SBI’s MLS Best XI (First Half)

HenryBeckham (Getty Images)

Major League Soccer will be announcing it's All-Star First XI at halftime of Sunday's Portland-Seattle match, so it's a perfect time to roll out SBI's picks of the league's top performers for the first half of the season.

We've picked three teams, using a 3-5-2 formation that is typical of an MLS All-Star Game ballot. The teams don't necessarily represent a workable formation with players at their natural postitions, but they do indicate who we feel have been the top players in the league at their respective positions through the first half of the season.

Here is SBI's MLS First-Half Best XI (as voted on by SBI staff):




GK: Faryd Mondragon

DEF: George John, Omar Gonzalez, Nat Borchers

MF: Landon Donovan, David Beckham, Brek Shea, Brad Davis, Joel Lindpere

F: Thierry Henry, Chris Wondolowski


GK: Kevin Hartman

DEF: Chad Marshall, Jan Gunnar Solli, Jamison Olave

MF: Jack Jewsbury, Marco Pappa, Osvaldo Alonso, Mauro Rosales, Juninho

F: Charlie Davies, Luke Rodgers


GK: Nick Rimando

DEF: Heath Pearce, Ugo Ihemelu, Carlos Valdes

MF: Nick LaBrocca, Graham Zusi, Sharlie Joseph, Kyle Beckerman, Davide Chiumiento

F: Eric Hassli, Andres Mendoza


What do you think of SBI's MLS Best XI for the first half of the season? Think any players are not deserving of their spots? What changes would you make?

Share your thoughts below.

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178 Responses to SBI’s MLS Best XI (First Half)

  1. K says:

    Where’s Frei?

    (SBI-Probably picking the ball up out of the net.)

  2. kpugs says:

    Frei is underrated because his team is so bad but come on. 34 goals in 20 games aren’t going to get anyone on any kind of best XI no matter how good he is.

  3. Tim Crawford says:

    Frei and Tally Hall . . .

  4. Fred says:

    Wondo does not deserve this

  5. Frank John says:

    Continued dissing of Ricketts?
    only SBI ladies and gentlemen

  6. BEdwards842 says:

    William Hesmer continues to be the most underappreciated goalkeeper in MLS.

  7. KKS says:

    I mean, I get the idea, but that is the strangest-looking formation ever. Since when does Joel Lindpere play in the center of midfield? I mean, I know he tucks in a little more than Richards, but he IS a winger.

  8. KKS says:

    +1 to you.

  9. The Dude says:

    My XI:

    Subs: Donovan, Shea, Lindpere, Borchers, Hurtado, Mondragon

  10. Colin says:

    Agreed. The only knock on Ricketts this year is that his minutes are down due to that early injury, Gold Cup, and now this forearm issue. Completely healthy, he’s by far better than all 3 GKs listed.

  11. Seriously? says:

    You must be a huge NY Fan

  12. coachchar says:

    I think Ricketts is easily the best keeper in the league

  13. Jeremy says:

    Agree with most choices.. hasnt mendoza been aweful except for a few games recently

    these fake 3 5 2 formats always seem to leave out wingbacks.

  14. The Jamericadian says:


  15. Brian says:

    Sheanon Williams is the best right back in the league and he gets no love…smh…

  16. Seth says:

    Wondo?! No tainio?!

  17. Brit says:

    There should be at least one DM in the first team, to acknowledge the league’s best DM along with the best offensive forces

  18. Mouf says:

    Aurellien Collin not even on 3rd team draws so question

  19. John says:

    No love for Ream? Because he was with the national team? Doesn’t make sense.

  20. truth says:

    And Hartman is extremely overrated, course sbi was asking the question a year ago of Coundoul was the best gk in the mls…

  21. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    I was confused not seeing him make any of the teams, but maybe I’m not watching enough NYRB matches.

  22. Dustyn says:

    Aurellien Collin deserves 3rd or even 2nd team honors. Without him, SKC is sitting bottom of the table. He is quickly becoming one of the best CBs in the league.

  23. Andrew Helms says:

    Davies is the 3rd best forward on DC right now, not the league. Josh Wolff has been way, way better.

  24. Jeremy says:

    Lindpere has actually played a straight central mid on a handful of occasions this year, and possibly last. Mainly when guys are out, but he definitely has.

