Report: Four more unnamed Mexican players tested positive for clenbuterol



If there wasn't already enough of a cloud surrounding Mexico and its players' use of clenbuterol, now comes word that more of the players on the Gold Cup-winning team reportedly tested positive for the banned substance.

According to Mexican outlet Medio Tiempo, FIFA Medical Director Jiri Dvorak announced Friday that four more of the 14 Mexicans that took the anti-doping test prior to the tournament have tested positive, bringing the total to nine players. The identities of the additional players who tested positive are unknown, and the Mexican federation does not plan to disclose that information on the basis that the players did not intentionally dope.

FMF President Justino Compean believes that to be the case, because the levels of the positive test from the four additional players were lower than those of the first five and low enough that they do not suggest doping.

The Mexican federation also thinks that the results of the four additional players support the case of the original five who blamed the failed tests on tainted meat and chicken.

The confirmation that more players tested for the substance comes about a week after FIFA president Sepp Blatter had acknowledged that fact in an interview conducted in Spanish.

The five original players to originally test positive were Guillermo Ochoa, Sinha, Christian Bermudez, Edgar Duenas and Francisco Rodríguez. Those players were removed and replaced from Mexico's Gold Cup team.

What do you think of this development? Think the players should be named? Does this taint Mexico's Gold Cup victory?

Share your thoughts below.

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136 Responses to Report: Four more unnamed Mexican players tested positive for clenbuterol

  1. Eric says:

    It does taint Mexico’s Gold Cup victory. If these four are more starters, they should look into abandoning the victory.

  2. Colin says:


  3. maka says:

    I… just… well… whatever.

  4. Hutskizzle says:

    Rofl of course they won’t release the names of the starters, i mean players, that tested positive

  5. Carl says:

    Klinsmann >>> performance enhancing drugs. If we had a better coach this would all be a moot point.

    Make it happen, Sunil, give him the control he wants…

  6. hercules3076 says:

    Does this raise the possibility of FIFA stepping in and giving the Confed Cup berth to the US?

  7. Ben says:

    The destroyed us, so it really doesn’t matter.

  8. jonk says:

    Please let it be Barrerra, Dos Santo, Guardado…and maybe little pea.

  9. RevsEric says:

    I want names.

  10. Matt says:

    Does this mean that the US are the champs? Wow…

  11. Championin4weeks says:

    Eric, please rite concisely.

  12. MK_27 says:

    It taints Mexico’s reputation, and maybe the title could be vacated, but we can’t pin the 4-2 loss on heightened oxygen retention.

  13. Chaz says:

    Now can the ceremony be in English?

  14. Joy says:

    Still wouldve kicked our a** either way…..

  15. RevsEric says:

    Ok, sorry.

  16. Durrell says:

    It doesn’t make me feel any better about the loss and if they turn over the trophy it doesn’t really accomplish anything. The USA still got their butts handed to them. What should happen is future penalties to the players who failed the test or the coach/training staff that gave it to them.

  17. sandtrout says:

    I’m guessing the four were …. Pablo Barrera, Andres Guardado, Gio Dos Santos and Alfredo Talavera. We’ll have to take away all their goals and saves!

  18. Good Jeremy says:

    A better coach won’t make their team any less talented. Their wings, forwards, and attacking mids are pretty far ahead of anyone else in the region.

  19. Good Jeremy says:

    We would have lost either way, unless it was blatant cheating by their wings and Chicharito.

    Having said that, with 9 testing positive for drugs and 13 getting in trouble for prostitutes, that’s 22 players. An ENTIRE ROSTER without the emergency GK. More than can suit up for one game! Or, if you want to consider it two different teams since the rosters are different, that’s still half of the players, with another 9 that haven’t been tested. Not even the 90s era Portland Jail Blazers could hope to have such low standards.

  20. Cheswick says:

    Does it really taint their credibility, or just make it more likely that the chicken story is the truth? Especially considering the levels were low?

  21. Turgid Jacobian says:

    No, and it should not. OTOH, that’s pretty weak sauce (er, mole?), Mexico.

  22. mcm says:

    Should take the Confederations Cup away from Mexico. Or is this Cycling?

  23. Turgid Jacobian says:

    “Not even the 90s era Portland Jail Blazers could hope to have such low standards.”
    Spoken like a true Bulls/Lakers fan. Glory chasers suck.

  24. Indy says:

    Thought it was very ironic that Mexico won the Fair Play award at the Gold Cup, having had five players suspended for doping. Even more ironic now.

  25. Jake the Snake says:

    “13 getting in trouble for prostitutes”

    I thought it was 8, unless you know something the rest don’t.

  26. Felix says:

    Klinsmann is a joke, which is why no one in Europe, not even the cash-rich former Soviet republics will touch him. He was a disaster at Bayern and his success with Germany has proven to be more the work of Low than “Klinsi”.
    I’m not defending BB, but people need to get over this Klinsmann thing. He’s not that good.

  27. Good Jeremy says:

    I was intimately involved in the incident, but I won’t tell you how. 😉

  28. Jake the Snake says:

    The Honduras press criticized the Concacaf over this, and even went as far as stating the Mexico should be stripped of the cup and be given to the US. Those Hondurans really do hate Mexicans.

  29. KNPonder says:

    Fifa sees it that way and they are a very credible organization.I guess it was the chicken . . . I mean the beef . . . the beef that the Government says does not have any of this stuff in it. The whole thing is a farce. In some seriousness, when it came out, I tried to investigate a bit on the net (dangerous thing – I know)to see if their story holds water. There seems to be varying opinions on the deal with most saying that “accidental” contamination is highly unlikely. We will never know. At this point, I could buy “contaminated meat theory” to “full-fledged FIFA cover-up”. Regardless, it does cast a cloud on Mexico – to what extent is for each to decide.

  30. Jake the Snake says:

    HAHA honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if there is more – some of those guys are married.

  31. Jake the Snake says:

    The Mexican government is among the most corrupt in the world but so is FIFA and FMF so who is one to believe?

  32. Joy says:

    I had a great time, their was a mass orangey we had with those prostees.

  33. Baney says:

    +1…no more excuses

  34. KNPonder says:

    Gotta love those guys . . . some CONCACAF camaraderie going on!

  35. JW says:

    The most scandalous thing about this is that they waited to reveal these 4 over the others.

  36. rory says:

    But wait, Mexico always claimed the first group didn’t intentionally dope, but now they’re saying this bunch didn’t because the levels were lower than the first group’s? Does that mean they now accept that the first group had done so on purpose?

  37. Good Jeremy says:

    I think it was mostly a reward for Marquez being subbed out when they were down 2-0 instead of pulling an incredibly dirty headbutt or elbow behind the scenes. I mean, if the complete thrashing which happened afterwards wasn’t reward enough.

  38. Good Jeremy says:

    I thought that the Mexican government had said it didn’t come from beef or chicken, am I wrong?

  39. Good Jeremy says:

    I said that completely wrong. I meant to say that the Mexican government had stated that their beef and chicken aren’t tainted and couldn’t have caused the positive tests.

    Am I wrong there?

  40. jpc says:

    I’ve heard of athletes claim that food caused a positive test. I’ve never heard of one of those claims actually being proven correct. It’s odd that the FMF seems to think it’s a foregone conclusion that tainted food caused the positive test. Either way, that’s their problem.

  41. ARTES says:

    Per the UCLA lab five were positive and four had traces of the same substance. He is not giving names because they are not considered positive tests. He is trying to use the additional players as proof that the other five players were part of the food contamination. Not sure how that will work out but I doubt that will help their case.

  42. Matt C in Tampa says:

    Agreeance. pry away Guus.

