Manchester United routs MLS All-Stars for second straight year

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HARRISON, N.J. — Major League Soccer's commitment to righting the wrong that was last year's All-Star Game result against Manchester United went unfulfilled.

Anderson and game MVP Ji-Sung Park scored in the first half, and Dimitar Berbatov added one early in the second half to essentially seal the deal, as Manchester United topped the MLS All-Stars for the second straight year, winning, 4-0, Wednesday night in front of a capacity crowd of 26,760 at Red Bull Arena.

Substitute Danny Welbeck added a fourth for United in the 68th minute to cap the rout, as his shot from just outside the area deflected off Houston Dynamo centerback Geoff Cameron and wrong-footed goalkeeper Tally Hall.

The MLS All-Stars, which fell to United last year in Houston by a 5-2 scoreline, generated a handful of chances, especially in the opening half hour, when the balance of play was more even.

Houston's Brad Davis had a chance in the 19th minute after being played into the area by Colorado Rapids striker Omar Cummings, but he slipped and hit his left-footed shot right to Manchester United goalkeeper Anders Lindegaard.

On the ensuing trip down the other side of the field, Manchester United struck to open the scoring. Berbatov and Wayne Rooney combined to find Anderson with a one-touch passing sequence at the top of the box. The Brazilian found his way into the area and slipped a low shot by Philadelphia Union goalkeeper Faryd Mondragon in the 20th minute.

"We had some chances to score maybe one or two, and that makes a difference when you play a team like Manchester United," New York Red Bulls forward Thierry Henry said. "Whenever they have one chance, they score."

David Beckham's blast from outside the area in the 23rd minute almost leveled the score, but Linegaard came up with a stellar diving save to prevent the goal.

When it looked like the MLS All-Stars would head into halftime with a managable one-goal deficit, Park came through with perhaps the defining moment of the game.

The South Korean midfielder ran at Sean Franklin in the box, turning the Los Angeles Galaxy right back around completely. With the space he created, Park laced a shot inside the far post in the 45th minute to double United's lead.

"They took their chances," MLS All-Stars manager Hans Backe said. "They are a little bit sharper in the attacking third."

Backe deployed a surprise 4-3-3 formation with Beckham, the only MLS player to go the full 90 minutes, in a defensive midfield role that afforded him the space to spray passes around the field. He was joined in the midfield by Davis and Shalrie Joseph and had wingers Henry and Cummings make runs down the flanks and into space.

"If you play Man United … playing a 4-4-2 against them, you will lose," Backe said. "They're better individual players on every position, so you need to do something different."

One of those top individual players, Rooney, set up Berbatov in the 52nd minute to make the scoreline 3-0.

Despite being serenaded with cheers of "Our Rooney's better" by Red Bulls fans in the South Ward (who were referring to Wayne's younger brother, Red Bulls midfielder John Rooney) the elder Rooney chipped a perfect ball to Berbatov, in stride. The Bulgarian ran onto the pass at the top of the box and chipped a shot over Hall and off the crossbar before hitting home his own rebound.

Rooney was frustrated early by Real Salt Lake defender Jamison Olave, though, who on a couple of occasions muscled Rooney off the ball to the delight of the MLS fans in attendance. Olave tweaked his knee when coming up with a counter-attack-stopping tackle on a pass headed to Rooney and had to exit in the 38th minute.

The early diagnosis is an MCL sprain, and Olave said that he would be evaluated upon his return to Utah.

Cameron replaced him as the first of Backe's 11 substutitions — which included a late cameo for retiring Seattle goalkeeper Kasey Keller. Five of those substitutes were made at halftime, which drastically changed the complexion of the MLS lineup.

MLS still managed a couple of chances, with Chris Wondolowski's shot from distance in the 64th minute being parried right to Omar Bravo on the doorstep. The Sporting Kansas City Designated Player forced his shot wide, though, and Welbeck scored four minutes later to ice the match.

Beckham nearly saved some face for MLS with an 88th-minute free kick, after Juan Agudelo was taken down outside the United box. Beckham's dipping effort missed the lower left corner, though, and hit into the side netting.

"Obviously they're a great side," Wondolowski said. "We had a couple chances, but it was just one of those games where, especially against a team like that, if you don't finish your chances, you get punished."


What did you think of the result? Disappointed in the MLS All-Stars' effort?

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154 Responses to Manchester United routs MLS All-Stars for second straight year

  1. Good Jeremy says:

    meh. Not surprised, not terribly disappointed, but I am somewhat disappointed because of the MLS SUCKS!!!1! US SOCCER IS A JOKEE! reaction that will come from a team who hasn’t practiced together losing to the second best team in the world in an exhibition.

  2. ChiTownFire says:

    Switch it back to East vs West or just forget about the All-Star game altogether. Nothing good can come of this but making money off of Eurosnobs.

  3. Good Jeremy says:

    that or fans having fun and players getting a chance to showcase themselves.

