Who should the USMNT start vs. Panama?

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Coming off the U.S. men's national team's Gold Cup opening 2-0 win against Canada, head coach Bob Bradley has a quick turnaround before Saturday's Group C match-up against Panama. He will have just a few days to decide whether to stick with the lineup that beat Canada, or make some changes.

There weren't many negative performances among the starters vs. Canada. In fact, there were more standout matches than there were worrisome ones.

What changes could Bradley make? None really standout. Maurice Edu looked solid as a substitute in his brief appearance against Canada, but the combination of Michael Bradley and Jermaine Jones was so dominant it's tough to see them not starting together again.

The truth is it seems like a safe bet we'll see the same lineup against Panama, with a win basically clinching the group and making the third group game against Guadeloupe a match Bradley can rest starters.

What lineup would you like to see against Panama? Think Bradley should start the same group?

Share your thoughts below.

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137 Responses to Who should the USMNT start vs. Panama?

  1. Tim Meyer says:

    If I see Sasha and Robbie over Freddy one more time I am defecting too Cuba.

  2. Landis says:

    Jermain Jones looked pretty gassed towards the end. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Edu get the start.

  3. rambo says:

    I think we will see the same lineup as Tuesday.

  4. john says:

    i also see panama resting their starters from tuesday so they can go all out on their third game against canada.

  5. jeff says:

    I say the exact same starting lineup — no need to overcomplicate it.

    Then expect Wondo, Edu, and either Kjlestan or Bedoya as subs (provided no back four needs).

    Panama is a half-solid team, but I could see working Edu and Lichaj into the Guadeloupe starting 11 — possibly Gooch too just to give Ream a break. All depends on yellow cards, too.

  6. Vince says:

    True, but I suspect Edu would still come on as a 70th minute sub for Jones.

  7. Vince says:

    Recorrido feliz!

    Diga hola a Fidel para cada uno.

  8. HoboMike says:

    Can’t argue against the same lineup. Let’s put the women and children to bed and go out looking for f*ckin dinner.

    Then we can experiment a bit in a meaningless 3rd game.

  9. Since 82 says:

    I would like to see the same starting lineup as well. Let’s build some continuity here and see if it develops. Beyond that, I would prefer to see both Adu and Bedoya get time as subs.

  10. dena says:

    If it aint broke…

    Bedyoa and Adu as first choice bench options please.

  11. Tim says:

    Freddy over Agudelo w/ Agudelo as the 2nd half spark he’s proven to be so good at . . .

  12. thomas says:

    cherundolo goodson ream boca

    lando edu bradley bedoya


  13. PetedeLA says:

    I think if they don’t start the same team Bob will be shooting himself in the foot.

    Give the Bradley-Jones combo some games to get familiar with each other. Same can be said for Ream-Goodson.

    Jones needs time to gain confidence within the team. I know he’s getting older, but I think we can expect a lot more from him.

    I feel bad for Edu because he certainly deserves to be the 12th man, but it’s his own fault for being in such a weak league.

    I’d really like to see Freddy come off the bench for whoever is second forward. He needs a chance to show what he can do.

    Obviously Bob sees something in Kljestan in training that he could not translate onto the pitch against Canada. But he got his minutes, now give them to Freddy or maybe even Bedoya.

    I don’t think Wondo is good enough. Certainly not at forward, but maybe on the wing if Deuce or Lando are injured/winded.

    They looked like a solid team against Canada. I didn’t like how they didn’t seem to be able to mark, and they seemed short of creativity, but Goodson-Ream and especially Bradley-Jones seemed solid as the spine of this team.

  14. Alf says:

    I hope the team doesn’t get lulled into a false sense of security playing against these crap teams. Man we lucked out with this group, I definitely expected Canada to be more competitive but yikes.

    Panama will probably be even worse. Lulled into that molasses pace could see the team down an early goal quickly to a better squad like Honduras, CR, Mexico.

    Always worrisome in CONCACAF.

    Squad wise?

    Adu for Dempsey and Lichaj for Boca.

