Backe selects MLS All-Star Game roster


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Hans Backe has made his picks.

Taking the fan-voted First XI and Commisioner Don Garber's picks into account, the New York Red Bulls and MLS All-Star team coach has selected the 22 players who will be in uniform to take on Manchester United on July 27 at Red Bull Arena.

Complicating matters is that the first-leg matches in the preliminary round of the CONCACAF Champions League take place on July 26-28, meaning that players from the Seattle Sounders, FC Dallas and Toronto FC are unable to participate in the All-Star Game because of their CCL conflicts. This affects Seattle goalkeeper Kasey Keller and FC Dallas winger Brek Shea, who made the First XI via the fan vote.

Here is the MLS matchday roster for next Wednesday's clash between the MLS All-Stars and Manchester United:


GOALKEEPERS – Tally Hall (HOU), Faryd Mondragon (PHI).

DEFENDERS – Corey Ashe (HOU), Matt Besler (KC), Geoff Cameron (HOU), Bobby Convey (SJ), Sean Franklin (LA), Jamison Olave (RSL), Heath Pearce (CHV), Tim Ream (NY).

MIDFIELDERS – Kyle Beckerman (RSL), David Beckham (LA), Brad Davis (HOU), Shalrie Joseph (NE), Jack Jewsbury (POR), Nick LaBrocca (CHV).

FORWARDS – Landon Donovan (LA), Thierry Henry (NY), Juan Agudelo (NY), Omar Bravo (KC), Chris Wondolowski (SJ), Omar Cummings (COL).


Omar Gonzalez, Rafa Marquez (injuries); Shea, Keller (CCL).

Players will conduct a vote to determine who earns the remaining six All-Star distinctions, which is for player bonus' purposes only and does not affect the matchday roster unless there's an injury to a player already selected. That final list of 32 players will be released next Monday.


What do you think of the MLS All-Star matchday roster? Who got snubbed? Who are you surprised to see on this list? Wish the All-Star Game didn't conflict with the CCL?

Share your thoughts below.

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112 Responses to Backe selects MLS All-Star Game roster

  1. Chuck Norris says:

    Hmmm interesting

  2. Bill L. says:

    How is Ozzie Alonso (MF – Sea) not an all star??? Is it because he is going to be playing the CCL game? Even so, he should still get the nod.

  3. ZT says:


  4. Jeremy says:

    I think this all star team would look a lot better if players from two of the top teams in the league could actually play in it.

  5. Alex says:

    Nice to see Brad Davis get some love. Shame that Shea is currently inactive.

  6. KevinLin says:

    I thought they wanted to win not field a team of underperforming names.

  7. chris says:

    Have i missed something but corey ashe?

  8. Jeremy says:

    offense should be ok, but I could see this defense getting shredded.

  9. Elliot says:


  10. Jeremy says:

    if Backe wasnt the coach Solli might have been selected instead

  11. werner says:

    Davies, and Mike Magee as a GK of course!

  12. Jeremy says:

    so who will be the captain?

  13. John says:

    Players from Seattle, Dallas, and Toronto were not selected because of CCL. They can still make through the remaining 6 spots on the inactive roster.

  14. chris says:

    We could put Davies out there if we needed to score a PK.

  15. John says:

    Becks of course.

  16. RailhawkDomination says:

    Wait a minute. Omar Cummings? And I guess Houston (Hall, Ashe, Besler) is seen as the strongest D of the teams available?

  17. Oranje says:

    Osvaldo Alonso better be one of the six picked. He’s the best CDM in the league (I’m looking at you Shalrie).

  18. Andy says:

    Perhaps this is just being a Galaxy supporters, but Juninho is having a fine season. Would have liked to see him.

  19. PDX blows says:

    Honey Badger don’t give a #^&* about All-Star game

  20. chris says:

    hahahahha players from Toronto?

  21. Evan says:

    Um… where is the Union defense? Valdes? Williams? Carroll?

    Unless Nowak told Backe to stay away from his field players in exchange for Mondragon, I cannot understand how underrepresented the Union are here.

  22. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Geoff Cameron as a defender? Doesn’t he usually play mid?