  43. Cheswick says:

    You are not wrong that the government came out with a statement that its meat is safe, but … link to

    I’m definitely not picking sides on this one, and I agree with KNPonder that anything between contamination and cover-up is possible. I was just raising questions as to how the fact that four more players were found with only trace amounts (not enough to classify as doping) might help the meat story. I assume they have team meals.

  44. Michael Stypulkoski says:

    What a joke. No, this isn’t why we lost, but someone is going to have to explain to me how half a team can test positive for banned drugs and NO ONE seems to care. They cheated, plain and simple. Why is this not a bigger deal?

  45. Cheswick says:

    That’s what I was trying to get at above. That it might help their contamination claim.

  46. MiamiAl says:

    Strip em of title and invite to Confederations Cup.

  47. Andrew says:

    Drugs??….Mexico??? WHAT???? WHAT??????

  48. KenC says:

    According to the WADA there’s no MINIMUM amount of Clenbuterol to suggest doping. It’s either you have some or you don’t. The Contador-clenbuterol case indicated that trace amounts of Clenbuterol are possible, if an autologous transfusion takes place. I’m not saying that the Mexican players did that, but having the Mexican federation making excuses for the players is wrong without definitive proof.

  49. Artie says:

    Cash-rich former Soviet republics? That could be the first time anyone ever uttered that phrase.

  50. Jeff Awesome says:

    His very short tenure at Bayern Munich was fine. Actually, the fact that Klinsmann demands more control and change over a program is one reason I like him. He wouldn’t be just another lame coach for the US, but he might actually change things.

  51. Happy Camper says:

    Yes, if we can’t beat them on the field, let’s beat them on the administrative side. Mexico may play better soccer than us, but we have better laws than Mexico.


  52. suspicious says:

    Were they playing better soccer if it was enhanced? Remember how everyone expected them to be tired after a semi game that went to overtime? But they never looked tired. They ran and ran and ran. Kept their composure. Played high energy right up to the last.

    Just sayin’

  53. Jeff Awesome says:

    I don’t trust Mexico. If the Mexican FMF wants to sweep this under the rug then it will be difficult to prove anything. I would love to get a random sampling of the Mexican population to see how widespread clenbuterol is in the country. But this is something that will need to be watched carefully in the future. Mexico, you’re on notice.

  54. bottlcaps says:

    This is a definite possibility.

    If the Mexican Federation intentionally withheld a positive doping offense (an as there is no “bottom” limit for clenbuterol, any amount found is a positive) no matter for what reason. They (The Mexican Fed) have committed a violation.

    The violation could/should result in a forfeiture of wins for the Mexican team. This could give the runner-up (the US) the title and slot at the confed cup.

    This is very serious.

  55. GW says:

    From Wikipedia:

    “Use as performance-enhancing drug

    Clenbuterol has also been used as a performance-enhancing drug, since it is medically classed as a Beta 2 sympathomimetic steroid. In 2010, three cyclists were also accused of taking the drug. Three-time Tour de France champion Alberto Contador of Spain tested positive for the drug at the 2010 Tour de France. The news came out during the UCI Road Cycling World Championships held in Geelong, Australia.[4] In May, the UCI suspended Italian cyclist Alessandro Colo, and Chinese rider Li Fuyu, a member of Team RadioShack, was suspended after testing positive for the drug during a Belgian race. A number of athletes were also banned after using the drug, including British hurdler Callum Priestley, Chinese Olympic judo champion Tong Wen and Polish canoeist Adam Seroczynski.

