Red Bulls sign GK Rost to DP deal

Rost (Reuters Pictures)

It's no secret that the New York Red Bulls need goalkeeping help, and that help is on the way.

The Red Bulls have signed former Hamburg SV goalkeeper Frank Rost as the club's third Designated Player, the team announced on Wednesday. Rost is expected to be available for the club's next game, which is at Chivas USA on Saturday.

Current keepers Bouna Coundoul and Greg Sutton have each made their fair share of goalkeeping errors this season, with neither being able to outdistance the other to claim the No. 1 job between the posts. Now both appear are headed for permanent backup roles, with the 38-year-old Rost, a Bundesliga veteran who spent time at Werder Bremen and Schalke, entering the fold.

Do you think Rost is the answer to the Red Bulls' goalkeeping woes? Wish the team had gone in another direction?

Share your thoughts below.

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85 Responses to Red Bulls sign GK Rost to DP deal

  1. Rod BlaGooAALavich says:

    Hopefully he isn’t retiring by signing with MLS and puts together a solid year or two.

  2. chupacabra says:

    This team is starting to look like Hans Backe’s master race. Of course, a goalkeeping upgrade is needed, but did it need to be so damn Teutonic?

  3. Rod BlaGooAALavich says:

    *Additionally: Any word on the compensation?

  4. Topher says:

    He’s a class keeper and will be a big step up from their current GK situation.

  5. tbkh says:


  6. Topher says:

    Yeah, cause Juan, Henry, Dane Richards, Dax McCarty, and Mehdi Ballouchy are incredibly “Teutonic” looking.

    I’m hoping this was a (lame) attempt at humor.

  7. Dan-o says:

    Anything’s got to be an improvement at this point.

  8. Steve says:

    Thank God. Now if only we had signed Frankie a little earlier so he could have been in Chicago last ni… oh wait. Nevermind. No one went. Except a few of our supporters.

  9. Steve C says:

    I thought there was a limit as to how many foreign players a team could have? Did they do away with that rule? If you include Rost into the roster, that gives the Red Bulls 16 foreign players.

  10. TBrodie says:

    I just hope he’s not the next Ronald Waterreus.

  11. Kris (Vfb!) says:

    Was a top 8 keeper in the Bundesliga which has the likes of Neuer, Adler, Weise, Ulreich, Weidenfeller, Benaglio and Fromlowitz… so yeah… It was a great pick up.

  12. GSScasual says:

    are you serious? more than half our team is non-white.

  13. Seth says:

    Guys pretty old. He should watch out against some of the meat headed MLS players like Nate Jaqua and steven Lenhart.

  14. maka says:

    Yeah, Mike Jones is practically translucent. You are an idiot.

  15. Marc Silverstein says:

    good bye Bouna, it was nice knowing you. Since you make $100K more than Sutton, the handwriting is on the wall.

  16. malkin says:

    Sounds good to me. Looks like an immediate fix. A longer term solution with a younger keeper can still be in the works, but this looks great for now.

  17. babieca says:

    Foreign player spots are a tradable commodity in MLS (like everything else) and NYRB has acquired extras.

  18. Troy says:

    El Oh El

  19. Spaceman says:

    Is he under a “DP” contract? If not will a 3rd DP be signed?

  20. BB says:

    Good to hear the RB are on top of it. GK was the weakest spot on the team.

  21. Ivory Football says:

    I disagree with this observation/request.

  22. ManicMessiah says:

    I know nothing about him, but the Red Bulls have hit much more than missed on foreign players under Soler, so I’m feeling pretty optimistic if this report is true.

  23. Mickey Mouse says:

    Good thing these types of specifics are publicly stated by MLS/Clubs.

    Oh, wait…

  24. A wise man once says:

    But 38 years old? In a few years he’ll be a geezer just like the rest of the team.

  25. pat from new paltz says:

    also foreign players with green cards do not count aganist that number

  26. Ricky Rocket Romance says:

    In ‘keeper years, he’s only 32 years of age.

  27. Chuck Norris says:


  28. Chuck Norris says:


  29. Chuck Norris says:


  30. GSScasual says:

    Please take your borderline racist suggestions elsewhere….

  31. GSScasual says:

    a good keeper is like a fine burgundy or bordeaux…. they get better with age.

  32. nan says:

    Good luck unloading him off on another team. Most teams at this point look pretty solid in GK and don’t want a high priced backup. Thanks to the new rules Bouna is gonna get paid and stay on the cap even if you cut him at this point in time.

  33. Chuck Norris Screen-Names says:


    So #Fail they smell of 4 years too late.