  15. HoboMike says:

    As far as subs go, I’d try Bedoya instead of Kljestan, but that’s it.

  16. Josh D says:

    Agreed. Panama is the only hard team left in the group. Give the boys a rest after this game.

    Just bring on subs faster than last game when it’s apparent they’re tired.

  17. FulhamPete says:


    Bedoya Edu Kljestan Spector

    Bornstein Goodson Ream Lichaj


    We don’t need the stars to start. Pull em off the bench if necessary. Give Goodson/Ream more developmental time…I liked that pairing.

  18. oncebannedtwiceshy says:

    the only thing i might do would be move boca inside and give someone else a shot on the left who has more going forward. also, if 4-4-2, maybe start wondo and bring juan in later.

  19. dinho says:

    nice varsity blues reference.

  20. Josh D says:

    Adu needs to make it actually on the bench first.. But I would like to see him in the third game.

  21. dinho says:

    Is that you, Bob? That is so back-assward….it’s ridiculous.

  22. Josh D says:

    Wondo is slow enough, tossing him on the wing would be suicidal..

  23. Alf says:

    The playing time/team quality argument really doesn’t fly when you have players like Jozy, Gooch, and Bradley playing and they rarely if not at all see the pitch.

    Mo has played very well against the likes of FC Valencia and Manchested United in the Champions League.

  24. Josh D says:

    Heard Adu was struggling big time in camp – can anyone confirm?

  25. randall says:

    id start lichaj over ream (boca sliding to the middle), and id like to see bedoya get a good bit of time with the first time- otherwise no changes. considering roster and gooch being far, far from form thats our first team.

  26. chuck says:

    I am so tired of the invisible Kjlestan. The guy just does not have what it takes to play at this level. He is just a step to slow. I hope that his bench spot can go to someone else.

  27. oncebannedtwiceshy says:

    edu’s penalized for being in a weak league is followed directly by play adu. huh?

  28. oncebannedtwiceshy says:

    i thought he looked the best of the subs.

  29. I think we see the same 11. I would like to see Adu make the bench, and have Bedoya and Wondo get some more time with the starters. Wondolowski came in and didn’t get any service. The US was just killing off the game with possession and wasn’t too concerned with attacking when he came on. I think given the chance, Wondo will score.

    Assuming the US wins on Saturday, I am very interested to see who starts against Guadalupe.

  30. BrianVT says:

    Wow! “Adu Time” < 3 min! Impressive. Gotta be a record???

  31. Todd Hollingshead says:

    I think it is pretty clear you have to go with the same starting lineup. More interesting question — assuming a win, what do you do with game three against Guadelupe? My suggestion: Use all the bench.

  32. Biebs says:

    The Program (About College Football)

    not Varsity Blues

  33. PetedeLA says:

    I don’t care about Wondo. I really don’t think he’s good enough. Obviously he’s capable of scoring some goals, so he has some quality.

    You don’t have to be fast to play on the wing, but it helps. Beckham has never had wheels. Giggs has slowed down as well, but is able to work magic on the wing occasionally. Riquelme has been put on the wing and he’s slower than dirt.

  34. Alex says:

    Why does everybody think Kljestan was awful against Canada? This btw coming from a person who used to loathe him, because that Nigeria Olympics game. But in all honesty, it took himm to acclimate himself with the pace of the game for about 5 minutes, after which he looked pretty decent; Comfortable, creative, good touch and vision. He had an awful first half vs Spain, but who didn’t. He second half was better, excluding his indecision on that breakaway.

    Bobbo loves his 2nd half creative/possession midfielder sub. In the WC, that was Feilhaber, and he probably would’ve been in that same role if it weren’t for the injury. But for the GC, its most likely going to Kljestan, and I’m confident that he will do well in that role. Anderlecht Kljestan is leaps and bounds better than Chivas USA Kljestan.

  35. Jose says:

    Talking about Cuba, has any of the Cuban Players defected yet?

  36. Jamie Z. says:


  37. djemba-djemba813 says:

    I wish we had Herculez or CD9 on our bench.

