USA vs. Mexico: Match Night Commentary

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The Final we all expected, and have all been waiting for, is here.

The United States and Mexico, arch-rivals and regional powers, face off tonight in the CONCACAF Gold Cup Final at the Rose Bowl (9pm, Fox Soccer Channel).

Mexico enters riding a high-powered attack led by star striker Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez, while the United States is led by a strong veteran nucleus including Tim Howard, Clint Dempsey and Landon Donovan.

Mexico will be looking for a second straight Gold Cup title, while the USA will be vying for a third in four tournaments. Mexico enters the tournament undefeated, while the USA has rattled off three straight shutout wins since a group stage loss to Panama.

If you're looking for some reading on the game, here is my Fox Soccer column on tonight's match, and a look at the recent matches in the rivalry. Also, here is my breakdown of all the key match-ups in tonight's match.

SBI will be providing some pre-game coverage from here in Pasadena, so please feel free to make SBI your place for pre-game discussions.

Let's get it started:

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326 Responses to USA vs. Mexico: Match Night Commentary

  1. b says:

    Go go USA!

  2. DoPe says:

    lets go Adu!!

  3. liz says:

    The Rose Bowl stadium looks like it did on Jan 1st. 90% one side (Wisconsin/Mexico) and 10% the other (TCU/USA). As someone who was there, it’s important to note that the minority has the potential to be JUST AS LOUD

    *and a little part of my Badger heart just died in comparing Wisconsin to Mexico and TCU to the USMNT.

  4. MC Pharoah says:

    I know it’s socal, but the crowd ratio seems overwhelming from early looks… I don’t even see a American outlaws/SAMs army section….

  5. SuperChivo says:


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  7. jim on vacation in Myrtle Beach says:

    Help!!!! anyone have ideas on who is streaming?? I tried the Concacaf site but that is not working for me.

  8. paul says:

    anyone surprised by the inclusion of adu? VERY surprised to see him in the starting IX.

  9. Scott A says:

    I’m always confident against Mexico.

  10. DoPe says:


  11. Citronomics says:

    Beautiful near post run and header by MB! Asssit Adu. This is the best way to counter the Mexico possession pressure.

  12. AllNats says:

    Mikey Makes up for that giveaway earlier.

  13. Citrobnomics says:

    Stevie C substituted. Dang it. Com’mon JB hold steady and play smart.

  14. Jen says:

    Think Bedoya or one of our other guys took out his ankle a few minutes in.

  15. jose says:

    I think is airing it. It was the whole tournament.

  16. CHAZ NYC red bulls says:

    I’m watching in Spanish which makes it even sweeter…! Love the overhead camera…Go US

  17. Scott A says:

    I wish the best of luck to Bornstein. Not an easy situation.

  18. Todd says:

    FREDDY ADU!!!!!

  19. Mwahahaha says:

    Can we pay Mexico back 5-0?

  20. Citronomics says:

    Lando! F Yeah :-)

  21. MC Pharoah says:

    Yhhhhh son!

  22. Todd says:

    Wow. Mexico made that look easy.

  23. Citronomics says:

    And JB way out of position on the Mexican goal. Uugghhh

  24. liz says:

    BORNSTIEN!!!! >:(

  25. Aquaman says:

    Oh Bornstein…

  26. baller says:

    nooo booornsteiin nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!


  27. Ricky B. Free says:

    Michael Bradley is sucking badly. He needs to start running, I know he scored a goal but help JJ in the midfield for gods sake.

  28. Citronomics says:

    Watch out for the hater and troll monitors :-)

  29. baller says:

    i swear to god if i ever see bornstien put on that shirt again….

  30. Mwahahaha says:

    I guess not. Bornstein sucks too much. out of position again–> Goal #2

  31. Ricky B. Free says:

    Mexico better thank Bornstein. He was way out of position again allowing Dos Santos to turn and send a cross.

  32. Jen says:

    Are we missing Stevie C or what?

  33. AM says:

    Bornsten is going to loose this game for the USA in 15 minutes as a sub.

  34. Citronomics says:

    Landon gets a bogus yellow while Adu gets kicked in the head. BS

  35. joejoe says:

    OK looks like we got game.

  36. Ricky B. Free says:

    The sad thing is that Mexico think they tied the game because they are great lol. Bornstein strikes back.

  37. Ricky B. Free says:

    take a look at Baby Bradley jogging it up. He is not hustling and thats his main atribute.

  38. Sub Bornstein says:

    Enough Said
    -Why didn’t they just put Spector at RB and keep Lichaj at LB? Long-ball soccer should not work as effectively as it is right now. This is disgusting.

  39. Jen says:

    agree 100%

  40. marco says:

    Halftime USA 2 Bornstein 2

  41. Ricky B. Free says:

    Bradley had to put Bornstein. Badstein shouldnt even be in the bench.

  42. Todd says:

    Gotta shore up our back line and slow them down in the midfield. WAY too many shots by Mexico.

  43. Atletico Man says:

    Is it just me or does that cable cam angle on Univision make you nausious?

  44. marco says:

    He never knows who’s behind him, never.

  45. AutoMaddox says:

    SBI poll: Who is the poorer defender? Bornstein or Mexico’s back four?

  46. Todd says:

    Agreed. MB slowed down a lot in the latter part of the half. He’s got to run to make things hum for the US.

  47. baller says:

    cuz bornstien is a natural left back and lichaj natural right and bradley thought he could use speed to counter giovanni….too bad bornstein always has his heads in the clouds rather than in the game….

    how awkward must the locker room be right now…

  48. marco says:

    He was a poor selection to be on the roster.

  49. Matt says:

    Bradley Jr. is playing like an absolute joke. Giving away way to many balls not from his passing but his lack of ability to even shield properly. hes getting stripped giving mexico chance, completely killing our posession, and he CAN NOT find a pass forward. Guess what Bradley lovers, look at the whole player, not a few great games defensively, he IS NOT at this level and had klinsman got the job Edu would be starting over him in a heartbeat

  50. liz says:

    For me, Jones hasn’t done enough for me to forgive him for taking out Cherundolo’s ankle. That was the WORST sub we could have made, and I don’t blame it on Bob Bradley at all. Although now I think i would sub out bornstien and sub in spector, move lichaj back left. I just dont know anymore!!!

  51. stargate5 says:

    wow our defenders ? WTF is happening ?

  52. donttreadonme says:

    I despise Bornstein. Both goals = his fault. I dont care if they put the second on Lichaj. He sucks. Tough job = tough love.

  53. Katatonia says:

    this is our fault. no one has taken a bat to his leg and ended his faucking career.

  54. donttreadonme says:

    Agreed. The wife and I were just saying this…

  55. Ricky B. Free says:

    Bornstein is a nice guy but he is awful. At least we know that Adu can play with the US and Lichaj can play LB. Imagine Cherundolo or Chandler on the right and Lichaj on the left. Bornstein no way near the national team.

    We also need 2 centerbacks because Boca is not going to be there in the near future and Goodson is average at best.

  56. Sean says:

    Lichaj has been the poor player in this one

  57. Mike says:

    Yes. It is terrible having el cable camera en vivo. Also, what is with the a.d.d. replays during live playon Univision? I missed half of the game watchin near-misses????

  58. Arny says:

    Like Klinsmann is doing such a great job with TFC

  59. Jen says:

    We might have been better off with a hurt Cherundolo, lol.

  60. joejoe says:

    The guy that’s getting a lot of pressure is Goodson. There were three near misses by Mexico. I expect two more goals. Who’s going to make them?

