USMNT Spotlight: Tim Howard in England

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14 Responses to USMNT Spotlight: Tim Howard in England

  1. Eugene Turk says:

    There is seriously not another goal keeper in the world that i would rather have put on our national team jersey!!! TIMMY!!!

  2. GSScasual says:

    Born and bred in New Jersey… the best football state in the USA

  3. Roberto says:

    Absolutely the best of the best and my favorite goalkeeper in the world

  4. d14 says:

    pure class

  5. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Is that Jonathan Spector in the pic at 3:54?

  6. Dan says:

    All that’s missing is a crackling fire, a labrador retriever, a glass of port, and Miles Davis’ Sketches of Spain playing in the background.

    Also, Fred Rogers has nothing on Timmy.

    Timmy = personification of suave and class

  7. Brian says:

    Yup. He played for Man U for a bit. Didn’t realize it was when Timmy was there too. I wonder how long it took USSoccer to find that pic, lol. They seemed to be making an effort to get another Yanks Abroad in the pics.

  8. Neruda says:

    Class act through and through. He’ll need to be extra special in goal again against EspaƱa.

  9. abc says:

    Timmy stands out as a class act, even on our current national team which has no shortage of class acts and nice guys who make it real easy to root for the US.

  10. Cleveland steamer says:

    i would love to see timmay finish his career with NYRB. Come full circle

  11. firstcule says:

    He is such a nice, grounded guy that I took another step forward in forgiving him for his performance against Ghana.

  12. bluehose says:

    molded and shaped by Timmy Mulqueen, one of our top US goalkeeper coaches.

  13. inkedAG says:

    All Hail the King of East Rutherford!!!

  14. OC says:

    Hard to blame your GK when the rest of the team woefully underachieved as well.