Bradley fired as USA coach

Bob Bradley 1 (Getty Images)

Bob Bradley signed on for a second cycle as U.S. national team head coach a little less than a year ago, but that term has prematurely come to a close.

Bradley has been relieved of his duties, the U.S. Soccer Federation announced on Thursday. The decision to let Bradley go comes after a meeting at the Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif., between Bradley, federation president Sunil Gulati, and U.S. Soccer CEO Dan Flynn.

"We want to thank Bob Bradley for his service and dedication to U.S. Soccer during the past five years,” said Gulati in a press release. “During his time as the head coach of our Men’s National Team he led the team to a number of accomplishments, but we felt now was the right time for us to make a change. It is always hard to make these decisions, especially when it involves someone we respect as much as Bob. We wish him the best in his future endeavors.”

U.S. Soccer said it will have a further announcement on Friday.

Names already being linked to the vacant position are Juergen Klinsmann and World Cup-winning former Italian national team manager Marcelo Lippi.

Since last year's World Cup, the U.S. team has struggled under Bradley, posting a 5-4-4 record and falling in this year's Gold Cup final to Mexico. The decision to let Bradley go comes 13 days from the U.S. team's friendly against Mexico in Philadelphia.

Bradley's tenure as head coach ends with him posting a 43-25-13 record, winning a Gold Cup title, finishing in second place at the Confederations Cup and in the final 16 at the World Cup.

What do you think of this development?

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470 Responses to Bradley fired as USA coach

  1. Byron says:

    Wow! Good for them.

  2. adam says:

    all depends who they hire….knowing how the ussf is an ‘old boys club’ wouldnt be shocked to see another puppet in there

  3. Alex says:

    July Fools!!… No?

    Well this must mean that they have SOMEONE lined up, because if they don’t, that’d be stupid.

    Captain Obvious, signing off.

  4. Colin says:

    I like Bob Bradley as a coach and I think he did a great job the last WC cycle, but things weren’t looking great in the past year. I’m glad this change happened now and not later on when it could impact the team more.

  5. AL17 says:

    His replacement must have already agreed to terms.

    Bob, take some time off and come back home to Chicago. We need ya.

  6. mistadobolina says:

    WOW WHAT??? whos the new coach? im shocked, but ya it wasn’t looking great at the end..

  7. Modibo says:

    Yeah, my first thought was “Is this April 1?”

    Frankly, I’m shocked that Sunil would pull the trigger like this.

  8. Farcyde says:

    Can’t say I’m surprised but like Adam said “all depends on who they hire”

  9. Jon says:

    It was a good run….He took the team to the next level. That World Cup moment was fantastic. Now it is time for a new manager to do the same. Offense has to be more of a focus.

  10. WileyJ says:


  11. mistadobolina says:

    that said, Bob was a great coach great times the past 5 years. best of luck in the future! MLS teams should jump on this opportunity!

  12. Hush says:

    Yes!!! He was a great coach during his time, but it was definitely time for change. Thanks Bob for your work it was much appreciated.


  13. Modibo says:

    Ok,now cue the calls for Michael to be banned from the USMNT for life as punishment for his selections by Bradley Sr. One, two, three…

  14. odsum25 says:

    Bigsoccer servers implode in 3, 2, 1…

  15. Beta says:

    Thank God. Took long enough…

  16. Randy says:

    now it is perfect time to rebrand to USA to indicate a new era

  17. TBrodie says:

    Who are the leading candidates to replace him (besides Jurgen)?

  18. OC says:

    I’m filled with nervous anticipation right now.

  19. Modibo says:

    As I was signing in, I was thinking, “Won’t be anything new, this is a slow news day” after the MLS ASG last night, and the GC, WWC, etc all being over.

  20. ReyPygsterio says:

    Why now?!?! Is he being fired for the MLS loss to Manchester United?

    When does the news break that Gulati is being replaced?

  21. Adrian says:


  22. DanO says:

    To Bob: Thank you for all of your hard work. Best of luck in the future. The USMNT was lucky to have had you. You were given a disservice by being allowed a try at a second cycle.

    To Michael: You are officially on notice. Get your head on straight, get some solid playing time, and be a leader on this team going forward.

    To Sunil: It’s about time. Right this ship, or you are next.

  23. Brad says:

    Is this for real or did Ives get hacked?

  24. Matt says:

    This is the right decision. He had a good run and improved the team but it seemed to have hit a plateau.

  25. BenH says:

    Best USSF news in….well a while.

  26. go_fulham says:

    Wow is right. I thought Bradley deserved replacing after the lackluster Gold Cup, but surprised USSF actually pulled the trigger. As Alex said, they must have someone lined up… right?? I’d hate to go through another Jurgen Klinsmann courting and rejection again.

  27. jason says:

    The announcement for the new coach: link to

  28. Colin says:

    haha they might need him more in New Jersey. Back to Backe is not working.

  29. Jim says:

    About time.

  30. hogatroge says:

    Let’s not kid ourselves… any coach that excludes MB from the national team picture is an idiot.

  31. Shane says:

    With the way TFC is playing, I wouldn’t be surprised if Jurgen wants out of there. Would be nice to have him be the new coach.

  32. mistadobolina says:

    Marcelo Bielsa

  33. jonk says:

    I’m tempering my enthusiasm until tomorrow’s announcment. But Klinsmann better not be the new coach.

  34. NIalQuinn says:

    I thought Mexico was clearly the better side in the Gold Cup. Was it because USMNT is now ranked 30th in FIFA? Any rumours on who the new coach is?

  35. GOYA-GOYA says:

    They need to pull the trigger on someone like Klinsman and completely turn the reigns over to him. If you want to know if it can work, look no further than Uruguay!

  36. Primoone says:

    That coaching gig has been vacant for the past 5 yrs…nothing has changed.

    All kidding aside…again, great domestic coach…

  37. A.S. says:

    Holy ^*&$!

    I assume that Sunil spoke with Sir Alex Ferguson at the all-star game and convinced Sir Alex to leave ManU and come coach the USMNT. Why coach Wayne Rooney when you can coach Jonathan Bornstein???

    (I supported – very faintly – retaining Bradley after the World Cup. But I now support this move. Clearly something has gone terribly wrong in the past year.)

  38. Brad says:

    Firing Bob will only be a good move if we can get a better coach and see the USMNT improve, which won’t be easy. I don’t want the USMNT to turn into Mexico from 2000-2008…

  39. Jeff Awesome says:

    He had a successful tenure, but the past year has started to feel stale. I respect Bradley a lot, as a person and as a coach, but expectations are very high and it was always going to be tough for him in a second term.

  40. mikeD says:

    Travis Clark on twitter made a good point…Bradley was scouting the Milk Cup on Monday, so this is a very sudden firing. Perhaps they have been searching for replacements and have found someone. Tommorrow’s statement should be interesting whatever the case is.

  41. bryan says:

    very crazy timing. completely caught me off guard. i just want to know who is the replacement. they sure aren’t giving the new coach much time to prepare for Mexico! haha

  42. Oranje says:

    Already happened :-)

  43. Danny says:

    Wow what a hire that would be!

  44. DeLarge says:

    I just regained a lot of respect for Sunil Gulati.

  45. drewcore says:

    You said it! Bradley made some pretty questionable decisions, especially during last years world cup, but Gulati has got to go!

  46. Polish Wonder says:

    What surprised me is the timing. I’m not opposed to a change, but Gulati has handled this poorly since the start of the “interim” decision.

  47. Andy in Chicago says:


    Maybe my boy Torres will get another look under whoever they hire as the new coach. 😀

  48. Danny says:


  49. Dennis says:

    Thanks to Bob Bradley. I believe he did an outstanding job with the talent at his disposal and did a great job of identifying potential in young players.

    USSF will really have a hard time finding anyone who will do any better than he did and my suspicion is the new hire will not have an easy time.

    It is very likely many fans of US soccer will be pining for the good old days when Bradley was coach.

  50. chris says:

    Que? Bob to Chicago would be perfect. If jurgen gets the job I sware I’m going to give up the game.

  51. Jon from Chicago says:

    Wow. I expected a lot more anger from this board after all the blind loyalty to him. I guess all of us “Bob haters” weren’t so wrong now huh?…

  52. MiamiAl says:

    Let the Jason Kreis era begin!

  53. DrewROC says:

    A sad sad day for Johnny Bornstein…

  54. Answer says:

    A lot of people here are going to be SUPER upset when they find that the new coach – whoever it is – still has a subpar player pool to work with and will likely do no better than Bob Bradley. Then who will be to blame? Bob Bradley was never the problem. People will see that soon.

  55. mexicanbluefish says:

    Great move. Well timed.

    100% respect for Bob.

  56. Mick says:

    and change that awful crest and those awful jerseys

  57. Answer says:

    You were completely wrong. The player pool is the problem, not the coaching.

  58. Dennis says:

    From the US Soccer site:

    U.S. Soccer President Sunil Gulati announced today that Bob Bradley has been relieved of his duties as the head coach of the U.S. Men’s National Team.

    “We want to thank Bob Bradley for his service and dedication to U.S. Soccer during the past five years,” said Gulati. “During his time as the head coach of our Men’s National Team he led the team to a number of accomplishments, but we felt now was the right time for us to make a change. It is always hard to make these decisions, especially when it involves someone we respect as much as Bob. We wish him the best in his future endeavors.”

    This announcement comes after a meeting at The Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif., between Gulati, Bradley and U.S. Soccer CEO Dan Flynn.

    Bradley was named the head coach of the U.S. MNT in January of 2007 and during his five-year tenure compiled a 43-25-12 record. He led the team to a number of accomplishments, including winning the 2007 CONCACAF Gold Cup, finishing second in the 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup, winning their World Cup qualifying group and advancing to the Round of 16 of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

    U.S. Soccer will have a further announcement on Friday.

  59. joel says:

    wow…this is a complete shock.

  60. Jason says:

    Huzzah! Bradley wasn’t a horrible coach, but couldn’t take the team to the next level. It coached like a typical American coach- not playing to win, but rather playing not to lose.

    The only problem with this is I have a heavy feeling in my gut he’s only going to be replaced with another MLS related coach.

  61. chris says:

    No most people are shocked and are nervous who they are going to sign

  62. DanO says:

    This in no way is a call for MB to be off the USMNT, it’s a call for him to step up and be a leader.

  63. john says:

    can’t even get to site..probally so many people chanting and saying i told you

  64. Louis Z says:

    I actually saw this coming after the way the GC went with his JB sub. I hope we get a coach with a different concept on how the NATS should be coached.

  65. Larry Y says:

    And the next game is on Aug. 10th.

    Any news on a caretaker coach?

  66. AltiCooper says:


  67. Dennis says:

    Not only are you completely wrong, any joy or demeaning things said about the guy who brought US Soccer some of its most outstanding moments is simply despicable.

  68. AltiCooper says:

    hahaha +1

  69. Train says:

    apparently national team rankings do mean something to Sunil Gulati…maybe that is not a good sign. this is a WOW for me.

  70. Scott A says:

    Wow, did not expect that. Definitely have to think someone’s lined up.

    Thanks for the time as coach, Bob Bradley. I disagreed with some things as I would with anyone but he always put in his all and did some great things.

  71. Petaluman says:

    They should have done this after the world cup. It just never made sense to hire him on again. The new coach has the same talent to work with but a breath of fresh air was needed.

