Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

USWNT (Getty)

In a year when male U.S. national teams at all levels have disappointed, the U.S. women's World Cup team has become the last hope for international success this year for the U.S. soccer program.

The ladies will look to improve to 2-0 at the Women's World Cup today against Colombia, with a win securing passage to the knockout rounds.

Women's World Cup action is one of three key elements on today's soccer viewing menu. Copa America's second day kicks off with Colombia taking on Costa Rica.

Major League Soccer has five matches on the slate, with D.C. United taking on Philadelphia in the latest edition of their I-95 Derby.

If you will be watching today's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's TV schedule is after the jump):


12 p.m. - ESPN/ - USA vs. Colombia (Women's World Cup)

2:30 p.m. - Univision/YouTube - Colombia vs. Costa Rica (Copa America)

7 p.m. - Fox Soccer Channel - D.C. United vs. Philadelphia Union

9 p.m. - MLS Direct Kick/MatchDay Live - FC Dallas vs. Columbus Crew

10 p.m. - Galavision - Chivas USA vs. Chicago Fire

10:30 p.m. - ESPN2/ Deportes - San Jose Earthquakes vs. New York Red Bulls

11 p.m. - MLS Direct Kick/MatchDay Live - Portland Timbers vs. Sporting Kansas City


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98 Responses to Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

  1. Jonathan S. says:

    I like the woman’s coach. It was a good move to sit Boxx.

  2. MSNats says:

    Agree about liking Sundhage. Maybe she should replace Bob Bradley.

  3. francois says:

    Oh God, Amy Rodriguez with 2 gift wrapped chances and she blows both of them. Put in Morgan haha

  4. Drew says:

    The USMNT finishing has been awful in the first 10 minutes, but that goal was SICK

  5. francois says:

    Oh wow, pick that one out. What a strike!!

  6. glaing says:

    Golazo! Heather O’Reilly

  7. Jon says:

    Absolute firecracker’d.

  8. Drew says:

    Is it just me or are the USWNT jerseys really ugly? It almost looks like their jerseys have earbuds going up the front of them

  9. MSNats says:

    Our women’s team has MUCH better passing in the final third than the men’s team.

  10. FireBOBNow! says:

    holy GOALAZO batman … not much of a fan of women’s soccer typically but that was class.

  11. FireBOBNow! says:

    i guess they are supposed to have a “feminine” kimono look or something. they are hideous and most of the USWNT fans i know dislike them immensely. they would much prefer that the USWNT jerseys be just like the USMNT jerseys only fitted (like France’s womens are a fitted version of their mens).

  12. beckster says:

    US looking better today than in first game…O’Reilly everywhere….

  13. PetedeLA says:

    Okay. I admit it. I teared up a bit upon seeing the salute.

    Why do I think Amy Rodriguez is the most beautiful girl in the world right now?

    Go Yankettes!

  14. glaing says:

    They have been referred to as “The Dirty Nurse Outfits.”

  15. PetedeLA says:

    We don’t have a player like Lloyd. She’s got the creativity, vision, and technique to make the difference.

  16. FireBOBNow! says:

    uh. what happened to amy wambach’s hair? the pixie cut only works if you are a pixie …

  17. beckster says:

    boy has Wambach lost her mojo

  18. FireBOBNow! says:

    maybe it is a sampson-esque thing from losing her hair?

  19. PetedeLA says:

    Hopefully just for a little while.

  20. PetedeLA says:

    They need to play better if they want to win over the crowds.

    The Colombians seem to be more popular as far as I can tell from the noise.

  21. PetedeLA says:

    Brandi looks beautiful.

  22. glaing says:

    There is a large US Military contingent and their families at that game

  23. Goalscorer24 says:

    The womens team plays how the mens team should play. They are continually pressuring the ball, and are willing to take shots from distance.

  24. kimo says:

    I’ve said it before…Wambach is a shell of her former self. Almost a Gooch-like drop-off. This team would be much more creative upfront w/ Wambach on the pine. JMHO…

  25. francois says:

    I completely agree, she has looked terrible so far this in this WC.

  26. predicto says:

    Sundhaga at half is gonna love the swarming defense but be pissed at her attacker’s lack of composure, patience finishing. The last 3 years she’s been trying to convert the athletic agressive (but poor technical) Americans into playing tiki taka – looks better but not there yet.

  27. Jonathan S. says:

    I like how the back four of our WNT stays in a line. That seems to help things

  28. FireBOBNow! says:

    Pia’s substitution pays off … nice goal … finally!

  29. K-Town says:

    Two of the best goals I’ve seen in a while today! GO USA! Show those men how it’s done! LOL.

  30. PetedeLA says:

    Obviously. Nevertheless, when the Colombians gain possession, the crowd gets very enthusiastic.

