San Jose trades Johnson, gets three players in blockbuster deal with Toronto

Ryan Johnson 1 (Getty Images)

Ryan Johnson's time with the San Jose Earthquakes has come to a close.

The Earthquakes traded Johnson, along with allocation money and an international player spot, to Toronto FC in exchange for Alan Gordan, Nana Attakora and Jacob Peterson in a blockbuster deal on Thursday.

The move provides San Jose with depth at three positions, though it loses an international spot until Jan. 1, 2013.

The trade was Toronto's second of the day, having acquired midfielder Terry Dunfield in a deal with the Vancouver Whitecaps earlier.

What do you think of this trade? Who do you think got the better end of the deal? Surprised Toronto FC made two moves on the same day?

Share your thoughts below.

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58 Responses to San Jose trades Johnson, gets three players in blockbuster deal with Toronto

  1. Sonicdeathmonkey says:

    So let me get this straight….TFC trades for a guy who has scored as many goals in MLS this year as I have, and it’s a blockbuster deal? Really? Mehhh.

  2. Big Chil says:

    I love MLS teams for being able to do this midseason.

    I have no freaking idea who any of these players are.

  3. ne-dub says:

    Not sure who gets the better deal. I am thinking TFC wins this one.

  4. JL says:

    3 starters for one is pretty good swap. Johnson seems to be misused this season with SJ, then was gone for Gold Cup. I always liked him, very physical and willing to throw his body around. Could use some refinement on finishing, but if he didn’t need that, he prob wouldn’t be in MLS.

  5. Yusef says:

    The MLS Hot Stove! Blockbuster! C’mon Man!

  6. Berlin says:

    You need to take blockbuster more in the sense that Toronto has literally destroyed the block their stadium, team, future, etc. is built on. Have they ever not been in a rebuilding year?

  7. Mike Caramba says:

    Haha. Agreed.

  8. ex_sweeper says:

    Yesss!!! I am SO tired of screaming “Ryan Johnson, you are useless…” during every EQ game! Yes, he has speed and can occasionally get off a very good pass from the wings but we need much more from that position. Not sure about the replacements. Alan Gordon impresses me as another attempt by John Doyle to model the team in his image – long on grit, maybe a bit short on technique.

  9. PewPewBoom says:

    Even though Ryan Johnson is listed as a striker, he really isn’t (at least not with the Earthquakes). Great when playing LM; he has good speed and crossing ability but can’t score. You’ll be missed Ryan!

  10. Jake says:

    Ryan J is stud from Gold Cup Jamaica squad…you need to learn your footy

  11. Jon says:


  12. dan says:

    Wasn’t Gordon doing pretty darn well for TFC?

  13. Will says:

    TFC wins this easy…Johnson fits into their Left Striking position perfectly and they get allocation money to add another international for 3 useless players

  14. Hardy says:

    Gordon plays well about 2 or 3 games a year and that’s it

  15. Karen J. says:

    Good riddance to bad rubbish — won’t shed a tear at RJ’s moving on. My sympathies to TFC.

  16. CSD says:

    TFC is funny. If there wasn’t a salary cap in MLS I bet they would spend 5 times more than anyone else in the league and still never make the playoffs.

    I thought the “Trader Mo” was a thing of the past, guess not.

  17. toro says:

    Starters? All three have barely started this year, due to lack of form and injuries.

    The total number of starts for Peterson, Gordon, and Attakora is 24, or 8 games per player (TFC has played 21 league games).

    Peterson is awful, Gordon is useful but not a key player, and Attakora is a huge project.

  18. toro says:

    Enjoy Peterson … he can’t shoot and can’t run.

  19. toro says:

    Berlin, Peterson and Gordon are not the building blocks of TFC. They are journeyman players who have hardly played this year. Attakora is a young project. Doneil Henry, the 18 year old, is a better defense prospect than Attakora was at that age.

  20. ga-gone says:

    Throwing around the term ‘Blockbuster’ a bit loosely, no?

  21. San Jose wins! I’m a Quakes fan and have been waiting for 3 years for Johnson to do something. I got a bit excited with his Gold Cup play, but he is too inconsistent. I hope these 3 players come in and contribute because the Quakes could use the help.

  22. Schteve Town says:

    Gordon was much better than many TFC supporters had reckoned. I wouldn’t want to rely on him full-time, but could be really useful as a target man playing in certain tactical situations and as a long sub. Don’t know enough about SJ to know how he will fit in.

  23. mike says:

    +1 all of you folks who think TFC got the better end of this deal clearly have not watch enough Quakes game. I see terms like “stud” thrown out there and I have to laugh. Johnson was terrible the Quakes could have gotten a bag of balls and they still would have come out on top.

  24. WK says:

    That’s about right- Quakes need a backup to Lenhart and another defender but only because Opara is still hurt. Peterson is probably just filler since we finally signed Baca who should be the depth in MF we need.

  25. markVA says:

    none of these dude are blockbuster. winter said he wanted to trade away for better players than he had but he gets rid of a few of his best players. not saying the ones they received are terrible, they just have SOOOO many needs. TFC with winter is such a joke, so sad with the huge fanbase they have/ HAD.

  26. Big Chil says:

    No, you need to learn your footy.

