USA vs. Canada: The Highlights

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27 Responses to USA vs. Canada: The Highlights

  1. Cbarden says:

    Where’s the scorpion kick from Dempsey!?!

  2. So glad you used the Spanish highlights and not that god-awful English-speaking commentator who said that “Altidore likes scoring like a fat kids likes eating cake.”

  3. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:


  4. MicahK says:

    OMG, the commentary on Concacaf tv was horrible. Who in the world hired those people. -____-

  5. MicahK says:

    Nice saves by Howard!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Vince says:

    Man, even seeing it again, that final save on Gerba’s point-blank rocket is ridiculous….

    (Also, I’m glad Gerba didn’t start. For someone playing in the nether regions of North American soccer, he looked far more dangerous than Simeon Jackson.)

  7. scott says:

    that was horrible commentating, but the fat kid comment did make me laugh.

  8. elgringorico says:

    Seriously, I didn’t notice how freaking awesome that save was until now. How someone can react this fast is beyond me. Ridiculous.

  9. Roy says:

    There was some criticism of Altidore’s goal on the board last night, but it looks fine to me. Great seam pass, Jozy uses his body well to set up the shot, turns and blasts it low and hard. Terrible goalkeeping, but that’s the game.

  10. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    So here’s my take: Yes, I’m glad Jozy scored, glad he turned quick, got a powerful shot off. But was it still bad goalkeeping that allowed the goal, yes. But hopefully this goal will give Jozy more confidence and he can get back to scoring. (Howard would have saved that easily, btw.)

    Also, if he scores some more in the Gold Cup and if Rossi goes to Barca, maybe it will help him get more time at his club team.

  11. Vince says:

    Bad goalkeeping, yes, but Altidore really put some juice on the shot, and put it on target from a tough angle — so it’s not a complete cheapie. His shield and turn was picture-perfect as well.

    Besides, I don’t remember anybody complaining about Dempsey’s “Hand of Clod” goal on Robert Green in the World Cup… Now THAT was a dribbler.

    As Gertrude Stein famously said, “A goal is a goal is a goal.”

  12. shweazy says:

    hey Shut it with your bullcrap, i cant stand haters that always finds a way to hate , no matter what the player the hate does.

  13. HIGUITA says:

    What is this “El Pato” (The Duck) nickname that they used like 8 times in the 2 save clips? Is that a pan-Latino nickname for good goalkeepers? I know that in Argentina they have “El Pato Abbondanzieri.”


  14. Rev up those Revs says:

    I know right? Did ESPN sportscenter make this clip?

  15. WAA WAA WE WAA!!! says:

    oh come on, how could anyone not love the call on that Dempsey goal??

  16. pancholama says:

    Pablo Ramirez on univision, “Jozy Altidore, la media vuelta..GOL, go-o-o-l, gol, gol, gol, gol, gol, gol, gol, le pateo feisimo, pero no olvidemos que la suerte cuenta y es gol de Altidore…….”
    In other words, he didn’t think the shot was very pretty – or especially well placed but, in goals, luck counts as well.
    The replay shows that he got the shot of QUICKLY, while his defender screened the goalie, he put it on frame, HARD and low, looked like he was aiming for the near post, and the goalie was caught napping…… un gol, es un gol, es un gol…………..

  17. pancholama says:

    The gloves they use these days, make goalies look like they have webbed hands, like a duck.
    And with Timmie, he has the added ignominy or notoriety of being associated with some Hollywood movie character, “Howard the Duck.”

    Viva el Pato Howard, viva!

    Rumors are Ferguson wants him back at Man U- webbed hands and all.

  18. C-Wizzy says:

    Commentators on Concacaf TV
    link to

  19. jonbruns says:

    It at the 3:08 mark. And it is incredible. It was going on frame too but that Canadians head got in the way. Great body control by Demps.

  20. prizby says:

    Gerba is so out of shape, he couldn’t start, he’d never have lasted more than 30-35 mins

  21. bryan says:

    Howard is a BEASSSST!

  22. Drew says:

    That isn’t hating. That was a well written and thought out comment. Everything you disagree with isn’t a hater!

  23. Paul Thomas says:

    As much as it was a mediocre chance– which wasn’t Altidore’s fault; it was a bad-angle shot– and poor goaltending, the ball doesn’t go in if it’s not hammered. As I said on the other thread, Altidore’s power and strength is head and shoulders above everyone else on the team’s– and that’s why he should and will keep getting chances to start.

  24. Ubaldo says:

    The greatest of all “Patos” was Fillol!!!

  25. victor says:

    JP actually had enthusiasm during this game judging by the highlights and his calls on the goals….good to see.

  26. Cbarden says:

    Ah, it was originally a shorter highlight reel from the Spanish broadcast of just the 2 goals and Howard’s HUGE saves in the 2nd half.

  27. Nic D "The Texas 2 Stepper" says:

    Wah wah wee wah!