Who should the USA start vs. Canada?

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The U.S. men's national team kicks off its Gold Cup on Tuesday against Canada, and with the painful memory of Saturday's 4-0 friendly loss to Spain still fresh, there is plenty of speculation about just which 11 players Bob Bradley will turn to in the Gold Cup opener on Tuesday night in Detroit.

Top veterans such as Tim Howard, Landon Donovan, Clint Dempsey, Carlos Bocanegra, Michael Bradley and Steve Cherundolo are locks to start, but there are other positions which still raise questions. Will it be Jermaine Jones or Maurice Edu in central midfield? Will Bob Bradley go with a 4-4-2 or 4-5-1, and if it's a 4-4-2 will Bradley turn to teen striker Juan Agudelo? Will Oguchi Onyewu get the nod in central defense, or will Bradley go with a Goodson-Bocanegra pairing in the middle?

Here's a look at a lineup we could see the USA field against Canada:



Some quick thoughts:

Just as a reminder, this is the lineup I can see Bob Bradley starting, not necessarily the lineup I would use. Would my lineup be different? Probably not, though I might be tempted to give Eric Lichaj the start at left back, with Carlos Bocanegra pairing with Clarence Goodson in central defense.

Onyewu looked shaky against Spain, so a Bocanegra-Goodson central defense with Jonathan Bornstein at left back isn't out of the realm of possibility. Tim Ream and Eric Lichaj seem like long shots to play vs. Canada. Bradley rates Ream highly, but the fact he went 90 minutes makes it seem unlikely the Red Bulls defender gets the start.

The toughest toss-up is between Maurice Edu and Jermaine Jones, and we go with Jones because he looked better overall in the three most recent friendlies, though it can be argued that Edu looked better against Spain than Jones did.

For those asking why Clint Dempsey doesn't get moved up top, he is needed on the flank more than up top, because the reality is the roster just doesn't have quality wing options.


What do you think of this lineup? Which lineup would you like to see take on Canada?

Share your thoughts below.

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294 Responses to Who should the USA start vs. Canada?

  1. Dave says:

    With Bedoya finishing the season strong, you don’t think he can fill the void on one of the wings with Dempsey up front? Someone needs to score goals no? Altidore and Agudelo don’t give much hope of such a thing happening.

  2. Colin says:

    I don’t like Agudelo starting. I think he’s better suited at being a high-energy 2nd half substitute.

  3. Taylor says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Dempsey in the hole in a 4-4-1-1 and try out Bedoya on the right wing. i remember he and Dempsey linking well a few times in the past

  4. jon says:

    Please no onyewu!

  5. I can’t argue against this. Bradley won’t gamble on a game like Canada, so this lineup makes the most sense.

  6. Bedoya will likely be a second half substitution, with Dempsey moving up top. It fits the Bradley M.O.

  7. RBNY Fan says:

    Bornstein doesn’t have the athleticism to handle guys at either outside back. Same with Spector and that’s the reason neither of those guys should be on the team.

    Boca barely has enough to do it, and Cherundolo certainly does even at his age. Lichaj should play until he figures out more of the little things. That will come in time and it will make the world cup team a better team.

  8. T says:

    I would argue that Tim Ream is a better option in the back. I admit he looked shaky against Spain, but it’s Spain! That’s to be expected. In the majority of these group stage games, we’re likely to have a lot of the possession and be looking to break teams down. Ream’s ability to pass out of the back will be a big help.

    Is he our best pure defender there? Probably not. But I don’t think that’s what we need in the group. So why not put in the better “offensive CB” (oxymoron?) when that’s necessary. This way, Ream gets valuable international experience which will do him a ton of good.

    And if, after these games, we feel he’s not strong enough defensively against the likes of Mexico, we can always turn to the reliable veteran guys like Boca at CB.

  9. RBNY Fan says:

    Oh, and I’d take Edu over Jones… Put him with Bradley and see how it goes. Jones has shown nothing to warrant starting meaningful games.

  10. johntommervik@gmail.com says:

    I agree. Doesn’t make sense to start Agudelo when he is hardly getting playing time for his club team. Put Demspey up front where he has been hot.

  11. The Dude says:


    Subs: Agudelo, Edu, Bedoya

    Dear Bob Bradely: learn to embrace the diamond midfield.

  12. Jack says:

    I would start Dempsey up front and Bedoya on the right, I personally wonder if Altidore even deserved the call up.

  13. chris says:

    Yes, Ream over Gooch.

  14. bizzy says:

    No Gooch……






    But thats wishful thinking….lol, so we’ll have to go with:







    I think we’ll have a little more OFFENSE with an ACM…..

  15. Annelid Gustator says:

    Yeah, that looks about right. I would definitely think of putting Los and Clarence in the middle, EL on the left. Then put Jozy and CleDeuce up top. Specs or Ale or Sacha on the wing, depending on how you’d like that to run. Juan as a second half sub for Jozy. Rogers for whichever non Landy wing, as needed. Leaves Borno for subbing if one of the center backs need swapping out, slide Los back in.

  16. Todd Hollingshead says:

    The following should never play in a U.S. jersey again:
    Bedoya, Kljestan, Rogers. The following need a few years: Lichaj, Ream. The following are hopeless: Altidore.

  17. josh says:

    As much i do want to see Oneywu start it looks like he is going to because he only played a half versus spain. My ideal line up would be a 4-2-3-1.
    Cherundolo Goodson Bocanegra Lichaj

    Bradley Jones

    Donovan Adu Dempsey


    Before you guys get all crazy and say how could Adu even play I think we need to realize how little offensive spark is available. Adu could provide the spark and when was the last time he actually played with the first team? Maybe him and Jozy can find that connection. However against Canada I see Bob sticking to a 4-4-2 with Ives first line-up being th one.

  18. John says:

    I’d rather have Edu playing CB over Gooch right now.

  19. josh says:

    No to both, we need both Edu or Jones to start along Bradley.

  20. Taylor says:

    i’d actually like to see that once Holden gets back. put him where you have Bradley and let MB sit back in a Busquets type role to distribute from the back

  21. ben in el cajon says:

    This is exactly what I was thinking when I saw which guys only played one half. I think there’s a chance that Wondo will start instead of Aguadelo, actually. I agree with Ives (?) that a Goodson Bocanegra pairing in the center would be best. I hope we have to quality to make it comfortable. Go Go USA!

  22. Edwin in Los Angeles says:

    This pretty much seems a lock.

    Please please for the love of god keep Sacha and Robbie Rogers OFF the bench the whole 18 game day line up!

    Rogers, Sacha, Bornstein and Spector along with Rimando should be left off the squad unless Rimando goes instead of Hannehman.

    Edu, Bedoya, Adu and Lichaj seem like great options to give the veterans like Dolo, Donovan/Demspey and Gooch a rest if we can afford to sub early in the 65th minute for resting purposes.

    God how much I wish we had Tim Chandler in this team!

  23. bizzy says:

    No we don’t….the Spain games proves that we don’t necessarily HAVE to…..

  24. Todd Hollingshead says:

    Also, I think Gooch and Spector are past their prime playing days. Bornstein is a different story altogether. We basically only have six quality players: Howard, Bocanegra, Cherundolo, Bradley, Donovan, Dempsey. The rest is a crap shoot.

  25. Annelid Gustator says:

    This just doesn’t make any sense. The players you deem persona non grata are, in order, 25,24,24, and 21.

    They’ve all had good and bad games in the NT strip. In 2014, they will be at the nominal prime of their games, and you are gonna say they’ll be useless to us?

    Christ on a waffle, what is wrong with you people?

  26. Edwin in Los Angeles says:

    That could even work if you switch Dempsey and Adu or they just keep drifting back and forth as they both like to do so.

    We have no Feilhaber and no Torres or Holden so I think is pretty much a clear point that Adu is the little creativity we have past Deuce and Donovan.

  27. reiter says:

    Although we should reach the finals and I support the Nats wholeheartedly, I don’t really think we have a solid team. Too many of our players are struggling (Onyewu, Jozy, Bradley) or aren’t hungry enough (Donovan, Cherundolo, Bocanegra).

  28. josh says:

    Actually I disagree, it proved that we need even more defensive cover. I wish I could agree with you and say that we could go with a more offensive line-up. Believe me I do.

  29. josh says:

    I agree, and I think it would work out well. I just want to see Adu get a chance with the first team.

  30. supergrandefilms says:

    Agree to a certain degree. I like Dempsey / Agudelo up top poaching for goals with Bedoya adding service. Altidore is not in form and has lost confidence.

    I would also swap out Onyewu (also not in form) and put in Ream or slide Bocanegra inside and add Lichaj outside.. I’m also actually not a fan of Jones. I prefer Edu / Bradley in the middle with Donovan/Bedoya outside. Go U.S…!!!!

  31. Alf says:

    Washington Post said yesterday that Freddy Adu was the best player in practice, scoring several beautiful goals as well.

    Adu would be a great player to trot out in a withdrawn striker roll. Adu with Agudelo.

  32. Aaron says:

    I would sit Gooch & Altidore.