    American swimmer Jessica Hardy tested positive at the U.S. trials in July 2008. She served a one-year suspension, having claimed she unknowingly took the drug in a contaminated food supplement. Former New York Mets clubhouse employee Kirk Radomski admitted to distributing clenbuterol to dozens of current and former Major League Baseball players and associates in his plea deal.[5]

    Polish sprint canoer Adam Seroczyński was disqualified for taking this drug after he finished fourth in the K-2 1000 m event at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, and Chinese cyclist Li Fuyu tested positive for it at the Dwars door Vlaanderen race in Belgium on March 24, 2010.[6]

    In the 2010 Tour de France, Alberto Contador tested positive for clenbuterol. He claims it was due to food contamination, citing the 50 picogram (5 × 10−11 g) per millilitre concentration of the drug in his sample. He was handed a one-year suspension from competition by the Spanish Cycling Federation (RFEC). On February 14, 2011, Contador was cleared of doping by the Spanish cycling federation, which canceled its January 26 proposal for a one-year ban.[7] Traces of the amine from meat in the diet is regularly turning up in athletes’ blood.[8]

    In September 2010, St. Louis Cardinals minor league shortstop Lainer Bueno received a 50-game suspension for the 2011 season as a result of testing positive for clenbuterol.[9]

    In June 2011, Mexican Football Federation suspended Mexico national soccer team players Francisco Javier Rodriguez, Antonio Naelson, Christian Bermudez, Edgar Dueñas, and Guillermo Ochoa after having tested positive for Clenbuterol.[10] In a second testing at UCLA, results came back negative. However, the five players are awaiting re-testing of their initial, positive sample.”

    Apparently this PED enhances endurance. Mexico came back froma 2-0 deficit rather spectacularly. Wouldn’t enhanced endurance help that.

    Why is this not a bigger deal?

  56. Aquaman says:

    The best part of this story is the amount of people using the word “taint”… makes me giggle inside every time.

  57. martin says:

    re-play the game.

  58. Quakes408 says:

    CHEATERS, plain and simple!!!! Those dudes on the Mexico team were very energetic considering they had just played Honduras and went to OT. They never showed any signs of fatigue against the US or Honduras. This is a short tournament with games back to back, yet, Mexico looked like Machines!!! It almost seemed as if the US games was the first of the tournament. If it’s not intentional doping, then why don’t the FMF gives us their names?

  59. Supsam says:

    Let Mexico keep the title…..its tainted (pun hella intended) and give us the confed spot :)

    please let this happen, please let this happen, please let this happen…

  60. DingDong says:

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought the test was entirely optional — the FMF didn’t have to administer it. So I wouldn’t go too overboard in criticizing them for the results.

  61. Good Jeremy says:

    They might get to four again, but I really doubt we would get to two again.

  62. Hush says:

    Damn! That explains their excessive running for 90 minutes without gassing out. I remembered before Mexicans use to run out of gas around the 70ish minute. But in this cup it seem they never got tired. They pressured in offense & defense without a break… Hhmmmm. Barrera & guardado maybe? Interesting.. I’m just saying.

    My dad who is not very familiar with steroids told me that he thinks the mexican team could be on some … he’s like, they don’t seem to stop running for one second.

    Next cup I’m going to hold a sign that reads, “Got Meat!” or “Vaca Loca!”

  63. theswordsman says:

    I faxed Team USA about it a couple of days before the game, after Sepp Blatter inadvertently confirmed what others had leaked. If they had bothered to ask Mexico or FIFA, they could have made guys sit out. The four names thing is a cruel joke, because cyclist Alberto Contador has people trying to ruin his career over 50 picograms. The five named players had way more than that, and the four others could have had ten times as much and not been punished. His CAS hearing was to end on the 8th, and thie 5 were announced on the 9th. It was postponed, and soccer could force WADA to change the rules and save him.

  64. JoeW says:

    First, don’t try and argue that this decided the match or provided better endurance. Frankly, I suspect it all was due to chicken/beef that was inadvertantly consumed.

    And that’s irrelevant.

    Second, it’s a banned substance. Now either FIFA needs to makes exceptions by concluding there are too many countries where it gets into the food stream and just set an acceptable limit or reduce the penalty or make a player sit out and then get a clean test (out of their system). Or FIFA needs to say “it’s one of the many banned substances and when you fail your drug test you get penalized.”

