. As a group, they defended against the Spanish at the confederations cup and held them at bay. Believe me. That spanish team had more playmakers than mexico does. We had a style at that tournament…bunker down, defend as a unit, and counter with speed?

    what is our style now? where is the focus?

    that is management, son.

    Keep sardonically laughing.

  274. Jeff Awesome says:

    Losing to Mexico in this fashion has to have consequences, or we are nothing as a soccer nation.

  275. Menos says:

    he is supposed to be a leader…maybe too many commercials

  276. Vlad says:

    based on 2 USA caps…ridiculous

  277. wichin says:

    You see..Mexico has allowed their players play to their abilities, use their talents, instead of long ball bradley defense ball. A coach must be prepared for everything and he was not. Mexico lost important defensive players, we lost one and the change of bringing in bornstein, and moving lichaj to the right was like loosing 2 defenders. Leave lichaj alone and he would have done the job better on that side…Bob was not prepared…he should have been, he is a coach…he needs to go and we need someone that will be allowed to change the system like we need to and play our players to their talents…and skill..adu, build around adu and use his vision and skill and you will build a good team…every talent needs to be used and we need backups for everything!!!!

  278. Gogousa says:

    I’m US til I die I’m US til I die I know i am I’m sure I am I’m US til I die!!!!! don’t tread!

  279. Louis Z says:

    I guess my question is…is Bornstein a better replacement at LB when Lichaj was moved to right or would Spector being a better replacement at RB leaving Lichaj at LB?

    The way I look at is this…Spector is a better player than Bornstein period. most of Mexico’s attack was from the left side, so why move Lichaj?

    I think this was another of BB’s bad call.

  280. Rod Carew says:

    If you can hit, you can usually hit anywhere. That player in single A can have more talent than a major league player. Bottom to MId level EPL teams dont stand a chance at winning the league..Not successful. Therefore there are different structures to different teams. Euro-sucker…

  281. Jameson says:

    or a whole lot of West Ham…

  282. Jeff Awesome says:

    Yep, Chandler’s play was ridiculously awesome in those two games.

  283. Cam says:

    no you are…College doesn’t equal MLS anymore. I’d take a guy like Hans Backe anyday. Mexico is good because there core thrive in their league. Support your league, Eurosnob…

  284. Javi says:


  285. Vamp says:

    I’d take Nick Rimando over that guy anyday

  286. vanguard says:

    Two MLS players on the pitch…we have to pay our domestic players. FMF players were everywhere for Mexico…

  287. Realist says:

    neither…Gio and Chicharito would have shredded them all

  288. shweazy says:

    Tier 1 Mexico

    Tier 3 Everyone Else

    no one ever seems to talk about our home advantage over the other countries as a reason why we’ve been so good in GOLD Cup in recent years.

  289. tarfpir says:

    You nailed it. . . I feel the exact same. Adu, Altidore, Bradley, and who else (Holden?) have played together for many a year. . . ’tis good good. .

  290. Saddened in California says:

    This was a hard game to watch as a US fan, while I acknowledge Mexico’s improvement ad performance, I also can’t help to play the what-if game. Like, why not bring in more attacking options? We had so many defenders, yet three natural forwards, while really no player ready to fill in for Dempsey or Donovan as needed. Gómez and Torres would have performed against CONCACAF teams, not to mention the development of Omar González in the back. Don’t forget Edson Buddle, or how about some of the U-20 guys that performed well? This US team feels like the Mexico team under Aguirre that didn’t let the youngsters shine and relied on the old guard. Agudelo and Bedoya are not at the level of Chicharito, Efraín Juárez or Barrera, so we have some work to do to identify and develop these players in our system before qualifying.

  291. tarfpir says:

    It’s so true. We’re barely better from once cycle to the next, and we’ve been playing catch up for some time

  292. MJC says:

    Bundesliga is a very good league. Not sure what your point is.

  293. MJC says:

    Your left pinky toe would have let in twenty goals. Not that I agree that bornstein was a better move than spector. But the fact is if your left pinky toe was good enough to be considered for a USMNT spot it would. We would have heard about your left pinky toe move its way up through US soccer, be drafted, maybe go to scandanvia, maybe have an american father. Then eventually work hard enough to earn a call up for the US. But your left pink toe has yet to doe that.

    These comments, in my opinion, are without reason and do nothing to help soccer dialogue progress in this country. Please use reason and present another option to bornstein that could acutally play for the USMNT. Not your left pinky toe.

  294. MiamiFCforever says:

    I said it before and I will say it again Mexico is poised to dominate the CONCACAF they have guys we don’t. They have a bonafied superstar in the best team in England and top 4 in the world in Hernandez.They have yound exciting wingers.They have depth. Lets face it the U.S is going backwards.I hope a change takes place soon or things will get worse for us.

  295. MJC says:

    I do agree (with potential for hindsight of course) that bornstein may not have been the best decision. That said the only other player we could have inserted who had gold cup minutes (during this tournament) and played regularly for their team is tim ream. There was no other strong option at outside back in opinion except inserting ream and moving boca outstide.

    Sadly, we lack depth in the back and cherundolo’s injury hurt us.

  296. Jeff O says:

    Hmm where did you read that he chose to not play? I’m pretty sure he just came off his first season with Nuremberg and it was decided that he wasn’t physically ready for a Gold Cup run.

    Although I agree with your passion for the team and would have loved to see him play in this tourney, I think it degrades the credibility of this site when people make assertions based off of feelings. More facts and less sensationalism please.

  297. Bale-ing says:

    Props to Gio is right! Spurs need to play him next year.

  298. MJC says:

    Interesting thought exercise: I am presenting to scenarios, and asking which you would prefer:

    (1) Timmy Chandler plays in gold cup and the US wins, however to do so estranges his relationship with coaches and ownership at Nuremberg and loses his spot in the lineup.

    (2) Stays with Nuremberg and continues to play regulary. However the US losses the gold cup.

    I realize that these two situations are extremes and this exercise is only meant to illustrate what I perceive to be the tug and pull (in this case in extremes) the relationship between club and country.

  299. Jake says:

    To those of you saying a healthy USA would do better than Mexico, they both finished the game missing the same number of starters.

    US was missing four possible starters. Dolo, Holden Chandler, Altidore-though Chandler has only TWO CAPS for us, all in friendlies, and thus isn’t necessarily a starter.

    Mexico was missing four possible starters as well Ochoa/Corona, Marquez, Salcido and Rodriguez). All four of their starters are almost sure 100% starters with the only doubt being Rodriguez.

    Also, Mexico dominated the entire game. If you think Cherundolo is as fast as Barrera you are mistaken. Mexico was torching us even with him on the pitch. No one could get consistent offense, Juarez neutralized Donnavan most of the game.

    Two goals against the run of play don’t change that.