  25. Mario in QT says:

    Shannon Williams will be an All Star and replace Cherundolo on the USMNT but only if he improves the accuracy of his crosses and the ‘last’ pass. He has been outstanding in defense, with great speed and is not afraid to take on defenders when he flies down the opponent’s wings. He has it all except for accuracy in that final pass.

  26. GDUB says:

    Where’s Alanso – arguably the best defensive midfielder in the league. He may not score goals but he is class.

  27. DL says:

    Mendoza is absolute garbage. This, coming from a Crew fan.

  28. GDUB says:

    Alonso I meant

  29. bigpoppapump says:

    umm where he hell is ricketts????!!
    and why the hell does Dunivant get zero love when he’s one of the mos consistently good LBs in the leagues history?! just a good as Heath Pearce.

    and most importantly Mike Magee should start at GK for the all-star game.

  30. Really?????

    are all better, way better that is straight fan boy stuff right there

  31. anon says:

    Feilhaber? Convey?

  32. The Dude says:

    I like NY, Seattle, and lots of teams. But you must admit that NY is full of talented players. Ream and Rafa were the best defensive tandem in the league before the Gold Cup derailed NY’s season. Borchers/Olave and Hurtado/Parke are also good tandems.

    I justify my inclusions on this basis: Henry leads the league in goals, Rodgers has 6 goals and has been an excellent box player, Solli has 6 assists (more than any other defensive player in the league), Davis and Beckham are chosen because of assists, Rosales is probably the best playmaker in the league (esp with Morales and Ferreira injured), Rochat is easily the best LB in the league, and Rimando has been stellar all season.

    Donovan has been hit and miss this season, and many of his goals come from PKs. My other subs are all worthy starters, too.

  33. “Shannon Williams will be an All Star and replace Cherundolo on the USMNT”

    Wow that is crazy. Marvell Wynne would start for nats way before Williams ever even got a call up to a january camp. Philly fans are insane for real, must be the fumes from the factories by the stadium

  34. B says:

    Brad Davis is rubbish. Terrible person, superficial addition to a team. Scrub him now.

  35. Buzz says:

    Shalrie Joseph hasn’t been a best IX, XXII, XIII or anywhere close this year.

    Ives loves Shalrie (and deservedly so), but he has really declined.

    If you don’t believe my eye, look at the Castrol ratings.

  36. This team could easily finish top ten in the EPL.

  37. kingsnake says:



    he wasn’t even here half the time!

  38. Kyle says:

    Red bull lover??

  39. Jeremy says:

    he’s in the 2nd team. look again

  40. Mike From Linden says:

    The best strike tandem isnt good enough to be in the 1st 11 together? How us wondo better than Rodgers?
    Beckham? Really? Plata is better than Becks (being very serious. I just seen him live this past wedesday and dude is a beast)

  41. Jeremy says:


  42. Kyle says:

    Check Ream v Union. That’s y.

  43. King says:

    Have you watched Williams or the Union. There defense is the only reason they r neat the top of the table. Williams n valdes have been rocks. So good they could let Harvey go

  44. MC Pharaoh says:

    The same could be said about you. Brad Davis has easily been one of the best if not the best mid in MLS this season.

  45. Jaqua is my homeboy says:

    Come on, where’s Nate Jaqua? He’s scored 0 goals and he has a giant salary. These lists are clearly not complete.

  46. FredsBrain says:

    you are retarded

  47. derp says:

    LOL. What? Tainio isn’t even best xi c team.

  48. derp says:

    Ream has gotten burned by his man 1v1 almost once per game this season. He still has some growing to do.

  49. James says:

    Agreed. This guy link to is a worthless footballer. The Dynamo winger, however, is one of the most valuable, talented, hard-working players in the league.

  50. Webster says:

    If you think Mensoza is awful you should see your spelling.

  51. PetedeLA says:

    I’d agree with you except for Ream. He gets torched, and then he has a brain fart. I’ve seen it enough times to recognize a pattern.

  52. derp says:

    Alonso isn’t in there b/c he’s from the dirty mullan school of soccer and we are trying to get rid of those type of hacks from MLS. Here is an example of dirty alonso’s style of play:

    link to

  53. duder says:

    what are you talking about brad davis is mint

  54. jason says:


  55. duder says:

    AHAHAHA you think rodgers is better than wondo? Please. LMAO you NY homer.

