Report: Orebro rejects Rangers’ bid for U.S. midfielder Bedoya

Bedoya (ISIphotos)

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Alejandro Bedoya's strong season with Swedish outfit Orebro and impressive showing at the Gold Cup has made him a target for some top European clubs, but Orebro isn't ready to part with its American midfielder just yet.

According to The Daily Record in Scotland, Glasgow Rangers, the same team that employs U.S. midfielder Maurice Edu, had its transfer bid for Bedoya rejected.

Bedoya's contract with Orebro expires at the end of the Swedish season this winter, so he could potentially join Rangers, or any other suitor, on a free transfer at the time. Another Scottish outlet, STV, reports that Rangers will offer Bedoya a pre-contract agreement in hopes of landing his services in a few months.

What do you think of this development? How do you think Bedoya would fare in the Scottish Premier League?

Share your thoughts below.

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89 Responses to Report: Orebro rejects Rangers’ bid for U.S. midfielder Bedoya

  1. Colin says:


  2. OC says:

    So pumped about this. Young USMNT attacker in the UCL? Awesome.

  3. Dusty says:

    Fantastic! Would love to see Bedoya playing for Rangers as long as he can manage some decent playing time.

  4. Second City says:


    The SPL is overrated and given Bedoya’s skill set…I’d much rather see him play in another/better league.

    The interest is awesome but the destination/league, not so much.

  5. USMNT Fan says:

    really don’t like Americans fast approaching their prime heading the scotland. Although Rangers has been good for American players and their development, Bedoya should head to a low level EPL team so he can get more exposure to big EPL clubs, that way he can set himself up better for a future move. I feel like he’ll have no problem latching onto a lower level EPL team if he waits until hes a free agent.

  6. He’ll be at a higher level with Rangers!

  7. chris says:

    Edu should leave Rangers and Bedoya should look else where. Not a place to develope.

  8. Taylor says:

    I wouldn’t like that move either. Rangers are a good club, but the rest of the league is so sub-par, I wouldn’t see it helping his development at all. he needs to test himself in a top league, regardless of the team, just as long as he is playing top opposition week in and week out, which Scotland won’t provide. I’d like to see him at a Birmingham City or another club of similar stature so he can develop in a top league. I also see him doing well in Holland, if the chance ever came

  9. Villain-from-Texas says:

    People are obsessed with the size of the clubs that American players go to. Often the first question that people ask Ives when an American starts to play well somehwere is this, “When will he move to a bigger club?”

    How about we focus on whether these guys are playing and playing well instead of on where they’re headed? I’d rather see Bedoya go to Rangers and play there than take a flier on some bottom-table EPL team (from which no offers have even come). Getting on with a big club is all well and nice, but actually going somehwere where you can play is the most important thing (as long as we’re talking about the USMNT and not Bedoya’s bank account). Just ask Adu and Altidore.

  10. patrick says:

    he’s better off staying at Orebro and moving on a free transfer somewhere else, even if its a worse team. the SPL provides so little in terms of competition, and they consistently get knocked out of UCL early. I’d rather him head to france or portugal and play for a smaller team

  11. Korey says:

    Not sure I like him going to the SPL.Maybe the Dutch league.

  12. Kevin_Amold says:

    Agreed, but Scotland is an upgrade from Sweden, right? Might be unrealistic for him to jump to England right away.

  13. Sam says:

    Low level EPL teams blow

  14. Jake says:


  15. JC says:

    +1 Can actually see him developing in Eredivisie.

  16. Idaho Brian says:

    I would prefer to see him end up in Holland or Spain.

  17. USMNT Fan says:

    Although playing time is very important, I think that the player moving to a bigger club should be confident in his ability to earn playing time where he goes. I would like Bedoya to move to a lower level EPL club and show that he can earn playing time there. Look at Dempsey, he is our best player and this is because he has the mentality that constantly earns him starting minutes with each new coach that joins the club. He always proves to the coach that he can start.

    If I recall correctly, Birmingham City showed interest in Bedoya near the end of last season as well. Since then Bedoya has improved a lot as a player and should have even more interest from Birmingham and other clubs.

    If Bedoya wants to be a great player he has to show that he can earn starting time from club veterans.

  18. jimmy smith says:

    oh yeah n your not a septic fan away on lad

  19. USMNT Fan says:

    I would perfer this to RAngers, more competition from top to bottom leads to better development.

  20. Javier says:


  21. Adam R. says:

    Can he get a work permit?

  22. MicahK says:

    He sucks he should just retire from pro soccer and play on a amateur adult league team.

