Chivas USA co-owner Cué confirms discussions on possible move from HDC

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Chivas USA co-owner Antonio Cué has confirmed that Chivas USA are in talks with cities in Los Angeles County for a potential move away from the Home Depot Center.

Chvias USA have shared the Home Depot Center since the club's inception in 2005 and have publically made it very clear that they have always sought to have their own residence away from the LA Galaxy. In a recent conversation with, Cué stated that the club is indeed speaking to cities, who are interested in housing a Chivas USA Soccer-Specific stadium.

“There are a lot of cities asking for us to move and we're evaluating that, but it's going to take some time and right now, we're focusing on playing here this year,” said Cué. “We will study all the locations and when we are ready to make a move then we'll let everyone know. We're not ready now though because all of [the cities] seem to be pretty good.

“But we're obviously talking to a lot of cities that are all within LA and there is nothing outside of LA County,” Cue added.

What do you think of the potential move?

Will Chivas USA succeed in getting a new stadium?  Will it help the team in terms of attendance and boost the fan base? 

Share your thoughts below.

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117 Responses to Chivas USA co-owner Cué confirms discussions on possible move from HDC

  1. John says:

    Chivas USA is the worst mistake of MLS. The name alienates pretty much anyone who is not a Chivas Guadalajara fan.

  2. Richard, UK says:

    You’d think they would be mad not to rebrand given the opportunity to move into a new home. They could easily market to a Hispanic crowd.

    I’d like to see them move elsewhere, but a rebrand within Los Angeles also works for me.

  3. Gage says:

    Come to San Diego!

  4. Bryce says:

    Call the stadium Azteca Norte. Rebrand to something more encompassing of the Mexican population (or, I guess, the broader Hispanic population).

  5. ricky says:

    Keep marketing to a Hispanic crowd, but rebrand.

  6. Smits says:

    in the same vain as this…
    Why does the MLS try and steal ideas and identities from other leagues around the world? Why can’t they make their own traditions?
    Nix the Chivas name, move it to San Diego and make your own ego.

  7. They should move to San Diego.

  8. Duck says:

    Agreed. Is there room somewhere for a downtown stadium though?

  9. Seriously says:

    Couldn’t agree more with both of these posts. You both get 1,000 points free to spend on nothing. MLS really needs to find some loophole into getting that ownership group out then someone can come in and try to actually run an MLS franchise rather than a b@$t@rd child nobody wants.

  10. MuchFreddieAduAboutNothing says:

    Would be a great thing. Rebranding would be nice, too. See, this would be an actually appropriate circumstance to use Spanish in the team name (No offense to all you Utah soccer fans, but ‘Real’ Salt Lake? Really?). Chivas is one way to do it, but it’s 1) plain lazy and 2) hasn’t worked.

    How about something like Olimpo Los Angeles? Or just Los Angeles F.C. (LA is Spanish, after all)?

  11. MC Pharaoh says:

    something like CD San Diego would be savvy…


  12. Alex G says:

    Please Ives do a special coverage on hoe the US national teams are not working, at any level, my expectations were huge for the USWNT and they didnt deliver. its pathetic how Mexico is having great tournaments and we dont have nothing to be proud of.

  13. Seriously says:

    Not terrible, and use San Diego’s city crest (if they have one ?) or at least something that has to do with San Diego rather than a city in another f’n country. Would also like to see a complete change in colors simply because the league has too much red, white, and blue. Something different would be good. Purple maybe? I dunno just not blue or another green as they are catching up to blue.

  14. Igor says:

    You know that Chivas USA has actual fans right? Tell them you want to move their team to San Diego and rebrand it

  15. Duck says:

    Purple and white would be cool, just because no other team uses it.

    Wikipedia tells me that the San Diego flag is red, white and yellow, which might also be neat. Red is common, but no one uses it together with yellow.