    Here’s my IX

    Agudelo (F)
    Donovan, Bradley, Dempsey, Jones, Spector (MF)
    Bocanegra, Goodson, Ream, Cherundolo (D)
    Howard (G)

    Play Dempsey in middle of pitch behind Agudelo

  33. Brian says:

    I agree with Ives lineup, except for one person, Gooch.

    I’d rather see a backline of:




    or hell, even this


    BTW I really miss Jay DeMerit.

  34. Primoone says:


    The Mayor–CG—Boca—Lichaj




    (Junior doing his best Holden Impersonation)

  35. Come On says:

    Really, start Wondo. He looked horrible against Spain and shouldn’t even be on the team.

  36. Annelid Gustator says:

    Specs is 25 and uninjured. He played some of his best soccer ever in the midfield in the EPL this year.

    Yep. His salad days are in the past.

  37. YG says:

    I like Edu to start over Jones. I just feel that Edu has more to offer in the center of the park and he bagged himself another title at Rangers this past season. His passes are more influential.

    Also, I do not like Goodson to start in the backline. I would like to see Bocanegra come inside and Bornstein start on the outside.

    I agree with the Dempsey on the flank as I too think that the depth in that position isn’t at its best.

    Why not play a 4-1-2-1-2? Altidore next to Dempsey up top, but get Donovan in that AMC role. Edu and Bradley as the LCM and RCM, Jones as the DMC, Bornstein LB, Boca and Gooch in the center, and Cherundolo as the RB. Get those outside backs to play a little higher and support the attack. This is the perfect formation for the USA and it gives them control in the center of the pitch, where it matters. Mix that with the good passers I listed above and you’ve got danger.

  38. bizzy says:

    I hear you but 2 defense minded CM is not the answer. The US needs to switch it up for a change and include an ACM on the team, to spark the offense. We need to stop playing Dempsey on the wings and bring him into the center to supply the offense with that spark (he always dribbles inwards anyway!!!!). He has the skill, ability and vision to be a dangerous ACM. Bradley, as we all saw versus Spain can handle anything CONCACAF has to offer. Throw in speedy wingers and we have opponents on the ropes.

  39. supergrandefilms says:

    Agree! It’s all about being “in form”.

  40. Wondo's Mom says:

    Wondo is by far the hardest worker of our options up front and definitely the best finisher.

    He is not going to beat anyone 1v1, but he always manages to put balls on frame.

    Against Spain he wasnt great, but he was always in the box trying to scrape out a goal.

    Jozy seems like he has given up on scoring. Puts forth no effort on corners or freekicks and seems to always drift out wide.

    In terms of winning today, I think Wondo is a better option than the other two.

  41. josh says:

    I agree that we need an attacking midfielder, that is why I said we should go for the 4-2-3-1 formation.
    Cherundolo Goodson Bocanegra Lichaj

    Bradely Jones

    Donovan Adu Dempsey


  42. AME says:

    Talk some sense into them Annelid…

  43. srfinger says:

    How is Bradley struggling? He was our best player against Spain, and may against Argentina.

    Yes, he is not getting time with his club, but he has looked sharp for the nats.

  44. AME says:

    I think that whoever starts against Canada is a likely starting 11 to go against Mexico in the final. I think Bob will want to give the best 11 a chance to play against the toughest group opponent before giving the bench playing time against Panama and Guadeloupe…

  45. bizzy says:

    4-2-3-1 hasn’t been effective against top teams and we alway seek refuge with the 4-4-2. Altidore up top by himself has never been effective….but that line up is better offensively than the usual Bob Bradley line-up

  46. AC says:

    I’d be nervous if Gooch is in there…He’s lost that step…And why does Bradley insist on having to big centerbacks…It’s not like CONCACAF competition has these huge forwards…USMNT needs to mix it up with one big centerback and a smaller, quicker one like Ream who can move a little quicker…I’m not saying Ream is lightening fast, but he can at least keep the ball on the ground…I also like Dempsey playing in the middle more

  47. Eurosnob says:

    I agree with you re Agudelo, but who then does BB start next to Altidore? The only other striker is Wondo and it is unlikely that BB will weaken midfield by starting Dempsey as a striker, particularly when Donovan will be weakened after the sickness that caused him to miss the game against Spain.

  48. micah says:


    Take it to the bank.

  49. Mark says:

    Are you trolling here? I understand the criticism of Gooch and Jozy, though I still think both make the team as there is no one to take their roster spots. At striker, Agudelo and Wondo have a combined 8 caps? Says something about the state of the pool at that position.

    As for Bradley, he looked very good against Spain. He may not have played much for Villa, but he’s still getting reserve team games so it’s not like he’s been idle. And barring a few off games, he’s always performed well for the Nats when he’s played.

    And to criticize Boca and Cherundolo and say they aren’t hungry is nuts. These guys have served the nats very well for years.

    I’ve never loved Donovan, though I acknowledge the fact that he is the best field player the US has ever produced.

  50. Objective RBNY says:

    I don’t think Ream is ready. He has been costing RBNY games as of late(that doesn’t mean he won’t be).

  51. Joe says:

    Think like a conservative coach ahead of an important 1st match in a tournament. We know that BB will play: MB, Donovan, Dempsey, Howard.






  52. josh says:

    Yeah but when we she tried out the 4-2-3-1 we had I believe Edu play in the offensive minded role. I want Adu to get a try out at that advanced role.

  53. Murph says:

    Agudelo / Dempsey

    Badoya Donovan

    Jones / Edu

    Lichaj Goodson / Boca Cherundolo (sub forChandler)

  54. BellusLudas says:

    Replace Jones with Edu and I think this is the correct line up. Jones didn’t even look interested in Spain match.

  55. Paul says:

    SBI: Gooch has looked shaky for a a while now. How many more weak games before BB pushes him to second-string?

  56. cajun says:

    Why in the world is Altidore such a given up top nowadays? Whats wrong with a Wondo/Agudelo pairing. Altidore has been invisible since the World Cup and before. Time for a different pairing until Altidore gets in form. He(or anyone else) should never feel entitled to the spot without earning it!

  57. Bob says:

    I was at their practice yesterday and Adu was definitely not the best player. They played 7 vs 7 with a two-touch limit.

    Freddy looked OK and did score a couple of goals but it was more being in the right place at the right time.

    I think it would be great for the National team if he could contribute but he’s still a ways off. I think the Washington Post’s reporter’s assessment was a little off.

  58. Colin says:

    Well that’s obviously the conundrum. Now if BB had selected Buddle, Gomez, etc., then we wouldn’t have this problem.

  59. Waterlewd says:

    F: Donovan, Dempsey, Adu

    M: Jones, Bradley, Spector

    D: Bocanegra, Ream, Goodson, Cherundolo

    G: Howard

    Let’s get some goals!

  60. Pickles says:

    We won’t win anyways , while Bradley fails to correct mistakes. :(

  61. Mason says:

    Your IX? You think we’ll start two players down? Since a player sent off prior to the start of the match can be replaced**, you seem to be indicate that most of the team will miss the bus to the stadium.

    ** This is a question that shows up on every single USSF ref exam ever: “Prior to the start of the match, two players from team A team get in a fight. You send them both off. How many players does team A start the match with?”

    The correct answer is 11.

  62. epablo says:

    replace Ream with Lichaj and we r good to go. Not saying Ream is bad, but goodson with boca in the middle is way better.

  63. Come On says:

    Well choosing between Wondo and Altidore doesn’t leave you a lot of options I agree with that, but in his limited NT time Wondo has been forgettable. At least Altidore has proved he can play at an international level. Although, I do think that Altidore is on his last chance at the NT level. Still, Wondo is not a starter.

  64. marden08 says:

    I would go with Ives’ lineup but replace Gooch with Carlos in the middle and put somebody else in as left back. I would also replace Bob Bradley with Mike Sorber as interim coach until we can get a successor.

    Won’t happen.

  65. John says:


  66. John says:

    Agree. my Def: ‘dolo, Goodson, Ream, Bocanegra

  67. Benny Dargle says:

    Ives is right about playing time in the Spain game providing a clue to Bradley’s plans for the Canada game. Ream, Lichaj, Kliestein, Spector all played the whole game. Barring injury or illness, I don’t expect to see any of them out there. Onyewu and Goodson could play, as could Bocanegra and Bornstein. It all depends upon how Bradley views Bornstein and Onyewu.

  68. baller says:

    “Bob” was at practice yesterday eh? is BB a secret Ives reader?

  69. Kevin_Amold says:

    How do I subscribe to your posts?

  70. TPA_FLA says:

    Any real chance Bobo Bradley is let go before Brasil 2014? I think not, but what we need in order for our program to truly evolve is increased pressure and accountability all around. I’m glad to see the fed get some more quality friendlies and I know it’s not all about the results but Bobo has been making an increasingly growing number of bone-headed decisions: tactics, call-ups, formations,etc…

    Sunil is obviously under little to no pressure himself. If we don’t make the final a head or 3 will need to roll. Otherwise it’s more of the same come qualifying and a round-of-16 appearnace in 2014 will be considered a success yet again.

