USA vs. Jamaica: Match Day Commentary

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The U.S. men's national team takes on Jamaica today in the CONCACAF Gold Cup quarterfinals at RFK Stadium (3pm, Fox Soccer Channel), with a place in Wednesday's semifinals awaiting the winner.

The United States come in off a disappointing group stage performance, and must now defeat a Jamaica side that finished unbeaten and unscored upon in group play. The Americans will look to avoid missing the Gold Cup semifinals for just the second time in tournament history.

SBI will be providing commentary on today's match so please feel free to follow along with pre-game, in-game and post-game action here on SBI. As always, you are welcome to share your own thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Commentary is after the jump):


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282 Responses to USA vs. Jamaica: Match Day Commentary

  1. Rastafari Movement says:

    Jah live!

  2. Phil says:

    is there a stream?

  3. Toumba says:

    Huge chance for Bedoya and Sasha to prove themselves.

  4. buff111 says:

    The US is flat as a pancake, and Jamaica is riding a high. Jamaica 2-0.

  5. Floydito says:

    LD on the bench

  6. js says:

    Wow. I’d really respect Bob if I thought he made the ballsy decision to sit Landon, but I suspect Landon is the one who made that decision.

  7. Willis Roberbon says:

    IN a world of hurt with Sacha Kljestan….he is going to be torched by Jamaican speed.

  8. Louis Z says:

    lineup looks as good as you can get with the players in the roster.

  9. GW says:

    Curious as to why you think that.

  10. GW says:

    If speed was all that mattered why isn’t Usain Bolt on the Jamaican team?

    Interesting that Jamaica has more MLS starters than the US. No reason to be taken by surprise then.

  11. Jeff says:

    Hmm, big hmm. Donovan has been playing a little flat (OK, a lot flat actually). I’d rather see him out there instead of Sasha, but hey this line-up couldn’t be worse than the others Bob has used. I think Sasha will be OK (I hope). Dempsey is going to have to concentrate on his finishing, but with that midfield, I am unsure who will get him the ball. I hope Bedoya and Dempsey can hook up well on the left.

  12. Phil says:

    You really think Kljestan trumps Spector?

  13. Phil says:

    second that curiosity. troll.

  14. Brian S. says:

    I’m actually excited that Adu made the bench and we finally have Dempsey up top

  15. REAL Coach says:

    Oh it’s pretty simple. Landon to himself….man I’ve really sucked alot lately. Let me ride the pine on this one. Besides when we lose, it will be Bob’s fault not mine.

  16. Phil says:

    Adu on the bench. Brace yourselves, everybody.

  17. NF says:

    I’m not a big fan of Kljestan, but I have to give credit to Bob for sitting Donovan. I’m one of BB’s biggest critics, but that’s a gutsy call. Well done.

  18. Shark says:

    We are not talking about Spain here so lets not get overly dramatic…he will do fine…an opportunity for him to shine…the USA will win this Donovan or no Donovan….

  19. M says:

    Normally I wouldn’t be worried about a team ranked 50th-something in the world that’s never beaten us but…

  20. Ray Tango says:

    Lets go boys!!!!!

  21. GW says:

    More interesting is how Adu, yes I said it what time is it?, makes the bench over Jonathan.

  22. Wm. says:

    After all of the weeping and gnashing of teeth we will win this one. I predict 3:1.

  23. GW says:

    Sacha and Bedoya put in some pretty good crosses aginst Guadelope.

  24. Benny says:

    You mean: U.S.A 2 Mexico 0

  25. Mattbag212 says:

    I can’t believe we benched Landon Donovan. This could be it, BB haters. If we go down today, I say it’s over.

    I don’t know what I’ll do without Landon’s cold, focused eyes during the national anthem. He is the kind of player I love to watch. My favorite player on the team. My favorite player in the world. He means so much to this country. You don’t bench Landon Donovan unless he asked for it.

  26. GW says:

    Now hold on, Jamaica is practically an MLS all star team vs no MLS starters on the US team.

    Good thing Omar Cummings isn’t around

  27. Shark says:

    Go figure….

    Marco Rodriguez of Mexico is the ref…..same ref from USA-Panama…a great ref (World Cup Semi-Final in 2006), but not his finest moment in that game last week against Panama….hie botched the call, on the free kick, that led to the first Panama goal and as a whole had a poor game to his standards…

  28. John says:

    Any suggestions for places to watch the game in NYC (East Village), other than Dempsey’s or Nevada’s Smith’s?

  29. GW says:

    Weather is humid, 80’s, 50% chance of rain. I wonder if a wet RFK slows Jamaica down?

  30. Andrew H. says:

    I sort of hope the U.S. is one of the teams FIFA is investigating for throwing games instead of us sucking as much as we have this month.

    I want the U.S. to win, but if a loss today means bye bye Bradley and hello Klinsmann or Marcello Lippi then I am ok with it. The bigger picture is the World Cup.

  31. NF says:

    He arrived in the wee hours of the morning today. I don’t blame him for going to his sister’s wedding, but he made the choice. BB made the right decision to bench him and hopefully bring him on in the second half.

  32. wilyboy says:

    That was my reaction as well. He’s not known for defense, and he certainly isn’t the type to blaze down the wing. I’d rather have a tired Landon start than a tired Landon sub in when the score line is against us.

  33. maka says:

    Why are we getting another Mexican ref? Oh well, time to focus on players and not refs.

  34. GW says:

    Jose, is that you?

    Why don’t you do us a favor and buy Landon, Juan Agudelo, Omar Salgado,Ike Opara, Tim Ream and Tim Chandler?

  35. tom says:

    If we are playing 4-5-1, i’d much rather see edu and jones paired in back with mb pushed into the cam rather than sacha, though they can’t push Deuce up front with that lineup. Ld must be sick? This is trouble. Edu would provide much more speed and defense for a counter attacking strategy that shoul be more successful against a normally undisciplined Jamaica.

  36. Primoone says:

    I hope to high heaven that Bedoya starts over Micheal Bradly’s half brother…

  37. Supsam says:

    This here is a Exhibit A Bob Bradley Hater. All hate, zero logic. Move along folks.

  38. tom says:

    4-5-1 has nevereverevernever been productive formation for us. Expect Jozy to be starved for service.