  72. mistadobolina says:

    apparently he was recently hired by AC Bilbao, but i thought that he was some sort of technical director for USSF after he left Chile. He would be perfect for our system.

  73. mexicanbluefish says:

    Jeeeezuz that’s funny.

  74. Rev up those Revs says:

    About damn time.

  75. Yinka Double Dare says:

    Bob was a little too loyal for too long with some guys and it really cost the team at the World Cup. Having the same coach for a second full World Cup cycle rarely seems to work well, you’d think we would have learned when we tried it with Arena.

    He did a decent enough job, but I’m not disappointed that they’re changing, as long as they make a good hire. Might be too early for Kreis if you ask me, but they could certainly do worse.

  76. A.S. says:

    Interestingly, none of the writers I follow – not Ives or anybody – seemed to have any inkling that this was coming. Were there any rumors out there about this??

    (Yes I did hear the “he’s lost the team” rumor, but that’s not the same as “he’s getting fired”.)

  77. Its ironic... says:


    Interesting how Beckerman in an interview before the All Star game talked about how Kreis coaching philosophy would be great for the National Team.

  78. Petaluman says:

    He’s still beloved in Honduras

  79. elgringorico says:

    Still find it absolutely unbelievable there people who think MB shouldn’t be on the team.

  80. finally says:

    made my day.

  81. eleven says:

    With another announcement to come on Friday, it has to be assumed they will announce the next coach. So who does everyone think will replace Bradley?

  82. cudevil says:

    Subpar compared to whom?

  83. SanAntonioBadger says:

    I’m hoping we pick up Jose Pekerman or Marcelo Bielsa. Knowing Gulati we’ll be hearing about Pia Sundhage’s appointment as Coach of USMNT on Friday. Any thoughts Ives?

  84. Dennis says:

    Just which players does the USA have that are comparable to Forlan or Suarez. Thinking that Klinsmann or any other coach will find a hidden talent pool in the US or institute tactics better suited to the talent of the US player pool is wishful thinking inthe extreme!

  85. Ron says:

    “reins” not “reigns”.

    I get so tired of that.

  86. chris says:

    Good for MLS, bob and his staff are available

  87. mistadobolina says:

    Biesla, Jurgen, Dom Kineer, Sigi, Novak, Cabrera, whatever EPL coaches are currently out of work… idk who else is out there.. your guess is as good as mine.. im sure Ives is digging deep right now.

  88. Oranje Mike says:

    Who cares? Sunil still has a job. Hell, he thinks he knows more about soccer than Klinmann. Why doesn’t Sunil just appoint himself the new manager?

  89. Haha. Good one! Right? This is a joke, right? PLEASE TELL ME THIS A JOKE!

  90. chris says:

    One more time

  91. Greg says:

    This team isn’t going to the next level without better players. We aren’t Argentina.

  92. jpc says:

    Bradley did a great job, and was responsible for a lot of good things. The team played a more attractive style, players were usually put in the best position to allow success (see Donovan playing out wide, rather than in the middle, or at forward). I don’t agree w/ the timing, but it is what it is, so what next?

    A foreign coach for the sake of a foreign coach is not smart at all. If there is a top coach available, get him immediately, but if the choice is between the best coaches in MLS, and an unproven name like Jurgen “Landon Donovan is my target forward” Klinsmann, I choose the MLS coach. I think Sigi Schmid and Jason Kreis would do excellent jobs, and would take them over a foreigner who is not a top coach in a heartbeat

  93. Illmatic74 says:

    Bradley did a fine job as manager but we needed a fresh start.

  94. Derek says:

    Bradley is a good coach, so this is ONLY good move if we get a BETTER coach, and there is no guarantee that ANYONE will do a better job.

  95. Dersting says:

    US Soccer is happy to announce that it has agreed to terms with and welcome Alexi Lalas, the most knowledgeable mind in American soccer as the new coach of the USMNT!

  96. Devon says:

    I have to say, why the hell did we resign him after the last cycle if this was a possibility. They haven’t played so poorly that this seems justified just on the face of the last few months. I’m not saying I want us to stick with him, but this feels like a decision that should have been made earlier. It’s almost like they wanted continuity through the Gold Cup but then afterwards, who knows. It’s all very odd.

  97. qax says:

    I guess losing 4-0 to Manchester United was the last straw…wait…

    Hoping for Kreis or Hiddink…

  98. Mattbag212 says:

    I was a Bob Bradley supporter (Don’t get pissy at Michael, he’s great) up until the Gold Cup. Not because of the Bornstein decision, we only lost because Dolo got hurt, but because Bob appeared to have lost his team. We didn’t show any fire through the group stages.

    I also think it is important to consider that the Landon Donovan benching fiasco was a savvy strategic move but a terrible political move. For many fans, and almost everyone in my generation (nineteen) Landon Donovan is the greatest player in the pool and arguably the greatest player in national team history. He sells jerseys. He gets on Sportscenter. He’s big. The face of soccer in this country. You don’t bench that. You just don’t do it.

  99. Rainstpub says:

    Hey, I have always been a fan of BB and I am very sad to see him go but when your experience is equal to the best you’ve done with your present team, it is time for a change.

    Bob has not won the World Cup or anything but the Gold Cup. His greatest accomplishment will be beating Spain. That is not good enough for me or most USMNT supporters. Again, I think he did a wonderful job and raised the level of expectation in this country much higher since he took over BUT I do not believe he can take them to the next level mainly because he has never been there as a player or coach.

    Bring on Jurgen!!!!

  100. jayrig5 says:

    Mexico may have been better, but with a 2-0 lead you should be able to win. They’re not that much better.

    Instead we watched a carbon copy of the Confed Cup final.

    And, remember, the USA didn’t play well at all before they played Mexico in the final. Losing to Panama, barely beating Guadaloupe, and the Canada game was hardly a treat.

    Oh, and, of course, there’s the 4-0 embarrassment to Spain.

    So it’s more than just losing to a better team.

  101. Joe B NYC says:

    I agree 1,000%.

  102. chris says:

    Can anyone who dislikes the idea of Klinsmann as the next coach please explain why? Is it just because he’s not American? Not an experienced coach? He really impresses me everytime I hear him speak (especially during the WC last year). He seems really logical and informed.

  103. chris says:

    At least people will realize micheal bradley is our top CM and shut the f**k up

  104. AcidBurn says:

    This is all Bob Bradley’s fault.

    Oh wait….it really IS!!!! That joke can now be officially laid to rest, RIP.

  105. Surprised says:

    totally unexpected at this point. I thought after all this time that he had survived the calls for his head.

    Hopefully the next coach is an upgrade and not just a worthless re-tread, otherwise, I don’t really see the point.

  106. JC says:


  107. Don Pelayo says:

    Wow. I cannot believe it! We better have somebody good lined up…

  108. JC says:


  109. stargate5 says:

    Can I be Marv Albert for a second ? YES

  110. Bill W. says:

    Bradley did a very good job in his first cycle, but it is apparent that something needed to be changed. I wonder if that means Klinnsman or someone else of that caliber will be announced as the new Head Coach on Friday.

  111. cudevil says:

    Are you really suggesting that Bob’s tactical decisions with respect to the existing player pool couldn’t be improved upon by another coach?

  112. mistadobolina says:

    i can see it.

  113. Dominghosa says:

    Wow. Four years for a national team coach is enough though. Bob did a great, great job in the four-year WC cycle. Signing him on again for this year’s cycle was a mistake from the get-go. But that may be because the Gold Cup was starting so soon and there wasn’t anyone that could take over in such a short period of time to get his ideas ready for a very important regional tournament.
    This may have been the plan all along. Let Bradley coach the Gold Cup tournament, let the players play for a coach that they know in a very important tournament, and wait and see how the team performs.
    Evaluate and a month after the Gold Cup, make a decision as WC qualifying looms for the next cycle.

  114. Fred Garvin says:

    There is a GOD

  115. firedbb says:

    about friggin time. what a terrible coach. time to get someone from OUTSIDE the usa system. go dutch (oven).

  116. firedbb says:

    ummm, no. not at all.

  117. Dennis says:

    Given the great success of the Red Bull and of TFC, I am confident that Backe or Klinsmann will be offered the job.

    I can hear Soccer America’s Paul Gardner already getting ready to complain about the boring tactics of the new (probably european) coach and crying for a latin influence.

  118. Igner Ant says:

    +1,000,000 bonus points for best comment in a long time.

  119. MT Christian says:

    Wow, didn’t see it coming at all, but excited for the future. Bradley has had some good moments, and the next guy might not be any better, but when it comes down to it everyone would rather roll the dice than face continued mediocrity, which is rightly or wrongly what I bet most of us expected from Bob this upcoming WC cycle. (Any other Denver Broncos fans feel like the “should we keep Bob Bradley” is pretty much the same debate as “should we keep Kyle Orton”?)

    Can’t wait to see who’s in line to be our next coach…could we really already have someone ready to step up, and have hidden that completely from the press? Hard to believe!

    And frankly, if our next coach is an outside hire who doesn’t end up being all that successful with the team, it’s probably still a good thing for player development to have the experience of trying something new. I am SURE we’ll learn some things about our player pool that we wouldn’t have under BB.

  120. chris says:

    Cuz he wants too much power, hasn’t done anything for the teams he coached and can’t change the player pool. No club or national team wants him and that’s not cuz he’s good. Only usmnt would bring up his name and its sad

  121. Brent McD. says:

    Coach Bradley, thanks for your efforts. But US Soccer, I applaud this move. Time to move the national team forward.

  122. Bobby says:

    Hahaha! I agree…who wouldn’t wanna coach Bornstein and my absolute favorite National Team player Marvell Wynne!!!

    That being said, I think this is a good move by US Soccer…it’s time for a change.

  123. Murphy says:

    Great news! Who will they hire to replace him?

    Steve Sampson? If its anyone from MLS I will be severely disappointed… Nothing against the Americans coaching in MLS, but I can’t stand Bradley and I think he would be better than those guys already coaching in MLS.

    I bet Bob will have a job in MLS soon… someone will be fired this season or postseason. He will probably do well in MLS again. Bring in Bornstein, Clark, Findley… the usual crew.

  124. JoeW says:

    I didn’t see this coming. I assumed if it was going to happen it would have been right after the GC.

    My guess is one of two things has occurred here. Either:
    (a) USSF has a foreign coach lined up, someone they find attractive and it was act now or this person goes elsewhere. Or….
    (b) BB made a demand or two that USSF felt was the last straw and just figured “we’ve been unimpressive this past year, we looked bad in the GC, now this guy is pulling X on us….screw it–time to move on.”

    If we have a coach in place for the Aug. 10th match than it was “A” and if not than it was likely “B”.

  125. greg says:

    Oh my the end of Michael Bradley s nats career

  126. Petaluman says:

    I really hope not. Mexico would point and laugh at us

  127. MT Christian says:

    Definitely interested to see where BB lands, as well! I am sure he’ll be in very hot demand in MLS, but it’d be great to see him land a club job in Europe. Wonder what the chances of that happening are. Even if he had to start in a lower division and prove himself a bit.

  128. mistadobolina says:

    add Kreis to that list.

    while im sure Dom or Kreis could be good options i kind of hope USSF uses the money that they have built up over the past few years on a big name coach.

  129. George says:

    Sunil should be the one to go !