  71. Colin Reese says:

    I agree with the comment about Bradley not correcting mistakes. This will never happen, but I’d like to see this. I know it’s crazy, but I would do it. I would have done it against Spain. Too bad we don’t have Feilhaber or Holden. I would take out Edu if they were playing and convert Jones to a central defender with Ream as the left back.


    Cherundolo Edu Ream Lichaj

    Jones Bradley

    Donovan Adu Dempsey


  72. John says:

    I’m going with the vaunted 3-4-3….




  73. Wispy says:

    I don’t think Bradley’s too hard to figure out: he’s going with a 4-5-1 against Canada with the following:






    Every one of those field players played only 45 minutes (or zero, in the case of Donovan and Boca) against Spain.

  74. Jeff says:

    I do not agree with starting Altadore and Gooch. Neither has done anything to deserve the start and this should be Gooch’s last call Other than that, I think the lineup is OK

  75. Nick says:

    I think against Canada, you can take the chance of having Freddy in the ACM. Even a 60min sub would give a nice creative spark.

  76. DirtyLeeds says:

    Agree 100%, he looks awful and has since the injury, dont know why hes automatically penciled in as a starter, he can’t be better than Goodson.

  77. emt says:


    This is what I want to see in defense, however, it is unlikely considering Lichaj went 90 against spain. I would still prefer him over Bornstien 9 times out of 10. Also, it will be good for him to be next to Boca, who can cover for him better than ream did


    For the midfield, I think I prefer Edu over Jones, because right now Jones doesn’t seem to give 100% for the USMNT. And the only place I want to see Robbie Rogers is on a flight back to Columbus.


    I know Jozy has had his struggles recently, but I think he can perform well (i.e. score goals) against CONCACAF competition. This will give him confidence heading into the knockout stage, and hopefully into the final. And I think Agudelo will be a little tired after the Spain game, so bring him on in the 65th min as a sub.

    As far as the subs go, I would like to see more of Bedoya and Adu. and Jones if Edu just isnt cutting it

  78. dan says:

    If Adu had form then that would push Dempsey up to with Agudelo/Altidore. Wondo did not look anywhere near good enough for the NATs

  79. dan says:

    I dunno, i realy like the idea of a 4-2-3-1 but I’m not huge on Jones and Edu and Bradley as our playmaker. This formation is IDEAL if we had Holden healthy and push Bradley back to pair with Jones/Edu.

  80. GW says:

    “Freddy looked OK and did score a couple of goals but it was more being in the right place at the right time.”

    All the consistent goal scorers ( Muller, Messi, Pele, Best, Greaves, Batistuta, Crespo, Inzaghi, Villa, etc.)I’ve seen over the years have had one thing in common.

    They all had a knack for being in the right place at the right time.

  81. KNPonder says:

    I think Wispy is spot on here. I think Bradley will can the 4-4-2 and go with 5 in the midfield. He only brought 3 strikers. One of them is new to the squad (Wondo) and the other is still too young to be trusted for 90 in an important match (Agudelo). This formation also puts the best players on the field. The only thing that I possibly see different would be moving Boca to CB and inserting JB. If the team looks bad after 45 (or God forbid, down), Bob will pull Edu or Jones and put in Agudelo or move Dempsey up top.

  82. John says:

    Is it just me or is Blackburn Rovers Jones>>>>>>>USMNT Jones?

  83. PetedeLA says:

    No, it’s Rossi.

  84. GW says:

    Edu is talented but “soft”.

    He plays for a team that can’t afford to buy any new players so he has no competition.

    Outside of Celtic, the rest of the SPL might have a hard time in MLS.

    Rangers in Europe usually knock off a couple of pub teams in the group stages and then lose valiantly to a big team like Man U.

    Edu needs to get some place where there is real competition on the training ground and on the field.

  85. PetedeLA says:

    Is “The Mayor” Matt Saracen?

  86. KNPonder says:

    You may have something there. If the US and Mexico reach the finals, the US will need to try and utilize the one area of strength that they may have against Mexico: midfield play. If the US wants to “try” and control the play, they will need to play 5 in the midfield. With only 3 strikers on the roster, something tells me that we are going to see 5 in the midfield early on. Just a hunch.

  87. KNPonder says:

    His play has been inconsistent for the USMNT. He just needs time. He probably isn’t used to being paired with a similar CM in tight space like how the US plays. A lot of the time he is on top of the other CM that he is paired with (particularly Bradley). He will be better with time. When he is on, he brings a package of tackling and passing that the US has never had at that position. He is a guy I want on the field if we play Mexico in the GC.

  88. bizzy says:

    Gooch was terrible….not running to the ball, not marking effectively, no ball control!!!!, no composure in the back, inability to pass the ball out of the back (thats why Timmy keep punting the ball away!!!!). FOR NOW Gooch is garbage

  89. Sam says:

    Better teams than us out in group stage every tournament. Round of 16 (unfortunately) IS a success.

  90. bryan says:

    bedoya absolutely deserves more. Sasha is debatable. Rogers I agree with.

  91. bizzy says:

    Adu is my number one player and I believe he’s going to bring something special to the team but any formation that leaves one player( 4-5-1 or the modified 4-2-3-1) up top has been effective when competing against top teams and that why BB switched…..so I hate to tell you but you’re not going to see that anytime soon

  92. bizzy says:

    lol…sorry thats INEFFECTIVE not effective

  93. josh says:

    I agree it has been ineffective, but it has been ineffective with no real attacking mid in the game. We have not seen someone like Adu be put in the advanced position. That is my point. I agree that has been ineffective up to this point, but I am not ready to say it cannot work. Especially since there a few players who might make the formation work who have not gotten the opportunity.

  94. Pickles says:

    We are way overrated going into this gold cup, and I’m glad from all the soccer sites I’ve been to Bob Bradley is getting the criticism he deserves for being indecisive as always.

  95. ryan says:

    i agree completely and i really like agudelo, i still think he is the us’s best striker at the moment but when he comes off the bench he has proven to pack more of a punch with his speed and will to take on opponents

  96. Brian says:

    “Mayor of Hannover” = Steve Cherundolo.

    Come on Pete, I thought you would have known that one, given that you follow German soccer.

  97. bizzy says:

    “Freddy looked OK and did score a couple of goals but it was more being in the right place at the right time”

    Really…really dude not only are you contradicting yourself……. Washington post had reporters there too (multiple reports)….just saying

  98. Brent McD says:


  99. bizzy says:


  100. Michael says:

    Start Altidoloski next to Agudelo,

    He has all the field positioning and finishing sense of Wondo, but the physical gifts of Jozy. Problem solved :)

  101. scott simon says:

    to johntommervik@gmail.com.

    You don’t think it makes sense to start Agudelo when he is not getting play time???

    Altidore doesn’t get any play time either.

    At least Juan Agudelo had an impact in the Spain game.

  102. scott simon says:


  103. scott simon says:

    again, I agree with Colin.

    I have no idea why he didn’t bring Herculez Gomez or Edson Buddle. They both get way more playing time than Altidore and they actually score goals.

  104. scott simon says:

    I think we should have brought in Jay Demerit. He played superbly at the World Cup.

    I also think Omar Gonzalez should have got a call. That guy is a beast.

  105. scott simon says:

    What exactly has Jozy Altidore done in the past two years that makes you think that Jozy Altidore has proven that he can play at the international level?

    He hasn’t done anything.

  106. Alex G says:

    No ONYEWU please, he’s not fit enough for this game, Ream and Goodson.

  107. Kenny_B says:

    I don’t know that it’s all about being “in form”. You have to be able to compete against a high level of competition.

    I’m in form in my COED “C” division but I’m not looking for a callup. Wondo was scoring last year in MLS and Gomez was scoring in Mexico. That hasn’t translated into NT goals.

    If we are honest with ourselves about our team we don’t have a striker,currently, that is capable of scoring against a high level of competition. Our goals at the World Cup came from the midfield. Any calls for strikers that didn’t make the squad is really just wishful thinking that they would do better than the three that did get chosen. I do really hope Altidore, Wondo, and Agudelo make me eat my word…probably wishful thinking.

  108. Todd Nelson says:

    Please start my Grandmother over Jozy Altidore. She works much harder, puts pressure on their defense and actually tries to make a difference.

    (Yes, I’m trolling! What!)


  109. Scooter says:

    Canada is big and slow in the back so speed up top will cause them more problems than size.

  110. GW says:

    “He’s lost that step”

    What step? He was never particularly fast or quick. But he used to be decisive.

    His recent troubles seem to me to be due to uncertainy about the guys around him. Communication issues; that sort of thing.

    Not that I want him in there but if he is paired with Boca, maybe he plays with more confidence; but we’ll see soon enough.

  111. hogatroge says:

    Wondo’s had 90 minutes to prove himself, 45 of which were against Spain… and Spain made even our starters look like the middle school public league B team.

    Contrarily, I thought Wondo showed good positioning against Spain…hopefully he sees he’ll have to kick it up a notch in the future.

  112. hogatroge says:

    You certainly took those nicknames to 11.

  113. hogatroge says:

    Being in the right place at the right time seems like a pretty important aspect of the game, if you ask me.

  114. Ed says:

    Scored against Spain, assisted against Slovenia, scored against Turkey pre-world cup. I know you people feel entitled to a dominant world class striker, if only that gosh darn Bob Bradley would play the right guys we’d own the world. Jozy is our best option at forward, like it or not fellas. Hes our boy for better or worse so either roll with it or get off the bandwagon dude because I’m tired of the negativity directed at our beloved team.

  115. bizzy says:

    we got slapped around by spain and It looks like we never learn…..Gooch is hosed, the second half defense that held Spain to only one goal should be used or improved upon:


    we leave that set-up in since it’s been battle tested or swap Boca and Ream to add experience.

    is garbage. As we saw they couldn’t put anything together. Dempsey (playing in the middle for once) and Bradley combined to actually move the ball up forward effectively. So if we learned anything from the second half against spain:


    Use either Adu or Bedoya on the left Dempsey and Mickey in the middle and Donovan on the right instead of Spector (where he played for everton). If Jr and Dempsey can effectively provide service to the offense against a dominating side like Spain they’ll be effective against anyone in CONCACAF.

    just like Ream talented by green. He comes off the bench for NYRB and Wondo is more establish in the SAME league. Hence pair Altidore and Wondo up top and Agudelo ready to come in.

    The Canada games will actually say a lot about our team….

  116. Louis Z says:


  117. Kenny_B says:

    I think you can hardly lump Messi, Best, and Pels as the same type of player as Crespo or Inzaghi, Villa (Chicharito for that matter). The last four all make great runs off the ball.

    Messi is not a right place right time type of player, he is not a poacher. He creates his own and others goals. He leads and finishes attacks.

  118. Darren says:


    Wondo was the most dangerous player on the field vs Spain

  119. Jake says:

    Please no Cherundalo…Like Eddie Lewis of a couple years ago, he just doesn’t have the wheels anymore…burned repeatedly by Spain

  120. Ed says:

    I don’t see why Bradley can’t assume the ACM spot for us. While he is very good posting up in front of the back four, he also has shown he can pop up for goals when placed further up the field. Coaches have also mentioned that MB has a pretty lethal shot from distance

  121. Jake says:

    No More Lazy Out-the-door or Dolo…

  122. Kenny_B says:

    You really think we might try and do something different than absorb and counter against Mexico?

  123. Rick says:

    physical gift of bricking shots? He is big, but not extremely fast

  124. Senny says:

    No more Cherundalo…he was shredded by Spain…Hope he doesn’t come to MLS either

  125. Phil says:

    you could do that now by putting Dempsey where you have Bradley and shifting him back… bring on Kljestan or Bedoya.

  126. Dave from Charlotte says:

    He isn’t better than Goodson right now that is for sure. Id go Lichaj — Boca—Goodson— ‘dolo

    Lichaj lost situational awareness early in the Spain match and was lucky Offside was called erroneously. But canada isn’t Spain and I’d like to see him get the minutes.

    It’s crazy and sad that onyewu is getting minutes and consideration because his form is awful right now.

  127. ThaDeuce says:


    Lichaj, Edu are counted upon every game

    This is my dream to see, far from what i expect, which is:


  128. Kenny_B says:

    I think this is spot on.

  129. RB says:

    Agreed all around. His presence could be very valuable in disrupting Mexico through the middle.

  130. Don says:

    Please no more Cherundalo. He shouldnt be a lock, along with Bradley. But we know Bradley will never be left out as long as pops is around.

    Wondo should be starting without question.

  131. Don says:

    He has no more legs…

  132. RB says:

    Sorry for such an inconsequential question, but is the third jersey now the first jersey? Are we just always playing in red from now on (assuming no conflict with the other team, of course)?

    If so, were the blue and white jerseys introduced previously just to suck in more money, or? Or is Nike effectively admitting to weak design, or…?

  133. Don says:

    which game did you watch? He was most dangerous player for USA

  134. Brian says:

    With all due respect, you are stupid. Who else would you have play there? Spector? Lichaj?

    Dolo was one of our top 5 players at the World Cup. He had a great season for Hannover and he looked pretty good against Spain. Much better than Spector did at RB in the first half.

  135. Phil says:

    My ideal lineup?

    Howard in goal,
    three center backs: Onyewu Bocanegra and Goodson (size and blocking)
    two DMs: Jones and Edu
    four MF: LD Bradley Spector Bedoya (with Bedoya and LD tracking back).
    one striker: Dempsey

    I don’t care is a 3-2-4-1 hasn’t been used since the 40’s; it’s good for what we got, even if it leaves one of our best player on the bench in Steve Cherundolo.

    Wht will actually happen? exactly what Ives lined up.

  136. Tim says:

    It should be…such a better look minus the sash

  137. Brian says:

    What? Are you joking me?

  138. ChadC says:

    a fun one that would be interesting:

    – jones – – – -bradley-
    -don juan-

  139. Brian says:

    We are playing in our all whites tomorrow against Canada who will be wearing their red jersey.

  140. Tim says:

    Chenundalo and Onyewu are liabilities on defense

  141. Brian says:

    Seriously, where is all this criticism of Dolo coming from all of a sudden?

  142. Tim says:

    Chundalo is too slow for international play at this point…Eddie Lewis of 2 years ago…

  143. Senny says:

    no…he is slowwwwwwww

  144. ThaDeuce says:

    Ives,I literally almost spewed when isaw onyewu in the lineup. Makes me gag

  145. Cairo says:

    Just curious–people bashed Freddy Adu for not getting playing time for club. Now they bash him for playing in the Turkish second division. Someone please remind me if this is wrong, but hasn’t Freddy almost always shone well for US National Teams? At the under 20’s, at the Olympics, versus Spain with the Nats a couple of years ago? He’s never had a good club career, but he always seems to show up for the Nats. That’s gotta be worth something…
    Not saying he should start. But outside of MB, Dempsey, Donovan, Boca, and Cherundolo, name a current field player whose impact with national teams (actual appearances) has been more consistent than Freddy’s?

    Maybe he’s a self-centered jerk. Maybe he’s a horrible practice player. Maybe he just is unmotivated when he’s getting paid to play. But he almost always shows well in the red, white, and blue. I’d put him out there again in a second next to Bradley or as a second striker tucked behind Jozy or Agudelo.
    Just sayin…

  146. RB says:

    That’s why I bought the white: you can hardly see it.

  147. MJC says:

    Would love to see this lineup. Watched Lichaj play a few times for Leeds, I think he deserves another start with the full squad.

    link to this11.com

  148. Brian says:

    I think Dolo is still pretty quick. He may have lost a little bit, but he’s certainly faster than Spector. With Chandler not on this roster who would you rather have start at RB? Spector? The guy demonstrated once again that’s not an outside back. He’s a CM or a RM. Lichaj? I think he’d do ok. But I think he’s got a chance to start at left back.

  149. RB says:

    Thanks, didn’t know that. But of course it’s a given that we wouldn’t use them when the opponents are in red. Just wondering to what extent the blue in particular has been demoted to third color status and if white has similarly been demoted to second…

  150. GW says:

    “What exactly has Jozy Altidore done in the past two years that makes you think that Jozy Altidore has proven that he can play at the international level?

    He hasn’t done anything. ”

    The last two calendar years?

    June 2009 1 goal vs. Spain Confederations Cup

    September 2009 1 goal El Salvador WC qualifying

    June 2010 England, Slovenia, Algeria, Ghana

    Started every game and played well all tournament. Absorbed massive punishment. Was unlucky not to score against England and Ghana. Assisted Bradley in Slovenia game and centered ball to Dempsey for shot that was blocked and led to Donovan’s winner.

    I only considered competitive matches i.e. WC Qualifying, Confederations Cup, and World Cup, because those were the only matches where anything was on the line. Of his competition the only other forward in the World Cup who contributed as much was Herculez Gomez. He played well against Slovenia, drawing people off Bradley during his goal and was unlucky not to score against Ghana in overtime.

    Buddle, who looked mostly lost, had one 68th minute sitter against Algeria and missed it.

    For the past two years those guys are the only forwards who did anything that mattered when it really counted.

    The exceptions would be Davies who is not currently relevant and Conor Casey, another hated figure (US fans are such great people) whose two goals vs. Honduras officially got us into the World Cup.

    I don’t know if Dempsey was actually playing forward or midfield when he scored all his goals. And Donovan is a midfielder.

  151. Jeff Awesome says:


  152. Brian says:

    We really need to get some new blood at the centerback position before World Cup qualifying starts. I love Gooch but I feel like he is done, at least until he can get somewhat close to his 2009 Confederations Cup form, and I have serious doubts as to whether he will ever be able to get back to that level of play.

    Bocanegra is still solid and I think he’s still got another year or two left in the tank, but I don’t know if we will be able to rely on him throughout World Cup qualification.

