Club America’s Castillo awaiting another call from U.S. national team



GLENDALE, Ariz. — Edgar Castillo has kept up with the latest goings-on for the U.S. men's national team, and he's ready for another chance to represent his country of birth. He just needs the opportunity to arise.

The midfielder/defender from New Mexico — in Arizona last Sunday to play in the inaugural Monsoon Classic, a Mexican First Division preseason match between his side, Club America, and Morelia — is anxiously awaiting a call from U.S. Soccer to play again on the international stage. Asked what he sees from the Americans based on how they've fared of late, the 24-year-old Castillo got to the point.

"That I could play there," Castillo said. "You watch the game and you talk about them, but it's a whole different thing on the field." 

Castillo played in friendlies for Mexico before taking advantage of the FIFA rule that allowed him, as an American citizen, to switch countries, having not played in an official competition for Mexico. But he hasn't played for the United States since November, 2009, in a friendly against Denmark that was his first and only U.S. cap. 

There's a case for Castillo to perhaps soon find his place on the U.S. roster. The United States could use some help in the form of speed on a backline — specifically Castillo's preferred left side — that was picked apart by Mexico in the Gold Cup, and Castillo certainly has that.

He showed flashes of brilliance on the ball and in recovery on defense in his 62-plus minutes at University of Phoenix Stadium against Morelia, and apparently impressed Portland Timbers technical director Gavin Wilkinson in his 45-minute stint in Club America's 1-0 victory over Portland at Jeld-Wen Field last week.

Also, it looks like Castillo is finally going to get the long look from the Club America technical staff he's been seeking for some time. Club America has loaned Castillo out to three other teams in Mexico for parts of three seasons since 2009, most recently to Puebla.

"His job over the next six months is to win a starting spot (for Club America)," Castillo's agent Eddie Rock said.

Added Castillo: "I'm very happy to be back. I've been in the Mexican League with five clubs now and I get to come back and do my best and be a starter."

Castillo makes a salary in Mexico that could be compared to MLS Designated Player money stateside. But he remains connected to his family, members of which made the four-to-five-hour drive from Las Cruces, N.M., for his match Sunday.

His goals in soccer are set. One is to win a Mexican club title. The other?

"Why not go to the World Cup in Brazil?" Castillo said. 

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111 Responses to Club America’s Castillo awaiting another call from U.S. national team

  1. Dave says:

    Eddie Rock sounds like an ignorant jerk.

  2. NE Matt says:

    Love this guys attitude and drive. I’ve seen him play before and hes definitely got the speed to get back on defense if he goes forward, and has the positioning and grittiness that a guy like Bornstein severely lacks and which ultimately leads to him getting burned or failing on challenges. This kid is a bright spot in the dark hole that is the USMNT LB position.

  3. Brett says:

    The article says it. He can’t win a spot for the club that owns his rights. Why should we court him as an international? He needs to focus on his club, represent well that way, and earn another callup.

    On the bright side, it won’t take much to unseat Bornstein, who is rarely used for his inferior Mexican club. Then again, when Bob Bradley is making the decisions, you can’t count on much…

  4. NE Matt says:

    How, the Timbers coach made the comment about him being too good for MLS. The agent just repeated it.

  5. fifawitz1313 says:

    This kid just seems arrogant. Everytime I hear his name it is usually him or his agent overhyping his skills. He struggles for playing time on the teams he gets loaned out to (maybe this season aside). I wish him luck because he does play left back and we could use him but until he starts impressing me with his performances and consistent playing time I won’t hold my breath.

  6. thomas mcbooglebones says:

    It’s too bad left back is the most stacked position on the usmnt, or else i’d say give him a shot. But all levity aside, what was the deal with his first cap. Did he not impress? I watched the game but obviously I don’t remember how any players fared on that day. And I’m sure the agent is just doing his job and talking up his client, but it would be really promising if he could secure a starting spot for Club America.

  7. jonk says:

    Put together some starts for Club America and the LB job is yours, Castillo.

  8. TonyT says:

    As long as BB is coach, Castillo will not be a regular starter, maybe some friendlies here and there. BB has to go.

  9. jonk says:

    He got put in at left mid on a makeshift US team. Not much of a chance to show his chops as a LB candidate.

  10. Thomas says:

    Bring Shea and Castillo in for next few friendlies and see what they can do. We need someone to go along with Lichaj as a solid option.