  23. RailhawkDomination says:

    Dear Seattle fans,

    Sounders players are ineligible because of CCL play.

    That is all.

  24. RailhawkDomination says:

    The Union and RSL both have legit arguments for more defense represented. The fact that Houston has a GK and two D is crazy.

  25. KCB says:

    Need to rename the MLS “All-Star” squad to something else. Man United should crush this team. But will be great experience for young players like Hall, Besler, Cameron, Ream, Agudelo.

  26. Paul Dickov says:

    Love Olave… but his teammate to the left deserves a nod over him this year. How Nat Borchers doesn’t get selected baffles me.

  27. GKDAD says:

    I’m a big Dynamo fan so Corey Ashe over Andre Hainault is a head-scratcher! Perhaps because Ashe is a naturally left-footed LB whereas Hainault, who CAN play anywhere in the back, has been a solid CB this year. Throw in Cameron pegged as a defender for this ASG which he has NOT spent much time as this year. Puzzling…

    Glad to see Tally Hall get the kudos for his play thus far. Bummer for CCL conflicted Shea and Alonso, who CERTAINLY should have been there if not also for the CCL.

  28. Rick says:

    The defensive selections are disturbing…I can’t argue with Olave and Ream but Where are John, Borchers, Rochat, Collin, Marshall, Sollii, James, Wynne, etc?

  29. David says:

    Why does Donovan continue to be listed as a forward when he hasn’t really player that position consistently in the league in years?

  30. Info says:

    Montero also

  31. Mikey says:

    Where the hell is Alonso?

  32. Papabear says:

    I’m a huge Dynamo fan, but even I can’t get behind a couple of these selections. Hall and Davis absolutely deserve to be there.

    Ashe has been a pleasant surprise after moving to LB earlier in the year, but is still inconsistent and too careless in possession deep in his own half. Cameron could be great at CB, but he’s only started their once all season and filled in their late in a match because of injury. Hainult has been MUCH better than either of those players. By far the best, and most consistent, defender on the Dynamo.

  33. Jake says:

    +1 on Hainault…Backe must be looking for a high-scoring game

  34. Paddy Megroyn says:

    At this point, I’m surprised not to see Cam Weaver make the team since he did score vs. NYRB.

    Backe really likes the Dynamo.

  35. Paul says:

    Wondo and Convey don’t deserve this…Where is Goal of the Year candidate Hassli???

  36. Cole says:

    Alright roster,

    My starting XI of the gameday roster is:





  37. Mikey says:

    Everyone knows that. It’s the accolades and acknowledgement of the high level of play.

  38. DEAC says:

    No Chad Marshall?
    Gotta be kidding.

  39. This Guy says:

    The glaring omission that hasn’t even been discussed is Cory Gibbs. He’s been solid for the Fire, which are not represented. I would take Gibbs over any of the CBs selected, including the SBI darling and often exposed Tim Ream.
    It’s a shame.

  40. Mikey says:

    Or if we wanted to see a double pike and tuck

  41. GCScots says:


  42. Mikey says:


    Schedule the All Star match to NOT be during CCL please

  43. 20 says:

    Alonso is good but he doesn’t control the play like Joseph

  44. Cole says:

    I’m a Dynamo fan as well and my guess to why he chose Ashe is because the Red Bulls were unable to beat us in 2 attempts and Ashe kept them relativly calm in those games. Although not sure if it was enough to get an all-star call up.

    As for Cameron I’m not sure why rostered as a defender, maybe for versitality, he’s quality but a tad questionable.

    Also agree that Hall and Davis no doubt deserved it.

  45. Dude says:

    at a concacaf champion’s league match

  46. Mikey says:

    Keller and Shea were selected.

    If anything you’d think more players from those teams would be selected since you know they can’t play. That allows you to make more selections thus getting more players deserved accolades.

  47. MLS Fan says:

    Marshall is a straight-up snub, John is in champions league, Borchers a snub.

    I’m not sure if Collin really deserve it, but wasn’t too far off.

    Solli only didn’t make it cause Backe doesn’t want to use his players.

    James and Wynne don’t warrant all-star selection in my opinion.

  48. BB says:

    Landon votes for…



    Luke Rogers!

  49. Waterlewd says:

    My list for player’s six: Futty Danso, Chad Marshall, Andy Najar, Osvaldo Alonso, Alvaro Saborio, & Davide Chiumiento. They’d fill some holes in the current selection (point forward, midfield creator, winger, central defender), and Alonso would get his dues.

  50. Dynamosses says:

    Haha is struggles against Dynamo resulted in more Dynamo picks, and I agree about Hainault.

  51. Richmond Kickers Fanboy says:

    Where is Yomby Williams what a snub! BAcke has no respect for the Richmond Kickers..! Vercollone, Kalungi, and Goerres all deserve being picked….

  52. MLS fan says:

    Backe didn’t add anymore of his players cause he doesn’t want to tire them out and risk injury. It’s kind of annoying.

  53. Treito says:

    exactly…Landon should be in midfield and Luke should be up top

  54. Ron says:

    alonso is having a better season thus far…NE blows

  55. JL says:

    So because they play a day later is why Dallas get’s no more All Stars despite having the 2nd best record right? The players just aren’t eligible, they can only be voted by the players, am I understanding this? George John certainly deserves to be an All Star, whether just in name or not, if for no other reason than to boost his being so underpaid.

  56. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    He plays up top for the Galaxy pretty frequently.

  57. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    I’m beginning to see why NYRB has such issues at GK.

    Tally Hall> Rimando? or S. Johnson? or about 7 others in the league?…

  58. abc says:

    – Where are George John, Borchers, and Marshall??
    – Why are Gonzalez and Shea inactive?

  59. dan says:

    LOL! Montero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He has been good last 2 weeks, that is hardly enough for All Star nod, other than those 2 weeks he is incredibly overrated

  60. shane says:

    totally agree with that

  61. Javier says:

    Gibbs is decent, but all-star quality???

  62. Will Dog says:

    cant forget the Futty!

  63. RP says:


  64. Frank says:

    Rimando still doesn’t get his props

  65. T Wilson says:

    Yeah, some of the defenders on this list are a joke. MLS is going for a 5-4 game or something…

  66. Brendan says:

    They got in through the open cup? not really that high a level of play.

  67. tim says:

    Lol, i’m beginning to see why you are retarded. Hall has been one of the best keepers this season, hidden by the fact that the Dynamo defense is error prone.

  68. David says:

    Really thought they always started with Angel/Barrett pairing?

    Haven’t seen many Galaxy games this year.

  69. Goalscorer says:

    Agree with this, most deserving defender not chosen, either him or Marshall should have been picked.

  70. RailhawkDomination says:


  71. keith says:

    where’s chad marshall?

  72. Will says:

    At least Alson isn’t on there…he got shredded by Chicharito last year

  73. Mingjai says:

    Is Jonny Evans on the Man United roster, because who better to avenge Stu Holden, right?

  74. DynamoForLife says:

    How does an error prone defense get two defenders into the allstar game?

  75. TR says:

    Backe doesn’t want to play half the game with 10 men.

  76. Johnny Thunder says:

    AGAIN nobody from DC playing. AGAIN I’m not watching it. I hope Man U Fs them in their As.

  77. bam says:

    Umm no they weren’t selected, they were voted in by the fans which is a big difference.

  78. chupacabra says:

    Rodgers is injured – apparently he sliced his brain in a shaving accident.

  79. Me says:

    20… you have to be kidding me. The Honey Badger owns the midfield.

  80. understood says:

    cameron olave pearce convey

  81. special Ed says:



    So wrong it’s funny.

  82. pd says:

    The MLS ALL-MOST-ers?
    The MLS ALL-OK-s?
    The MLS PrettyGoods?

    Not the same ring as All-Star

  83. pd says:

    he plays in Spain.

  84. pd says:

    switch the keeper for the first half and you’ve got a deal.

  85. Neuwerld says:

    Convey? Odd. As a Quakes fan I’m surprised given that he’s been played all around the field, hasn’t had many assists (compared to last year), and is just now coming off an injury. Maybe Backe picked him based on last year’s playoffs.