  16. Ne-Dub says:

    San Diego is one of the worst sports cities in the country. Moving the team there is not the answer. They had one of the highest ratings for WC viewership and perennially one of the lowest for MLS.

  17. Seriously says:

    If they kept the vertical stripes but changed white to yellow and used white sparingly for trim or shorts that could be a nice combo and one we certainly don’t see in MLS.

  18. Seriously says:

    You realize they don’t have an MLS and therefore not much reason to watch MLS games aside from being crazy soccer fans who love the domestic game, like me, right?

  19. Lil' Zeke says:

    keep your shirt on

  20. Silversurfer says:

    There’s plenty of room in the San Diego County. Qualcom Stadium in SD will not work. It is too big and the city is a financial train wreck. Chula Vista is a better option. They have plenty of space out by the Olympic Training Center. Escondido has been negotiating with the Padres concerning their AAA team and can be reached by taking the Sprinter(light rail). Escondido is also easy driving distance from Temecual/Riverside. Oceanside has room where the airport sits. Just change the name.

  21. CJ says:

    I thought they admitted, some years ago, that the Chivas USA idea was a total disaster and they really wanted to rebrand. I can’t remember why they didn’t do it.

  22. CJ says:

    They could resurrect the California Surf and play in Anaheim! Their colors were (primarily) white with sky blue, yellow and green(?)

  23. MC Pharaoh says:

    They agree mate, lol… go to the Chivas USA section in Bigsoccer. Those intelligent Chivas USA fans agree with you and they would still probably support the team in San Diego.

  24. chris says:


  25. go aztecs says:

    they should rebrand themselves to LA Aztecs

    link to

  26. chris says:

    Move to san diego. Rebrand, san diego aztecs sounds nice keeps the mexican feel, kind of. Same colors as the chargers that would be sick. Don’t put f.c. at the end we don’t call it football and its a shame that we try to fit in by naming teams real salt lake or sporting kc. Its a global game, I don’t get why we can’t put our own spin on it. Keep the playoffs and the summer season it works.

  27. Seriously says:

    Too much Blue in the league. Otherwise I agree with you.

  28. Pete says:

    I’m so glad to read that I’m not the only one who is so embarrassed by the copy-cat MLS names. It gives the league the credibility of a youth grid-kids league with rip-off NFL names. I’m surprised some of these owners haven’t tried opening a Walmart Jr. or something.

  29. Scott A says:

    I’ve gotta say, irrespective of how I feel about the choice of Chivas USA, I feel for hardcore Chivas USA fans. It’s not easy to devote yourself to a team and constantly hear people slam its existence.

  30. Brent McD says:

    Re-brand and come to San Diego! Build a new soccer specific stadium on the Chula Vista / National City waterfront. Play in Qualcomm until it’s ready.

    People are going to have their eyes opened by the Xolos success. The San Diego / Tijuana market is a rabid soccer market ripe for the picking.

  31. Brent McD says:

    plenty of room in South Bay

  32. Brent McD says:

    here’s your logo, ready to market:

    link to

  33. miggy says:

    las vegas, phoenix, or orange county.

  34. randy says:

    xolos are going to be playing games in san diego.

  35. Boy Wonder says:


  36. Steve McSteve says:

    Ok, I agree with all the rebrand people, because Chivas is stupid. And it doesn’t just hurt Chivas, it hurts the league. A second LA team should be a team that draws well on the road, and if they were “LA Anything” they’d draw better than Chivas does.

    As for this whole “move to San Diego” idea…why?

    The LA metro area has 12 million people. That’s without including the Inland Empire which has another 4 million people. San Diego has only 3 million people.

    Now I know that some might say “But LA already has a team!” It’s not just about that. It’s also about developing talent. LA is one of the biggest areas for youth soccer talent in the country, and Chivas has a great academy. Why move the team and the academy to an area with less talent?