  39. sodak_in_nyc says:

    Whom better personifies non sequitur : Cobi on matchday or Dan Rather on Election Day

  40. tom says:

    LD couldn’t sleep on the effing plane??? Wtf! Much as i acknowledge he is one of the greatest US players ever, the guy is not exactly the toughest minded competitor we’ve ever seen.

  41. Supsam says:

    i believe it was Jamaican GC snub Lowell Palmer that indirectly caused Cummings to sprain his ankle a month ago and turn down the call up. Coincidence? Oh well, great for the USA

  42. Sergio Giannoni says:

    Justin TV

  43. GW says:

    Well if Landon is tired he will be 45 minutes less tired when he comes on in the second half.

  44. Sergio Giannoni says:

    Why wasnt Dempsey also benched? He went to a wedding also.

  45. MC Pharoah says:

    Sorry, but you must not know MLS very well. People, Jamaica are in form but players like Dane Richards and Ryan Johnson are good in MLS not great. Don’t overrate them. Alot of people are… They are one of the better concacaf teams because of speed and physicality on abit better form than usual. If they had Omar Cummings, I would worry some, but you guys need to have a bit more confidence in the US here..

  46. chris says:

    I like it – Bradley shows some balls

  47. chris says:


  48. Brian says:

    Methinks Landon will be the goat if we lose.

  49. sodak_in_nyc says:

    Dempsey didn’t bring a purse as carry on.

  50. Braden says:

    Dempsey not up top. Frustrating, perfect circumstance to allow it and Bob goes to the tried and failed 4-5-1 with Jozy all by his lonesome.

  51. Sid says:

    The only thing I have to say: “Bye USA” 3-0 loss to Jamaica.B/c the rest has been already said : Bad Offense; Bad defense bad coaching ; not only the MNT but the U-17 World Cup Team Highly ineffective .Nothing new. This is the end of the road for USA.I am going to watch the WPS tonight instead .Me: @2:50 PM EST

  52. MC Pharoah says:

    Agreed, I was there… Watching it live we all thought it was an awfully officiated game, but it wasn’t that bad. I pray he is better this time still though.

  53. RB says:

    Look for Jones to get called, and not to get any calls, in that case…

  54. Brian says:


  55. Braden says:

    PLUS ONE!!!

    I was a big defender of Landon’s during 2009-10 the run of form from Confed Cup through Azteca, Everton, and WC10 was amazing.

    Methinks ‘cakes is back though. :(

  56. Sid says:

    Benny the game is vs Jamaica Did you know that?.JAM=2-USA=0 Is my prediction .Mexico wont play USA b/c We (USA) won’t make it to the finals .Otherwise will be defeated by MEX 3-0

  57. Sid says:

    Absolutely Right!

  58. Sid says:

    The only thing I have to say: “Bye USA” 3-0 loss to Jamaica.B/c the rest has been already said : Bad Offense; Bad defense, bad coaching ; not only the MNT but the U-17 World Cup Team Highly ineffective .Nothing new. This is the end of the road for USA.I am going to watch the WPS tonight instead .Me: @2:50 PM EST

  59. Sid says:

    to late for that dude .JAM 3 USA 0

  60. Stream says:

    Official live stream is on Concacaf’s website. Tv broadcast is on the fox soccer channel.

  61. Brian S. says:

    Sparse crowd

  62. John D says:

    You mean Count Draculuez.

  63. NAFTA says:

    Message to team and LD.

    Not good enough.

    Message receieved?

    2nd half.

  64. Phil says:

    will there be audio on the CONCACAF feed?

  65. Erik says:

    The 4-5-1 is to counter Jamaica’s 4-3-3. Quit whining all of you.

  66. Erik says:

    Are you surprised? The choice of locations for these US games have been very poor minus the new KC venue – that was the best crowd I’ve seen in awhile.

  67. Ricky B. Free says:

    Great move by Bradley to becnh Donova, he has not been playing well and he arrived this morning. This is a bend or break move from Bradley.

    If the US wins without Donovan he gets huge points to keep his job, if they lose the mob is going to want his head.

  68. Erik says:

    Donovan will never be the same player he was at last years WC. All that effort for nothing mentally changes you.

  69. tom says:

    Landycakes. It’s been a long time sunce i heard that nickname. Lol

  70. Benny says:

    Of course I knew that HAA! If Mexico plays the the final, they will need gas masks. 2 USA Mexico 0

  71. primoone says:

    Im going on record as saying that I like what Bradley did here tactically. Actually putting players specifically in a position to demonstrate their natural styles of play.

  72. Dennis says:

    Have fun! Your prediction is just silly.

  73. BK says:

    The ref looks a bit like Eddie Munster.

  74. Ray Tango says:

    wow. simply wow.

  75. John D says:

    Agudelo doesn’t fit the lone striker role as well as Jozy. Wondering if they stay with the formation.

  76. chris says:

    Disagreed.. ref looks A LOT like Eddie Munster

  77. CaliNick23 says:

    Wow the USA is playing with energy.

  78. tom says:

    Bedoya has made some really nice knock downs. I didn’t know he was so good in the air.

  79. Citronomics says:

    Terrific effort from Deuce! Hope this is sign of goals to come. And as I write this… we gotta get to that angled ball by Deuce. Com’mon lads.

  80. tom says:

    Nice turn by sacha. I have to admit, he does have a bit of a creative streak in him, almost a poor man’s dempsey.

  81. Since 82 says:

    Adu has to see time in this game.

  82. Rainstreet says:

    No Landon, no Jozy!!! US wins 3-0!!!!

  83. tom says:

    Mb is way off so far today w distribution. Needs to pick it up if we are to win this one.

  84. Rainstpub says:

    Why? We are not winnig or losing by 4 yet!!!

  85. sven says:

    For the record: that should’ve been a yellow on Jones. Remember that when you all start complaining about the referee.

  86. Johnny Crossfit says:

    i like the line-up and how we are playing. Great to see Sansa and Bedoya in the line- up. Who would you have subbed for Jozy?

  87. Shark says:

    USA in control the first25 minutes…the tactics from Bradley are very good today….

  88. Citronomics says:

    Liking that the US is employing high pressure today and paying dividends in terms of Jamaicans being sloppy and trying long balls when they possess.