  130. Bobby says:

    ahh, the league doesn’t need another defensive Bruce Arena type coach….foreign coaches is the way to go for USA and MLS.

  131. Clayton says:

    Go get him, Fire!

  132. Jeff says:

    What a happy day for US central midfielders. They get another chance.

  133. LiquidYogi says:

    Thank you for your service Bob. Hope the next coach can move us up to the next level.

  134. Francois says:

    I hope this is sarcastic.

  135. GJJ says:


  136. Jeff Awesome says:

    Please no.

  137. Eric says:

    I really appreciate Bradley’s contributions during his tenure, but this is a good move for US Soccer.

  138. Francois says:

    I just threw up in my mouth a little. Don’t even joke like that haha

  139. Joe B NYC says:

    I agreed 1,000% with Colin. I’m not happy with this news but it had to happen…

    Junior will be sulking up something big though…

  140. MJC says:

    Thanks to Bob for taking this team to the next level. I wish him best of luck in his future endeavors and I look forward to hearing news of the new hire.

  141. RedLine55 says:

    SBI’s gonna explooooode!

  142. Micj says:

    argentina blows

  143. RK says:

    Pekerman is a good call, but we’re too late on Bielsa.

  144. Mike Z says:

    Agreed, Bradley did a good job, but it is time for a change.

  145. TC says:

    There is a God!!!

  146. timmytwoshoezzz says:

    take a look at Norio Sasaki. A coach to get the guys playing a more technical, passing oriented game would be nice.

  147. RK says:

    Because it’s assumed that he is US Soccer’s saviour…

  148. elgringorico says:

    What are you talking about? You can fire coaches but you can’t fire players. It was never Bob Bradley’s fault, he did the best he could with what he had (barring the past 6 months maybe). People are quick to forget the 2nd place finish in Confed Cup.

    Performing FAR better AS A TEAM than is expected of your player’s talent levels = GREAT coaching.

  149. dailyminefield says:

    Thanks for the work Bob, but it was time. To all those bashing our player pool, we see two different things. I’m actually encouraged by our player pool. I’m more disappointed with coaching decisions. Specifically subbing Bornstein, Edu continuously on the bench, benching Donovan, Finley playing up top in World Cup. Our best 13-15 is pretty good. I’ll admit it gets a bit thin after that. There are only maybe 5 countries in the world with top notch depth 1-20.

  150. jon says:

    No… The beginning of it’s undeniable legitimacy

  151. jpc says:

    OK, so that’s two cryptic responses that mean absolutely nothing. No, I’m not sarcastic. And then you say????

  152. Idaho Brian says:

    It won’t be the big name coach people will be hoping for, but I put my money on Peter Nowak, (I’m a huge Jason Kreis fan…but he is not ready yet).

  153. Footyhip says:

    I heard they’re hiring Rivers Cuomo

  154. DCU says:

    Vamos Peter Nowak!

  155. Matt says:

    Really appreciate his accomplishments which were significant, but a change was needed. The team is stale and in need of new ideas, tactically especially. Tactics were never Bradley’s strong suit. He was very good at bringing in hew players and for the most part fielding the players in the best form.

  156. Doc says:

    Wonder if SBI has any data on record number of comments for a post…would be interesting to see how much this eventually breaks it by.

  157. ted says:

    the crest has nothing to do with BB, but I totally agree. I hated the fact that our crest was a Nike corporate design with no meaning or symbolism at all.

    We should use the Great Seal of the United States. Similar to what the PGA uses, with the bald eagle holding arrows in one claw and olive branches in the other.

  158. gene says:

    not to mention Cavani, Arevalo-Rios, etc. Talant-wise, Uruguay is head and shoulders above US. No foreign big-name coach is going to overcome that.

    I am all for hiring a foreign coach, if it is the right fit. But I would temper my expectations, particularly if it is Klinsmann. It looks sexy on paper, but his only claim to coaching fame is getting Germany to a 3rd-place finish in a WC played on their home soil. In that scenario, you can hire Gullit as the coach and Germany would probably still finish 3rd:)

  159. Greg says:

    But they’re very talented (unlike the US).

  160. Ritulin19 says:

    Still can’t believe people don’t read the full post and all of the replies. He said Bradley has a wake up. If you haven’t read the news lately, he’s been acting like a petulant child of late. And for trollmongers I do rate him, but he hasn’t improved alot at a time when players in their careers take the next step.

  161. DCU says:

    Well, that’s not going to happen. According to Philly’s Union Twitter page, Nowak says about the open USMNT position, “Sorry got better things to do.”

  162. Bill W. says:

    New coach will be Pia Sundhage!;)

  163. Duck says:

    I didn’t realize that Bradley had won more than half of his games as the US coach. Granted, it was against CONCACAF, but there are only 1 or 2 MLS teams with win% over 0.5

  164. Mike Bassett says:

    I hope this also means the end of Jozy Altidore as well.

    …oh yeah, and Jonathan Bornstein, Robbie Rogers, Eddie Johnson, etc. All the BB boys.

  165. MarkPS says:

    Glad they finally decided to move on. Bradley did a fine job while he was there, but USSF needs to set their target higher and Bradley was just not the person to get us there. I would love to see them sign someone like Guus Hiddink.. Someone with International quality and not some good ol’ boy has been.

  166. Bill W. says:

    Thank you Bob for getting us back into solid footing after 2006. I now look forward to seeing the new USMNT Coach take us to the next level.

  167. Ralphie says:

    Lazy is Out-the-door!

  168. pancholama says:

    Hmmmmmmmm……..there is word that another announcement will be made on Friday.

    Farewell Bob – thanks for your hard work and dedication, thanks for taking the time to cast a wide and broad net, and call in so many youngsters and veterans to the USMNT training camps. You built up the house slowly, and you are leaving your successor with a strong foundation for the future. Take some time off, rest – and let the future of your heart song’s true calling reel you in.

    Allright! Let’s go!!! Who-o-o-o-o-o-o-s next, baby!

  169. yankiboy says:

    The jerseys are ok. The stars are an absolute joke (unless it is the WNT, they can keep their two).

    Not that this has anything to do with the theme of this massive story.

  170. Since 82 says:

    Coach Bradley took too much flak for failures, and not enough credit for success. It may, or may not, be the time for a change, but the player pool is a bigger issue IMO.

  171. Pgloerse says:

    I hear Rongen is out of work….

  172. David says:

    Here is my wild and completely unsubstantiated guess for the new coach…Mark Hughes.

  173. BradAR says:

    I think Qatar buying, uh I mean winning, the 2022 World Cup is the current record holder. Not sure if this will beat it.

  174. Jon From Chicago says:

    Hey Dennis, its sports. If we even had a SEMI interested mainstream soccer media questioning his choices he would have been gone awhile ago. So I’m not sure how its despicable to not like the job your coach is doing. Thats why I’m surprised I haven’t seen more outrage on this board. Never has a coach enjoyed such “loyalty”. I for one will not miss his daft call ups….

    I give credit where its due however. The Spain game was a good win. He advanced our Nat program under his rule. But the past year especially has shown that he took us as far as he could take us.

  175. Jason says:

    I’m not expecting a complete 180 in terms of skills and level of play, however Bradley’s flaws were quite clear for everyone to see. He was regularly outplayed tactically during the course of a game, and he regularly played favors with some players who have no business being on the National side.

    With a new coach, we might just get those better players you mention though. Especially if he’s an outsider not tied into the US system. He’ll be a more neutral evaluator of US players and hopefully find the ones with true talent.

  176. Frazer912 says:

    List of potential replacements:

    Rafa Benitez

    Martin O’Neill

    Bernd Schuster

    Jurgen Klinsmann

    Marco van Basten

    Sigi Schmidt

    Guus Hiddink

    Jason Kreis

    Dominic Kinnear

  177. Isaac says:

    See, now, that’s completely ridiculous in my opinion. Bob Bradley’s job is not to sell jerseys or get players on sportscenter. His job is to get his team wins, and he did, at least when he benched Landon.

    So yes, he can bench whoever the hell he wants to bench, so long as he gets the right results.

  178. Paul says:

    I had the exact same reaction.

  179. Isaac says:

    I think beating Spain is a probably about where the USA stands as a team. If that’s disappointing to you then I don’t know what you want.

  180. Jon from Chicago says:

    HA! They might be at the bar together right now getting drunk…

  181. Jabba says:

    Next coach also plays…Abby Wambach:)

  182. Aaron in StL says:

    We’ve had a long run of American coaching (Sampson to Arena to BB)… it’s time for a fresh perspective. If you’re going to make a change, make a clean break.

    Guessing it’ll be a S. American or European from the continent. Whoever it is will hopefully be able to assist in the overhaul of USSF’s mentality

  183. Swami says:

    Pia Sundhage? They can save money on the salary.

  184. David says:

    I read an article the other day about how the US wants to set up their development like Ajax so Van Basten might be a distinct possibility.

  185. Sean says:

    I’d prefer Uncle Sam shooting the bird to all those who oppose us

  186. mistadobolina says:

    and besides a lucky finish by Juan Agudelo we would have lost of draw vs. Poland, Paraguay, Columbia, Brazil, Argentina basically every game since the world cup.

  187. Pgloerse says:

    MON to me makes some sense.

  188. Isaac says:

    I can only speak from the my standpoint, and that is one of a tactical obsessive. Juergen Klinsmann is great at recognizing talented players, but his ability as a tactician is poor if you ask me. Bob was good for making in-game tactical changes that could swing things in his favor, even if they were a bit late. Klinsmann is good at knowing who his best players at each position are, but not setting up a cohesive team. Bob was great at setting up cohesive systems, but not setting up systems that responded to an opponent’s tactics until the second half, which sometimes cost us games.

  189. chris says:

    Hahaha like gullit, winter, cdlc, backe, hamlett, juan carlos oris something. If you would look the top teams have american coaches

  190. Nico says:

    Best news I’ve heard all day as a sports fan. I have nothing against Bob the man, but Bob the coach had to go.

  191. Turd Bradley says:

    Anyone got any coaching gigs? Thank god that is over with. I was beginning to think the players and everyone was starting to realize I had no clue what I was doing? I am going to take over at a NAIA and my first recruiting class will be Jozy “3 juggles max” altidore, jonathan “not even a pro” bornstein, and last but def not least michael “the ball watch” bradley!!!!!!! bring it on Hastings im coming for your title

  192. we says:

    F^ck him I’m so glad that idiot is gone. Yahoo!!!!

  193. Brian says:

    NO EFFING WAY!!!!!!

  194. we says:

    I’m afraid it’s Novak LoL!

  195. Matt says:


  196. CrispyST3 says:

    Johan Cruyff =]

  197. Doc says:

    suppose you’re right…we’ll see.

  198. RJ says:

    Definitely surprised about this, but I think it’s the right move. I actually found out when I saw Megan Rapinoe mention it on Twitter.

  199. dan says:

    As much as I like Kreis for NT coach some day… now is not the day!! he still needs seasoning and experience. Being a NT coach is not the same as an MLS coach. PLEASE, let Kreis mature. Do not rush him!!!

  200. JD in FL says:

    Any twitter noise from team members? I only follow a few…

  201. Bill W. says:

    Instead f Klinnsman, I’d rather have the real German architect; Joachim Low!

  202. martha says:


    we can finally see an Edu Jones pairing!!!!!