  37. John D says:

    You aren’t going to call them the San Diego Aztecs because that is San Diego State’s mascot. Although San Diego is an awful sports town, I do think they would completely embrace an MLS team. Add a couple Mexican internationals to the team and I guarantee they would instantly have one of the highest attendance figures in the league.

  38. chris says:

    Yeah I was wondering where I heard it.

  39. todd nelson says:

    Why make a Hispanic specific team in the first place????

    I think you are just limiting yourself there from the start.

    you can always have hispanic marketing programs for a team, but by making it primarily a hispanic specific team you are alienating ummmm, oh yeah, Americans!

    Are you saying that the either the Clippers or the Lakers needs to rebrand to be the Cliperos or the Laguneros? NO! and they have tons of hispanic fans.

    Just simply create an original team concept that local fans can be proud of regardless of ethnicity.

  40. Steve McSteve says:

    My suggestion is that Chivas moves to Pomona, 40 miles away from the HDC. They’ve talked to the city before. It would give them much greater access to fans in the Inland Empire.

  41. to move or not to move says:

    The problem with moving teams is that it takes credibility away from the league, stability is best for the long run.

    Galaxy already draw well and Chivas isn’t exactly drawing poorly, maybe rebrand the team as Los Angeles ….. and then start promoting it more and the team can become a strong franchise. Although to me getting a seperate stadium is vital to building its identity, maybe a 20,000 seat stadium downtown or at least far enough away where they can attract other fans.

  42. mistadobolina says:

    +1 and move to east LA!

  43. dantheblue says:

    Move them to Cal State Fullerton. I’ve posted this before and I still stand by it. CSUF has a 4,000 seat stadium that sits there doing nothing since they dropped football in 1984. Add 13,000 seats (plenty of room to do this) and shazamm… There is plenty of parking, easy on/off freeway access, and a quick ride to either the 60 or the 91 from the 57. MEtrolink is relatively closeby and a quality bus system in place with OCTD so it would be easy for everybody to get there. It sits squarely in the middle of the Southern California area and that organization would explode.

  44. chris says:

    Its all about the money and it should be. La fans choose between the galaxy and chivas and it hurts the galaxies ticket and jersey sales. Lets be honest a second team will not dethrone the galaxy and moving the team to san diego will increase chivas’s popularity, revenue and they get a stadium. Its another tv deal and more fan exposure. La can expand their academy and there will be plenty of no n mls academys don’t worry. Plus eric avila, and the farfans came from san diego so there’s talent.

  45. kfly says:

    Move ’em to San Diego, change that horrifying name.

  46. chris says:

    Or move to san diego get a big enough stadium not a 15,000 seater that you spend millions for that you will move out of in 10 years (I’m looking at you kansas city).

  47. chris says:

    And they stiil keep a geographic rivalry

  48. kfly says:

    Correction: too much ugly NAVY blue in the league. Not enough royal blue, like Chelsea or the Sporks before the name change.

    Hopefully Montreal will have a nice shade of blue. IMHO, navy blue is just a terrible color for any uniform; especially one with red accents (AHEM Revs), despite the patriotic feel.

  49. Chris says:

    Club Deportivo Los Angeles should use the colors green, white and red and sign a few popular Mexican internationals as DPs.

  50. cairo says:

    Completely agree with this. The current Titan stadium is actually much bigger than dantheblue says–more like 9K. Could easily add 10-12k seats and have a very nice MLS facility, for FAR less money than building from scratch. The San Diego talk is nice, but didn’t the above article say that ALL the prospective cities were in LA County?

  51. Brian says:

    They kinda did something like this at Uniwatch.

    link to

  52. Brian says:

    I think a lot of Chivas USA fans are (I know at least SBI poster ELAC is) USMNT fans

  53. chris says:

    This is a us league so no. If they want to support el tri let the leave

  54. sammysounder says:

    So Chicanos aren’t Americans?