  56. prizby says:

    you kidding…Stefan Frei…leads the league in saves

  57. Adam M. says:

    Forgetting everything else, here is the team I want to see:





  58. prizby says:

    or how about richard eckersley

  59. prizby says:

    you mean the guy who turned the ball over in his own 18 to Hassli when he scored that GOAL

  60. cory says:

    Rodgers should for sure be in the first XI.

    Also – David Chiumiento in the MF. Beckham’s mobility/versatility have lacked for two years now. The only things saving him are his services from the wing/free kicks.

  61. prizby says:

    once again Ives is continuing his bias to hating Toronto

    Name me a goalie in the MLS that would have given up less than 34 goals (and thus made over 100 saves) in net for Toronto?

    While Toronto hasn’t done well, name me someone who is a better right back then Richard Eckersley…the number of times he has recovered for Toronto’s Ty Harden while still being able to join the attack and get the ball going; there isn’t a team in the MLS that woudln’t want him…esp at his salary

  62. Seriously says:

    Only because his team gets shot at like a Crip walkin through Blood territory.

  63. seth says:

    he should be

  64. Seriously says:

    If you are going to blast someone about spelling you could at least spell the player in question’s name correctly. Just sayin’.

  65. glou says:

    im constantly surprised to see how little recognition dunivant gets.

  66. LWA says:

    Anybody think Keller is deserving? He is having a pretty good farewell tour, no?

  67. lassidawg says:

    He is the first player to have a turnover in his own end. Fine one play that ended up being noticed because of the goal of the year.

    If your going to compare him to Mullen or any of the other guys that have wiped out a player I think you should come up with a better example.

  68. Pete Wilson says:

    Solli> Williams> Alston=Franklin

  69. lassidawg says:

    Alonso should be on the first team, with Rosales getting strong consideration. With injuries to 3 primary offensive players Zakuani, White, and Montero (I think he will be better once he can stop wearing the wrist brace) Seattle has had its best first half because of Alonso and Rosales.

  70. Pete Wilson says:

    donovan was been so weaksauce this yr bro!

  71. Robinswood says:

    I’m in agreement with you on Rosales. Unfortunately, I don’t think most folks have any idea who the heck he is.

  72. Ian says:

    Jeff Parke should’ve been in the mix IMO

  73. JJ says:

    and Keller. He has had more game winning saves than he should have to.

  74. Pete Wilson says:

    i hate they they don’t do 4-4-2 line ups. it’s the most conducive and get’s the best players on the field. your either good enough to hold down ur position or ur not… anywho


  75. prizby says:

    where did i ever mention mullen or anyone else?

  76. John says:

    Rodgers is way better than Wondo. Rodgers would have finished what Wondo missed at the Gold Cup.

  77. prizby says:

    name me a goalie in this league that would have given up less than 34 goals if they were in net for Toronto FC?

  78. ummm says:

    uhhh…hate to break it to you guys…he’s on the 2nd team up there…

  79. John says:

    Keepers with sweatpants need not apply.

  80. prizby says:

    put things into perspective then.

    Can you name a MLS goalie who would have given up less than 34 goals if they were in net for Toronto FC?

  81. Yo-Joe says:

    Glad to see Carlos Valdes get well-deserved recognition on the 3rd team. He’s rock-solid and smart in the back line. Was hoping to see him in the 1st or 2nd team, but some pretty good defenders are in there too.

  82. ummm says:

    I love Davies as much as the next USMNT fan, but all of his goals are PKs

    Also, your team is almost solely made up by NYRB and LAG players…there are other teams out there you know.

  83. mistadobolina says:

    agreed probably the best GK in the league but i would say Hartman and Mondragon have done more in league play this year.

  84. mistadobolina says:


  85. Tim M. says:

    Franklin is a straight up defender and can’t contribute sh*t in the attack at RB.

    He’s this generations Frankie Hedjuk

  86. mistadobolina says:

    hardly the best XI this year but i would like to see this team vs. some EPL teams.

  87. mistadobolina says:

    did you flim your tv?

  88. Erek says:

    Felihaber has played like three games, and not even that well.

  89. Jim says:

    Eddie Gaven not considered one of the top 15 midfielders this year? Big miss Ives!

  90. JesseMT says:

    Alonso >>>> Lindpere. Lindpere’s fine and all. Good player. Alonso is the best D-Mid in the league. Leading the league in tackles by an absurd amount.