  86. pd says:

    get the Futt back….

  87. WK says:

    Seems like only Quakes fans are surprised at Convey’s inclusion. Hasn’t played in a month, and he hates playing LB. Evidently playing it for Backe against Man Yoo is okay tho’. Hmmm…

    In fairness, Convey should offer some decent posession and speed.

  88. Chaz says:

    i think Joel Lindpere is a huge snub!

  89. gerald says:

    Nat Borchers and Chad marshall come to mind. Didn’t think Backe was going to add any more Bulls since they would have to leave for London the next day

  90. ShaggyReAL says:

    +1 Love me the Verb but Borchers is the man!

  91. ShaggyReAL says:

    No no no no on Alvaro Saborio. He’s struggles all year long.

  92. ex_sweeper says:

    Stephen Lenhart!! Just kidding – can you imagine him taking out one of Man U’s high-priced defenders with one of his crazy flying headers? Bad publicity for MLS. Still, I think he merits it more than Bobby Convey this year based on performance.

  93. Eke says:

    Bob should have coached the team. Or klinsmann for all the bob haters

  94. Kanu says:

    Can’t believe it took so long for someone to mention lindpere, he’s carrying the red bulls. Maybe backe doesn’t want to risk his own players? Didnt pick any of his own.

  95. roger says:

    im a dynamo fan and Corey Ashe is no All Star. Geoff Cameron and Brad Davis well deserved. Still waiting on Geoff to get a call,one of top 5 American players in the MLS.

  96. roger says:

    he has played defense this year but primarily used as a mid. He has played as a defender, midfielder and forward this year.

  97. hogatroge says:

    Dynamo defense certainly hasn’t been abominable. Most of their mistakes have come from set pieces, and they haven’t given up more than 2 goals in any one game. Their less than stellar record has mostly resulted from a lack of offensive firepower.

    Also, Geoff Cameron’s been playing CM since last year, though he’s naturally a CB. He shouldn’t be lumped into “error prone defense”

  98. hogatroge says:

    The All-Star game is a boondoggle compared with the possibility of making it deep into the CCL and playing in the Club World Cup.

  99. hogatroge says:

    Mullan wasn’t voted in or picked for the All-Stars.

  100. hogatroge says:

    Corey Ashe is definitely not the problem with the Dynamo’s defense.

    Obviously, Backe was impressed by Ashe during both NY-HOU matches, which were both draws.

  101. hogatroge says:

    I remember back in April when I saw the Whitecaps in Houston that Chiumiento looked like their one quality player.

    He’s consistently impressed on the highlight reels, too, though the team as a whole hasn’t.

  102. hogatroge says:

    CCL, no idea, no idea, injury, CCL

  103. solles says:

    Sorry, Alonso is good, but he is no Shalrie Joseph, yet.

  104. solles says:

    where is your reading comprehension? he is not eligible to play in the all star game due to CCL, which has been pointed out around 3,400 times thus far.

  105. Adam M. says:

    Shame Marquez, Ricketts and Ferreira are hurt — add them and Solli and MLS has a pretty solid team. Where is Lindpere, who has been more valuable to NY than Agudelo? Anyway, I am happy to see Donovan, Henry and Beckham finally line up together. Fun to imagine what would have been in they were all in their primes playing together. With a prime Marquez in the back, Ferreira in his Brazil days, Keller, and maybe Tanio and Bravo a few years back, that’s a solid mid to upper table EPL team.

  106. metrostar 4 life says:

    terrible defense, exception being Ream-no, i’m not biased :)

  107. wilyboy says:

    No Shea, Pontius, or Najar? Seems a little strange.

  108. SBI Troll says:

    Key phrase: in their prime.

  109. Bill Santi says:

    Completely agree, Alonso is good but he isn’t close to Shalrie. The REVS make it hard for anyone to look good. FIRE MIKE BURNS!!

  110. Charles says:


    I like Joseph, but

    Honey Badger will be team MVP on a team that is way better than NE with him, and equally as bad as NE without him.

    No comparison.