  55. chris says:

    Move the second team in LA to san diego. Cut the canadian teams, put teams in atlanta and miami. Move the revs to boston and rebrand. Change rsl, dallas, ny and kc’s name. Have colorado change there colors. Have small market teams like san antonio, new orleans, phoenix and minnesotta earn an expansion team. That would be my dream.

  56. Rev up those Revs says:

    Don’t you mean “Irregardless”

  57. bigprof says:

    “Los Braceros”…is perfect and would be equivalent to Philly’s labor reference. “Los Braceros” would also be pro-US since it refers to the famous bracero program that brought many Mexicans like my uncle to this side. Its a name thats both hispanic, historical, pro-US, and pro-immigration. As for the rest of the US English-speaking sports media getting used to such name, they;ve gotten used to saying the “Padres” when discussing San Diego’s baseball team.

  58. bigprof says:

    lay off Freddie man. I’m warning you.

  59. Scott A says:

    If you were serious…. I’m going to groan and direct you to a dictionary.

    If you were kidding…. I like your style.

  60. bigprof says:

    call them the San Diego Chihuahuas and have friendlies with Tijuana Xolos….which scrawny mexican dog will win?

  61. bigprof says:

    tru. didnt the US open cup game at Fullerton get around 4k for a mid week? thats not bad, and thats edging towards Inland Empire. I say Chino Hills since its near freeways and seems to have good infrastructure- malls, solid streets, middle class. Pomona is a hardcore thug dump.

  62. Oranje Mike says:

    Miami already flopped in MLS. How would Phoenix be a small market team? Have you checked a population chart post ’90? New Orleans?

  63. bigprof says:

    blacks are actually the most american of groups (excluding indians).

  64. bigprof says:

    amen. The thing about moving a team,there is that stability question. It makes advertisers a bit shakey…”hey man, is this thing gonna fold”. So you want to be careful w/moves. I say save that slot for the Crew when Hunt gets tired of it.

  65. joejoe says:

    There’s only one thing that will get people to follow a team. It’s simply winning. When ChivasUSA starts winning consistently, beating the Galaxy regularly, and make playoff every year then people will follow. It’s that simple.

  66. Jamie says:

    Come to Minnesota lol? No but seriously.

  67. CrazyMike366 says:

    Texas billionaire Chris Milam was planning a 35k-seater stadium across the freeway from Mandalay Bay. The bill to rezone that plot and create a special gameday tax on the stadium site failed though. Now the project looks dead in the water.

    As much as it kills me to say it, Vegas isn’t ‘ready’ for a team compared to our bid competition in LA, San Diego, Phoenix, and San Antonio, et alibi

  68. masterfully done says:

    I would like to see an MLS team have a platypus as it’s mascot. The animal is distinctly North American and it’s the only mammal to lay eggs instead of giving birth to live young.

  69. masterfully done says:

    I’m from San Diego and I would like to see an MLS team here. Chivas could do quite well here, considering our proximity to the border (~20 minutes from the city center) Unfortunately, Chivas spent a lot of money in order to be in LA (as I understand it they were dead set on the LA area) so I doubt the current ownership would make a move out of LA county.

  70. bigprof says:

    Is Cue a figurehead owner? is it really Vergara’s team, or does Cue really have 50percent? if so, I hope he gets the rest….run Vergara out of the league, along with Kraft, Wolff, and the Hunt son in charge of the Crew. Hit reset on Chicago. That city is too big and too important not to have it resemble the galaxy and the redbulls

  71. masterfully done says:

    Yeah, just 2.5 hours down the I-5. I smell a road trip :)

  72. bigprof says:

    this might actually work. remember, for alot of middle class folks in the LA area going to Carson is considered as going through the hood to get to HDC. So if chivas usa can rebrand and place themselves in a safe community and be central, they might actually take some fans away from galaxy.

  73. bigPepe says:

    oh yeah, those San Diego Padres totally alienate potential whites, blacks, and asian fans of baseball with their hispanic team name.

  74. Kodi says:

    I do agree with platypus for mascot, but ….