  23. Jeremy says:

    I agree on rangers, but the downside of going to a crappy EPL team is the style of play and focus on long term player development won’t be strong. All that coach will care about is staying up.

    I would like to see him move to a mid level team in a mid level league. He could get playing time, but wouldn’t be on either side of lopsided games week in week out.

    Maybe a mid level french or top third Dutch team?

  24. Topher says:

    He sucks so much that he started ahead of Landon Donovan in a major tournament.

  25. Tried and True says:

    Me too. I think Bedoya would be better served working on his technical ability and go to the Dutch league. I think anyone pondering a move to Europe should start in Norway/Sweden, then work towards the Dutch league and then move on to French League 1,EPL, Bundesliga, etc.

  26. seb says:

    Biased english view here, but SPL is really weak. Better for Bedoya’s development and understanding of the game would be Dutch league. There’s not much to learn at SPL other than how not to get yer leg broke.

  27. otergod says:

    would much rather see Bedoya head to Holland or some place similar. A better league, but not one where he’s likely to get lost in depth.

    going to a lower level EPL side, he could break through (Holden) or he could get lost on the bench (Feilhaber). Where as his skill set may be better developed in Holland (etc..)

  28. USMNT Fan says:

    Birmingham got relegated, but a club like that is the type of club that would suite Bedoya well, I think I’d perfer a Birmingham in the championship over Rangers, and I have no doubt he could earn playing time there. He could earn playing time on a mid to low level EPL team.

  29. Buddleicious says:

    I think this is a good move, assuming he plays.

    First off, he’ll get paid. Second, he’ll be in a winning environment with a chance to play in Europe. Third, while the style won’t be pretty playing in Scotland will damn sure toughen the kid up and, quite frankly, the US could use a strengthening of its’ collective intestinal fortitude.

    Personally, I’m more curious why Orebro is playing hard-ball with Rangers when Bedoya is so close to being able to leave on a free in a few months. The Swedish club does’t have a lot of leverage and Rangers know it and thus aren’t going to pay a lot for Alé.

  30. Alex says:

    Exactly, Eredevise or maybe low to mid level Bundesliga would be my preference. I want to see minutes but also developement.

  31. USMNT Fan says:

    Birmingham got relegated, but that is the type of club that would suite Bedoya well. I have no doubt he could earning playing time there. I think I might even perfer a top Championship team over Rangers, but I’m sure that Bedoya would earn playing time on a mid to low level EPL team. Bedoya needs to fight for playing time in a quality league rather than be guarenteed playing time on a quality side in a moderate at best league.

  32. USMNT Fan says:

    I sort of agree with this as well, I’d perfer holland to Rangers, because the league is much better top to bottom and that is great for development.

  33. jpc says:

    He’d be better off in Sweden for the time being, or even over here. Scottish league is terrible competition, unless they plan on playing themselves and Celtic every week, and Rangers are not a top club in Europe by any standard. Going there to play in 3 or 4 Champions league games isn’t worth it. Edu went there, and in my opinion hasn’t improved one bit. Beasley went there, and now he’s soon to be employed by the Mexican 4th division Tijuana Donkeylovers, Which are actually a great side for that league.

  34. DL says:

    nevermind all that, can someone please tell me who the redhead in the snorg tee ad is? I think I’m in love.

  35. froboy says:

    sarcasm much?

  36. Michael Stypulkoski says:

    Don’t feed the trolls.

  37. Michael Stypulkoski says:

    Everyone commenting about where they think Bedoya should go, but the part of the story I’m most interested in is Orebro declining to sell him even though he can walk in just a few months and they would get nothing for him. Strikes me as odd, unless Orebro think they can convince him to stay after his current contract is up.

  38. MicahK says:

    Please learn the definition of trolling. What I said is on topic trolling is a off topic comment. My comment is about Bedoya.

    (SBI-Someone who consistently spouts the same skewed views, particularly about a specific player, can definitely be considered a troll. Someone who never misses a chance to hate on a specific player is a troll in any book, and when it comes to Bedoya, you’re a troll Micah.)

  39. strider says:

    +1 – would much rather see him in France or another league that emphasizes skill more and where he is less likely to be hammered and end up injured like Edu has.

  40. MicahK says:

    And look what he did he sucked in the tournament he was horrible. Just because your a starter does not necessarily mean you are one of the top players on the team. Findley started in all the world cup games except for the one he missed because of card accumulation and he sucked.

    (SBI-Micah, just tell us what Bedoya did to you to create this ridiculous blinding hate you have for him. You’re the most well-known Bedoya hater on here, yet you disappeared during the Gold Cup, when Bedoya CLEARLY played well, and here you come talking trash again. Let me ask you Micah, does it ever make you wonder why NOBODY thinks Bedoya has done as badly as you seem to think? Apparently you’ve got a unique eye for talent.)