  89. Since 82 says:

    Because we are going to have a hard time scoring and he will provide a much needed creative element.

  90. Dan says:

    anyone know where this is available streaming? On a plane..

  91. tom says:

    Really nice ball by sacha

  92. jai_brooklyn says:

    MB is not looking good today. Too many mistakes and no incisive passes.

  93. tom says:

    Joooooooones noooooooo!!!!! Great play by juan, wasted by jones

  94. jai_brooklyn says:

    Great shot by Agudelo!

  95. Citronomics says:

    He’s definitely looking sharper and more aggressive – great shot from disstance and excellent pass to Bedoya to set up the header attempt.

  96. tom says:

    Lichajjjjjjjjj!!! Great ball by mb, so close

  97. Since 82 says:

    The lack of finishing by USA in the Gold Cup has been criminal (the coach doesn’t play either).

  98. jai_brooklyn says:

    Finally a good move from Bradley. Lichaj, should have put that one away. What’s he doing there??!!

  99. Since 82 says:

    Except for that last one that Lichaj wasted.

  100. MensreaJim says:

    concacaf’s website is streaming it

  101. phil says:

    considering we have lichaj agudelo bedoya and kljestan on the field i must say this has been a sharp half….

  102. tom says:

    Agudelo gets creamed somehow no foul. Should have been a yellow and a dangerous free kick. How the heck is there only 2 extra minutes? Reffing is very, very shady.

  103. NATO says:

    we need to be able to put the ball in the back of the net. So far I give the team a B-. We should be 3 up

  104. Rainstpub says:

    Creative element?!?!?! This is the best the US has played all Gold Cup! Why would you change anything?

  105. MensreaJim says:

    LD is going to come on and win this game. Our finishing is so poor, there’s just not a lot to be said. Pretty good otherwise from everybody, MB a little rough but he had some great plays.

    We are far superior to this team, obviously, and thoroughly outplaying them, but that was true of the last two games as well.

  106. MensreaJim says:

    On first blush I thought Austin’s tackle on Dempsey was a straight red, but it wasn’t even called a foul or second yellow. Oh well, finish a chance and it shouldn’t matter against this team.

  107. USMNT Fan says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t think Jones should start, he constantly fails to impress me, and at every level he constantly gets cards.

  108. elgringorico says:

    he looks like Count Chocula

  109. Rob says:

    Go back under that bridge….

  110. Sid says:

    Yeah JAM=3 USA=1 you are so right

  111. Josh says:

    In the last two matches, I’ve been really impressed with Lichaj. I know he’s probably being groomed for the RB position, but with Chandler and Lichaj as outside backs in the future, we’d have some dangerous options attacking up the flanks, with the pace to get back in defensive coverage.

  112. Santiago says:

    We all know this… In Mexico they call him “ChiquiDracula” based on an old variety show a la Hannah Montana were a young actor invented the role!

  113. Shark says:

    You are the only one…he has had an impressive Gold Cup thus far…

    That was a ticky-tac foul to get a yellow card for…ref made a bad call…

  114. Sid says:

    1Adu = 1sacha + 1dempsey

  115. Josh says:

    +1. Didn’t miss Donovan at all.

  116. Sid says:

    in order to score dude b/c the regular guys cannot do it. Adu always changed the game when he played

  117. Be Serious says:

    What are you talking about? He has been fine. Blind hatred like yours is tiring and ruins any credibility you might have. The U.S. has dominated this game so far.

  118. chris says:

    I stand corrected

  119. eRic gheimer says:

    I live in the south…knology doesnt carry fox soccer channel even with the sports package. not getting through to stream anything. this sucks

  120. Supsam says:

    Kljestan and Bedoya has surprised me. The USMNT has way more attacking flare when both these guys play out wide with Dempsey between them. Landon who?

  121. ARTES says:

    Here come the conspiracy theories.

  122. jai_brooklyn says:

    +1 All of them look hungry. Time for the vets to show the way.

  123. Ken says:

    Go to univision website. Free stream but it’s in Spanish.

  124. jai_brooklyn says:

    Blind hatred? Have you ever heard me call out MB?

  125. Brian says:


  126. Brian says:

    Suck it Jones haters!!!

  127. MC Pharoah says:

    I hope you feel better about Jones now…

  128. Brian says:

    Probably biting your tongue now

  129. Sergio Giannoni says:

    Univision is streaming it in Spanish.

  130. jai_brooklyn says:

    Jones!! Deflection but the guy deserves this one!!

  131. Citronomics says:

    Yes! Jones with a good shot on frame and a little luck with deflection (a good thing to get a bounce once in a while). Especially glad Jones decided to take a crack with no Jamaican defender stepping up to mark.

  132. elgringorico says:

    scoring a gol not an excuse to act like a huge vag 30 seconds later

  133. CaliNick23 says:

    Freddy adu!

  134. Ray Tango says:

    Adu is warming up!!!!! Holy pancakes Batman!!!

  135. silversurfer says:

    Long time reader, first time poster. Nice to start my comments with Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!

  136. Rainstpub says:

    Yeah, I get that DUDE but Adu is not the answer to the scoring question. I am not sure of the answer but Adu is not it. You have to admit, they have been playing well since Jozy and Landycakes are ot playing.

  137. Rainstpub says:

    Landon? Great. US 1-1 at regulation for lack of defense from Landycakes!!!

  138. VilniusNastavnik says:

    shameful dive.

  139. VilniusNastavnik says:

    jones could’ve earned a second yellow for that dive.

  140. Adicts says:

    what a dive…or as they say in america…drawing a foul.

  141. Petaluman says:

    sigh…more diving…I guess it helps US win but it just seems dirty

  142. Erik says:

    Dive Jones – doesn’t make it not a red though. Can’t make that tackle from behind regardless.

  143. sven says:

    Americans are the biggest divers in the world. What a disgrace.

  144. ARTES says:

    If he had kept going he could have scored, instead he pulled a Blanco.

  145. Erik says:

    Nah, it’s about time a European taught the US players how to dive so we can get some calls!

  146. Brian S. says:

    I’m very impressed with how classy Taylor took that red card because it was certainly a dive. Most players would’ve been all over the ref

  147. VilniusNastavnik says:

    name a country that dives less. you cannot.