    Consider this as test case. A team won a FIFA sanctioned NT competition and not 1 or 2 players were affected but nearly half the freaking team. FIFA needs to either cut Mexico some slack (and set the precedent) or step in and act. Doing nothing undercuts the drug testing by justifying arguments that “it was in the food” or “someone must have put it in my water” or “the stadium was next to a chemical plant and I must have inhaled something” and then where are you with positive drug tests?

  65. Bun B says:

    That must have been one big chicken….

  66. USMNT Guy says:

    Even if not intentional the title is still “tainted”, they were able to run nonstop until the end and our guys were dead.. At least something should be said on their win, would be nice if they’d at least release who were caught.

  67. ARTES says:

    They may be trying to sweep it under the rug but they turned their own players in since the testing was done by the Mexican federation not Concacaf or FIFA.

  68. Mikemike says:

    This is one of the more stupid comments I have seen posted on this board. Mexican players doping (or not) has NOTHING to do with Bob Bradley.

    Keep BB.

  69. YO says:

    Don’t forget Hernandez, who was probably not tested.

  70. YO says:

    Good point!

  71. YO says:

    No matter what all Mexican fans say, they cheated and do not deserve to be champions. Pathetic!

  72. kimo says:


    Absolutely. This is an endurance related PED. Something is incredibly fishy and it’s not the prostitutes in the bedroom.

  73. derp says:

    no its not, remember it was Blatter himself that leaked the additional contaminants, so he knew about this during the tournament. He also said FIFA completely supports Mexico in this mishap.

  74. irishapple21 says:

    It figures. I guess now we know why Mexico’s national team suddenly improved so much. If the USMNT did this, everyone would be crying bloody murder over it, but since it is the Mexicans, it is okay. FIFA is such a wonderful organization

  75. Diablo says:

    Well if FIFA really want to change there sorry image atm then they will do something about this just to prove there not inept organization. If this where to happen in A European cup there would be widespread coverage of this and it would be a scandal.

  76. twhite1221 says:

    Bornstein is freakin’ living in Mexico…why couldn’t he have eaten some of this dang chicken??!!

  77. Sam says:

    Mexico has to be punished in some way.

  78. Carlos says:

    you can have the medals and change the books but you get to keep the butt kicking you took on the field.

  79. says:

    Doping scandal with beef and prostitution scandal is no big deal. All it proofs is that the Mexican team likes meat.

  80. Joe says:

    Maybe Mexico’s endurance could be due to them actually being fit, unlike the US. I mean, it wasn’t like they struggled against the US. They were getting shot after shot. Why would anyone choose to use clembuterol when there are other drugs available that do a much better job. I mean, they must’ve know they were gonna test positive right? The United States shouldn’t worry about the confederations or Gold Cup right now. First they need to qualify for the world cup, because to tell you the truth, it looks as if Mexico, Costa Rica, and Honduras, not to mention Panama, can take their spot.

  81. Joe says:

    Plus, why are people making a big deal out of the prostitution scandal. I guess the US lost because Mexicans were getting their jimmy wet huh?

  82. beachbum says:

    +1. this news sucks any way you slice it. and what is the response from officials? none, just sweep it under the rug

  83. irishapple21 says:

    If our players were dirty cheaters like the Mexicans and took performance enhancing drugs, we would have won. Unfortunately for us, American soccer players have integrity.

  84. A Basket Full of Biscuits says:

    If I were me I would have done them hookers too.

  85. Martha says:

    Strip Cheating Mexicans!!! Dont forget they were banned from a WC for playing overage players AND some of their players tested positive for steroids in the Confederations cup.

    Either they are cheaters or maybe clenbutral can be sexually transmitted by hookers.