    But we don’t so I’d rather see Adu come on for Agudelo/Altidore, whichever comes off first, not Wondo.

  38. Chris says:

    SPL < Turkey 2nd div?

  39. jeff says:

    Ha! That was funny…

  40. FulhamPete says:

    This was the starting lineup vs. Panama in 2009. (USA 2-1 (a.e.t) Panama)

    1 T. Perkins (GK)
    12 J. Conrad Substituted 11′
    4 C. Marshall
    16 J. Heaps
    H. Pearce
    8 L. Pause
    5 K. Beckerman 49′
    7 R. Rogers Substituted
    10 S. Holden
    22 D. Arnaud Substituted
    11 B. Ching


    We don’t need our stars in this match.

    And profanity isn’t necessary.

  41. The bums will always lose says:

    Same line-up. Let the MB-Jones, Ream-Goodson and Altidore-Agudelo pairings get more time together. My only changes would be to the subs – get Lihaj some time for either Dolo or Boca, then keep the other two available to protect yellow cards or give a rest to whoever needs it. Would be nice to see Bedoya get a run out with the full squad and, if he’s looked ok in camp, maybe give Freddy the same chance with the full team to see where he’s at.

  42. Annelid Gustator says:


    Want to save the legs of our oldsters and those who are coming off a full season of play.

  43. Detroit! says:

    Boca spent a lot of time going forward, and he looked good doing it even though he’s not so fast. I really liked watching Boca and Dempsey working the left side together. Dolo and Donovan had the speed on the other side, but Boca and Deuce were all power and swagger.

  44. PetedeLA says:

    Did you really read what I wrote? I wasn’t talking about players getting enough time on their own clubs.

    I was talking about players getting time to get to know each other and how they play in a real game. I like Edu, and I think he has a legitimate case for being a starter ahead of Jones. However, I don’t think he can currently match the performance that Jones put in against Canada. He’s currently more dangerous in front of goal, but I’ve seen peformances from Jones that Edu can’t touch.

    I’ve seen Jones basically put the whole team on his back to get a result (at Schalke). He may be a yellow card waiting to happen, but I believe once he truly earns Bob’s trust, he will pay it back in spades.

    I also think the tandem Jones-Bradley works better together than Edu-Bradley. And that is the salient point for me.

  45. Not Adu... says:

    Maybe I’m the only one who thinks this, but I couldn’t care less if we see Adu or not. Adu has played some time with a second division turkish team and remarkably gets calls up to the Nats, and now everyone wants/expects him to see time on the field. He hardly deserved to be on the team so stop arguing for him to see time in critical matches, wait until the third match to see him. I personally don’t understand why everyone is still so excited about Adu after his constant disappointment, when he shows in training I have no doubt Coach Bradley will play him.

    The part that just frustrates me is that almost every post above me has an argument that Adu should be playing..

  46. Annelid Gustator says:

    “Anderlecht Kljestan is leaps and bounds better than Chivas USA Kljestan.” Agreed. He’s really not the same idiot! He’s improved!

  47. Annelid Gustator says:

    I’d do that. Scrub team was pretty effective last Gold Cup against everyone but Mexico. And this is a better set of players than that.


  48. Erik the Orange says:



    Build the rest around the spine.

  49. Jon says:

    Same First XI.

    Get Lichaj, Bedoya, and Adu some minutes in the 2nd half.

  50. BrianVT says:

    I agree. Freddie has been gifted a lifeline by simply being included. It’s *not* “yanking him around” by not playing him (as some have asserted). His greatest issue in the past has reportedly been his maturity and attitude, and BB has made it abundantly clear that his inclusion this time around has been to assess his growth in those areas. At best he may make the bench for Panama, and be inserted as a late sub (essentially take the same minutes that Sacha got vs. Canada) — and based on that, may garner some additional PT in the Gaud match, if we have truly clinched the group.

    Even if he doesn’t play another minute in the Gold Cup after that, he should still walk away with an appreciation of having worked his way back into the fold, and hopefully impressed the coaches and senior members of the team enough to have earned more significant inclusion in the future.

