Rooney, United steamroll Sounders in Seattle

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In the second match of its preseason tour of the States, Manchester United made its dominance on the world soccer scene known with a demolition of the hosting Seattle Sounders ending at 7-0 in front of 67,052 attendees.

Despite only being on the field for 45 minutes, Wayne Rooney showed just why he is considered one of the premier strikers in the world, notching a hat trick and giving the Sounders back line a torrid night.

Rooney came on at the halftime break and it only took him six minutes to get off the mark. The Red Devil was found 10 yards out by Nani before taking a touch and smashing the ball into the roof of the net.  He fizzed a left-footed shot into the far post 18 minutes later, before wrapping up the hat trick in the 72nd to put an exclamation point on his 45-minute shift. 

"It was nice to score.  It was a good workout, so I liked the result," said Rooney.  "It's always a big thing to get your preseason under your belt, so that's the main thing."

Sounders head coach Sigi Schmid started a near identical lineup to the Starting XI that topped Colorado the week prior, a side which stood toe-to-toe with United up to halftime, earning a 0-1 difference. However, at the break, Schmid altered his squad almost completely, putting in fringe players to contest with the likes of Rooney and Park Ji-Sung.  The difference between the two Sounders lineups was starkly clear as United cruised to a 6-0 second-half performance.

"You ever heard the cliché 'a game of two halves'?  Hopefully, it's a learning experience, because we put some young guys out on the field in the second half.

"Everybody thinks they can play in the Premier League.  They think that if they got the break, or if this had worked out or if that had worked out, I could have made it.  Actually, no, you can't. You need to learn to figure it out."

The Premier League champions opened scoring early in the 15th minute when Michael nodded home an Ashley Young cross for his second goal of the preseason.  Young was thrown a heavy shoulder from James Riley inside the area but the winger got his cross off, and Owen was left unmarked at the back post for a free header to make it 1-0.

Owen's replacement, Mame Biram Diouf, made it 2-0 shortly after the break after a beautiful through ball from Nani allowed the striker in behind the Sounders back line.  Diouf controlled, rounded Terry Boss and cooly converted into the far side-netting in the 49th minute.

Other halftime substitutes Mame Biram Diouf, Park Ji-Sung and Gabriel Obertan registered goals in the steam rolling, with Nani and Obertan each notching two assists on the night.

"They're one of the best counter-attacking teams in the world, and we gave them all the space they needed to do what they're best at," said Keller after the game.

It wasn't all bad for Seattle, as it was able to welcome back long-time absentee O'Brian White back to action late in the game.  The striker came on late but got a few touches on the ball having been out since April with a serious blood clot injury.

Lamar Neagle, James Riley, Pat Noonann and trialist Mrisho Alfani Ngassa all had good efforts on goal, but none were able to convert as Seattle was condemned to a thumping at home.

Keller has been at the center of some controversy in the build up to the MLS All Star game on July 27th. After initially getting voted onto the Starting XI, Keller then found out he was omitted from the 22-man squad by the league.  However, everything has been settled and you can expect to see the shot stopper accounted for at the match.

""I'll be there," said Keller.  "It worked out in the end, let's just put it that way."


What did you make of the game?  Who was your Man of the Match?  Is 7-0 an accurate reflection of the game?

Share your thoughts below.

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115 Responses to Rooney, United steamroll Sounders in Seattle

  1. rat tail says:

    The B squad is going to Panama

  2. Dear Seatle Sounders,

    When playing ManU pay attention to where #10 is(thats Wayne Rooney) he is 1 of the top 10 players in the world.

  3. Biscuit Boy says:





  4. chris says:

    Maybe Seattle should keep the turf

  5. Neruda says:

    Considering United spanked MLS all-stars last year what can be expected from the Seattle Sounders? This years all-star squad is going to get abused by slightly less, 5-nil ManU.

  6. Biscuit Boy says:

    I think…….. they’ll “lose”, yes but it’ll be 4-2 or 3-1 probably.

  7. Matt says:

    Sigi played everyone, regardless of skill. Great for the young players but bad for the team ego.

  8. Biscuit Boy says:

    Why can’t we play Barca in the ASG it will be very entertaining to see the score of that game.

  9. shantz says:


  10. chris says:

    Good way not to promote the league.