  4. dan says:

    MU = Class
    MLS = Lots of work to do!!

  5. Matt says:

    And how well has MLS done in any of these world football challange games? from what ive seen just about all of them were blowouts, and the thing is people in this board complain about the “eurosnobs” and just cant admit MLS is no where EVEN CLOSE to just about any european league, its a simple flat out well known fact

  6. Good Jeremy says:

    Thanks for proving my point.

  7. Topher says:

    We should probably either avoid UEFA Champs winners or finalists for a few years OR pair it with a mid-table EPL/La Liga/Serie A/Bundesliga side and give the team a week+ to practice together.

    More importantly, the MLS should take a month “off” in the summer for teams to focus on transfer window/friendlies/international competitions (club and country)/ all-star week(s).

  8. Mario says:

    galaxy should have beaten Man City…so its not that bad…i think the MLS has taken development over winning in these matches….so its not that awful

  9. Good Jeremy says:

    I agree with your second paragraph completely. Make it for the Open Cup and friendlies.

  10. Lars says:

    2 weeks off is good enough, but the MLS All Stars can beat any other team besides the big 3 of Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Man U.

  11. Roberto says:

    Teams, not leagues, eurosnot

  12. GJJ says:

    This is nonsense. I support an MLS team and I refuse to watch the all-star game until it is played on a Sunday and the MLS guys have an entire week to practice. The people who run MLS have embarassed the US and Canada with their Mickey Mouse scheduling. Man U. are an amazing team, but only leaving a few days for the MLS guys to get some practice in…..if they got any practice in at ridiculous and the score line reflected how ridiculous it was. I am boycotting next years game if it’s not on a weekend where the MLS guys can get 2-3 practices in as a team beforehand. Please join.

  13. Dilio says:

    Even Vancouver is pretty close to Man City…not to mention the MLS wins against lesser EPL teams

  14. salim says:

    We need to stop these exhibition games, MLS All Stars. It looks really bad for the league. We need to concentrate on the season and win CONCACAF CUPS.

  15. MLS Fan says:

    East vs West to me would be more fun, at least in the match I wouldn’t be disappointed, and I wouldn’t have to see the Eurosnob and MLS hate comments.

  16. GJJ says:

    I absolutely love your month off idea.

  17. Topher says:

    Jeremy – I should have included USOC in there for sure.

    Lars – I love the MLS, but even with a A+ All-Star team, the squad really couldn’t beat a knockout round UEFA champs lge team at full-strength. (a large part of this is chemistry)

  18. NF says:

    Some day, MLS will learn that you can’t throw together a group of “All-Stars” and beat one of the best teams in the world. Oh, who am I kidding? This is MLS we’re talking about.

    No, I’m not just upset MLS lost. I’ve been saying this since they started using this format. There are many ways for MLS to have a good showcase event, and this is not one of them.

  19. marco says:

    Thank God it’s over. The worst of the MLS games. Becks was the only MLS player with professional skills today. MLS/Garber/Media say, so what, this is entertainment, not for me. The score doesn’t bother me, the inability to play with a decent level of proficiency doesn’t turn me on.
    Perhaps United against Chelsea for the next AllStar game.

  20. TMo says:

    All of the ASG’s have been fun except the last 2 years…major difference….Manchester United.

  21. Emerald_City_Jason says:

    I’ve never seen a single person on this site claim that MLS is anywhere close to Man U or any decent first-tier European league.

    What I and many others do say is that the difference in talent is absolutely no reason not to support and love MLS, just like real soccer fans the world over (England included) support their local teams and leagues as well as a top-flight side like Barca or Real Madrid.

    It’s a decent league with an ever-improving quality of talent and play, and more and more places offering a first-class soccer-watching experience.

  22. Topher says:

    Yeah and it would work perfectly for World Cup years, meant to include that in there.

  23. Brian says:

    Rubbish…Chelsea isn’t a UEFA knockout team?

  24. Gerald says:

    They have done it for many years up until the last 2, eurogeek

  25. Jaime says:

    MLS All Stars defeated Chelsea before the MLS started rapidly improving

  26. Topher says:

    Full strength Chelsea (even pre-season) vs. a group of MLS All-Stars who haven’t practiced together?

    Really man? Chelsea’s payroll is $220+ million. LA/NYRB combined are about $28 million. The next highest in the league is $3m.

    We can’t keep up and with our talent pool/payroll in 2011 we should be expected to by anyone. 2025 hopefully will be a different story but we aren’t there yet.

