USA vs. Panama: Match Night Commentary

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The U.S. men's national team looks to secure its place in the 2011 CONCACAF Gold Cup semifinals tonight with a win against Panama at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa (8pm, Fox Soccer Channel).

The Americans opened their tournament with a 2-0 win vs. Canada, but face a Panama side with a stronger attack and familiarity with the United States, having lost to the USA in each of the past three Gold Cups.

Here is my Fox Soccer preview on tonight's match, as well as a look at match-ups to watch tonight.

SBI will be providing commentary on tonight's match so please feel free to follow along. As always, you are welcome to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Tonight's commentary is after the jump):


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268 Responses to USA vs. Panama: Match Night Commentary

  1. Thorpinski says:

    concacaf tv for those who are looking. easy to sign up. The announcers are horrific but the stream is really good

  2. Since 82 says:

    Nice to see some continuity on the pitch. Let’s hope for more finishing today.

  3. Colin says:

    if anyone has a free stream please let me know

  4. Matt says:

    Looking for a link to the game and concacaf tv doesn’t seem to work in the US. Anybody else have suggestions?

  5. Roy says:

    I’d like to see more possession to neutralize Panama’s speed.

  6. El Torito says:

    univision has it for free on-line. However is in Spanish. Is anyone getting together her in Las Vegas for this game. I will be at the Crown and Anchor on Spring Mountain. Lets Go USA!!!!

  7. Matt says:

    I was wrong, concacaf tv does work for the US game for anybody looking for a feed

  8. Citronomics says:

    Let’s Go USA!

  9. run says:

    So Just to clarify…outside the MLS it is basically US and Championship sides that still play a 442. Nice to see we’re in good company.

  10. Ken says:

    Love the Univision stream; partly because I don’t speak Spanish and can focus on the match. Howver even if I did, I heard they’re funny and must be better than Harkes annoying commentary.

  11. Citronomics says:

    Harkes is not with the FSC broadcast team. We have Martino and Dave Johnson. Martino is a decent commentator IMO.

    USA looking a bit shaky at the back. Com’mon lets get some possession!

  12. johnnycougar says:

    Exactly. I understand less than 10%, but what I do pick up I quite enjoy. Although maybe I subconsciously assume the commentators have higher soccer IQ because I don’t understand the words…

  13. Al says:

    Agudelo with the dive!!! I’m sorry I meant to say Agudelo draws a foul

  14. Citronomics says:

    No way that’s a yellow for Jones – he got to the ball first (and no intention IMO).

  15. beachbum says:

    phantom yellow on Jermane Jones by Rodriguez. then Panama scores

  16. Roy says:

    Panama goal after a bogus foul and free kick. Thanks, ref.

  17. Joe Hamilton says:

    The goal was the result of the incompetent referee who gave Panama a free kick. The US has been sleepwalking so far. They have to pressure Panama more.

  18. Alpha says:

    Terrible defending.

  19. Pedro says:

    Ives: A Mexican referee tonight for a USA game. get ready for conspiracy theories if there are any shaky calls.

  20. Citronomics says:

    Bogus free kick yes. But the goal is due largely to sloppy defending. So far, the US is not applying high pressure and midfielders )except for Jones) are backing off rather than moving to attack or swarm the ball. This is the type of play under BB that always hurts us. (and no, that doesn’t I “hate” BB or am just a critic of our play).

  21. Dale says:

    Come on Jozy, he gave him a yellow…should have stayed calm…

  22. Thorpinski says:

    2 yellows..neither warranted from i could see

  23. Dale says:

    Dude, does it matter where’s he’s from? Conspiracy theories are always our excuses. We should be supporting our team not bitching about refs..

  24. we need timmy chandler. cherundolo cannot cross.

  25. primoone says:

    Our game is so vanillla…its painfull

  26. primoone says:

    Bradley is invisable…landon is horrible…jermaine looks tired…and the defense is shaky….recipie for a butt kicking

  27. Roy says:

    US defense looks slow and sloppy tonight.

  28. Jason says:

    Man panama has some good players. From leagues of Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico and other south American teams.

  29. Joe Hamilton says:

    Panama are a team of thugs with much less talent than the US. They know the referee will allow them to get away with their thuggery. The referee is a Mexican who obviously is favoring Panama. He has already given the US 2 yellows while the Panamanian thugs have only one. I do think the US central defense is very weak. Just another great move by the tactical genius Boob Bradley.

  30. Roy says:

    Ouch. This one’s getting away from us.

  31. Jonathan says:

    Embarassing Ream…

  32. primoone says:

    Wtf was that kid thinkin? Ream….

  33. Thorpinski says:

    Hopefully the last we see of Ream

  34. Dale says:

    God dammit REAM!! What’s going thru your head?

  35. Aaron in StL says:

    That’s it… let’s take the canal back. Panama, you’re the 52nd state now.

  36. Conrad says:

    Wow, this is terrible.

  37. johnnycougar says:

    Well crap. 2-0. However I’m extremely confident we’ll score, given our chances already. Now whether we can stop them scoring…

  38. Jonathan says:

    Good thing I didn’t buy my quarterfinal tickets yet

  39. maka says:

    Oh mexican refs.