  11. marco says:

    United 7 Sounders 0, and the Sounders owned the first half. One thing that sticks out among many is finishing. Sounders just have poor technique while United has classic finishing. Ianni responsible for first two goals, playing neither man nor ball. For some reason He just drifts into empty space? Sounders first side looked very good, if Hurtado was in for Ianni then top notch. Bad news for GM Hanauer, his first two draft picks stunk up the pitch. Both Tetteh and Carrassco looked terrible, completely lost. No one from the reserves stood out for the boss, except Fucito. If the starting 11 stayed in it would have been a great match.

  12. JJ says:

    1st half Sounders represented the league VERY well.

    2nd half … Estrada (a 3rd string attacking midfielder), Scott (a 30+ small back-up & outside back not center back), Graham (a 30+ perpetually injured but never plays anyway), and Tetteh (who has 0 total minutes of professional experience) = a slight liability.

  13. CA says:

    I REALLY don’t wanna sound like one of those schmucks who make excuses for blowouts-so I wont. Tonight was EMBARRASSING! I’m gonna drink a cocktail and go to bed after I post this.

    But please allow me to point out that the first half saw a Sounders starting 11 play pretty damn good against a mostly* starting 11 Man U.

    Goodnight all!

  14. chris says:

    Sad part is Seattle is undefeated in reserve play. Maybe we should switch to a minor league system.

  15. Since 82 says:

    (As Bill Parcells would say) 7-0 is 7-0. Love it!

  16. three11stu says:

    If you are going to play these friendlies, you better show up to play. Okay, so Seattle went with the entire roster, and it was some no names that gave up all the goals. Nobody else knows that. All anybody sees is 7-0 Man U over one of the best MLS teams in the league. This just shows everybody that the MLS is not very good compared to the other leagues in the world.
    Shame on Seattle tonight.

  17. Nimajneb says:

    Funny thing is that by late in the second half the Sounders 11 was getting close to a full tier beneath the regular reserve squad.

  18. chupacabra says:

    Hopefully this will extinguish some of the flaming man boy love that the writers at this website have been heaping upon Seattle lately. They’re nothing more than an average MLS team that just horribly embarrassed the entire league.

  19. chris says:


  20. JJ says:

    First XI competed mightily. Unfortunately, the salary cap may have had something to do with the 2nd half.

    This just shows everybody what they already know. There is nothing wrong with this truth. The MLS is not as good as the top leagues. Shocker. It is still a fun and growing league.

    Shame goes to the other teams that can’t make their own money and force us to deal with this ridiculous salary cap.

  21. JJ says:

    He means most of the guys out there don’t even make the reserve team. They are C team guys.

  22. no says:

    yea! seriously! rabble rabble! the sounders just ruined the league!

    stop breathing out of your mouth moron.

  23. I thought Seattle’s first team did well against Man U. They created some good chances, and Keller kept them in it. Their finishing was lacking though. They should have went into the half at least 1 to 1. The second half showed that after the 1st team, Seattle’s depth is really lacking. At least to compete against Man U. Man U can easily field 2-3 starting lineups. Regardless of how you analyze this, 7-0 is a terrible result for any professional team. At least some young players got to play against a really good team, I guess…

  24. Dan Ericson says:

    Wasn’t the cross on the first goal from Evra? Also… the first half was a good reflection of the skill of our team. Had Man U been full starters… I don’t know that the score would have been all that different as the only goal was a very pin-point accurate shot and Seattle had a lot of good possession. We actually looked like the better team first half and it felt unfortunate we were down a goal. Then the reserves came in… and then the reserves, reserves. If we had half the budget of Man U, we could have had some depth as well.

  25. chupacabra says:

    Seattle = overrated.

    Stop thinking with your asscumsucker.

  26. jonk says:

    Bad news for Hanauer that 2 rookies were presumably overmatched, maybe overawed and didn’t measure up against Man Utd? Please tell me which members of the 2011 rookie class would have done a better job in the same circumstances.

  27. matt says:

    Actually an average MLS team should do better in a one-off against Man. U. than an all-star team. Soccer is a sport that is very dependent on familiarity and chemistry. Take 11 all-stars who have never played together and their combined ability is typically going to be less than the average collection of 11 “decent professionals with 1-2 all stars thrown in” that comprises an MLS starting side. There’s also the fact that some of our “all stars” in any given year are simply popular has-beens/up-and-comers, not truly an MLS best-11.