    Will the temperamental Michael quit? Hed better find some playing time now, thats for sure!

    Bob did ok. Didnt regress the team, but didnt advance it either.

    Hurt the US against Ghana and wasted a perfect opportunity to advance to quarterfinals by sending out a headscratching lineup.

    His roster selection in the Gold Cup hurt us also.

    He is a good MLS coach.

    Hopefully the US doesnt compund the mistake by hiring another Arena disciple or MLS coach.

  203. BenH says:

    Here’s hoping for Jurgen.

    If nothing else, because he absolutely NAILED what US needed to do from the youth system up. Loved what he had to say and we’ll be better for it if we listen to him at least on that.

  204. Rick says:

    I’m never happy when someone who’s been doing the best job he knows how to do is fired.

    That said, I thought it was time for a change. He’ll land on his feet, and if the USSF hires the right candidate, the program will improve. I’m looking forward to that.

  205. DanO says:

    Thanks for being literate.

  206. Mike Caramba says:

    After you finish that campaign, you should go get on Turkey and Ghana!

  207. mistadobolina says:

    Bob would do just fine in MLS just like he did prior to his USSF term. Chicago is the obvious choice, NE could use some change, who knows how long Backe will stay in NY..

  208. shane says:

    Thanks Bob Bradley. He was a very good coach and I doubt we’ll ever have another one who will work as hard for the cause as he did. He handed out a lot of caps to players also. But this is probably a good move as long as his replacement is not Jurgen Klinsmann, if it is be very afraid.

    U would really like to seem Dom Kinnear as his replacement.

  209. swz says:

    you idiot!

  210. Smits says:

    I AM SURPRISED BY THIS. Gulati grew a pair sometime in the last few weeks. Though he should have grown a brain before he extended his contract if this was going to be the course of action.

  211. RK says:

    Yes, we’ve actually made it to the finals of our continental tournament recently.

  212. I won’t miss him. His son is a good player but he always started and was never sub-ed. Bornstein…well ‘nuf said. Even Donovan is not as effective as he used to be, IMO (and yes, it was a nice goal v. Mexico, but then look what happened). This year’s friendlies were awful and I thought he could have done better in WCUP too. In the end it was a death of a thousand cuts.

  213. Smits says:

    What are the odds that Jason Kreis is the next head coach because I am taking that bet.

  214. Ivan says:

    Thank you, Jesus!

    The world is already a better place!

  215. -2

    We are better than this. We have enough depth that Bornstein should have, and now will, never wear the shirt again, for starters.

  216. Hood Rich says:

    LOL !! Public opinion was right all along… first was the vote of confidence and then what we all had expected along.

    Good luck BB.

  217. mistadobolina says:

    benching Donovan was not a bad move by Bob at all. It showed some guts and opened the door for Bedoya and Adu to step up. Donovan was playing terrible before and then come back a played much better after. Bob’s bad moves have been well chronicled enough… clark vs. ghana, bornstein vs. mexico, etc..

    all in all Bob made more great changes than bad ones in the last 5 years.

  218. Hood Rich says:

    Probably they (Kreis, Nowak, Klinsmann) would be on the shortlist…

  219. Brian says:

    JFT, Edgar Castillo, and perhaps even Bobby Convey are doing a little dance.

    I hope Tigres have somebody on suicide watch for Bornstein right now.

  220. Agudelo sucks, he fakes himself out and coughs up or trips over the ball alot. Bob’s problem is that he can’t see beyond the likes of Altidore and Agudelo. Speed is just one dimension, it’s an important one, but you can’t end your search for a striker just because you found someone with speed. Bob deserved the boot for this and many other reasons.

  221. Jose says:

    Amen Mick…I hate the US’s Logo…Everyone in the world has unique logos. we have one that was designed by a group of ppl who probably have never played or even heard of the sport

  222. Timber Nick says:

    Not sure why using a symbol from our flag is a joke. Ghana and Turkey don’t seem to have an issue with incorporating stars into their badges. It doesn’t always have to represent a trophy.

  223. JrDosSantos says:

    Theres not ONE person who believes MB shouldn’t be on the team. They may feel he shouldn’t start over others that are in form, but thats it.

    Theres no reason to say MB should not be on the team. I got a feeling we’re going to see a WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY better version of MB because the entitlement is gone.


    for 2014

    or chandler instead of dempsey and dempsey as striker

  224. +1

    MB has a place on the team, but not as the only guaranteed starter who never gets sub-ed. Jones and Edu would make a fine midfield tandem.

  225. Brent McD. says:

    the entertainment value alone would be worth it.

  226. Vince says:

    Wait. This isn’t good at all! If as fans we can’t blame the coach, what the eff are we supposed to do now?

    My goodness! What if the players just aren’t good enough?

    I mean, if we started all the the Adus and Agudelos and Reams and Agbossoumondes we’d win for sure!

    Long live the irrational fan hype machine! What will we do without ol’ Bunker Bob to crucify for our lack of talent?

  227. Kenny_B says:

    I’m not a Bradley apologist by any means, but one thing the man isn’t is lazy.

  228. Jose says:

    I also think Sunil Gulati must go. I mean why wait from the Gold Cup to make the decision now and 13 days before playing Mexico again. Why not give the new coach sometime and plan out these friendlies coming up, etc. So any ideas on who will be the new coach?

  229. Clover362 says:

    So I think BB did a good job for the first 4 years of his tenure and I will remeber that about him. gold cup victory, Finals of the Confed cup, elimination round of the WC is a great resume and as much as you could ever hope for or ask for. This last year however we saw the problems of being a 2 cycle coach, you have to get rid of your assumptions and basically start building the team from scratch, not all new players but you should start with a blank slate and evealuate everyone a new. bob struggled with this which I think manifested itself in the friendlies and was really apparent in the Gold Cup. It’s not a knock On Brad as Arena struggled as well. There is a reason no other country goes 2 cycles with a national team coach and i’m glad USSF woke up and pulled the trigger.

    No for the futur a few thoughts. 1) MB will continue to get lots of minutes for the USMNT because he is one of our best players and I think an iternational level coach will see that. 2) The US will struggle for a bit because we are in the middle of a generation transition and I hope we as fans and the USSF doesn’t panic when we struggle. #) we not only have to rebuild the back line but even ur best players (Donavan and dempsey) roles must change. By the time 2014 comes around they will still be importnat members of the team but others need to be identified and step up to fufil the difference maker role. Look at what just happened to Australia (they were a good team in germany but relied on an older generation of players in SA and got smoked) I think our pool is deep enough now to bring in a new generation and not take a step back (ie fail to advance out of the group stage) but it will take a good coach to indentify and develope these players for the international game.

  230. Kenny_B says:

    I agree, he did improve the team, but his tenure should have run it’s course after the WC. I don’t think the first choice for either Bob or the USSF was for him to come back after the WC.

  231. RK says:

    Why wait? So that it doesn’t look like a reaction to losing the Gold Cup to a superior Mexican team, and so that it looks like Sunil wants to just go in a different direction.

  232. LA G says:

    Thanks Bob Bradley for your hard work. The USMNT needs to move in a different direction now. Mexico is getting better and the same tactics of 2 d-mid’s is expired.

  233. CJ says:

    Who can fire Gulati? Get him on the phone! 😉

  234. mistadobolina says:

    on one side Klinsmann really hasn’t put his words into action and held a job for more than year or two. and he seems to speak a lot with out any action!

    on the other he holds a lot of potential in player development. his German background could be great with Chandler, Jones, Yelldell, Churundolo, MBradley etc too.

    I really wish he spent the last four years (while Bob was coach) running a MLS team and their youth system. Instead he still remains a wild card.

  235. newera says:

    Two words: Jason Kreis

  236. RB says:

    Me, too.

  237. mistadobolina says:

    would be interesting.. for an MLS coach or something.. not USSF yet

  238. CrispyST3 says:

    Johan Cruyff =]

  239. I agree with what you are saying on all counts.

    It is better for MB growth that his Father is no longer the USMNT coach. He now has to fight for his spot like everyone else.

    If it brings out the best in him, so be it. If not, then let someone else take the helm.

    The nepotism question will always be the monkey on his back, as long as his Dad was coach.

  240. John says:

    Great point, except neither Agudelo nor Altidore is a particularly speedy striker.

  241. Ryan says:

    NO to Jason Kreis!

  242. Union says:

    I love the typical reactions. First wave: Yes! No more Bradley. Second wave: I hope its a great foreign coach. Third wave: A foreign coach will still have the same talent pool… Fourth wave: Jurgen is overrated. Hahaha.

    My thoughts: Necessary move. Should have been done post-WC. Gulati’s decision making needs to be questioned just as much as Bob’s coaching. A foreign coach won’t turn around the ship completely, but it will give much needed excitement to the fan base and to the players (many of whom were ready for a coaching change). Gulati needs to give the coach a lot of control over the federation for this to work. I still say Jurgen, and not as much bc of his coaching, but more bc of his vision for the US’s youth programs. He wants to take part in evolving the entire federation, which not all coaches will have the vision/desire to do. No, a coach won’t win us a WC or return us to a top 10 ranking, but its a start.

  243. na, but it makes perfect sense to bury it in this part of the news cycle, after WWC, Gold Cup, MLS All-Straws,etc. People are more worried about what John Boehner is doing than John Bornstein.

  244. Ricky B. Free says:

    Dont be afraid of change. The truth is that Bob Bradley is not that good of a coach. If the US federation hires a good coach thats ok.

    There are talented players out there we just need a guy with balls to call them.

  245. john.q says:

    so long Bornstein!

  246. Luke says:

    Oh yeah, how did not having Altidore work out for the Nats in Gold Cup finals! Altidore was having a very good Gold Cup until his injury.

    Seriously people! Altidore is 21 and still developing. McBride did not develop into the stiker he was until his later 20’s. Any coach the USSF hires, I guarantee will have Altidore on his roster.

  247. It’s going to be “The Special One”…

    …meaning some special education teacher from Tuscaloosa Public School District.

  248. Hood Rich says:

    Yes Sunil should also be fired for making 2 bad decisions back to back. 1st for hiring BB against public opinion, and then re-hiring the guy, again, against the swaying public opinion.

  249. fischy says:

    Hmm.. Exactly who are these talented players you mean?

  250. Jeff says:


  251. NE Matt says:

    I’ve heard rumors Alexi Lalas was interviewed for the job but didnt take it

  252. Seriously? says:

    yeah, and the country should change the flag too. We haven’t won 50 world cups, they shouldn’t be there?

  253. dan says:

    lets wait to give respect to Sunil until after he hires a new coach!

  254. chris says:

    dump his brat also

  255. Raghu says:

    David, I was thinking the exact same thing!

  256. Dennis says:

    You sir are an idiot!

  257. Chaz says:

    Agreed! Where’s all the hate for the #haters now? I thought we were just hating to hate?

  258. Wm. says:

    Goodnight, funnyman.

  259. NE Matt says:

    Oh and please no MLS coach. We’ve already rode that carousel to nowhere with Bradley(Chicago Fire). We have to go international.

  260. fischy says:

    Sir Alex. Or Guardiola.

    Sunni is going to announce that he has had ICE seize one of those dudes’ passports — and they won[t get it back until they sign with USSF..