  148. Shark says:

    Gimmie a break…what a troll…

  149. JCC says:

    Diving is part of the game people. It works. Get over it.

  150. VilniusNastavnik says:

    after this post, nothing you say can be taken seriously.

  151. Missed call says:

    Looks like Charlie Davis spoke with Jermaine Jones about how to dive to get a foul. Disgraceful. Not a red card, not even a foul. Yellow to Jones for diving.

  152. Stpauljosh says:

    I guess I should stop making fun of the Italians for diving now.

  153. wff says:

    Terrible call by the ref. jamacia really looks awful. Doesn’t say much about the US. I would like to see them score a well earned goal. Doubtful

  154. Rob says:

    Japan…. But not many others.

  155. Come on! says:

    Tackle implies there was contact. What Taylor did was stab at it an missed. Not a tackle.

  156. francois says:

    It was still a bad decision to make a tackle like that from behind. I don’t like the dive though.

  157. Rainstpub says:

    “This is the best back four we have seen in a long time for the USMNT.”

    Agree or disagree? Why or why not?

  158. hudson says:

    How many times has Klejstan failed to shoot when he’s facing goal in the box? Pull the trigger once in a while.

  159. francois says:

    Haha I knew one of you guys would pop up. Minimizing the effort.

  160. Rainstpub says:

    Goal Dempsey!!!!!!!

    Hey Jozy and Landon – notice how he did not point at the back of his jersey at his name when he scored!!! It’s a team game!!! Learn it!!!

  161. sven says:

    Well, the last three dives I’ve seen have been by Agudelo, Jones and Davies….All of them Americans and all of them disgraceful divers.

  162. Citronomics says:

    For a while now on SBI, whether you offer constructive critism of or praise when deserved for MB, it’s almost a sure thing to get labeled a hater or a BB/MB crony. I think your observation about MB’s play TODAY is fair. On the plus side, he’s switched the ball nicely and had a good ball to Lichaj to set up a great chance. However he’s played a few sloppy passes as well leading to turnovers when we’re in advantaged positions and has been inconsistent with pace on his passes and distribution. And to folks who think I’m an MB hater, I’ve defended him on this site as being a crucial player in key games and meriting being in the starting formation when we play 2 center-D MIDs.

  163. terry143 says:

    I love how the two stooges for FOX doing the play-by-play didn’t have the BALLS to call Jones’ play a dive. JPdellamoron actually had the gall to imply that the imaginary tackle made Jones change his stride which could have caused the fall (and the arms flailing in the air and the head snapping back). I was actually embarrassed for their spinelessness.

  164. mw says:

    Kyle Martino flat out said that he didn’t see any contact and that he thought that the ref got that one wrong.

  165. Since 82 says:

    Coach Bradley deserves a LOT of credit today.

  166. Brian S. says:

    So you’ve only seen 3 games this year?

  167. Ricky B. Free says:

    An average game from the US but they are playing better.

    Bradley made a great decision by benching Donovan.

    The US needs to finish better.

  168. Timor Rosso says:

    What a hypocrite! As all Amercans…if Mexico dives, if Barca dives, if anyone dives, but if US dives it’s OK!

    This Jamaican team was bought before the game. It’s an embarassment the gringos are not winnning 5-0! Really!!!

  169. Petaluman says:

    What he said. Martino came out and said he saw no contact. Selective hearing there terry143…

  170. wff says:

    It’s jamaica my friend! , I have higher expectations than a 2-0 lead against a 2nd tier team that’s down a man

  171. Rob says:

    Like he deserved blame for the Panama loss, he gets major ups for his tactical adjustments for this game…. Still not a fan, but I am happy he took a chance today.

  172. MensreaJim says:

    I’ll say it: This tournament is on, and after this game and Mexico’s last night I’m not conceding anything to them.

  173. wff says:

    Average game against the world soccer power from Jamaica …wholesale changes still needed for US Soccer to be world class. Oh yeah, Fox broadcasters are terrible!

  174. JCC says:

    No hypocrisy here. I’ve always been okay with diving. I’ve always been annoyed at the way US fans have complained about diving and praising their players for not doing it. Now that US players are starting to do it with regularity, I’m quite happy as it will hopefully shut up the whiners.

  175. Rob says:

    This is true, I am a huge Jones fan, but hate the dive. I do agree that most US fans murder everyone who dives, as long as it isn’t a USMNT player. that being said, it feels good to get a call like that finally, as it happens to the US all the time.

  176. MC Pharaoh says:

    Well done with that prediction sir… well done

  177. USMNT Fan says:

    Yes I am. Was a bit lucky to get that goal but he was willing to take that shot.

    Also he has to be careful about diving like that cause if the ref saw it as a dive he could have gotten his second yellow and gotten ejected.

    Overall solid performance by him and the Nats as a whole.

  178. ChiTownFire says:

    Yes, last night made Mexico seem more human. I’m beginning to feel my optimism rise.

  179. Since 82 says:

    Yet another USMNT Troll on SBI. You guys should start your own site.

  180. “whaa whaa, we are going to lose to Jamaica 4-1. Whaa whaa”
    Hope this shuts you up you big babies, horrible fans you are with having
    little faith in our team. Dos- cero.

  181. francois says:

    Shut up man, Mexico had to come from behind to beat Guatemala. We get it, you’re not impressed. I expect more, but after the way we’ve played the last few games i’m satisfied that we dominated a team that was supposed to give us problems.

  182. RORY says:

    Okay, the men are through and now it’s almost time to change gears and root on our U-17 Boys in the World cup! ESPNU has the game at 6;30 EASTERN

  183. sodak_in_nyc says:

    Ich bin ein American

  184. JCC says:

    Just wait until US players start time wasting like Central American teams. (This will happen at some point) You’re going to see a lot of US fans heads explode.

  185. Joe Poncy says:

    Dude the US played awful today! The first goal was an own goal. Jamaica was left a man down because of a shameful dive, and then a second goal vs a second tier team. And I’m sorry to correct you, but we’re not playing Mexico just yet. Both teams have to beat tougher opposition in quarter finals!!!

  186. Hush says:

    Wow. Jamiaca gave us tooooo much respect. They missed a chance to actually win if they had showed up. Concacaf is a bit of joke. We sucked and yet still advanced.