  51. rob says:

    Understand your point, but you want to ensure passage to the next round before resting starters. Remember Panama in the 05 final was no pushover and you never know what can happen. This is also the Gold Cup that “matters” as opposed to 09.

  52. Lorenzo says:

    interesting thought

  53. rob says:

    I agree….Wondo reminds me of Tayler Twellman “light.” A decent enough player, but not someone who is going to make a difference for the Nats.

  54. PetedeLA says:

    Apples and oranges.

    Defensive mids need to be against top competition to be on top of their game. Especially when they are still learning the game. The best defensive mids tend to be older than 25. They need experience and poise that comes with it.

    Forwards come in all ages. Michael Owen and Raul arguably hit their peaks before they turned 23.

    Adu has always had the ability. For me he just needed to be playing at a decent level and have some confidence.

    If you don’t understand that, than maybe you don’t really understand soccer.

    Now if you see Adu as a midfielder I understand your point. But I see him as a second forward. In fact, for me that’s the only position he can play.

    Now before you just look at one thing I wrote and rashly reply with something snide, please read everything.


  55. Daniel says:

    Like this.

  56. KenC says:

    Well, the weakest player on the field against Canada was Boca, and I still rated him a 5. I think it depends upon matchups. If the other team has a fast right-sided winger, we may need to put someone faster in.

  57. Lorenzo says:

    That also included 1 stand out player, Stuart Holden. Bedoya-Edu-Kljestan-Spector does not contain anyone near as potent. You would have to at least put Bradley and Cherundelo in there.

  58. jb says:

    yea you have to wonder why he didnt even make the 18 against Canada. Fitness not up to the USMNT standard? I’m sure we’ll see him sometime but I would agree that almost all the other players on the roster seem more deserving of the pt right now. whats frustrating for me is it seems as though he possesses attacking vision and skills that we desperately need, but cant do whats necessary to get on the field.

  59. Crew says:

    you realize sacha actually played in a real league, got pretty serious minutes and for the most part looked pretty good for a team that is perennially playing in europe

  60. Adam M. says:

    Same lineup. Secure 3 points. Make sure these are the starters you want in the elimination games. Earn rest for a meaningless 3d game.

  61. understood says:

    same starting lineup…same subs…except bedoya or adu over klejstan

  62. Benny Dargle says:

    Well, the only real news we got about practices indicated he scored two goals in a 7 v. 7 game. Doesn’t really tell us how he is doing the rest of training, but it’s hard to infer from this tidbit that he is struggling big time.

    Having said that, Adu is just that rookie backup QB that everyone wants to see “for change’s sake.”

  63. Dave from Charlotte says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if wondo gets a start over Agudelo. It’s not a natural replacement, but Juan wasn’t as sharp as he needed to be in the Canada match.

    At some point, I think we will see the 4-5-1 or 4-2-3-1 again….2nd half or in the guadelope game.


  64. Andy says:

    I could see Edu for Jones, as Bob tries to see which combination works better.

    I could see Wondo for Agudelo; he’s showed enough for a longer look.

    I suspect, however, that we’ll see the same lineup.

  65. Dave from Charlotte says:

    oh and if it is the gaudelope game… Change the names to the ‘b’ team 😀

  66. Elliot says:

    Never ever ever play Bornstein. Might as well get Damarcus Beasley back while we’re at it.

  67. McQ says:

    I think all this Jones vs. Edu talk is off base. When you look at the way they play, Jones is a much better distributer and passer of the ball than Edu. Edu is better at getting forward which is more akin to the role Bradley plays in the two man holding midfield role we are going with.

    I think we are lucky to have three good players to put in the middle of the field but I think for now, Bob has it right. Bradley is a little better than Edu. But lets be realistic, once “Baby Bradley” misses a game due to his typical yellow card accumulation, Edu will slot right in.

    I don’t buy into the bad league argument either – Edu plays in all the Old Firm games as well as Europe on a regular basis.