  11. shutupayouface says:

    didn’t he play left midfield in that game? you know US soccer has watched him, something (play, attitude, etc.) just isn’t impressing them it seems.

  12. Fifawitz1313 says:

    Blah, Blah, Blah…Ur an idiot.

  13. jonk says:

    Bob has not slighted this guy. After he got his paperwork switch sorted, Bob more or less called him in as soon as he could (after qualifying was over) and since then Castillo has struggled for playing time at club level.

  14. Oranje Mike says:

    Bradley needs to go but Castillo does not factor into that at all. I could take or leave Castillo. He made his choice.

  15. Pd says:

    it’s real simple. Get minutes with the club, be able to play on the wing or at left back and you’ve got a shot. Anything else and it’s take a number and hope for the best.

  16. Felix says:

    I’ve had no problem with Castillo not getting called up. Going forward he’s good, but he can get easily caught out of position with his frequent forays upfield and over-relies on his speed to make up that difference. Against quality international sides, it would be something that they could pick apart again and again.

    If he wins his spot with Club America and starts putting in good minutes, than we should start talking about him getting call-ups again.

    UNTIL that happens, we have to continue to play Lichaj out of position, bring back other out-of-favor players like Heath Pearce, or lean on younger guys and hope they come through, like Sean Cunningham, Greg Garza or Zach Loyd.

  17. mistadobolina says:

    this guy sounds way too entitled..if he was ripping it up at Club America and El Tri and the USNT were fighting over him this would make sense..but not yet

    he had that one shot .. and didnt impress then again no one did that game. i think he should get a shot in either the Costa Rica or the January game.. not because he has earned it but because the LB hopefuls in MLS arnt knocking down the door too quickly.

  18. Primoone says:

    Would Castillo fair better than Bornstuck? Probably…however, not by miles. He is a decent 1v1 defender. Is ok on set pieces. Doesn’t get wrong footed much and offers more fortitude in the attack over Borndumb however, ball distribution as well as getting caught on counters are his weaknesses. I don’t know if he is up to it internationally.

    I think left-back is Lichajs’ spot to lose. Once Greg Garza learns how to play as a unit as opposed to an individual, then would be a better option post 2014 at left back.

    At the end of the day, it is not only the starting position that needs to be solidified. It is also the dept that needs to be established as well and Castillo would be another option.

  19. mistadobolina says:

    add Anthony Wallace to the list with Cunningham, Garza and Loyd.

  20. Danny says:

    I remember when he got his big break with Santos Laguna. He really was a great young talent. Speed, toughness, all that good stuff. After his championship season though, he bolted for Club America and the bigger salary. It was all down here from there.

    Get some playing time buddy. It’s the USMNT LB slot, not the Spanish midfield. Get some PT and you’ll get a shot.

  21. MC Pharaoh says:

    +1, however that is an ignorant comment from anyone. No player is “too good” for MLS unless they are starting on a top European side tbh.

  22. Primoone says:

    I don’t know if defender is his natural position as he considers himself a winger however, I would like to actually see him play in the position he plays at on his club teams. If folks recall, Sweats put him in as a defensive midfielder during his only cap.

  23. mistadobolina says:

    USSF needs to move the annual January friendly to a time that works with the FMF schedule. Guys like Castillo, Torres, Orozco and Corona deserve as much of a camp as some of the MLS players called in.

  24. bluexmas says:

    Did his agent write this article?

  25. mistadobolina says:

    true i was surprised when he did that. I could see him or a player like him excelling as a wing back similar to play that Churundolo plays on the right side.

  26. Colin says:

    I bet Wilkinson didn’t say that exact quote. Sounds like typical agent hot air.

  27. Timber Dan says:

    Hey Edgar, you made your bed. Go sleep in it. We don’t want you on the USMNT. I don’t care how good you are. YOU made the choice to play for MExico because it was “better for your career.” We don’t want you. You’re a Mexican player. We don’t want you.

  28. MC Pharaoh says:

    Castillo has been starting in recent friendlies for Club America so I could definately see him having a good season and becoming our go to LB. Even at the time BB named the Gold Cup squad he wouldve been a better option than Bornstein. Hell, Bornstein wasnt even playing Left Back if he played at all for Tigres. He had no right being on the squad.

    I hope Castillo steps it up. He may be the most important yank abroad this upcoming season. I would say that for any Left Back.

  29. Martha says:

    At lb he reminds me of Bornstein to much. In fact Bornstein is also a bench player for his Mexican club.

    But he also kinda reminds me Beasley out on the wing.