  41. Paul says:

    Maybe they need him to help them finish out the season? I’m not sure where they stand on the swedish table, but if Bedoya is the difference between europe or not, then it’s in their best interest to try and keep him until his contract is up.

  42. KNPonder says:

    Maybe Bedoya killed it? Could be banking on his value being higher this winter – also teams won’t have to fork over any transfer money then (possibly more money in his pocket?).

  43. Nick says:

    Ligue 1 is a physical league

  44. Trin says:

    Birdman Bedoya

  45. Lc says:

    Don’t go to the Rangers, SPL is a thug-league. SPL is over-rated

  46. ex_sweeper says:

    I agree. SPL has the reputation of being a very physical (i.e., violent)league. Edu and Beasley both spent long periods at Rangers on the injured list, and in DaMarcus’ case the injuries really derailed his career. You could arguably add Claudio Reyna to the list of players that this team has used up.

  47. Francois says:

    You are absolutely the least knowledgeable person who consistently posts on this board haha Every one of your posts that I have ever seen have been idiotic. Please go learn the game, please!

  48. Joamiq says:

    A low level EPL club would be nice, but we don’t know that one is calling for Bedoya. At least he knows Rangers is seriously interested. Not sure it’s wise for him to wait for a lower level EPL team when he might just end up being roster filler. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves – we all know Bedoya has some talent, but we can’t expect that he’ll be a hot commodity. In the meantime, Rangers don’t exactly lack in exposure in England.

  49. Joamiq says:

    … he sucked in the Gold Cup? Are you kidding? He was one of our most effective players. He earned a starting spot because he was having such an impact off the bench.

  50. Joamiq says:

    Krystal Lynn Hedrick

  51. catenaccio says:

    I don’t think Bedoya would fare well with the physicality in the SPL. He is a lightweight as they say in the UK He’s not good enough for the EPL — there are a lot of English players just as good that the clubs would take before a player they’d have to secure a work permit for. Does he have a Swedish passport? If so, that would help.

    He should try Spanish 2nd division, Serie B, Bundesliga 2. Don’t think his play is at a higher level than those leagues. And he wouldn’t play much at Rangers who has many players better.

  52. Aaron in StL says:

    I’d love to see him in a more technical league like a lower-table Spanish team or Portugal before Scotland.

  53. Rod says:

    Lots of matches today…viewing guide???

  54. Tom says:

    You please learn the definition of trolling:

    “a troll is someone who posts inflammatory[citation needed], extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response” – Wikipedia

  55. ko'd says:

    I, personally, would prefer to go play for a mid-table Premier League team. Unfortunately, no mid-table Premier League teams have contacted my agent. I also don’t have an agent. I also am not good enough to play for a mid-table Premier League team.

    Here is the point: if you have offers on the table or contact from teams, those are the teams that are options. Just because you think he would fit in with a Dutch club or French club or an EPL team that finishes in the bottom half of the table (Wait, based on last year? What will it be this year?), doesn’t mean that that is a feasible alternative to Rangers.

  56. DL says:

    you da man!

  57. tom says:

    A-Bed is a guy who could fit in a lot of places. The most important thing is finding a manager who really likes his talent and is willing to stick with him, a la Stu with Owen Coyle. If he can find a spot in a top league, great, but it can’t be a Gooch situation where he’s going to a name team on a free transfer that’s just looking for cheap guys to fill out the roster.

  58. Mattbag212 says:

    I think it should be noted that the potential chemistry growth between Edu and Bedoya would more than make up for the fact that Rangers is not an EPL squad. I’ll take a 4-2-3-1 with Chandler, elderly Boca, Ream, Lichaj, Bradley, Edu, Bedoya, elderly Donovan, Holden, and insert striker here. Edu and Bedoya’s chemistry would be something unheralded for the USMNT.

  59. RK says:

    Jozy’s signing now official.

  60. Atlar says:

    He can only move to a low level EPL team if he is offered a deal.

  61. OC says:

    What exactly does the Dempsey argument prove?

    He has been with Fulham for several seasons now and it doesn’t really look like he’s going anywhere (though he could still prove me wrong). Is Fulham really a ‘bigger club’ than the reigning SPL champs (not to mention perennial UCL placeholders)? I tend to agree with the idea that just because a player is on a big club, it doesn’t mean it’s gonna help our NT.

    Take Marcelo and Anderson. Brazilians, in case you didn’t know, both on bigass clubs (Madrid + ManU). Who plays in a similar spot as Marcelo? Andre Santos, who is a constant stater for Brazil. Where does he make his club money? Turkey. Did his move to Turkey ruin his chances at going somewhere bigger? Who knows, but last time I checked, as far as personal pride and worth as a player are concerned, starting on the national side is near the pinnacle.

    If Bedoya were to seal a switch to, say, Newcastle or Blackburn Rovers, would Chelsea and ManU immediately start chomping at the bit for his services after one good season? Dempsey is Fulham’s leading scorer, and he’s still at Fulham. (Still not understanding the Dempsey argument btw)

    And one last thing: You would be hard pressed to convince anyone that Bedoya has an automatic spot starting on that ‘mediocre’ Rangers team. Rangers is one of the most storied clubs in Great Britain and arguably Europe. Many players dream of playing there. He isn’t just gonna be handed the No. 10 or the starting wing spot.

    I think it’s silly to berate his move because he won’t have to ‘fight for playing time.’ I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a squad player for angers until he proved himself. They have to juggle UCL (should they qualify), Scottish Cup, and SPL games on the schedule, and I bet Bedoya (at first) would just help to curb the fatigue that a schedule like that generates, until he proves himself as a lock.

  62. EA says:

    He’s probably not at 75%, but he’s played in a pretty good chunk of games for the US over the last two years.

    It’s possible that he could be granted an exception.

  63. jpc says:

    haha. agreed. Most of the broads in those ads are ridiculously hot. The guys too (what? I mean from what I’ve been told)

  64. Alex says:

    I hate how people always say “He should go to an x-level team in country y.” Players don’t pick their destinations. Bedoya doesn’t call up the EPL front office and say “I’d like a low- to mid-level team where I have a chance for decent playing time so I can continue to develop and get exposure to top teams, got anything for me?” It’s all about where the interest is coming from. I mean, we’d all LOVE to see more of our boys in Spain, where their technique would really improve, or even in Portugal or France, but it’s not happening because (whether it’s justified or not) the interest isn’t there.

  65. Indigo Montoya says:


  66. Indigo Montoya says:


  67. Dennis says:

    I am not sure moving to a bigger club is that good a move. I am also leery of a move to Rangers. Bedoya might find a reasonable amount of playing time there, but it might well come against the weaker opponents in the SPL.

    I think it is generally best for a player to be on the best team that will afford him an opportunity to play and to play against very good opponents. Lower level EPL teams could be good for that, so would lower level Eerdivsie or LaLiga teams and the latter are generally more skilled, less physical.

    Changing teams is always a bit of a crap shoot since getting playing time is something that is always expected when a player signs, but reality often brings something different.

  68. Robert says:

    I think it all depends on what Bedoya wants, if he wants to become a worldclass player one day he can’t waste his time on a club like Rangers, yea they’re good, but hardly anyone moves up from there. If his only goal is to be a player and possible starter on the nats then theres nothing wrong with the move. Your Brazilian example, while although the player is a good player and a part of the nats he is not some household name. All great players had to compete against starters at one point to become what they are.

    To me it depends on what Bedoya wants, he can be a solid national team starter so long as he plays, or he can move to a bigger club and try to earn a starting spot. At 24 he has to start looking to what the move will mean for his future. Rangers is a great storied club, but there players aren’t exactly household names worldwide. I’m not sure what Bedoya wants but his next club should be a club that will help him achieve the career he wants.

  69. Just Sayin... says:

    Not really though. If he is out of contract, he can contact teams and go and “train” or go on a “trial” with any club. If they like what they see, then they might offer him a “deal”. Stuart Holden did this for Bolton and it seems to have worked out for him.

  70. CML says:

    A little off topic, but how does MLS rank compared to the lower level European leagues such as Sweden/Norway and Scotland? Are all European leagues better than MLS? Does MLS compare favorably with leagues in Brazil or Argentina or Mexico?

  71. Judging Amy says:

    World class? Brazilian example not household name (What does that have to do with OC’s point?)?

    1. You employ a false dichotomy (Rangers= perpetual mediocrity, Mystery club he should hold out for= chance at greatness).
    2. I think you rate Bedoya too highly. At 24 how much more will he develop (certainly not enough to develop into a world class talent or “household name”)
    3. Who cares if a player is a household name (marketing + talent + luck= household name)? I thought you addressed OC’s argument about Andre Santos vs Marcelo poorly with your response.

  72. Rusty says:

    Well it’s more like 6 to 8 Champion’s League games (home and away if they have to do qualifying round and 3 home and 3 away in the group stage) plus the possibility to graduate into the Europa League if they don’t make it out of the group stage. If you look at last season the played M United, Valencia and Bursaspor in UCL before dropping into the Europa where the played Sporting Lisbon and PSV Eindhoven. In 07-08 they played 19 European games on their way to the Europa final. Rangers and Celtic offer players a chance to play in Europe and I’d argue that the experience of big games with group stage and cup dynamics does offer valuable experience to National team players. Is it worth playing lesser quality teams for the better part of the regular season? I guess it depends, but the question is by no means cut-and-dry.

  73. Marryo says:


  74. papa bear says:

    Ranger is a big step up from Sweden especially considering that they are in European competition every year.
    I don’t get the aversion to Rangers. I’m not SPL fan, but it’s better than Sweden and it is the offer available. I’d rather he go to a club that WANTS him not a club his agent barely convinced needed him and get no playing time.
    If he plays well and proves himself at Rangers the big clubs will come knocking, there is no doubt of that.

  75. MicahK says:

    And who are you ? I have never heard of you. Well you must like my post since you take time out of your non excistant life to read my post. You watch US soccer then we can have a convo without your ignorance.

  76. MicahK says:

    LMBO, learn not to plagiarise from wikipedia Einstein. I am not trolling. What I said was right. Learn to read before you post. And do not copy and paste from youtube, cheat.

  77. MicahK says:

    No Abu, was good off the bench. Bedoya was invisible on the field and had inconsistant passing in my opinion.

  78. Joamiq says:

    You either didn’t watch the whole tournament or watched with your eyes closed. Bedoya was widely hailed for having a pleasantly surprising impact off the bench. His workrate was tremendous, he won balls, he energized the attack and fit seamlessly into it. The US was noticeably better when he entered games. This is the first time I have ever seen anyone criticize his Gold Cup performance.

  79. Alejandro Bedoya says:

    Haters gon hate. Glad to see you don’t eat crow, like a true fan

  80. GW says:

    The problem with Rangers is, besides Celtic and the occasional “big club” who usually knocks them out of Europe, they never play any decent opposition.

    The SPL is total crap.

    It’s a higher level than Sweden but Rangers are so much better than the other SPL teams that it’s usually not a very competitive game.

    The other problem is, unless things have changed recently, they have been broke for some time now so they can’t buy anyone. Part of Mo’s problem is he has no competition for his place, so he’s gotten kind of soft during his time with Rangers. If he wants to improve he should get himself into a more challenging situation.

    If McCoist and Rangers really want Bedoya then that’s great for him and he’d be a fool to turn them down but, in the long term, I would hope Bedoya eventually finds a better gig.

  81. Alex says:

    If you remember correctly, Stu had a TRIAL at Burnley. They were interested. Coyle went to Bolton and brought Stu with him (thank God.) It wasn’t a case of Stu choosing a team to play for; there was a manager who liked what he saw and signed him.

  82. MicahK says:

    Bedoya is horrible you all overate him. He is not good he did not even initially make the gold cup team . He could not even make the world cup team over a still injured stu holden. You need to check my posting hostory. Because during the gold cup i said he was horrible and other posters cosigned for me saying he sucks and is over rated also.

  83. MicahK says:

    He was just invisible to me he did not make a impact in my opinion. I watched everygame, but the loss game where we lost to panama.

  84. MicahK says:

    Ives come on please tell a time where Bedoya assisted or scored a goal for the nats. He gets to nervous when he plays for the nats. Please get off Bedoya’s pay roll I know he is paying you to defend him. Also that is why orebro blocked the bid they wanted to save him from embarrasment at rangers being the water boy and riding the bench in scotland.

  85. martha says:

    Would rather see him in Spain or Holland. Hell just get hacked and injuries galore like EDU with Rangers and Holden in England

  86. MicahK says:

    sbi staff please tell me when did Bedoya assist or scored a goal ? Please get off Bedoya’s payroll I know he is paying you to defend him. Please review my posting history during the gold cup i said he sucked and other posters cosigned for me and said you overate him. He gets to nervous when he plays for the nats he does not belong on the nats sorry the truth hurts sbi staff bedoya is over rated and he is not good. Orebro blockedthe bid because they did not want him to look like a clown being a water boy and bench warmer for rangers.

  87. CplDaniel says:

    I don’t think he needs one. Either EU or EC international trade agreements to which Great Britain as agreed trumps the FA’s Home-grown, work permit rules. If you hold citizenship in an EU country, I don’t think the FA can require the work permit like the do for Eastern Euros, Americans and everybody else.

  88. bryan says:

    i think he should hold out. i am not a fan of the SPL