  86. Joe says:

    To Martha above me:
    Thank you very much for the history lesson. I guess these kids are cheaters because people who played before some of them were born, tested positive, huh? So i guess the USMNT are also cheaters because Barry Bonds and Alex Rodriguez used roids huh? Please take the loss, and stop making very ridiculous arguments. The drug is called Clenbuterol not clenbutral. And no i don’t agree with what the kids did (hookers) but that is neither mine nor your business. You don’t even like the Mexican National Team but you’re quick to judge them, instead of congratulating them on their 4-2 win. Please, stop with ridiculous assumptions because i bet you watch 3 soccer games a year and try to act like a qualified critic. Cheers.

  87. Papi39 says:

    no it just supports their case that the tests are the result of tainted meat….its totally conceivable since teams would eat meals together at the national training center. The victory is not tainted, this was bound to come out since is was not very likely that only the original five players would have eaten the contaminated meat present at the training center.

  88. Daniel says:

    At least they test their players for drugs. Did any other team did it? I guess their plan was to use drugs, test their players and turn them in. That sound feasible.

    If there is one thing Americans have is honor, at least I hope that is true. Stop looking for excuses.

  89. Jake says:

    FIFA already came out and supported the fmf. They (their chief doctor) says it must have been food because several of those that tested positive arrived literally the day before the test from different clubs. odds are very unlikely. Also, Mexico informed FIFA of all 9 positives BEFORE the results were made public. A decision to separate the five was mad to be extra carfeful. The president of Mexico has come out and supported the fmf and claimed the beef was tainted. Nothing sill come of this nor should it.

  90. FIFA need to take a serious look at it. Did this substance help with player recovery after a match? If so, it is a serious offense.

  91. Brad says:

    I thought FIFA had a zero tolerance policy moving forward!!… This sounds like more then tainted chicken…

  92. Carlos says:

    I guess somebody forgot to tell Jones and Bedoya.

  93. beachbum says:

    hey, I’ve congratulated Mexico, but this is clearly a case of contaminated meat? Hardly! 9 players? and that’s not epidemic? and if it’s all a bunch of nothing, then why not release the other 4 names?

    don’t worry Mexican fans, Mr. Blatter is already sweeping all this under the rug for you. Mr. Blatter as your apologist…nice.

    The tainted meat claim does provide excellent cover for these players, though, no doubts there :)

  94. beachbum says:

    re. Clenbuterol, it’s a performance enhancement drug

    1. link to to

    here’s a quote from that link “Clenbuterol, also called “clen,” is considered a performance-enhancing drug and is banned in most athletic competitions.”

  95. Joe says: does 9 players containing traces disprove the claim that it was contaminated meat. If anything it should help shouldn’t it. I mean much of the team eats together during training, so it should seem ridiculous that only 5 had it in their system. But now people are saying the whole team doped, when it obviously makes more sense that all those 9 players ate at the same place, but consumed different amounts of food. Understand people, that the 5 players in the first place, had very very low amounts of it in their system. They were simply called out for it, because it was in their system, no matter how little it seemed. Now, it seems like a very bad idea to release the other 4 names, so that people like those conspiracy theorists *honduras cought* cry about the situation. No matter if it was 4 insignificant players, people will be like “yeah that’s why we lost, because that one mexican dude was drugged up”. How, does the US loss get justified by any doping. Mexican players were just able to get around the US with ball control, not overpowering. Heck, the US team is “stronger” than Mexico, so that should not even be an issue. Mexico wasn’t just out running the US as it is said, they completely outplayed them.