    One result doesn’t change my opinion…

  27. Topher says:

    *shouldn’t be expected to…

  28. Stifled says:

    the reality is that most of the teams are as good as most first tier teams…the super-clubs are a different beast

  29. GJJ says:

    Someone please explain to me the necessity of MLS scheduling this on a Wednesday night as opposed to a Saturday or Sunday afternoon like it used to be. Is it ESPN and their scheduling? MLS and their talent for torpedoing the sport just when this country is getting ready to take off? The MLS all-star game is supposed to be a showcase for people who regularly watch the other leagues in the world. It’s not supposed to amaze them, it’s just supposed to tweak their interest in MLS so that they might give it a go. How many potential fans got their prejudices about MLS reinforced tonight because the game was scheduled with no time for the MLS all-stars to get any meaningful practices in and gel and they happened to be playing against one of the top two or three teams in the world? A Sunday game against one of the 4-8 teams in any of the top four leagues would be a much better advertisement for MLS. It’s really not a very bad league….not amazing yet….but not too bad and getting better with each year.

  30. shane says:

    Dont watch MLS then eurodouchy. Beat it. Backe is the problem. Second rate eurotrash has no clue, just here in the US making a buck cause he has no place else to go and New yorkers fancy themselves as cosmo euro wannabees. MLS used to win the MLS all star game vs Chelsea and other premier teams back in the day when we didnt have the pretentious eurosnobs on the sideline and on the field.

  31. NF says:

    eurogeek? I’m not saying the league has no quality. I’m saying you can’t throw together a group of guys who have never played together and beat a top quality side.

    Those teams that MLS has played in past years did not take this game as seriously as ManU has the last 2 years. You can say what you want, but that was always obvious to me.

  32. O Henry says:

    I believe LA tied Chelsea in their 1st season with Becks also

  33. Gerald says:

    oh, OK. I agree with you now…lol

  34. blokhin says:

    it always puzzles me as to why people think that these type of games are BAD for the MLS… Europeans don’t think much of MLS to begin with, so there’s no real downside, only upside if the team or even a handful of players show well…

    to the MLS diehards, congrats, you’re fans already, yay-the point is to convert more of the casual fans and newbies into diehards.

    Putting Man U or a Barcelona will fill up any 65k stadium in the US-no East vs West All Star game would do that… if some people who showed up to watch the European teams end up taking a greater interest in the sport here-that’s a win…

    MLS is not on par with any of the major European leagues and won’t be for a long time-and if it ever gets to that point, I guarantee that the MLS fan base will need to be much, much larger than it is today… An exclusionary MLS East vs West and NO friendlies policy won’t get that done…

  35. Porto says:

    easy on Hans…He has put together quite the squad in NY.

  36. NF says:

    Was Bruce Arena the problem last year? Is he second rate eurotrash?

  37. PopOne says:

    MU is a very good team. Boys played well in the first half. 433 formation didn’t work. 444 would have been better, I think.

  38. chris says:

    Things I took from this game:
    1) I now understand why the NYRBs are imploding. Hans backe has to be one of the most overated coaches in this league. The 4-3-3 was never going to work bad tactics over all. Starting omar bravo and cummings? They were horrible, cummings was out of position but bravo shouldn’t even had made the team let alone been starting. Backe really screwed this one.

    2) Convey is not a LB. Pearce is still the best LB in the pool.

    3) Geoff Cameron has the potential to be a usmnt CB if he gets more playing time in that position

    4) we need to go back to east vs west. My favorite allstar game

  39. GG says:

    “the myth that the MLS isn’t as bad as people say” You lost me there euro****

  40. chris says:

    4-4-4 would destroy

  41. bmoney says:

    Does anyone really think Chelsea or united get out of second gear for these games?

  42. FRED says:

    true…the mistake was very simple…playing Man U. MLS got greedy and wanted to showcase Chicharito 2 years in a row. Stick to Everton and West Ham, and even Chelsea and Man City…but avoid Man U, Real Madrid, and Barca in this match.

  43. hogatroge says:

    1. Playing Man U again was a horrible idea just like everyone said when the announcement was made.

    2. The Month off idea was being tossed around in a couple other threads earlier this month and is a fantastic idea. Teams can field full-strength squads for the USOC and the play-in stages of the CCL.

    3. Each MLS team should be required to arrange a friendly against mid-table European competition…recognizable names to bring in money (Rangers, Everton, PSG, Roma, etc.) but no giant super-deep clubs like Man U, Madrid or Barca. The reason I say required is for some semblance of league parity and for the fans. Play the friendly in the off month and field at least a half-strength squad the whole game.

  44. Inca says:

    Cameron was awful most of the time…He looked like a D-Mid playing Center Back. Did you not see him get manhandled by the slow Berbetov

  45. Emerald_City_Jason says:

    +1. We’ve done fine and I’ve enjoyed watching us play other Euro teams besides Man U.

  46. Rich says:

    Chelsea loses in these games

  47. hogatroge says:

    +1 on point 3.

    Cameron was hustling all over the place tonight. It’s a shame the highlight reels (the weak challenge on the Berba goal and the deflection) will misrepresent just how well he played.

    It’s a shame Houston looks like garbage this year, or maybe he’d be on the radar of a lower tear European team for the coming year.