  68. Juan says:

    I like this. We could push Dempsey up or bring in Aguedelo if it doesn’t work well. That is a dominant midfield and it’s not as if our forwards score a lot anyway.

  69. dinho says:

    damn, I look stupid. I remember now. thanks for the heads up.

  70. SteveD says:

    I like this too, Gets Dempsey into game more. Given our preference to overload right to bring ball up.

  71. dinho says:

    Understood regarding the lineup and profanity.

    But, why not go up a few goals early and cruise rather than squeaking it out (or worse giving up an early goal as we are prone to do).

    I like the idea of ENSURING that the third game is a training session rather than risking having to play our studs in three straight games (whether starting or not).

    Just my two cents.

  72. MC Pharaoh says:

    thank you…

    anyone who honestly would choose Adu over Kljestan atm is moronic and they really dont know what they are talking about. Im not saying Kljestan is deserving of playing, but atleast over Adu atm

  73. dinho says:

    exactly. should have read your post before I replied. i like your thinking, rob.

  74. fifawitz1313 says:

    Same Starting 11, Go for the Win and the group. Then against Guadalupe trot out some of the more fringe players like Adu, Wondo, Bornstein, etc. For the Panama game build confidence and Cohesion. Subs I’d like to see Bedoya and Edu, the third not too picky about.

  75. Elliot says:

    No Adu. Bring in Lichaj and Bedoya, and I’d like to see Spector in the midfield after playing well there for the Hammers.

  76. dinho says:

    I’m no sacha fan, but I have to say he’s improved. he is playing quicker and making better decisions.

    with that said, he’s still not good enough.

  77. Dinho says:

    Wouldn’t mind seeing Spector in the mid for MB in game 3. Give MB a rest and see how Spector operates.

  78. Lorenzo says:

    Not quite, but I partly agree with your assessment of peoples emotional draw to Adu. A rookie QB hasn’t much experience in the NFL level, where as Adu has played at the MNT level before.

    I think the other scary thing is that we see how uncreative we are without Dempsey and Donovan, and those guys are now 29 years old. Kljestan, Edu, Bedoya, Feilhaber, even Diskkerud, etc aren’t going to fill those holes like we hopes they would. Only young guys who really spark stuff are Bradley and Chandler.

  79. Eurosnob says:

    I think it is likely to be the same line up as in the game against Canada with the possible exception of Jones, who seemed to pick up a small injury at the end of Canada game. At least, I saw him signal to the bench to indicate that he needed to be subbed out.

  80. Braden says:

    Same 11 IMO – get on to the next round for sure and then there’s plenty of time to get cute for Guadeloupe. You don’t want to even potentially risk the scenario where we need a W in the final game and get a bogus red or something similar. Let’s get up 2-0 at half and bring on subs quicker.

  81. Chuck Norris says:

    U realize he still sucks when he plays for the yanks

  82. RNG says:

    Same 11 makes sense.

    But do we need any different kind of players to unlock the defense if Panama intends to park the bus?

  83. no love nola says:

    yall, bedoya is brick-footed either due to nerves or to lack of natural touch. pay attention to his touch the next time he steps on the field and then stop calling for him.

    sacha was fine last game, his possession was fine and he played a simple game that was tactically appropriate for a 2-0 lead. just cause he wasnt taking people on in the middle of the field doesnt make him “invisible.”

    wondo is more intriguing than he gets credit for. his touch and his soccer mind are good and youve got to take that over speed every time (or just bring in eddie johnson). he could be just the calm finishing/possession guy that we need. with that said, he didnt seem very in touch vs canada. but id still like to see more.

  84. no love nola says:

    really good point. gotta think that quick triangles between most of our best creators excluding holden would find its effect, though. thats if they choose quick triangles. and dolos crossing from overlaps will probably be better, it wasnt as awesome as usual last game.

  85. CroCajun1003 says:

    We’ve got some older veterans coming off long seasons.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Boco, Dolo, and Deuce getting rest in the 3rd game. We need them at top gear for Costa, Hondurez and Mexico.