  300. pancholama says:

    Yeah – sub in Chandler for Dolo, and it’s a whole ‘nother game. And, if Chandler had been available – he would have gotten minutes as a sub in a lead up to his starting a game or having to sub for Dolo.

    Bornstein was torched repeatedly – sadly does not belong at this level. Pathetic.

    Adu played his heart out – was given high marks by a number of knowledgeable soccer sports writers, (8/10 by ESPN).

    Agree that a Spector in at right back, might have helped us keep it together. Lichaj was just getting comfortable communicating and teaming up with with Boca, and 10 min into the game you switch him to the other side to play with Goodson – that move discombobulated the entire back line – and we gradually, totally disintegrated.

    Timmie did not have a great night either – but at least 3 of those goals should never have even started as plays leading to shots on goal – poor clearances, Boca to blame on two, or Bradley getting torched, after Bornstein was torched. First goal – Bornstein totally asleep, should never have happened.

    If Clint’s shot doesn’t bounce off the crossbar, if Bradley’s open net shot doesn’t sail just wide, if Boca’s header goes in……different story. Oh well……..

    Also – Mexico is a good team, oh yeah, that!

  301. federico says:


  302. Since 82 says:

    As usual more hysteria from NATS fans. I have been watching this team religiously for twenty-five plus years. We have steadily risen during that time and I am confident that 2014 WC will be the best team we have ever put on the field.

    The back line was and is going to be an issue in this transition. Dolo’s injury was too much to overcome. Not surprising considering that Bocanegra is aging as well. You add Howard having a subpar effort and forget it.

    Coach Bradley or not the future is bright. Forward will not be a problem with Altidore and Agudelo. The MF will have plent of options. The back line is the question mark, but Lichaj, Ream, Gonzalez, and Chandler all have promise.

    The MOST important thing is that this Gold Cup has brought Adu back in the fold. A few years from now, we will be thankful.

    2012 lineup:
    Donovan, Bradley, Holden, Dempsey
    Lichaj, Ream, Gonzalez, Chandler

    We will be fine.

  303. pancholama says:

    Yeah – I agree. We will grow from this. Chandler will be cap tied. Holden will get healthy, Altidore will get healthy – and as new young strikers emerge, (Bunbury, Akpan, Agudelo, and ?, and ?, and ?) – we may see the overloaded mid-field turn into putting Donovan and/or Dempsey up top as strikers more often.

    Lichaj will develop at left back – he is really talented. We have lots of good players in the development pipeline, and we have lot’s to look forward to.

    And hat’s off to Mexico – they have a talented bunch of players, and will be a force to contend with for quite some time.
    One of the reasons that Mexico has bounced back so strong in this generation of players – is that these guys grew up and watched Mexico lose 2-0, 2-1 to the US, on US soil for 10 STRAIGHT YEARS. That’ll get you motivated!

  304. Salifu25 says:

    though it is true that Borntein had one of his most horrible games, let’s not forget that he was part of a team.

    Did anyone observe Howard’s performance? i thought he is a world class goalie with enough experience in the international scene. He could have done something about two of the goals but what happened?

    I was expecting Bob Bradley to make some changes to the defensive midfield to provide some cover for the weak defense, but his inability to shore up the defense and to read the game for the team’s benefit leaves me thinking about his credibility as a coach.

  305. pancholama says:

    extremely articulate and well put
    we need to find this era’s Bora Mulutinovich

  306. pancholama says:

    truer words nae’er spake

  307. ptk says:

    deMerit? he’s not washed up

  308. ianwbz says:

    look the bottom line is we blew a lead, a lead we had when Mexico was playing better. Before we scored Mexico had plenty of chances to take the lead, and they eventually won the game. We needed players that were injured and unavailable because we do not have depth. With our best players we win , with out them we loose. Thats it

  309. ptk says:

    is there some crazy reason not ONE person on here mentioned Jay DeMerit… so many mentions to Chandler, yet last I checked he is still playing 90minutes a game and has a proven USA track record…

  310. federico says:

    When you have a defense of Bornstein, Bocanegra, Goodson and Licaj as your starters you are going to suck! You know why because they are medicore players playing against world class players like Chicarito and Dos Santos

  311. GKILLX says:

    The word from those who are friends with US players is most of the team thinks Bradley is not a good coach. Most of the players couldn’t believe Bornstein made the team. They do not believe in Bradley or Gulati. Every decent federation in the world would make big changes if they were going through what the US is going through. Yet USSF buries it’s head in the sand, makes excuses and never makes changes.
    I’ve been a die hard US fan forever and I’m sick & tired of USSF being afraid to make a dramatic change. No transparency, no accountability, no vision or plan. What does Gulati get paid? Ask any former US player and they all hate him. He’s arrogant to the players.
    The US team is going nowhere with Bradley & Gulati.

  312. Hopper says:

    I’m a USA fan all the way, and I hate losing to Mexico, but it was a helleva entertaining game. USA had more than enough chances to equalize, so for me, it was a matter of Mexico getting the breaks, while USA got the bad case of the Bornsteins.

    Seriously, Spector should have been brought in, though. Not Bornstein. The dude is a travesty.

    For those of you who have yet to watch the highlights on, please do so. They’re awesome.

  313. GKILLX says:

    Also, when is the US press gonna look into Gulati’s job performance. He can’t even get a Hall of Fame location up and running. Seriously, who reviews his job performance?
    When is some one going to ask Gulati some hard questions? He just collects a big paycheck and holds players and fans hostage. Hope and hustle will never take the US to the next level. Why is the USSF sitting on hundreds of millions of dollars? Ivan please shed some light on the finances of USSF.

  314. Ken says:

    Uh I wouldn’t call those 2 world class just yet. They’re good players but not world class.

  315. Hush says:

    I said it yesterday to a few members here. The U.S was going to Lise the game do to coaching strategies. Not bringing Edu or Spector at CB and moving Boca to the right is insane. U always go with experience when u know a guy like Borns can’t hack it. He also could have parked 5 players 20-25yds on front of timmy and waited for Mexico to get desperate & sloppy. Trust me, they would have.

    Its sad it took Bob 4 games to realize a guy who he considers a bench warmer is better than 90% of our offensive players. For those saying Adu is a revelation are insane. Adu was always capable of playing great Futbol on our team,.. For those that don’t believe me, watch the tapes of his playing time. When ever he has had a chance to play he has always been better than average. He had been no secret! He was in great form prior to the world cup, yet Eddie,Rogers, Casey,Finley,buddle,Sasha, etc.. Got a look at, yet my main man Adu sat at home with no call. BOB’s lack of tactics and putting players together
    Is mind bugging.

    Player of the game for the U.S is easy, Adu! Without him, there isn’t any goals on our part.

    Fire Bob is the only way to get this bad karma of our backs. A fresh start is what we need on our team. A new face will boost us up!

    Viva USA cabrones!