    Either way we can’t even talk about him playing for the Nats till he is a consistent performer for America and becomes more solid defensively. He is good enough offensively but Lichaj is stronger and more consistent.

    Like Bradley says ” if a player doesn’t play for his club I don’t see how he could play for us”
    ….unless he’s my son

  30. bob says:

    Las Cruces NM. They just disbanded the police force and arrested the mayor. Selling arms to the drug cartels.

  31. Goalscorer24 says:

    Can’t be worse then Bornstein.

  32. Turgid Jacobian says:

    What are you babbling about? He’s stuck with us, now, so we might as well take him if he’s any good.

  33. markVA says:

    there’s no way he’s worse than bornstein.

  34. matt says:

    He probably said something to the effect of “I see that he’s talented enough to play in a league other than MLS” which turned into “too good for MLS”

  35. AT says:

    Not Las Cruces NM, actually Columbus, NM. Columbus is a very small town on the border with Mx in the middle of nowhere. Las Cruces is where the mayor and police chief were incarcerated.

  36. qax says:

    Columbus, NM, actually – tiny town a few hours away from Cruces, but nice try…

    On topic, I’d love to see a New Mexican on the Nats but I haven’t seen anything from Castillo that makes me think he’s the answer at LB. Then again, he can’t be worse than Bornstein…

  37. Seriously says:

    But J. Bornstein is impressing somehow.

  38. Tony in Quakeland says:

    I thought that his attitude was fine – he’s confident and wants to play. Why shouldn’t he think that? But even if he comes off “entitlted” at this point, who are we to be picky? At this point, I’d start Hitler if he could play left back.

    Well, okay, maybe not

  39. bottlcaps says:

    No, that was Columbus, New Mexico, a small border town. Las Cruxes is a city of over 150,000 and is the home of the New Mexico State Aggies.

    And with all the chances BB gave Bornstein after some colossal mistakes and bad play, I don’t think BB would give up on Castillo after ONE cap. I yhink his injuries have kept him off the usmnt chart for a while.

  40. Jose says:

    My grandma is a better then bornstein. The guy sucks. Castillo is welcome.

  41. ThaDeuce says:

    Who currently gets more minutes in the top Mexican league, Bornstein or Castillo? I think Bob knows the answer, sadly. Until I thought more about it, Castillo gave me hope. Back to hopeless. Well. Not really. Lichaj, Cherundolo, Chandler, and Spector actually make me quite pleased. : )

  42. scipio says:

    wow, racist much? And did you even read the article? He wants to play for the US team because that’s where he was BORN. Absolutely nothing wrong with going abroad to make more money. No one bitched at Stuart Holden for going abroad, and if his knee would stop attracting defenders’ cleats, we would never stop talking about how good that decision was.

    And like it or not, our team needs better players regardless of their heritage. Mexico chewed up Bornstein faster than the last bagel at a bar mitzvah. Absolutely no excuse not to be calling up Edgar, who actually (correct me if i’m wrong please) saw the field last year more than bornstein.

    Go watch the Timbers lose and jack off to pictures of sarah pailin, buttwipe

  43. We don’t need him.

    We have Jonathon Bornstein. Why would we have players with Mexican league experience play against a team like say, Mexico? He is not physical enough.

  44. Daniel says:

    Some guys need to see him play a few games. He is not a good defender. All he does is run with his head looking to the ground, goes deep and sends it to the box. That is all this guy does.

  45. Ricky B. Free says:

    Seems like they are not too bright in Portland. The losing streak must be getting to their heads lol.

  46. Ricky B. Free says:

    Maybe you should watch him closely, this guy can dribble without looking at the ball and can take on people 1v1 because he actually has skills on the ball. I will give you that he is not that good of a defender.

  47. Dave says:

    Just saying that Bornstein sucked at the Gold Cup yes, but he was really very good at the World Cup. Show the kid a little respect! And no this is not his MOM.

  48. patrick says:

    your statement about his position on his team is a little ridiculous. Its clear that even if you aren’t a starter on a club team (let alone YOUR club team) you can still start for the USMNT. Castillo’s problem is that he hasn’t been able to string together a good/great 6-12 months that will show his form and ability. Should he nail down a starting spot, I’d certainly expect to see him invited to a camp or two again.

  49. patrick says:

    he played on the wing when he came in, not as a CM

  50. patrick says:

    speak for yourself Dan. I’ll welcome any player that can, and wants to play for the US, particularly one that plays forward or LB. I’m not even sure what your comments are aimed at, he made the move TO the US FROM mexico

  51. John says:

    You mean Eddie Castle.