  48. GJJ says:

    I get your gist and agree with you to a point. But I think the point of the MLS all-star game is the win over fans of other national leagues with a “hey we’re not that crap” exhibition of talent. You schedule a game with no time to practic against one of the best teams in the world and we actually look a whole lot worse than we really are. I support the Chicago Fire and fully realize that our league is not amazing, but we’re a lot better than we’re going to look against Man U. with with one or not practices under our belt. This league will have a very hard time developing without fans of other leagues making their way over. It won’t be impossible for us to grow without them, but it will be a lot harder. Either change the scheduling and the competition of the all-star game or scrap it. Tonight was disastrous for the development of the league in this country.

  49. Bill says:

    Max Bretas = Eurosnob

  50. diddy says:

    @chris are you serious chris? Geoff Cameron as a potential to be a usmnt CB? If he really is we are in deep trouble. He got burned by Berbatov for a goal and he did a half assed block against Welbeck for another goal. Jamison Olave was the only defender that impressed me since he went off the MLS defense fell apart. MLS east vs west wouldn’t bring as many fans into the stadium imo. I actually think we had better attacking options to choose from than the ones chosen. Sebastien LeToux and Danny Mwenga perhaps? And people keep talking so big about Tim Ream well he was non existant today. Only guys impressing were Beckham and Olave.

  51. GJJ says:

    Amen brother.

  52. hogatroge says:

    That’s a ridiculously false statement. Yeah, he blew it on the Berbatov goal underestimating how physical his opponent was, but he looked solid otherwise.

    If you want to talk about players who were awful, let’s talk can’t hit a sitter Bravo, out of position Cummings, invisible Wondo, outmuscled Franklin.

  53. diddy says:

    Also it looked like MLS lacked the attacking flair. Players weren’t making runs for each other in the final third there was a lack of creation of chances. Beckham was the only one who had the best chances. The rest of the team just lacked the imagination to create.

  54. Hello says:

    no, relax…it wasnt disastrous. it was still part of the learning process…1996

  55. chris says:

    Sorry must have been watching another game cuz I saw him tracking back able to keep up with their forwards, I saw him distributing better than ream and I saw that he had the best touch out of all the mls defenders.

  56. hogatroge says:

    It’s hilarious how some of you people let a split second mistake completely compromise nearly an hour of solid play.

    Yeah, Cameron blew it big against Berbatov, but looked solid otherwise. The deflection can hardly be blamed on Cameron… he wasn’t the one failing to mark Welbeck.

    Then again, you probably just watched the highlights.

  57. Monte says:

    that chicken leg was horrendous. But cut the man some slack, he has been a d-mid all season. There are numerous quality defenders and attackers that were left off this team due to Champions League (some of the best teams) and poor selection.

  58. Howley says:

    It was there in the beginning, but gone after the 1st Man U goal…disappointing

  59. Seth says:

    I’ve been a man united supporter for a few years now, get up early to watch all the games (tv, online, etc) and just this season decided to give my local MLS team a go. While the lack of quality in the MLS vs other leagues is a bit annoying, it is good entertainment. I really did enjoy watching ManU demolish teams over the past couple weeks (especially since they didn’t demolish my local team), but I do agree with the opinion of this board regarding the all-star game.

    Yes, tonight’s game looked really bad for the MLS as a league. However, any serious football(soccer) fan will realize exactly what the situation is; a group of all-stars does not equal a good team. All it equals is a group of good players on the pitch at the same time wearing the same kit. Anyone who thinks otherwise likely knows nothing about the game.

  60. Juan says:

    What? Largest team salary in MLS, and his team has won 3 games since May. Backe tonight reinforced what his critics have been saying…he is way over his head. It is one thing to sit on a bench as an assistant at Man City against Man U, it is different to actually manage a side. Granted this game is heavily tilted against the MLS given they have only 2 days to train and the quality of opponent…but let’s get a coach that can give our guys a chance. Backe employs a 4-3-3….I guess since that odd strategy works so well for Toronto? Man U had a field day with the wide open midfield. At least we saw a full Red Bull arena tonight. I really don’t think you will see that again during a regular season game in the Backe era.

  61. chris says:

    Hahahahah red bulls couldn’t even fill the stadium. Plus I’m not the only one that thinks cameron should get a look at CB: eric wynalda, kinnear, sullivan, barton and many other people that know a ton more about soccer then you do.

  62. diddy says:

    Geoff Cameron might’ve been “solid” but when it counted he failed.

  63. Juan says:

    +1 on all of your points

  64. Oog says:

    The best part of the game was watching the linesman turf it trying to dodge the ball. That’s the highlight I keep going back to watch.

    Seriously though, one of the most impressive parts of the game was Olave tracking down Rooney at a dead run, that man is scary. I never would have bet money that Olave could outrun Rooney. Hopefully his injury isn’t serious.

  65. Ream is TERRIBLE says:

    I don’t understand how players like Tim Ream constantly receive hate from a certain group of fans, although he wasn’t a complete stud in the match he did relativly well. He passed well and he had some strong defensive plays. People say he is constantly praised unjustly so and that he is never going to be a great defender. Lately what I have seen is unjust hate. To me he played decent in the game while playing with a bunch of new teammates against Man U.

  66. F. Bueller says:

    Best moment of the night was Olave running down Rooney like he was George Peterson.

  67. Kova says:


    I’m disappointed in the MLS effort, but give some credit to Fergie and Man U. They are still in Champions League form and looking stronger this year. Like the All-Stars, Barcelona doesn’t get any warm-up matches. I think MU gets revenge on Barca and beats them easily as well.

  68. our soccer announcers suck says:

    Did anyone else hear Lalas threaten to fire Backe at the end of the broadcast? What a tool

    the biggest problem with that game was the production. the game itself was not bad besides all of the subs.

  69. Miami FC says:

    Injuries and call-ups, my friend.

    And watch out for TFC, they have finally put together a nice squad. They now have the 433 players and a good coach.

  70. chris says:

    No no no you can’t take a month off. Running the league till december is a horrible idea. One week for the gold and world cup group stages and no games on international dates is all you need. Usoc should go and only 1 friendly per team. A month would hurt more than help.

  71. Howard says:

    Annoying? You must not watch very many teams in these other leagues, euro****

  72. Mark says:

    That was my favorite part too. Best was when they made contact at the sideline: Olave didn’t budge, Rooney went down, then came up yelling for a foul. Classic Olave! Dude’s a beast!

  73. I hate Man U fans. says:

    Euros fancy themselves as cosmo new York wannabes. Villagers from
    eastern Europe wish they were from the 5 boros.

  74. Danny says:

    Obviously, being accountable for the 2 goals that put you out of the match is “solid” for some. Borchers, Gonzalez, John, even Demerit wouldn’t have done the same.

  75. marco says:

    There wasn’t a decent level of proficiency from the MLS side for me to find this game entertaining. I can understand that others might. The media defense of this format is quite disturbing.

  76. chris says:

    Good coach? Winter blows

  77. Butch says:

    Ashe stayed with Nani pretty well also

  78. Josh says:

    He was great last season, but he has been out of form since before the US call-up. Dude is still talented. He’ll regain form, no doubt.

  79. Bob says:

    marco and chris, almost every post is eurodouchy. Funny, must be same guy.

  80. VADCUfan says:

    Consistently embarrassed? Last time I checked the only European opponent to beat the all-star team in open play was Man. U. in 2010 and 2011. Further, you cannot expect a defense with any level of talent to gel within a week, it just doesn’t happen. MLS lacks the depth and talent of top leagues in Europe, but it is you who are exaggerating when you bash MLS. Finally, how many times did Man. U. beat an opponent in league play either 3-0 or worse last season? Reading anything into this result other than that one of the best teams in the world brought their starting XI and won is stupid and pretentious.

  81. Pd says:

    Yeah, 4 keepers and no strikers… Play for the draw!

  82. Curious George says:

    Did anyone really think MLS had a chance. Look at how ManU passes and traps the ball. ManU’s fundamentals are superior to our best players. MLS players need to learn how to pass and trap. Americans seem to focus more on conditioning, probably because they will need it to run down all the missed passes and bouncing balls that should have been trapped.

  83. irishapple21 says:

    Just got back from the MLS All Star Game at Red Bull Arena. It was a complete waste of my evening. You can’t throw together a team in three days and expect them to be competitive against Manchester United. I think the combined All Stars’ salary is about equivalent to ManU’s catering budget. Watching the All Stars get trotted out to get annihilated by one of the best teams on the planet isn’t going to win MLS any new fans. If anything, it drives them away. If Garber had a brain in his body, he would return the All Star Game opponents to mid-table Euro teams that the All Stars can be competitive with. Tonight just felt like a cynical cash grab.

  84. Elliot says:

    You know you aren’t a good team when Anderson scores on you.

  85. Poco says:

    The passing and trapping was there until the 1st goal

  86. Elliot says:

    Also, Man United is going to be F’ing scary this season.

  87. marco says:

    Anderson’s run have been great. He looks very motivated.

  88. Pierre says:

    and they aren’t every year? EPL should just go with 4 teams.

  89. Ashley Watson says:

    All-Star games in any sport is an American phenomenon and a gigantic waste of time. Scrap it and focus on the actual season and the related tournaments.

  90. Bakary says:

    no CCL coverage? A game that counts in Toronto…

  91. T says:

    Your correct, stupid Americans.

  92. OLo says:

    and usually the Brits are good, but McManaman continues to simply state the obvious….no real football commentary

  93. ugh says:


    Gimme a break, even United can’t get a 4-3-3 formation to work. Barca is one of the few teams that can use it well and he puts that crap on our players that dont even play with eachother! WTF

  94. mouf says:

    Curiously, the Wizards were able to beat what was mostly Man Utds starting 11 last year. Or course they are better, but honestly its not fundamentals its understanding and quickness of thought. Asking a pick up team to play one of the best teams in the world usually will not end up well.

