USA vs. Canada: Match Night Commentary

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The U.S. men's national team begins its quest to regain the CONCACAF Gold Cup with a Group C opening match against Canada at Ford Field tonight (8pm, Fox Soccer Channel).

The Americans have struggled to get results in friendlies this year, but comes into the Gold Cup with a dominating track record in Gold Cup group play, having never lost a match. The United States has also won every one of its Gold Cup opening matches since 1991.

SBI will be providing commentary on tonight's match, so please feel free to follow along. As always, you are welcome to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Tonight's commentary is after the jump):


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297 Responses to USA vs. Canada: Match Night Commentary

  1. josh says:

    Let’s go!

  2. Daniel says:

    or as Altidore, Aguedelo and Davies would have it.


  3. John says:

    Glad Ream is in the lineup. Wonder if US wants to give him enough games to get a work permit across the pond.

    That would be good long-term vision on Bradley’s part.

  4. Famos1 says:

    Jones covering his heart!

  5. Daniel says:

    I’m thinking we see more than usual out of Jones tonight. Also: Aguedelo makes us proud, Bradley is solid and will face proverbial critics, and the US wins. 3-1

  6. Daniel says:

    I dug it as well.

  7. Andrew H. says:

    I think the size of the crowd shows, contrary to popular belief, what game people think was more important–Spain, not Canada. Anyway, I like our lineup tonight.

  8. John says:

    Any streams?

  9. Citronomics says:

    Hoping to see Altidore and Agudelo link up, create chances and of course put one (more would be nice) in the back of the net. “Here we go”. USA for the W!

  10. Jen says:

    Go to concacaftv. They have all the games.

  11. John says:

    So much for MLS in Detroit.

  12. Jacob says:

    Concacaf announcers are awful. this is a joke.

  13. roger says:

    the crowd might be worse than NYRB home games.

  14. Jacob says:

    I wonder if these guys have ever watched a soccer game in their lives

  15. John says:

    Considering the crowd Mexico got in their opener this crowd is pathetic.

  16. Ed says:

    Altidore will get 2 goals tonight

  17. Nolan says:

    Beautiful behind the leg cross by Agudelo in the 10th minute!

  18. Jacob says:

    anyone’s better than onyewu at this point. he’s just awful

  19. tom says:

    Love the pressure. Joz and juan need to do better with first touches

  20. tom says:

    Boca had a goal there. Awful touch.

  21. tom says:

    Love the backtrackng by juanito

  22. Andrew says:

    altidore has not done anything besides walk so far. and i’m a big jozy fan. come on and step up!

  23. Andrew says:

    he scores a second later!

  24. tom says:

    Goooooooooal, jooooooooozy

  25. Valdo says:


  26. Citronomics says:

    Yeah JOOOOOZZZYYYYYYYYY! Beatiful turn and shoot. Pow!

  27. wilbur06 says:

    anyone else think this concacaf commentators are hilarious?

  28. Smits says:

    I was just about to say something about that – “Jozy loves scoring like a fat kid loves eating cake” – really?!

  29. JS says:

    He needed that…Atta Boy Jozy!

  30. Joamiq says:

    Oh hai Jozy

  31. Leo says:

    You Altidore haters: silence.

  32. Bryan says:

    If by hilarious you mean awful then yes, they are quite hilarious.

  33. Smits says:

    hilariously bad – I’m waiting for the next goal to get a “… and boom goes the dynamite.”

  34. Jen says:

    “Jozy likes to score like a fat kid likes to eat cake.” That’s according to the guy doing the game for concacaftv after the goal.

  35. Adrian says:

    2 things

    1. Announcers are making my ears bleed.

    2. That was SHAMEFUL goalkeeping.

  36. Brent McD says:

    Very poor fan turnout. Awful pitch. Detroit should never get another US game

  37. Jaysfan5432 says:

    I think the commentary is absolutely hilarious. Calling Simeon Jackson, Simeon Rice. And the call on Jozy’s goal was great. “He loves scoring goals like a fat kid loves cake”

  38. Jacob says:

    I was dying in laughter. Haha that was great. These guys are such newbs. Now this is just entertaining hearing them.

  39. Timber Dan says:

    Anyone saying it’s the GK’s fault is an idiot. The shot was very low, strong, fast, and accurate. Very, very well taken shot by Jozy regardless of what the GK did or didn’t do.

  40. John says:

    Pat Onstad or Greg Sutton would have stopped that. Awful goalkeeping.

  41. NF says:

    Hilarious or frighteningly awful. I can’t decide.

  42. This Guy says:

    It’s not hate it’s criticism. Completely different things.

  43. roger says:

    good job jozy!(is the goalie a pro?) we’ll take it!

  44. Adrian says:

    You always give credit for putting the ball in a dangerous spot… but that was worse than high school goalkeeping. It was directly at the keeper.