  75. Seriously says:

    No correction needed. When I said blue I meant blue in general. 50 shades of blue are still blue. Hopefully Montreal will go outside of the box and pick anything but blue. Stick with pink for all I care. Navy is a good color but not for MLS anymore. No blue at all works anymore.

  76. Seriously says:

    Yeah all those teams that move around in the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL really hurt those leagues… Oh wait. No they don’t. Moving a team to a plce where it can get different things and a better fan base helps the league. Houston Dynamo really hurt MLS didn’t they?

  77. kfly says:

    1. Why cut the Canadian team’s? They have two of the stronger fan bases, particularly Toronto. Imagine if they could actually field teams that could beat a PDL team? Good Lord, ticket demand would be out of this world!
    2. Atlanta doesn’t even have a supporter’s group that has emerged during Arthur Blank’s attempt to bring MLS there. Meanwhile, the city just lost the Thrashers because they couldn’t support a game not indigenous to the area. Football, baseball, and sometimes basketball- that’s all that is sustainable in most Southern cities (Raleigh and Nashville being the exception with the Hurricanes and Predators in the NHL).
    3. Miami failed. Miserably. And is currently failing in the NASL/USL/USSF-2/Whatever the hell it is now. Tampa Bay, on the other hand, is doing pretty well under the “Rowdies” name. Plus, it’s a better place for a niche sport like soccer (I still consider hockey to be niche, and the TB Lightning sell out most of their games in a 20,000-seat arena, whereas the Florida Panthers are probably going to move to Hartford or Quebec City soon because they suck so bad in every aspect of being a sports team).
    4. RSL has made a name for itself as RSL, it would be dumb to rebrand at this point.
    5. Agree on moving the Revs to Boston, changing FCD, KC, and NJ’s names.
    6. What’s wrong with Colorado’s colors? Burgundy looks very sharp, especially with the baby blue accents. How can you call for a change in the Crapids’ colors when the Philadelphia Union exist (navy blue and brown? Seriously? Is that even real?)?
    7. What is your definition of “small market?” Those are all pretty big markets with existing Big 4 sports teams, and Phoenix and Minneapolis (I assume that’s where your conditional team would go) are huge.

  78. Brian says:

    Would be a perfect mascot for such a unique team like Chivas USA

  79. dan says:

    I’m a HUGE Galaxy supporter and I like this move. LA Is a ridiculously large city and having chivas further north would help attendance for both teams. I just wish the Galaxy were selling HDC to Chivas and building a new stadium in downtown :(

  80. Chivas Llamas FC says:

    I’ve never seen a professional more in need of a rebranding/identity change in my sports-loving lifetime.

    Until they do so, they remain the poo-stain on MLS’ tighty-whiteys.

  81. Chivas Llamas FC says:

    Yea, I think they should call themselves the San Diego Cartel and with the supporters group named “The AK-47’s”.

    That should market to the Mexican community….

    Seriously, market well and cut out the “Mexican community” crap. People will come if there’s a quality product that isn’t directed at one segment of the population.

  82. Chivas Llamas FC says:


    In fact, Miami is arguably the WORST professional supporting city in the entire country.

    Any sport. They’re horrible.

  83. Chivas Llamas FC says:

    LA Aztecs and New York Cosmos in MLS would be magic.

  84. Oranje Mike says:

    Moving to Boston is easier said than done. If Boston wanted the Revs they would already have a stadium there.

  85. J says:


  86. Med says:

    Ummm… Philly doesn’t have a labor reference. The Union referred to in the team name is the union of states that became the US.

  87. Oh brother….

    The announcement to make Chivas USA a homegrown California team using talent from Southern California will make it relevant to the market.

    If anything, US Soccer can learn from their example of how to do it.

    I give them credit for being flexible and finding a business model that will work for them. I think we will be surprised when they start finding the talent our current system chooses to ignore.