  95. Dennis says:

    With apologies to the All-Stars who played, the only way a group of defenders can excell is by playing together against high level attacking. There is no way any team of All-Stars will manage that when the pre-game getting to know each other amounts to little more than a handshake.

    If the MLS wanted to do better, it would have been better off simply starting the back 4 plus keeper from RSL, LA, or Union, the 3 MLS teams with the best goals against average by a fair margin. The All-Stars would probably still not score goals, but at least they would have managed a better defense.

    And like many in NJ, I wonder how Backe has managed to keep his job. It is true he has assembled some quality players, but he cannot seem to get consistently good efforts out of them. I still wonder why Richie Williams was so rudely dismissed, now I am beginning to suspect he had too many good ideas that Backe did not like.

  96. Ricky B. Free says:

    The best thing that could happen for MLS is if an owner like Cuban buys a team and spends the DP money on 2 world class players in their prime and 1 young future star. He could spend the rest of the money on average to good MLS players.

    He would probably get that money back. We even have a lot of american owners that are eurosnobs, just look at Man United, Aston Villa, Roma, Liverpool, etc.

    If they are going to spend that kind of money why not do it and help create an MLS superclub that could rule Concacaf. They would probably make that money back with shirt sales and tours around the concacaf area, they would get a better TV contract, etc.

    Imagine if an MLS team bought Tevez, a world class player that is in his prime. Now that would be MLS 3.0

    With Beckham being the start of MLS 2.0

  97. T says:

    Cuban is a crybaby, I don’t like guys like him in any sport he represents the snobby little rich b*%ch kid, who will throw a hissy fit if things don’t go his way. “Also”, I hate his “fat boy” celebration.

  98. Ricky B. Free says:

    I said like Cuban in the matter that he wnats his team to win and cares about his team. Not like Cuban in the matter that I like his personality. Honestly I could care less about him.

    I think it would be better for the league to have owners that want to win and care bout winning. MLS should stay away from owners like the ones that teams like the Revolution have.

  99. g-dub says:

    Just watched this on replay. Disappointing.

    Main difference between world class teams and MLS caliber teams are players that can take take people on and make probing passes forward. Square pass / back pass/ hoof it doesn’t get it done.

  100. Oh Plz says:

    You’re an idiot. Most in NY/NJ love Backe. He completely tuned this team around by bringing in Limpere, Solli, Tanio, and Rogers. Those additions have been genius. The team has looked flat all month but this is when MOST teams look flat. You know why, bc our dumb league uses a play off system that encourages players to go strong strong in Oct and not burn themselves out in the middle of summer. Backe is the best thing to happen to the franchise since NY/NJ had a team.

  101. marden08 says:

    American soccer is a mirage.

  102. chris says:

    Hahaha good one considering I’m far from it

  103. Juan says:

    Don’t know many teams that haven’t been hurt by injuries and call-ups (and most of them don’t have the league leading scorer). The problem with NYRB on the field is something much deeper. But agree with you that the Toronto comment was unfair…4-3-3 last night was a complete disaster,but hope Toronto keeps improving.

  104. pd says:

    Or Howard doesn’t watch anything OTHER than MLS… Mlessosnob…

  105. MulletIBC says:

    maybe, but barça will be without Messi, or sanchez, or mascherano. eh not too worried about it.

  106. Pd says:

    Catering budget… LoL

  107. phd says:

    It is actually “you’re” correct. Your grammar gaffe is just precious.

  108. pd says:

    Or a salary cap…

  109. TGA says:

    oh those washed up Euros were impressive last night…and the no name Latinos provided much needed support…MLS is Minor League Soccer…maybe 4th division in England…

  110. mls fanz says:

    I don’t buy that this super team would make enough money back to break even. In fact, soccer is not really a money making business. Which MLS clubs actually make money now? I would think Seattle and LA Galaxy. Is MLS over expanding? Why the race to get to 20 teams? It looks like the overall level is dropping because there are too many mediocre players. A smaller league would have a better chance to be higher quality because there’s more competition for roster spots.

  111. I against I says:

    It’s a ALL STAR game, that’s it and it is only to be a party. Make some money, put back into MLS, built more stadiums and improve the youth system. I’ll take it, I don’t care and I will support DC UNITED until I die.

  112. Don Pelayo says:

    I feel that the scoreline doesn’t do justice to all-stars play, since it really was a fairly even match in the first half. We easily could have taken the lead with the chances we had. For next season, I would like to see MLS bring in another club from another league for this match.

  113. Vince Clortho says:

    It’s tough to compete with the cohesion ManU possess (as they’ve well proved this tour). The MLS boys did OK. It’s not difficult to recognize they haven’t been able to play together very much. Becks looked like he was having a great time.