  28. jonk says:

    More than anything, all these friendlies expose the lack of depth in MLS. MLS teams typically hold their own with the starters in and then fall apart when the reserves come on. No shame in that given the salary cap limitations.

  29. Dale says:

    I doubt Seattle will do much in CCL since Monterrey is in that group and all.

  30. rat tail says:


    Just can’t see… it’s just a friendly

  31. someone who actually watched the game says:

    The score and the article are very misleading. Seattle’s starting 11 played very well in the first half, probably better than ManU, even considering the Sounders’ defensive lapse and unfortunate finishing. The 1-0 score at half showed the parity in the game.

    Second half was little league “everyone plays” for Seattle, and ManU put in Rooney and Park. While the Sounders had practically zero offensive possession in the second half, they still managed to create a surprising number of chances they didn’t capitalize on. All the Sounders can say they played against one of the best clubs in the world for the rest of their lives, but it obviously allowed the game to become a blowout.

  32. says:

    LOL FLOUNDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. erikwmark says:

    “and giving the Sounders back line a torrid night”

    how do you give someone a torrid night? was it hot in seattle? was god playing? yet another example of anglophile word choice (incorrect at that) on this site making for an unpleasant read. i come here far less than i used to — the writing (and editing, or lack thereof) has really slipped. either use a dictionary or use a word you know.

  34. asimismo says:

    I was at the game. Enjoyed the first half quite a lot! Kudos to the Sounders for showing skill and class. It’s certainly clear, though, that the MLS salary cap (the principal of which I support) leads to a precipitous drop off in talent or at least sharpness towards the lower end of the roster (bless those guys, though).

    Still, I felt it was a bit unsporting to save Rooney for the second half. Everybody knew the reserves were going to come in. The whistle blew and they eagerly jumped out of the trench to their slaughter…

  35. ZachIsHere says:

    Kansas City beat them 2-1 last year. Just say’n.

  36. Email address is not displayed with comment. says:

    LOL EMAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. #torhagel says:

    Sure. But it’s fair to say the game was torrid, in a German pun sort of way.

  38. mowsley says:

    1st half – @soundersfc vs. #MUFC – Possession 48%-52%, Shots 11-8, SOG 4-4, Corners 2-8, Fouls 3-1, Pass Completion 85%-83%, Offsides 0-2. 2ND HALF @soundersfc vs. #MUFC – Possession 51%-48%, Shots 20-19, SOG 6-12, Corners 8-10, Fouls 6-7, Pass Completion 83%-82%, Offsides 0-2. Do those stats that are provided by OPTA sound like a 7-0 game?

  39. The Dude says:

    Just once I’d like to see an MLS team stick with an A team against an EPL or La Liga giant. This game was 1-0 at the half. NE vs. Man U was 0-0 at the half. And then the MLS puts its B and C team on the field and the Euro giants destroy the MLS minnows. But it’s not a very accurate representation of what a ‘real’ game would look like. Man U is still gonna win most of the time, but it’s a much more respectable game. Why do so many reserves need to play in these games. I don’t give a damn about their ‘life experience.’ That’s what the reserve league is for. Either MLS teams need to start taking these games seriously or the league should stop thrusting them upon us. It actually LOWERS our reputation around the world.

  40. Idahosa says:

    Wow im a Galaxy fan and thats embarassing….well at least teh Galaxy only lost 4-1 and we actually scored even if we got over-powered….thats cause the Galaxy is better than the Sounders…oh and Real Madrid and Man U are around the same level. GO GALAXY we play against Man City this weekend….also Philly won again i think it was Everton

  41. frest says:

    you are a complete idiot and need to never feel the need to post on any board on the internet the rest of your entire life.

    if you watched the game whatsoever or had any knowledge of the game (which i assume you have neither), you would have seen the sounders STARTING XI do very well and could have been 1-1 at half, and the sounders RESERVES be completely horrible and make the game a mockery

    Sounders keep their starters in and its a close match..

  42. frest says:

    just means your B and C teams are a bit better.

    Also means your 2nd GK is better. Ours, Boss, single handedly screwed up 2 goals

  43. Kejsare says:

    It still reads 7-0 around the world.

  44. Mikey says:

    Dude. The Sounders pulled the first team at half, when the match was 1-0. The Sounders first team actually put up a fight.

    It was the third team by the 70th, and Rooney, Nani, Ji-Sung are going to eat those guys up. I’m not complaining, it was still entertaining. Just take it with a grain of salt given those circumstances

  45. Mikey says:

    For some reason Zach Scott, a RB, was playing LB. Sure, let’s try him out there, why not against Man U? That’s a good barometer.

    Then let’s put Estrada, who’s a forward, at RIGHT BACK. That’s a natural transition!

    And yes, let’s play the entire roster, because pride is for losers.

  46. Mikey says:

    By the 70th minute you had guys who had not played one minute of any competitive matches this year on the pitch for the Sounders.

    To quote the late, great, Rip Torn: It’s like watching a bunch of retards trying to hump a doorknob out there

  47. RunnerrrUp says:

    Glad Seattle was taught a lesson on humility. Thanks ManU.

  48. Mikey says:

    I read a stat that the entire Sounders second half roster’s salary combined was less than the least paid Man U player out there haha

  49. Mikey says:

    Actually agree with this. I’d like to see no reserves as these matches. I’m curious to see how we really stack up against these Euro teams. Full strength, both sides for 90

  50. jamin says:

    I went to the Chivas vs Real Madrid game tonight. It was kind of the same thing. Chivas played well in the first half. Then in the second half, Ronaldo had a hat trick in nine minutes.

  51. no says:

    i am sorry that a bunch of guys who have been in a handful of MLS games in their entire careers and get paid 40,000$ a year cant keep rooney (whos hair transplant costs more than their annual wages) from scoring a hatrick. his hair transplant alone costed more than these guys make annually. keep calling seattle overrated. their ten game unbeatean streak suggests to me that a. they beat your team and b. youre fairly upset about it. theres a 97 percent chance that your team is under the sounders in the standings, so rather than say your team is overrated i will just assume they are rated fairly. as in they suck. thanks.

  52. no says:

    The Sounders on a 4 game winning streak against KC in MLS. Just say’n

  53. Johnny Too Bad says:

    Manchester also didn’t have Rio, Vidic, Rooney, Evra, Carrick, Ji-Sung, or Owen for that SKC match, not to mention Anderson and Young. BIG dif in squads. Sounders starters can hold their heads up high. If left on for 75 minutes or so it would not have been 7-0. Sounders might of even pulled one out.

    The difference here was subs/reserves… Our reserves are pretty good for MLS. Not so much against top Euro sides. Man United’s reserves? They could top the table in MLS.

  54. Johnny Too Bad says:

    Well dammit. We better ask for refunds then! 😉

  55. Johnny Too Bad says:

    Totally agree with you. Furthermore I think they’ll start to see a drop in attendance if they keep throwing out 2nd and 3rd stringers at the half for all these friendlies. People pay good money to come see these matches and expect 90 minutes of good football. Not 45 minutes and some sideshow circus globetrotters crap.

    Now I do realize it’s just a friendly so I’m not gonna get too effed off over it. But it would be nice to see my team give a whole 90 and get a respectable result.

    If it’s gonna be like this all the time though I just might not bother buying tickets. TV is free and beer is cheaper.

  56. Jeremy says:

    and KC tried. Enough of getting romped by the bug Euro teams.

    If MLS cant play starters full game this turns into a VERY bad end result for the league.

    Whats the aggregate EPL – MLS score going to be after this 30 – 4?

  57. Xander says:

    But Seattle is the “class” of MLS.

    And these friendlies should only be awarded to such amazing MLS franchises.

    Who’d want to watch NE lose 4-1 when you can see Seattle lose 7-0?

  58. RNG says:

    The key difference in that Man U game was the finishing. Seattle actually had plenty of chances–at least a good half dozen or so. They just didn’t put them away. Man U put everything away. The difference in quality in the finishing was striking.

  59. Al says:

    Chivas made a mistake taking out Hector reynoso an putting in magallon. Hector reynoso was a nightmare to cristiano Ronaldo in the 1 half. Anyways both teams were in preseason unlike galaxy losing 4-1 with there starters.