    Sasha must fuc$&ing goooo!!!!!! WTF is this clown doing on the field?? Every pass this clown made was backwards, he has no creativity! He is clueless kicking corners and running on free space! Where is ADU??? everyone gets a shot, yet our only offensive technical player rots on the bench. Sasha getting constant chances is mind bugging!!

    Sad performace today. It took us 20 minutes one man up to score, wow.. Unbelievable!!! MB was horrible today, absolutely horrible.

    BOB must go! The can’t stand this man ant longer.

    I can care less for jones dive. He was the only spark today.

  187. Todd says:

    2 pretty solid games (Canada and Jamaica) for the USMNT. 2 shaky ones (Panama and Guadeloupe).

    Keep it solid and I like our chances. It’s the inconsistency that is so frustrating.

  188. Seriously says:

    After the game I would say I was more impressed with Agudelo in his role today then i have ever been of jozy in a similar role. Jozy’s injury may be the best thing that could have happened to us unless BB decides to insert Wondo at some point in the next games.

  189. E. Grant-Lewis says:

    Worst game of the Gold Cup! HORRIBLE!

  190. Since 82 says:

    Another USMNT SBI troll. If Ives were smart he would make a tshirt with matching bib.

  191. Seriously says:

    I though MB played well today. He had a few stray passes but that happens to everyone.

  192. MJC says:

    Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.


  193. Brett says:

    Does Bob Bradley read this blog? Sometimes I think he does. After the group stage he was blasted for his tactics, so what does he do? He comes out with a flex formation, EXACTLY like myself and others pleaded for. I’d still play Donovan over Kljestan though. Agudelo and Altidore are interchangeable but both shouldn’t be on the field at the same time.

    As for the Jones dive… He avoided the contact but that was a lunge from behind that the defender missed. He could have dragged the leg and taken the contact or avoided it and “sold the contact”. I’m okay with it. What bugs me is the injury faking, more than the going down. Jones didn’t act like his leg was chopped off, so I forgive him.

  194. Paul Thomas says:

    The first goal was definitely NOT an own goal. The deflection obviously made it unsaveable, but Ricketts had his work cut out to get a hand on the shot if it had gone through untouched. It was diving toward the lower corner of the net.

  195. Seriously says:

    Dude can you not get Charter? Knology sucks. I am in the South as well and would advise you to drop Knology like a bad habit.

  196. Since 82 says:

    The tournament was always on. The problem is that half of the NATS fans live in some state of manic delirium.

  197. Todd says:

    That was professional fussball by Jones. Clear break away and he sells the foul. Smart play. And the Jamaican did not argue the red. Jones = MOTM.

  198. GW says:

    When I saw the play on TV the first thing that came to mind was RED CARD.

    The ref doesn’t have the benefit of slow motion replay and Jones sold it well. In fact I’m not even sure it was intentional on his part as he may have just tripped over his own feet, the play was that fast.

    Anyway I hate diving ( one reason I like watching the USWNT ) but I long ago came to accept it as part of the game.

    It’s not going away any time soon.

  199. GW says:

    That is progress considering the standard Kljestan comment is ” Sacha should never wear a US shirt again ever”.

  200. tom says:

    I feel the key to the game was possession and passing. We won and kept an inordinate amount of the possession, moving the ball around fluidly, playing keep away yet creating chance after chance. Therefore, i would give top grades to Bedoya, Dempsey, and Lichaj for their ball winning, possession play, and incisive passing.

  201. Ryan says:

    ^Well this is awkward…

  202. Supsam says:

    would you like to copy and paste your comment again Sid?? Im so glad you arent a USA fan. When the going gets tough, only the true fans weather it and SUPPORT THE TEAM. I hope i never see your ridiculous comments here again you poor excuse for a troll.

  203. mw says:

    Deflection off of a player does not equal an own goal. And the US dominated play against Jamaica. But of course it’s much more convenient to ignore facts, because the sky is falling and everything sucks. Bob Bradley is kicking puppies and throwing innocent babies out of windows.

  204. rick says:

    What wasz your prediction? Was it 3-0 jamaica?

  205. tom says:

    Dear trolls:

    Ha Ha Ha!

  206. Hush says:

    Wow! Another tool using the word troll… A la ver$& mr.tool.. If you are coming at me like you know what your are talking about, please state your argument, otherwise, FUERA NAKO!!

    The U.S scores on an own goal, and the second one comes 20 minutes after being up one man up! If you are proud of this pwrfoemace, then you no NOTHING about futbol. If this was Paraguay or Chile, then give credit where credit is due. But sadly, this isn’t. Jamaica constantly kept giving us 20+yd spaces, yet we continue to pass off instead of bringing the defense close to the 50yd line. Possession doesn’t mean crap when you can’t finish. Ask Mexico about that, we Pwnd even after they have had 80% of the ball. If that’s what you are proud about, then you are just as clueless as BOB.

    My U.S team is playing below average. Pure fact!!!

    Now go troll around on YouTube.

  207. GW says:

    It was a desperation, suicidal play by Taylor.

    Jones was breaking free with no one between him and Ricketts.

    Even if he had gotten the ball clean, when you come from behind like that,there was really strong likelihood he was going to be called for a foul and given a red card.

    I’m not fond of diving but Taylor was trying to bring Jones down.

  208. Silver says:

    That was an excellent performance by the United States. I don’t remember them playing this well since the Confederations Cup in 2009. I have a little more faith in Bob Bradly as a coach. He changed the formation to keep the team unpredictable. He put the right players on the field while leaving the players that were not in good form on the bench. However, Bob is not out of the woods yet. Anything short of the United States not winning the tournament will be seen as a failure and will thus put Bradley under fire. As for the team itself; they played very well. The United States kept the ball, created chances and scored. Agudelo looked very good even tho he did not expect to start the game. Overall this was a very good performence and the United States should keep the winning formula by retaining the same formation and the same players that played today.

  209. mw says:

    A deflection is not an own goal. The player would have to kick the ball into his own net for that to qualify as an own goal.

    I don’t understand what you would consider above average, considering that minus one half versus Panama, the US has continually dominated possession and chances. Just look at the statistics, they don’t lie. So the facts actually show that the US is not playing below average. And while the US has lacked finishing ability, that is likely to change.