  261. Jeff says:

    hahaha – nice

  262. DEAC says:

    You’re right, because who’d want a young striker who scored on Spain at 19 and has 12 goals in 39 caps before he’s even turned 22? While we’re at it, let’s get rid of those clowns Donovan, Dempsey, Howard and Cherundolo! What are they doing out there!

  263. fischy says:

    Too soon.

  264. JCC says:

    So does this mean that whoever is taking over will only have a couple of weeks to prepare for the upcoming friendlies the US has lined up.

  265. Mark says:

    I like Bradley, so I’m sad to see him go. However, this could be a good move if they get the right coach to replace him. It can’t be any of the current crop of MLS coaches as I don’t think any of them represent a step up from Bradley. Maybe Kreis would in the future, but he’s a little green at the moment.

    Hopefully US Soccer has a plan in place to upgrade, otherwise this is a really dumb move.

  266. Pappajohn says:

    Forget Klinsman. The best coach in America right now is Peter Nowak. He played internationally and he is great with young talent. He would be perfect for the NMT.

  267. Na, you’re wrong. Lando was always all about speed. He now has the experience and gravitas to mitigate some of his aging factors, but he’s not the end to end player he was as a kid. A lot of what you said is true from a marketing standpoint, but marketing doesn’t win soccer games and should never determine starters. Also, when Dolo went down there was no depth on the bench and that is also Bob’s fault, as there are plenty of quality defenders, even in MLS, who could have stepped in and not gotten torched like JB. Bob was caught between generations of players, and he paid the price for his loyalty to his old boys.

  268. dan says:

    If it is Klinsman who replaces BB…. what are some changes that he brings to the NT??

  269. fubar says:

    Ding dong the witch is dead, the wicked old witch the wicked old witch……

  270. chris says:

    Edu and Jones must be doing cartwheels

  271. Tom Gaffney says:

    This will fix everything wrong with US football. Clearly it was Bradley’s fault that MLS teams are being dominated by foreign competition, so he had to go. Marvelous job by Sunil in creating a position where he gets to hire puppet after puppet that takes all the criticism while he does very little to improve the real problem, ie player development. With a little power and influence, it’s so easy to point many of the loudest and most obnoxious idiots at a target, even if said target is a good, hard working, intelligent man. Bob never complained or shirked his duties or lost faith or blamed anyone else. At the end of it all, he’s a real man to be respected, while those rejoicing senselessly are pathetic babies. It’s fine to celebrate the hiring of a new manager and toast a new era, but to mindlessly cheer the firing of a good man is despicable. Have you no shame?

  272. glaing says:

    Great idea. He did such a good job at San Jose, NY and LA. Maybe Harkes could be his assistant.

  273. Union says:

    For everyone saying this might be an American coach. Do we really think that Gulati would make this change out of nowhere and then hire an American?

  274. bohawk says:

    Totally agree.

  275. Xavi and Iniesta are the best in the world right now, that victory was sweet, but I believe we would have gone 1-9 if we played them ten times. The fact that we could beat them was cool, the fact that we went on and lost to Brazil 3-2 (and now Mexico 4-2) is what cost Bob his job. Winning teams don’t choke like that. If they do it once it’s a disaster that is remembered for years, if they do it twice in three years, on big stages, then they need a new coach.

  276. GBF says:

    Bob did an okay job, but any but the very top coaches lose momentum after a few years and staring players get complacent. As long as we don’t go panic and bring on somebody like Steve Sampson the team should benefit.

  277. I_Bid_You_Adu says:

    Diego Maradona for coach!

  278. Why you would want to be Marv Albert for even a nanosecond is a mystery.

  279. Dennis says:

    What, you have some insight into the unnamed coach’s evaluation of Bornstein?

  280. DEAC says:

    And he played Wolondowski, who isn’t fast and — at the international level — wasn’t good. In the last year BB also played Edson Buddle and Herculez Gomez. That’s five different strikers. The only true speed guy he’s used since Charlie Davies got hurt was Findley.
    If Davies doesn’t screw up, no one’s even having this argument.

  281. Rainstpub says:

    No, not disappointed. I just want someone who can get us past that. I just don’t think Bob can do that at this point. I am very proud of what he has done for US Soccer. I just think we need someone who’s accomplishments are better than beating Spain once.

  282. Dennis says:

    Great sarcasm! Alexi deserves it!

  283. Chase says:


  284. bohawk says:

    Last I checked, BB played exactly zero minutes.

  285. LoS says:


  286. AC says:

    Well, hopefully USSF will hire a coach who will get this team to another level and not just keep status quo. Bradley did “okay” but he certainly reached a ceiling. I hope this will cause USMNT players to fight harder for their jobs and not become too comfortable. More competition for positions is never a bad thing.

    Curious to whom the new coach is.

  287. Mack says:

    How did it work in the world cup? A hot Buddle should have been in there

  288. Joey says:

    I feel reborn… there is a light at the end of the tunnel and hopefully we can mover forward after this awful MISTAKE.

    The one think I cant wait to see is if Mikey’s minutes now drop or if he’s still 90 minutes under the new boss

  289. Nice try Mrs. Bornstein. You are the only one on earth who, under a fake name of “Dennis” would even dare advance the notion that maybe some coach might like your dog-doo son.

  290. Bill says:

    No…this is much different than the country changing the flag….The logo has to go. New identity for USA

  291. Mike Johnson says:

    They are gonna move Pia to the men’s teams?

  292. bohawk says:


  293. glaing says:

    He’ll blame the British for it all.

  294. Bradley is not the reason Torres has sucked EVERY time he’s been in the squad.

  295. Bryan says:

    made by a 9 year old nike sweat shop worker

  296. Brett says:

    Hooray! I just hope we get someone better. Give Bob his credit for the 07 GC win and the victory over Spain. But I want to start winning trophies.

  297. DeuceDempsey says:


  298. Bobby Convey says:

    Suli has just mailed me my get out of jail free card. I’m booking January now!!!

  299. Wilbur says:

    sashes are for beauty pageants

  300. Jaime says:

    Out the door is though

  301. glaing says:

    I would love to see some American coaches land jobs abroad. They could see how things are done elsewhere and maybe grow as coaches.

  302. Adam says:

    Sunil has to have someone else lined up, right? If not, this timing makes absolutely no sense. And why renew his contract to fire him 7 months later? If you thought you could do better, why renew his contract?

    As much as BB got blamed for poor results, I think he did well with the players that he had. That said, I hope Sunil has learned his lesson about retaining a coach for a second WC cycle.

  303. dan says:

    You may be right, but I don’t think Sunil is going with a current MLS coach. Just a hunch… I could be way-off.

  304. Luke says:

    I agree. Buddle should have been in there or Gomez for Findley not Altidore.

  305. Tim says:

    No, MLS sides are only being dominated by Man U and Real Madrid….the other games have been very competitive. Nothing wrong with Bob, but it’s time to take the improvement to a new level. I have more respect for Sunil now.

  306. dan says:

    does BB coach in the MLS again??

  307. AC says:

    Waiting to see the Michael Bradley haters emerge again. Even though he’s been one of the most consistent field players, some people just can’t get over the fact that as Bob’s son, he automatically isn’t very good.

  308. Daledaledynamo says:

    + 1!
    Even though I have the current white jersey I have to agree with you. That crest does look dated.

  309. Ozker B says:

    Agree!! Successful tenure but it was time to move on to a new vision!!

  310. inkedAG says:

    Part of me is alright with this because in other countries, when a team screws up, heads roll. Part of me is not ok with this because all of US Soccer needs to be blown up and started over.

  311. A-Lott says:

    Best of luck to Bob in the future. I appreciate his hard work and hope he lands on his feet.

  312. A-Lott says:

    Best of luck to Bob in the future. I appreciate his hard work and hope he lands on his feet.

  313. Kenny_B says:


    I liked your first paragraph, but you are seriously a real drag to read everytime you talk about the US player pool.

  314. shane says:

    Whomever is the USA coach should do just that, coach the USA and not meddle with the youth system. That is Reyna’s job

  315. ec says:

    Yeah, like there is a huge untapped pool of talent that Bradley ignored. So Torres is going to play left back, attacking mid, and forward? Awesome.

  316. A-Lott says:

    Apologies for the double-post.

  317. Benny Dargle says:

    If he wants to coach in MLS again, he would have little difficulty finding a job. He has a proven track record.

  318. ViperLAG says:

    I will admit that I wanted to see Bradley go after the WC. I just hate to see someone fired period. In all honesty though, it is Dan Flynn and the rest of the USSF board that needs to go! It’s not so much the coaching that is impeding the progress of US Soccer. Ultimately its those cronies that sit on the board that are halting any growth of US Soccer as a whole. Unless they leave and we can overhaul the system of developing players, we will forever be mired in mediocrity!

    As much as I hope that Klinsmann or another foreign coach is hired, unless they are given complete control, nothing will ever change! Here is my emotional plea for Flynn and the rest of the clowns in the USSF to resign.

  319. Luke says:

    Did you watch the Algeria game? Who put the cross across the goal area that Donovan finished to send into the knockout stage?

  320. dcm says:

    bornstein, johnson, rogers, agreed, but did you not watch altidore in the gold cup? he was playing well, and he is still a kid. be patient my friend.

  321. shane says:

    Dom Kinnear has all of Bradley’s good qualities but brings additional ones. He played pro in the US and Mexico, the latter of which would be valuable experience for a USA coach

  322. wilyboy says:

    I’m so happy.

  323. Ricky B. Free says:

    Jurgen has nothing to do with the players for TFC. We know you love Bradley but he is gone.

    Stop being a troll before they have anounced a coach.

    Dont be afraid of change, Ijust want a better coach. If they sign a coach that I dont like I will just give him time and see what happens.

    The new coach will need time, so we will have to be patient.

  324. Dennis says:

    Klinsmann has not been able to do what Loew and he did in Germany in 2006. (In 2006, first he lowered German expectations, then managed to get to the semifinals as the home team.) He then took over Bayern and pretty much failed there. Loew, in contrast stayed as national team coach and has had his contract extended to 2014 (that would be 3 WCs more or less in charge). Which do you think was really responsible for Germany’s success?

    Klinsmann’s management at TFC is myopic at best. If that represents his organizational talents and the soccer vision thing then either he is very slow in getting things done or he is not at all competent.

    I would rather not drink the Klinsmann koolaide.

  325. RB says:

    Alex Morgan as the new finishing coach…

  326. Lorenzo says:

    Maybe they needed Bradley for the Gold Cup because their new coach was coaching in Copa America…

    Bob Bradley did great things. Had blemishes too. At least he was reliable and brought in plenty of players.

    I hope our new coach isn’t a total disaster. What coaches have great resumes and aren’t already snatched up by big clubs?

    Paraguay’s old coach? Marcelo Biesla is gone.

    Pietr Nowak? Jason Kries? I hope we don’t just get some european or latino coach (Backe, de los Cobos), expecting he’ll magically turn out team into a flare filled goal scoring show.

  327. MattJack says:

    Christmas in July! Now if we could throw out the garbage at the top (Sunil for not hiring Klinsman years ago) it would be my birthday wish as well.

  328. bottlcaps says:

    Who said that the “rankings don’t matter”.

    After to falling to 30 and below teams that the US has frequently beaten in the past, BB FINALLY got his walking papers.