  52. patrick says:

    why does everyone only bring up bradley? At times, Benny Feilhaber (Derby) Jozy Altidore, Oguchi Onyewu and a host of others have been called in, and played, while not starting of getting PT for their club

  53. DingDong says:

    If my memory serves me right, “very good” is an exaggeration. But I do remember him exceeding my (my very low) expectations. I also genuinely feel sorry for the guy: it’s not his fault that Bob keeps putting him in. And he’s a better left back than I am….

  54. GW says:

    Lichaj is the starting left back not JB.

  55. Peter says:

    Unless proven otherwise Bob Bradley will not give anyone with any Hispanic Heritage a chance!!!! If he does one mistake and they are gone see under JFT. You must be big strong and defense first! No ball skills are required under this current coach.

  56. Oranje Mike says:

    You mistead Timber Dan’s post. He’s not bashing his ethnicity but his choice to play for El Tri instead of USA. Edgar only wanted to play for his home country after his chances with Mexico fell apart.

  57. Brett says:

    Did I say Castillo would be vying for a starting spot?

  58. fischy says:

    This TImber Dan may be wrong about which country Castillo plays for, but there’s nothing racist in his comment. His ignorance relates to soccer, not race. Chill out.

  59. fischy says:

    Maybe your grandma should try out for the WPS. Is she an American citizen? Maybe she could add some depht for the USWNT.

  60. SuperChivo says:

    Idiot, the captain of the team is Carlos Bocanegra and Johnny B is also of Mexican heritage. Don’t forget Juan Agudelo and Ale Bedoya.

  61. chris says:

    Ahhh pullin the race card have to love that

  62. fischy says:

    You’re an idiot…and Carlos Bocanegra, Herculez Gomez and Jose Torres, who all went to the World Cup under Bradley, would probably beg to differ. So would Juan Agudelo and Alejandro Bedoya. Not to mention Nick Rimando, Pable Mastroeni, Luis Robles, Omar Gonzalez, Jonathan Bornstein and Benny Feilhaber — both of whom come from Hispanic/Jewish families. For that matter, Edgar Castillo probably thinks you’re a boob, too. STFU.

  63. chris says:

    This dude thinks he’s good when he’s not. Lichaj would make him look silly. Go play for el tri we don’t need players that only choose nt’s for personal gain.

  64. Hood Rich says:

    He’s starting right now at left midfield against Atlas. #15

  65. fischy says:

    Awkward writing on my part. Of course, I meant that those players would beg to differ with your assessment of Bradley.

  66. PetedeLA says:

    The good thing is, he’s still young. Right now he sounds like a real wanker. But where was I at 24? He’s right on time to peak for a World Cup.

  67. Alex G says:

    Bradley needs to go and Castillo is way better than Bornstein, hands down, give him a chance for god sake´s –

  68. HoboMike says:

    Timber Dan is referring to the comments made by Castillo 3-4 years ago, when both the US and Mexico were vying for his services. He said he considers himself Mexican and wouldn’t ever think about playing for the USA.

    I can’t find the exact quote, but I thought it pretty funny that he said that, saw Mexico not want him and then immediately change course. I’m all for people who want to play for the USA, but I’m not anyone’s second choice, which the USA clearly is for Castillo (or, at least, was).

  69. HoboMike says:

    Way to call someone a racist and then follow it up with Jewish dig.

  70. HoboMike says:

    Why do people continue on answering trolls who scream nepotism at M. Bradley? Just shake your head and move on from the conversation if these putzes can’t realize his worth.

  71. FulhamNick says:

    I’m not gonna come out and say Castillo should be getting call-ups but the one “opportunity” he got from BB was an absolute joke. Called in a few days before the match…in EUROPE!…basically arrived the day before the match (so zero time with the team)…then came in as a second half sub as left mid so he didn’t even have a chance to show that he was a better option than Bornstein. Then we never see him again…and some how people can still defend BB?! Unbelievable…

  72. FulhamNick says:

    No need to bring in Shea…not international caliber, not worth the time…

  73. Matt says:

    I am from Las Cruces, NM. Played against Edgar from age 8 to 18. He is a natural born striker with lots of skill. He started playing defense when he joined Laguna. I am not sure how reliable he is at that position but he is good at attack. Also, Las Cruces is a developing soccer scene. We have a few players that have played on the national team at the youth level.