  60. BIGTED says:

    Totally agree with above posters. If MLS sides are going to play the top teams in Europe they need to stick with their starters for far longer than 45 minutes.

    It’s a stark reality that the depth past the 13-14th player on each MLS team is non-existent, however we don’t need Manchester United to so embarrassingly remind us of this.

    So far this tour it has been United 2 MLS First XI 0.

    Once the second half begins its like a college all star team vs. a Manchester United team that can bring on players that are literally better than any single MLS player. As a result, they have outscored College all stars 10-0. Big surprise

    If we are going to play these friendly’s do the fans and league a favor and don’t get embarrassed trying to get your scrubs “experience”.

    I can’t wait to see how badly Chicago gets destroyed on Saturday….

  61. kimo says:

    Love Keller’s quote…

    “Everybody thinks they can play in the Premier League. They think that if they got the break, or if this had worked out or if that had worked out, I could have made it. Actually, no, you can’t. You need to learn to figure it out.”

  62. jason says:


  63. BWH says:

    Sounders didn’t own the first half. They were pressing hard while United was on cruise control. Sounders were scrambling to make something happen while United looked relaxed and allowed the Sounders to make their own mistakes. United owned the first half 1-0.

  64. K Bone says:

    Even with the argument that the Seattle starting 11 did well in the first half, United was playing it’s second game in preseason and certainly did not start with their starting 11. I seriously doubt they were playing with the same intensity they’d have in the middle of the EPL season. I’m pretty sure they would still pound Seattle’s best team into the ground if this wasn’t preseason. There’s no shame in it, United is one of the best teams in the world, and Seattle is from it. Anyway, it’s just a friendly, so this game doesn’t matter one bit…

  65. DC Josh says:

    Wow that is embarrassing.

  66. RK says:

    I can’t believe so many people pay these bloated prices for a friendly.

  67. Oranje says:

    We were clearly watching a different game.

  68. k says:

    End these stupid mid-season friendlies MLS. there is no reason to have 3rd string mls rookies getting beat up by first string epl. it doesn’t look good for the league because all these morons who only look at the final score think it means something and it puts a team that is on great form out of form, just more stupid practices that make mls bush league.

  69. Paul Dickov says:

    Not going to lie… it was sort of enjoyable to watch some smug Seattle fans shake their heads in disbelief after three goals in three minutes (not saying all Seattle fans are smug, btw). I know it was the second half scrubs for Sigi, etc, etc, etc.. but I have often found that Sounders fans have an inflated sense of just how good their team really is.

  70. deflater mouse says:

    For the 15 minutes or so that he played, I liked Ngassa–looked fast and pretty tenacious on the ball…

    We should sign him up so Seattle can become the best team in the world!

  71. Charles says:

    What is shows is the reserves on the EPL All-Star team is better than the fourth place team MLS reserves.

    Nothing to amazing there, what is amazing is 65,000+ would pay $50-100 to watch it.

  72. Sob chris says:

    Hilarious quote from Keller: “Everybody thinks they can play for the Premier League… Actually, no you can’t. You need to figure that out.” How’s that for encouraging your young teammates? What an embarrassment.

  73. Aaron says:

    Excellent quote, I’m going to have to remember that one.

    First half: entertaining soccer. Second half: who the F is even out there, and embarassing.

    While I appreciate Sigi’s “let’s give everyone an opportunity to play against one of the world’s best” idea, it was a bad one in the end. Very bad.

  74. Aaron says:

    Jealous much? Who’s your team? And are they sucking? Probably.

  75. MJC says:

    Well I guess Seattle proved that MLS teams just aren’t up to the challange of EPL teams. Yeah I guess there just isn’t much hope for the MLS…well maybe a 10 man Sporting side that managed to beat them, but other than that no.

    And we were subjected to this piece of crap game watching Seattle piddle down their legs instead of watching a Sporting match against Newcastle that was far more interesting.

  76. mikey says:

    Don’t the top two teams from each group go through?

    There’s hope yet! Unlucky that Seattle draws CONCACAF “group of death” both years.

  77. MJC says:

    I least we didn’t piss ourselves on the big stage…just sayin.

  78. mikey says:

    Yeah, why are guys like Rooney, Park, Ronaldo, etc saved for the second half?

  79. PD says:

    Well let’s be fair for a second. There is a HUGE difference between teams like Man United Barcelona Real Madrid and their respective leagues. Seattle might be able to hang against a Tottenham, Aston Villa, etc. if they were really on their game.

    That said, MJC you are totally right in that Seattle was not up to last night’s match.., they got wrecked. To say it wasn’t all bad is to say well at least no one died of a stroke.

  80. Mike Cross says:

    No they only had Berbatov, Giggs, Scholes, Gibson, Rafel, Nani etc. Quit making excuses. You sucked!

  81. mikey says:

    Actually I thunk the Sounders B team is better than Galaxy’s B team. Sounders reserves undefeated (including beating LA reserve team. Twice)

    Sounders A-B team also beat LA’s A-B team in Open Cup semis the other week.

    The difference was Arena didn’t empty his entire bench and have forwards play as defenders against Real Madrid.

  82. mikey says:


    Why would auto-correct change that? lol

  83. Tractor says:

    I also agree, but I’m at a loss as to what can be done about it. It seems that the league (MLS) and the individual teams, or at least their managers have different incentives here. The league must surely want to avoid these embarassing (at least in terms of rep) 7-0 score lines. While managers certainly don’t want their squads to get blown out either, they have to consider resting their top players and getting playing time for some reserves in games that won’t cost them points in the league. So, how can MLS “incentivize” the teams to play their top players for as long as possible?

  84. matt says:

    Mikey, I was not intending this as a criticism of the Sounders (although it did come across that way.) I was merely trying to shoot down the logic that Man U > All Stars = Man U >>> Avg. MLS Team.

    Biscuit Boy’s remark seemed intended as a diss on MLS by saying our All-Stars can’t hang, but they don’t really have a fair chance given how thrown-together they are.

  85. LoS says:

    wayne rooney “it was a good workout” LMAO… Im a sounders fan but him to say that.SMH. A loss is a loss is a loss. 7-0 just makes it look bad, real bad.. like they played some team from Malaysia bad. if Chicharito had played problably would of hit 10-0.

  86. bryan says:

    not to mention Seattle played well in the first half.

  87. ExtraMedium says:

    In other words, they’re superclub…which is what mls needs (and had with dcu 96-99)

  88. bryan says:

    this truly was a tale of two halves. sounders put up a good fight in the 1st half. when man utd scored, it was their first shot. whereas sounders were already up to 6 or 7. and they were quality chances. i remember at half time turning it off and watching the madrid game. i thought to myself, there is no point watching the 2nd half because it’ll be all sounders subs and they’ll end up losing 3-0 or 4-0. needless to say, when i turned back 30 minutes later and saw 7-0, i laughed.

    also, wasn’t it evra who assisted on owen’s goal???

  89. bryan says:

    yeah, that cracks me up too. at least it’s honest…brutally honest

  90. TB says:

    1-0 at the half versus the Sounders starting XI isn’t exactly pissing themselves on the big stage. 6 of 7 goals by Rooney-Park-Obertan-Diouf against lesser MLS reserves means pretty much nothing in the grand scheme of things for either club or their respective leagues. But you’d have to know something about the game to understand that, I’d guess.

  91. TB says:

    I think you’re missing his point. Which is that these guys think they can play in the EPL *now*, but really they need to keep learning the game, improving, and just flat out working their tails off to get that shot. Leaving out the “learn” part of the quote makes it sound like what you’re spinning.

  92. TB says:

    If you’re a fan of Man U in the Northwest, it’s still a hell of a lot cheaper than flying to England in order to see them live at least once in your life. $60 for my one shot to see Rooney and Giggs ply their trade up close and personal? Money well spent. A lot of people aren’t content to enjoy life from their couch.

  93. robert daniels says:

    just when you want to know what soccer cleats wayne rooney’s wearing where soccer cleats guy?

  94. Dan says:

    The team the Sounders put on the field for the first half would have beaten the team they put on the field for the second half 6-0 too, period. Wayne Rooney against a bunch of guys not even on the traveling squad? Sitting there with 67,000 people was awesome, until I left in the 70th, embarrassed and bored.

  95. no says:

    The big stage? A zero point friendly? Keep being satisfied with results like that and its no wonder everyone in your crowd wore Manchester United jerseys.

  96. asimismo says:

    No disrespect to the others, or Michael Owen, for that matter, but Rooney is clearly the star scorer (also in the absence of Chicharito).

  97. Will says:

    Seattle played some of the best football I have ever seen from an American side in the 1st Half. Despite the goal, they outplayed MU. They do need some finishing help, because they should have had at least 3 goals.

  98. JoeW says:

    On serious MLS fans who watched the game and Seattle fans will know that. The rest of the world will see “7-0″ and reach (or reinforce) a verdict about MLS. It’s an unfortunate result that does MLS no favors.

  99. JoeW says:

    Okay, to have your wish, we should play these teams when we (MLS) are out of season. The reason why Seattle and LAG and all the other MLS sides are putting in reserves is b/c it’ harder to get in the playoffs, it’s a competitive league (at least more competitive that in the past), teams are dealing with injuries and have big games coming up. MLS games absolutely take these games seriously–they recognize the likely of injury and definitely fatigue for players who start.

  100. MJC says:

    To bad the games 90 minutes long. How long are you Sounders maroons going to keep giving us the same sad story. You got your asses handed to you.

  101. Nick says:

    Only a bit unsporting? I’ve never seen a preseason friendly where starters got subbed in after the half. Was at Dynamo v. Bolton last night, and Owen Coyle played starters for the first half, then subbed out just as many as Kinnear did in the second. Sir Alex just needed to re-inflate his ego a bit after a few months off.

  102. rat tail says:

    IT’s the loss SSFC needed to get the rest of their season in focus.


  103. MJC says:

    It was a plenty big stage when you arrogant Pr!cks were talking about it before the game. Once you get your rears handed to you all the sudden it didn’t mean anything?

    By the way I was at Arrowhead last year and at worst the crowd was 50/50 kind of like yours was from the look of it on TV.

    Do you know why everyone loves the fact you got schooled? It’s because of the casual arrogance you guys display with few results to justify it. I suppose if you have to tell yourselves you’re the greatest team because so many of you go out to watch an average team then it must be true. Or might it be to stave off the urge of all Seattlites to continue your cities storied tradition of commiting suicide.

  104. MJC says:

    Best football ever seen by an American side? That’s why people hate Seattle. You have no sense of anything besides yourselves which manifests itself in your unearned arrogance.

    10 man KC up 2 to 1 on ManU at halftime last year. And, oh for good measure they went ahead and won the thing…just sayin.

  105. Emerald_City_Jason says:

    Um, our starters were down 1-0 at half. ManU lit up a C team while playing the likes of Wayne Rooney. Until last night the only minutes Michael Tetteh has played since being drafted came on a brief loan to a USL side. We had third- and fourth-string guys playing out of position because Sigi wanted everyone to get a taste.

    We didn’t need a lesson in humility, and we didn’t get one.

  106. abc says:

    Unfortunately “balls that went into the back of the opposing goal” was 0 to 7.

  107. Emerald_City_Jason says:

    I love how everyone always thinks they’re the *only* people in the world who actually read beyond the headlines.

  108. Emerald_City_Jason says:

    No no no no. I don’t care if we lose 21-0, I want my Sounders’ starters fresh and healthy for games that count.

  109. Emerald_City_Jason says:

    That wasn’t even our B team out there. More like C-. There were guys out there who haven’t gotten into an Open Cup or Reserve League game.

  110. Emerald_City_Jason says:

    Totally disagree. Play them, take the money, let the fans see Rooney do his thing, don’t get anyone hurt, and keep legs fresh for games that count. The league’s rep is growing, no one who matters will look at these results seriously.

  111. Emerald_City_Jason says:

    Yeah, I don’t get the surprise either. I really dislike Manchester United so I didn’t go. But if you’re a huge ManU fan or EPL Geek it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to see your guys up close and in person for fifty bucks and bus fare. Kind of a no-brainer unless you’re dirt broke.

  112. JaneyK says:

    I couldn’t agree more. The Sounders need to focus on finishing top of the league. We don’t need injuries to our top players from a dumb friendly.