    Supporters will point out all the US accomplishments under his tenure, the highlight being the Confed Cup, but at the end of the day you have to acknowledge the fact that under BB tenure the US dropped approximately 15 places in FIFA rankings,

    While this may not mean a lot, it does LOOK awful, and looks like the US is regressing at a time when the popularity of soccer is increasing here in the US.

    I now firmly believe that Sunni must have read the myriad comments made on this board and other like it.

    I think OUR punditry did have an effect.

    So for all those who climbed aboard the “dump Bob Bradley Boat” Congrats!!

    And to those who believe he was doing a good job….Well he will probably be coming to coach your favorite MLS team real soon….lol

  329. skyman says:

    Agreed 100%. Bradley did a good job as coach during his tenure, but it’s time for a change.

  330. Stormeagle says:

    The only relief this gives me is that I don’t have to hear the obligatory fire Bob Bradley posts after every MNT post. The bottom line is that Bob Bradley is a good manager, he squeezed results out of the hand he was dealt. He’s respected over in England more than you would think.

    But what the truth is, is that the American fans expectations grew faster than the American player. We have access to football from around the world and then we expect our MNT to play as competitive as the teams we watch on the tube. Seriously the comparison of Uruguay players to Americans is ridiculous. Our best player Clint is mediocre, yes MEDIOCRE! Landon has lost a step! But still we expect knockout stage at every competition.

    Temper your expectations MNT supporters. Unfortunately I’ll still have to hear the fire Gulati rants… how about boycott Qatar 2022??

  331. fischy says:

    Sonovagun — got coffee all over my computer again.

  332. Lorenzo says:

    If it is Klinsmann I will be very nervous. Dude has a shoddy resume. He didn’t do terrible with Bayern M and Germany, but he did nothing impressive with them, especially with Germany and his smart assistant- Loew – who has a better winning percentage now that he has full reigns than before when Klinsmann was in charge.

    Also worth noting Bayern won like their last 5 games after their fired Klinsmann to help their final standings.

  333. RB says:

    Easy: just keep the “we don’t use clenbuterol” line going.

  334. Kenny_B says:

    He is running the youth system, I don’t think so..

  335. fischy says:

    Props to Jack Bell of NYT for reporting this, even if prematurely, after the Gold Cup.

  336. RB says:

    OK, that’s 3 times already — can we retire this joke now?

  337. Vince says:

    Yes. Torres was so awesome that he stunk in his Cecil B. Demille closeup against Slovenia in the World Cup, and had a lousy year for his club team Pachuca in Mexico last year.

    Those American media reports about Torres being “courted” by La Liga were absurd.

    He looks better for Pachuca as of this writing, but to count on Torres as some kind of wunderkind is ridiculous.

    Just because he plays in Mexico doesn’t mean he’s a savior. He’s been in and out at Pachuca. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Note: Torres has potential, and could still blossom. But for goodness sake, the gut isn’t a star by any stretch of the hyperbolic “prospect” imagination.

    I’d rather put my irrational fan money on Diskerud or Bedoya than Torres. By far.

  338. Kenny_B says:

    I think your right. If you don’t cut off the head….

  339. I_Bid_You_Adu says:

    I could definitely finish around her.

  340. BenMillion says:

    Hilarious…this improved my opinion of Domenech a lot. But if somehow he did become our coach I would kill myself.

  341. Cj says:

    Is Guus Hiddink still available. He was supposed to be under consideration by Chelsea. The US of course would have to pay a handsome fee to pry him away from the Turkish national team but it is part of Hiddink’s contract that he can leave.

  342. Chase says:

    I was giving one example that is pretty obvious. Torres has more skill on the ball than Bradley Jr., Bornstein and Kljestan combined. I know Bornstein is a heck of a player but I would have given Castillo a couple of chances at left back. From what I have seen of him he is a slightly better defender and certainly brings much more to the attack. Why not give him a chance?

  343. Dennis says:

    Germany now has Loew through 2014 (that is one WC as Klinsmann’s assistant and 2 as head coach).
    Germany are presently undefeated in European qualifying, so it does not seem to be hurting.

  344. John W says:

    Its not like the team will automatically get better. It is going to take a long time.

  345. Tom says:

    Klinsy’s stock is so far down right now, after the mess he’s made of Toronto. If he’s hired, is it with power to make changes or just as another puppet? My guess is puppetville. What we really need is a head executive that really knows football or is at least willing to defer to a coach that knows football and is willing to pay to be surrounded by top talent. It always seems as if the last thing Sunil wants is a knowledgable, authoritative, high profile, world class, respected voice in the U.S. organization. This might expose him, no? I would have a lot of respect for him if he hired Hiddink or Ancelotti or Lippi, but it doesn’t fit into his pattern. Even Klinsy is probably too dangerous for Sunil unless he agrees to shut up and be on a leash

  346. Ricky B. Free says:

    The new coach will have to deal with Michale´s hot head. I just hope that Michael cools it and just plays. He is very talented but needs to chill.

    Michale will grow and will improve his play. He will still be with the Nats for a long time and he deserves it.

    I dont care who the next coach is as long as he is better than Bob.

  347. Vince says:

    I don’t come to internet boards to find rational debate. That’s simply impossible.

    I’m here because I want to see if Bradley’s firing will crash SBI’s servers.

    Rationality on fan-based internet is absurd. I’m hear in a “waiting-for-the-train-wreck” aspect of this news…

  348. Patrick says:

    In the next couple years a lot of jokers are going to see that it wasn’t the coach, it was the talent and that Bradley got better results than you should expect from the talent in the pool. The club performances aren’t an aberration and the US has only a small handful of players getting any time in a top 4 league.

  349. Kenny_B says:

    Barring some odd results in the final round of the group stages at the Confed Cup, Bob would have been fired then.

    Barring a late Landon Donovan goal at the World Cup, Bob would have been fired then.

    Our away results during world cup qualifying were scary at best.

    He has done well, but he has always just barely hung on.

  350. Bubba Zanetti says:

    We need a coach that has tactical smarts not a coach that gest his players up for a game (even though Bob struggled with that at times) Klisnmann is the in that mold of getting players to play well. Our biggest problems have been tactical and that needs to be addressed in the next signing

  351. Ricky B. Free says:

    I am no Jurgen fan, but he has nothing to do with the player moves that TFC is making.

  352. Dennis says:


  353. Ricky B. Free says:

    Stop crying Bob is gone. Or are you going to be hating for the next 4 years for no reason?

    We still dont have a coach and you are already hating on him lol.

  354. away goals says:

    Accomplishments like winning a gold cup, for example? Or advancing to the first international final the usnt has ever been to? Or making the knockout stage of a world cup?

    We have a very deluded fan base.

    I’m not disappointed to see bradley go, but the man should be satisfied with what he did in his time with the program.

  355. Kenny_B says:

    He doesn’t have experience. He is part of the US youth system. He just got hired to do that. Somebdoy else just made that decision to hire Reyna.

    So I would say if Klinsmann’s demands are unchanged,that would seem, in my mind, to preclude Klinsmann from the job.

  356. Clover362 says:

    Here is the problem with a Jones EDU pairing and why I think we have never and probably won’t ever see it. Jones is too inconsistant and gets too many cards to be relied on as a 90 minute man. Edu is strong defensively but is not as good as Jones or Bradley going foward,

    the proper pairing is Jones and Bradley to start, with them both going the distance in games where jones is playing well/doesn’t get a card, when Jones is off (which I think is about 30% of the time) he is still a good defender but does not make good passes/decissions. In those circumstances depending on how the game is going (are we ahead behind or tied) Edu comes in for jones to shore up the defense and allow MB more free range to be an attacking player.

    I also don’t have a porblem with MB going 90 as the kid has a high motor and I don’t think gets noticable tired later in games

  357. shaun says:

    if klinnsman is hired, does that make the USMNT actually the Germany B team? At least language won’t be a barrier…

  358. sy says:

    via Twitter: Grant Wahl
    US Soccer insider: “You’re not going to be surprised” by identity of new coach.
    19 minutes ago


  359. N-Whit says:

    BB did a decent job, no doubts about it. BUT, he played favorites. JB…need I say more. And it was those favorites that may have cost him his job. JB was horrible the last few outings for the NT, especially the Gold Cup final where he cost us a goal or two. Sunil always says it is important for the NT coach to understand MLS and how the league functions. If I was a betting man, I’d bet he is going to go back on those words tomorrow and announce the hiring a more high profile internation coach.

  360. sy says:

    ETA: Wahl did not indicate Klinsmann, I made the obvious deduction.

  361. Kenny_B says:

    If you honestly believe MB doesn’t have a role on the Nats perhaps you should go to SI’s website. Soccer is like the 7th or 8th option and you can post your comments after you’ve made your way through baseball, football… on down to Nascar and the NHL, because that is about the extent of your depth of knowledge.

  362. Chase says:

    Michael Bradley looked even worse against Slovenia, why was Torres the one who was taken out? Oh yeah, Torres didn’t have his dad coaching that game. Did you see the last game Torres played in for the US before the Slovenia game against Turkey? Was that combined with the minutes for Pachuca not enough to at least give him another call up sometime over the next year?

    I am not saying he is the savior of US soccer but he has certainly earned more minutes than Bradley Jr. has the last 8 months.

    Also you should note that Torres is younger than both Bradley Jr. and Bedoya.

    I watched just about every game he has played in for Pachuca the past year. Although it wasn’t his strongest year he still showed some flashes of skill that very few other US players bring to the table. All I am saying is he deserves at least a few more chances. Hopefully with a new coach he will get some more minutes….

  363. LoS says:

    even against panama

  364. ugh says:

    yay finally fired!

    Agree 100% to change that awful crest!

  365. Ben says:

    Please let it be Lippi.

  366. N-Whit says:

    People aren’t forgetting the Confed’s Cup. They have just noticed the performance SINCE the Confed’s Cup have shown a steady decline in performance. From that second place finish, we proceeded to get bounced out of the WC in the first knock-out stage. Some might argue that we were lucky to even get out of the group stages (a fluke goal against England and a last gasp winner against Algeria, not to mention coming from behind tie as well). Then we loose in the first round of the Gold Cup, which we’ve never done before, and get hammered by Mexico in the Final…didn’t even look like we wanted to be there. So, no, people haven’t forgotten about the Confed Cup. But each coaches tenure is like life, there are ups, downs, and death.

  367. Marcelolippi says:

    Mike basset ain’t your friend

  368. Bornstein says:

    Because he sucks.

    Skill on the ball does not make you a better player.

  369. TinoChitown says:

    Ask Yourself:
    1. Did we win our group at the World Cup?
    2. Did we tie England at the World Cup?
    3. Did you witness one of the greatest moments in US Soccer history at the World Cup?

    All of the answers above are YES.

    4. Did Bob make some strange decisions during the World Cup (like subbing people at the half)?
    5. Did we look terrible during the Gold Cup this summer?
    6. Shoot..Have we looked terrible ever since the World Cup?

    All of the answers above are YES..

    I think USSF did a great job here..After the WC, they sat Bob down and said: “Bob..prove that over the past 4 years, you have lead us to be the best team in CONCACAF…by winning the Gold Cup”

    We lost..and Bob was let go. We now have time to right the ship before World Cup qualifying starts.

    Oh..and I think this was mutual. Bob wants the head coaching job at Chicago Fire and USSF has someone lined up to replace Bob.