  91. Tim M. says:

    What I wonder is why Avi doesn’t just give more of an explanation on the criteria for who belongs on the list, like whether national team duties are considered. Or is this strictly a point system used or a combination of player and team performances and records?

    It would be easy to say all of these things are considered, but what about more of a voice on the decision process vs HERE IT IS.

    Where’s the accountability?

    Instead one response, after his initial post:

    “Where’s Frei?”

    (SBI-Probably picking the ball up out of the net.)

    Really? Pretty cynical there.

  92. chris says:

    Your snub of the leagues best left back Alain Rochat is slightly disturbing. Same goes for Donovan Ricketts. However, props for including jack jewsbury and Grahm zusi, both have been great for their teams and werent particularly highly regarded before this season

  93. Erek says:

    Chris Pontius should be in there, Charlie Davies hasn’t been that impressive nor has Beckham. Keller is better than Rimando. Gonzalez in the first team? Also Mendoza just started showing up to games, what about Ruiz up top?

  94. mbw says:

    Sheanon Williams has been terrific — second best right fullback in the league for my money. But I think Timmy Chandler might have something to say about him succeeding Cherundolo on the Nats.

  95. boosted335 says:

    Now thats a lineup! Well done Ives

  96. mbw says:

    Agree that Keller’s deserving. But it’s been a good year for GKers in MLS. Everyone who made the list is also deserving, and you could add Ricketts, Frei and maybe a few others to the mix. Keller will get his shot at glory in the playoffs.

  97. Ne-Dub says:

    Seriously retarded.

  98. BenH says:

    El Gato on second team!? BOOOOOOOO

  99. ReyPygsterio says:

    Again, how does Juan Agudelo start on the national team over Wondolowski? I am not a big Bradley basher, but this was simply a mistake in the Gold Cup. I also look for Brek Shea to be playing more for the national team in the coming years.

  100. EN says:

    Tally Hall. That kid is something else.

  101. derp says:

    please stop making dumb statements like rodgers is way better than wondo. every time you do, god kills a kitten. think of the kittens!

  102. The Dream says:

    Where is Freddy Adu? Any list of best players is a joke if Freddy isn’t on there! USA USA USA!

  103. ben in el cajon says:

    Ricketts, Mondragon, Hartman, and Rimando

  104. the teams are ok…the first team is wonderful…with beckham at the right flanks, he can deliver to the two strikers…and i guess Henry is so quick to react to becks passes…also, set-pieces will be very dangerous as becks set-piece potency will be a problem for the opponent…

  105. ben in el cajon says:

    Oh, when you made this same statement above, I forgot Keller.


  106. boosted335 says:

    Overrated? NEVER that. He is as advertised His excellent communication/org skills have

    QB the best backline in MLS to much success and he’s directly assisted in the developement of (soon to be) IT’L star CB George John.

    He doesnt get much work because of how good FCD’s back line is BUT when one of the defenders does mess up (Not John (yet)) and allow a chance on net Hartman is there with the big save. Now the game vs KC was stinker of a game for Hartman but other than that he has been money. I think Hartman earns the edge over Ricketts due to above mentioned communication but I gotta say both Rimando and Ricketts are impressive and so is that old dude in the net for PHI

    Any of the four could take the award w/o much argument from me

  107. boosted335 says:

    What was your boy Steve Davis smoking when he picked his 1st team defense?

  108. boosted335 says:

    I noticed this when you posted yesterday re: Castrol rankings

  109. boosted335 says:

    You must be Man Utd fan

  110. boosted335 says:

    Team is pretty sick. You can always make 1-2 adj between team1&2 on personal pref but I bet you this team would have a better chance vs. Rooney & CO than the team we WILL field.

  111. smmry says:

    From the comments on this thread, people want to see SBI giving props to:

    GK: D. Ricketts, W. Hesmer, T. Hall, S. Frei, K. Keller
    D: S. Williams, A. Rochat, T. Ream, R. Marquez, A. Collin, T. Dunivant, J. Parke
    M: E. Gaven, T. Tainio, C. Pontius

  112. John H. says:

    im guessing you are one of only fifty FC Dallas fans out there?

  113. boosted335 says:

    So to those who claim the Castrol is bunk…Please explain how 8/10 players currently in the top 10 if the index made it on Ives list (I included rickets b/c he easily couldve been on any of ives teams)

    and the top three defenders on the list are all on the first team?