  34. G-o-g-o says:

    Of which I’m happy players are have their salaries guarenteed.

    League was too Mickey Mouse/Front Office’s never had to pay for making horrible signings.

    Now with those rules, more players are willing to sign with the league and more front offices are researching players.

  35. Matt Mathai says:

    38 is at the tail end of a GK’s service life, but he was (is?) very solid. I don’t expect to see Bouna released or traded because you can’t build a roster on two GKs as old as Rost and Sutton.

    If he can give NYRB one or two years, this is a solid pickup.

  36. strider says:

    Yeah, I’d hate to be stuck with an old keeper like Van der Sar. GKs often last to 40-42 at the highest level. One must assume he isn’t quite what he used to be or he’d still be in the BL, but still should be a viable option for the short term.

  37. biff says:

    Yes, he is a class keeper and was popular with the fans in Hamburg. At 38, he is still a fierce competitor and will not tak sh– from anybody and will speak his mind and will give 100%. He definitely will be a nice addition to MLS.

  38. JayMah says:

    Last I checked Waterrus did pretty well with RBNY/Metro until he got injured.

  39. Enos says:

    I think by swapping Dax for Duane opened an int’l slot.

  40. JJ says:

    Nate Jaqua = meat head? I guess if a guy who runs like a baby deer can be a meat head that is possible. Nate doesn’t play anyway so he shouldn’t be too worried of his fierce physical presence …

  41. A wise man once says:

    Well I know that, but in 2-3 years he will be gone; I think the Rec Bulls would’ve been better signing a young-ish goal keeper…. maybe?

  42. kpugs says:

    RBNY signed Ronald Waterreus???? AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hopefully Ronald Waterreus can help us win a bajillion trophies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Like maybe even the U.S. OPEN CUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  43. fischy says:


  44. Will says:

    This team’s priorities are 1. Increase brand awareness 2. Generate marketing revenue 3. Win. I suppose this signing was made towards the last priority. We’ll see.

  45. K. Bowen says:

    At least he’s not coming from the Belgian second division.

  46. fischy says:

    Which is the salient point. The team doesn’t list roster slot status on its website, as other teams do. Agudelo is listed as Colombian, but he’s a USA citizen. Others surely have green cards — Richards, Ballouchy, Robinson, Condoul, Sutton. Either 2 others have green cards or the team picked up an extra slot or two.

  47. patrick says:

    the play lenhart pulled a couple of weeks ago was the definition of “meat headed”, trying to head the ball out of the goalies hands? Please, he’s a meat head

  48. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    I’m sure this is a good move. Current GKs are both struggling. I was never a fan of Sutton and have been disappointed by Buna’s dip in form.

    I never heard of Rost until last week when the rumor mill was in motion but I never heard of teemu tainio either. Soler has been pretty good with moves like this.

    Hope this helps with the communication in the back, especially on set pieces. Time to stop giving us easy goals – we need to make those early leads stick.

  49. GeoffieTheKid says:

    Not mad at this.

  50. Josh says:

    Indeed. The Walrus also had some of the best distribution for a GK. It was a shame about his injury, b/c afterwards it was like he lost all lateral mobility. Still, a very good keeper before that.

  51. dan says:

    I like the positive signings Backe is doing, addressing issues asap rather than wait.

    But a DP slot for a GK? Seems like a waste. Perhaps he is jus buying time before they re-sign Howard

  52. Dainja says:

    Thank GOD. not only was this needed cuz GK is our biggest glaring weakness, but now the DeRo trade makes sense. DeRo was solid for us, but Henry could fill his duties and we could more importantly use his salary space to get a quality keeper!!!

    Bouna time…………………HAS EXPIRED.

  53. Dale says:

    Welcome to MLS retirement center! With our facilities, you wont even feel like it’s retirement. As you read in our Brochures you will receive instant DP status, we hope you enjoy the last few years of your career! Spread the word, with your help we hope to recycle talents. Good Luck!

  54. The Dude says:

    Give me a break! The average age of MLS players is below that of most European leagues. So what if we have a smattering of older talent. And 38 is not old by goalkeeping standards. See Friedel, Brad.

    Rost probably signed a 3-year contract, which is fine by me. We have Rafa, Henry, and Rost for the next couple of years, and we need to win the MLS Cup NOW.

  55. josh says:

    I never knew Tom Berenger played keeper!

  56. KevDC says:

    @chupacabra: “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

  57. John says:

    You obviously know nothing about how the DP rule works. NY is using this DP slot as a cash saving mechanism since summer DPs cost 185K towards the cap. Say the guy makes 300K like Keller and Mondragon, by making him a DP for the rest of the season they are saving cap sapace. After they dump Bouna’s salary, next year he probably won’t occupy the DP slot.

  58. JJ's shin says:

    Don’t forget 6:00am water aerobics on Mon/Wed/Fri.

  59. Dale says:

    It’s just a joke, don’t get all jumpy….when are we going to stop wasting money on older players? when we can use that money to create our own talent and I’m not talking about making Freddy Adus, he’s a joke.

  60. Dale says:


    I cant believe I left that out, oops…

  61. Dale says:

    I only joke, chill. It’s whatever to me….

  62. Scott A says:

    I like the signing and wonder if we can get something for either Bouna or Sutton. Probably not.

    Regardless, I’m still livid about the way the US Open Cup was handled and I’m sure a protest of some sort is coming.

  63. john.q says:

    damn. i was hoping for Hope Solo.

  64. Morning Train says:

    Jens Lehman where are you?????????

    he would have loved NYC

  65. Chris says:

    This move is going to drastically improve the entire defense. Just watch.

  66. rustcp says:

    I have watched this guy for the past 3+ yr. (I watch HSV on their website). This is a worthwhile acquisition. At 38, he sounds old, but does not at all play old. He commands his box and organizes his D-line effectively. He is good for one or two outstanding saves a game. The ONLY weakness for this goalkeeper may be some occasional poor distributions (goal kicks, clearances and the like). Otherwise, this puts NYRBs into SOLID contention for MLS Cup.

  67. Simpy says:

    This guy will still get rosted if rafa doesnt return fast

  68. Aguinaga says:

    “this puts NYRBs into SOLID contention for MLS Cup.”

    I wish I had a dollar for everytime I’ve heard/read/believed that… much to learn you have young padawan.

  69. chris says:

    Thank god now I can finally see an all international lineup cuz that’s why I watch mls.

  70. chris says:


  71. Jason B says:

    I think it’ll be a good five or six years before Tim Howard would come back to MLS. I’d say Rost has 2.5 years of MLS time in him.

  72. Scott A says:

    I’m sure an intelligent opinion motivated such an intelligent post :)

  73. mikebsiu says:

    Very reliable for HSV, and was very good for Werder too. Red Bulls needed someone like him.

  74. Scott A says:

    National teamers like Ream and Agudelo in the lineup is worse than pedestrian guys like Ryan Guy and Alan Koger filling your lineup? Child please.

  75. chris says:

    No I was referencing the fact that ream is the ONLY american player in the starting XI and that if I wanted to watch european teams I would watch their leagues.

  76. Scott A says:

    It’s good for a player to have to work his way into the starting lineup. Agudelo’s having a valuable learning experience. NY has done just fine producing American talent: Howard, Bradley, Altidore, Ream, Agudelo.

  77. JoeW says:

    Outstanding pickup. It’s silly to argue about the age b/c (a) GK’s are capable of being very good and very old (you’d better believe that NYRB would mind having Kasey Keller or Brad Friedel right now) and (b) some of the key players (Marquez and Henry in particular) are older so signing a player for his future is overrated in this instance.

    Here’s the downside to this deal: Unless waiving Coundol frees up a lot of cap space (not likely since the season is half over and it may have also reached the point at which contracts are guaranteed), the team needs more than a GK. Yes, they needed a GK most. But I’d argue that this team needs another CD. When Marquez is out, the central defense isn’t strong.

    I think a better option might have been to pry away an MLS keeper that isn’t making DP salary and then the team would have good money to sign a CB.

  78. inkedAG says:

    What’s that smell?? Ah, yes, desperation….

  79. Paul C says:

    Cheers to this guy for offering up some relative and valid points.

  80. Brent McD says:

    Didn’t you know? MLS rules clearly don’t apply to Galaxy or NYRB

  81. Tommy Mac says:

    Are you joking. Agudelo coming off the bench to sub for English 2nd leaguer Rodgers could only happen in a Hans Backe world. This team has become a parallel universe.

  82. Scott A says:

    Ask people who watch every minute of every Red Bulls game and 95% will tell you that the team performs better with Henry/Rodgers than Henry/Agudelo. You coach with what you have now, not with potential. In the future, Agudelo may start.
    I’ll ask you your own question. Are you joking?

  83. Morning Train says:

    lets hope red bull fans greet him witha rendition of ‘Frosty the snowman”

  84. Mikey says:

    Agreed, but Jaqua isn’t Lenhart.