  27. Trader Jon says:

    Wrong, Johnson becomes an instant starter at Winter’s Left Wing spot. Excellent deal for TFC. All they need is a defender since Cann is out. Now they have the money and slot to do it.

  28. jpc says:

    Good for Toronto, not so much b/c they got Johnson, but because they got rid of 3 donkeys

  29. Nicky says:

    short sub but not more…his physical style wears him down

  30. Dougie says:

    RJ will thrive in Winter’s Total Football…Players always seem to underperform with Yallop

  31. Rod says:

    You realized they picked up allocation money with this deal right?

  32. deepm says:

    This is Aron Winter’s team now and he should build the team the way he wants.

    You’re telling me he should just keep running with the line-up that MoJo left for him?

    Yeah unfortunately this has been going on for 4 previous years but you can’t compare MoJo to Winter when Winter is only ~20 games into his 1st season as the coach.

  33. Joamiq says:

    You’ve never heard of any of these guys? I guess you don’t follow MLS then… which makes me wonder why you commented.

  34. Joamiq says:

    More than a bit short, in Gordon’s case

  35. Ossington Mental Youth says:

    Gordon was having a great season, when he was playing. Too injured as a result he wasnt needed, especially with Koevermanns

  36. Ossington Mental Youth says:

    Also Mariner is behind any trade within the league, run tell that.

  37. Triumph says:

    When is “Sonny” Bouchiba going to play for TFC? They could use his help

  38. Sam says:

    Disagree…He opened up a lot of space for Wondo as a threat on the other side.

  39. Mario says:

    great and Gordan should nevr be put in the same sentence…a couple of great games but he met his quota for the year

  40. pd says:

    It was Klinsmann’s idea. He’s a misunderstood genius you know. Should coach the USMNT but Sunil Gulati is just in it for the money.

  41. pd says:

    For what? Laffy Taffy?

  42. Hood Rich says:

    TFC management have got to look like the biggest asses of all of MLS considering the forwards they got rid of since they started:

    O’Brian White
    Carlos Ruiz
    Jeff Cunningham
    Colin Samuel
    Chad Barrett
    Dwayne Rosario
    Alan Gordon

    I have no idea why they even needed Gordon in the 1st place, when they were going the ‘total football’ route. Just pure stupidity in throwing good players away.

  43. kylw says:

    If these three contribute anything, then the ‘quakes come out better off. Johnson was all pace and no talent.

  44. Paps says:

    they got rid of the 3 worst shooters in MLS history…Barrett, Gordon, and White. Yeah, I’d be embarrassed of that too.

  45. Ton says:

    baloney, Johnson is a good player. bad move by the quakes

  46. FSegaud says:

    you just finished a sentence with great and he (Gordon) so you just broke your rule.

  47. Schteve Town says:

    You forgot Edson Buddle just before his LA days and Aleko Eskandarian who was quite good before his head caved in.

  48. Schteve Town says:

    People are delusional about MLS talent. Almost everyone in this league is flawed. Peterson, for example, has little pace and can’t beat a defender one-on-one to save his life. This doesn’t neccessarily make him that bad by MLS standards. The league is built on guys like Gordon, Peterson and Attakora (and likely Johnson). It is all about how they fit in.

    Goodness. As a TFC fan I never thought I would miss Nick LaBrocca, but I swear he would start in almost any MLS midfield and if he were Canadian, would be a regular on the National team.

    It is a strange league and it is all about fitting into a side. If Johnson has pace and can cross from the left, he will fit in at TFC.

  49. Rincon says:

    As is every person, you are flawed too, Eurosnob. As a TFC fan, you dont know what the league is built on.

  50. Nytshade says:

    Agreed. I for one am glad to see that TFC owners are still sticking with Winter. It shows that they want to give this guy a chance. He now is making a few moves in hopes of cleaning up the mess. I just hope for the TFC fans that this change adds some spark to gain some credibility.

  51. Train says:

    got to say, you are right on. attakora will be a loss, b/c he has room to grow and i could see him being a very good player in this league. as for JP and AG, typical MLS journey. servicable, you need guys like this to fill out a roster, not be the key components to it.

    now TFC adds, johnson and dunfield, potential for a new DP centre half hopefully, and if they ever dump de guzman even more cap space to fill wholes. the team is starting to come together nicely, 2012 will be a big year for them if they can make that next step to perennial play off team

  52. Train says:


  53. Ossington Mental Youth says:

    I said the samething when he was coming in but he really has played very well (GREAT) this year. i know he was pretty meh in LA and barely played in Chivas but dude was coming into his own here

  54. Ossington Mental Youth says:

    Hes out for the year with an injury.

    Unfortunate, curious to see if hes around next year, kinda feel like itll be his swansong

  55. Ossington Mental Youth says:

    4 goals in 8 games, not to mention several canadian cup goals. Once again, effective WHEN hes healthy.

  56. frank from sf says:

    i’m a ‘quakes fan and i can tell you, we just traded crap for crap. really no other way around it.

  57. anon says:

    Don’t forget Conor Casey – he played two games for Toronto before being shipped off.

  58. Ryan Johnson works harder than anyone and is a really good player, but he has had a curse hanging over him in terms of finishing for the San Jose Earthquakes. I think more than anything this may be a chance for Ryan to join another club where he can break out, and it could not happen for a better guy.

    Not sure why the Quakes are bringing in more depth, a cutting edge would seem to be more what they need.