  210. tom says:

    I think some commenters have a grossly exaggerated sense of their own importance in the grand scheme of things. Think about it. Do you really think bob bradley is researching soccer strategy by reading bipolar, overreactive, random comments on a blog rather than reading books by Acknowledged masters or breaking down video of the spain match, hmmmmm? Really? Think about it.

  211. Hush says:

    Another troll who just started watching

    Was that performance really awesome for u?!lol… Mi gente are clueless en el Futbol.

    Once again we didn’t execute on offense, yet you act as if the two goals were supet duper One was an own goal, and the second one was after 20 minutes being up ONE man up. Really???

  212. MensreaJim says:

    Fair enough. I’m not at all surprised by this game, but Mexico was looking like a juggernaut until last night.

  213. Supsam says:

    “Every pass this clown made was backwards, he has no creativity” WOWWWWWWWWW I spot a troll. They spout repetitive lies over and over. I guess you never saw all those through balls from Sacha that led to great scoring chances.

    Why are you telling Since 82 to state his argument when your argument is full of BS????? I cant wait for your response.

  214. Jamie Z. says:

    I love looking at all these awful predictions in hindsight. How ’bout a blatant dive from Jones leading to a bogus red card for Jamaica? Yep, that happened.

  215. Paul Thomas says:

    I guess I’m not seeing why people are touting Jones’s performance in this one. Yes, he scored on a sweet shot and deflection. He also drew a pointless yellow, made a horrible hash of a great chance in the first half, and should have been sent off for diving in the second. Actually the worst of the three games I’ve seen him in (I missed the Panama debacle).

    Overall the US benefitted from some serious home cooking from the officials (who, among other things, looked the other way on a clear handball in the penalty area with about two minutes to go). Not that that’s necessarily surprising– home teams do get more calls, but it has to be pointed out.

    I’d give Man of the Match to Juan Agudelo. Ricketts was spectacular defensively but wasn’t able to trigger any fast breaks for Jamaica. If I was going “three stars” like the NHL, I’d give third to Dempsey, but Cherundolo deserves credit too.

    Kljestan was fine, but passive. Bedoya put in a very solid 60-odd minutes. Bradley had a poor game, very nonchalant with the ball at times, and should have cost the US an early goal by playing the Jamaican attacker onside. Only a huge Howard save and a flat out choke by Luton Shelton helped the USA dodge that bullet. Defense was generally good; hard to see Lichaj getting bumped out at this point. Speed is still a real problem but Jamaica lacked the ball skills to finish their chances.

  216. MensreaJim says:

    Sacha was terrific. Sad performance…sad trolling. Listen to your mom and “hush”

  217. tom says:


  218. Supsam says:

    what a killjoy always looking at the negatives. We finally dominated a team in all offensive categories and played our best game of the tournament. Let us enjoy this win sheeeesh.

  219. RB says:

    Yep! That was pretty funny. I think it was an inter-match make-up call for him.

  220. Tom says:

    Troll, hater, troll. Whatever you are, you’re boring, negative and make no sense. Just go away.

  221. Sid says:

    Very awkward indeed. This is the end for our USA ;Landon cowering , Josey injured and Dempsey low scoring . Just a lucky day.I am sure BB will try to save his skin putting Adu on the field ;Then blaming him , for not playing enough minutes .End of the RailRoad Run Ryan

  222. Supsam says:

    The trolls are having an off-day today. Very sub par performance. tsk tsk tsk

  223. mw says:

    So your logic is that if a team goes a man up, they have to score almost immediately for them to good in your eyes? So what about the Italy-US WC game in 2006? Would you qualify that Italy team as lacking, considering they won the tournament? Maybe it’s you who’s just started watching the game. Style points don’t matter, wins do.

  224. _rompe_la_red__ says:

    Somebody tell the German guy that US players don’t cheat. Disgraceful. Jamaica was robbed, they were in it until the red card.

  225. Roy says:

    “Bradley had a poor game, very nonchalant with the ball at times, and should have cost the US an early goal by playing the Jamaican attacker onside.”

    I completely agree. This was the worst match I’ve seen Bradley play, and I thought the coach should have pulled him in favor of Edu…and much earlier.

  226. Since 82 says:

    Coach Bradley made a fine tactical move starting five mids to slow down Jamaica’s speed. The US owned possession the entire match and were dangerous on the majority of their chances in contrast to the Panama match.

    I’m not exactly sure what one would expect today. Before the match the majority thought Jamaica was dangerous and this was a match we could lose.

  227. Hush says:

    In Futbol, it’s called OWN goal,., doesn’t matter what the technical term is. Own goal. Statistics?lol this ain’t b-ball or baseball. EXECUTION is the key word in Futbol. Play all the beautiful Futbol you want, if you can’t finish, then all the beautiful goes out the door like most clowns on here who use the term “troll”.

    Was Sasha impressive today? Really? Was he? How many times with 20+yrd spaces did we move forward to create? How many long balls??? Keep in mind this is JAMAICA not Mexico? Beating Mexico with a performance like today, I guess you could say, decent performance. Not Jamaica.

    This wad below average. I personally though was a garbage performance. Donovan passing back knowing is a 2-1 inside the box rule is clearly disturbing! Once again, we can’t EXECUTE!!!

  228. mw says:

    Way to try to take credit for Bradley’s decisions. Your right of course, Bradley has nothing better to do than go on soccer blogs to look for tactical and personnel ideas.

  229. GSScasual says:

    where did that little poser, “Sid” go????? hahaha, dude talks out of his A$$

  230. jai_brooklyn says:

    Manic delirium. Couldn’t have said it better :)

  231. Hush says:

    “Go away”??haha …. I make no sense, yet your rant and using the term “troll” makes sense?lol You know why it doesn’t make sense to you Mr.troll? Because your lack of education in Futbol is why it doesn’t make any sense.:)… Go watch hockey

    It’s people like you that kept Arena for 8 years. Simply, wow.

    Now go camp somewhere else instead of a Futbol site.