  88. Alex G says:

    I will man, but its frustrating, and the worst part is that I don´t see any promise for the future, no new players, well world class players and teams, anyway…

  89. Dax says:

    So a county that has made it abundantly clear the public will not pay one penny for a NFL stadium is now going to build a stadium for a MLS club with a valuation of less than $20-million?

    You’re source must be LA Weekly.

  90. bigPepe says:

    oh yeah, thinking of the crew

  91. jimg says:

    Padres is an original team name with the name tying to local history.

    Chivas USA is from Chivas from Guadalajara, Mexico, in a short sighted attempt to garner Mexican supporters.

    BTW – Why would anyone other than people with a Mexican ancestry AND a history with Chivas de Guadalajara root for this team? A cruz azul or Americas fan definitely do not root for Chivas USA.

  92. jimg says:

    Why don’t they just relocate to Mexico then?

    Isn’t this an American league?

    Why can’t all ethnicities get behind a team? I don’t see the need to brand the team as a “Latino specific” team.

  93. Joe says:

    This is all posturing by Cue because their rent agreement is up isn’t it?

  94. J Dog says:

    The best case scenario…

    1. Rebrand, I will never cheer for chivas. I would buy the LA Aztecs name

    2. Move toward the I.E. Pomona is actually a good place if you want to stay in LA County, but Ontario or Riverside would be great.

    3. Market, Market, Market

  95. P Gowg says:

    I agree with so many people, too bad Garber does not agree. They should be move to Miami, to miami, change the name to Vergas Grandes, which mean Green Movement. It will give everyone a chance to root foe verga. The support in Florida will be strong as they tend to enjoy the Green movement, they do love verga down there.

  96. RK says:

    I hate the borrowed names, too. I call for Los Angeles to be renamed The Angels, and San Diego to be Saint…Daniel?

  97. EAscott says:

    +1 and build a soccer specific stadium there, and call it azteca norte!

  98. abc says:

    Great, now change the freaking name.

    Club Deportivo Los Angeles
    Los Angeles Aztecs

    Having a professional sports team in the Los Angeles area and not putting “Los Angeles” in the name is pretty much the worst marketing mistake possible, Chivas are the anti-Angels.

  99. abc says:

    San Diego Surf?
    San Diego Gunners, named after the military community / naval presence, ripping of Arsenal’s logo?

  100. abc says:

    They’re going to take their talents to South Bay?

  101. abc says:

    “A second LA team should be a team that draws well on the road, and if they were “LA Anything” they’d draw better than Chivas does.”

    Finally somebody who gets it!

    You WANT teams with nationally recognized cities in their names, LA, NY, Chicago, SF, Boston, DC, etc.

  102. abc says:

    This might be the most moronic comment in the history of the internet. The worst thing about it is it would require hours of research and thousands of words to refute all the idiocy in just this one quick-fire sports talk radio style comment.

  103. abc says:

    Here is a good name for a sports team, in English too!

    The The Angels Angels of Saint Anne home

    (the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim)

  104. joejoe says:

    SDSU are the Aztecs. If you don’t like the Chivas name then just call them the goats. Really no one cares if you will cheer or not. Free country.

  105. gh says:

    not with the galaxy well-established

  106. fg says:

    all 18

  107. mongo says:

    Galaxy territory still

  108. subby says:


  109. Opie says:

    no, there is already an LA original…that would be a Clipper-like mistake

  110. Settle doe says:

    LA Aztecs are not NY Cosmos

  111. Pat says:

    Since when does LA need help with attendance?

  112. Martin says:

    Galaxy sales are just fine, big names put butts in seats and jerseys on backs. Chivas can’t compete until it brings in the players.

  113. TommyOC says:

    I seem to recall it had something to do with a particularly messy legal dispute regarding trademarks or some-such as it involved owners/investors.

    Can someone shed some light on this?

  114. word up says:

    I don’t think you know what a platypus is.