  114. Doug says:

    I’m not a Galaxy fan, but I would take a healthy Ricketts over any of the three keepers on your Best XI teams.

  115. Spencer says:


  116. Edwin in LA says:

    Not true, when they had Berhalter and even Leonardo healthy he even played Midfield when Beckham would go central or when he was hurt last year.

    He can provide some great assists, but the thing is that he plays in accordance to Bruce’s very stingy and well bunker down type of defense?

    Watch him vs Real Madrid and Man City, I’m hoping him and AJ do well, but I am DYING to see how Omar does vs very very quick and speedy players with INSANE dribbling and 1 on 1 skills!

  117. Neruda says:

    Beckham is great at passing, crossing and on set pieces and overall is solid but he’s not on this team if one of the three most horrifically injured players in MLS this year were not injured in the first place. Zakuani, David Farreira and J Morales are all as productive if not more so, AND they actually play most games, that is when hacks don’t ruin their seasons with overly aggressive tackles.

    Beckham shouldn’t be on the starting XI anyways.

  118. Edwin in LA says:

    Okay I have a big issue with Nick LaBrocca and Heath Pearce on this team. Yes LaBrocca has 5 goals but someobody has to score the goals even on a crappy team right?

    Heath Pearce has been okay at best, still not sure why Fraser hasn’t used Trujillo and Umaña as the CBs or one of them next to Pearce all year long? I thought he wasted a lot of time with Owusu and Boyens and even Conrad at one point. Trujillo has been class for them and not sure why he doesn’t rate him high?

    But this isn’t about Chivas horrible inconsistency despite their little May run they had.

    Since there is 3 defender format, I think 6 CBs is all we need, and I think is safe to say guys like George John, Borchers, Gonzalez, Olave, Marshall, Ihemelu and Valdez is more than enough and those are all better, bigger and stronger who have played CB better than Pearce, I would say guys like Ream, Marquez, and others could make an argument for a spot over Pearce.

    Why not include a 2nd full back? I think someone like Williams out of Philly or Kevin Alston or even Sean Franklin, hell I’ll take anyone you guys can think of? lol Rodney Wallace? lol

  119. Shawn says:

    As a sounders fan it’s hard to say this but I think Jackie Jewsbury deserves a 1st team nod. He is a better provided than Davis and Beckham this season. Don’t punish him for playing on the Timbers with their garbage defense. Jewsbury has been the class of the league this season. He also is a true captain not a superficial armband like Henry, wondo, Donavon or Beckham

  120. With the 3-5-2, it’s easy to miss a few I think, namely Dunivant from LAG and Williams from the Union. Only ones above I really disagree with are Shalrie Joseph (overrated – if he’s so good, he doesn’t seem to make others around him better), Charlie Davies (stats look good, but he’s still not back to true form), and maybe Mondragon not as a first-teamer. He’s given up a few real head-scratchers this year.

  121. Northzax says:

    Becks has logged 1227 minutes this year. Henry has logged 978. If one qualifies, the other does.

  122. ciscokid says:

    Agree that Alonso should be 1st team. I think the last stat I saw showed him with more than double the tackles of the 2nd place player. Easily best, most disruptive DM in league.He is the true MVP of the Seattle team, and the 1 guy they really can’t afford to lose.

    Rosale has 1st team talent easily but since he really hasn’t been playing all that long I can understand not putting him on 1st team.

  123. extremely retarded

  124. I’m pretty sure Ricketts got hurt playing against San Jose a few weeks ago.

  125. The Dude says:

    Comparison of Rodgers and Wondo: Each have 6 goals, each missed about a month of the season; Rodgers has more assists. They’re at least comparable.

  126. Shmeh says:

    absolutely retarded

  127. Shmeh says:

    +1 for both truth and hilarity

  128. Shmeh says:

    calm your red balls

  129. Shmeh says:

    no he shouldnt

  130. Super Metro says:

    Seriously, what is Beckham doing in any of these lists? Com on!!!!!

  131. Joamiq says:

    Not really. Not only has he played in CM, but I think he’s a bit better in the center than out wide.

  132. Joamiq says:

    Nah. He started out great but has faded. Still a good player, but not a top 15 midfielder this year. Probably top 20 though.