    Point being– if you’re the favorite, it’s incumbent upon you to earn the neutral fan’s support by good play.

    USA has played well so far, but can still show a bit more creativity.

    Of course, that last goal really helped. That was a thing of beauty, as was O’Reilly’s.

  31. PetedeLA says:

    Carli Lloyd!!!!!!

  32. FireBOBNow! says:

    another goalazo … not as good as the riley one but still … nice bit of skill.

  33. NK says:

    Gomes-esque Goalkeeping…

  34. Ben says:

    You’re peeing where you’re not supposed to.

  35. K-Town says:

    Oh my, keeper should have had that one. I’m thinking she is hoping this game ends soon.

  36. WK says:

    It’s raining goals! Keep shootin’ ladies…

  37. K-Town says:

    I don’t know, I love O’Reilly’s goal, but that was a SICK pass and great shot.

  38. FireBOBNow! says:

    wow. wambach couldn’t score in a thai whorehouse with a fistful of 20s.

  39. PetedeLA says:

    She just looks a step behind.

    Maybe she’s nursing a minor injury.

    In any case, looks like just a confidence issue.

  40. Josh says:

    I wonder if she can teach the men’s team that it’s okay to shoot from that distance.

  41. beckster says:

    Tobin Heath is really struggling with ball control and passes….she looks like she hasn’t played for the year she has been out. Let’s hope she gets back in form soon.

  42. beachbum says:

    Ian Darke, man, could you be any gloomier after Rapino’s goal? he knows his stuff, historical and respected, not saying he’s a bad guy, but I’d like someone calling US team games who loves the team.

    Julie Foudy? the best, could listen to her call any game

  43. Zing says:

    “She has too much hair and no son playing in the squad.” -Sunil Gulati

  44. Jozy Altidore says:

    Come again?

  45. 2nd Class Citizen says:

    They’re also playing against….you know….women.

  46. 2nd Class Citizen says:

    When the USMNT play against the women of the Columbian NT – I think they would also.

  47. John Harkes says:

    Have you heard me call a professional soccer match?

    Appreciate Ian Darke and consider yourself lucky Foudy or myself isn’t calling the game, forcing you to mute the television.

  48. FireBOBNow! says:

    tobin heath appears to have Robert Finley Syndrome … symptoms include dribbling head down into dead ends and losing possession.

  49. beachbum says:

    John and Julie love the team. I’ll take that as requirement number one when determining whether to mute or not mute national team announcers. Mr. Darke is fine, but he sure doesn’t love the team

  50. CplDaniel says:

    The uniforms look like something the girls on the ’60s Star Trek would wear.

  51. joel says:

    great result!

    lloyds passing is something else

  52. francois says:

    God Hope Solo is fine haha

  53. Pitt Evertonian says:

    I stopped reading when someone in this thread actually said that Julie Foudy is the best. Facepalm.

  54. predicto says:

    Gimme Ian Darke anytime. Calm, witty, gives me time to watch without saying anything. And he doesn’t try to coach from the mike.

  55. PD says:

    Fantastic match. Pia Sunhage should replace Bradley.

  56. aps says:

    U think so? I think he was slobbing off the team way to much considering he’s English. I expect it from Foudy but he was unbearable.

  57. aps says:


  58. soccerroo says:

    Good victory. Need to fix a few lapses but should still finish 1st in the group.

  59. Knowles says:

    Does anybody have a link to the youtube broadcast of colombia v. costa rica?

  60. predicto says:

    I wouldn’t say first in group is assured – it’s gonna be a tough match against Sweden. They are similar to the USA – stiff swarming defense, tall agressive, but they play a better passing game from the backs-mids-forward. USA is impatient in the attack. Sweden has frustrated the USA in past – should be a fun one.

  61. You vastly overestimate Sweden. A good team but a decided underdog to the U.S. Additionally, it does NOT move the ball better than the Americans. Have you watched these games or are you just guessing?

  62. Tim says:

    Straight red to Costa Rica in the first half – that should do them in.

  63. jd says:

    Separated at birth? Stu Holden and Megan Rampinoe?

  64. ex_sweeper says:

    In spite of Wambach’s scorers-block, the team with her on it is better than without her. We don’t have anyone else with the physical presence to contend with tall defenders and hold up the ball. The one I think needs to be sat out is Amy Rodriguez. It’s a shame – she’s probably our most creative forward, but that buys you nothing if your shots are wildly off target.

    Our midfield has to be better at keeping possession and cut out the lazy cross-field passes. Can you picture them against Japan right now? Ouch!

  65. Paul Thomas says:

    He’s got the “upper class twit of the year” thing going a bit, but honestly I think he exaggerates that angle some for American audiences. British chic and all that.

    Good announcer, though.