    Now people are going to think Jozy is incredible.

  45. Kelly Goosecock says:

    They also apparently have “boom goes the dynamite” guy.

  46. Ray Tango says:

    +1. People will say keeper should have done better which could be true. However, awesome quick shot from Litttttle Jozy! Can we please get Ray Hudson to call all US soccer games. People lets get a petition going for him to call US world cup games with Ian Darke. Oh and Bradley is a no brainer to start. You haters are out of your mind.

  47. Tom says:

    Haha someone was just bashing jozy on Ives’ chat too. Though w the rate of jozy bashing, these days, chances are any goal he scores will be immediately preceded by 12 negative comments. He is the current scapegoat. At least he is in good company as Deuce, Landon, Bradley, and pretty much every top U.S. Player has gone through a nasty scapegoat phase.

  48. Fred Garvin says:

    Does anyone have a Spanish language feed? Concacaf announcers are lame, can’t take it anymore…

  49. Leo says:

    Criticism is hardly ever tempered with praise, at least not around here.

    I have read people saying that he shouldn’t be on the team, that he’s washed up, that he doesn’t belong. Right now, those voices are silent because he’s the only guy on the scoreboard so far.

  50. says:

    Where can I watch the game streaming on the internet?

  51. NF says:

    I think my least favorite word in the English language is “haters.” You just categorize someone as a hater and ignore any point they make. Yes, that’s aimed at you, Ives.

  52. Adrian says:

    CONCACAF or Univision

  53. Tom says:

    Absurd overstatement. The ball was BLASTED with nasty dip. It still should have been saved by a good keeper, but it was a really nice shot.

  54. understood says:

    timber dan and ray tango…dont be silly now…its not jozy hate to say that the GK handled that shot terribly…its just realism…be honest with yourselves…what would you be saying if tim howard gave that shot up?…cmon now…

    ever since the word hater went mainstream thru bill oreilly people have run crazily wild with it…its starting to turn into fascism…if you disagree you are a hater…lets grow up yall…

    way to go jozy! hopefully this will be the spark you need

  55. Smits says:

    Actually the color guy isn’t too bad – and the play-by-play guy’s off cuff comments aren’t terrible but his actual play calls need lots more practice

  56. Kelly Goosecock says:

    There were a bunch more people on their way there but they were murdered.

  57. tom says:

    Nice pass by Jozy. Juan should have buried that.

  58. Brent McD says:

    nasty dip? are you serious?

  59. Adrian says:

    No it wasn’t.

    It was a poor shot directly at the keeper that inexplicably made it in. That was not a nice shot.

  60. tom says:

    Spoken like a true hater. Haters points should be ignored. They are hate filled and ignorant. They muddle the conversation and stand in the way of true and intelligent dialogue.

  61. tom says:

    Did you even watch the replay?

  62. Smits says:

    Is there a Hockey game tonight? Where are the rest of the Canadian fans? Couldn’t make it across the river there? It looks as if they brought only about 5000 people.

  63. Adrian says:

    Watched the entire play.

    It was horrific goal keeping of a poor shot. If Tim Howard let that in I would be furious.

  64. Tim says:

    terrible keeping…where is 50 yeard old Onstad???

  65. John says:

    Is Bob Bradley in goal for Canada?

  66. JJ says:

    yes, indeed

  67. Brent McD says:

    Michael Bradley hustling, singlehandedly causes a Canada turnover. Love the effort.

  68. Leo says:

    We’ll be sure to forward your concerns to the OED committee.

  69. Mike says:

    What are you on about man?

    That was on par with Rob Green’s World Cup blunder.

  70. Sean says:

    De Ro looking for a goal

  71. Judging Amy says:

    He’s not incredible. Just not terrible. I don’t buy that Agudelo is leagues ahead of him like many on SBI seem to think. I don’t think even Jozy’s supporters will say he’s anywhere near world class.

  72. Phil says:

    bull$hit. that was a very well taken shot.

  73. Judging Amy says:

    Well said. Haters gonna hate.

  74. Mike says:

    Man, I was expecting Canada to at least be competitive. Not running, not moving off the ball, not doing anything really.

  75. Phil says:

    US looks really sharp, but need a second goal. DRow just gave me a heart attack….

  76. NF says:

    Offering criticism of a player does not mean a person is filled with hate or ignorant. Labeling the person who was critical a hate is what stands in the way of true and intelligent dialogue. Name calling is the sign of a lack of intelligence.

  77. Phil says:

    and yes these common-taters are about as dumb as rocks. that’s an insult to rocks…

  78. John says:

    Total snooze fest.

  79. tom says:

    Clueless, blind, haters or simply didn’t watch the replay. Which are you guys? Rewind the dvr feed, people. Ives even said the shot had “serious English”. Comparing it to Dempsey’s WC goal is just trollish hatespeak. I can safely tune you out Mike.

  80. Mike says:


    Being blunt here… but Canada has just sucked so far.

  81. Brent McD says:

    holy sh!t, we just strung together 20+ passes. shocking

  82. CY says:

    Jackson is fast

  83. Mike says:

    You clearly have no idea what “troll” or “hater” even mean.

    If you cannot accept how terrible that goal keeping was, I’m sorry.

  84. Phil says:

    ticky tacky baby!

  85. Phil says:

    that was horrible

    -ly funny.

  86. Alf says:

    Haha at anyone thinking that was even close to acceptable goalkeeping. God, my sister could have stopped that.

  87. Ray Tango says:

    WHAAAAAAAAA! Dude who cares how it’s phrased. People on this site crap on Michael Bradley. All the Bradley “Crappers” out there are crazy. Kids a stud.

  88. Smits says:

    Gotta love the DeRo vs Ream / teammate v teammate dynamic

    announcers – “Dude” , “go back to quoting Tupac” eck

  89. Chunk says:

    Canada looking much better before the half…this is not over

  90. Numeros 800 says:

    This is gonna be an awesome game!!

  91. Adrian says:

    Controlling the ball well and pressuring well, but jesus the play in the final third is inept.

  92. Brent McD says:

    These Telefutura announcers are always creative with nicknames. Had no idea Timmy was known as “the Duck”

  93. Adrian says:

    Not the best half.

    Canada is gaining in confidence as the game goes on, and the United States just squandered far too many chances to put the game out of reach.

    De Rosario and Simpson could cause serious trouble if Canada is allowed to hang around.

  94. Tom says:

    Ther’s a difference between offering criticism and being a hater. Haters blind themselves with hate and will say absurd things like comparing deuce’s cup goal against green to altidore’s recent strike. haters will often also tend to bristle at anyone being called a hater. If you are not a hater, then i apologize for calling you one, but the boards get ruined with trolls and haters. That kind of relentless and unreasoning negativity is just awful. Think of it this way. Do you want to hang out with someone who is constantly whining and complaining? No, it’s boring. It’s also no fun to read it on the boards.

  95. Shark says:

    What game are you watching?

  96. annoyed says:

    Am I the only one that noticed that the US is playing lazy? I mean they have had chances and several times there is no one in the box to finish. I know we are up but playing the midfield so far back is ridiculous. If we were up 2-0 then I would understand the tempo but it looks so slow. I think I fell asleep the last 5 minutes of the first half.

  97. NF says:

    I like M. Bradley and have defended him. However, there have been solid arguments made why he should not start, and I haven’t seen a response other than: You’re a hater. I had hoped the people on this site had a higher IQ than that, but I am apparently mistaken.

  98. NF says:

    The same one I’m watching. The US was great in possession but should have scored another goal. Many opportunities were lost. Canada started to get into a rhythm late in the half.

  99. Adrian says:

    The game where Canada weathered the storm and started attacking more with De Rosario and Simpson causing some trouble near the end of the half.

    This game isn’t close to over, and it could end poorly for the United States if they don’t get their collective acts together in front of the net.

  100. baller says:

    Ives, how can you say the USA was thouroughly dominant throughout? We were until we scored and then all the off-the ball movement died down to almost nothing, with our only offense coming off of simple counter-attack plays….our midfield is WAAY too good compared with Canada’s to let that happen!

  101. Goblin says:

    Too bad Concacaf didn’t bring in the Jamaican commentator who did the U17 qualifying tourney. He was hilarious, but good.

  102. OchoCinco says:

    A wise man once said, “Haters are just confused admirers.”

    That man was me.

  103. Rusty Shackleford says:


  104. Ed says:

    Wamp wamp.

  105. CA says:

    Pretty solid half. Our midfield looks pretty good. Awesome feed from Donovan, and a great finish from Altidore.

  106. Mike says:

    Seems like he’s really watching and understanding the game.

    De Rosario can crack off a wonder goal at any time, and Simpson has been a nightmare on the flank with Dolo playing an incredible game to contain him. If Canada is smart and moves the kid over to the right flank, they could cause some real problems in the box off crosses.

  107. sy says:

    Any of you ever *played* goalkeeper?

  108. Ray Tango says:

    I think he should start simply by what I see on the field. Crazy right?

  109. Mike says:


    Canada’s midfield BLOWS.

    Our offense is once again off counter-attacks. We should be up by 3 or 4 at this point… this could really bite us in the butt.

  110. Ed says:

    Hey dude how’s Bradley playing?

  111. Citronomics says:

    I think this is an entirely fair, high level observation. It was great to see the US create so many opportunities and pressure Canada for most of the 1H. For the final 10+, Canada played more cohesively. Hopefully we’ll create and convert a couple more in 2H and lay the wood on em.

    Not saying US didn’t dominate play, just an observation that US didn’t put the game away (at least not yet)

  112. JOMA says:

    …and just for all the posters who always say that the “Mexican” announcers are always biased for Mexico, Jesus Bracamontes just said,,,Estados Unidos es EL FAVORITO para ganar La Copa Oro, estan en su casa, mira como juegan…a ver…ganales?
    Translation: US is favorite to win! They’re playing at home, look how good they play…let’s see anyone beat them!
    FYI- Bracamontes, apart from being a gent and an all around nice guy, coached Chivas and almost every other team in Mexico, and was assistant coach for El TRI during the 2006 WC in Germany!!!
    Also FYI and with all do respect, his daughter is smoking hot!

  113. Francois says:

    We should definitely pick up the pace in terms of moving the ball, we looked complacent at times. We should be up 3 or 4 at this point. We need to go for the throat and bury this game before Canada pulls some sh!t out of their arse like DeRo almost did.

  114. Mike says:


    Everyone in the midfield is playing well. Canada’s midfield is horrible.

  115. Mark F says:

    Lazy soccer.

  116. chris says:

    I like cobi jones on there

  117. Mark F says:

    Freddy Adu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring him on!

  118. tom says:

    With Stu out, after watching the Spain game, it’s a little crazy to even argue that Bradley shouldn’t start.

  119. Mike says:

    Goal differential is incredibly important, we need as many goals as possible.

  120. John says:

    yeah, what’s up with that. they announce “sell-out” or 20K… and every other seat is open. corporate give-aways don’t count!

  121. hudson says:

    Agree U.S. attack still looks too sluggish. Would like see the team surge forward when they have possession into the final third and work it around for an opening. Have to get more shots on goal given Canada’s weakness at goalkeeper. Just keep pinging him with shots and more are sure to go in. Dempsey’s been awfully quiet, like to see him more involved in second half.

  122. Phil says:

    so just throwing this out there… if we hadn’t had the marquee friendly three days ago would there have been a better turnout for this match?

  123. NF says:

    Really? You think people are blinded by hate for Altidore? People in the KKK are blinded by hate. I don’t think most soccer fans hate Altidore. It’s possible they just have a different opinion than you.

  124. fcmonk says:

    Here we go into Bradley’s Bunker…

  125. Phil says:

    yeah this right here? this is why I have an ulcer….

  126. Mike says:

    Damnit, this is the last thing we needed!

    We started off slow again and Canada is pressing hard. They’ve looked far more dangerous at the start of the half. They are going to score.

  127. Hopper says:

    You can always count on Will Johnson’s terrible touch to cost his team a chance.

  128. Adrian says:

    Bradley is playing bunker ball!!!


  129. Francois says:

    Wow what the eff are we doing?!

  130. NF says:

    Not crazy at all, but Coach Bob did once say that players who weren’t getting regular minutes for their club would not play. I think it’s fair to mention that fact.

  131. tom says:

    Man, Goodson gets UP. He can be weapon on set pieces.

  132. fcmonk says:

    I hate, hate, hate how we’re playing.

  133. Adrian says:

    We look horrible now. I knew this would happen. Trying to hold onto a freaking 1-0 lead?

  134. BF says:

    why is this game at Ford Field??!!!

  135. Citronomics says:

    Maybe we can add some Bradley ZONE D marking to the bunker scheme for extra heartburn :-)

  136. Phil says:

    Senior Bradley’s temple veins scare me….

  137. fcmonk says:

    Anyone seen Landycakes?

  138. tom says:

    Deuce is so good. As a target guy, Jozy timing and technique on headers needs serious work.

  139. Adrian says:

    Ream gets OWNED

  140. Phil says:

    Ream nutmegged.

  141. Phil says:

    that was completely inept.

  142. tom says:

    Agudelo only lacks consistency. He makes a great settle followed by an awful one.

  143. Adrian says:

    This is Canada owning us right now.


  144. Francois says:

    Wow, we haven’t finished well at all today.

  145. fcmonk says:

    That’s it Canada. Stall for the 1-0 loss.

  146. Phil says:

    the counter-atta-org-doh-oh

  147. ac says:

    WTF IS WRONG WITH THE CONCACAF ANNOUNCER!?!? who heard his audition and decided to hire him?? awful

  148. Mike says:

    Dude, wtf is this?

    This is CANADA

  149. fcmonk says:

    The same can be said for our other forwards. Just a lack of understanding at times.

  150. Leo says:

    Hey, you should turn on the game. It’s pretty good.

  151. Marcus says:

    This is some extremely uninspiring stuff in the final third for the US…

    Someone make a useful run, FFS!

  152. Phil says:


  153. Tom says:

    Head it Deuce!

  154. canchon says:

    Adu needs to find the bench first.

  155. ac says:

    omg dude just made a sound after the duece chance that sounded like he was getting castrated. lol

  156. Mike says:

    Maybe you should, we’re getting worked.

  157. Fred Garvin says:

    embarrassing stuff Team USA

  158. Tom says:


  159. jacob says:

    dempsey almost with the goal. concacaf announcer yelps out a choking noise. he didn’t have anything to so, just wanted to make a choking noise.

  160. fcmonk says:


  161. JS says:


  162. Phil says:

    DEMPSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY. this commentator needs to shut the a$$ up.

  163. Mike says:

    i don’t even care that we scored


  164. canchon says:

    Would have been the goal of the tournament if he somehow put that in…Higuita-esque

    And as I type this Deuce drops a deuce on Canada.

  165. jacob says:

    and then after dempsey scores: “waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. WA WA WEEEEE WAAA.”

    This is no joke

  166. Brent McD says:

    Landon’s corner kicks have been consistently poor. Yet another reason we miss Holden.

    Nice goal from Clint!

  167. Joamiq says:

    The CONCACAF play by play guy is cracking me up. WA WA WEE WA!

    Ridiculous finish by Clint.

  168. Leo says:

    Uh, you mean Deuce just worked that ball into the back of the net.


  169. tom says:

    I guess the haters will say that was a bad cross by Jozy, too?

  170. Valdo says:


  171. EricJohnson says:

    What excuse will the Jozy haters have on that one?

  172. afc says:

    Oh man where did they find these Concacaf announcers? Are these guys being paid?

  173. Luke says:

    The commentator on the stream is a complete idiot….he just screamed “wa-wa-wee-wa” after dempsey’s goal…

  174. baller says:

    my telfutura feed just cutting out…do i really have to listen to this for 30 minutes? This is like listening to 2 retards talk to a doorknob….


    I don’t think i’ve ever heard that sound before in my life lol

  175. Joamiq says:

    Hahaha that is exactly what it sounded like. I thought it was hilarious

  176. tom says:

    I have to hear this feed. Whaer is it?

  177. BF says:

    Dempsey is by FAR the best player on this team, he does everything right, ALL the time.

  178. peterjh says:

    Wa wa wee wa?

    Did they pull this guy out of the pub and stick him in the booth?

  179. NF says:

    Altidore is having a great game, the best I’ve seen from him in a long time.

    But seriously, I need to mute this guy.

  180. Since 82 says:

    Josh bashers, it is time to EAT IT.

  181. Adrian says:

    God i’m going to have nightmares of this moron’s voice

  182. Jeremy2 says:

    Anyone else watching this on CONCACAF TV? The announcers are something else. Went from excitedly yelling things hockey style straight into unintelligible yelping.

  183. canchon says:

    Attention fans: It’s Wondo mania time. Maybe he will look around, see Ream and De Rosario, think he’s in MLS and score 2 headers.

  184. Leo says:

    You guys can open your eyes and watch the footy again. I mean, unless you think unless that scoreline isn’t 5-nil USA we’re getting “worked”. Then you should probably turn off the TV and find a hobby.

  185. Joamiq says:

    I don’t know why people are getting on the CONCACAF announcers so much. I think they’re hilarious! Terrible, but hilarious. The guy obviously knows he’s being ridiculous.

  186. Phil says:

    and his first goal, I mean SHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA….

    he needs to shut the a$$ up….

  187. Francois says:

    Ya 2-0 up, definitely embarrassing.

  188. Since 82 says:

    Jozy of course.

  189. Joamiq says:

    Clearly a mis-hit shot, FIRE JOZY

  190. tom says:

    Yet last year he was the worst player on the team according to many soccer message boards. Go figure. How did he get so good in one year?

  191. Jack says:

    You’re pretty dumb man.

    It’s pretty undeniable that we were getting worked for the first 15 minutes of the second half.

    If you can’t bother to accept reality, and you want to continue acting like some self-righteous than just don’t bother commenting.

  192. fcmonk says:

    Jackson is a pretty tricky player. It’s a shame he doesn’t have more help.

  193. Phil says:

    please get 3….

  194. annoyed says:

    Wondolowski is not better than Buddle. To be honest I’d rather see Cunningham out there over Wondo. Why does Bradley not realize this?

  195. Jack says:

    Bring on Adu!

  196. Phil says:


  197. fcmonk says:

    Great save Timmy!

    Gerba needs to do some pushups. Away from the dinner table.

  198. Albirroja says:

    Yup and they are making this even more enjoyable. I can’t believe the found the “Boom Goes the Dynamite” guy and hired him.

  199. tom says:

    Methinks you are the one having trouble accepting reality. I guess the scoreboard, possession stats, and all conceivable metrics are having trouble accepting reality too.

  200. Scott A says:


  201. Leo says:

    Nice save by Howard.

  202. fcmonk says:

    Sasha? Are you serious? Bradley likes making things tougher than they have to be.

  203. Jack says:

    You aren’t even worth talking to.

    I’ve been reading your comments since the board opened up, and you do NOTHING but attack and demean everyone with a different, and normally more realistic opinion.

    Canada had the lions share of control of the first 15 minutes of the second half. A random goal from Deuce doesn’t change that fact or alter it.

    It seems to be YOU that is having trouble accepting reality.

  204. Phil says:


  205. tom says:

    Stay up, Jozy. Use your strength and make a play. Don’t dive there. You’re a BULL, man!

  206. Francois says:

    Oh no, I don’t know about Sasha.

  207. Phil says:

    that’s the understatement of the night.

  208. Luke says:

    Great…here comes Sacha “Red Card” Klejstan…time for some great give-aways in midfield.

  209. Jack says:

    Here comes bunker ball :(

  210. tom says:

    Great game by Jozy, overall.

  211. fcmonk says:

    Next sub: Bornstein for Dolo. If it happens, I’m kicking my neighbor’s cat.

  212. Leo says:

    Jozy leaves the game with one goal and one assist.


  213. tom says:

    Trying to be positive. Best thing i can say about Sascha….. Um….. At least he’s not Robbie Rogers?

  214. canchon says:

    Don’t worry, BB is saving him for Guadaloupe. Adu’s going to torch that back line for 2 goals and the hype meter will explode!!

  215. fcmonk says:

    Can’t wait to bitch and moan about how bad we play against Guadalupe.

  216. fcmonk says:

    How can you be that beefy and still play international soccer? Buy a treadmill.

  217. tom says:

    I know, man! Like, this is CANADA! He should have had at least 5 goals.

  218. Smits says:

    Some one please tell me they’re recording this and can edit the best of the announcers into a youtube video.

    It’d be at least 15 minutes long.

  219. canchon says:

    So Jozy has a goal and an assist, Bradley has been very effective…what will people whine about now?? I got it, how about we discuss how much Ream sucks because he got nutmegged once?

  220. beachbum says:

    Jermaine Jones…player of the match with Jozy with 10+ to go still

  221. Francois says:

    Yes, 15 minutes out of the 80 or so that have been played. People will always hate on the USMNT unless they go out and win these games 4 or 5 nil, even though we should be beating them by 4 or 5.

  222. canchon says:

    The best was hearing Pablo and el Profe discussing is he very fat or just a little “gordito”

  223. Tom says:

    Okay, Logic Boy. You just opened your comment to Leo by saying, “You’re pretty dumb, man,” yet you’re whining that I am demeaning? Are you majoring in Hypocrisy?

  224. ThaDeuce says:

    Just curious, what happened to chad marshall?

  225. Smits says:

    Nice idea by Bradley on that shot

  226. fcmonk says:

    +1. I think Bradley and Jones played really well together. Don’t know how they’re going to fit them all in the lineup when Holden comes back. Good problem to have, I guess.

  227. Jack says:

    Is the announcer on crack?

    Canada is much better than El Salvador? Where do they find these guys.

  228. tom says:

    Realistic, Jack? You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

  229. Adrian says:

    LOL I caught that too

    Trying to explain why the USA didn’t drop a Mexico scoreline on Canada.

  230. Leo says:

    Yep, everyone else is doing the attacking, calling you “pretty dumb”, “self-righteous ” and everyone else has completely diverged from “reality”.

    You should consult someone about lithium.

  231. tom says:


  232. Brent McD says:

    el Pato!!!

  233. fcmonk says:


  234. Leo says:


  235. canchon says:

    What a sequence of saves from Howard!!!

  236. Citronomics says:

    Now THAT is a save. TIMMY is lights out!

  237. Adrian says:

    Howard the only reason Canada doesn’t have like 2 goals. Unreal saves.

  238. Leo says:


  239. Fred Garvin says:

    Did Canada get some old USA hand me down jersey’s?

  240. Amazonmatt says:

    If Tim Howard isn’t the most athletic goalkeeper – and perhaps the all around best – I’d like to know who is??????

    Dude is sick…..

  241. NF says:

    You guys spend more time whining about people who don’t walk around with rose colored glasses than anyone could ever spend whining about the players. And yes, I’m whining about the people whining about other people’s whining.

  242. K says:

    Bahaha he just make a joke out of you and you fell right into his trap.


  243. tom says:

    That’s what makes soccer so great. With 11 players, there’s always someone on the pitch to hate on! WTF Landon! Get in the game! He is soooo washed up.