  232. Sid says:

    I Am a knowledgeable fan of USA soccer. I just don’t like the stupid attitude of the media and other fans who won’t admit the team is being mismanaged. Just b/c we scored vs JAM it does not make us better team or warranties pass to finals.WE have lost vs worst teams and of course vs much better ones. In this case MEX is much better . Can’t you count? .Besides we have no idea what to do when we miss a player.And finally as I said before:This is the end of the road for USA.I am going to watch the WPS tonight instead .Me predicted PAN 2-1 USA .Its just logic dude ,And if I am a troll .you are being ridiculous by saying that :o| .The next game will be a loss also .Keep that in mind SUSAN_SAM

  233. GW says:


    Though The Count from Sesame street is also close.

  234. GW says:

    They didn’t seem to play the same role.

    Agudelo seemed to me to be dropping further back and showing for the ball and running more at defenders than I remember Jozy doing in the recent past. Juan did well and I’m glad to see he can go 90.

  235. jai_brooklyn says:

    Is SBI having a thread for the U-17 match? Time to watch the kids now. Perfect Sunday.

  236. mw says:

    The technical term does matter, because that’s what gives words meaning. Again, a deflection is in no way an own goal. The defender has to do more than deflect the ball for it to be considered an own goal. And who cares if it was deflected, the ball went in the net. Jones deserves credit for creating the situation that lead directly to the goal.

    It’s clear you see what you want to see, and obviously that is the negative. But lighten up a bit and let people enjoy a win. You can get back on your “everything sucks” kick tomorrow.

  237. Ricky B. Free says:

    YOu know you are doing the same hting the trolls do when you are asking them to start posting.

    Enjoy the win. Why call them out?

    It was not an excellent performance but they are playing better. They will destroy Panama or Salvador.

  238. Asker says:

    Mexico has finished SIXTEEN times!!!

    You still want me to ask???

  239. Hush says:

    Lol Are you serious going to defend Sasha? Please tell me your joking?haha I’m not going to debate with you. Clearly your post doesn’t make any suggestions Sasha wad above average. Watch the game over, then come back. I’ll give you a simple thing to watch for. Sasha played the ball backwards 98% of the time he had it, even when he had 20+ space on front of him. This was Jamaica, not Mexico. Let’s get that straight first.

    My argument is BS?lol Yeah, I just wanted to waste my time on this board?WTF? I gave you a simple thing to look into,.., if you can’t figure it out while watching the game a second time, then Futbol is not your sport.

    Mexico wad crap yesterday. Yet many people on this board said they had a decent clueless people who have no understanding in regards to basics. Very sad.

    Ya no voy hablar vavosadas con gent que no sabe el Futbol!lol

  240. GW says:

    True enough .

    Except the US does not have to be World class to beat a Mexican team that struggled to get by a very poor Guatemala.

  241. Sid says:

    Well RainedPub: Adu can score and he can create ,besides passing better than anybody; He can break any defense and put it on goal better than anyone; a little thing that the whole team isn’t able to achieve . Just because the team scored a goal out of desperation does not make it a better overall , or a continuous good one .What we saw today was that Adrenaline out of fear and as you should know ; like caffeine . adrenaline is a good rush just for a short while

  242. GW says:

    The US won 2-0. That is execution.

  243. tricksyclown17 says:


  244. Child says:

    Bob Bradley showed balls today by switching to a new formation and starting Sasha and Bedoya. If that early chance Jamaica had ended up being a goal, BB would have been scrutinized heavily for those changes. Great performance by a team that is gaining confidence.

  245. Berto says:

    why is fsc showing wps soccer?
    Where can we find the game online?

  246. Ryan says:

    (A) Stop trolling and (B) learn how to use our language correctly

  247. tricksyclown17 says:

    What evidence do you have that Adu is some kind of Wayne Rooney? You know, aside from performances 3 or 4 years ago?

  248. GW says:

    Yes, really.

    Deflected goals count. Own goals count. Goals scored when the other team is a man down count.

    This is football not figure skating., There are no style points.

    Just goals.

  249. Sid says:

    Thanks! I also predicted PAN 2-1 USA and SPN 4-0 USA . Just admit it; 12 goals vs 4 goals average.Effectiveness ratio ( I call it). The next one will be a loss vs a worst team also 2-0 vs next opponent

  250. Since 82 says:

    I agree. Lichaj could be a delegation on the left side. Anything is better than what e have had. Bocanegra is far better in the middle at this point of his career.

    It will be interesting to see how Chandler fits with Dolo still at RB. Then again, both Dolo and Bocanegra will be long in the tooth by 2014.

  251. Northzax says:

    Um, have you seen the scoreline? Professional teams grind out wins against inferior opponents when they have to. Goals don’t always come. Sometimes you hit the post, the crossbar, the goalie is playing out of his mind. The US dominated this game, better at every spot. What’s the difference between 2-0 and 5-0? Both advance you. Jamaica had exactt zero dangerous chances. This one was never in doubt, after the first five minutes. It’s not always pretty. Sometimes you just own the game and eventually get through. It’s still a win.

    I once won a playoff game in high school 22-0. (earlier in the season they broke our all-American striker’s leg, and we were pissed) 2-0 would have achieved the same result. But in that game every time we touched the ball we scored. And we were about as much at risk as the US was in this game. 2-0. Accept it.

  252. GW says:

    Charlie Davies is a US player and by your definition a “cheat”.

    Besides, apparently there are some camera angles that show contact by Tayor’s knee with Jones’ heel.

    Whatever the case,Taylor was trying to hack Jones down from behind when Jones had a clear unobstructed path to goal. So I don’t have a real problem with what I see as a pretty close call.

    You are delusional if you think Jamaica were going to win this game before the card.

  253. Hush says:

    Yes!!!! When it’s JAMIACA we are talking about, it’s a simple yesss… We didn’t create anything forward for 20minutes. For a while there I thought we were still playing 11 vs 11. I’m sorry, that’s not good enough. Not against Jamaica.

    Don’t compare an Italy W.C game vs a GC game against the power house Jamaica. We are not Jamaica…. In the 02 W.C our group was called “the death group” for a reason. Jamaica is faaarrrrr from being close to our level. We could play Italy 10 times, I can easily say we would go 3-7 against them. If we played Jamaica 10 times, we go 10-0 easily playing crappy Futbol. We can’t compare that to GC.

  254. Cranky Old Ref says:

    Well, a win is a win. But: The US centerbacks, Bocca in particular, looked shaky against a one-man attack, not encouraging. Wingbacks looked comfortable with the wingers, probably the best thing about the match overall. Someday Dempsey will get the credit he deserves, probably after cosmetic surgery to make him look like a cross between Donovan and C. Ronaldo.