  86. KNPonder says:

    Same 11. A win moves us to the knockouts and pretty much guarantees winning the group. With three somewhat new pairings (CB, CM, and ST), this team needs the minutes working together against a decent squad.

    A Bradley yellow would be nice . . . I am pretty sure he can manage it.

  87. Dennis says:

    I thought Sasha did better than the other subs. Also, he looks more comfortable now in making decisions to release the ball rather than keep it through indecision.

    It seemed to me that in the past he was not sure what to do with the ball and ended up holding it in spots that did not call for that. The result was that he ended up either dribbling until he lost the ball or waited to make a pass until he was pressured into just getting rid of the ball.

    The only exception was when he scored 3 goals, but then there was no decision really, he just took a touch and went to goal. When that did not present itself, he hesitated which is deadly in the international game.

  88. Josh D says:

    Don’t think you bring a player to a tournament just to assess where he’s at with his attitude. Each player is there because Bradley sees them as offering something to the team.

    Adu is creative, that’s why he’s there.

  89. EA says:

    I suspect we will see Gooch in this game. He is rested after game one, and Perez and Baloy are HUGE players, and throw their size around on set pieces. Gooch’s size would be in asset in this game.

  90. EA says:

    *an asset…..

  91. Dennis says:

    I think if Panama thinks it can bunker and counter they are mistaken. Didn’t Guadeloupe score 2 goals against Panama when Guadeloupe were down to 10 men? (or do I have the wrong game?)

    Against a bunkered defense, I think Wondo would be a better choice than Agudelo simply because he has a knack for getting onto the end of service into the box in a crowd.

  92. malkin says:

    add “and Holden” after “Chandler” and you get a +1

  93. Chuck Norris says:

    Jones had a great game… the guy was a work horse, it wouldn’t be dumb to sub him

  94. Phil says:

    Agreed to above and below. same starters, subs in the 60th minute.

    This is actually the team I am most concerned about. They will park the bus but they are very fast on the counter. Just marginal enough to be not taken seriously but god enough to punish you for it.

    I’m looking for a bit of a slow start and maybe Panama getting an early lead, but I think the boys will stay patient rally and put their mark on things, hopefully going a long way toward gelling for the coming rounds in the process. Come On You Yanks!

  95. Adrian says:

    Washington Post said he was the best player in camp.

  96. Jayson says:

    OCheck this out, just for s&g, id love to see this lineup(and yes im aware its psychotic and would never happen):
    Dolo, boca,lichaj(or whoever bb thinks best)
    Altidore,bradley,jones,bedoya(or edu)
    Donovan, dempsey

    Crazy?more like psychotic, but let me rationalize abit.
    First, keep in mind this is panama not spain that we r playin. Would this defense get scored on in this game? Most likely, but not often so no problem.
    Heres my thinking: with bradley, jones in the middle still our defense will have all the help it needs against the likes of panama, as well as solid play switching from defense to offense. Imho altidore has always been most impressive when he has the ball at his feet driving down the rt sideline where he usually either puts in a decent cross like vs canada and vs costa rica Rt after cd9 accident, or he drives to the baseline then passes to the penalty spot. Bedoya would probably be just as serviceable on the left.
    then you have adu who I have never seen have a bad game for the mnt despite club form, and who was fantastic vs spain and argentina two years ago and qould probably be quite effective with ld and deuce to combine with.
    As for ld and deuce, we know deuce can play forward wonderfully, and donovan is a natural second forward who always plays rt wing for the mnt cuz there are no better options.

    Honestly, I feel a lineup like this vs panama would end the game with something like a 6-1 scoreline.

    No I wud not do this if I were coach, but id sure love to watch wat mite happen if bb did do this.
    outcome would either be huge win, or disappointing loss after which bb gets canned,. Either way its a win-win!

    Your thoughts?

  97. Jeff says:

    You can’t have Lando and Dempsey both on the right side…sorry Charlie

  98. Primoone says:

    If I give you some money…would you send me a box of Romeo Y Julieta short Churchills?