  40. NF says:

    Bob Bradley is the greatest coach ever. Anyone who doesn’t see that is a hater.

  41. StevenG says:

    This is a disgrace/

  42. Jonathan says:

    We’re just bad… no real explaination other than that… We suck??

  43. Joe Hamilton says:

    Ream is in no way ready to start in a major tournament. Is Boob Bradley insane?

  44. Sam says:

    Time to do what Brazil did to us in 2009.

  45. Plead says:

    Who is #15? That a** hole caused both goals.

  46. francois says:

    I can’t remember the last time I was this disappointed in our national team.

  47. Ricky B. Free says:

    LOl are you blind? That was a clear foul inside the box.

  48. VilniusNastavnik says:

    I forgot how much I hate every one of our CONCACAF opponents and officials.

  49. Englishbob says:

    Anyone here who is a Bob Bradley supporter and a supporter of Apu the head of the US Soccer Federation can blow me.

  50. dman says:

    Our freaking C- team beat these guys 2 years ago……..what is the deal!?!

  51. canchon says:

    Considering that Panama will have 10 back and spend half of the next half rolling around on the ground, might be difficult.

  52. Aaron in StL says:

    How is his knee hurt?? Man we are just looking stale. I don’t know that we have any answers on defense either. Time to go back to the drawing board Bob, we need a new influx of options. Michael has become a great invisible man

  53. shantz says:

    why onyeyu no starting he is better then both center backs combined

  54. Sven says:

    Where is the yellow for Ream? This ref sucks!!!!!!!!!

  55. VilniusNastavnik says:

    “if it was hard for the United States to break down Panama before,” it’s because we’re totally lacking in ideas and energy (outside of Dempsey), generally playing like strangers. Holden would be very useful right now.

  56. VilniusNastavnik says:

    it’s a completely fake injury, that’s how.

  57. Ricky B. Free says:

    BOcanegra should move to Centerback and bring Lichaj in. Ream out.

  58. maka says:


  59. Mat says:

    And this what happens when you cap a unproven MLS freshman in central defense of an international tournament… BB takes the blame on this one. Since the end of the WC it’s been all downhill for the USMNT. This is what tends to happen when you don’t change a coach after a cycle.
    Just look at France. From WC jokes to a 10 game unbeaten run, with wins on Brazil and England in the lot. All they did was change coaches.

  60. Paul says:

    Did this ref get 40k?

  61. canchon says:

    And the worst of this is, besides those two goals, there have been multiple other times that their forwards have been open in the box, received service, and flubbed it. If that is Mexico – those are in the net. Play like this and it will be another 5-0, IF the US even gets there.

  62. Citronomics says:

    Who is going to orchestrate our attack and lead us back. Bradley and Landon – time to step up!

    And how much ball watching are we going to do and uncontested space we give away with these diagonal balls from Panama midfielders into our box, WTF!

  63. Ricky B. Free says:

    Keep blaming the ref people.

  64. maka says:

    That was in response to the first goal.

  65. NF says:

    Yeah, it’s the ref’s fault.

  66. Mat says:

    Man Spain is good… Oh sorry that’s Panama..

  67. Ricky B. Free says:

    OOh the long ball offense is back….

  68. canchon says:

    Winner winner chicken dinner! Seriously enough of all this “distribution”, let’s get a CB who can at least defend.

  69. Thorpinski says:

    Man… Donovan’s game has been bad in this tourney so far

  70. slr says:

    Panama should be up 3-0. We have no midfield.

  71. fcmonk says:

    I’m not jumping into that fire Bob Bradley deal. I just think this team consistently gets into too many early holes in matches. It’s a terrible trend, and to me, it comes down to preparation.

  72. ChiTownFire says:

    This is a freaking disgrace! This is Panama for goodness sake! We’re playing them like they’re Spain or something. Goodness gracious!!!!

  73. maka says:

    Is USMNT getting any touches inside the 18?

  74. canchon says:

    Don’t worry folks. Wondolowski and Kljestan will save us in the second half!!!

  75. Thorpinski says:

    Bob in his second erm has become to predictable. Time for some new blood and time to retool this team

  76. Mat says:

    Wow what a disgraceful first half.

  77. mr_coolio says:

    Not the refs fault the US is playing like crap, but the ref is certainly making some crazy calls.

  78. Paul says:


  79. Ricky B. Free says:

    The bad news is Rodgers and Kljestan are Bradleys favorite subs.

  80. ChiTownFire says:

    I just felt an ominous feeling run through my body. A feeling that says “WE’RE SCREWED!!!”.

  81. Englishbob says:

    First, Apu needs to go. We need new blood in the USSF

  82. Thorpinski says:

    what? if it’s a terrible trend and comes down to preparation then you are saying that it’s the coach.

  83. ericJ says:

    Panama is IN-FIGHTING and we STILL cant beat them. Pathetic.

  84. Roy says:

    Why was Panama fighting as they walked off the field?

  85. Conrad says:

    Does that make you feel better? Yes, the US talent is so obviously greater.
    Joe, you’re obviously new to soccer. Here’s how it works. The team that plays better β€” not the better team β€” usually wins. I am grateful that despite the code word of “thuggery” you didn’t append the word “dirty” to your description of the referee’s nationality.

    I wish you a speedy recovery from adolescence.

  86. Citronomics says:

    Maybe we’ll see Adu? I’d like to see what he can do for our team in this situation.

  87. maka says:

    “No, hey, hey, no, I don’t want to hear that defeatest attitude. I want to hear you upbeat!”

  88. Steve in Chicago says:

    If USA soccer has any pride at all the joke of the Bob Bradley era mercifully comes to an end in 45 minutes.

  89. ericJ says:

    They wont fire him mid-tournament, but maybe that’s hyperbole on your part. Point taken.

  90. Alex G says:

    the USA SUCK TONITE, this is a disgrace, what in the world are they doing?

  91. Roy says:

    Yeah, we need Kljestan to come in and slow things down.

  92. Thorpinski says:

    Edu for Ream. Dempsey up front for Jozy and Bedoya fills clints role

  93. Scott A says:

    Let’s go USA. I believe in you.

  94. Englishbob says:

    The should of fired him after the WC. Who is he sucking off to keep his job?

  95. VilniusNastavnik says:

    I’m not saying Bob Bradley sucks, but….

  96. StevenG says:

    This US team is bereft of talent and energy. Awful.

  97. Thorpinski says:

    No but Sunil, if he can land the coach he wants, could replace him if the US doesn’t start playing better.

  98. SilverRey says:

    I swear we’re playing a 6-2-2 right now.

    There is absolutely no link between Ream & Goodson, who have 90% of our possession right now, and the front line except for route 1 ball.

  99. Mat says:

    Ream looks like a guy with no international experience… oh wait that’s exactly what he is… WHY would you make him your CB in an international tournament when Boca and Gooch are way better than him there.
    This is the defense we should have seen:
    Dolo, Gooch, Boca, Lichaj

  100. Joe Hamilton says:

    Boob Bradley has the worst judgment in a number of area but especially in choosing players and giving them playing time. Why do US Soccer fans have to continue to suffer the incredible incompetence of Bob Bradley? How many FIFA top 25 teams have a coach who was fired as coach of team in a league that was the equivalent of the the English 3rd division (Metrostars about 7 years ago)? He is in no way responsible for the US’ good showing in the Confederation’s cup or the WC. His tactics resulted in the US falling behind in every group stage game at the WC. He was just plain lucky at the Confederation’s Cup. Had the Egyptian team not partied with prostitutes the night before their loss which allowed the US to advance, Bradley would have been seen for the totally incompetent coach he truly is.

  101. NF says:

    I don’t generally disagree with your points, but I think you can make your argument without being racist and obscene.

  102. MidWest Ref says:

    I arrived at half time to make a joke about how were the panickers due to the US being down 2-0 and looking fairly pathetic outside the Deuce.

    Instead what catches my attention are the two incredibly racists comments by Englishbob. Find a new joke or Ives get this guy off the comments section.

  103. beachbum says:

    that central defense has become a weakness. Tejada running rampant on whoever.

    if we don’t have a player who can distribute and get it done defensively, too, then get the guy in there who doesn’t get beat so easily and deal with the lack of distribution.

  104. Mat says:

    Even if we win this one, the simple fact this team has halves as this one is a testament that the coach doesn’t know how to prepare the team’s strategy correctly. How often do we go down early, it seems like every game. Then we pull through because of energy more than strategy. BB must go.

  105. ChiTownFire says:

    OK, now that I’ve had some time to calm down…”We’re screwed oh my goodness we’re screwed!!”. He he he just kidding, we’ve come back from this kind of deficit before. I’m worried but not overly worried.

  106. Sam says:

    he’s not even in the bench…

  107. s-bah says:

    I definitely knew this was going to be a trap game for US…didn’t think they were going to hand us our jocks. Bad first half. We need to step up our physical game. They are not thugs–they are certainly the most physical of the Central American teams and have some decent size to match up with ours.

  108. ChiTownFire says:

    That’s exactly what I was thinking but I don’t think Bob will put him in.

  109. Rob says:

    Ok Bradley has been horrible ( was very good against Canada, prob tired), Ream needs to take the stiff ARM and not swing his leg, is Donovan on the field? Dolo has been horrible on the offensive attack.

    Dempsey, Jones, and… have been the best so far…

  110. fcmonk says:

    Players prep for matches too. I guess what I meant was there should be shared blame. Coaches, players, etc.

  111. Englishbob says:

    Apu needs to go, I vote Oliver Luck for USSF President…

  112. Mat says:

    Boca and Gooch or Boca and Goodson should be our central defense. End of story. It’s a heresy to have Ream starting after a few non remarkable outings with the USMNT. Way too early to hand him the keys and now we’re paying for it.

  113. canchon says:

    Sarcasm aside, I would bring in Bedoya, move Boca to CB, and bring in Lichaj on that side to provide more width. Push Dempsey up top.

  114. Rob says:

    Oh and I love the Gooch is better crowd when they crucified him as too old and past his time . Lol

  115. Mat says:

    Somewhere jurgen klinsmann is having a grand old laugh.

  116. Oranje Mike says:

    Time for Sunil and Bradley to go. I don’t care how this game ends.

  117. Nino says:

    He won’t get invited to Letterman show! No energy at all!

  118. Gene says:

    OK, WE ARE SCREWED:) (c)

  119. canchon says:

    By the way, it is obvious that Panama studied their tape. All aerial play to Ream (his weakness), plus packing the back and playing quick on the counter against our back line. COACHING. How is Bob attacking Panama’s weaknesses?

  120. Hush says:

    Where are the Bob lovers at???? I said it before and will say it again, Bob’s pre-game setup is not working anymore! The U.S looks useless with no imagination. Dempsey & Jones seem like the only players ready to play tonight. I think Bob did a great job in the beginning and what not, but its time to move on!!!! Mexico is clearly showing superior Futbol over the rest of the concacaf, something the U.S suppose robe showing.

    I said the U.S played like garbage against Canada, and all of a sudden the experts come out and start calling everyone bob & U.S haters who think differently. C’mon! In the U.S we are expected to win, because that is who we are… We take two steps forward not vise versa! It’s time for BOB’s a$$ to hit the road.

    Not making the sub-20 W.C is devastating, now our NT is on the same route.

    Put boca & gooch back in the middle, and bring Lichaj to play left,.. We can’t be any worse than what we are already.

  121. beachbum says:

    need to score the next goal

  122. agon123 says:

    JJones was the best player on the USA side. He was active and made a difference–even though his foul led to the first goal. Howard should’ve blocked that ball. IMHO.

    Players not making an impact: Donovan–just not in the flow of the game; Bradley–how many bad passes can he make to well-defended USA players

    Worst players: Cherundalo–how many crosses can he screw up (and that’s not counting THIS game)? Goodson–how many times can he be in the wrong place at the wrong time or fail to get his head on the ball?

    Can someone tell the USA players to NOT kick the ball unless you’re INSIDE the box?

    Now go and kick some Panamanian butt!

  123. beachbum says:

    Baloy is for Panama what Gooch was for us in many ways

  124. USAmr says:

    FSC coverage has sucked all night. Cutting away from play, zooming in at the wrong time, and now missing the second half kickoff.

  125. NF says:

    There is the understatement of the night πŸ˜‰

  126. Thorpinski says:

    Can Ream abd Goodsen defend 1 v 1 what a joke

  127. Gabe says:

    Does anyone still believe that Landon Donovan is our most important player?

  128. Midwest Ref says:

    Dempsey is clearly our best player from the first half. Jones is not making a difference – neither is Bradley. You know it is bad when Kyle Martino calls out Donovan for not showing up.

    Cherundolo is having a poor game. He is our best outside back, and I bet he will come on in the second half.

  129. Thorpinski says:

    Bedoya for landon?

  130. maka says:

    Gene got it.

  131. NF says:

    Yes, unfortunately he hasn’t been playing well lately and neither has the US.

  132. canchon says:

    Yup, nice to have a big guy in the middle that is strong in the air. Calling the Confed Cup version of Gooch…

  133. Johnny Crossfit says:

    The only thing worse than our play has been the camera work on Fox

  134. Englishbob says:

    Thank you come again…

  135. Dale says:

    I think Felipe Baloy panama’s captain plays for Santos Laguna, he looks like a solid CB..

  136. VilniusNastavnik says:

    Panama is countering like we used to when we didn’t suck.

  137. Thorpinski says:

    too many yellows.. we could be down a man before long

  138. slr says:

    The camera work might be coming from Concacaf, because I’m seeing the same issues on Telemundo.

  139. Roy says:

    What a nightmare for US central defense. Bob needs to take Goodson out now.

  140. Ricky B. Free says:

    WTf is Bob Bradley doing? make some dam subs you idiot. Most retarded coach in US history.

  141. canchon says:

    So what do you think the Mexican NT is saying while watching this game? Do you think they have stopped laughing by now?

  142. Englishbob says:

    Where is Robbie Rogers? Our savior!

  143. mr_coolio says:

    SACHA KLEJSTAN!? Now we’re going to lose for real.

  144. ChiTownFire says:

    AHHHH!!! WTF!!! KLJESTAN!!!!!! AHHH!!!

  145. Thorpinski says:

    Bradley throwing in the towel

  146. Ricky B. Free says:

    Lol Jones played better than Bradley and Jones is sitting on the bench lol

  147. The Pikey says:


  148. ChiTownFire says:


  149. NF says:

    Kljestan for Jones! Unbelievable.

  150. mr_coolio says:

    Lauging has just begun. Klejstan has entered the game. SMH.

  151. fcmonk says:

    Sasha and Reem need to get a mouthful of that wonderful Mexican chicken.

  152. agon123 says:

    I wouldn’t disagree with you about Dempsey. I do wish one of his shots on goal would’ve been a little better placed on goal though.

    Re: Jones. I meant that he is actively involved in the midfield, defending and giving up his body in defense. He’s making his presence count. I just wish he was the primary creator/distributor rather than MB as I think he has a better deft touch and feel. But now Klestan has come on, so now I’m a lot less concerned about better/smarter passing/distribution (sarcasm).

  153. canchon says:

    So, IF the US loses this game, do they go with their same “A” lineup again vs Guadeloupe? And have them dead by the 5th game? Or do they go with a second choice lineup and roll the dice, thinking that we should beat them even with a “B” lineup?

  154. Ricky B. Free says:

    Its like watching the US team from the 90 World Cup.

  155. agon123 says:

    Goodson has now become my new least favorite USA player. He is so uncoordinated and such a dufus. I believe he has a 6″ vertical lift.

  156. Joe Hamilton says:

    Boob Bradley is psychotic. He is bringing in Kjestin for Jermaine Jones? Ream, Kjestin, Rogers, and others have no business on the US national team. Will this incredible embarrassment get Boob Bradley fired? No. Bradley is like a chronic disease for which there is no cure.

  157. Englishbob says:

    You have to ask yourself this question. Did Bunker Bob actually have a game plan or did he believe our superior talent would pull us through?

  158. agon123 says:

    Agreed, but at least K-man has come on to save the day!! What a joke.

  159. Pedro says:

    Where is the ref’s supporters now?

  160. VilniusNastavnik says:

    and now we have no pride. sweet.

  161. Rob says:

    Wow bench your son bob over Jones.. this is how morons claim nepotism

  162. Starla says:

    Epic fail all around

  163. Al says:

    Americans are a disgrace with all their DIVING!!!!

  164. Al says:

    Americans are a disgrace with all their DIVING

  165. maka says:

    Jones apparently through a fit on the sideline.

  166. Ricky B. Free says:

    Lol The Good Son scores

  167. maka says:

    there we go.

  168. ChiTownFire says:


  169. Andrew says:

    gooooooooooooodson. lets get another.

  170. Valdo says:

    Lets get back in it! Grind it out and get to the next game.

  171. maka says:

    a ref decision goes our way and we score… fancy that.

  172. Roy says:

    Whatever happened to Torres from the last WC? Thought he was a good young creative midfielder. Just needed a little more experience.

  173. joe says:

    when do we come to the conclusion tht Donovan has lost a step?

  174. agon123 says:

    Yes, but notice that he didn’t have to outjump anyone? He of the 6″ inch vertical leap

  175. ChiTownFire says:

    Bob doesn’t like creative players. He avoids them like a plague.

  176. Jonathan says:

    Anyone willing to objectively evaluate Mikey today?? Becuase he’s been absolutely awful… Him and ream have embarassed the shirt

  177. Thorpinski says:

    dempsey is in a class by himself with the US

  178. maka says:

    way to hustle kljestan

  179. Jonathan says:

    Very True!!!

  180. Ricky B. Free says:

    IF we tie or win, it will be because of the players not because of the brilliance of Bob Bradley.

  181. NF says:

    He didn’t have a great year with Pachuca. If you don’t play well for your club team, Bradley won’t play you (unless you happen to be a relative of course).

  182. Ricky B. Free says:

    Why is Bedoya running to the middle? Isnt he supposed to play the wing?

  183. agon123 says:

    I’ve wondered whether that isn’t in fact the case. Others have tried to justify the exclusion of Jose Torres because he doesn’t fit in the Bradley’s system of…well i don’t really know what his system is…but it’s not anything that emphasizes ball control, meditated passing skills, or a knack for scoring. I’ve seen others in this board say that Torres doesn’t complement other USA players–why? because he actually has skills??!

  184. Ricky B. Free says:

    OOh 3 at the back. Bob is going for all the marbles.

  185. Ricky B. Free says:

    WTF was that Wondo!!!!!!1

  186. Valdo says:

    Are you serious…

  187. Thorpinski says:

    wondo has to put that away

  188. VilniusNastavnik says:

    “one of the best finishers in MLS,” indeed.

  189. mr_coolio says:

    Agudelo would’ve finished that.

  190. canchon says:

    And…that’s why Wondolowski is in MLS. Should have just gotten out of the way and let Dempsey put it in the net.

  191. Ricky B. Free says:

    The sad thing is that the latin announcers are having a laugh.

  192. maka says:

    Somewhere Herc is laughing his butt off after watching Wnodo miss that.

  193. annoyed says:

    How many times? How many times have I come on these forums and said “Wondolowski is not an international striker.” Buddle would have finished that!

  194. canchon says:

    Gomez, Buddle, Agudelo, heck Brian Ching would have finished that. Disgraceful.

  195. VilniusNastavnik says:

    Steve Sampson could’ve finished that!

  196. El Ref says:

    Pobre Mexico…

    Tan lejos de Dios y tan cerca de Los Estados Unidos!

    …for freakin real!!!

  197. Valdo says:

    why can’t we play with desire from the start?

  198. SilverRey says:

    Why is it that multiple times tonight it’s Altidore that comes back to make himself the only one available for a pass from the back. Where the F*** are our midfielders!!!!

  199. Ricky B. Free says:

    OOh so close from Baby B.

  200. mr_coolio says:

    wow. hopefully this is a WAKE UP CALL to the team.

  201. BigBlueAL says:


  202. Ricky B. Free says:

    At least we know that we are going on to the next round.

  203. beachbum says:

    just result. it hurts.

    congratulations to Panama

  204. Erik says:

    Why is anyone surprised? Bob Bradley, no tactics, no players with vision.

    That said, we probably still make the final. Just a boring, boring team.

  205. VilniusNastavnik says:

    our wake up calls under Bob Bradley:
    link to

  206. Alex G says:

    I cant believe it, its sad

  207. beachbum says:

    tough misses down the stretch, but so much left to the end of the game…….

  208. agon123 says:

    Can someone please put up a “Countdown to JΓΌrgen Klinsmann” webpage?

  209. annoyed says:

    I blame Bob Bradley for playing a defensive style against teams that we could beat 9 out 10 times. Good job you idiot! I can understand that style against Spain, Germany, England, but against Panama…… well there you go.

  210. Englishbob says:

    It brings me joy to see BB lose, one step closer to a new coach.

  211. mrk_76 says:

    Fire Bob Bradley already!!!!

  212. B says:

    There has to be 23 people in this country that are way better than this pathetic team. BTW Fire Bradley ASAP!!!!

  213. Barrett says:

    Garbage. Pure Garbage. Tell me why it takes, not a 2-0 score, but a 2-0 score PLUS a non-call on a clear penalty to wake this team up and have them show some urgency?

    Off the ball running was zero until the non-call on Bedoya. Then, and only then, we started moving off the ball and created a steady stream of opportunities. Should have buried more than just the equalizer. Game we should have won, but it took us an eon to wake up and play.

    I’m so aggravated I could…wait, I’ve already been doing that for 30 minutes. Nevermind.

  214. mr_coolio says:


  215. CR says:

    This is absolutely pathetic. The subs played well (minus Bedoya’s disgusting dive, and everything about wondo), but they were too late. Losing to Panama on home soil is about as sad as it gets.

  216. mr_coolio says:

    bradley didnt play well but ream lost it for us.

  217. Piopete says:

    I’m over mr Bradley’s tenure, there is no way that we should be outplayed like that on home soil by another CONCACAF opponent.

  218. jai_brooklyn says:

    Englishboob obviously.

  219. GW says:

    Try watching the game.

  220. Valdo says:

    USMNT needs to go into every game believing there down 2 points.

  221. Eric120 says:

    So disappointing. BB needs to go.

  222. BigBlueAL says:

    Now we might have to play Jamaica in the quarterfinals. Oh boy.

  223. Barrett says:

    Exactly. Tell me the ref decisions don’t make much difference. First time he makes a decision our way, and it generates not only the best chance we’d had, but a goal. So lopsided in calls up to that point.

  224. Steve in Chicago says:

    Nope, Eric, I think they should do it tonight! πŸ˜‰

  225. Coach says:

    US Forwards sucked it up tonight. Altidore, Agudelo, and Wondo. PATHETIC!

  226. jai_brooklyn says:

    Home soil? There were more Panama fans today.

  227. jai_brooklyn says:

    can you just disappear?

  228. ChiTownFire says:

    I’ve never said this before but FIRE BOB BRADLEY! This team he chose is a freaking disgrace to soccer. There’s no way we should lose to the likes of Panama, EVER! DISGRACE! So pissed off!

  229. A-Lott says:

    Congratulations to Panama. They outplayed us and deserved their victory.

    Disappointed in our guys.

  230. asinine says:

    Wow. Congrats Panama. They looked like the physical team that walked in as the favorites and we looked like the scared floppers looking to snake our way into a victory.

  231. Judging Amy says:

    Everyone was bad. Aguedelo and Altidore weren’t especially bad considering the service in the first half. Altidore did some really good work in the second.

    Coach Bradley was the worst player of the game for his godawful scheme (lack thereof?) and inability to adjust to what Panama was doing.

  232. ChiTownFire says:

    As much as it pains me to say it, Mexico is a wayyy better team than we are. They are going to win this Gold Cup. Until we fire Bradley and get some creative players in this lineup we won’t go anywhere.

  233. boosted335 says:

    George John

  234. Gabe says:

    this was truly a terrible match for the USA. There is no, I repeat, NO reason for a loss against a team like Panama. The manager has to shoulder much of the blame for the lazy mentality of the players, as well as his hesitancy to make changes straight away after half time. Additionally, it seems as though (despite my opinion being that Dempsey is the best player for the USA) the mentality of the US attack lives and dies with Landon Donovan. He was invisible in the beginning. When he awoke, so to did the US team.

    This is an inexcusable loss and merits serious reflections. Ratings:

    GK HOWARD 5.5
    Helpless on the goals. Desperately pleaded and shouted at his defenders to no avail.

    Defended decently, but his service was poor throughout.

    Adequate defending, but lost his mark a number of times which made what should have been harmless crosses look dangerous.

    CB GOODSON 4.0
    Poor positioning and marking throughout, although covered better than Ream. His goal helped spark the US attack.

    CB REAM 2.5
    What was he doing? Pushed off too easily, conceded a silly penalty, marked terribly, and showed a shocking lack of resolve. With Onyewu off form, expect Bocanegra to slot in.

    CM BRADLEY 5.0
    Workman-like, as always, but seemed off pace with the quicker Panamian midfielders. Should have scored.

    CM JONES 4.5
    Tackled well, but lacked the precision in his passing that made him such a two-way threat at Schalke. Subbed off at half.

    RM DONOVAN 5.0
    Shockingly absent in the first half, and should have done better with his chance in the box to get it on frame. When will he realize that he needs to set the pace for the team?

    LM DEMPSEY 6.5
    The only consistent threat from the American side, Dempsey was unlucky not to score. Just one of those nights without a break for the Fulham man.

    F ALTIDORE 4.5
    Started sluggish as always, but seemed to wake up after the first Panamian goal. Showed flashes of skill, but always a move slow, a run behind, and a thought too short.

    F AGUDELO 4.0
    Aside from a few skillful runs to nowhere, he was anonymous. Like Altidore, must learn to hold the ball better. Let the Panamian defense into his head a bit.


    M BEDOYA 6.0
    Provided a good energy off the bench, but lacked the support to finish chances he helped create.

    Absolute rubbish finishing.

    M SASHA K 4.5
    Good energy and some timely interceptions.

  235. Englishbob says:

    What crack are you smoking homey?

  236. Panama played the defensive style. We had defensive lapses, bad, bad, bad defensive lapses. It’s not a winning combination.

  237. mat says:

    We have Howard, Dempsey, Jones, Bradley, Spector all in the EPL.
    We’ve got Dolo in Germany 1st division
    We’ve got Edu playing in the champions league
    We’ve got Gooch playing in Dutch First Division
    We’ve got Boca playing in 1st Division France
    We’ve got Jozy playing in 1st Division Turkey
    We’ve Goodson and Bedoya playing in Denmark and Sweden 1st Divisions
    We’ve got Landon who rocked it at Everton…
    We’ve got Sasha playing in Belgium’s first Division


    Our roster has an arguably better pedigree than Mexico’s

    NOBODY can seriously tell me we don’t have the players. It’s all on the coach at this point.

    There’s no way we should be outplayed by Panama.

    BB has clearly done his time. No matter the outcome of the tournament, it’s been an AWFUL play from USA since the WC. Just take a look at our record since the WC: wins vs. South Africa and Canada and that’s it.

    I mean seriously our starting defense changes at every game, and then we wonder why we suck at defense… We always allow early goals. No strategy all energy.

    I supported BB last cycle, but the USSF blundered by letting him get a second cycle.

  238. JMC says:

    This team only gets going after they throw B Bradley’s game plan away and start playing on instinct. Looking at the body language of some of the players I think they are fed up with the way this team is being run. Klinsman was probably on the phone with his agent by the 15th minute. I’m rather depressed and angry right now.

  239. mtryan says:

    Im 100% over bob. We seemed to forget how to play against a team that bunkers down and counter attacks…as useful as playing spain would be before the confederations or world cup, it makes very little sense to play world class talent when you are going up against minnows. We needed to play teams that put us in positions that we would face in concacaf during the gold cup, not what we would see next year. As the cuup comes closer then we should focus on teams who hold posession. We were uncomfortable all night in the dominant roll….I’m ashamed of our boys tonight.

  240. boosted335 says:


  241. beachbum says:

    yes, and a couple of others share the mantle, a good thing. how about that set piece service tonight? not Landon’s fault we lost; look to the central defense for many answers to that one

  242. Gene says:

    I don’t remember the last time I have been so upset with a US team performance. Our defensive line is ball watching and losing physical battles. Most of the offense went through the middle. The few times we utilized the flanks, we scored and we created sufficient opportunities to at least tie, if not win, the game. But we did preciously little of that. And I got to wonder if that a coaching problem.

    I am also surprised by the amount of times our players were going down easily at the slightest touch, essentially begging for a foul / penalty. If Bedoya stays on his feet, we may have a score.

  243. beachbum says:

    true, but it did change the game. I like Jones better than I used to, but I don’t see him as a player for this team who believes we can make a comeback. I’d love to be wrong

  244. joe says:

    im torn between the US beating Guadeloupe and getting smashed by jamaica or losing and FINALLY firing the blight that is bob bradley. we dont need a coach. we need a freaking manager. bradley aint that.

  245. beachbum says:

    that is sad indeed. not surprised tho.

  246. Cubillas says:

    But you are right,Citronomics. BB is a good coach but he has taken the team as far as he can. You need someone who can identify the best lineup possible and not be afraid of rock the boat in order to deliver a team we can be proud of.

  247. Didier Deschamps says:

    Boca is the worst left back in international soccer. tim ream go back to RBNY, pathetic.

  248. joe says:

    it wasnt Bobs decision to play Spain 3 days before the tournament started. blame Sunil for that. also blame Sunil for allowing Bob Bradley to continue his clueless “coaching” job. blame Sunil. Blame Bob. in that order.

  249. SoccerInATL says:

    Amen. Please bring in the german and his attacking style. With cd9 at least we could counter attack and do set pieces. BB’s picks now only gives us hope of set pieces. Team selection really is awful this time and even worse is having to watch mms guys break in like this in a major tourney

  250. Cubillas says:


  251. Hush says:

    Garbage! Panama? We have a 80% bade European playing team, and yet we can’t beat a team that is mostly based in Communicationes?!!ha … I said our game against Canada was garbage, and this game proved me right. Rogers,Sasha a d Wondolusy?? Seriously bob?

    It’s funny how bad we need a player to who is technically gifted, someone who is capable of giving us some scoring chances, sadly we don’t have him…. Oh wait. There is a guy by the name of Adu who can probably help us out a bit,…. Naw! Wondo & Sasha are our Saviours!! Where’s “el pistolero Rogers?” He’s also nasty.

    Fire Bradley, he is the one responsible for coming out to play a defensive game against the all mighty Panamanian team. Ream & el Buen hijo are just scary to watch.

    I’m so pissed!

  252. Ricky B. Free says:

    Cherundolo was to blame for the first goal his man was the one that was unmarked.

    Bedoya didnt touch the ball for his first 10 minutes on the field.

    Altidore was the only striker tracking back to defend and get the ball. He created the best scoring opportunity.

  253. Gabe says:

    The person to “blame” for the goal is Goodson, as he didn’t screen strongly enough to allow Howard to cover the rebound or clear the ball away. And, in football, marking isn’t man-to-man. This isn’t basketball. While “your man” could be the person you run with, unit defending involved interchange and communication. Just because the player was a right sided player doesn’t mean it was the RB’s “man.” He was marked at that time by Goodson. lol

    rewatch the game lol bedoya had quite a few touches, hustle plays lol

    the fact that you’re chatting up about altidore tracking back to get the ball and defend shows you have a limited grasp of the forward position and its role in a 4-4-2. Bypassing the midfield with extreme back tracking is a mistake many young players make, breaking the formation and the whole point of a 4-4-2, which is to build up from the defenders, to the CMs, to the wide players, to balls into the two forwards. but yeah, nice one. To quote Ian Darke, “And Rooney is now tracking way back to receive the ball. You can tell he’s been frustrated today.” Additionally, while forwards should be expected to positionally defend at half-field, the idea that teams should defend tracking back as 11 men is juvenile.

    If you’re going to pick apart my thoughts on the match, at least try to make sense. I’ll call Hey-Dude for you to play the next match instead of Steve. Unbelievable.

    I love some USMNT fans

  254. Gabe says:

    I agree with the assessments that BB isn’t the guy to take the team forward, but I am not sure Jurgen Klinsmann is the guy either. He seems to want complete control over many layers of the US system…but I’m not completely sure.

    Can someone explain why negotiations with him initially broke down?

  255. Rob says:

    I can’t believe people are going after Mike like that. Yeah he didn’t have a great game but Jones was worse. Yeah he made some good challenges but I have no idea if he even completed a pass tonight. Ream got killed out there. I would move Boca back to CB and get someone who knows what they are doing in there.

    Everyone is giving Kljestan crap but he was a breath of fresh air, Bedoya and Kljestan almost pulled off a draw for us. They were game changing when they came on.

  256. Hush says:

    Sasha a “spark” you said?lol The only reason he was a bit active was because all the lines went forward for the U.S. Meaning his dribbling was easier because Panama pulled back and the U.S moved their lines forward making panama defend way back offering free space. I’m surprise he didn’t score 3 goals and set himself a trail with Celtic…. Sasha in a higher speed match completly sucks and causes me to want to uppercut my furry cat! This was a Panamanian team with 5th division players. Shoot, some of their players have a second job at Pollo Campero.

  257. JPGR says:

    Our forwards can’t score!

    It’s embarassing.

  258. JPGR says:

    1. BB was outcoached.

    2. Our forwards didn’t score (and very rarely do).

    3. We started slowly (as we so often do).


    Does anyone want to fill in No. 4?

  259. JPGR says:

    Dempsey is always dangerous and scores.

    Why doesn’t he play up top?

    If we need another midfielder, why doesn’t BB ever pick Brad Davis for his team?

    He has a gifted left foot and is always a threat on set pieces.

  260. JPGR says:

    Hey USMNT…

    I still believe in you.

    For the remainder of this tournament just go and play like I know you can!

    P.S. That means “much better” than what we saw last night!

  261. Barrett says:

    Actually, you have the side of the field wrong (play came from Panama’s right, our left). That man was Boca’s. On the replays you can see him, 5 yards further upfield, chasing the unmarked guy. ‘Los lost him, and we paid for it.

    I don’t fault Ream much on that goal, a few inches different and he’s made a brilliant play and is getting mobs of credit for saving a goal.

  262. Tom Murray says:

    I saw and have seen in the past two weaknesses in our play that are causing us to lose games like this.

    First, they keep sending our outside backs, two very experience defenders deep into the opposing end of the field. They do this continually. Unfortunately, that left us with two relatively inexperienced ( internationally speaking) defenders to face the onslaught from Panama. Of course our outside backs ran back to their positions but the opposition ran there just as fast. The result was confusion and hesitancy on the part of the back line. I think the Panamanians had analyzed Bradley’s style and had arranged to exploit it and they were fast enough to do that.

    The second is our passing is not up to international standards. There is just two much hesitancy and inaccuracy in moving the ball around. In the last twenty minutes it was much better but too late. Of course there are exceptions to that, for example Dempsey and Donovan, who are superb.