  255. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    Nice! you were only off by 5 goals.

  256. Supsam says:

    I insult you based on your comments and you insult me based on my name??? “SUSAN_SAM” haha what are you? Seven years old? DOnt have much to say so you resort to personal attacks. what a joke.

    you boast about your 2-1 Panama win prediction even though you never posted in on this blog. INteresting….and when you finally post a prediction about the USA-Jam. game, you were flat out wrong. Instead of admitting you were wrong, you instead say “scoring against JAM doesnt make us a better team”. Admit your logic was completely wrong and man up to it.

    ahhahahaha 3-0 Jamaica win over the USA right Sid? Some logic, that turned out to be huh.

  257. Blue16 says:

    Sid, where’s your 3-0 JAM now?

    Donovan, super sub? Maybe a better role in prep for WC ’14

  258. mw says:

    I call BS. You’re apparently new to watching football, because many, many times the “superior” team has to struggle for a win. You have unrealistic expectations to believe that the perceived better team should score within 5 minutes of the game starting. If you really believe that then there is hardly any team in the world that can live up to your expectations. I ask this in all seriousness, are you a teenager?

  259. tom says:

    You just proved my point by everything you just said. You are either a hater, a troll, or a very sad and confused little man.

  260. Hush says:

    Trolls expectations of the USMNT are very low. Wow. 92 all over Trolls answer to everything,… your wrong, don’t judge Bob, otherwise you are a I swear the whole Arema thing is playing out in 2011.

  261. Hush says:


  262. Supsam says:

    98%??!?!? there you go again pulling statistics out of your rear end. Im not saying that Sacha had a great game. Im saying he wasnt as bad as you say he was.

    There is nothing to debate. Your argument is a bunch of made up statistics backed by very shallow generalizations stemming from Sacha’s 08 form.

    Do you ever wonder why you are like the only person who has negative things to say about Kljestan based on this game? Are you saying everyone on this blog does not know “futbol”. Arrogance. o en la lengua de espanol, arrogancia jaja

  263. mw says:

    Dude, just because people don’t agree with you doesn’t make them “trolls.” You should learn the meanings of words before you use them. Trolls are people that incite and inflame opinions through their own posts. You can also include people who post off-topic to the discussion at hand. Here’s a link for you to brush up on your understanding of the word: link to

  264. Wm. says:

    No Sid, sweetheart, I was talking about the US over Jamaica. When I say “we” it’s the US.

    I hope you enjoyed the game.

  265. Wm. says:

    Nothing pleases the haters.

  266. Paul Thomas says:

    Er, any definition of that play in the fifth minute that does not define it as a “dangerous chance” is one which I want no part of.

  267. John Dykstra says:

    DUDE, everyone that doe not agree with all the US fans here are trolls!

    The US played crap in a very crap game against the crappiest team!

    So I guess I’m a troll now!

  268. mw says:

    If you say things just to get a rise out of people, then yeah, your a troll. If you really believe that, then I guess good for you, and we’ll just have to agree to disagree. I personally think they played a good game. Dominated possession, passed well, had a clear advantage in definitive chances. Other than some poor finishing, and a couple of defensive lapses (Goodson on one, Howard on another, Bradley keeping a player onside in 5th minute), they played well. Note that I didn’t say they played a perfect game. No team does. There is always room for improvement.

    I think a lot of the criticism for many supporters on this board, myself included, is this perpetual claim of “the sky is falling,” and an overall air of negativity. Its gotten to the point that the people who are against Bradley, or whatever player they don’t like at the moment, are analyzing the most minute details of every performance, as if any player is capable of playing a perfect game. I have no problem with criticism when it’s appropriate, but criticism for criticism’s sake is tiring. If you were to analyze games played the the world’s biggest powers (Spain, Argentina, Brazil, etc.), you’re never going to find an instance of a perfect game, or always perfect decision making, or always perfect coaching. I don’t care what team is playing, there is always room for improvement. It’s insane to hold unreal expectations, and its annoying to read over reactive, inane comments that have no basis in fact or reality. It’s takes away from what used to be a very well-informed and reasonable readership on this site.

  269. Rainstpub says:

    Is this Freddie? Is Sid Freddie because if you really beleive that then you can no longer be taken serious on this blog!!!

    And when has he been able to create, pass and break down any defense? Oh yeah, in Greece, 2nd divison Greece where some players still have a second job because the league is sooooooo bad. But being Freddy Adu, you already know that!

  270. Supsam says:

    now you are way offff about your US U-17 judgment. You are on a roll!!! 0/2 for today Sid

  271. Louis Z says:

    for wing play? yes.

  272. Louis Z says:

    have to give BB some props for that decision.

  273. Sid says:

    As I predicted Mexico 4- USA 2 Itt’s all I have to say.Go check your pom poms and practice your splits susysam my favorite cheerleader .She Cheers but doesn’t know for whom
    Are you a fan of U.S Soccer in FB? Check my comments(Cezare Ramone) on their album :WNT Training – July 12, 2011.Read and learn something

  274. Sid says:

    right! That will make us champions Losers? Its that correct?

  275. Sid says:

    My predictions for today based on this album; I hope you can see them 3-1 and 3-1 both games .There are 5 comments by me Please read them all.You don’t need to know any further .User :(Cezare Ramone):Check my comments on Morgan and Cheneys’ photos :
    link to
    Also look for the ones on the MNT(like the final vs MEX 4-2)-vs SPN and ARG- Read’em and weep. You talk and talk but can’t walk

  276. Sid says:

    My predictions for today based on this album; I hope you can see them 3-1 and 3-1 both games .There are 5 comments by me Please read them all.You don’t need to know any further .User :(Cezare Ramone):Check my comments on Morgan and Cheneys’ photos :

    link to

    Also look for the ones on the MNT(like the final vs MEX 4-2)-vs SPN and ARG- Read’em and weep. You talk and talk but can’t walk

  277. Sid says:

    link to
    By Cezare Ramone)
    Also look for the ones on the MNT(like the final vs MEX 4-2)-vs SPN and ARG- Days and hour before.Read’em and weep or smile. You talk and talk but can’t walk