  99. Idaho Brian says:

    This would be fun to tinker with on the video game console of your choice, but it will never happen in actual competition. Bob will trot out the same lineup we saw against Candada, (and he should). The team is just starting to show some understanding and continuity, (Bradley and Jones, Goodson and Ream, etc.) and now is not the time to experiment with wild lineups and formations. Go wild on FIFA11 with the fantasy lineups though…

  100. Tom says:

    Lighten up, Overstatement Boy. While Sacha is certainly in a better club situation, plenty of Nats have fallen into difficult club situations yet have excelled with the MNT when called upon (Feilhaber, Altidore, Boca, Jones, and Junior in recent memory). If BB feels like he needs more possession or or more playmaking, he may draw upon Adu off the bench. Sacha is the more conventional, choice, but given team needs on any given matchup, choosing Adu over Sacha is hardly, “moronic,” don’t you think? Especially considering Sacha’s recent form w the Nats.

  101. have tickets to gaudelupe game... says:

    …so is it wrong to root against USMNT in the hopes that I don’t see this lineup?

  102. Jayson says:

    Haha I totally agree with u he shud keep the same lineup, I was just having some fun with it

  103. Jeff says:

    My feelings exactly.

  104. stellarcaster says:

    i agree. adu should get a look.

  105. Primoone says:

    Im callin BS on Bedoya being brick-footed. You base his first touch on the very first oportunity he got on a ball over the top where he pushed the ball too far up trying to break from his mark with about 30 yards to work with. If you followed his career, you would not make that statement. Im just saying…

    Sasha may have had some streak moments with Chivas however, at the international stage, he is garbage. He is a good player and for the most part does well at the club level however, he seems to Sh*t himself when he should be making a very simple pass.And you will probably find that it is the general concensus around these parts.

  106. stellarcaster on twitter says:

    i see adu as a natural #10, but that doesnt workk w BB formations or personnel. that being said he be a very affective left winger or played slightly behind a lone striker. he also always brought the best our of jozy in the u21 matches.

  107. Brian says:

    You realize he has Dempsey playing in a “false nine” position, right? He’ll be playing in the middle of the field in this formation.

  108. tom says:

    MMMmm, even accepting the crazy formation, you need speed and workrate on wing. Jozy would be gassed 30 minutes in. Lando is a much more natural fit for wing and Jozy, with his big body, and developing target skills is much better up front.

  109. OC says:

    I don’t think this specifies what side Deuce is on. Just shows he is sitting in the hole behind Jozy. I like when Dempsey has freedom; though I would bet against Edu over Jones at this point.

  110. Primoone says:

    You will be seeing JB make the starting 11. Gut feeling is that JB will get the start vs Mexico in the final. With that said, it would behoove us to get JB some minutes soon.

    Do I agree with playing JB at all? NOPE…however, you will eventually see him and if he aint playing as many games as he can then he will butcher that position when we really need him to perfom at his best…what little his best may be. The only change I would make.

    At some point, I would like to see Roger and Sasha twist an ankle before they impact us negatively.

    Thank you and God Bless America…

  111. OC says:

    Your reply would be much more credible without the subtle attack on their understanding of the game. Everyone has their opinion; and its not a terrible idea to opine based on league quality, though all of your points are credible.

    You can be smart without being mean.

  112. Brian says:

    You know Goodson is pretty tall right?

  113. Annelid Gustator says:

    “And you will probably find that it is the general concensus around these parts. ”

    I’m not convinced that’s exactly the bedrock of sound analysis you might think it is.

  114. oncebannedtwiceshy says:

    “For me he just needed to be playing at a decent level and have some confidence.” You made my point for me. Thank you.

  115. marco says:

    I use the same line-up except Juan gets benched, Deuce moves up and Bedoya play the other wing.

  116. Neuwerld says:

    Wondo should start. Panama seem somewhat disorganized in the back and probably aren’t even at the level of a good MLS defense.

  117. Neuwerld says:

    You know what, scratch that last part. I figured they’d have more players playing locally, but nope. Still, they conceded two goals to a 10-man Guadeloupe and looked vulnerable defensively.

  118. pancholama says:

    I agree with you 108%.