    Also insulting hard labor working Mexican is uncalled for. We have lots of Latin-yanks on SBI, so some of us find that offensive. Ethnicity has nothing to do with our nationality. It’s not like folks here were name calling the English after the draw against them in the cup. I know that would offend some Caucasins if we started calling them pink skin pedophiles, yao Ming? Let’s keep it Futbol!

  316. bdiddy says:

    Way to go that was the most unreadable sentence/paragraph I read all week.

  317. biff says:

    Are you truly serious that we should be happy that BB had us up 2-0 for a few minutes although we ended up being destroyed in a crucial final to put us in the Confed Cup before WC 2014? Do you really believe BB has learned from his mistakes this Gold Cup, which had the USNMT constantly struggling against awful teams, and that BB will not continue to make the same silly roster and tactical mistakes over and over in the future. Do you really think you can teach an old dog new tricks? I don’t. We need a new coach. BB should do the honorable thing and resign, just as national coaches do in most of the world after bad, big, painful defeats.

  318. biff says:

    What make you think the players respect BB? On the contrary, it appears that many of the players have lost faith in BB and are not happy with him or his assistants? A new coach with some soccer savvy — the ability to make smart tactical adjustments during a game and to put the most talented players on the roster in the first place — would inject some life into this team. I have no doubt the US could attract a world-class coach. What is most worrisome about the USMNT’s mostly mediocre-to-bad Gold performance against mostly awful teams is the effect it will have on future recruitment of top young US players. Tim Chandler’s decision not to play should be a wake-up call to the US Soccer Federation to fire BB now and begin rebuilding for WC 2014. Chandler already is better than most of the current USMNT players and has potential to grow into a massive force on the US team. It seems likely he declined BB’s call-up in May to leave his options open in the hope for a possible call-up by Germany. I imagine Chandler and other candidates are not eager to commit to a USMNT coached by Bob Bradley after watching BB’s mostly pathetic Gold Cup showing, including wasting valuable roster slots on the likes of Rogers, Bornstein, Onyewu, Kljestan, Wondolowski, and (I will say it because he his not yet ready for prime time until he establishes himself at the club level) Agudelo when there are better candidates, several with a much needed Latino soccer finesse. As for MB, yes, a nice headshot against Mexico and a decent midfielder, but under a better coach MB, a club bench warmer in Europe, would not have been starting this Gold Cup, let only handling midfield play-making responsibilities, while club-starter totally aggressive Edu rotted yet again on the bench. No, TheDeuce, I doubt very much that things without BB would get ugly and that we would scream for his return…

  319. salim says:

    Bob Bradley needs to take a hike. We need new management.

  320. littlepea says:

    Chicharito not world class? HAve you heard of the EPL?

  321. matt says:

    Lichaj is very young but a good defender. give him time and he will be a dominant player. it took chrerundelo years to get where he is. when lichaj is 24-27 we will be a happy national team fanbase. good player who goes forward and defends well. (in the EPL)

  322. Marcus says:

    USA is a team with many second class players, a third class coach and a fourth class president. Until changes start coming from the top, there’s no much hope. Yes, Bornstein, Jones are crap, but so is the guy who put them on the field. And so is the guy responsible for hiring the coach. Bladley must go. Gulati must go.

  323. Harvey says:

    I hope it is obvious to the US Soccer Fed now that our program is stagnant and on the decline. Freddy was the lone bright spot and something we can build on going forward.

    The coach and staff clearly need to go. Bob has done all he can now and we need fresh ideas and player selections. Bornstein was clearly overmatched and Mexico immediately went right at him. Credit their coach and players for a seeing a weakness and attacking it.

    I too had Agoos flashbacks with Bocenengra playing the ball out to the top of the box and watching the opposition drool over the setup.

    My other disappointment was the overall play of Michael Bradley. I know people don’t like to hear it but his touch and decision making are way too slow for this level. He reminds of Claudio Reyna in the ’06 WC. He got stuffed and coughed the ball over at least 6 times this tournament in the middle of the pitch. If that was Ricardo Clark doing that everyone would be calling for his head. Yes, Bradley scored but any national team player should be able to execute that glancing header on the 6.

    Let’s hope the decline ends and this game becomes a watershed moment for the US Program. Hire someone with imagination.

  324. Brett says:

    So because he’s better than the bad coaches that came before him he deserves another cycle to prove he isn’t good enough?

    It was his player selections that cost us an early goal vs Ghana. It was his decision to sub in Bornstein and switch Lichaj to the right that discombobulated our defense.

  325. Brett says:

    Why didn’t he just put Spector in for Cherundolo. That’s a straight swap and Spector hasn’t proven he is terrible time and time again the way that Bornstein has.

    When I saw Bornstein coming in, I turned to my wife and said “Barrera and Gio are going to toast him over and over”

  326. Brett says:

    Thank you! I’ve been saying that about Bradley for ages. His work rate and attacking ability keep him in the mix, but Jones/Holden should be our center pairing.

  327. Apparently my name is Buddy boy says:

    And until someone offers a name of an available coach that they believe would come to work with USSF and be a marked step up in terms of changing our depth age and skill level, I will simply call that imaginary coach Mary Poppins, because that’s about as much sense as this makes unless there is an actual better alternative available.

  328. phil says:

    You can’t be serious…

  329. Chase says:

    Would people quit calling Dos Santos world-class…dude can’t even get onto Tottenham’s bench…

  330. Sam says:

    You know that new Chelsea manager Villas-Boas never played either. Sir Alex and Mourinho weren’t good enough to play. Many good coaches were never good players thats why they developed a good analytical mind.

  331. Dennis says:

    What did BB do to you personally, cut your son from a team, bench you, date your sister and drop her? Man, I understand criticism, but so much hate and so much certainty about what the future will bring can only be the result of some deep personal animosity, not simply from any soccer knowledge.

  332. Bill says:

    When USA went up 2-0, BB needed to bring Spector in for Bedoya, move Denpsey up top, and go defensive. Bornstein was a mistake, but BB could have corrected after Donovan’s goal. USA is never going to win a shootout with Mexico. BB needed to park the bus in front of the goal at 24′.

  333. Well put.

    Our priority going forward has to be solidifying the back line for our 2014 run. Someone must step up at CB (Whitebread, Agbossoumunde, Opara, Gonzales, Ream, Gooch), and gaining the allegiance of Chandler is simply huge. He is far too talented and athletic for Germany to overlook, and although he would be playing behind their captain at RB, I’m sure they’re whispering sweet nothings in his ear and doing whatever they can to get him back. We need to get Jones and Dolo to do a serious recruiting effort. We need the kid badly.

  334. Dennis says:

    if that ever happens, we could consider Mary Poppins
    Of course, Mary still would not have made the errors Howard did, or prevented Dolo’s injury, or made the available pool for US backs faster, or more experienced. Clearly Mary Poppins would be able to select a better set of midfielders and forwards that the ones we saw who play for middlin European clubs or MLS.