  114. honestabe says:

    Backe should be fired. He gets nothing out of an RBNY team that has by far the best talent in their conference, and wrecked the Allstar team.

  115. jason says:

    Backe lost this for the MLS. Nowak or Arena would not have embarrassed the league. Way to showcase the “best” of MLS, Backe!

  116. Ritulin19 says:

    Ream has been so unimpressive lately. Watch the game again, thank-god Mondragon stoned that Rooney cross because berbatov outpositioned him. He can pass outoif the back, great but his form against quality has been lacking.

  117. dan a says:

    “If you play Man United … playing a 4-4-2 against them, you will lose,” Backe said.

    Yeah, cause your 4-3-3 worked out so well.

  118. hogatroge says:

    Didn’t look too bad to me, but I remember at least one horrible pass out of the back, straight to Park when Ream wasn’t even under pressure.

  119. Chaz says:

    I love this s*#t about how bad MLS is and how bad American soccer is blah blah blah. A collection of players training once and taking on one of the two or three best teams in the world is never going to succeed. I think were all wishful but realistic. But to say a 4th division English is a bunch of crap. How many teams beat Man U last yr? Only a few and one of them barca had one of the best teams in modern soccer history. If anyone is objective they will realize the all stars came out on the front foot and were good. Brad Davis’s inability to finish from 12 yds on his left foot and within 30 secs man u scoring shows what the issues are. The ability to finish. The chances were even in the first half but the quality of finishing was different. the goal before the half was a dagger. To correct the jerk that mentioned technical ability in the first half of “American” players obviously doesnt realize that only 4 Americans started the game 3 of them in the back. Were we ever going to win this game…no…was 4-0 indicative of the match…no! Lets lay off mls and our league and American soccer. Weve come light years in a short amount of time. Our teams have consistently fared well against mid table epl teams who can’t beat man u either. And against other leagues from around the world we’ve fared even better. Look epl is great but its not because of the English players. It’s a league of all stars that minus Rooney and a few others is a league of decaying English internationals past their prime who barely help their club teams. England struggled just like us in youth tournaments this years and oh yea the USA won the group in 2010 so I guess just like you who say American soccer sucks and all we do is run…I can say English soccer sucks and all you do is kick people! Support MLS and be realistic! These exhibitions do need to go away though! 16 young years and a $2.8 million salary cap minus dp’s…that’s Rooney’s bar tab! MLS is what it is…and it’s ours!

  120. Brent McD says:


  121. Shane says:

    @Jason, the All-Stars practiced together for what, three days? And they were playing the Champions of the EPL and Champions League Finalists. Yeah, TOTALLY Backe’s fault.

    (SBI-To act like Backe did nothing wrong is a bit silly. He played multiple people out of position and the system the team used just didn’t really work at all. You can’t blame him for losing, but you can definitely point to him for the squad looking bad at times, and players just not looking good because they were out of position.)

  122. Chris says:

    That was the worst MLS game I’ve ever seen! Hans Backe made no effort to try and win that game, plus several of those players should never be considered all-stars. The massive change at halftime was a joke. 4-3-3 is just stupid! Man U came to the US to have strong competition and all they got was routes of every team they faced. Some of these coaches don’t understand that they made the league look like rec league. I know all the teams only care about the league, but they should have been more professional and played their best players for the majority of these matches and then gave a 1-2 of their best players on the bench a chance to play against Man U, not the academy player. Seattle was the worst about this entire tournament, very disappointed. Until we start beating some of these European powers whether if it’s a friendly or not, we won’t be considered a competitive league…that is how the world will see and especially the writers. Hans Backe should be fired!

  123. BB says:

    East vs. West = boring and no point. MLS is an up-and-coming league…why not admit it and continue to improve quality while giving annual reality-checks like this? I think its all good.

  124. Ivan says:

    DON: are you reading this?

    Do not mold the league in the vein of NBA/MLB, etc.

    CANCEL the “Allstar” Game. This is an absolute JOKE.

    Maybe bring in Fulham or Bolton next year to at least sugarcoat the mediocrity of this league.

    Switch to a single table format, think of working w/ NALS/USL on promo-relegation in the long term, ditch the Jabulani POS ball.

    In what universe does the worst team in Division II, the Montreal Impact, gets “promoted” to allegedly the highest level of pro football?

    Only in the sick, make-believe universe of Don Garber…get out of there, Don. You have reached your capacity, have someone else take over and take football in this country to the next level.

    Don, Sunil, Bob: all OUT! Otherwise, we will keep losing to the likes of Panama…

  125. partnerincrime says:

    BS. He had 2 practices with these guys. No blaming the coach for that. You are as much to blame for the All-Stars losing as Backe is.

  126. dan says:

    MU learned something in last year’s tour of the US…. (especially losing to KC!) MU came to play some futbol! Evidenced in the scores of all the games they played this year! It was no vacation for them as every player on the MU team was focused and ready to take it to the US teams!