  119. PetedeLA says:

    If you’re trying to say that the Turkish 2nd league is poor, I agree. But if you think that the 2nd league is so poor that Adu doesn’t face stiff enough competition to be in game shape for the national team, I disagree.

    Or were you trying to say something else?

  120. no love nola says:

    i watch every usa game, my feeling on bedoya’s touch is based on having seen just about all of his international caps. i dont know how he is in sweden thats why i said im not sure if its just nerves. that break away was definitely one more example of his poor touch but no, it wasnt what i was basing my point on.

    sacha’s young career has already had peaks and valleys and hopefully hes coming out of a valley. most would agree that he got hit pretty hard when his transfer to celtic didnt go through. but hes a talented player. noone can a put up a hat trick in international soccer without real talent.

  121. Paul Thomas says:

    The US is playing the fourth or fifth, sixth or seventh, and eighth or ninth best teams in the competition in this group (despite itself being the highest-ranked team). How is that “lucky”?

    CONCACAF isn’t a deep confederation– clearly the USA should win all of these games– but Group C is actually substantially the hardest of the three groups. Group B is an absolute joke, and the only competitive game in Group A is going to be the international friendly that Mexico and Costa Rica play long after both of them have already qualified to the next round.

  122. hogatroge says:

    I don’t know if Guadeloupe’s necessarily a joke. they made a 2 goal comeback with 10 men against Panama.

  123. hogatroge says:

    I hope Bedoya makes an appearance over Kljestan. He’s been in good scoring form in Sweden lately.

  124. hogatroge says:

    both < My indoor league

  125. hogatroge says:

    I don’t think they’ve completely forgotten the Spain game yet…

  126. hogatroge says:

    Starting Wondo and Juan against Guadeloupe…sure. Starting Wondo (and likely needing to waste a sub on him at half) when there’re still 6 points up for grabs… maybe not the best.

  127. hogatroge says:

    I think Holden (post-recovery) and Diskerud both have long futures with the USMNT. Also, both are extremely creative players.

    Benny and Bedoya are both young, too. Remember… Landon was struggling in Germany at an age close to where these guys are now.

  128. hogatroge says:

    Also, as you’ve said, Bradley and Chandler have a decade left each.

  129. Danimal says:

    I don’t disagree with the sentiment of resting our big guns, but Wondo really isn’t a lone striker or target forward kind of guy, as we saw in the Chile match. He needs someone to work off of, and really seems to play best when he is tucked in just behind another striker. As long as we have the luxury to experiment, why not try him and Agudelo up top for a half, sliding Freddy back into Sacha’s spot there? Could be interesting…
    That back four also frighten me a little, but should still probably do okay against Guadelupe.

  130. Danimal says:

    I think a Panamanian bus-parking would be less than effective. Pretty sure we can beat them in the air, and them packing the box would probably just lead to fouls in the box.
    That really is where Wondo is best. He doesn’t have the speed or strength of a lot of forwards but he gets himself in great positions and he’s a brilliant first-touch finisher.

  131. President Castro says:

    I am following you in a raft.

  132. President Castro says:

    Are you serious? I would pick Adu over Sasha even if Adu played back to back to back games (all in one day).
    Must be a relative.

  133. andrew in tally says:

    Am I the only one worried about Ream’s one on one defending? He gets nutmegged like a rec league player and folks still want him in the lineup. He gets beat with speed over the top. US won because Canadian strikers were inept at finishing. Ream is going to be in trouble against Panamanians’ individual ball skill.

  134. BrianVT says:

    I can agree with your point to some extent — you may be right. But if I’m looking for a wildcard to fill the 23rd and final spot on my roster, I may do just that — *especially* given his ability to create, as you say. I’m just saying that even if Freddy doesn’t make the bench vs. Panama, I would not consider it a waste of anybody’s time to have brought him along.

  135. RobStyles says:




    I chose Bornstein and Adu as this would be a good match to assimilate them into the squad. Have Bocanegra, Jones and Edu ready to get some action as well.

  136. primoone says:

    No…it is.