    I think we could really use DeMerit right now, but he’s kinda in the same boat as Bocanegra. Probably has a couple years left of a somewhat high level of play, but he’s almost certainly be too old for WC 2014.

    Goodson is alright, but I still don’t have that confidence in him that I once had in Boca, DeMerit or Gooch. He’ll probably still be around for the 2014 World Cup, unless he gets passed up by younger players.

    Ream is still a work in progress, but I am hopeful that he’ll continue to develop and be a starter come World Cup qualfying.

    I think we need to fast track integrating Zak Whitbread onto this team. I understand not calling him up for the Gold Cup, but this guy could be the best centerback in our pool. He’s 27 and he’ll be (most likely) starting for Norwich in the Premier League next season. I think Bob should also definitely give George John a look.

  153. Francois says:

    I actually wouldn’t mind seeing Specs pairing MB90 in the midfield. I think that could be a very good combo due to his ability to get forward well.

  154. Todd says:

    I like that XI minus Gooch. Put Lichaj in.

    I would also be sure to get Adu in asap. He has done pretty well this past season and has to be eager to prove himself on the MNT.

  155. supergrandefilms says:

    I’m glad that you were in “in form” in your COED “C” division. That’s truly exciting info.

    The point is that Altidore has not scored, does not have confidence and the opinion being expressed is that perhaps there is a better option to explore at the forward position. I would prefer to see a combination of Agudelo (hungry, fearless) and Dempsey (experienced, aggressive) up top. I think they are both capable poachers, especially Dempsey who has proven that he can score both in the EPL and internationally.

    Remember when we played Portugal in the World Cup? Sometimes you have to put out younger, fearless players and let them do their thing. Donovan was a prime example of that during the 2002 WC. Go U.S.A!!

    I do hope you eat your words. :>)

  156. Derosario says:

    The same side that played Saturday,

  157. Jeff Awesome says:

    Cherundolo got burned by Fernando Torres on the fourth goal. It happens to the best. He still was the best US defender in that game, and he was the best US defender in the World Cup.

  158. Brian says:

    Well we made Spain wear their whites so we probably could have have done the same to Canada. I don’t think it exclusively depends on the other teams jersey color, nor do I think it exclusively depends on who the “home” team is and who the “away” team is. It’s probably a combination of both.

    We were the home team against Spain, and we wore red and they wore white. We will be the home team against Canada, and we’re gonna wear white and they are gonna wear red.

    From US Soccer’s twitter:

    “The U.S. is wearing white // RT @NickForrester13: @ussoccer What jerseys are the #USMNT wearing against Canada on Tuesday?”

    “Expecting red since we are ‘visitors’ but still TBC // RT @cbt2011: @ussoccer what color is the US wearing June 14th in Kansas City?”

    “Expecting white as the home team, but also TBC // RT @Matt_VII: @ussoccer what color do you expect for June 11th in Tampa?”

  159. Eurosnob says:

    Altidore has earned his starting spot. He led the USMNT in scoring in the WC qualifying and had a strong WC and Confederations Cup. In contrast, Wondo and Agudelo have not played a single game for the national team in any official tournament. BB will not start two unproven players at the forward position against Canada, but Agudelo is likely to start next to Altidore.

  160. Scrips Spelling Bee Champion says:

    Who’s Chenundalo?

  161. Bones says:

    Now you like Bradley? Make up your mind. On June 25th, you will be saying how you knew he MNT was going to win the whole time.

  162. Bones says:

    I agree 100%

  163. Bones says:

    The lineup looks about right. El Salvador is not as good as Canada by a long shot. USA 2- Canada 0.

  164. Brian says:

    I’m intrigued by that possibility. I’ll give Edu/Jones one more game to show up. If not then I say we try Spector there, hell maybe even Kljestan.

  165. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    Dempsey plays on the left wing for Fulham. They play some combination of Zamora, Andy Johnson, Dembelee, and Gudjohnsen up top.

  166. RB says:

    Sounds like they’ve definitely demoted the blue kit to third jersey status and are now treating the white as home and the red as visitor, except of course when they just want to trot out the red (as in the few friendlies since it was introduced).

  167. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    Parma and Mr. Rossi produced him….he just happened to be born in New Jersey.

  168. Bottlcaps says:

    GK: Howard. No other US goalkeeper (with the exception of Brad Friedel) is playing as well as ghe is right now.


    Right Back: Cherundolo. Get real no one else on the USMNT is playing that well at this position.
    Left Back : Bocanegro Not his best position, but he has played at the highest levels in this position, and your other option is ….Bornstrin! LOL

    Center Back: Goodson. Is playing well…so far, so he should be given a chance
    Center Back: Edu. Yeah. He can play that position and considering Onyewu is not playing well and Spector isn’t either. WHY NOT!!


    Left Side/Wide mid: Freddy Adu. Why Not? he has shown with his goalscoring and wide play in Turkey, that he can play at that position. Yeah his speed is suspect, but against Canada that point is moot. He can be pushed off the ball somewhat too easy, but hey, 2nd Division play and Turkish Players are physical and he stood on his own.

    Right Side/ Wide Mid: Clint Dempsey. The US needs him on the field ANYWHERE.

    Center Defensive Mid: Jermain Jones: Should do well against Canadian Players. Is physical in the center and the US will needs it.

    Center Mid/Offensive: Michael Bradley. If he can get off the defensive play and go forward more often, he can get back to his Heerenven goal scoring prowess.


    Forward: Agudelo: Can play well if paired with a good experienced forward.

    Forward/Withdrawn forward: Landon Donovan: He is playing this position for the Galaxy and is leading the MLS in scoring. Agudelo needs him, the US needs him where he can score goals.

  169. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    Thank you. It needed to be said.

  170. Turgid Jacobian says:

    Yeah, who are these cretins? Dolo is a better fullback than anyone else we have. If he were comfy I’d play him on the left.

  171. GW says:

    I never said they were all the same type of player. You said that.

    I said they were all consistent goal scorers and that all of them had the knack of being in the right place at the right time.

    I never mentioned Chicharito and if you are going to tell me that Pele, Best and Messi didn’t/don’t make great runs off the ball then you clearly haven’t seen those guys play.

  172. Big Chil says:

    I think there’s a decent case for Altidore starting with Wondo playing withdrawn forward behind him. That’s typically where Wondo gets his goals from in San Jose. The team is familiar with the 4-4-1-1 and Dempsey can easily slide up into Wondo’s spot late.

  173. SBI Troll says:

    Disagree or not here’s my lineup and reasoning


    -Adu: A 4-2-3-1 is the only way I’d play Adu? He is a liability defensively and is slow. However, he is the only player in the pool close to being a true #10 and playing him in the group stages will give him confidence and determine if he is ready to play heavier minutes in the knockout stages and beyond. Worst case scenario he sucks for 45 minutes and we pull him for super-sub Agudelo?

    -Lichaj: Again like Adu, getting him another game at left back against a group stage opponent will give him some confidence and game experience. We need to explore more options than Bornstein and Bocanegra, whose stability is needed in the center.

    -Jozy: As much as everyone wants to bench Jozy, this is a prime opportunity to get back into form against the CONCACAF minnows. He needs to regain confidence and play. Also this isn’t the first time that Jozy and Adu have been paired together. Back in the day, they had some chemistry playing for the Under 20s. Let’s hope they carry it over to the Senior team.

    Why not?
    -Agudelo: I’m a fan of the 18 year old. However, the best thing for the team would be to bring him off the bench as a super sub that comes in after halftime depending on how Jozy and Adu are playing. If our attack becomes predictable or stifled, bring in Agudelo can change the pace of the game.

    -Gooch: This one is easy. I think BB feels that Onyewu can regain his form of old. I think Goodson is the superior player today. With Bocanegra and Dolo playing next to him, all Goodson has to do is play his game and come up for the occasional corner and score!

  174. Peter says:

    The lineup looks good but Bradley should start Ream over Onyewu.

  175. Scott from Austin says:

    Am I the only one that thinks Ream is at best mediocre as an international CB? I say move Dempsey up top for Agudelo, and put Spector or Agudelo (my preference) wide on the right. Also, take out post-injury-not-the-same Onyewu for… somebody.

  176. Peter says:

    Altidore Dempsey

    Donovan Jones Bradley Bedoya

    Bocanegra Ream Goodson Cherundolo


  177. Peter says:

    Better than Onyewu at this point.

  178. RSLin208 says:


  179. Gahn T says:

    Did you see the Spain game???

  180. Pat says:

    Bogus…A team or league doesn’t make a player. Edu is a terrific player, but as a D-Mid and not a playmaker

  181. YY says:


  182. Scott from Austin says:

    I meant Bedoya, not Agudelo on the right*

  183. bill says:

    Ream played the full 90 on saturday. he won’t be in the 11. I wish he would be, but Bradley killed that idea by playing him too much. Gooch will start. Hopefully he shows something.

  184. MSNats says:

    I generally don’t mind the criticism of Altidore, though I personally like him. I’d say his play deserves it, as of late. But is “lazy out-the-door” really the best people can come up with? It just sounds awkward, immature, and in general very un-clever.

  185. Nature Boy says:

    Dolo is a liability…dribbles out of bounds. He was worse than Onyewu vs. ESP. Dolo was a decent player, but now his legs are shot.

  186. Vic says:

    How was he great in the World Cup and he looked pretty good against Spain???

    Talk about stupid…

  187. Clint says:

    I’d take a healthy Connor Casey over Lazy anyday….

  188. jh says:

    Agudelo Wondo
    Donovan Jones Bradley Dempsey
    Lichaj Boca Goodson Cherundolo

    Agree with Ives’ lineup above for what I think it will be. Goodson is better right now than Ream probably, more sound positional sense it seems like. I like Boca at CB, but he can play outside, and Bob will probably ask him to. Wondo has been scoring a lot in MLS, which are probably comparable or better than the countries we will see in group play. Let him do his thing.

    Bradley seems to not want to give up on Gooch, which is fine, but he shouldn’t start. Jones/Bradley could be nasty if they just get some chemistry together.

  189. Todd says:

    Go Jamaica!!!

  190. Juga says:

    scoring goals is scoring goals anywhere…eurosnob

  191. Stephen says:

    That’s a rediculous post. I remember he distinctly dribbled right past Spain’s left back. And he was solid there the whole second half.

  192. jh says:

    It was a more a comment about how he has been more successful than any other striker on our current roster, rather than a knock on the MLS.
    His positioning was pretty good also against Spain, especially on the header he went for. That could have been a foul, the defender didn’t even challenge for the ball.

  193. Stephen says:

    I wouldn’t say “most dangerous.” But I liked what I saw, he put himself in good positions and was a workhorse.

  194. MSNats says:

    Connor Casey = Shaq. But not basketball Shaq. Soccer Shaq.

  195. GW says:

    I would have liked Gomez,who played well in the World Cup, on the roster instead of Rogers, for one.

    Buddle was brought to the World Cup and looked like a fish out of water against Algeria. He blew a fairly simple, open header in the 68th minute that would have made him a hero, not Donovan. Otherwise he looked out of his depth. Not much of a chance I know but at this stage and given the only thing Buddle really contributes is goals you to have to make those and he did not. He hasn’t been overwhelming in Germany and, unless he suddenly leads BL2 in scoring next season,I see no point in further call ups. The US will not miss him.

    It’s okay for Agudelo, our latest saviour,to run around like a chicken with his head cut off, because he’s a kid and because Americans typically love to see that in players. They think it means he is “working his butt off”(unlike the “lazy” Jozy) when in fact he means he is just using up precious oxygen and doesn’t know what is happening. But hey, live and learn.

    Wondo looked good against Spain and I hope to be pleasantly surprised by him. But he’s no Herculez.

    The thing about Gomez is he is streaky and sometimes he scores in bunches and you never know how he will score. And he is always fun to watch and, with his comeback story, you just have to root for him.

  196. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Omar looked a little shaky against Brazil. I agree with bringing in Demerit, but I think he has been recovering from injury.

  197. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    This X 1000000000000.

  198. dan says:





  199. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Get your logic out of my thread.

  200. GW says:

    I love Jay but he was horribly slow to close and displayed poor judgement on the so-called Rico goal in the Ghana game.

    At this point, based on what I saw in the Argentina game he still has the bulldog in him but he seems rusty, no big surprise given his lengthy inactivity.

    You may be more familar with him but from what I’ve seen of him Gonzalez needs more polish.

    He has a lot of that “Kung Fu Panda quality”(before he realised he was the Dragon Warrior).

    I used to see in the younger Gooch. That can occasionally be a good thing but against really good teams, it will get you killed.

  201. Alf says:

    Jamaica is running rampant, they look really confident on the ball.

  202. Keith G. says:

    I agree with Ives’ line-up except I think it will be Ream starting over Goodson. I will say that the USA wins 3-0 over Canada. Also if we dont see our strikers scoring in the group stage, look to see Dempsey and Donovan move up front with Bedoya, and maybe Adu out wide.

  203. Sloppyjoe says:

    Jamaica up 3-0 now. I guess They are the team to beat now. Not!! USA will win all their games by one or two goals including Mexico

  204. Mwing09 says:

    For some reason USMNT fans are really harsh on our own players, I cant figure it out. MB plays some bad passes and everyone says he has to sit, Jozy at 17 shows a lot of potential and by the time he’s 20 everyone hates on him because he’s not the best striker to ever wear a US jersey. And now DOLO, who I dont think Ive seen have an off game in a USA kit in the past 5 years, who has had consecutive great seasons in the Bundesliga, ONE realllllly good player makes a run past him for a goal in a game that doesnt matter and everyone says he is too old to play…..Little ridiculous USMNT fans…little ridiculous…

  205. Alf says:

    OMG Jamaica with the goal of the tournament already.

  206. Adrian says:

    That was more skilled than any goal scored by the United States in… I can’t even recall how long. That was incredible teamwork and a golazo finish.

  207. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Being in the right place at the right time is important. Just ask Chicharito.

  208. SBI Troll says:


  209. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Can you use it in a sentence please?

  210. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Yeah, let’s replace them with our better attacking and RB options. OH WAIT.

  211. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Lahm got burned by Torres and Germany lost to Spain 1-0 in the Euro final. I doubt Germany’s supporters were screaming to bench him like some people have been doing with Dolo.

  212. Sloppyjoe says:


  213. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Dude, even though you are changing your name your picture thing stays the same. And you keep spelling Cherundolo’s name wrong. Just stop.

  214. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    I hope your blog is better than your comments.

  215. Sloppyjoe says:

    Excellent points.

    I think BB is going to give different looks depending on the on the teams we face but that is not really rocket science. BB already has an idea. Some people might not like BB, but I think he has a good plan for the final. The plan for Mexico is “Plan Dos A Cero.” I wonder if Mexico will blame the ground crew again for their loss. If Mexico plays Jamaica, I would like to see Jamaica flatten little Peewee.

  216. GW says:

    Edu is a terrific player and more importantly, a former Terp just like De La Garza, Goodson, and Gonzo.

    He went to Rangers and is improved from what he was at Toronto. But he is not being pushed to get any better for the reasons I stated before.

    And from what I’ve seen of him lately he has regressed from his World Cup form where he played well.

    It’s not about positions, Edu is a talented football player and is versatile. Bradley has been playing him up a bit and said he was doing that because that is exactly where he is doing well for Rangers.

    “Bogus…A team or league doesn’t make a player.”

    If that were true then why did he move to Rangers?

    Besides the money wasn’t the idea to get better as a player? And didn’t he get better?

    Ironically enough, Edu’s experience proves you wrong.

    If he wants to take the next step, he’s going to have to do it again and find a more challenging situation because Rangers and the SPL are dead in the water.

  217. Luis Casillas says:

    For the first time I am very worried about Mexico. I am not worried about the group games, even with our weaknesses. But Mexico has too much firepower, and guys like Chandler and González would have helped against the speed of Barrera, Juárez, Guardado on the wings and the power of DiNigris. As for Chicharito, I doubt any of our backs are at the level to contain him. I also pray that Donovan continues to be or saviour, but without guys like Holden, Gómez, or someone like the 2002 Beasley, we are in trouble.

  218. Russell says:

    Let’s not get crazy guys. Cherendolo had a solid WC. A good season with Hannover, got sliced and diced a little v Spain but so did everyone else. He starts because in the Bundesliga this year he saw everything that a Canadian might bring.

    On the left I liked Lichaj’s athleticism and strength but 2x he caught as the last man a huge no no for an outside back.. Given lesser concacaf opposition and maybe need for boca in the middle I’d be tempted for that switch.

  219. ehhh says:



    bedoya bradley edu lando

    boca goodson gooch dolo


  220. Russell says:

    I agree with all this except the juan and jozy comparison. The difference (whether it be role or not) is that juan comes back for the ball and does apply more pressure than jozy.

    Jozy only seems to be effective when the game is brought to him and/or if he can be paired up one v one in strength scenarios. Against Canada this *should* be the case.

    Getting open is half an art and half hustle. Wondo and Juan are better at it than Jozy.

  221. MyPurpleUnderCracker says:

    Really? So now is the time to experiment at forward correct you two ( Darren and Stephen )? Brilliant diagnoses of the problem with those two during the Spain game. I mean, Altidore totally should have scored at least one goal against Spain considering he had proper distribution from all his offensive middies right? And Agudelo!! That son-of-a-bitch is not even 20 and we should give him Altidore’s job after 5 international games and 2 goals!!!. You heard him BB, the forward jobs for the first game of a huge tournament should be turned over to a convincing 18 year old, and his 29 year old compatriot!!!! These two guys with the excellent recommendation should stand next to BB during the trophy presentation in Pasadena because their advice will ultimately win the USA this Gold CUP. Jack-Asses

  222. stan says:

    who was, then???

  223. Travy says:

    No, Casey has scoring ability Lazy lacks. Heck, I would take an injured Brian Ching over Out the door.

  224. Pro Tools says:

    This Jamaica would beat USA…and they are w/o Cummings

  225. Jim says:

    Roja…Honduras gains upper hand

  226. Brent McD says:

    that was a ridiculous refereeing decision. not even a foul, much less a second yellow

  227. Since 82 says:

    Exact same lineup I would use. It won’t happen.

  228. roger says:

    I hope this is not the line up… I see mediocre forwards and mediocre defenders (on a good day).

    1-10 ratings(10 being the best)

    forwards: 3-4

    midfield: 7-8

    defense: 4-5( that has to be the slowest defense in the Gold Cup)

    Goalkeeper: 7-8

  229. Benny says:

    Disagree completely about our backs not being able to contain Hernandez.But I do agree with you that Chandler and Holden would have made the U.S. much better. USA 2-0.

  230. Neruda says:

    Ives needs to write a piece about the potential pressure on Bob Bradley if the US doesn’t do well in this competition (ie win it).

    Poor results in friendlies is one thing but there has to be accountability if there are poor results in Gold Cup.

  231. Creativity says:


    Spector played pretty well as a midfield player during west ham’s campaign, including an unbelievable game against Manchester United. He’s offensive minded, but due to his usual defensive positioning, he will certainly be good at tracking back and tackling, which will give one of the DM’s extra cover. Especially against Canada, we need to open up our offense a little bit. Why not give Spector a shot as our creative mid?

    Lichaj has great speed and skill, he’s still young so prone to a few mistakes, but with boca being his cover, he’ll be good. There was some lack of communication between him and Ream against Spain. That won’t happen with a veteran like Boca. Ream has a bit to go, but he’ll be solid in the future, just not enough experience to anchor the defense.

    The biggest question is who to start as the defensive mid. Honestly, it’s a toss up. Jr hasn’t played much, but still a great player. Jones has been doing very well for Blackburn, including assisting them in staying out of the relegation zone of the premier league. Edu, as usual, was instrumental for Rangers and this years double. I’d honestly go with Jones, especially if we use a creative mid and not another defensive mid. I really don’t think Jones is that great being with another DM, but if he has more space and another mid in front of him, he’ll be a lot better.

  232. Bryan says:

    I was thinking of getting foxsoccer.tv for the month to watch this since I don’t have cable. Does anyone have any experience with the streams there? 15 bucks to watch the tournament doesn’t seem all that bad

  233. r says:

    Take out Altidore and put in Wondo!

  234. RSLin208 says:

    Jozy reminds me of old Heskey. Yuck. If it was young Heskey, it would be a compliment. That said, he’s still young.

  235. He was great in the World Cup because he played great in the World Cup. A**hat.

  236. Francois says:

    Hahaha funny

  237. I’ve been thinking that I’d like to see what Spector can do as a RM with the UMNT, maybe in a sub role when, and/or if Dempsey get’s moved up top late in the game. I think he could bring something there with his ability to whip in crosses and get forward. I haven’t ever seen him line up as a RM, but his game seems very well suited for the position.

  238. Brian says:

    What?? After Donovan, Dempsey, and Bradley, I’d say Cherundolo was the next best player for us at the World Cup. He was certainly our best defensive player. He had an ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC game against England where he completely owned James Milner so bad that he got him yellow carded and subbed out all before the 30th min. Also had a key kick save in front of the goal, if he had missed the ball would have gone to the back post and England would have scored. Only negative was he got a yellow for taking down SWP.

    He also had a pretty good game against Slovenia. He assisted Donovan on his goal against Slovenia with a good lobbed pass on the right flank. Might have been partially responsible for Slovenia’s 2nd goal, as he was a little far up the field, but DeMerit was even higher up on the field and Torres and Bradley were nowhere to be seen on the play (they weren’t tracking back).

    Decent game against Algeria. Nearly got beaten for a goal, but the guy he was marking was just barely offside and he pushed it wide anyway. Great delivery on cross from the left flank and that Jozy or Buddle should have put in.

    And for the Ghana match, I remember him having a so-so game. Picked up another yellow card. Didn’t really get beat badly that I recall. Wasn’t at fault for any of the goals

    I back up what I say. What about you?

  239. Brian says:

    Onyewu, probably. Definitely against Mexico. Cherundolo is the least likely person on our defense to be a liability.

  240. Brian says:

    You sure have a lot of names “Dolo hater”. Who would you rather have at RB?

    And Bradley showed that he still clearly our best CM. He would start even if BB wasn’t coach. He’s arguably our 4th most important and 4th best best player.

  241. Brian says:

    Yeah I watched it. Did you?????

    He got beat by Torres. Happens to better and worse players than Dolo.

  242. wichin says:

    If we don’t win the Gold Cup, Bradley needs to be fired! Sorry, there is just no progression for the US National Team. Sure we have a lot of talent but what good is it if we can never play to our strengths and just keep playing Bad football. no offense. no defense. its just not working while our players do work in their own teams. We need to progress and we are not doing it with him. Let’s just get him out!

  243. MicahK says:

    Yeah he did get burned against Spain no denying that man.

  244. MicahK says:

    Yeah, he is very over rated. I do not think he id ready either. I also agree with others he is not even a top defender in MLS.

  245. Tyler says:

    I could really care less about who they throw out there until the final. I think our entire roster has the class enough to beat any of the CONCACAF “minnows” but when it comes to the final (we’re the US so we should be taking it for granted that we’re going right?) we obviously need to have our top lineup out there. I would probably use start Freddy though in place of Edu… I think that given our roster and the players that we have available he might be the perfect player for our CAM spot in the midfield which should make Bradley-Jones function more efficiently on the field because when Edu is on the field, they all play like the same player more or less. We need an A+ midfield out there if we have any hope of getting Jozy or Juan any service up top. If we can do that well then I think Mexico will be quite shocked (given the fact that they wholeheartedly think this generation of players is going to lead them into the promised land or something).

  246. Erik the Orange says:


  247. Ali says:

    I think the USA should start like this…






  248. jhollywood says:

    Ive read the majority of posts on Ives article, and I believe much of the arguing comes from the fact that BB has chosen another mind boggling squad! How do you choose Robbie Rogers of Mikel Diskerud…Or Oneywu/Bornstein over Whitbread/Demerit…or Wondolowski over Davies? Ive said it for years, that BB’s first team choices are suspect at best! I feel he ignores good young American players abroad! The USMNT struggles to score goals, but he refuses to think outside the box and give real chances to strikers like Starikov, Grella, etc…We struggle with possession, but he leaves Torres off the roster, outside defender is a need position, but he lets his German counterparts push him around in regards to Timothy Chandler (Just think if Klinsmann was the coach!!!!)…what about Frank Simek?? I love our national team, and want them to win every game, but there’s a part of me that wants them to fail in the Gold Cup….for the future and greater good of the program!!

  249. fischy says:

    He was beaten on one play….when the team was already down 3 goals and pressing forward.

  250. JG says:

    4-4-2, bread and butter of US soccer.


    Bedoya (for whatever striker looks worse @ 65-70 min, push Duece up top
    Edu for Jones @ 75 min
    Wondo for other starting striker@ 80 min

  251. fischy says:

    Against the midgets in CONCACAF, Wondo is a good option. Unfortunately, he’s limited athletically — jumps like a white guy and isn’t very fast. Still, I think he could be very effective in this tournament. Canada isn’t loaded with great athletes, either. Wondo could do good work there. Save Agudelo as a sub — and maybe start him against Guadeloupe and Panama, where their defensive weaknesses can be exploited by a guy like Agudelo.

    Also — Gooch really did look horrible against Spain. He’s reduced to being a bystander. I’d start Goodson and Boca in the middle for now (maybe use Ream against Panama or Guadeloupe) and bring on Bornstein at left back, for now — using Lichaj there in a later match.

  252. fischy says:

    Conundrum. Good, woody word.

  253. fischy says:

    Fortunately, Canada isn’t loaded with athletes, either. Bornstein should get a look there.

  254. Ed says:

    Um, Geaux Away

  255. OC says:

    The Mayor of Hannover!!

  256. Felix says:

    Also, something to keep in mind, Bedoya isn’t really a outside/wing midfielder. At Orebro, where he has been playing very well, he has been used as a more centrally located attacking mid. Which is probably why he hasn’t looked the greatest while playing for the USMNT.

  257. matt says:

    You really doubt the commitment of Donovan, Cherundolo, and Bocanegra? Whatever you have to say about Donovan, he is the Mexecutioner so even if he sleepwalks through the other games(which I doubt), he’ll show up big if we make the finals. Cherundolo always fights hard, and was one of the bright spots in a lost-cause second half against Spain. Boca is captain for a reason: I don’t doubt his heart at all. In fact, I’m sure Boca and Cherundolo appreciate that this may be their last chance for Nats glory. They have a role to play in qualifying but their time will be past by the next Confed Cup and definitely by the next World Cup.

  258. Felix says:

    Davies is nursing a hamstring injury, which isn’t exactly re-issuring for a speed demon. Plus Wondo has been in great form for over a year now, better than any other forward in the pool.

    Mix Diskerud does the same things that Bedoya, Feilhaber, and Adu all do – how many center attacking mids do you we need exactly. I’m not crazy about Rogers as a player neither – but I do agree that we need at least one natural true winger on the side – the only shame is that we don’t have that many who are any good at the moment.

    I won’t argue the CB issue because we can go in circles about that. Gooch and Bornstein have the experience, but one looks like he is on the downturn of his career and the other is inconsistent. DeMerit is nursing injuries and just recently came back to playing for the Whitecaps and Whitbread seems to pick up real untimely injuries whenever he rounds into good form and is about to be called up. We don’t have that many options for LB, so I don’t get worked up over Bornstein, but I can see your point about Onyewu.

    Either way, I don’t think these decisions are as open and shut as you make them out to be.

  259. Dennis says:

    I think it will be Altidore and Wondo up top, simply because Agudelo played the whole game. I would also not be surprised to see either Bornstein or Lichaj (or each for a half) at left back and Boca and Goodson in the middle.

    I was fairly disappointed by Onweyu’s performance vs Spain and in recent USMNT games; I surmise that so was Bradley. A lineup that does not include him is a real possibility. Whether that 4th back is Ream, J.B. or Lichaj is a puzzle.

  260. Felix says:

    The two main reasons this formation hasn’t worked for us are:

    1) we haven’t started the correct player at the attacking midfield spot. You need to use someone like a Holden, Adu, Feilhaber etc to play in this role.

    2) you have to have a target forward up top to hold the ball up and distribute to the wings or out to any CMs running up the channels – we all know we don’t have any target forwards who can be effective at the international level. Altidore for all his size does not play this way very well. Altidore is at his best when he plays next to a target forward or next to a faster forward who pulls defenders out to the wings which leaves space for Altidore.

  261. Dennis says:

    Wondo lead the MLS in scoring last year and (at least prior to missing this weekend’s game) is currently in third place. As others have said, he may not be the most imposing athletic talent, but he has learned to score goals against MLS competition and that is the level he will be facing in all but the Mexico game.

    Agudelo is still a kid and is still learning.

    Altidore did score the most goals in WC qualifying, more recently he has struggled, that is something that happens to good athletes who score some goals but have not yet developed the guile to get open when the other team realizes that they need to supply pressure to them.

    The more I think about it, the more I think it will be Altidore and Wondo to start up top.

  262. Dennis says:

    I agree, either this or Ream in the middle and Boca out wide.

    Against most opponents in the Gold Cup, we will have possession, and will push forward to score while the opponents bunker and counter. (Of course Mexico will be an exception.) I think that at one center back should be one with the most speed (Ream, Goodson, Onweyu?) should be in there for the inevitable footraces when the US gets caught pushing up. the other centerback needs to be a pure defender (Boca, Onweyu, Goodson) who can read the situation and minimize the number of footraces we have against the likes of Dane Richards (should Jamaica be so lucky to met us).

  263. Dennis says:

    When Adu played for the USMNT and for the youth teams, he did pull off some neat plays that very few players can do.

    But, he consistently exhibited a lack of judgement wherein he undertook a risky 1v several in spots and at times where loss of possession was dangerous to the team. Also, he had trouble showing for the ball when his teammates needed his help. He was worse in both those categories than Jozy, who at least tried to play simply to get out of trouble (even if he failed at it too often). He is not as strong as Jozy and at least in past games was too easy to knock off the ball when it came to physical challenges.

    Those are the reasons professional coaches have had a hard time finding a way to use him.

  264. Dennis says:

    Holden would not make the US better! He is still on crutches!

  265. KNPonder says:

    I am sure that they will “try” and control the midfield. That will help slow down the good attackers that Mexico has. You can’t just let them run free and setup shop near the box constantly. Our defense is not nearly as good as what it has been in the past. On US soil, generally, the possession is not as lop-sided as it is when they play in Azteca. With that said,I am sure that we will still be looking at 60%+ for Mexico. The key will be for Jones, Bradley, and/or Edu to “try” and slow them down through the midfield. They have the capability to cause Mexico problems and frustrate them. Of course this is all a big assumption anyway . . . too many games to be played for we get to the presumed final.

  266. FulhamPete says:

    I say we do this:

    ———Dempsey— (False nine-ish)
    LD — Jones–MB90– Bedoya (LD/Bedoya can flip)

    I liked what I saw from Edu when we tried this…and

  267. FulhamPete says:

    …and I have nothing more to say.

  268. Todd Nelson says:

    I agree. Altidore is hopeless.

    If he just showed some effort, I wouldn’t be so hard on him. But, you actually see him shy away from 50/50 balls! That drives me crazy. That has nothing to do with skill. It just means he is a wuss or a prima donna. Either way, we can’t have either of those.

  269. Mattbag212 says:

    I’d like to see a 4-2-3-1 in the first half with Dolo, Gooch, Goodson, Boca, Dempsey, Jones, Edu, Baby Bradley (CAM), Donovan, and Jozy.

    I like Ream over Goodson but we’re not going to play him so soon. Maybe next match. I don’t think Gooch is done rocking. Canada is not going to burn him. Jones, Bradley, and Edu are all stellar professionals who have competed against quality talent that trumps anything Canada will have. I love me some Agudelo, but a seventeen year old benchwarmer for NYRB is not getting the start over studs at Aston Villa, Blackburn, and Rangers. Not happening.

    In the second half, if the 4-2-3-1 flops (which has happened for us in the past, sadly) we can sub out a center mid for Bedoya, and go 4-4-2 with Dempsey+Jozy up top and Bedoya on the wing.

  270. Dennis says:


  271. Dennis says:

    It is a big step for Freddy if he figured out how to be at the right place at the right time. It could be dumb luck on one practice day, but if it is real, that is good.

    Now if he will improve his risk taking decisions…

  272. Dennis says:

    Edu really?

    Adu REALLY!?

    We know why you are not a professional coach

  273. Dennis says:

    3-4-3 good for youth player development, not the formation for important games against good talent.

    (Unless it looks more like a 5-3-2 because the outside mids track back to play defense, not Donavon or Dempsey’s forte, but if they did, that would leave us with 3 backs and 5 defensive midfielders).

    Of course going forward it looks pretty good, but with only 3 backs (and not the world’s speediest at that) counter attacking looks too good for the opponents.

  274. Ben says:

    can someone please tell me where Timothy Chandler is?

    I missed why he’s not on the roster and am I kinda freaking out right now

  275. Kenny_B says:

    Bobby Zamora and Andy Johnson both were hurt a lot last season. Dempsey played up top quite a bit during the first half of the EPL season. It’s not a stretch for him to play striker.

  276. PetedeLA says:

    If you watch Friday Night Lights you will know that Dolo looks just like the character Matt Saracen.

    Mayor of Hannover=Cherundolo=Matt Saracen

    But it’s a pretty obscure show, so I understand not catching the reference.

    For the record, I would have put “Der Buergemeister”.

  277. Kenny_B says:

    There is no answer to that question. It’s like dividing by zero.

  278. wichin says:

    club did not release him as he is tired. word was out that Germany wanted him and he was going to see if that worked but his agent has just said that he was tired and needed rest but his allegiance is still with USA.

  279. Andre says:

    James Who?….Please

  280. BB says:

    No, Heskey could actually score a couple

  281. BB says:


  282. Bart says:

    Quicker than Dolo. that’s for sure

  283. Kenny_B says:

    I guess I was confused when you said “All the consistent goal scorers ….. have had one thing in common.”

    I took that to mean that “all the consistent goal scorers… have had one thing in common”

    I’ve only seen highlights of Best, I saw Pele play in NASL when he was way past his prime. I watch Messi as much as possible.

    I’ve seen plenty of Crespo, Inzahgi, Van Nistelroy, and Chicharito (who I added for emphasis). I think that these last four players are quite different from Messi, Pele, and Best. They are classic poachers. The majority of their play is off the ball more than with it. That was the distinction I was trying to make. I’m never said Messi, Best, or Pele don’t make runs off the ball. But these three certainly provide a lot more than the poachers do.

  284. Kenny_B says:

    Klejstan was awful against Spain.

  285. Brent McD says:

    I would rather see a 6’1 manchild in the right place at the right time, someone who can battle and overpower defenders and head the ball if necessary. Adu is a 5’8 wunderkind whose value to the USMNT is as a creative #10 playmaker. Unfortuately he has yet to prove he can do this consistently.

  286. MicahK says:

    NO Ream he is inexperienced and cannot defend well for this game.

  287. MicahK says:

    That was ages ago. Also Lahm is very consistent it is very rare to see him have a off day.

  288. dgoshilla says:

    I’d like to see Ream in for Dolo and Dolo in for Clint and Clint in for Altidore. I think Dolo would be a great AM.

  289. Brian says:

    Oh ok gotcha. I was just surprised at the thought of you missing a Mayor of Hannover reference.

  290. Brian says:

    Awful on the wing. Ok when he was played centrally. I’m not some Kljestan fan boy. To be honest I used to be (still am sometimes) a Kljestan hater.