  61. Joe Hamilton says:

    The “genius” Bob Bradley strikes again. Why put in Bornstein who didn’t play one minute in the Gold Cup? This is why I said Bob Bradley is Mexico’s most valuable player. Of course, the corrupt ref never calling any fouls on Mexico but giving Donovan a yellow. It’s like the Mexico has a 12th man on the field.

  62. JOB says:

    Mexico can take Bornstein back. Out of position, slow to the ball
    Who would think that Dos Santos, a left footed player, wants to cut inside to his left for a shot! Imagine that!

  63. Seriously says:

    You should watch Edu play retard. You are clearly just a Bradley hater. You say to look at the whole well why don’t you look at the whole rather than a few bad outings? The opposite can be said to your “point”. STFU. Your pushing of Edu is laughable, he is not as good as Bradley or Jones.

  64. joejoe says:

    Got to get paid.

  65. marco says:

    Howard needs to drive a boot up Bornstein’s a**. Bradley and Jones need to pressure the passer harder or Johnny will leak 3 more.

  66. Ricky B. Free says:

    It was great watching the US scoring 2 goals. NIce header by Bradley who then disappeared from the match leaving Jones to track everyone on the mexican midfield.

    Great play by Adu, Dempsey and Landon.

  67. Sean says:

    Lichaj has bee substandard…not quite sure about your stmt…

  68. marco says:

    I expect a USA red card if needed.

  69. Todd says:

    Freddy looked like he had a goal in him for the first 35 minutes. Would love to see him show some more magic tonight.

  70. Syd says:

    Onyewu, Ream…where are ypu???

  71. Ricky B. Libre says:

    And the sad thing is the US thought they were gonna win DOS a CERO because they are great!

    Go figure 😉

  72. Ricky B. Free says:

    Lichaj wasnt leaking goals my friend and he wasnt getting beat by barrera or Dos Santos.

    Or do you think its a coincidence that as soon as Lichajd moved to RB they started attacking our left side?

  73. Benny says:

    Halftime USA 2 Bornstein 2

    Missing Dolo hurts but the U.S. has to take advantage now since Marquez and Salcido are out. They will get good chances now. If Bornstein does not come in, it is still 2-0. His international career is in real doubt and certainly should not see the second half. Mexico will get tired probably about minute 65 or so due to that 30 minutes extra time. The U.S. will get some chances.

  74. Mike22 says:

    Not much in the immediate pipeline. Maybe Whitebread has a great season in the EPL

  75. This Guy says:

    It’s horrible. I feel like I’m in row 237 of the stadium.

  76. Matt says:

    They can take Bradley back to, see what their possession and distrubution with bradley instead of Guardado and G. Dos Santos

  77. Todd says:

    Agreed. MB kind of disappeared and Jones needs to step it up.

    Then again, the calls are going Mexico’s way. Jones could easily see red if he plays the way he would like to play.

    Donovan has to be careful he doesn’t get sent off.

  78. Jake C. says:

    Salcido was playing injured and “Chepo” let him have it! I think Moreno and Marquez are excellent…you’re selling our attackers short!

  79. Aquaman says:

    Is there anyone out there with the last name Bornstein who may want to be the subject matter of a future ESPN 30 for 30 called “The Two Bornsteins?”

  80. Ricky B. Free says:

    Lets hope so.

  81. MicahK says:

    Stupid Lihaj boot the freaking ball out when it get close to the goal. And Bornstein thans for being out of position. I would rather see Onyewu on and Boca out on the left. I know Onyewu is not 100 but it is better then Bornstein.

  82. Jason says:

    What a second half awaits us!

  83. Lefty12 says:

    Bornsuck = garbage…how is this guy still on USMNT. If he starts the 2nd half, we are going to get smoked.

  84. Pappajohn says:

    Why, oh why, is Bornstein on the field?! He is slow and looks confused. Have we no better left back?

  85. caldude says:

    Did you guys see that USA chick giving the finger after Mexicos second goal? Funny girl. I’m watching from San Diego one of the Mexican stations (Azteca). Ines Sainz … winner!.

  86. Steve T. says:

    HAHAHA…that is awesome!

  87. MADMEXICAN says:

    unfortunately both BB and Ives will defend bornstein……man crush!

  88. marco says:

    Playing without target striker, smart, putting Bornstein on roster impeachable.

  89. MADMEXICAN says:

    he is inept! I hate BB. He has cost us not Bornsuck.

  90. Todd says:

    ahora….2nd half

  91. Ricky B. Free says:

    WTf is Bornstein doing in the midfield doesnt he know he is a freaking defender. No wonder he is always caught out of position.

  92. MADMEXICAN says:

    Im so upset right now…..Bradley is Mexico’s twelfth man. If we lose, can we fire him now????

  93. Lefty12 says:

    take bornstein out and play with 10 men, we would be better off.

  94. Ricky B. Free says:

    Wow look at Bornstein.

  95. Todd says:

    OK. Enough. BB. Pull the trigger.

  96. MADMEXICAN says:

    SUB OUT BORNSUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. Benny says:

    USA 2 Bornstein 3

  98. Necks says:

    Bedoya sucks, and looks flat out tired. Get him the EF out of there! Agudelo for Bedoya improves the quality of this team exponentially.

  99. Ricky B. Free says:

    Player selection people. Thats why you dont bring players like Rodgers and Bornstein.

  100. Ricky B. Free says:

    BEdoya has nothing to do with it.

  101. Ricky B. Free says:

    He is playing on the right side they are attacking our left side.

  102. Benny says:

    Keep the faith.

  103. Jen says:

    Can we bring ‘Dolo back on please?

  104. MADMEXICAN says:

    who brought those players….no, not bob Bradley our GREAT COACH! Look what a minor league coach with clear favorites does to a team in this case our team. Please give me one good reason we should keep him?

  105. Todd says:

    what is BB waiting for?

  106. Citronomics says:

    Take out Nightmare on Bornstreet. Move Adu to attacking center mid. mnove Donovan to the right flank and bring in Agudelo up front.. let’s shift to a 3-5-2 and go for it.

  107. MADMEXICAN says:

    LOL “nightmare…” nice!

  108. Jhollywood says:

    Wow…It’s no secret that im not a BB fan, but I have been semi excited to see his recent line-up changes!! But I have got to say that he blew it with Bornstein!! He has been responsible for all 3 Mexico goals!! If anyone wants to argue that fact, I will send them the DVR of this game! How the heck can you put Bornstein on, swith your left back to right, and expect to have success? Spector should have gone to right back, and Lichaj stayed on the left. I will take a starter in the EPL over a scrub in the MLS/Mexican League!! WTF BB…Just when I thought you might kinda win me over!!

  109. marco says:

    USA is playing without a LB,

  110. MicahK says:

    Call up Daniel Williams

  111. Becks says:

    That’s exactly the problem: Bedoya is having nothing to do with anything. This game is above him. Here we go Juan

  112. MicahK says:

    I agree Spector should be in and not bornstein.

  113. Ricky B. Free says:

    If the US loses, Bob Bradley will have lost 2 final games when he had a lead of 2 goals.

  114. Bug says:

    Wouldn’t it have been nice to put Chandler on the 23 man roster just to have him sit with the sole purpose of covering for the outside backs. That wouldn’t have been too stressful for him to play 80 minutes in two weeks?

  115. Lefty12 says:

    hands down, best comment of the night

  116. Lefty12 says:

    because he wears sweatpants.

  117. Ricky B. Free says:

    Please Jones punch CHicharito lights out or DOs santos.

  118. Todd says:

    reign it in Jones – aggression is good if you are smart about it.

  119. KC says:

    Jones showing his lack of class

  120. MicahK says:

    Jones need to kick Chicharitos a**.

  121. MC Pharoah says:

    You can’t even spell Rogers name right, but ok…

  122. MicahK says:

    Chicharito put his hands on Jones first. Get a vision test please.

  123. Todd says:

    One of our guys will get a red before this is over.

  124. Ricky B. Free says:

    Jones is going to kick Castro butt after the game.

  125. MADMEXICAN says:

    yep i agree… pleased with ADU.

  126. Todd says:

    ugh. getting late.

  127. Ricky B. Free says:

    OMFG I cant believe this debacle. Bob Bradley cant win finals.

  128. MADMEXICAN says:

    howard screwed the pooch there

  129. DoPe says:

    what an insane goal, props

  130. MicahK says:


  131. Todd says:


  132. marco says:

    Since Bradley played Bornstein I raise my El Tri score from 4 to 6.

  133. Ricky B. Free says:

    Its Brasil Vs US Confederations CUp all over again. We were leading 2-0 and we lose.

  134. Todd says:

    Now that it’s over, Jones should go all de Jong on Chicharito and/or Dos Santos.

  135. marco says:

    Howard has been rubbish also

  136. MADMEXICAN says:


  137. Ricky B. Free says:

    Dempsey and Jones should beat Bornstein and Bob Bradley butts after the game.

  138. Todd says:

    ay yi yi

  139. marco says:

    Mexico can go between Bornstein and Boca all day long. That street has no stop sign.

  140. FIRE-BOB-NOW! says:

    it is time for bob to go. you get lucky and go up 2-0 and you can’t hold the lead, nay you give up 4 straight pathetic goals.

    the us lacks creative and techical talent. but we are supposed to at least be able to defend like a rock and out hustle the other team.

    this team has regressed under bob. this whole tournament aside from a game against a overrated jamaica has been utterly pathetic. if sunil doesn’t fire bob and get a top notch coach in to overhaul the entire system from youth development on up i absolutely give up on the USMNT until after this cycle of mediocrity is over …

  141. minimax says:

    Can this be the last Bornstein game now??? How many times can he suck this bad?

  142. Ricky B. Free says:

    I am sorry Ives and the rest of Bob Bradley fans but you cant be the coach and be winning 2 final games by 2 goals and lose like this.

  143. Jen says:

    After Jones kicks his own for taking out ‘Dolo.

  144. MicahK says:

    Agudelo is so invisible. So frustrating.

  145. Todd says:

    come clint

  146. Todd says:

    Did Klinsmann take that job he interviewed for?

  147. SuperChivo says:

    The sting of this match will burn for a long, long time. And finally a way too late sub.

  148. marco says:

    That’s the answer, Kljestan

  149. Todd says:

    Big Mexican fiesta in LA tonight.

  150. Sub Bornstein says:

    Can’t believe BB stuck with BB after this shite

  151. MADMEXICAN says:

    Kl”JEST”an? he is a joke??????

  152. Benny says:

    Bad luck with the Dolo injury. I would have been a whole different story. Mexico exploited Bornstein. They took advantage of that left side. He should never see the field again.And BB should be replaced for having even put him on the roster.Well, the most important thing is qualifying. Hopefully, the U.S. will be healthy next time both these teams tango.

  153. FIRE-BOB-NOW! says:

    and just think, mexico has a ton of young well developed and only getting better talent. and we’ve got altidore and tim blunder ream?

    our best prospects come out of germany … too bad our youth system isn’t set up like germany’s and too bad we couldn’t have gotten the guy who set up and laid the groundwork for the german youth devleopment system … oh wait

    we could have … but the lame dipsh!ts at USSF including sunil didn’t want to give Jurgen the control he needed to tear this thing up and start from scratch and quit wasting the vast pool of potential talent that is just languishing out there in the us under terrible youth coaching and pay to play club development.

    oh, and bob should be fired if for no other reason than his inability to see what even a child can see and that is borenstein sucks donkey nuts. always has, always will …. i’d rather he called in 15 year old kelyn acosta because that kid, at 15, is better than borensuck.

  154. roysterer says:

    You know why the US team looks so disconnected? It’s because they haven’t had a consistent lineup. This isn’t Barcelona. The US ought to have a best line up, and they don’t. It’s like Bradly doesn’t know when to stop experimenting.

  155. Sub Bornstein says:

    Bornstein should get some therapy after all this abuse on the field.

  156. Just Pissy says:

    When I left the Union game it was 2-2. I got in the car and it was 3-2. I just got home and now it’s 4-2. I’m not even sure what happend but I know one thing. Fire Bob Bradley!

  157. SuperChivo says:

    I hope these guys are screaming mad and that this is a real wake up call for U.S. soccer. If I die tomorrow it will be in agony knowing that these guys got the last one on us.

  158. Joe says:

    I’m over Bradley, he needs to go! Adu was a dangerous attacker, and he takes him off…and puts on Klestjan. Bornstein is a nightmare. Credit to Mexico (can’t believe I said that…) but they played hard and physical.

  159. ChiTownFire says:

    Bringing Bornstein in starting this huggge downturn. Fire Bob Bradley.

  160. marco says:

    How fitting that Bradley ends the Gold Cup with Bornstein and Kljestan on the pitch. Who could guess that?

  161. SuperChivo says:

    +1, although the Bornstein sub noone ever would have saw coming.

  162. bradley says:

    it makes me sick, that i have to watch an away game, in my country and its an away game.. does anyone else find that frustrating….

  163. Ricky B. Free says:

    He had to put his love children in. Its the Bradley Bunch.

  164. Ricky B. Free says:

    I find BB frustrating.

  165. MADMEXICAN says:

    Watch how the “bob bradley ” media love fest starts with oh Klejstan was awesome…bradley did great with what he had etc etc. this is pathetic….we have better players, yet we fail to give them a chance since BBB has many man crushes. I hate MExico even though Im from Mexican Decent. I hate the fact that we are losing, and I abhor the fact that being below average is acceptable. It is especially sad that a high school football coach is held to higher standards as compared to our national team coach. what an embarrassment!

  166. SuperChivo says:

    Sacha brought it, but this had better be the last time we see JB

  167. kfly says:

    We can talk about Dolo being hurt, the weird tactics, the refs’ obvious inability to make up their minds without the assistance of the pro-Mexican crowd…but the reality is, the United States stopped trying after we scored the 2nd goal. That’s why we lost this game. With Dolo in, maybe it’s 3-2 instead of 4-2. Maybe. This team just didn’t want it enough, and it didn’t deserve it at all.

    On a bright note, I’m looking forward to seeing more of Adu in the future. He showed lots of potential, and if he gets more club minutes, he could play a big role in the future.

  168. marco says:

    Better side won. USA could have stole victory if not for Bradley/ Bornstein man/love affair.

  169. Josh says:

    Well, what would be the point in griping? Congrats to El Tri; the better team won.

    For the US: Lichaj’s emergence means Bornstein should NEVER play for the US again. He simply can’t cut it at this level. Bradley’s crucial mistake was putting Bornstein in instead of Spector. Spector coulda played on the right, Lichaj on the left. I’m not saying the US would have won, but Bornstein was simply abused on the first two Mexico goals. Adu was surprisingly good, but without much US possession, he increasingly became a non-factor. Still, I think he’s back in the mix, and that’s definitely a good thing.

  170. jmc says:

    Come Monday we shouldn’t have to worry about Bradley experimenting with the lineup any more.

  171. Josh says:


  172. Todd says:


  173. kris says:

    somebody set up an immigration checkpoint on the way out..

  174. Becks says:

    Stupid giveaways. Lack of simple 1 touch passing. Poor defending. Missed chances. Hallmarks of the USMNT that must be overcome before we are world class.

  175. Aquaman says:

    I should know by now to end emotional investment into a game after Bornstein comes into the game. I always end up depressed in the end.

  176. marco says:

    Freddy was better than Deuce today. The next tackle on Gio will be the first of the day.

  177. Valdo says:

    GIO deserves to have the #10 Jersey.

  178. andrew says:

    Bob Bradley must go!

  179. Stephen says:

    Because he brought Adu, who had a hand in both goals.

  180. Joe Williams says:

    Bornstein, Lichaj, and Goodson were woeful and the two central mids just weren’t good enough. For all the talk about needing a striker for the next cycle, our bigger problems seem to be in the back. They aren’t apparent against weak CONCACAF opposition but when we step up in class, we don’t have the defense to handle what is thrown against us. It was embarrassing to see Dos Santos running free the entire freaking game with no one able to close him down. Offense was easily good enough tonight, the defense let us down.

  181. Didier Deschamps says:

    there is a reason spector plays in england and brnstein cant get on the field in BB for being stubborn?

  182. MensreaJim says:

    In unrelated news, I hear George John was great tonight.

    Freddy is going to make it. Dos Santos is going to make it big time.

  183. Lefty12 says:

    Fire Sweatpants Bradley, its time for him to go….and for god’s sake get bornstein off the national team

  184. joejoe says:

    You can’t blame Bornstein for the loss. It’s always blame the guy with least amount of time. Blame all of them or just give credit to Mexico.

  185. Travis says:

    I hate Bornstein more than words can ever express.

  186. JCC says:

    Mexico showed a lot of character today. In the past Mexico would have panicked and resorted to chippy play and dirty fouls being down 2 – 0. Today they showed a lot of heart, guts, and skill to win 4 -2. Hats off to Mexico. If they keep playing like this, they’ll be ready for great things.

  187. Münster says:

    The only way for us to get a home game is by hosting it in Portland, Maine.

  188. Alex G says:

    This is one of the thoughest nights, but Mexico won and they did it fair and square.

    BB has to go, really, we need a new coach and a new cycle, Goodson was terrible, well, next time…

  189. JCC says:

    Don’t be stupid.

  190. SuperChivo says:

    I love your passion

  191. seanie blue says:

    Can we fire Bradley now?
    He takes off Bedoya and brings on Agudelo when he is down one goal. Loses the game because of it.

    Bedoya was keeping Dempsey closer to the goal. The moment he comes out, Dempsey has to yield space up front to Agudelo, a very limited and inexperienced MLS player. Dempsey starts clogging the middle, and there is no longer any American flow.

    Bradley does not understand momentum, territory or strategic thinking.
    A total amateur.
    Fire him.

  192. agon123 says:

    Adu was the bright spot tonight. What a revelation after being ruled out. Now if we can only bring in other technical players…

  193. FulhamPete says:

    USA goes up 2-0. Great Bradley decision to bring on Adu to start. However, Dolo’s injury was a game changer, and the play of the game was BB’s decision to put Bornstein on the field. I’m not going to call for his dismissal, but his crotch bulge for Bornstink MUST be deflated by now, because he almost single-handedly lost the match. Once Bornstink comes in, USA gives up 4 straight goals.

    I actually think USA played well over all, but when the ship hit the iceberg, it was destined to go down.

  194. Todd says:

    So to recap the tourney:
    -Altidore hits a golazo for the ages
    -Clint is the man, as usual
    -Donovan rides the bench a couple of matches
    -Jones has some impact at times, maddeningly quiet at others
    -Adu emerges (he looked GREAT for 35 minutes of this one)
    -BB manages to lose a second 2-0 lead in a final

  195. Didier Deschamps says:

    mexico 9- usa 2 in two finals

  196. seanie blue says:

    And get rid of Gulati, somehow, God!

  197. gas huffer says:

    So. Much. Word.

  198. exussoccerpatriate says:

    Based on the attendance at the game I’m glad to see that there will be 50,000 people calling in sick tomorrow when they should be cutting lawns…and clipping poodle’s toe nails…go home mexicans!

  199. seanie blue says:

    Ha ha, that’s a good one. Or Buffalo.

  200. Lefty12 says:

    or how about a couple of d*ck sucking d-bags that both need to get the f off of the national team so we can progress to the next level

  201. MensreaJim says:


  202. Didier Deschamps says:

    typically yes, but when the defense falls asleep and gives up 3 terrible goals it makes it a lot easier

  203. seanie blue says:

    and why don’t you get out of the USA too?

  204. MADMEXICAN says:


  205. AcidBurn says:

    Does Brazil lose a 2-0 lead? No.

    Does Mexico lose a 2-0 lead? No.

    Atrocious. Bob should be run out of town. Even with Cherundolo’s injury, he SHOULD HAVE HAD the players to see through a win when he had a 2-0 lead. TWICE NOW in finals this has happened. USMNT is a second tier team. Atrocious. Well the vacation schedules for the USMNT are now free for summer 2013. Or maybe we can lose in the 2013 Gold Cup to the Mexico B team.

    By the way, no one is placing blame on Howard? Didn’t come up with one big save tonight.

    Look for Mexico to be seeded in 2014. And we’ll get stuck with the group of death. Sad times for USMNT.

  206. Matt says:

    ok wow, all the people saying bornstien was responsible for 3 goals? wrong.

    The Score line should Read USA 2 Bornstein 2 Bradley JR 2

    Bradley Jr caused the last two goals by not marking the players coming into the middle. the player he failed to mark on the 3rd goal had the assist, he didnt mark Dos Santos’s run into the box on the 4th goal. Lets not forget Bradley getting stripped and almost causing a Dos Santos goal in the first half, take off the rose colored glasses his one goal thanks to ADU’s service doesnt make up for his pathetic display overall

  207. Jorge Jenkins says:

    You guys drank tooooooooo much. Mexico is BETTER! Giovani Is a monster player! Guardado is a monster player! Barrera is a monster player Chicharito is insane and freaking Hector Reynoso arrives after ten years to his first calling with El Tri in a final vs US and plays better than Marquez!

    The US is in transition and will not beat Mexico in a VERY LONG TIME!

    …I’m Uruguayan by the way.

  208. Didier Deschamps says:

    los zetas will only behead 70 migrants this week

  209. Todd says:

    welp, bed time here on the east coast…I’ll cry myself to sleep and dream of Jurgen Klinsmann….:)

  210. JOB says:

    Def got smoked the entire 2nd half. I think their game plan was attack the left back cause he is awful.
    I don’t know why Lichaj wasn’t switched back to match up w/ Dos Santos or ANYONE marking him.
    Didn’t help that Bradley/Jones were invisible for most of the match; couldn’t win a ball, poor possession.

  211. SuperChivo says:

    This is the best team Mexico has had in a long time, in the modern era, for sure. They were clearly the better side tonight but I believe that the players deserve the credit (for Mexico) and the blame (for the U.S.). However,continuing to call up J.B. is just insane and Bradley deserves the blame for that.

  212. Chepo says:

    You better be happy De Nigris did not play!!!

  213. Todd says:

    Agree. MB was poor tonight, other than the gol.

  214. MADMEXICAN says:

    I thought it was funny..

  215. SuperChivo says:

    +1, and that this Mexico team is way superior to 2007, while this U.S. team is about the same.

  216. Didier Deschamps says:

    you all look mexican to me grass clipper

  217. Cajun says:

    Bornstein doesn’t come into the game, USA wins 2-1 end of story….

  218. jpc says:

    Mexico was better today. They deserved it… This really shined a bright spot on our back line. We have no center backs aside from Bocanegra, and our fullbacks outside of Cherundolo are severely lacking. It might be time to start getting some new blood in there, Bornstein just isn’t the guy, he was involved in nearly every one of their goals. I thought Lichaz was pretty good, but he needs to be better too… I liked everything except Donovan playing up top. I know Bradley was just trying to get his best players on the field, but Donovan is a wing… Adu played well, but should have come off a lot earlier, the kid hasn’t played 90 minutes at this level in a long time… Too bad for Cherundolo, I think its a much different game w/ him in, but that’s no excuse, Mexico deserved the win

  219. SuperChivo says:

    Not needed, keep it to football.

  220. Ryan says:


  221. SuperChivo says:

    bullarky, the best U.S. player on the pitch.

  222. A-Lott says:

    Better team won. Grudging congratulations. I’m looking forward to see what El Tri can do against the world’s best in Brazil.

    Also, I fully expected Mexico to become frustrated when they fell behind early and start taking the kind of cheap shots we’ve seen in the past. They didn’t. They bore down and scored four unanswered goals. Sure, there were some chippy moments on both sides, but no one got choked or kicked in the jimmy. This younger generation of Mexican players is both more talented and classier than their predecessors.

    Here’s hoping we can give them a better game next time around.

  223. Joe Williams says:

    There’s no doubt Bradley was poor and Jones mostly invisible. Those two combined with a terrible performance across the back to create this result. Bradley didn’t mark up and neither he nor Jones did much ball winning either. When your back 4 is clearly (unfortunately) outmanned, you need a lot more help from the central mids.

  224. MADMEXICAN says:

    callete , y mamasela a de nigris….chingas a tu madre y la seleccion mexicana! vayen muncho a la chinada putos!

  225. TimN says:

    Having to sub Cherundolo out was HUGE in this game, probably the game changer as far as I’m concerned. It created total havoc on a back line formation that had been working well for us to this point. Bornstein, as everybody has already pointed out, is unfortunately the only option to bring in at LB, forcing Lichaj out of position to RB. It was a VERY UNFORTUNATE injury…

    Also, I would put out there that this was far from Tim Howard’s best game. He was woefully out of position on Mexico’s 2nd and 4th goals. As a keeper, if you come out to get the ball you had better get it. Granted, Dos Santos produced a world class chip on that 4th goal, but the entire scenario was set up by Howard over committing and getting beat, allowing Dos Santos to get free with the ball.

    Many will call for Bradley’s head, and it probably is time for him to go. However, the real problem with our NT going forward is one we’re all too familiar with, and that is lack of depth and consistency on the back line. Be it by Bradley or whoever else, that problem MUST get solved in this WCQ cycle.

  226. Joamiq says:

    I can’t believe Bob didn’t take out Bornstein at halftime. It’s a goddamned final and the guy clearly did not belong on the field. Bring in Spector, Ream, whatever.

    Edu also needed to come in at some point. Both US central midfielders were a step slow today and that’s why the US couldn’t win any possession and try to go at that weakened Mexico backline. And Bob deserves blame for not getting Mikey some rest at some point.

    Speaking of rest, that loss to Panama, resulting in having to go all out for 90 against Guadeloupe, might ultimately have been the real difference in this game.

  227. Ryan says:

    Someone already said that when it was 2-2…so I’m gonna have to disagree on this one

  228. donttreadonme says:

    Bring in the youth movement. Stick with them, unify as a team, own the world. Time for a new generation. Bumpy road – sure. Worth it in the end? Yup.

  229. RJ says:

    I will say this: Bradley has showed he is a good coach this tournament….but to keep putting Bornstein in games like this is incredibly stupid and unfair to everyone including Bornstein himself who cant help that he isnt good enough. It makes NO sense. WHY Bob??? WHHHYYYY

  230. timF says:

    Its maddening that Maurice Edu didn’t get to play more in this tourney.

  231. MC Pharoah says:

    Yh, agreed, however, it sickens me that mexicans dare to disrespect us so often when they are in our country. Mexico cannot support them, we do… That’s the bit that annoys me tbh. Along with many other countries fans… On a more relevant note, how on earth is there that many Mexican fans at the GC final in the US? Even in socal… Inexcusable.

  232. MicahK says:

    Lichaj was fail too in the final. He could have stopped Mexico’s other two goals if he had of cleared the ball and stood in the goal and wait for it to get low and boot it out when Gio hit it over Howard.

  233. jpc says:

    They actually did resort to dirty fouls. Remember the guy kicking Adu in the head? (and that was on purpose, anyone who’s ever kicked a ball knows you don’t drive your plant foot forward like that)… But they did deserve to win, no doubt about that

  234. Didier Deschamps says:

    when kyle martino sounds right, you know something is wrong

  235. Ben says:

    Well, as furious as I am, there are a few things we take into the future from this game. First, Bob needs props, made the right call to start the game and was done in by a injury to Dolo, which completely changed the game. People might blame him for Borno being on te team, but there aren’t many options; granted, I never want to see Borno again. He needs to be exiled like Beezer. Second, remember, Mexico had their entire selection available, okay Sacido wasn’t 100 percent, but we were missing Holden and Chandler, and till had the lead until the unfortunate, in every sense of the word, introduction of the Borno. Also, even as a Adu doubter, he proveed tonight that he is on the right track. Hopefully, he continues to progress. Lets go forward and get that Azteca scalp we all want during World Cup qualifying, because barring injuries, like tonight, we are the better team. As for Mexican fans, good game and let the respect grow. I’, always rooting for you outside of Concacaf, so in the Confed, you hae my support, bittersweet though it may be.

  236. Jerome says:

    What are you talking about.. there were 60,000 mexican fans.. you dont think that some were illegals..

  237. SuperChivo says:


  238. donttreadonme says:

    He’s not the answer either. I don’t know who is.

  239. AcidBurn says:

    Yup, I am a big MB90 fan but he was poor tonight. Too much watching in central midfield. Mexico cut through the midfield like a hot knife through butter.

  240. erbin3 says:

    think Mexico could care less who you hate and you’re probably not well liked there either

  241. mr_coolio says:

    I understand but Bornstein? He could’ve brought in Edu or Gooch, even Spector would be a better decision.

  242. ChiTownFire says:

    Cough cough, Jose Francisco Torres, Stu Holden.

  243. MC Pharoah says:

    You do not belong ever saying anything about football if you truly believe Freddy was poor… One of the few bright spots.

  244. SuperChivo says:

    Is Bob in charge of player development now?

  245. AcidBurn says:

    Wow! Gio is so AMAZING that he was loaned from Spurs because he couldn’t hack it! In fact I think his grand achievement was getting drunk at an Xmas party. He’s tearing it up for a bottom of the table La Liga team…not Messi yet.

  246. John1 says:

    Can we all agree that the USSF needs to find a new coach? The insertion of Bornstein single handily lost this game for the U.S. BB putting Bornstein in this GC roster was nuts already. The guy just got torched. Not subbing Bornstein was just crazy. We still had a decent chance if Bornstein would have been subbed. BB needs to be replaced. It should be done way before qualifying. Congratulations to Mexico for exploiting the weak link in Bornstein and getting the win. Bornstein has to be feeling lousy in a position he never should have been in.

  247. Ben says:

    Also, Howard needs to come in for some serious criticism. Two big games in a row, Ghana and this one, where he doesn’t make a big save, and kinda blows a couple that maybe should have been saved. I know this is almost sacriligeous to say, but perhap Sir Alex was more perceptive in his dismissal of Howard. Timmay is a good but not great goalie, and when the pressure is on, he tends toward the ordinary. Please don’t cite friendlies to the opposite.

  248. Darth Vader says:

    Losing Cherundolo turned that game… Bornstein kept up his long run of being out of position 99% of the time which causes chaos along the backline because Bocanegra has to cover for him which throws everyone out of alignment. We needed another right back (Chandler) instead of putting Bornstein out there. There were enough positives out there that I foresee Bradley staying on to build off the positives we saw out there.

  249. Matt says:

    no where in my post do i say freddy Adu was poor

  250. mexwin says:

    yeah, the loss was because of the illegals…idiot

  251. Ricky B. Free says:

    You guys are too hard on Bornstein, he is a young , talented and exciting LB. I think that he could be a world class LB by 2014.

    Bob Bradley should go. He called to the national team players like Rodgers and Bornstein. I am sorry but a good coach would have fought for the right to bring Chandler in.

  252. MC Pharoah says:

    Stuart Holden – ” I don’t think 1 person has left “…. Says it all.

  253. mrk_76 says:

    Bob has made his last mistake. Can’t win with or without a lead. Adios BB. Hasta luego.

  254. Steve T. says:

    Rico against Ghana, and Bornstein against Mexico. Bob Bradley is profoundly stupid.

    However, Mexico of some very fun talented player. I can’t hate them as much tonight, because they tore us apart with style when normally they’d foul and flop.

    Mexico on the up.

  255. brad says:

    Definitely a terrible decision… keep in mind We didnt have some pieces..Timmy Chandler would have been a nice option to have…

  256. MC Pharoah says:

    Lmao, you said pathetic, big difference… What are you 6?

  257. Ryan says:

    Been wondering the same thing. There’s gotta come a point when even BB knows it’s time to give up on him (like he did with Clark after the WC).

  258. baller says:

    This is so embarrassing in so many ways.

    If you wanted to write a script for a horrible night for the USMNT with the most embarrassing defeat to our most bitter rival ever, it would have gone something like this.

    There is absolutely no excuse for this, and I guess now we get to see if Sunil’s got some balls or if he’s really just the little putita he appears to be.

    Bornstien never should have came in, Captain obvious told me so.

    How is it possible that during the entire camp BB doesn’t see enough of Adu to even give him a minute through the first 4 games, then when he’s run out of options against Panama he’s forced to use him and realizes he’s good enough to start the final, when he really could have used some minutes to gel with his teammates before being thrown into the most important game of his career.

    And now it’s 5am and I missed a night of partying in Spain for this bull…UNBELIEVABLE!!!

  259. MADMEXICAN says:

    Pendejo fijate donde vives! IT’s wetbacks like you who forget that hard working MEXICANS like myself give thanks to a great nation that educated me, so that I would not be an ignorant piece of crap such as you. Be greatful for people such as myself who pay for your foodstamps, tanf, wic, and all sorts of governmental help. you are pathetic! tu que si eres un pendejo meco! GO USA!

  260. brad says:

    OK George…

  261. Matt says:

    ummm read the whole post. The pathetic was pointed at Bradley. I said BRADLEY’s goal was due to ADU’s service and Bradleys goal does not make up for a pathetic display

  262. SuperChivo says:

    You can blame Bradley and you can blame Sunil but the real blame goes to the M.L.S. Mexico got tired of getting kicked around CONCACAF and the FMF forced the professional league to step up it’s player development. Meanwhile, the M.L.S. fields crap teams like the Red Bulls that have all of one American on the pitch at a time. We, as fans, have to DEMAND that the player development efforts be accelerated and that the stupid, anti-competitive rules of the MLS be thrown out. WAKE UP! I do not want to see Mexico back in the drivers seat of CONCACAF for long.

  263. Ricky B. Free says:

    I am sorry but Bradley is too stupid to notice things during the game. The mexican team kept attacking the left side and Bradley did nothing about it.

  264. Jose says:

    Actually I think the finals should have been in Anchorage, Alaska!

  265. JJ says:

    We still have captains of both teams in the States…not that embarrassing. We need to find a way to bring Gio to MLS…dude is a baller

  266. KC says:

    Funny how Mexico had to sub out two defenders and yet the US didn’t take advantage of that. Maybe it’s not Borenstain’s fault.

  267. Ryan says:

    Not what he said

  268. Marco Ricoy says:

    Mexico was losing 2-0 and scored four goals after that. I’d like to know what you are drinking to say that the US was the better team. Mexico lost SIX players if you include Osorio at the beggenning of the tourney, Neither Salcido nor Marquez played the second half! Mexico was the favorite and they proved everyone right! No excuses!

  269. SuperChivo says:

    God willing a decent left-sided player stepped up.

  270. US Man says:

    Terrible excuse…Dolo doesn’t hav ethe wheels anymore…It would have been 6-2. And Chandler would have been smoked also. Lichaj should have been pulled though.

  271. Erik says:

    I saw Bornstein come in and knew it was over. I won’t be watching anything soccer related for awhile. If BB gets fired, someone shoot me a text.

  272. John says:

    Ricketts is best keeper in Conacacaf

  273. bottlcaps says:

    I am not happy that the US lost the Gold Cup, but I am happy that the US loat to Mexico.

    It is time Sunni, to open up the position of USMNT coach. The fact that Bradley brought in Bornstein as he had no one better, gives rise to the fact that it was Bob Bradley’s choice to bring him in the to the team in the first place. The fact that he had slim pickins on his bench is nobody but Bob Bradley’s fault who evaluated and selected the USMNT players.

    Time and time again Bob Bradley relied on inferior and/or inured/not recovered players to back up the “A” team. There was NO GOOD REASON why Bornstein, Klejsatn or even Altidore should have been selected for the team based on their prior poor performances.
    Yet there they were.

    We now have a very big professional league, we have a healthy collegiate system and we have a middlin-to-good youth program. The fact that Bob Bradley primarily brought in foreign players for many positions when there were better MLS players available show his and the USSF subservience to the MLS, who insisted on playing a full schedule despite having an international tournament taking place at the same time
    Remember, BB could have brought in any eligible player from the MLS without there permission or say so. That he didn’t speaks volumes about his decisions off the field.

    I hope Sunni, gives BOB his walking papers, but I doubt it. As you US sinks lower and Concacaf get better, losses to teams like Pananma will occur more often, The WCQ will become more desperate and the US soccer will decline further. Maybe the BOD od USSF will see this and give Sunni his walking papers for the state that the US team has fallen to.

    The recent failure of the U20’s and the razor edge the U17 are in the Youth WC show how far we have fallen. Did Klinnsman insist on control over the youth fiefdoms as a condition of his employment?

    Somewhere I think Jurgen is smiling.

  274. Mateo says:

    I keep seeing this “USA in transition” and USA needs their “youth movement.” Annoying. Bradley (23), Edu (24), Lichaj (22), Guzan (26), Bedoya (24), Altidore (21), Davies (25, Holden (25), Feilhaber (26), Diskerud (20), Agudelo (18), Spector (25), Ream (23); all these guys are young contributors to the USA national team in their mid to early 20s. Not the problem. The problem is that we lack the depth of a Brazil and when we are not 98% healthy, it shows. Going into this tournament missing Feilhaber, Holden, Davies, and DeMerit, and then losing Altidore and Cherundolo along the way, is and was too much to overcome. When full strength, we beat Mexico anytime and anywhere and compete with the best.

  275. brad says:

    Totally agree.. I was at the Gold Cup Final at the meadowlands when the USA lost 5-0..

    I thought I was in Downtown Mexico City…

  276. chuck says:

    Amen. Too many divergent interests at USSF. If someone comes along and wants to do what is best for the USMNT and it involves stepping on the toes of the other interests there (youth soccer, MLS, whoever), that person will get run out of the halls of USSF’s Chicago mansion. What can we expect? Sunil, Chuck Blazer, FIFA–these are the organizers (re: profiteers) of our beloved game.

  277. Jose says:

    He should be fired immediately. I will say Mexico was the better tonight and probably the tournament. But it is how you lose, and the way this team lost tonight was just terrible. The whole point of a team is to win the World Cup, and with him on the realm this will not be the case. It isn’t to qualify and make a quick exit, it isn’t to just play well on some games. It is to win the whole darn thing and tonight we learned that Bradley is not that coach.

  278. Juan says:

    No, Bornstin plays in Mexico…Lichaj should have been pulled for Spector. Where was that kid from FC Dallas? SHould have been on the roster

  279. chuck says:

    Why didn’t the INS raid the stadium? They could have rounded up at least 50,000 and sent them home.

  280. Jack says:

    more offense than Jones, for sure

  281. Adam M. says:

    This was an example of the best player on the field, Dos Santos, taking full advantage of an injury to Dolo, the rock solid player supposed to mark him, who was then replaced with a folly. Mexico finally played to its potential against the US and the team that everyone thought was better was better and won. But what a weird tournament. Who would have thought that we would have started the final with no real strikers? Or that Adu would be a starter and play a level better than almost anyone else? Or that we would have ended the final in a loss with Bornstein and Sascha on the field? Two final thoughts, I don’t know what’s going on with Gio Dos Santos, but its inexplicable that he isn’t a star somewhere. And the US with Adu, Holden, and Chandler will look much different than what we have now. Or it should, if we can find a coach who knows how hold a 2-0 lead for 60 minutes.

  282. FIRE-BOB-NOW! says:

    if bob bradley had any class he’d resign tomorrow.

    this team has constantly underachieved, looked terrible on defense, played terrible to start games thruout his tenure. anything it accomplished seemed to be inspite of bob not because of him.

    and he gives almost nothing tactically, he is a rank amature. he gives nothing in selecting players, he is blind and in love with some utter rubbish (borensuck, etc). and he gives nothing as far as building a vision for the whole US system from top to bottom including a pathetic development system that wastes more youth players than any other nation aside from maybe brazil. it is a giant failure that this nation can’t develop and produce better football talent given the overwhemling numbers of players who play at youth level.

    jurgen was the right choice the first time bob was hired, and he was the right choice the time bob was rehired. klinsy may not have been the tactical brain behind the rise of germany but he laid much of the developmental groundwork and low was his hire as a tachtician. this nation’s footballing would be leaps and bounds ahead of where it is now if we had hired him after arena.

    but the USSF is a corrupt and indolent bunch of pencil pushing losers, sunil being the most obsequious and impotent leader. not only do we get nothing for the rampant accepting of corruption and incompetence, which if a world cup or a talent factory was a result might be tolerable but no … we support with blind puppy dog like allegance the likes of blatter and don’t do anything about warner until his fate is already sealed.

    the whole US system is in a shambles and needs root and branch changes. and as much as i like claudio reyna it is a joke that he powers that be think he is the answer … truly pathetic.

  283. John1 says:

    You are crazy!!!!!!!!!

  284. Stan says:

    awful excuse…Cherundalo is not athletic enough for Mexico

  285. Jose says:

    MLS was the sole reason for the US getting better so wouldn’t say MLS is the reason for this result.

  286. Ura says:

    lol..the curse of de nigris!

  287. Manuel says:

    A-Lott as a level headed Mexican I thank you. I think Mexico showed civility and restraint. I can imagine the pain (not joking) you’re feeling. I felt it for ten years except Azteca. I’m happy Mexico is growing up in every sense of the word. I’ve always thought Donovan is world class abeit weird, and Howard is a beast on goal. I’m dissapointed at some very low class comments on the site today, but Mexico vs USA is a classic, will remain a classic, and of course it will be a back and forth for years to come.

  288. Ryan says:

    Thank God I know you’re joking about the first half of that

  289. Darth Vader says:

    Disagree. It’s not an excuse it’s what happened. Dolo is old, but he’s been top shelf all tournament and this one. The second they took put Bornstein on Mexico started having real success on that side. Lichaj was having success stopping attacks down that side (not every attack, but it was night and day after the Dolo-Bornstein switch).

  290. chuck says:

    We’ll see. Neither can do much for their clubs. If they are just playing in the odd tournament here and there they’ll fade away.

  291. Buster says:

    not about leagues, son…players and teams. When will Eurosnobs learn???

  292. Jose says:

    Howard was terrible on that play against Dos Santos. If you are going to come out like that you need to make sure you get the ball. But who was the player from the corner that passed the ball back to the Guardado, that was the worst played ever. You either take it and run or kick it out in that situation not feed it back in the middle.

  293. chuck says:

    But that is the deal with Concacaf. The USA always gets to host but only because every latin american team knows it will have good support (and, obviously, because of the $)

  294. Champions of England says:

    Hahaha! You realize that shot went in the upper 90 right? You cant wait for a ball to get lower when it fits perfectly between a jumping defenders head (who is standing on the goal line) and the crossbar. Get real.

  295. Hector says:

    Hector Reynoso has more experience as a defender than anyone other than Rafa Marquez in all of Mexico…too bad BB doesn’t read up!

  296. Alf says:

    I’ve been trying to stay off the “Fire Bradley” train, but this game revealed A LOT. I’ve been asking myself if I can see this team under BB taking it tier 1 level (I’m talking getting seeded in the World Cup), and I can’t find the reasons to say yes, especially after this. He’s done his piece for the USMNT but now he has got to go and someone else has got to jump in to find the next set of answers.

    I think we’ve all gone over all the colossal duds that players committed during the match. At the end of the day, it’s unacceptable for a coach to concede a 2-0 lead IN A FINAL. This is stemming from a lack of consistency in the lineup and just bad game management. And that’s not even talking about the elephant in the room, which is a total makeover of how we even develop our youth players.

    I will say there were some bright spots that came out of the tournament. Freddy Adu was certainly a revelation. Someone please give this kid more playing time. I’ll even say Jones made me feel a little better about finding an answer to pair up with M. Bradley.

  297. baller says:

    jesus mc pharoah I wouldn’t be calling people 6yrs old when you can’t even read! Matt is OBVIOUSLY reffering to MB’s performance as pathetic! He said that MB’s goal was made by ADU’s service, and that the goal shouldn’t excuse an otherwide pathetic performance ON THE PART OF BRADLEY!

  298. joejoe says:

    Because most Americans still don’ want to follow a game that doesn’t score enough. At least that’s what my coworkers tell me.

  299. Roman says:

    Oh please! Who woul’ve thought Ochoa, Maza, Osorio and Sinha were not going to play today. That Hector Reynoso, a 30 year old plus defender and Torres Nilo a 23 year old would replace Marquez and Salcido?

    What the US didn’t park ten in the back after the 2-0 as they always did! Mexico is a better team, PERIOD

  300. Mike Nieto says:

    Please, and the knee to Barrera, followed by the spazz reaction of Jones vs Hernandez for nothing?

  301. John D. says:

    hahaha +1000000000000

  302. Kyle says:

    It sucks to lose to Mexico. Bradley did not pull the right card in turning to Bornstein but I do have to say that this game felt entirely different than other games vs. Mexico. The defense sucked but the US played an attacking brand of football. Against a solid team we have not seen this from a Bradley team. I actually feel encouraged by our attack with Dempsey, Adu, Donovan, and Bradley leading the charge. Lets get Chandler in and find some CB’s and we’ll be alright.

    In conclusion, losing to Mexico sucks bad but I’m not surprised that we lost. In case you didn’t know coming in, they are the real deal. We’ll have to put a few pieces together in the back but we should be fine going forward. I did not feel this way earlier in the tournament.

  303. jpc says:

    We really are not all that athletic in the middle. For all the ground that Bradley covers, he’s only average at full sprint. And was Jones even playing today? Goodson is a goon, and Boca isn’t the fastest either. That left Dos Santos to run crazy back there. He’s a good player, but they made him look a lot better than he is. This was a bad showing, but let’s not forget that that this is mexico’s best team in probably the past 2 decades, w/ their U-17 WC champion players in their primes of their careers. I think the future is still very bright for the US…

    Watch for Bradley to begin totally revamping this team for the future. Hopefully we are gonna get a lot of looks at guys like Timothy Chandler, Brek Shea, Tim Ream, Ike Opara, Omar Gonzalez, Gale Agboussomonde, Joe Gyau, Seb Lletget, Omar Salgado, Perry Kitchen, Chris Pontius, Luis Gil, Charles Renken (if he’s healthy and still any good), and maybe we can convince either Steve Zakuani and/or Danny Mwanga to play for the US. and maybe in a year or two some of the better U-17 players (Guido, Koroma).

  304. Ricky B. Free says:

    They more skilled players but we had a 2-0 lead.

    A coach is supposed to change tactics and win a game. Not sub in a loser who cant defend a turtle on the wing and lose the game 2-4.

  305. Ha33 says:

    No Gio is so amazing because he once had Messi riding the pine AND with his performance in this Gold Cup he will go to a MAJOR team…oh and because he scored a goal that Howard will never forget and will take MEXICO to the CONFEDERATIONS baby!

  306. Chris says:

    US was beat by a better team plain and simple. Mexico had more possession and their forwards torched out back line. Mexico played much a much quicker game than the US did. I hope that the USSF doesn’t just chalk this up as a bad day and lean on the injury excuse. The USMNT has some good role players (Donovan, Dempsey, Timmy) but they won’t be able to carry the team to the next WC. This game was predicable from the very beginning. Mexico is an attacking team with an exploitable defense which the US was able to get ahead of early in the game. I really hope that the USSF takes a hard look at the direction of the team (and specifically the coach) and lays out a roadmap for 2014. Unless Freddie (one of the bright spots of the tourney), Agudelo, Disko and Stu and a capable back line start jelling, real 2nd tier teams like Mexico, Ghana, everyone from S. America will continue to abuse us. At this point, I’m not sure that we have the talent pool (or national team system) to really improve the program. It’s not any one player, it is just were we are as a soccer country. We can get better but the system needs to change.

  307. Ricky B. Free says:

    To all the guys saying tha Bradley and Jones were invisible in the second half, watch the game again and watch how Mexico kept attacking the left side. They didnt even wnat to go throught the middle, they kept hitting the left side.

  308. John says:

    Maybe because INS doesn’t exist anymore. It’s ICE.

  309. stevePDX says:

    Well, we’re all about to find out just how stout Sunil Gulati’s testicles are. My guess is they’re not that stout.

  310. jai_brooklyn says:

    Nice one!

  311. Dale says:

    We have an excellent right back on the bench in Jonathan Spector. So, naturally when Cherundolo gets injured, we should sub in Jonathan Bornstein who is a left back (and a woeful one who has led to numerous conceded goals over the past few years) and take Lichaj, who has been very promising at left back, and swap him to the right back position where he has less experience and comfort.

    And, we have an excellent right back on the bench in Jonathan Spector. This decision was an awful one.

  312. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    “Respect has grown and is continuing to grow between two teams’ fans.”

    I was at the game and this is totally wrong. The mexican fans were throwing beer at the American fans, making lewd gestures, yelling racial epithets, and generally being as miserable as possible.

  313. john says:

    lol most those’s players dont get playing time with there own clubs and they dont deserve to be on the usa mens national team thats beacause when you have a coach that never played soccer and puts his son on the team that can’t play in Europe and has to listen to his own son who should be in the team with him, everyone need to play him the ball cuz a playmaker in germany, lol which hes not, thats what u called fixed, i bet anyone that klinsmann can make usa national team made up of usa players and beat bob bradleys team any day!!!

  314. Ben says:

    no, you’re just waging war in your own country, im sorry, but im sick of this triumphal nonsense

  315. Ben says:

    Yes, Mexico lost 14 players at the half, how foolish of me. Never mind, forget what I said about trying to root for the fellow American team, I hope Mexico is an embarrassment at the Confed Cup. It was the notion that persons not there could have made the difference, but maybe that was too subtle a difference for you to appreciate. Anyhow Marco, may you choke on your own feces, may you blow your own nonsense, may you own nothing but misery and absurdity, you horrible person.

  316. Ben says:

    yeah, I have even said that I root for Mexico outside Concacaf, and I do, but there is nothing but hate coming from south of the border.

  317. Ben says:

    okay, I’m sorry that might have been harsh and unfair, but I still don’t like Ricoy.

  318. Ben says:

    Respect Manuel, although I’m not sure I agree on howard. Anyways, good luck in the Confed Cup, which I do hope you do well in because what is good for one of us is good for Concacaf. Otherwise, looking forward to the game in the future.

  319. Ben says:

    Uruguayan, good. Have fun doing nothing in the international futbol scene for the next 20 years. I’d rather lose to mexico than pretend anything about your team. Right, you did well this year; good luck continuing that.

  320. A-Lott says:

    Thanks, Manuel. Hopefully, we’ll see you again in qualifying.

  321. Becks says:

    You could see certain players were just excessively fatigued: Bradley, Jones, Dempsey. All 3 looked a step off the pace and were not as sharp as they typically are. Fatigue was evident in their body language.

  322. Evan says:

    You are SERIOUSLY an idiot but nice try. Edu and Jones are a class above Bradley. I thought the the last 6 months made that pretty clear even to little kids like you. I would say compare how they play for their clubs but that’s tough considering Bradley has barely played recently.

  323. Chase says:

    I have watched Edu play. He had a great season for Rangers. He looked a lot better in Champions league games against Manchester United and Valencia then Bradley did against….. oh I forgot Bradley was on the bench for the last 6 months. My bad.