  244. K says:

    United States defense can thank Howard for saving their butt against a second rate team AGAIN.

    Canada has at least 2 goals with an average keeper.

  245. tom says:

    Gotta admit, that was kinda funny

  246. canchon says:

    hahahaha fantastic. If we had dressed Adu we would have dropped 5-0 on Canada!

  247. Phil says:

    Timmy says shut the a$$ up….

  248. Smits says:

    Is Bob Bradley allergic to sports coats? He is consistently one of the most shabbily dressed coach out there.

  249. tom says:

    Aw, Deuce deserved a pk for that work

  250. K says:

    And Dempsey embarrasses the squad with that joke of a dive.

  251. Brent McD says:

    Dempsey with a nice flop in the box. Referee says get up

  252. chuck says:


  253. chuck says:

    They sound like the high school volleyball announcers on my local public school’s tv channel.

  254. Leo says:

    Yeah. He really got me there, guy.

  255. K says:

    To sum that game up…

    1. Canada sucks way worse than I expected.

    2. With that being said, with almost any keeper not named Tim Howard this game ends at 2-2.

    3. No other team is going to just give us free range around the middle of the pitch. It could be a serious wake up call for the players to see two and three times that pressure.

  256. speeke says:

    very true. i couldnt stand them at first. but they were goofey and kinda grew on me

  257. chg says:

    I think CONCACAF TV is using the Boom Goes the Dynamite guy and his brother to cover the matches.

  258. Adrian says:

    Yeah man, Canada was a lot worse than I expected. If we squander chances like that against Mexico, Honduras, or any team of that caliber we could be in a for a lot of trouble.

    Tim Howard can only play God so often.

  259. chuck says:

    What about Bob? You can’t mention scapegoat without mentioning Bob. But in his case, killing the goat really would exorcise us of many, many demons (and probably invite a bunch of new ones)

  260. CA says:

    I thought his corners in the first half were very good. Second half corners were not.

  261. Francois says:

    I love all the haters on this site, I swear. It seems like half of the people who actually watch football in the states enjoy watching the USMNT fail rather than succeed.

  262. chuck says:

    Or and MLS team. Er . . . actually, poor pitch and terrible crowd are prerequisites for an MLS team.

  263. Alf says:

    I hear ya.

    After watching all of the games, Canada might be the worst team next to Granada.

  264. marco says:

    Ives called it 2-0 USA. Good win for the US. Canada was unfortunate not to get a goal or two, but Tim Howard was magnificent, MOM along with Michael Bradley. Canada has nice attackers and should progress to next round. Everyone on USA side played well, however Boca will need to play better in future games. He tailed off badly at the end.

  265. Francois says:

    To be honest, if we would have put away half of the chances we had in this match it would have been a rout. We wasted so many chances, it was getting a little ridiculous.

  266. GSScasual says:

    I also was happy to see that.

  267. chuck says:


  268. northzax says:

    yup. and it was a decent shot. but no professional goalkeeper should ever be beaten near post lower corner from that angle. that’s straight up poor positioning. good job from Jozy to see it an abuse it.

    a positioning error like that isn’t on the same level as Green’s howler. this was just bad play.

  269. Alf says:

    The norm with this squad is to not put those chances away.

    I wouldn’t expect any high powered offensive outputs, these guys just seem incapable of it, be it tactics or just a lack of skill.

  270. soccerDope says:

    If the US gets to the final against Mexico, they need to truck in this same field to the Rose Bowl. That’s the only way our old guys will be able to keep up with the young guys from the south. Seriously, that was worse than playing in 10 inches of grass.

  271. GSScasual says:

    Roger, Let me guess… you are a philly fan or a some other erroneous fan… NYRB is in the top 5 in attendance…. we average 18k…. why would you say NYRB when you could have said…dallas, colorado, columbus, Chivas, ???????

  272. tom says:

    Really nice game by the Nats against a pretty decent side. They came out of the gate with serious heat. They may habe taken their foot off the gas a bit after the first goal, but were consistently threatening. There were more dangerous balls in the box than I can remember in recent memory. Defense was pretty well organized all night with some trouble defending one v one in spots. Best players: Altidore, Deuce, Jones, Bradley, Cherundolo. I also like Goodson’s continued development. He looks pretty comfortable out there and he is dangerous on set pieces.

    The biggest thing to take away is clearly Jozy’s confidenve boosting performance. We need this kid to keep developing.

  273. chg says:

    It’s like the people of Mexico care more about soccer than the people of the United States or something.

  274. Cranky Old Ref says:

    The Big Story was a solid central defense, which was and remains the team’s top priority. Granted, M. Bradley took much pressure off Ream and Goodson, but those two looked vastly better than any central pairing I’ve seen in years. Bocca and, to my surprise, Cherundulo looked a bit second-run and worrisome. Likewise, the jury is still out on who best pairs with MB in the middle-middle. I always thought Beckermann deserved a shot, but then I’m just a COF….

  275. Francois says:

    I think it’s more tactical. I think we should have pushed a lot harder than we did. Hopefully the boys get some of that killer instinct. If they don’t, it’s going to be tough against a team like Mexico.

  276. Hush says:

    Great game. The U.S looked average, I expected a little more from them since they got their butts kicked a couple days ago.

    Adu didn’t even make the bench?lol.. Sasha must be a killa in practice.

    It’s also official that Wondo & Sasha are a waste of space! Wondo is clueless in regards to opening up spaces or making simple cuts. Sasha is absolutely horrible? What position does this kid play, seriously! This guy is horrible on offense and way off on defense. His vision is horrible! Sasha & Bob have something going on, that’s the only explanation to why he is on the team or gets on the field…. As soon as Canada saw Wondo & Sasha on the pitch, the lines went forward for Canada. No respect!

    I love how the Mexican media seems to expect more from the U.S then our own media. They kept saying which U.S team will show up Why is Sasha or Rogers on the team. Why isn’t Adu getting on the pitch to help move the ball, etc…

  277. patriot71 says:

    Had to miss watching the match. Anyone know of a stream where I can watch a replay of the match??

  278. john Harvey says:

    1. Canada is HORRIBLE!

    2. Honduras, Guatemala, Jamaica are better!

    3. Mexico, Costa Rica are much better, no really!

    3. Tim is GOD!

    4. No Tim, No Win!

    5. Either we get better, or we can forget about it!

  279. Ed says:

    Probably because he knows more about soccer than you ever will.

  280. Hush says:

    Are you serious? Maybe 5 years ago, but Salvador has caused much more trouble for the U.S & Mexico as of late. Canada hasn’t done jack squad in comparisson to El Salvador in recent years. I rather play a crucial game against Canada in Canada, then playing in Cuscatlan in El Salvador! Right now El Salvador is the better team.

  281. GW says:

    Maybe he likes the idea of the national team manager wearing what amounts to a US uniform.

    Sort of like being proud to show your colors, maybe?

  282. beachbum says:

    folks repeating their posts? what’s up john harvey?

    Jozy, JJ, MB and Timmy stood out.

  283. ben in el cajon says:

    You’ll have to look back in the archives for the two-to-three year span when many, many discussions had many, many people providing rational arguments for M. Bradley’s talent and worthiness to start. Over, and over, and over, people tried to provide reasonable points.

    The arguments have all been made, except for Michael’s being the best on the pitch game in and game out.

    People who don’t listen to “solid arguments” for years are likely haters. When they have to accuse Bradley Sr. of nepotism and find the two stray passes per game, when they have to find insulting nicknames, when they make extreme, negative, comments, then they are confirmed haters.

    Sure, the word is over-used, but still strangely appropriate.

  284. sy says:

    Pros get beat near post by great shots all the time. I’ll bet it’s happened to you too. I have plenty of ugly memories of screamers like that going by.

    Besides, it didn’t really go post, it went almost over his foot, so his position wasn’t terrible. Jozy had his back turned until he shot it and didn’t see keeper’s positioning. The main problem was keeper planted instead of shifting with the run. For a comparison, watch Howard here at around 1:45, hopping so he can cover any direction or get to ground quick:

    link to

    The Canadian keeper could have done better but it wasn’t shambolic. The shot was struck very hard. Credit to Jozy for deception and a powerful shot, and to Donovan for a dangerous pass.

    And by the way, Green was positioned perfectly, he just flubbed it.

  285. sy says:

    I retract last sentence. You weren’t comparing positioning.

  286. roger says:

    My apologies… I saw the first two nationally televised games for the Red Bulls and it was more like 10k. thats why I made that remark. I wonder where the dynamo stacks up, we have a crappy team but most of the games surpass 20k (must be the fireworks display that draws the crowd, thats the main reason im going back)

  287. Brian says:

    I had a final exam tonight and had to DVR it. Was he singing along too?

  288. Brian says:


  289. Rob says:

    Who ever said Dempsey was the worst. I have been on this site for a while. I have heard Jozy, J. Jones, Bradley, Altidore, Adu, etc but never Dempsey.

    Between the ridiculous haters, the apologist who can’t see any thing wrong with a player, and those who just flat out make stuff up (like calling J. Jones more of a liability on the field for cards then Bradley, when they are about even for total cards).

  290. Rob says:

    US fans crack me up. We have very few level headed fans, at least on most message boards…

  291. bryan says:

    haha yeah i heard that too.

  292. torporindy says:

    I like Jones a lot. I think he has shown a willingness to integrate into the squad and not be just some mercenary.