    All these people stating wikipedia “facts” on here, trying to prove their point are being very selective about the information they put. How about including this:

    “In February 2009, at least 70 people in one Chinese province (Guangdong) suffered food poisoning after eating pig organs believed to contain clenbuterol residue. The victims complained of stomach aches and diarrhea after eating pig organs bought in local markets.[13][14]
    In March 2011, China’s Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) said that the government would launch a one-year crackdown on illegal additives in pig feed, after a subsidiary of Shuanghui Group, China’s largest meat producer, was exposed for using clenbuterol-contaminated pork in its meat products. A total of 72 people in central Henan Province, where Shuanghui is based, were taken into police custody for allegedly producing, selling or using clenbuterol”

    My point is, people are going to make whatever excuse benefits them. From a skill point of view, mexico is the best team in the CONCACAF.

  96. dirk says:

    Clenbuterol, No home support, Spanish ceremony, Jonathan Bornstein.

    Nice excuses.

    USA fans confirmed for butthurt over another final loss.

  97. Frank says:


    Mex again!

    Why would you want to submit again to another humilliation!!!

  98. beachbum says:

    no excuses at all. like I said, I’ve congratulated Mexico.

    doesn’t change the facts of what has been found in 9 players…nine.

    doesn’t change what was found…Clenbuterol.

    doesn’t change what Clenbuterol is…a performance enhancer.

    I’m not responsible for those facts. you guys are hilariously defensive.

  99. cuau says:

    I can’t stand you or you’re comments! You are so “holier than thou” always!

    Mexico beat you at the very last minute at Azteca also or am I wrong?

    Just accept Mexico is way more talented…no.

    The Usmnt must be crapping their pant just as the rest of them!!! Everyone knows NO ONE like drugs more than Gringos! So let FIFA start running mandatory drug tests. You never know maybe the US would drop 50 places in the rankings, because as far as I know for ten years when US dominated Mexico, you could’ve been using far more stronger things than the measly Clembuterol!

    If this was really an issue the mighty US would NOT be sitting back “forgiving” Mexico!!!

  100. Marconi says:


  101. Roberto says:

    START testing the USMNT players pronto! And everyone else for that matter! Let’s see who laughs last!

    Meanwhile cheers, I’m in incredible Mexico City drinking cervezas and don Julio, enjoying the beautiful senoritas and the incredible scenery from my bachelor pad in bisques de las lomas.


  102. Sam Houston says:

    Because Mexico did not win over a European team.

    Also, imagine the comments from the Amigo’s if the US had taken drugs and won the gold cup? More than Loredo Texas would be threatened.

  103. Brett says:

    If there is even a hint that Mexico was breaking a rule to gain an unfair advantage, there should be action taken by CONCACAF, if not FIFA itself. All of the teams that played against Mexico deserve to know which players violated the rule.

  104. Brett says:

    Sorry, but I don’t buy the “clearly they didn’t cheat because they cheated poorly” defense.

  105. Rod says:

    Clenbuterol doesn’t make you “less tired.” And FIFA already stated it wasn’t even enough quantity to consider it “doping.” It was a “trace amount.” Just sayin’

  106. Rod says:

    That’s not what clembuterol does, and FIFA already stated it was too small of an amonut to even consider it doping.

  107. Rod says:

    Huh? They won’t because this isn’t considered doping. It was “trace amounts” of a substance that doesnt enhance performance.

  108. Rod says:

    What’s weak sauce? They ate tainted meat, they got contaminated with “trace amounts” of a substance that is not performance enhancing, just helps you lose weight quickly. FIFA said it wasn’t even enough to be considered doping.

  109. Rod says:

    What difference does it make? It’s wasn’t even enough to be considered doping.

  110. Rod says:

    Um.. no. It wasn’t enough to be considered doping. Trace amounts of a non-performance inducing substance found in tainted meat.

  111. Rod says:

    No it doesn’t. It was unintentional consumption of the substance, and the “trace amounts” found aren’t enough to be considered doping or performance enhancing.

  112. Rod says:

    Nobody gave it to them. They ate tainted meat. And the ‘trace amount’ found wasn’t even enough to be considered doping.

  113. Rod says:

    Last I checked, eating bad meat is not considered “low standards.” But nice try.

  114. Rod says:

    So it’s a coincidence that this happened after there had been a widespread clebuterol-contamination warning for food in Mexico? Stop being conspiracy theorists. Besides, the “trace amounts” found weren’t even enough to be considered doping.

  115. Rod says:

    Cover up of what? Trace levels of clembuterol which aren’t even enough to be considered doping?

  116. Rod says:

    Last I checked, eating tainted meat with *trace* amounts of a controlled substance isn’t considered “non-fair-play.”

  117. Rod says:

    Huh? They hadn’t found out about them until now, and what they found is that the level was so low, it’s not even considered doping. Scandalous how?

  118. Rod says:

    As FIFA and UCLA stated, it’s not performance enhancing when found in such small amounts.

  119. Brett says:

    The fact that you credit that line as gospel only shows your bias. If you knew anything about the substance you would know that the results differ depending on the dosage. “Enough to be considered doping” could be an amount consistent with assisting in muscle growth, whereas “not enough to be considered doping” could be simply enough to help the body’s recovery factor increase.

    The major point is that this opens up all kinds of doubts and questions that deserve answers. Period.

  120. Pancho Villa says:

    Read Sam Houston’s comments above. Also, no one forced you on this blog site.

  121. Martha says:

    Have fun in Mexico City try not to get kidnapped. I’m in lovelier Chicago at the taste and it’s smog n kidnapper free with a ice cold pepsi.

  122. Martha says:

    Well Joe your welcome for the history lesson u should by a thing with paper called a book and you would learn too. I said the federation cheats not just the kids. AROD ? WTF ? Baseball who cares about baseball when a us soccer players tests positive then u have an argument. Are u going to use enroll as an example moron? Thanks for correcting my spelling I’m typing from a cell phone but feel free to nit pick about 1 or 2 letters. I’m glad your so mad you resort to bashing my cell typing. If the hooker thing wasn’t our business it wouldn’t be in the paper duh! Yea well let’s see the rose bowl are full of ” malgradicido” Mexicans who root against the us and refuse to give anyone in their confederation respect. Did u bow down and accept us dominance over mex and accept it in the dos a cero years? Didnt think so so shut it. And FYI I’m an MLS season ticket holder whose been to two wc’s smarty pantalones

  123. Sminny says:

    It doesn’t help with recovery but it does increase aerobic capacity allowing one to breathe easier and therefore train more efficiently. Don’t know if it’s a result of tainted meat or not, (and neither do you) but it certainly is concerning if they were doping.

  124. Kevin_Amold says:


  125. Kevin_Amold says:

    I ask people of your ilk one question. Which of the two teams, USA and Mexico, had players test positive for drugs recently?

    We all know the answer, so what does “NO ONE like[s] drugs more than gringos” have to do with anything? It’s a silly line.

  126. Daniel says:

    These are the players:

    Gerardo Torrado, Ángel Reyna, Ricardo Osorio and Jonathan Orozco.

  127. Mark says:

    Doping and whores. Classy, Mexico. Hope they used condoms. Wouldn’t want the prostitutes to taint their meat.

  128. chuck says:


  129. Bruce says:

    Hey rod it doesn’t matter if the ate contaminated chicken or not. The fact is they tested
    Positive on a banned substance. Even if it is, as you have put so many times, a trace substance not even enough to consider doping. It doesn’t matter how much they test positive for. Those dirty spicks still tested positive for a drug and shouldn’t be swept under the rug and they should have to forfeit all winning from the gold cup

  130. sore_loser says:

    4-2 trailer trash

  131. Soccer Fan says:

    The executives of the FMF need to take the fall for this. They are responsible for the food they feed their players during their training camps.

    Having said that, the tests were conducted several weeks before the tournament. At the time of the gold cup the team was free of contamination. Plus, Mexico conducted those tests voluntarily…. something that not all teams do!

  132. Kyle says:

    Are you serious dude? Aren’t you getting tired?