Altidore joining AZ Alkmaar

Jozy Altidore (

Jozy Altidore has played in three different countries since leaving MLS for Europe back in 2008, and he's about to make it four.

Altidore has agreed to terms with Dutch power AZ Alkmaar for the upcoming Eredivisie season, sources told Fox Soccer on Thursday evening. Details on the move have yet to become available, but Altidore is expected to make the announcement official on Friday morning in Florida.

Altidore was last season scoring two goals for the U.S. men's national team during this summer's Gold Cup before a hamstring ended his tournament early. The 21-year-old striker had been rumored to be considering a move to the Netherlands, but only recently reached an agreement to make the move.

What do you think of this news? Like the idea of Altidore playing in the Dutch League? How many goals can you see him scoring this season?

Share your thoughts below.

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98 Responses to Altidore joining AZ Alkmaar

  1. patrick says:

    great move for him. With an american in the front office, and a coach that’s been a longtime fan he couldn’t ask for a better place. I can see Jozy striving with AZ, they play some good soccer and with better service and support staff jozy should be able to bag a bunch.

  2. Will says:

    i think Jozy will score 8-10 goals in the dutch league this season. There is no real reason to predict that many except that I am an optimist. Good move for Jozy though!

  3. Theryan says:

    Love him. Super talented. I would love to see him on a team that can get the ball to him.

  4. Andrew says:

    Hopefully he sees the field this time and finds his form again.

  5. kev says:

    I’d love for him to score 10-15 goals this season.

  6. Indy says:

    Glad he is back in a solid Euro league. Hopefully he can get some consistent play, increase his goal scoring and find a home for more than one (or half of a) season. It can’t be good for your game (or head) trying to mesh with a new team, style and coach every year.

  7. thafiddla says:

    shut the f&&k up

  8. fischy says:

    Thank you for this information. I will dream of Brazilians and their footwear.

  9. Rick says:

    Another loan, or a transfer this time? When’s his Villareal contract expire, anyway? Wikipedia was not forthcoming.

  10. Will says:

    someone has a soccer cleat fetish…

  11. kev says:

    After 3 years in Europe, he’s played in England, Spain, Turkey and now Holland. Very definition of a journey-man. And he’s still just 21

  12. fischy says:

    I’m sorry but this is off-topic. What type of cleats will Jozy wear for AZ?

  13. fischy says:

    I’ll have a talk with Wikipedia. They need to be more forthcoming.

  14. fischy says:

    Don’t Stop Believing….

  15. fischy says:

    I imagine it will take him some time to crack the lineup, but I would be thrilled if he gets some starts before Christmas. It would be even better if he bags some goals. Perhaps a little schooling in total football might help.

  16. Rick says:

    Indeed. Make sure you’re stern, please.

  17. Nick says:

    i hope that Freddy will follow him to the Dutch league.. He’d do very well there..

  18. John Harvey says:

    ‘…living just to find emotion…’

  19. John Harvey says:

    Would’ve liked to see him play with Hector Moreno. Hector just left to join Espanyol at Barcelona.

  20. Jozy tappin tht AZ says:

    jozy will play guys. AZ sold their top 2 strikers and signed one new person who COULD play striker if needed.

  21. MJD says:

    ‘…boots with the fur…’

  22. Jamie says:

    I believe he’s halfway through a 6 year contract with Villareal, obviously subject to change in regards to whatever deal he has in place with AZ Alkmaar.

  23. Jamie says:

    “……..Wu-Tang Clan ain’t nothing to…….”

  24. Josh says:


    Regardless, what Jozy needs most is consistent PT, and this looks like a great opportunity. And playing in Holland can’t hurt the tactical acumen (Jozy already had Hull City for that).

  25. wilyboy says:

    Seems like the league should be good for him. He’s continue to develop from a technical standpoint, and, if given playing time, should be able to use his massive strength to his advantage. At any rate, it should be better than his current situation.

  26. Tony in Quakeland says:

    25 goals

    And a lot of people shutting up

  27. jonk says:

    I know right? Little Bradley bagged like 16 at Heerenveen and everyone knows he’s garbage so Jozy has to be good for at least 20…

    But seriously, if he gets 25 the internet might explode.

  28. Turd Bradley says:

    Dutch soccer is about being able to read the game and be proactive hopefully he will learn alot. If things go perfect he wont be a first team starter till october. he isnt techincal and he is a classic ball watcher. lets get real people. i think being a first team starter is the first thing he needs to worry about than whatever goals he gets after that is all cake

  29. Brad says:

    if jozy gets 25 goals the USA will be 2014 WC favorites!!
    Any word on where Junior or Jones are going to play?

  30. Todd says:

    i hope they improve his cardio. he might have ability but he can’t go far between refuelings. that’s the difference between him (hype) and greatness.

  31. Steve B says:

    A new club from Indiana, the Harrison (IN) Fords.


  32. Steve B says:


  33. nano says:

    I just want him to be happy…

  34. Francois says:

    None of these are right haha

  35. Coach says:

    LMAO 25 goals. Haiti has never produced a single decent soccer player let alone a star player. I give him 4-5 goals max.

  36. AshortDeparture says:

    Sorry, but he wouldn’t stand a chance at breaking into that lineup’s striking force. He’d have to find a way through Daniel Osvaldo, Callejon, Luis Garcia, and Sergio Garcia. Can’t see him doing that at the moment.

  37. Bryson says:

    @nano, that is so sweet of you

    I will be very surprised if he starts let alone scores more than 5 goals

  38. Debbie Downer says:

    Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but with Ronaldo, Drogba, Modric, Sneijder, and Beckham coming in, that puts him pretty far down the lineup… But I hear they are talking to Bradley about the coaching position, so Jozy should start for sure!

  39. Isaac says:

    I like the move overall. It’ll definitely improve his skills. That being said, his skills really aren’t his biggest issue.

    I’m not saying he’s great. His first touch tends to be poor, his aerial game isn’t nearly as good as you’d expect from someone of his size and strength, and his finishing is inconsistent. However, his ability to take players on is pretty impressive, and his combination of size, speed, and strength alone makes him, or someone else, at least one good chance per game, although he needs to work on throwing his body around more like he did against Costa Rica. Moreover, all of these things are bound to improve, especially in as good a league as this.

    The problem I see is that I’m not sure that Jozy has learned the proper discipline it takes to be a pro, specifically his work rate. He doesn’t seem to be willing to work hard to win a starting spot, improve himself, or help his (club) team to great heights.

    So while Jozy’s skills will no doubt improve in Holland, will his discipline as a professional athlete do the same? I’m not quite so sure.

  40. Isaac says:

    I’m so out of the loop. What’s this joke referring to?

  41. Jamie says:

    Don’t worry, I don’t get this joke either.

  42. jmadsen says:

    it’s a sad day when spam is so “authentic” that a half dozen people respond to it.

    It’s spam, guys. it’s used to get the post count up.

  43. Rick says:

    And so we continue to await this important detail: loan or purchase?


  44. Yusef says:

    joe gaetjens, but Haiti did not produce Jozy. USA produced him… And Rossi.

  45. abc says:

    I’d love for him to score four million goals this season and bring about world peace!

    Sorry, just making a joke about your choice of words, while also pre-empting the Jozy haters.
    I agree he could be right around a dozen goals if all goes well.

  46. DingDong says:

    The good news is that Bradley is stepping down from the USMNT to coach AZ Alkmaar.

  47. biff says:

    Both of Jozy’s goals in the Gold Cup were great, shows that he has been working hard to raise the level of his game. He was playing with poise and confidence and desire. I predict he is going to develop into a very respectable striker, especially if Bob Bradley steps down and a world-class coach is put in charge of the USMNT.

  48. The Imperative Voice says:

    I doubt he scores 25 but he could score a few, M. Bradley’s record wasn’t random, it was the result of fast break, defense be darned Dutch soccer. This year the most potent offense scored 79 goals in 34 games. AZ had 55 GF. And there are teams with as many as 98 GA in 34 games. He will get plenty of chances.

  49. The Imperative Voice says:

    For all we know they may play 433 which only increases his chances.

  50. YO says:

    Feed him some Mexican chicken!

  51. The Imperative Voice says:

    This needs to be a transfer because the annual yo-yo thin is doing him and Freddy no good. If they were to find a suitable club (Caykur, AK), they might not even stay put, they get yanked back and loaned somewhere else. Or worse they sit on the shelf a year.

  52. Matt says:

    Not just related to Bradley as coach, but when we will stop thinking that the national team has anything to do with player development.

  53. RK says:

    Thanks mom.

  54. Adam says:

    Gansel is awesome…

  55. RK says:

    I like every move Jozy has made, at the time, and then they end up horribly.

  56. Rex Ryan says:

    Tell me about those soccer cleats again…

  57. Gorro says:



  58. Jimmy Bobo says:

    Agreed that this is a great move for Altidore and that he will get more playing time. Still, I’d rather see our players moving from the Dutch league to the Spanish league. Jozy has been demoted to a less powerful league.

  59. KC says:

    Everybody knows that Jozy’s first touch is horrible because of Bradley. A “world class coach” would be able to go back in time and make sure he learns the basics at the right time.

  60. CG says:

    Unfortunately, Matt, never. Liking soccer and understanding how it works are totally different.

    Just look at Mexico — good thing they hired a world-class coach to turn their national team fortunes around, right?

    I have concerns about Bradley for sure, but player development isn’t one of them. In fact, given that it’s not one of his jobs, I’d say it’s probably been one of his strengths over the years. He has put a LOT of US players in a position to get noticed and picked up by clubs overseas.

  61. fischy says:


  62. BenH says:

    I think John Harvey meant would have loved to see him play with Hector Moreno because Moreno was at AZ, before being bought by Espanyol.

  63. kimo says:

    GREAT move. Teams are more attack oriented in the Dutch League and are often exposed in the back. His size and strength will be a burden for most Dutch League defenders.

    However, Jozy NEEDS to be a true pro. His fitness is, in a word, horrible. It comes down to desire. The next year is a BIG opportunity for Jozy. Let’s see what he makes of it.

  64. malkin says:

    Great comments on this post. Thanks for the laughs this morning, gents.

  65. Alex G says:

    Let me give you some perspective about soccer, the mexican coach, Jose Manuel De La Torre is the equivalent to a Jason Kreis MLS coach, so he is not a world class coach but he knows soccer and player development is certainly one of the coaching habilities you got to have as a world class coach period…

  66. hogatroge says:

    Remember…Jozy’s only 22. Many young players (20 and under) don’t do well when they travel to England or Spain and it takes them a while to come back around.

  67. JSmiley says:

    AZ are in the third round of qualifying in the Europa League, which just had its draw this morning. AZ will be playing either KS Flamurtari (Albania) or FK Jablonec (Czech Rep). Two legs July 28 and August 4. Would he be suiting up by then?

  68. Mark F says:

    The only thing Jozy needs is playing time. Why did he leave the Red Bulls again?

  69. hogatroge says:

    Bradley’s going to Toronto FC. I hear they’re trading 10 or 15 players and one of Aron Winter’s kidneys.

  70. DC Josh says:

    Hopefully they condemn laziness and diving, because those are very bad traits that Jozy needs to drop to improve. He’s a big, fast player who needs to utilize his physical tools, while improving his technical ability, to become a complete striker.

  71. Eurosnob says:

    Dude, while his rights belong to Villiareal, Altidore is moving from playing in the Turkish league last season to playing in the Dutch league. There’s no shame in playing in the Dutch league – they play open, attacking, free-flowing soccer. The Dutch league is solid funamendtally and has produced scores of great players. It’s a great league for a striker to develop. Plus he is on a very good team that will be playing in Europa league – this beat playing for dreadful Hull and chasing inaccurate long balls or sitting on the bench in La Liga behind really good strikers, such as Rossi and Nilmar. For a young player, it a great opportunity – he will get playing time and develop in the Dutch league. Just look at how well Suarez developed before his move to Liverpool. Playing in the Dutch league did not hamper his but prepared him well for the EPL. Altidore is a talented young player and needs time to develop. People, who label him as a bust, forget that he is actually younger than Chicharito.

  72. gtv says:

    Altidore, Adu, CD9 – the future is brighter than many suppose.

  73. Ben says:

    Still just 21, so why not learn at Villareal and fight for a spot there?

  74. fischy says:

    Because Thierry Henry and Juan Agudelo were coming?

  75. OC says:

    Mayhaps the greatest sequence ever.

  76. fischy says:

    What makes you think Villareal wants him anywhere near their practice fields?

  77. OC says:

    Can’t learn at Team A when you’re on loan to Teams B and C. Being under Villareal’s ownership doesn’t help if he’s not there, and based on the pattern and their depth, he’d probably be loaned again :\

  78. Ben says:

    That was the implicit point. I’m not with Ives on this one. Bouncing around is not a good thing, especially when a club like Villareal, a good club but without the unlimited resources of the elite, is admitting to a mistake in buying him. It isn’t just that they don’t see him helping now, but they can’t see it it in the future either. I think loans for young players are complicated and tend to be a bit overrated.

  79. Sgc says:

    Well, he’s striving *and* thriving. And hugging the turns. And thinking of someone for whom he. . .still. . . burns.


  80. Sgc says:

    Gansel! He’s so hot right now!

  81. RK says:

    Villarreal and Garrido don’t want him — Pelligrini wanted him. Even though they are going to sell Rossi (most likely), they don’t see Jozy working with their squad.

    There was a CL qualifier on the road last year that didn’t help his cause…he had chances with them but really didn’t show that he could replace Rossi.

    They even shipped off Jozy and Jefferson Montero, leaving them with 3 forwards for last spring, and they were still in the CL. That’s telling.

  82. Jon says:

    Ives’ twitter says it’s a permanent 4 year deal, so Jozy’s time in Spain seems to be at an end.

    Good to hear. He was never going to get anywhere by playing with a different squad every year.

    AZ seems to be in desperate need of Forwards, so if Jozy can’t get PT here, then he never will.

  83. Rev up those Revs says:

    “Heartbreak, disappointment and suffering are a part of the journey.”

  84. RK says:

    Looks like my time of being able to cheer for Americans in La Liga is coming to an end…

  85. marco says:

    On surface it appears to be a good move. It may be Jozy’s last chance to show and improve his striking skills at a good club. He and others say, no, he’s still very young, but in sport if you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backwards. Time is not on his side in soccer, (see Adu).

  86. Mingjai says:

    Is this a straight up trade of B. Bradley for Earnie Stewart?

  87. biff says:

    Unfortunately, speaking in broad vague language (i.e. “He has put a LOT of US players in a position to get noticed and picked up by clubs overseas.”) does not really indicate a deep understanding of how soccer really works or exactly how the USMNT has been used for player advancement at the club level. So, CG, could you please gives us the list of those players who owe their overseas’ careers to Bob Bradley? And while you are at it, do you really think it is in the best interest of the national team for the coach to be using his roster selections to help out the club careers of certain players? Just curious.

  88. mistadobolina says:

    imagine if MLS had that kind of money:


  89. MiamiAl says:

    People forget Jozy is only 21! He left MLS as a RAW talent. He has not gotten the right instruction since then which is absolutely necessary to teach him how to use the tools he has in top flight world soccer. Going to Holland is a great move for his education as a player. And if he shows something there, bigger leagues may lay ahead! He needs to go wherever he can go to better his skill and be an improved all-round striker for qualifying and our trip to Brasil 2014.

  90. fifawitz1313 says:

    I wouldn’t say USMNT call ups were the main factor behind many players European club careers but certainly played a significant role in them being considered by European clubs. MB, Jozy, Holden, Adu, Edu, and Clark all moved up clubs lists because of their play and exposure from the USMNT. To say it played no role is silly and Bob should be given some credit.

    Yes, it my not be the responsibility of the NT to help players club careers but I think Bob and US Soccer did a good job of recognizing that they needed to get more players in better leagues to improve the overall level of play from the Nats. By promoting young players onto the Nats early on last cycle they were able get them exposure and playing time in better leagues.

  91. bryan says:

    Callejon plays for Madrid now

  92. bryan says:

    good for him

  93. Kevin_amold says:

    I don’t mind his embellishment, or “diving.” If it wins the Nats a penalty in Brazil, then I’m all for it.

    It’s cynical, but now I’m at the point where I’d rather win than have moral victories that we “played the game the way it should be played.”

    I’m sure many will disagree with me. I agree completely that his fitness needs to improve.

  94. BenH says:

    Agree. A lot of what he lacks is technical ability, which really is learned at an early age. His first touch, specifically, which is key for a forward.

    He could improve on his positioning and reading the game, which is something I think he can improve on with age. But for me, he lacks that touch to really do anything significant on a long-term basis.

  95. Alex says:

    Michael Bradley scored 16 goals in the Dutch league a few years back. Goal numbers tend to be a bit inflated in that league… just a bit… Having said that, it IS a good place for a striker to develop, and I think he has every opportunity to develop and do well.

  96. soccerfan says:

    im actually glad jozy moved to the netherlands cause to be honest americans have a good track record in netherlands. micheal bradley excelled in heereven. oguchi onewyu got a good bit of time in his loan spell at twente and demarcus beasley also excelled at PSV. so this move to netherlands was a good one for him to really establish himself in a top level european club. fingers crossed for some european time soon