    Passes it to the man…and Boom goes the dyno-mite!!

  370. RangerSG says:

    I always get a kick out of everyone giving all the credit to Loew. Klinsmann changed the culture of the German team, and bringing in Loew was part of that change. NO head coach makes every decision in training and matches, not Sir Alex, not Loew now, no one.

    Klinsmann brought in US-sports psychology and changed the mentality of the team to an attacking mindset. Loew was an assistant who could incorporate those changes. But he deserves credit for FINDING and using people like Loew as well.

    And comparing winning percentages is rubbish, because Klinsmann had to rebuild a program in shambles, very unGermany in its previous 2 tournaments (crashing out horribly at the preceding Euro). And he had to do it in a rapid turnaround with no qualifying campaign. Loew inherited the program with the heavy lifting done, and able to fine tune the changes made.

    This isn’t to say I’m all in for Klinsie. I’m just saying that historical revisionism (done by Beckenbauer and the FC Hollywood board when they sacked him from Bayern) has taken to minimizing what he accomplished by praising Loew. Not saying Loew doesn’t deserve praise either, he’s a great coach. But I’m pretty sure he’d be fired from Bayern inside of 2 years as well.

  371. So Happy says:

    I agree. Needs to get a grip on it. Sounds like Bob Bradley’s dad. Live with it, man. It’s over. BB had his five years, it is time for him to move on (and you too). It was obvious a lot of USMNT players were no longer happy with him, nor with his preferential treatment of his son at the expense of several deserving players.

  372. RangerSG says:

    Not really. He had no qualifying campaign, and Germany had stunk up the preceding Euro horribly. Expectations for the host nation in that WC were ‘very’ unGerman-like. Many thinking it was the weakest side post-unification.

  373. Cabrito says:

    So Gulati gives BB a contract extension after an anemic World Cup performance, and then decides that after a couple of friendlies and losing to Mexico in the GC final that it’s time to “make a change”. Gulati is the other half of the problem with this team.

  374. MicahK says:

    I knew this was going to happen i am just shocked at the timing why now ? I think we should get Scolari. Being a US soccer fan and a Portugal fan as well I think he would rock. Bob should have left after the SA world cup. Also, can we get a coach to put out good tactics to beat Ghana. I am tired of losing to them.

  375. DC Josh says:

    I am a Bradley supporter. Disappointed to see him go; he helped progress the MNT further than before. They have been in a slump for the last 12 months, but the squad is in a transition phase. Please no MLS coach other than The Novak and NO KLINSMANN.

  376. Vince says:

    Would that be the same Michael Bradley that registered a brace against Mexico in WC qualifying?

    And the same Michael Bradley that saved his team’s skin in the WC by equalizing against Slovenia? Or the Michael Bradley that opened the scoring against Mexico in the Gold Cup final.

    My god. The US has no use for players that that have done things like that.

    Track record means nothing. The next coach should go with all super-hyped 15 year-old “prodigies.”

    Heaven forbid we take a player’s actual performance into account. We should go for potential!

    All the best teams win on what their potential. The actual play on the field at a high level certainly doesn’t mean a thing.

  377. Jeremiah says:

    I am with you.

    The kid has special gifts.

  378. Chase says:

    Oh ok Johny B. My bad. He sucks compared to who? Skill on the ball certainly helps. This wasn’t my first sport growing up, but from what I have learned, giving possession away in key areas (ala Bradley Jr., Bornstein, Kljestan) is not a good way to play the game. Also completing passes is usually a good thing.

  379. Adam says:

    Who are these mysterious strikers that you would like to see called up. Thank God you have many other reasons, because your first one was not good…

  380. Chase says:

    Even though I don’t agree with your comment above (in response to mine), this post actually made me laugh out loud. Keep up the good work.

  381. Isaac says:

    You do realize Mexico played with 2 defensive midfielders who didn’t even try to get forward against us in the final right?

    Learn your tactics before you go criticizing someone elses.

  382. danny says:

    Great Response. Some people are delusional about Torres for some reason.

  383. Felix says:

    I think my jaw just broke my desk at work….. I never ever ever saw this coming.

  384. BB says:

    The best thing a new coach can do is end the favoritism for out-of-form players. If you aren’t playing and playing well, you shouldn’t be playing for the USMNT.

  385. John F says:

    Although I like Bradley, largely for his willingness to experiment with youth, it was definitely time for him to go. There is absolutely no question that the USMNT’s development had stalled badly.

    As for his replacement, if we are to hire a foreign coach, I really don’t see who could be a better choice than Klinsmann. He knows more about US soccer than any other foreigner possibly could, is clearly very committed to the US. He also has no language issues (what’s that, Fabio? How do you say “Shut up, Sven” in Spanish?). I also don’t quite get the hating on him. It’s not as if his coaching career is weak. Admittedly it’s brief, but he got a 3rd place finish at the 2006 WC and was 3 points out of first with Bayern before being suddenly dropped with just a few games left in the season, also managing a QF appearance in the Champions League. Hardly shabby.

    I don’t see any other European coach even wanting the job, or if taking it, not being bitterly disappointed once they get it. And forget Jose: his comments last year about coming to the US were clearly meant for some time well into the future (after his kids are grown).

  386. Matador says:

    What the hell !!!

    I am not a Bradley supporter but I am not blind either.

    Changing the coach is not the solution, the USMNT has hard time getting enough player to be considered starters. Our talent pool is not deep at all, not even Murinho can change our current situation, in order to have a good team then we need not only a good coach but also good players. Regardless who comes, he is not going to change things dramatically.

  387. Lorenzo says:

    Ok, I’ll take in what you’re saying. But you say last two tournaments. This is Euro when they ‘crashed’ out, and World Cup 2002 where they were the World Cup Runner-up. World Cup Runner up is very unGerman? Also, tying Netherlands and losing to that Czech Republic team wasn’t shameful, tying Latvia 0-0 was the problem in Euro 2004.

    I’m not sure that is shambles. They also won their qualifying group for the Euro. Their dissapointing results were ties, no losses.

    He also got to coach the German National team at HOME for the World Cup. That is a huge boast, especially for Germans who thrive with that kind of atmosphere.

    I just think Klinsmann is a fraud. If he is so good why isn’t he coaching and proving it? All great coaches started somewhere small and proved their worth. Ferguson, Mourinho. Even Bradley had to prove himself in a balanced league (MLS).

    Look at his brilliant work at Toronto FC… Yes, it takes time to change things, especially in MLS. But it just looks like he brought in a coach who is a whiny baby who complains his players aren’t good enough.

  388. Chase says:


    Bradley Jr. was showing some promise for a while but unfortunately more recently, he has not played well at all (or with his club he hasn’t played at all. Bradley was the main one responsible for allowing the first goal against Slovenia. Bradley also played some part in allowing 3 of Mexico’s 4 goals in that same Gold Cup game you are talking about.

    You are again taking what I am saying out of context. My point is there was no excuse for why Bunker B played his son all of the time without giving Paco at least a few minutes (or how about Maurice Edu?).

  389. Alex G says:

    YEAH!!!!! OHH HAPPY DAYYYYY!!!, best news in a while, Im so happy, now I´m hoping for Jurgen Klinnsmann to come on board or any cool and intenational head coach.

  390. Chase says:

    Delusional about Torres? All I am saying is give him another shot.

  391. biff says:

    Wow, excellent comment–and I am in not a Klinsmann fanatic. Personally, he would not be my first choice as coach, although I will be happy if he is named. But I will admit that Jogie Loew bugs the heck out of me (as he does a lot of German fans) and the final chapter of his story is not yet written. I predict a weak European Cup Finish for Germany next summer…

  392. biff says:

    I would suspect that the timing has more to do with Bob Bradley than Prof. Gulati. If you remember, after the loss to Mexico in the Gold Cup Final, Gulati was given the chance to voice support for Bob Bradley and he clammed up. Gulati’s silence all these weeks was a clear signal that something was brewing. But what just struck me after letting this wonderful news sink in, is that Bob Bradley had to be fired, did not step down like a lot of coaches would do to save face. I had expected Bradley announce himself that he was stepping down, maybe taking the Olympics coaching job next summer. I have no doubt Gulati was hoping Bradley would step down dignified and gracefully. But no, Bunker Bob forced US Soccer to ax him.

  393. BB says:

    I met Alexi yesterday at the MLS all star match and have got to say that he was by far one of the coolest people I met that day. Great guy and he has done a ton for US soccer.

  394. Jags98 says:

    Thank you Mexico!

  395. Neruda says:

    Best news of today. Not a BB hater just think the time for new blood is overdue.

  396. Leo says:

    Jason Kries has the ability to be a future NT head coach. It’s not his time yet though.

  397. Northzax says:

    Thomas Rongen, you say?

  398. Bob says:

    And somewhere Bobby Convey’s prayers were just answered!

  399. das says:

    rumors are that landon donovan is to coach and captain the team, and also stop global warming

  400. Robert Daniels says:

    Me three.

  401. Alex G says:

    yeah!!!; couldn´t say it better than you man!!! ´-..,-¨Ñ^*¿? him

  402. Alex G says:

    I agree with Colin!!!, bye Bradley

  403. Predicto says:

    Could be the start of a new age of american football. Klinsmann said before he won’t come onboard without complete control – including development academies & philosophy. Might take 10 years, but maybe this is the turning point.

  404. Joamiq says:

    If you didn’t find Jozy’s World Cup performance to be encouraging, I’m not really sure what to say. It was a big step forward in his game.

  405. Joamiq says:

    You realize that Bradley capped like over 100 guys, right?

  406. Joamiq says:

    He’s given Torres a few minutes. And when Torres’ form improves, I’m sure he’ll get more chances. But if you don’t realize that Mikey has been one of the team’s most consistently effective players for a while now, I’m not sure you’re actually watching the games. Maybe not so much in the Gold Cup, but then again, not many of our guys had a good Gold Cup.

  407. Joamiq says:

    This is really all about the alternative and nothing else. If whoever we are hiring (and I have to believe that someone is in line, due to the timing) is really an upgrade, then firing him was a good move. If not, it was a bad move. It’s simple really. We can debate whether or not he did well all day, but Bob didn’t deserve to stay or to be fired based purely on his performance. He’s better than all the coaches worse than him and worse than all the coaches better than him. If you can get a coach in that latter category, then you make the move, and if you can’t then you don’t, regardless of whether he’s performing well or not. That’s how I see it anyway. So I will wait to see who his replacement is before I let myself react.

  408. ThaDeuce says:


    I really thought runner up in the gold cup to a more talented team (especially in lieu of how well brazil and argentina did in the copa) was definitely worth staying power. Curses! Argh! I don’t see them spending the money for us to get better, or stay the same… This could truly be the decade of el tri.

  409. Ben says:

    The timing seems peculiar, but I’m guessing its because USSF has been searching for a replacement and now have someone lined up. Why else wait until a month after the Gold Cup ended to pull the trigger.

  410. RangerSG says:

    It was the 1st time a Germany team had failed to advance past the quarterfinals in the Euro. And the 02 Germany WC team was the one that needed the Torsten Frings handball to advance past the US.

    That was a Germany side at low ebb when Klinzie took over. And his day-to-day role at TFC is minimal, an advisor whose primary input was to provide the list for potential coaches. He is not the tactician, or responsible for player selection. I’d say he hasn’t taken another coaching job because he legitimately likes being Stateside away from the limelight.