  74. rob says:

    Fair enough, but keep in mind, he was barely 20 when he said that. In fact, Luis Bueno’s SI article was posted on 10/10/2009, only 2 days after his 20th birthday. He might have even been interviewed before his birthday.

    He wouldn’t be the only 20 year old to say something he later regretted, or to speak without fully thinking through the thought process.

  75. Seriously says:

    Brek Shea is 21 years old. How can anyone write a player off at only 21 years of age?

  76. Seriously says:

    Or have their words twisted by a writer. Simply because some journalist writes it doesn’t make it true.

  77. Seriously says:

    He said she was better than bornstein, not LePeilbet. I thought she was the womens version of Bornstein at first but it appears that it was an aberation and she is actually a pretty solid left back.

  78. Seriously says:

    Bornstein plays in the Mexican League and so he has Mexican League experience as well. Your argument has a gian hole in it. I’m not saying you aren’t correct thinking Castillo would be better, just pointing out the facts that you don’t see.

  79. Alex says:

    Or shake ur head at the blind people not realizing his many flaws the guy’s got about the same vision as a blind man and can’t make a decent through ball for his life…fancy’s himself an attacking midfielder with his forays upfront….and loses position. Also is a poor mans Gattuso, he’s got the red card thing goong on. Hot head. Smh

  80. bigPepe'sPapa says:

    at least one thing is for sure, this homie wants to play for US. The dude “lost his passport” when he was called by Mexico to play against some central american team. He actually lost it twice in close proximity, but on two different occasions (i follow spanish sports media). However, this occurred just before that switch rule was allowed- where having played in friendlies or at the youth level could still be undone and declare for another national team. I always thought upon reflection that agents around the world probably knew a month or two in advance that that was going down, and thats how castillo knew. Anyway, I’m surprised he’s not hated in Mexico for that. I know I would throw piss at him if I was a fan of the mexican team (but I’m not)

  81. abc says:


    Actions speak louder than words.

  82. montana matt says:

    sad but true. oh wait, bornstein, aguedelo, bocanegra, bedoya, feilhaber…none of them have hispanic heritage, do they?

    BB does suck though, and JFT and Castillo definitely do deserve another chance.

  83. primoone says:

    Regardless of how you classify where in the midfield he was to play…the point is that he never really got past the middle part of the field. What I recall was him tracking back and trying to defend against the passing game coming up the middle hence the DMF reference.

  84. bigPepe'sPapa says:

    calling out Timber Dan’s for his racism then subsequently making some jewish joke at BornSTEIN’s expense?

  85. bigPepe'sPapa says:

    not tru Hobo. Read my comments further above. There was a moment when Mexico called him in- about a couple of months before FIFA made that rule that allowed for switching- and Castillo conveniently “lost” his passport. He blamed his agent. Somehow Castillo, and probably many other players, knew Fifa would change that declaration rule. Sounds like dude declared at the youth level, but then changed his mind as an adult.

  86. abc says:

    This from the guy who also says “Shea…not international caliber, not worth the time”

  87. abc says:

    Yes, and remove Greg Garza.

    (I have not been impressed by him)

  88. abc says:

    Thanks for speaking on behalf of US soccer and all its fans!
    Oh wait 99.99% don’t care that he once played for Mexico, any more than we care that Jones and Chandler once played for Germany. If he qualifies as American, he’s American. If he’s good enough to make the team (jury is out), he should make the team. Anything else would either be irrational or racist (not sure which in your case).

  89. abc says:

    So Subotic said the same thing, about considering himself American. Should Serbia shun him based on one comment?

  90. abc says:

    “I will give you that he is not that good of a defender.”

    Well, that will probably never come up, right??

  91. abc says:

    This is either a brilliant Bornstein-referencing troll or the dumbest comment of the week, hard to say.

  92. SBI Troll says:

    Lichaj is the starter. Loyd and Castillo fight for the backup spot when in form.

  93. Army of Dad says:

    Well IF he ever gets called up to play for us in a game at Azteca I’m sure he will get piss thrown at him (if not worse) since that is what they do down there to all US players.

  94. DC Josh says:

    He needs to win the left back spot from Lichaj. But, I’d love for Castillo to feature for Club America this season. If Castillo can prove himself in Mexico, we might actually have some depth at left back on the USMNT for once.

  95. HoboMike says:

    I’m not Serbian, so I don’t care how they view him. This is about how I feel about players and what they say about the USMNT. To me, it seems like he decided on Mexico, saw it flame out, then backtracked.

