Must-See Goal: Mike Magee

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8 Responses to Must-See Goal: Mike Magee

  1. Paul says:

    lucky =)

  2. Mario says:

    Bradley Cooper does it again……

  3. Mike McGee would have saved that.

  4. Green76 says:


  5. Nic D "The Texas 2 Stepper" says:

    For sure!

  6. Nic D "The Texas 2 Stepper" says:

    That goals was EXACTLY what this game needed. Think about this:

    Balotelli struck it like Magee

    Magee struck it like Balotelli

  7. Dennis says:

    Great goal from Magee. He is always a fun player to watch. Too bad he is doesn’t get more time for LA. Maybe with 3 games per week he will get in a lot more.