  411. fsegaud says:

    F’ing grass I tell ya…screwed us over.

  412. hogatroge says:

    Forget a verb?

  413. Seriously? says:

    Really? Changing the crest that’s been around a few years would be different than the country changing it’s flag? That’s a bold statement.

    TBH, I’m no huge fan of the crest, but to say that it can’t have stars in it, aka be themed off of our flag, which is far older than people using stars to signify WC wins, is just silly.

  414. hogatroge says:

    I like Torres, but his form has been poor over the last year.

  415. ThaDeuce says:

    Great point, but i cannot see us hiring a coach in the latter category.

  416. Louis Z says:

    I like this analogy of BB’s reign of the NATS…”he was given an unproven race car, he couldn’t drive it past 2 second gear” should he be given credit because he got the “car moving” or should he be critisize because he couldn’t find third gear? I think we could have done better with another driver.

  417. Alex G says:

    yeah!!! right!!!, i dont thing so man, a better coach makes a difference and you will see that very soon…

  418. Joamiq says:

    That’s my fear. Some think Bradley was so bad that a change will inevitably be an upgrade. But the grass is always greener… ’til you get there.

  419. hogatroge says:

    Find us the man (or woman) who will secure a solid W at Estadio Azteca.

  420. jlm says:

    you live by the bornstein, you die by the bornstein

  421. ThaDeuce says:

    So true. Check out these accomplishments.
    “Bradley was named the head coach of the U.S. MNT in January of 2007 and during his five-year tenure compiled a 43-25-12 record. He led the team to a number of accomplishments, including winning the 2007 CONCACAF Gold Cup, finishing second in the 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup, winning their World Cup qualifying group and advancing to the Round of 16 of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

    U.S. Soccer will have a further announcement on Friday.”

    I wonder who it will be.

  422. colin says:

    Lol he is our best striker. Such a joke to think He might be gone

  423. dibo says:

    just happy that there is equal opportunity in midfield now, and that MB might even be subbed in or out of a game sometime soon.

  424. warrenohiopetroclub. says:

    Jozy’s cup was crap.

    He’s been bad since going to Spain.

    It’s like his boots are clodd-hoppers.

    Very preditable player….to the point of of boredom.

    Luckily he is young…

  425. Joamiq says:

    His play in the World Cup was a marked change, both in terms of his role and the things he did on the field. If you didn’t notice that, I don’t know what else to say. You’re probably also one of those people who thought Ching contributed nothing to the nats. (Not that I think that’s what Jozy should aspire to be.)

  426. Chase says:

    Torres hasn’t been called up in over a year. The game before his last was against Turkey where he was the best on the field for the Nats. Hopefully things will change now that Bunker B is gone.

  427. Joamiq says:

    Bob gave Torres 11 caps. I think it’s tough to argue that he was particularly deserving of additional caps in the past year. I like Torres and I’m sure he’ll get more caps when he regains his form.

    This “Bunker Bob” moniker doesn’t really make much sense to me. We rarely bunker straight up in the traditional sense. We do emphasize the counter, but our attack isn’t exactly particularly adept at scoring any other way.

  428. DingDong says:

    I checked three different websites before I believed it!

  429. Joamiq says:

    And it’s not as if Bob was any more conservative than Arena was.

  430. pd says:

    Klinsmann’s coached Uruguay? I missed that…

  431. Chase says:

    I do believe Torres was more deserving than Bradley Jr. for the past 7 months. I also believe that Maurice Edu was more deserving of starting (over Bradley and Torres)

    In regards to bunker Bob… I think it depends what team we are playing against. Most of the games we have played the past few months have been against weaker teams so we were able to attack more. I still would have liked to see only 1 defensive mid instead of 2. But again, hopefully we will see some changes with a new coach. I think Bob did well for the first 4 years but after the world cup, it was definitely time to make a change.

  432. pd says:

    Peter Nowak would be a fool to leave Philly right now….

  433. SuperChivo says:

    Won the Gold Cup that mattered, first in qualifying, 2nd at the Confederations, 1rst in the group in South Africa, really the man has had an extremely successful previous cycle. God willing the Fire hire him because we are totally rudderless right now.
    That said, the Gold Cup was poor and a certain malaise seems to have set in the camp. Taking Johnny B after he hadn’t been playing just strikes as either laziness or misguided loyalty. Plus, the Michael issue really wasn’t ever going away. Let’s hope that USSF has a plan and isn’t just caving into pressure from the raving fringe of the fans.

  434. pd says:

    Now if only he would do it quietly….

  435. Matt says:

    I think National Team coaches should only be around for one world cup cycle, no more than that

  436. Joamiq says:

    I think you could make the argument that MB’s club form should have made him less of an automatic selection, but Torres was not doing much better at the club level, and Mikey repeatedly vindicated his selections with strong performances. I can buy Edu deserving meriting more time at MB’s expense though, although I’m not sure he’s actually better.

    As for Bunker Bob… yeah, still don’t get it. Dual d-mids does not equal bunkering. That was just a matter of Bob trying to get the eleven best players on the field. We’ve just got a glut there. We’re not going to stop playing 2 d-mids until a more attacking central midfielder can establish himself.

  437. pd says:

    Agreed, but someone needs to publicly break the glass ceiling, is he the man to do it? Personally I see Kreis doing that before he lands a NATS job. Now that would be great for US Soccer…

  438. pd says:

    The coach of theJapanese women? Interesting idea. If that were the case I think I prefer sundage.

  439. pd says:

    You gonna tell us Right hand or left next Show some class…

  440. pd says:

    10 years, or never. Sounds like a used car pitch to me…

  441. pd says:

    It would never happen, but I want David Moyes to coach the USMNT. With everton he gas created a solid quality club of smart and disciplined played who every now and then punch way above their weight. He has a track record of getting the most out of his players without taking lot of crap…

  442. Chase says:

    I feel like Bradley Jr’s only strong performances since last years World Cup were against Paraguay in March and against Canada in the Gold Cup. That combined with his playing time/ club form isn’t enough for an automatic selection. A year ago I would agree, Bradley was better than Edu. I can’t see that being true anymore. Just out of curiosity, where do you see Bradley ending up this summer?

    In terms of Bunker, you are right that dual d-mids does not equal bunkering but it does contribute to it. When you said “We’re not going to stop playing 2 d-mids until a more attacking central midfielder can establish himself.” That was my biggest problem with Bob, I don’t think he gave anyone a fair shot at the position.

  443. Charles says:

    My replacement pick is easy. The man who has led a country with only 3.5 million people to both a South American Copa America championship last week and a 4th place finish at the World Cup… Óscar W. Tabárez, manager of Uruguay. Let’s pony up some money for him!!! If he doens’t know English get him a copy of Rosetta Stone for heaven’s sake. Let’s make this happen.

  444. Benny says:

    Yeah, that’s why the U.S. beat Uruguay in the under U20WC with relatively the same players both national teams have now.

  445. Dennis says:

    I guess you did not see the Argentina game. Bradley is certainly not the player Messi is, but he did have a better game.

  446. KevDC says:

    Well, maybe you don’t like them, but sashes have been on soccer jerseys since at least the 1930’s.

    I happen to like the look.

    But the US logo SUCKS (I can’t even call it a “crest”).

  447. KevDC says:

    “Lazy”? Huh? Not sure which coach you’re talking about, but it certainly couldn’t be Bob Bradley.

  448. KevDC says:

    OK, Ricky, name names. Who are these super talented American soccer players who didn’t get called by BB?

  449. Mike Caramba says:

    …and Trinidad & Tobago, and Juventus, and River Plate, and Peru, and Man City, and the Portland Trailblazers…

  450. Joamiq says:

    I can buy MB as no longer an automatic. But in terms of combinations, I think Edu-Bradley and Bradley-Jones work better than Edu-Jones. I think Bradley offers a bit more in the attack than Edu, and assuming we’re going to keep trying the Jermaine Jones thing, I think we’re more likely to be successful with Bradley partnering with him. Now, if Holden comes back healthy and playing well, or if say Diskerud takes the attacking midfield reins, then maybe things change significantly. I could see Edu successfully partnering with them. But who knows. Edu just turned 25, Bradley is about to turn 24. Their games may continue to develop for the next year or two and then we’ll see. No idea where Bradley is going though. Apparently he just turned down Spartak Moscow and is getting interest from other Bundesliga and Ligue 1 clubs, plus Napoli, Bologna, Roma, Genoa… or maybe he’ll just stay at Gladbach since they seem to be asking for a lot for him. Regardless, he just needs to start. I don’t really care where – any place in the Bundesliga, Serie A, or Ligue 1 would be great.

    I don’t think it was a matter of Bob not giving anyone a fair shot. I think it was a lack of options. Who is out there who could be a quality attacking central midfield player for this team? Maybe Holden, but he’s been hurt, and while I like him a lot, I’m not sure he’s the answer in that role. Adu is not really ideal in any position that has any defensive responsibilities at all. Diskerud has the touch and the vision, but he’s still got some developing to do. Torres likes to play a little deeper so I don’t know if that role is really for him. I would like to give Benny Feilhaber another shot there. Aside from those options, I don’t see who else there is.

  451. BrianK says:

    BTW-that’s what it used to be.

  452. Joey says:

    Lets hope this is really the beginning of a new era. I’ve been unhappy with Bradley for years and Im hopeful that we’ll get someone that will make every player on the field earn his spot every game. Also, a coach that goes into games trying to win, not bunker and counter attack

    The part Im really going to find interesting is the roll that Mikey plays in the upcoming friendlies. Is he still an automatic starter and 90 minute player or will the new coach go another direction? I think he’s in the mix but I also think his days as an automatic are over. That may be the best case

    Bornstein I think has suited up for the last time for the Nats and I think Rodgers and Sacha are also gonna fall off the radar screen

    Lets hope the new guy is not afraid to make changes and takes us forward and out of the darkness we’ve been in for the last 5 years

  453. Matt says:

    Bob Bradley was always just the Kenny Bania to Bruce Arena’s Jerry Seinfeld. He followed his coattails.

  454. Chase says:

    I did see the Argentina game. He certainly wasn’t the worst US player on the field but I also wasn’t that impressed. You could tell he hadn’t gotten many minutes with his club recently. Although he covered a lot of ground, his passes were off the mark.

  455. Chase says:

    You are right in terms of the one game where Jones and Edu partnered, they didn’t look that great together. What I would like to see is a Holden, Torres, or Feilhaber partner with a Jones or Edu. Then throw Bradley Jr’s name with Jones and Edu once he gets some minutes with his club.

    Do you remember Torres in the game against Turkey last year? He looked really good. After that he had one subpar game and since that game against Slovenia he never got another call up. That’s what bothered me most about Bob, even more than the Bornstein decision.

  456. B 16 says:

    Could we bring in Klinsy and Loew as his assistant?

  457. Adam, you suffer from the same lack of vision that Bob did, that’s why he’s gone. You apparently can only define good strikers based on the shallow pool of players that Bob has called up. Do I need to give you the Milk Cup Roster and the rosters of half the teams in the MLS? There are plenty of options up top and until we find one that works, we should not stop trying.

  458. tricksyclown17 says:

    ^ +1

  459. Scott says:

    Where are all the Klinsman haters?? At least now people can get off MB90’s back about him only playing because daddy is coaching.