    And if you want to compare nations, Timmy Chandler said he considers himself American now. Germany, happens to have a huge hole at RB. They said, “Fine, then you’re not welcome anymore.”

  96. HoboMike says:

    I never said he didn’t have flaws. I simply said that people don’t recognize his worth don’t really have a clue. I don’t think he’s the savior by any means, but I do think he’s the best CM that we currently have.

    And the last red card he got was in the semis of the Confederations Cup. 2 years ago.

  97. Eurosnob says:

    The kid wants to play for the US, works hard in his club, and merits a look at LB in the upcoming friendlies. It would be hard for him to unseat Lechaj, but as the Gold Cup’s final demonstrated, you cannot have too much depth on the backline.

  98. Eurosnob says:

    I think that you took Paul’s statement too seriously – it was intended to be a sarcastic comment.

  99. mwc says:

    That’s hilarious.

  100. jo says:

    michael bradley was sent on loan because he wasnt getting any time in germany, then went to villa and hardly played. a couple others that were in the copa oro had the same storys to their club campaign, when Castillo goes on loans he accutally improves at what ever side he ends up at. And being that he is considerd a wing back USMNT deffently should use that with Timmy Chandler and Lichaj who are RB not left.

  101. Marc Luenga says:

    Absolutely in agreement. But Edgar has to prove himself with a historical side like CA on a regular basis, and then if BB doesn’t call him up, someone at the USMT will bring it up, or he will feel the pressure from the fans.

  102. jo says:

    Almost everyone under the age of 25 on mnt are struggling for playing time. best example Altidore has scored 3 goals for club from 2008 to today … and has only played 9 games for villareal while they had him. It would seem besides all the players who get normal time and starters didnt get called up, besides the old school side

  103. jo says:

    Lichaj is a right back , what good will it do MNT if he plays on the left after club seasons of playing on the right , thats why Bornstein was the epic fail that it was. If the mircale came that he did get to play he was in the midfield not left back, the back line for mnt is old n shouldnt be playing as much and younger ones gettin in like castillo. And the whole thing about him playing for mexico first. Look at Jones. yah its hard for him to adapt to how slow we play given that he grown with the counter attacking play but its worked out for the most part. but there needs to be a new direction for the USSF

  104. Tim M. says:

    Sounds like your all the same whiners and piners that ever had anything to say about Freddy Adu.

  105. sef-one says:

    yep. the low expectations thing is key. no one expected anything except suckage, as that is all he showed up until then (qualifying goal not withstanding), so when is play was acceptable- people were surprised.

    now go back to making cookies for your son, SON.

  106. GW says:

    You have a selective memory.

    One reason Castillo was tried out so late in the year was because Castillo himself took his sweet time filing for the US switch.

    Meanwhile Bradley was moving on trying to flesh out the World Cup squad w/o him.

    And Castillo has never shown himself to be a massive upgrade over JB. Bradley doesn’t need that much time to figure it out when he has a good player.; it took him five seconds to figure out Chandler.

    Hopefully Castilo has improved from that time when Mexican sportscasters used to refer to Castillo as cement head; and it wasn’t a compliment.

  107. GW says:

    Lichaj plays left back for Leeds. Should he get loaned back to them again it will probably be as a left back.

    Which is a good thing for Lichaj as he would be behind Dolo and Chandler as a right back for the US.

  108. DingDong says:

    Yes we do, especially at left back.

  109. FulhamNick says:

    Please tell me what Shea has done to think he is going to develop into anything more than a solid MLS player? Every time he’s been called in he looks slow, loses the ball, doesn’t threaten much…and this is against other ‘B’ teams! At most he could be a Klejstan (who is not really much of an international caliber player either)

    When I assess young players I accept the fact that they are gonna make mistakes but I look for thoses flashes. Altidore, Agudelo, Lichaj, Bedoya, and Ream all show flashes…I haven’t seen a thing from Shea…

  110. FulhamNick says:

    If Bradley was ‘moving on’ then why even give Castillo a shot? What’s the point? And even if Castillo showed to be a tiny bit better than Bornstein wouldn’t you take him instead? Does it really need to be a “massive upgrade”?

    And yes let’s all hail BB! He recognized that Chandler is a good player!…please, any idiot could have recognized that. And yes he does need a lot of time to figure out when he has a good player as evidenced by some of his diabolical player selections and substitutions