Red Bulls not after Hahnemann, Soler claims he’s “on his way to Seattle”

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The New York Red Bulls' goalkeeper situation isn't getting any better.

After moving star player Dwayne DeRosario to DC United on June 27th, speculation was rife that the club was looking to bring in a top quality goalkeeper to fill the void between the sticks.

Current keepers Greg Sutton and Bouna Coundoul have both had their fair share of gaffes in the last few weeks and have seemingly forced the hand of current General Manager/Sporting Director Erik Soler in looking for a replacement.

USMNT keeper Marcus Hahnemann was thought to be high up on the club's shortlist of targets, but, according to an interview Soler gave, Hahnemann is "on his way to Seattle".

Hahnemann grew up in the Seattle area, played collegiately for Seattle Pacific University and, after recently being released from Premier League side Wolverhampton Wanderers, it was thought that Hahnemann was thinking about returning to the area — making a move to the Sounders look like an attractive option.

Though he would have to fall through the allocation order to Seattle, the statement from Soler makes the move seemingly more likely.  With current goalkeeper Kasey Keller set to retire at the end of the season, the club is exploring its options at the position.

Hahnemann started out his senior career with the Sounders before moving to the Colorado Rapids and eventually to Europe, where he found a home at Reading FC.  The American made 276 appearances for Reading in seven seasons with the club and was hugely popular among the fan base.

After leaving with Wolves, the 39-year-old may well be looking to return to his native area and wind down what has been a long professional career.


What do you think about this development? Can you see Hahnemann going to Seattle? What goalkeeper would you like to see the Red Bulls sign?

Share your thoughts below.

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30 Responses to Red Bulls not after Hahnemann, Soler claims he’s “on his way to Seattle”

  1. Ian says:

    I approve of this message.

  2. CVO says:

    What is the current allocation order?

    Also, if the Flounders sign him as a DP, doesn’t that override the allocation process?

  3. James Bray says:

    Sounders fan here. I’d love to have Marcus in Rave Green, but I’m worried what the team would have to give up to get him due to the allocation order.
    If he’s healthy, you’d have to think the Red Bulls would look at Zach Thornton.

  4. PDXblows says:

    I’m an SSFC supporter and I cringe at the thought… I’d rather Pay big dough for a Tally Hall type

  5. solles says:

    Hahnemann to Seattle? Well…duh! Of course.

  6. maka says:

    The New York Red Bulls’ goalkeeper situation isn’t getting any better.

    After moving star player Dwayne DeRosario to DC United on June 27th, speculation was rife that the club was looking to bring in a top quality goalkeeper to fill the void between the sticks.

    What Soler said was, “We are looking for a goalkeeper, that’s one position. In the other position, we are looking for somebody who can go straight into the lineup.”

    That sounds like the situation will get better.

  7. abc says:

    NYRB were interested… until they realized he’s American.

  8. A wise man once says:

    The headline could use a bit of work here… It sounds like Soler is on his way to Seattle 😀

  9. MC Pharaoh says:

    Seattle is trying to sign Lucas Neill, a DP striker, & Hahnemann? dont think so, sorry…

  10. I think you're just dumb says:

    not really at all.

  11. Jeremy says:

    NYRB really need an upgrade. I am convinced that Condoul/Sutton are the worst in the league. Can’t even think of who is close to as bad.

  12. canchon says:

    Any Scandinavian keepers available willing to sign for $175K?

  13. blah-zay says:

    Seattle seems to be making a habit of acquiring former USMNT goalkeepers.

  14. Kejsare says:

    Maybe Hope Solo is next if you replace the M in USMNT with a W.

  15. Chitown says:

    I think Andrew Dykstra is available.

  16. stellarcaster says:

    how about a loan deal for brad guzan? he needs playing time and may consider a move beack to MLS for a season or two. he could also come back on loan for the 2nd 1/2 of this MLS season and be back in Europe for the Jan transfer window.

  17. chris says:

    No thank you

  18. chris says:

    You know what not that bad of idea but I believe guzan would be dp and he’s not scandanavian

  19. John H. says:

    haha that pic makes it look like he is talking about his penis or something

  20. DingDong says:

    Red Ball Salzburg has a Swedish keeper.

  21. DingDong says:

    “Red Bull,” that is.

  22. Keith G. says:

    Timo Hildebrand is a free agent and I would love to see him playing for the Red Bulls. If they brought him in, that would be the biggest GK pick up by any MLS Club.

  23. TBrodie says:

    Goff is Tweeting of possibility of Danish GK Brian Jensen (Burnley since 2003) to Red Bulls. It couldn’t hurt, but who’s their current keeper coach to take some of the flak for these guys?

  24. Kejsare says:

    C’mon, she is local like Keller and Hanemanmenmnen.

  25. Upstate Jason says:

    1.Chivas USA, 2.Philly, 3.Houston, 4.TFC, 5.Chicago, 6.KC, 7.Seattle, 8.Columbus, 9.NY, 10.RSL, 11.San Jose, 12.LA, 13.Dallas, 14.Colorado, 15.Vancouver, 16.Portland, 17.DC, 18.New England.

    The DP does not override allocation order for returning US national team players.

  26. Betrem says:

    Are you sure? What about the Red Bulls and Claudio Reyna?

  27. Starla says:

    He signed a new contract recently worth several million $ a year. He was born in Philadelphia.

  28. jake says:

    also has to go through allocation process

  29. Colin says:

    Brian Perk for Juan Agudelo… hmm?

  30. syght says:

    and hot