  133. Joamiq says:

    I love Timmy, but he’s made a few more big mistakes this season than last season.

  134. Joamiq says:

    He’s fallen off a bit. He’s given up some goals that he wouldn’t have a few years ago.

  135. Joamiq says:

    Agudelo has loads more talent.

    Man, there are a lot of things Bradley can be criticized for, but not playing Wondo more is not one of them.

  136. solles says:

    overrated?? Hartman is consistently one of the best gks in mls, has been for years, KC was dumb to let him go for the danish hockey goalie who plays like hes wearing leg pads.

  137. Scott A says:

    Still don’t agree with MLS using 3-5-2 for their ballot.

  138. solles says:

    fanboy, who cant even spell the guys name. pure seattle.

  139. solles says:

    im guessing none of you recognizes sarcasm easily,

  140. solles says:

    plata a beast? more like a hobbit. good player though.

  141. solles says:

    you keep repeating yourself, and its still funny,

  142. solles says:

    youre comparing players who are very different from each other, Lindpere is no dmid.

  143. solles says:

    so what.

  144. solles says:

    watch the games, dont trip over the name. becks has been good this year.

  145. colin says:

    No it could not.

  146. Doug says:

    Love it – FCD is best in the league in points per game, has beaten LA, Philadelphia, Seattle (in Washington, no less) and yet no Hernandez, Chavez, Benitez, Jackson.

    Keep up underestimating Dallas, Ives. At least you’re consistent.

  147. acj says:

    This lineup would give up 2+ goals a game. Which team in the top of the table plays without a holding midfielder?

  148. acj says:

    Aren’t there two Dallas players in the top ten?

  149. acj says:

    I agree. He’s been good in all three of the games for which he was healthy.

  150. Frank says:

    Ricketts was the best keeper in Concacaf before the injury

  151. Frank says:

    best in the region

  152. GG says:

    Guess you havent heard of Matt Pickens

  153. Hamop says:

    not much this year in league play or national team play…last year is over…agree

  154. Cris says:

    watch the all-star game, eurodouche

  155. Word says:

    Ream vs Galaxy even better

  156. Kaka says:

    beast of a hobbit…nice building block for TFC and Ecuador

  157. Enrique says:

    It’s a shame Morales and Ferreira…MLS’ best players aren’t on the squad…Thanks, MLS hacks

  158. 2 Dot says:

    Dawkins would be on here if not for his injury

  159. abc says:

    6 goals 2 assists in league play this year, and he missed 4 games for the Gold Cup.

    The Castrol Index has Wondolowski 6th in the entire league this year, behind Henry, John, Borchers, Donovan, and Gonzalez. All of those guys made the Best XI.

  160. abc says:

    Or he has heard of Pickens and correctly believes Hesmer is doing better.

  161. abc says:

    Not just overrated, “extremely overrated”!

  162. abc says:

    Yup. It’s pure name recognition, or potential, or something.

  163. abc says:

    Both Chandler and Lichaj (when he’s not playing LB).

  164. abc says:

    He’s 69, which seems a bit low for a guy on a best list. BUT he’s between Beckerman, Jackson, De Rosario, and Dunivant.
    Beckerman also made the list, Dunivant has been mentioned multiple times in this thread, and Jackson once.

  165. abc says:

    People who think the Castrol Index is bunk are probably just stat haters. There are still plenty of neanderthals that think Baseball Prospectus is useless…

  166. abc says:

    But he was injured, soo…

  167. Crew says:

    sebastian miranda

  168. Tim M. says:

    Could be right. I don’t watch galaxy games as intensely as FCD games so i wouldn’t know their younger players as well as you.

    I’ll be sure to keep a closer on the pair.

  169. Ray says:


  170. Claud says:

    Agree..Agudelo will be great but right now Wondo is the better finisher

  171. Claud says:

    he chooses to chase dream far away from the USA

  172. Muy says:

    Red Bull 3rd kits are still better than the Galaxy’s

  173. FredsButt says:

    Even the retarded say you are retarded

  174. Clayton says:

    George John finally getting some love. I can dig it.

  175. prizby says:

    you watch the goals, then watch the 110+ saves…rimando is short and would have missed some of those diving saves frei made, hartman is old and slow and wouldn’t have left his box on some of the breakaways frei was able to break up, mondragon i could agree with, and ricketts is too injury prone to be worth a damn