  66. Knowles says:


  67. NE Matt says:

    off topic – who is on the u-18 usa roster for the milk cup? we have games july 25 and 27th vs isreal and mexico and are defending champs if my memory serves, but so far i’ve heard next to nothing about it

  68. Paul Thomas says:

    Bench Rodriguez, start Morgan, bench Boxx and start Lindsay, would be my suggestion. How Alex Morgan is not starting for this team is beyond me.

    I’m pretty sure the name Rodriguez is Spanish for “female Robbie Findlay”.

  69. KNPonder says:

    Colombia could surprise some folks this upcoming World Cup cycle. They have been the first team out the past couple of times. They always seem to have a very good backline but have lacked the firepower. Now that they can put out a very legit striker combo (Falcao & Rodellega) they can cause problems for folks. The big “If” though is that midfield. They have looked good at times but they have a tendency to give the ball away way too much – especially against a young, under manned Costa Rica side.

  70. Dancy says:

    Comparing her to Gooch is incredibly insulting to Wambach. She was an elite talent for many years. The only thing they share in common is not defending well and being tall.

  71. Thorpinski says:

    For me it’s Hope Solo..and #12

  72. Thorpinski says:

    I think Alex Morgan definately should be starting.

  73. Thorpinski says:

    Considering they use former players she’s not bad..the problem is that I feel like she is holding back on what she is really thinking

  74. Byron says:

    -1 …………………………………………………………………………………………………. ok, ok, +2

  75. Ryan says:

    Is Alex Morgan not going to practice? Why she wouldn’t start in front of Rodriguez is beyond me.

  76. A wise man once says:

    The DC game had BETTER have a live stream!

  77. UCanStudyBuzzed says:

    fosho…gotta watch my boy Pontius ball it up GO GAUCHOS!!

    would love to see him get a USMNT call-up…I see a bit of Dempsey in him to be honest…

  78. UCanStudyBuzzed says:

    AND btw i think that there isn’t the need for so much pessimism on this board regarding young american talent in MLS…My young MLS USMNT lineup:

    ——Agudelo-Sapong(in better form than Bunbury)
    Loyd-John-Gonz(Ream)-?(maybe Franklin?)

    Besides the RB position I think that’s a fairly solid lineup of young players being developed in MLS that could potentially contribute to the USMNT. If we can get a few from this group to join our list of young talent developing overseas I don’t think we’ll have THAT shabby of a roster come 2014 (that is giving that RoboBob or his replacement give some of these guys some experience)

  79. Byron says:

    This is unfair. The women beating Colombia 3 -0 should get their own page and thread. Snub if you ask me.

  80. UCanStudyBuzzed says:

    I’d throw Luis Gil into that midfield in replace of McCarty and play a daimond with Kitchen defensive mid

  81. TJ says:

    Did anyone else catch Ian Darke’s comment about 40 seconds in the game? The “Colombians smuggling it away” comment? Smuggling, really Ian?

  82. martha says:

    —-vastly overated—your crazy—(teal best us forward prospect
    No soccer iq-mediocre his club would rather have old dero-maybe at d-very average—
    Yawn-maybe-too slow( umm did u watch gold cup)-low technical ability

  83. jt says:

    Tj, caught that as well. Funny but bad choice of words

  84. Josh says:


  85. Morgan herself admits that she plays better coming into the game and bringing an infusion of energy for 20-30 minutes. She is NOT a better long term player than Rodriguez, who you appear to have a real problem with. Which is inexplicable.

  86. Don J says:

    Le Toux starting on the right…ineteresting

  87. UCanStudyBuzzed says:

    lol well I’d like you to show me a past young american MLS year better than this one…yes Agudelo is vastly overrated at this point but he’s only 18…Sapong is only 22 and he’s a rookie and is starting over Bunbury and playing pretty well, really like his hold up ability and dribbling skills…

    and i also forgot to mention Ike Opara…him and John paired in the back could be solid

  88. beckster says:

    Fantastic goal by Najar!

  89. Sam says:

    I still like he women, but I wish the team reflected the diversity of the country better. All the players have haircuts like the coach.

  90. bearusky says:


  91. ManicMessiah says:

    Not even a full match yet, but I’ve been very pleased with Dax so far.

  92. francois says:

    Steven Lenhart a potential Nats career?? That’s shocking, hustle will only get you so far.

  93. mbw says:

    Someone remind me: when was the last time Tim Ream went a full ninety minutes without letting someone run right past him?

  94. Joe says:

    I think shes done at this level. When will Pia sit her? Shes doing nothing

  95. DingDong says:

    Would be interesting seeing a woman coach a men’s team. There is no reason one shouldn’t other than maybe some players’ egos. I suppose women referees are a more logicail first-step, but don’t tell Andy Gray I said that.