  335. buck says:

    I don’t think there was a thing we could have done to win last night. They were a LOT better. In fact, based on earlier results … Salvadore played them tougher than we did so we might not even be the second best in the region. Maybe as low as fourth

    This is the team that Bob built and they were sad. Our defense and halfbacks were so overwhelmed, the forwards really couldn’t get into the game beyond that one spurt. Freddy was the best player on our team last night and better be part of every game in the future. He made good passes and rarely turned it over. Question is… why has it taken BB two years to find this out?

    BB must go. Our crappy performances since the last WC are screaming for the US to make a change. I don’t mind losing to Mexico in a close game but the gap between us was as wide as the gap between us and Spain… maybe wider. Mexico kicked out butts for 90 minutes and I for one do not like it

    Tis on

  336. Who else? Chandler was asked by his coach to get rest for possibly a starting job next year…

    Who is in the fullback pool? Spector, too slow in this paceful type play…an LA Galaxy fullback? eh…who is the guy from NE? ehhh….Marvell Wynne? lol Someone make a list! I need to know my option for the CM11 (Gold Cup Version) in my head…

  337. Jhollywood says:

    Lets be honest….Spector (EPL Defender) would have done a much better job on the right than Bornstein (MLS Scrub, and bench warmer at Tigres). Even if Spector isn’t super fast, his awareness and positioning are way better than Bornstein’s! His aility to cover for Goodson would have been helpful. At the very least, he could have put Edu/Spector in the middle of the defense, and put Boca out left!

    Bob Bradley could have easily called in Whitbread (led his team to Premier League promotion for Norwhich as a central defender), Frankie Simek (waaayyyyyayayyay better than Bornstein), Jay Demerit, or Daniel Williams.

    Facts are facts, we lost this Gold Cup because of the roster! I am still at a loss as to why players like Davies, Diskeruud, Whitbread, Simek, Daniel Williams, etc….weren’t called up over players like Chris Wonohowheevenplaysprosoccerlowski, Sacha Klestjan, Jonathan “the human cone” Bornstein, and Gooch.

    I have never been a fan of BB, and to be honest, he started to win me over a bit after his formation/line-up changes after the loss to Panama. It all came crashing back down to Earth for me when I saw Bornstein ready to enter the game!! The truth is that BB does have too many man crushes. His tiresome choices of the same crappy players holds back the development of US Soccer!!

  338. yo Bob has them huge tecticalis!! Adu at the starting role! Wow…and i know you say he doesn’t have speed, but Ching didn’t either… his cheeky dribbling is a form of hold up play combined with a creative passing touch…also, what impressed me the most is that he was not getting muscled around…i likey

  339. buck says:


  340. Dennis says:

    Spector is no faster than Bornstein, and like Bornstein, he is really a midfield/attacker who has been “made over” to blay at defensive back. Neither has the mentality to simply defend and both are susceptible to ball watching which is a deadly sin as a defensive back. Lack of 100% concentration is something a forward can get away with, but a defender facing a talented and quicker forward will get burned.

    The details of the game would have changed if Spector had come in, but the underlying fact that the Mexican was better and probably still have won would not change. I am not sure if the difference would have been positive or negative in the scoreline.

    Finally, for all the flack Bornstein takes on this forum, he was the left back when the US defeated Spain in the Confed. Cup. He is capable of at least passable performances when he can keep his concentration.

  341. Joe says:

    Umm…one doesn’t cause the other to happen. If you didn’t play it doesn’t mean you “develop a strong analytical mind” just because you didn’t play. These two happenings are not mutually exclusive.

    I follow you that there are plenty of quality coaches that didn’t play, what I am missing is your rationalization. I don’t think you need one.

  342. Joe says:

    Umm…one doesn’t cause the other to happen. If you didn’t play it doesn’t mean you “develop a strong analytical mind” just because you didn’t play. These two happenings are not mutually exclusive.

    I follow you that there are plenty of quality coaches that didn’t play, what I am missing is your rationalization. I don’t think you need one.

  343. buck says:

    we need to stop wasting roster spots on Gooch, Bornstein, Sacha, Rodgers and even Boca and Dolo. THe time is NOW to start building for the next WC and the older players need to join Ching, Frankie H, Pablo …. in retirement from international soccer.

    I really think this was the last call for Gooch

  344. Bill says:

    Dempsey disappeared????? Pass to Donovan for goal, pass to Bradley (too slow to finish)pass to Sacha(failed to finish) near end, shot off crossbar, repeatedly coming back to start things upfield when Bradley/Jones not up to task, hacked down repeatedly, what game were you wtaching????

  345. biff says:

    I simply am voicing my opinion about the USMNT’s team, which I would like to see perform at an optimal level and be able to compete against Top 10 Fifa teams, which I think we have the talent to do, and not always struggle against teams rated by Fifa in the 50-100 range. I see it as constructive criticism. I honestly would appreciate it if you could tell me specifically what you perceive in my comments as hateful or coming from “deep personal animosity.”

  346. Joe B NYC says:

    How many goals did he score in the Champions League final again?

    We don’t have world class players, but we can get a world class coach. Heck, I take Bora back. Bob’s a good coach but against this type of Mexico, and teams like Ghana, we need someone else to lead the teams against these guys.. We had over a year to solve these problems. Saying we don’t have the players is a VERY poor excuse…

  347. dailyminefield says:

    BB should be fired. I wll not give credit for bb limping us into the finals. I could coach that team to the finals.
    Fireable mistakes. (Yes fireable)
    Putting borstein in (really caling him to camp)
    Edu playing like 10 minutes in the whole tournament.

    I keep seeing people say we can’t just blame bornstein, we are a team but when u know ur coach puts int the worst player and weakest link it deflates you. The mexicans knew he sucked and stated attacking every possession.

    Its hard to stay in it when bb keeps making the same mistakes. (Like playing ric clark in world cup). Bob bradley must hate edu. He’s so much better than bornstein, jones, goodson. Etc.

    Watch timmy’s face after the 3rd goal. I feel bad for the 6-8 truly exceptional players we have that they have to play for bb. He needs to go. You can’t lose a final with a 2 nil. Mexico is good, but they aren’t spain or brazil.

  348. Stephen says:

    We need quicker centerbacks. End of story. Love Boca, and Goodson, but they aren’t the most fleet afoot and against teams like Mexico, who are quick and can make decisions with lightning quick timing, we need some centerbacks with quicker pace to be able to make up ground. Don’t know if there are any in the player pool like that though.

    I like the 5 man midfield. That is our strength, problem is we have almost too many midfielders. Very few strikers and very few defenders. Lichaj and Chandler (if he is in the picture) will be the two outside wing backs, we have up and comers like Ream, Gonzalez, Opara, Boss, and some veterans like Clark, Edu and Goodson (for another cycle) who can possibly fill in at CB (say what you will but Clark has been playing CB for his club and he is much quicker than anyone who has currently been playing CB…the trade off is how good is he in the air? and he’s not a “big-physical presence”.

    I still say we give the 3-5-2 a look. And as much as I was against it at first, I think Dempsey as the CAM and Donovan as a striker is our best bet going forward. Adu needs to play a role but not sure he should start and in the 3-5-2 Lichaj and Chandler have free range to run up and down the flanks and 3 CBs stay home with 2 DMids in front of them to clean up anything and link defense to offense. Bedoya also needs to play a role he has much needed energy out there tracking back and making runs but I know he won’t start once Holden gets back.

    I would still like to see more of Torres to add a little Latin flare and with his ability to keep possession it could be a much needed addition.

  349. McQ says:

    I agree. Look it is just a fact that Bornstein can’t play at this level – that doesn’t make him a bad guy. But that doesn’t mean he should be on our squad and by now, Bob should have known that because – everyone on this board does. That is why Bob needs to go.

    Bob is a good coach but again – that doesn’t mean he should be our national team coach. He has done a lot to get our program to where it is now. The US now pulls the majority of its players from European sides. Many of them may not be from the biggest leagues or be starters but they understand the difference in approach,commitment and sensabilities involved. Now we need a coach who does if we want our team to progress.

    Bob seems to get tactics wrong and get outcoached at times. We need someone who can get tactics right who people know and respect.

    The US is turning into an attractive job believe it or not. Not a top-tier but desireable. Consider: the money is good(it is there for the right coach), the lifestyle is good and the pressure is not high and you are virtually assured a spot in the World Cup.

    Two coaches that come to mind immediately are Martin O’Neil and Mark Hughes – admitedly I am a Prem watcher but I am sure those of us who watch SerieA and Bundesleague can also contribute names of like-situated people in these countries. The timing is right. A new coach would have enough time to come in, figure out the player pool and the US-system and get the team playing his sytem in time for 2014. We have to make the switch now.

    While I advocate replacing Bob, the biggest impediment to our progress isn’t Bob but rather Sunil and his cohorts at the Soccer House in Chicago! This has always been about control – NOT WINNING! They like thier arrangement and don’t want anyone tinkering with it. Unless we put the pressure on them to make a change they will stick with thier boy Bob and thier cushy no-pressure jobs!

  350. McQ says:

    …and one more thing. Maybe the time is right for a US Coach to go abroad to learn his trade. Maybe Bob should go to Europe maybe the Championship or a place like Scotland or Belgium to continue to improve his game. It is good enough for the players why not the coach?

  351. Tyler says:

    Yea and what about that comment implied that he doesn’t still play for the US? Certainly from a PR perspective you never say a player is out of the picture until he is 100% out of the picture so I think were still good to go. If he’s only getting calls from us and then one day after being disregarded by the junior national team why would he come back and play for them (besidesthe fact thatbits Germany were talking about)… Kinda reminds me of Subotic in a sense.. If they leave you out for most of your career you just don’t hop back on their D just because theyre some high profile prestigious team…

  352. Tyler says:

    You act like you’ve known about chicharito for years lol stfu… I lived I guadalajara two years ago and he had not comebinto his own yet so give our players a chance to develop and our chicharito will reveal himself… And Gio is good but we made him look a lot better than what he is in my opinion with our sh*tty play in the back…

  353. Justa Guy says:

    Jones was absent and Bedoya looked lost. Jones and Bradley needed to help out more on defense.

  354. Tyler says:

    So you know how many players from our previous U17 squads end up being everyday players? Even from the u17 team Landon was on we for no more than 4 so chill dude… Not to mention the best striker on that team got kicked out of the residency program and Wilmer Cabrera has repeatedly said these guys weren’t as talented as other teams he has had in the past.. We should have more faith in the u21-23 boys though, with a different coach they will ball out like nobodys business… So if we do end up makin noise in the u17s how about you go hide under a rock while the rest of us enjoy their performance

  355. Aquaman says:

    I honestly would have called in Kellyn Acosta from the U-17’s waaaaaaay before Jonathan Bornstein. For those asking who else we could have called to fill in the roster instead of some of these terrible choices: Frank Simek, Zak Whitbred, Heath Pearce, hell I would have even taken Sheanon Williams, gone with an old and tried Ramiro Corrales, Danny Califf, or given guys like Zach Loyd, Brek Shea or Sean Cunningham a chance before a slow Onyewu or a Bornstein sitting on the bench at Tigres.

    Even if you don’t think Bornstein was responsible for most of those goals, it’s the aura that he brings when he steps on the field. As soon as he does, I know we’re going to lose. He’s like those rain clouds that follow cartoon characters around. The rest of the team has to cover for him, and even if he’s not directly responsible for goals, he sets off chain reactions of people trying to rush to cover that does eventually lead to goals.

  356. josh says:

    He’s not playing at Tottenham because he wasn’t good enough to play at Tottenham. There’s your update. He’s playing for a small team in La Liga and, admittedly, doing relatively well but, no, Gio Dos Santos is not world class by any definition.

  357. gulatineedstogo says:

    Aren’t things ugly enough as it is? This team continues to underachieve. Even Guatemala could hold a 1-0 lead to the half.

  358. josh says:

    I’ve said it for years, T Ho is a fine keeper, a very solid keeper, but all these people claiming he’s “world class” and “one of the best in the world” don’t know what they’re talking about. He didn’t have a great World Cup and he didn’t have a great Gold Cup. A world class keeper stops a couple of those.

    There’s nobody else I’d rather have in goal in for the US, he’s the best we’ve got. But he would not walk into any team in the world. That’s world class.

  359. TimN says:

    For me, I simply cannot understand bringing in Bornstein at LB instead of leaving Lichaj there, where’s been playing well, and bringing in Spector at RB for Dolo. Makes NO SENSE AT ALL.

    Secondly, just for the record, there are some seriously misinformed and misguided comments on this board, clearly made by people who do not closely follow the national team or the clubs for which our guys play. Losing Dolo early on CLEARLY hurt our back line, and Mexico went right for the throat. Their first two goals were as a DIRECT result of Mexican strikers beating Bornstein. Bornstein has great pace, but a very poor sense of field positioning and marking.

    I think the MNT was clearly hampered in this tournament by the absence of Holden and Chandler. Going forward, I think we’ll be fine, but we need to work on the depth and consistency of our back line. Mexico lost Marquez, their captain, early on just like we did Dolo early on, but had a capable sub to come in and didn’t completely collapse. The U.S. needs to be two deep at every position in the back. Forwards and midfielders are a little more versatile at changing up, but it is VERY difficult to bring guys into the back line that are not accustomed to playing a particular position, or who have not logged many minutes in games. Bringing in Bornstein was risky enough, but moving Lichaj to RB was disastrous.

  360. GULATIMUSTGO says:

    Imagine a stadium filled with 80,000 US fans chanting Timmy Howard!

  361. Ski Fast! says:

    Freddy Adu showed that he really has a place on this team.

  362. check you facts says:

    spector is not an EPL defender. he is an EPL midfielder.

  363. paul says:

    There is simply no excuse for losing after going up 2-0 at “home.” As talented as this Mexican team is, they are not Spain or Brazil.

    Bornstein was predictably dreadful, but the entire back four looked vulnerable even before Dolo went out. Chicharito botched a couple good chances. No doubt Spector or Edu would have been better options for Dolo (shifting Boca outside if Edu is the call). But apparently Bornstein has naked photos of BB or something.

    Nevertheless, Michael Bradely and Jones were awful in midfield. Bradely got the goal but his defensive effort was terrible for a CM. Jones not much better. And Tim Howard? Wow — haven’t seen him play so badly in a long time. Barrera’s 17 yard shot beats him on the short-side — that reminds me of Ghana’s Boateng’s weak goal in the WC. The Dos Santos adventure was just pathetic.

    What exactly was BB thinking after USA went up 2-0? You clearly have a vulnerable, makeshift back four that needs help, and yet we continue to play an open, attacking style, which allows Mexico to counter in wide open spaces where they excel. Foolish. Pull back and make Mexico work. USA, not Mexico, should’ve been playing the counter. The longer Mexico is down 2-0, the better the chance they starting losing their grip — bitching to each other, the refs, coaches, whomever. We’ve seen such implosions before.

    BB deserves credit for playing Adu in this tourney, but other than that, what did he accomplish? He lost the first group stage game for USA and choked a 2-0 lead against our most bitter rival in the Final. Is this progress???

  364. Martha says:

    You can always bring him back it’s not like hell be coaching man u. The team is stale and time for a change.

  365. jgeiger says:

    JJ – your point help builds John D’s argument. If one of Mexico’s best player is on the left, then why put one of the US’s weakest defenders against him?

    B.Bradley had a decent tournament, but his realignment of the back line completely f#ked the US.

    They still probably concedes a goal or 2, but perhaps not so embarassingly.

  366. GULATIMUSTGO says:

    When you have a USSF president who rehires a coach for a second cycle and the team continues to underachieve you are going to suck. US Soccer has mediocre leadership and changes must be made. Don’t blame Bornstein. Blame Gulati and Bradley.

  367. Martha says:

    No it’s injuries, Feilhaber Onyewu Holden Altidore Davies out who was Mex missing? Go back to wc Jones out onyewu again nit in form due to injury same with Holden mex…. No one. Us players reliance on a overly physical game and overly physical leagues does us in. Live by the sword die by it. MLS an US players need to be more technical n quit that hack a man soccer

  368. Rob says:

    Really, find out more please like quotes of players. Thats crazy stuff, too bad our media doesn’t pick hat stuff up (and to be fair the Mex media tends to stretch the truth sometimes)…

  369. Ski Fast! says:

    After Mexico’s third goal, all I could think of was another Confed Cup final-like performance. That’s two finals in a row now that this coach’s team has squandered momentum of multi-goal leads against quality opposition with no fight back once the ball starts rolling the other team’s way. It is unacceptable to give up four unanswered goals after being up by two. Greater tactical changes were clearly needed during the game, particularly after our second goal.

  370. RyanTheArkansasRazorback says:

    I’d take Freidel if he wasn’t retired from internationals…

  371. Martha says:

    Agree. We need to be more technical. There’s also no Dos Santos Chicharitos Donovans or Dempseys coming up. The u 17 team sucks and have no one special.

  372. Martha says:

    Your overating them. They are a chicharito injury away from being reg mex and in the premiership it’s not if but when he will get hurt. Without him gio has less space. We’ve. Handled gio before. Lichaj Chandler Whitbread and a healthy Gooch will handle them.
    Bornstein Wondo Ream should never be called on again. Not sure about Anguduelo didnt show much

  373. Martha says:

    Switching read the writing on the wall

  374. Cory C says:

    the loss hurts buts it is what it is. and we are what we are. i always want improvement too but there is that reality thing we have to deal with.
    Congrats to Mexico and they better be in the Confeds Final if not win!

  375. Brett says:

    He isn’t now, but yesterday he sure looked like he is heading there. He just has a different look about him on the ball than anyone on either team. You can tell he is Brazilian (unlike our Brazilian ringer Feilhaber, who most people think is German or Austrian anyway).

  376. manny says:

    Simple for the USA, Keep Adu in the starting 11, get some new young blood in the back, and get a coach that has played and coached at the highest level!!

  377. danny says:

    I agree. Our central defense was too slow and weak to handle Mexico’s fast attack. Surprised to say it, but we really could have used a fit Demerit who’s been our best center back since the World Cup. Overall, the US played alright and had a few great attacking sequences, especially with the second goal. Haven’t seen the U.S. pass that well and finish- maybe ever. You have to give credit to Mexico for scoring two phenomenal goals. The U.S. also had its chances but couldn’t finish. That’s soccer. Adu did very well most of the time, but then would make some really dumb plays, especially toward the end- holding on too the ball for too long when there were two defenders on him and there was a simple pass to be made. Also, not coming to the ball when passed to him. But, those mistakes are acceptable given his lack of experience. I thought Bob Bradley did a great job, and really can’t be blamed for having to sub in Bornstein. I do think he should have subbed early at the end and gone to more attacking posture to try and comeback.

  378. Brett says:

    Also, let’s not completely lose sight of the fact that the players nearly bailed Bradley out, again…

    Dempsey’s shot off the bar. Bradley’s whip shot that bent too much and barely missed. At least 2 open-net chances. This could have ended 4-4 at 90 and gone even longer.

    This game proved to me that we have the talent to beat Mexico, but we don’t have the coaching.

  379. Buggrit says:

    Look deeper into the system and then look at the last goal.

    Want to know what our future MNT players are doing? Not the Wondos, but the next generation. The current U9s – u16s. I’ll tell you. They are going to practice twice a week, a game on Saturday and they are not touching a ball in between.

    In our highly competitive youth system the skills and confidence needed to make that last Mexico goal are, as we debate the MNT performance, being coached right out of our kids. If a young player pulled that stunt the coach would have hammered him because chances are he would have lost the ball the first time he tried it. And the second and the third. At that point the coach would screaming at him to pass the ball out of traffic.

    In my area we are surrounded by more ‘elite clubs’ than there are line up opinions on this board and yet outside of official practice there are never any kids out kicking the ball around and learning the creativity and risk taking that leads to greatness. The kids in the areas where they are out learning these things are probably never going to be seen. They are going to have to get a job
    when the leave school instead of going to college where they might get noticed.

    The MNT coach is responsible for the line up, the game prep, the initial game plan and the half time arse kicking.
    Whoever the next coach, he is going to face the same player pool with the same problems that are not in his power to fix.

    If you don’t think we have a problem with the youth system take a look at the backgrounds of the 16 and 17 year olds being bought by top level European leagues out of places like Africa. Where are the young US players that are being chased for millions of $?

    Enough already, I’m sorry for the US players but they were outclassed by a country that doesn’t stifle it’s young players.

  380. mastaliu says:

    I guess everyone has said what can be said, but for me the take home points are:
    – USA was naive to keep things wide open with a 2-0 lead, why not sit a bit deeper, keep possession, and counter?
    – Jones and Bradley caught in possession too often
    – USA tactically could not keep their shape in the second 45
    – No adjustment to Mexico’s threat on Bornstein’s side
    – Just the simple fact that our back 4 (and dare I say our keeper) are suffering from a combination of lack of talent, experience, no speed…the talent gap is there now.

  381. Phil says:

    Wow. This is a fabulous post. Exactly the kind of stuff I come to this forum for. I think your logic is sound, but unless we watch a training camp there’s really no way to know if these things are in fact not happening. A manager or coach can only affect change indirectly. He or she can create an environment for success and get their players as well prepared as possible, but in the end the players you have to choose from need to execute. Look, teams lose games, and the US lost this one. Will a new coach change the level of play? Maybe. Will it make u’s a ton 10 soccer power by 2014? No. I think folks who want to clean house wish to do so for all the wrong reasons, thank you for articulating some of the right ones. We need concrete ideas an reasons, not rhetorical twaddle. thanks again!

  382. JoeW says:

    It’s depressing how weak we are defensively at present.

    1. Organizationally we’re weak. Bocanegra is good but has limitations as a central defender. I’m not sure if there is anyone else we can look at and say “yeah, in a year I could envision this guy organizing our defense in tough spots and looking good.” We’ve got some players who could be fine individually. But at this point, it’s a real stretch to say that Ream is that guy. Goodson could be there individually. Gooch ain’t there but with PT could make a return individually. DeMerit–that’s a real stretch to say he’s our answer…he’s going to be 4 years older by the next WC, has never been stronger technically (in a game that has evolved to high pressure which requires a backline with technical ability).

    2. To argue that if only we’d had Chandler is…a non-answer. If a team is dependent upon one player to be credible and competent than it’s asking for problems. We rely a lot on Cherundolo…he goes out with an injury and where does that leave us? Besides, Chandler was a revelation going forward and with his speed. How has he looked against Guardado? Or Dos Santos?

    3. The leftback situation is still uncertain. Lichaj showed a lot this cup (with some down moments but clearly some upside). There really is no-one else we can look at and project as a reasonable option.

    4. Even then, this is a team with a history of giving up early goals so to say that the answer is a return to form of Gooch or relying on DeMerit…I don’t know.

  383. BellusLudas says:

    I disagree…Cherundolo had a wonderful club season and was getting forward all Gold Cup forcing opposing Flank Midfielders to defend. Lichaj had match Gio for speed and while not spectacular was doing fine. Boca is a good, good player. Goodsen while not first choice is OK….the problem WAS Bornstien. He was at fault on last 3 goals. Until BB quits playing him I will hope for another coach.

  384. SF Dave says:

    If only Bradley would have taken Bobby Convey.

  385. Jason says:

    Bornstein was getting burned up a Mexican who can’t even crack the starting line up at West Ham. Spector was higher in the pecking order than him.

  386. Mark GArcia says:

    In 2009/2010 Chicharito was a monster for Chivas, and you obviously don’t understand that players go through cycles! Did you watch any of the games from the 2005 U-17 WC in Peru? Dos Santos assisted half the goals for Mexico to become World Champion 3-0 vs favorites Brazil! He was playing for Barcelona at 19 years old and was first choice for Rijkaard over Messi as a Barca sub!
    The fact that he made a huge mistake leaving Barca and never took off in England is not unique and has happened to more than a few. Giovani’s style and characteristics are better suited for La Liga and he is obviously wanting to go to a better club which finally motivated him to play his @ss off.
    You have your opinion but Giovani is not just good.

  387. Biggie says:

    Well get used to living a miserable life!

    Only half joking!

  388. Almost in agreement says:

    Show me a depth chart foe each of those positions and I might agree with you. On paper our confed cup squad was supposed to go to south Africa and that did not happen.

  389. Paul Thomas says:

    Spector lost his job as a defender on a team which was relegated from the EPL.

  390. Northzax says:

    What does Gulati get paid? Nothing, actually. i’m sure the Revs and Columbia pay him something, but not USSF.

  391. Paul Thomas says:

    Well, that, and the US has ridiculous numbers of its elite athletes going into other sports… as far as numbers of actual soccer players, the US is effectively a country the size of like South Korea. Which can put together a good team, but isn’t challenging for World Cup wins.

    Maybe there’ll be a cultural shift. I’m not holding my breath, though.

    I do agree that the youth/college system is retarded, though. As in so many other areas, Americans have this idiotic notion that laissez-faire and the “private sector” will solve anything if you just wish hard enough.

  392. Northzax says:

    Hundreds of millions? You really have no idea about USSF, do you? The biggest clue was talking about Gulati’s fat paycheck. Just so you know, the President of USSF is an unpaid position. Want to know more about the org’s finances? Go to their website, download the last annual report and 990 form. It’s all public information. Do some basic research, or just keep spewing nonsensical comments. Whichever.

  393. Cory C says:


  394. Clover362 says:

    Dolo probably won’t be on the next WC team because of his age if the world cup was next month and he was healthy he would start for us. The fact of the matter is that in International soccer you have to constantly reload and the US is lagging behind in reloading it’s back line. We are set in the mid field as we have lots of good younge players and Dempsy and Donavan will be solid veterans for the next WC (maybe starters but maybe back ups) I also like us up top with Altidore, Davies, and Agudelo in the mix. It’s the back line that will hold this team back. We need chandler(capped) and Lachaj to continue to improve and we need at least one of the following players to raise their game to pair with goodson in the middle: Ream, John (who should have been on this team), Whitebeard.

    Also because you have to reload every cycle you need to have a new coach every cycle. Bob bradley like areana before him doen’t bring fresh eyes to the squad which is why Onyewu and Borenstine make this team. It is why shasa makes and plays on this team and bedoya is a late injury sub. I don’t care who the coach is I’d just like someone knew who comes with a clean slate so every player has to step up and earn his spot (notice how donavan was pretty complacent for the whole gold cup except the final)

  395. Cory C says:

    Get it done mrk_76! Lead the charge.

  396. Dean says:

    Under the present coach I wonder if US soccer has peaked. The loss to Mexico stung. Most of the US media ignored the entire event anyway, which is sad. But will American soccer supporters (like me) continually support this product? I love the US National Men’s Team, but is this the best we can do? Does US soccer really have a future beyond this? I’ve always thought it did. Now, I question it while my anti-soccer friends laugh at me.

  397. Roberto says:

    Next time lets play the game at an American city wgere the home team is actually the americans! 80k out of 93k were cheering for Mex!!!

    We were even being booed Mext time lets play in canada we may have a friedlier crowd…

  398. Since 82 says:

    F Altidore – Agudelo – Davies/Burnbury

    MF Donovan (Bedoya) – Bradley (Jones) – Holden (Mixx) – Dempsey (?)

    D Lichaj (?) – Ream (Bocanegra) – Gonzalez (Onyewu/Goodsen) – Chandler (Cherundolo)

    This isn’t an exact depth chart obviously. I am optimistic about the next cycle because of the following:

    1) I think people will be surprised as to how good Altidore and Adu become

    2) I am confident that both Bradley and Holden will continue to improve and Donovan and Dempsey will still be effective in 2014 (if not playing full 90)

    3) Although young, I think this backline will prove to be the most mobile and have ability to go forward … unlike we have ever had

    It is going to be a tricky cycle. The formation choices, transition of the D, and maybe most importantly, where these guys play for club.

  399. Since 82 says:

    Very reasonable post. Given the scenario that happened early in the game yesterday and our weakness/transition at that position to begin with … what transpired should not shock anyone.

  400. A-Lott says:

    I think your argument here is a little weak, Paul. It doesn’t get much more “laissez-faire” and “private sector” than Mexican kids practicing and playing in the street for hours on end without supervision. I feel our problem is the exact opposite: U.S. player development is stymied by top-down planning at almost every level of the chain. The American college system is about as far from “private sector” as you can get.

  401. ben in el cajon says:

    You sound like those insane English fans nattering on about their players being “world class” and blaming the coach for every mediocre international showing. Look I’d be happy to be wrong, but let’s start by listing every single USA player in history who has succeeded at a top-tier club in Europe or South America.

    Okay, now that the list is complete, ask yourself why we should think we’re a top-ten national side, when even England currently has seven or eight internationals at top-tier clubs. And, by the way, England are over-rated.

  402. AJ says:

    You say this as if that’s a walk in the park. Not familiar with football are you?

  403. AJ says:

    Do you have to make it so obvious that soccer isn’t in your blood? Let me guess, to you if it ain’t Messi or Ronaldo it ain’t world class … and I’m sure you’re convinced that Donovan and Dempsey and Howard are there or close enough? But god forbid anyone label a Mexican player with world class right? Sorry Ken, the world has spoken. All of Europe has spoken. Hernandez is world class. And guess what? He’s getting better. Enjoy!

  404. BR says:

    Mexico looked like Barcelona playing a second division La Liga team in the US, they were playing at a level the US has not attained yet. Having said that the US’s inability to play that way does not make Mexican players world class. Chicarito might be world class one day but it is too early to say that now after only one season in the EPL

  405. biff says:

    I did not say we are a top ten team. We aren’t. I said I would like us to improve to the point that we are able to compete with Top Ten teams, instead of the current situation of struggling with teams ranked by Fifa in the 50-100 range. Many of us believe that although BB is a nice guy, he is not capable of taking us to the next level. It does not mean we are hateful or insane, it means that our allegiance is to the USMNT, and not to individual coaches or players. We want what is best for the team, even if that might not be the best for certain individuals. As for your contention we don’t have world class players, I can only say that I think we have a lot of good players but unfortunately the talent pool is not being utilized by BB as smartly as it should be. And, by the way, how many world-class players does Panama have? Or players that play in the Premiere League or the Bundesliga? Oh, none. The Panama coach is a darn good coach, almost pulled off the second win even without Blas Perez.

  406. David says:

    Almost all our hand-wringing here is about lack of depth for defenders. But the forward situation seems worse to me. Agudelo couldn’t hold the ball. The team had no outlet up top. Rushing such a young guy to the national team, when he doesn’t start in the MLS seems crazy – until you consider the lack of other options.

  407. David says:

    If feels like the team has been on an upward trend for the last 20 years. It’s tough to admit we have taken a little step backwards. It will turn around, though, and I hope by 2014…

  408. McQ says:

    We were up two goals to Mexico(no knock against Mexico they are good) -but they are not Spain, not Brazil, not Argentina! our players are good enough to park ten men behind the ball, make the game the most boring exhibition you have ever seen and gotten out with the win! Good coaches realize that. He is too naive as a coach and this is why he must go.

  409. McQ says:

    I’ve got news for you – they can’t get much worse!

  410. McQ says:

    …we need Chandler for the World Cup not the Gold Cup. We can easily schedule some friendlies before the WC.

  411. McQ says:

    Agreed but it didn’t need to be that way. We had them down 2-0 and our couch couldn’t get us home. He needs to go!

  412. McQ says:

    You need to put things into perspective…They are a better team but WE HAD THEM DOWN TWO TO NIL!!!! They are not That much better than us. Everyone talks about Chichorito… He is a damn good player but he plays in the same league as Dempsey and do you know how many more goals he had than Clint???? ONE!!!! (and Clint is a midfielder and he is a striker).

    And in case you didn’t notice – Mexico lost two of thier starting defenders and we didn’t attack then nearly as much as we should have.

    We lost because our coach got substitutions and tactics wrong (…and they were a better team) but this is not the first time (or the second) he got the tactics wrong or the first time (or the second or the third or the fourth) that he got the player selections wrong. Let’s move beyond the Bornstein substitution let’s go back a few years to his infactuation with RedCardo Clark! how many games did that cost us? (think Italy in Confed Cup) and there are more. Enough is enough!

  413. jj says:

    marquez is mexico bornstein. Thats why they took him out.

  414. McQ says:

    Good point and by way Spector could have slotted in for Boca.

  415. McQ says:

    Well said!

  416. Lil' Zeke says:

    Not nothing, just a couple notches below Mexico

  417. Lil' Zeke says:

    Yeah man, your left pinkie toe is straight garbage

  418. fischy says:

    Yes he is.

  419. Ski Fast! says:

    What?? European football is set up with a much more capitalistic mindset than our own sports!

  420. Bob34 says:

    Hmmmm… I thought biff’s post was fairly well reasoned. I didn’t see any ‘hate’ in it.

  421. todd says:


  422. Stan says:


  423. GG says:

    one maybe 2 teams…

  424. Tuim says:

    mix is raw shite

  425. PT says:

    thnak goodness…the man is molasses

  426. Dawson says:

    You have no idea what you are talking about when it comes to Ferguson. He played for 15 seasons, including time with Rangers. He may not have had a Hall of Fame career, but his soccer background is very different from Mourinho or Villas-Boras.

  427. Dawson says:

    Learn some grammar and proper spelling. The word is showed not should.

  428. Colin says:

    I think that Franklin/De La Garza/Dunivant would have done better than Bornstein on Saturday.

  429. Colin says:

    Agreed. If you’re gonna pin our loss of Rossi to a USMNT coach, do it to the right ones. Bruce Arena and Thomas WRong-en.