  127. dan says:

    I like the idea floating around last year for… instead of one MLS all-star game, on one specified day let every team play a high profile friendly in their own stadium. Lots of games all over the US where fans can actually attend. May generate media coverage all across the country… thoughts?

  128. bb says:

    Chris, You are wrong about RBNY. They aren’t imploding.

    Also, you’re wrong about east-v-west all star game. That’s boring.

  129. bb says:

    It was sold out and packed. Are you high?

  130. Primoone says:

    It seems as if Tim Ream still has problems making the most simple of passes out of the back. This has been an issue with him since he has been a Pro. No one doubts his ability to spot a man up-field and play the ball to him at his feet however, he compromises possession with the simple 15-20 yard pass. The worst thing you can do as a defender is give the ball up in your own half. If you give possession up you invite the other team to expose your weakness and turn up the pressure through the course of the game.

  131. Rev up those Revs says:

    I disagree. If these last couple weeks have taught us anything it’s that Backe might be the best the game has seen.

  132. partnerincrime says:

    So you left after 19 minutes? That’s just silly.

  133. lodrich says:

    Well you would have no idea how the MLS all-stars would do unless you play against the Man U’s or Barcelonas. There was real atmosphere at the game, despite the result. I think the MLS players got too disheartened quickly and never had a chance after the 2nd goal.

  134. bb says:


  135. Mike says:

    I’m no Euro snob and am an MLS season ticket holder but must say this is embarrassing and the league isn’t much better today than 10 years ago. I think expansion has diluted the talent and having the hack a man style in MLS instead of a technical one really doesnt make the American player much better. This is why the attendance in some cities is like that of minor league baseball teams…
    Because in the grand scheme of professional soccer MLS is minor league. Even the American player in MLS isnt much better. Look at the Fire only three of their field starters are American…and arguably the three worst starters and definatley the three least technical players.

    You can argue lack of cohesion for all-stars Man u plays together all the time but…

    Man U is in preaseasoj MLS is in mid season

    …and unless your in denial the HUMONGOUS difference in SKILL and TECHNICAL ability

  136. Paul says:

    I understand the financial and “exposure” motivations for the All-Star Game and mid-season friendlies, but on balance I think they do way more harm than good. To make money, just have the foreign clubs come and play in MLS stadiums. Consistently losing games while playing reserves in the second half or getting your (unprepared) All-Stars hammered by the second-best club in the world is not the kind of “exposure” MLS needs. The exhibitions don’t win MLS any new fans, here or abroad, and just illustrate the obvious about the relative strengths of MLS and the EPL. From disrupting their clubs’ schedules to putting down grass just for the visitors’ sakes, MLS ends up looking desperate and second-rate.

  137. marco says:

    MLS needs to decide if they want to show-case their best players or have a competitive match with another side. This game produced neither, because of format, scheduling, and opposition.

  138. Mike r says:

    Ok only four Americans started and three of them in the back?

    This isn’t a problem for you? That MLS hasnt developed any offensive American players who can start?

    And we bode well against foreign teams? Really? How many Concacaf champions leagues have we won? 1 how Many copa libertadores have we even qualified for? None?

  139. BlancDaBody says:

    Has anyone else seen Club America getting beat up recently by euro competition too? Losses to Juventus and Manchester City. It’s not just MLS, European clubs are just playing well in preseason this year.

  140. Mase NJRB says:


  141. MASE NJRB says:

    LA game is sold out. NJRB will win the Emirates

  142. bryan says:

    the finishing was atrocious. MLS played well in the 1st but couldn’t finish when they should have. A few chances in the second should have been finished too. when Olave went out, I said that’s it. It’s over. He looked, by far, the best defender out there. sure enough, that’s what happened. maybe it would have happened either way, but i took it as a sign things were going to go downhill.

  143. donnir says:

    chris & marco blow each other

  144. bryan says:

    by that logic, and given the fact that Man Utd only lost 4 games last season in the EPL, and by looking at the score line, apparently most of the EPL should be in the English 4th Division….

    last night was a crap storm for sure, but don’t be retarded.

  145. Pily says:


  146. Cilio says:


  147. Aggo says:

    Man U and Madrid are different animals…cconca-teams have been playing very competitively with the rest

  148. Max says:

    eurosnobs dont post with logic

  149. Ivan says:

    There is only one place in the universe, in which the worst team in Division II, the Montreal Impact, with only two (2) wins in seventeen (17) games in NASL, will get “promoted” to allegedly the highest level of professional football in the country.

    How could I, or anyone, have any respect for this league?

    Only in the sick, corporate, NFL-look-alike, single-entity, franchise universe of Dan Garber is such an abomination possible.

    Credit to the Don for what he has done, i just think the league has reached its limit w/ him at the helm. Heck, the rapid league expansion is making some of the game unwatchable…

  150. bryan says:


  151. Sensa says: