USMNT Behind the Crest: From Game to Game

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9 Responses to USMNT Behind the Crest: From Game to Game

  1. maka says:

    Aww… Dempsey = coolest dad ever?

  2. jtk says:

    the pool scenes were a bit funny…

  3. maka says:

    And a goal by Freddy Adu. START HIM YESTERDAY!

  4. abc says:

    I love this new video series, I’m glad US Soccer is doing a good job of giving fans an inside look into the team.

  5. sir coble says:

    that lady reporter at the end wanted her some landy

  6. canchon says:

    Don’t worry, Bob is saving him to light up Guadeloupe!

  7. Lil' Zeke says:

    or some sunglasses

  8. Lorenzo says:

    Goal was nice. BUT did you see how humble he looked? I have never seen him carry himself that way, I hope that is because he is just putting his head down and working hard. And dang he is a short guy, at least looks it next to Clint.

  9. Phil says: