Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary


The UEFA Champions League final won by Barcelona over Manchester United feels like it was just yesterday, but the reality is an off-season has come and almost gone as the two European giants prepare to do battle in today's marquee match-up.

The New York Red Bulls are in London for the Emirates Cup, meaning a pair of friendlies on consecutive days, starting with a match against Paris St. Germain this morning.

If you're interested in some real MLS action look no further than Utah, where Real Salt Lake takes on the Columbus Crew in a top battle.

If you will be watch today's action, please feel free to share your thought, opinions and some play-by-play in the coments ectionbe.

Enjoy the action (Today's TV Schedule is after the jump):


9 a.m. - - New York Red Bulls vs. Paris-St. Germain

9 a.m. - Fox Soccer Plus/ - Airtricity League XI vs. Manchester City

11:15 a.m. - - Arsenal vs. Boca Juniors

11:30 a.m. - Fox Soccer Channel - Inter Milan vs. Celtic

5:30 p.m. - GOLTV - Flamengo vs. Gremio

6 p.m. - - Cameroon vs. New Zealand (U-20 World Cup)

6 p.m. - - Mali vs. South Korea (U-20 World Cup)

6 p.m. - Telefutura - Queretaro vs. Tigres UANL

7 p.m. - ESPN2/ - Barcelona vs. Manchester United

7:30 p.m. - Fox Soccer Channel - Vancouver Whitecaps vs. Los Angeles Galaxy

8 p.m. - Telemundo - Monterrey vs. Tijuana

8 p.m. - Telefutura - Santos Laguna vs. Atlante

8:30 p.m. - MLS Direct Kick/MatchDay Live - Houston Dynamo vs. Seattle Sounders

8:30 p.m. - MLS Direct Kick/MatchDay Live - Sporting Kansas City vs. New England Revolution

9 p.m. - MLS Direct Kick/MatchDay Live - Real Salt Lake vs. Columbus Crew

9 p.m. - ESPNU/ - Colombia vs. France (U-20 World Cup)

9 p.m. - - Portugal vs. Uruguay (U-20 World Cup)

10 p.m. - Telefutura - San Luis vs. Estudiantes Tecos

10:30 p.m. - MLS Direct Kick/MatchDay Live - San Jose Earthquakes vs. D.C. United

11 p.m. - MLS Direct Kick/MatchDay Live - Portland Timbers vs. Toronto FC



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65 Responses to Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

  1. chris says:

    What’s the airtricity league?

  2. L says:

    Red Bulls looked pretty tired but definitely strung some passes together well in the first half. Second half they tired out but defended well. That said, PSG definitely looked like they were in preseason mode as they did not move together well offensively, so it wasn’t that good of a win. Great play between Agudelo and Lindpere for the Lindpere goal.

  3. BamaMan says:


    Airtricity is the Republic of Ireland’s top flight domestic league.

  4. MASE NJRB says:

    It wasnt that good of a win? They tired out b/c they defended, they clearly didnt attack the way they did in the first half.Seems like the NJRB did what they planned to do and maybe PSG isnt that good and it has nothing to do with them being in preseason.They where missing 2 top forwards we were missing Henry and Marquez. Good win for the Red Bulls, they deserved it.

  5. Brent McD says:

    Just cannot get excited about pre-season games.

  6. montana matt says:

    and yet you’re posting.

  7. Isaac says:

    You really want to believe that don’t you? I’m not saying the Red Bulls don’t deserve to win, but let’s not act like pre-season didn’t have anything to do with it. I disagree with “L” who says it wasn’t a good win, but let’s take all the factors into consideration here.

  8. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    If anybody cares Matt Taylor scored a hat trick in his teams 10-0 thrashing of his former team I believe in German Cup action.

  9. tom says:

    Anytime an MLS team beats PSG, it’s a good win. PSG is a damn good team. Agudelo contributing to a goal against a top Euro side also helps raise his profile as a peospect for Euro teams.

  10. chris says:

    Ok thanks never knew it was called that

  11. chris says:

    Hahaha I love hearing about this guy

  12. afc says:

    Republic of Ireland league

  13. Peter says:

    Against a German 5th division team. lol

  14. B 16 says:

    Will Klinsi call Taylor in for the Mexico match in August?

  15. B 16 says:

    Halfway kidding?

  16. montana matt says:

    Goal van Persie of an inches perfect near post cross from Gervinho.

    Gervhinho has the pace of Walcott, but with strength, vision, and touch. Looks to be a great signing.

  17. kackac says:

    Spector looking to go to Birmingham: link to

  18. L says:

    I meant that it “wasn’t that good of a win” in that Red Bulls did not have a huge number of chances and didn’t play all that well. Understandable given the travel. Basically they eked out a win rather than were totally dominating but had wayward finishing. They took their one good chance and came away with a win.

  19. GSScasual says:

    PSG is a what, a week or two away from first season match? If they are in pre-season mode now, they better get thier act together.. NJRB outclassed them cleary. AND, professionals are competitive.. do you think PSG wanted to lose to an MLS team?

  20. Tom says:

    He’s that fast?

  21. Hey Folks good afternoon: Please try and c’mon out to Long Island this afternoon at 5:00pm. The Long Island RoughRiders are playing the Jersey (Newark Ironbound) Express at St. Anthony’s high school in South Huntington. This NY/NJ battle decides the Eastern finals and the winner gets a trip to the USL PDL final 4 in (I think) Texas. From what I saw on the pitch yesterday, Jersey has some better players on attack but Long Island is a very strong team. Either way, should be fun!

  22. montana matt says:

    No, not quite actually, but i think it has to be close.

  23. Peter says:

    Daily Mail says Spector “is set to replace Ridgewell” at Birmingham.

    link to

  24. RedLine55 says:

    hmmm, that would mean back to defense for spector, and that would be too bad. From what we saw last year, I was hoping he’d continue in a midfield role at whatever new team he signs with, as he was looking very positive there. If this happens it will be a nice move for him and he will play a lot, but I was definitely hoping for midfield play.

  25. liz says:

    oh Arsenal…sometimes you just make me want to punch a baby

  26. RedLine55 says:

    ha, new season, same ol’ gunners.

  27. Citronomics says:

    I wonder what other options, offers Specs had (?) as I too was thinking he could find a spot for a team in Holland or Germany as more of a box to box Mid. That said, glad he’s going to a team with a specific need and chance to play.

  28. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    Not touting the guy, just stating the facts.

  29. OldpuebloFC says:

    I missed the end of the game – what happened?

  30. Todd says:

    Hot dang! It is almost futbol season!

    Nice slate of friendlies today, Klinsi taking over the Nats, and the Community Shield in a few days.

    Life is good!

  31. Tony in Quakeland says:

    + 3

  32. Justin O says:

    World Cup qualifying draw anyone?

    USA probably looking at a group of USA-Jamaica-Guatemala-Haiti.

    Canada got an easy draw for a change.

  33. Texas16 says:

    Mexico with a tough group

    Costa Rica
    and probably
    El Salvador
    T and T

  34. Fred says:

    Nightmare start for Yelldell? Anybody see the game?

  35. NE Matt says:

    Didn’t see the game but with a 4-3 scoreline looks like he fell apart in cruch time. 4 unanswered goals by dresden. What a shame

  36. al17 says:

    I’m sorry but how many matches did Red Bull play this week? It’s a good result for Red Bulls no more no less. My PSG will be fine and I saw alot of good things from them in this match. Keep in mind that you had 4-5 guys actually playing together for the 1st time at PSG. It’s win win for both sides. Don’t make this out to be more than what it is, a pre-season friendly for one team and a chance for an in season team to get a confidence boost. Remember, the pre-season team still dominated this game – ALOT.

  37. Nick says:

    If Buddle gets called in as a second division German striker then maybe Taylor can?

  38. NATO says:

    supposedly Leeds is also tracking him

  39. NATO says:

    sucks. Might only have 1 more chance to be a starter.

  40. Please stay says:

    Greece draws a pretty good group to qualify. Goodbye George John?

  41. Fred says:

    Or maybe none

  42. Fred says:

    I wonder if the USMNT coaching change will be good for Zak Whitbread. I was pretty disappointed he didn’t get called in for the Gold Cup. Seems like he could only have been an improvement over Gooch, and probably would have been better than Ream too.

  43. Citronomics says:

    Cha Ching! In YA news Josh Gatt scores game winner for Molde. Excited to hear how he develops in Norway under OGS, and maybe a USMNT call up isn’t too far away.

    NoShortCorners has the video.

  44. chris says:

    Wait but he’s our savior

  45. chris says:

    Barcelona reminding me why I don’t watch la liga

  46. tom says:

    He may be better as a midfielder but has zero chance at breaking into the mnt rotation there. There is, however, a great need in tne back, particularly for someone who can whip crosses into the box the way Johnny Specs can. If he can become more focused aund cut back on his “wtf did he just do?” moments, he still could make a name for himself in the back. Granted, I don’t see him having much of a chance from either spot, but there certainly is more need on the back line.

  47. Brad says:

    Dear John Harkes,

    Please stop talking about your playing days.



  48. Citronomics says:

    Pow. Nice swerve on the top shelf goal by Thiago and it’s 1-1

  49. Frank says:

    Dynamo! Dynamo!

    Unfortunately, the livestream didn’t work after the 70th minute but as a Dresden fan I was glued to the computer listening to the radio broadcast. The commentators didn’t think too highly of Yelldell but from what I did see, I’m not sure any other keeper would have gotten to the first two goals either. It probably doesn’t matter, you’ve got to blame someone–and Yelldell might be the scapegoat.

  50. JrDosSantos says:

    I get depressed after pre-season games when one of Boltons best players, Chung Yung Lee, gets a double broken leg a horrible tackle

    link to

    Out for 9 months


  51. chris says:

    And the bandwagoning barcelona fans go wild

  52. Citronomics says:

    Bam. United back on top through Owen. When he was at Real Madrid, his strike rate per minutes played was pretty good. Wonder what he could’ve achieved if stayed at/wasn’t let go by RM?

  53. GBH says:

    and when owen scored the man utd bandwagoning fans went wild as well…

  54. chris says:

    Your point is?

  55. RedLine55 says:

    I agree with you on the crowded MNT midfield, but to be honest I’m not sure the Nats are even a huge draw for him at the moment… he has a chance in mid to extend his european club career by a couple more contracts with success there.

    He was left out of the WC and the entire Gold Cup as a defender, not to mention Chandler (a german), Dolo, and Lichaj seem to have RB locked up for the time being. Ze Jurgen might bring him back into the fold, but I’m doubtful.

    Will be interesting to follow it either way!

  56. RB says:

    Meanwhile, back in MLS action, a very nice night, indeed: Seattle loses by a couple, RSL (at home) loses by a couple… Can anyone fire up those goats for a similar upset of Dallas tomorrow?

  57. beachbum says:

    KC got the late goal to draw NE, keeping their home streak alive and making giving themselves, and their fans, more reason to believe. Bravo was fun to watch again, and Sapong.

    Landon. nice game. outside of the left foot finalizer and more; doubled up the outd=side of his right foot bam bam and unlocked Franklin’s 50 yard far post run for the back of the net

    Luis Gil got some 2nd half minutes, one chance but maybe his first touch could have sprung a shot, and Ching twice, now watching Toronto at Portland. I’d bet players are hot to play in that city for that team in that atmosphere going forward

  58. beachbum says:

    and right on time, an end to end goal for Portland!

  59. 20 says:

    Another terrible red card…

    AJ Soares sent off even though he got the ball

  60. g-dub says:

    Portlandia shat the bed.

    TFC actually looks promising. Plata can play. Koovermans is a pro scorer. Maybe the management will keep this group together for a minute.

  61. CA says:

    Agreed. I think if TFC can string together a few decent games they’ll begin to gain back some confidence and play some nice football. Plata looked good, and Martina was instant offense when he came on. Frings had some nice passes, and generally looked calm and confident on the ball.

    But really, I’m just happy they came back and tied Portscum at home! :)

  62. Tony says:

    Nice injury Landon Donovan. Looked just fine to me.

  63. beachbum says:

    that was the wrong call, agreed

  64. beachbum says:

    like resting the injury was smart and a good idea…agreed :)

  65. Rick says:

    Buddle’s one of the USA’s better options at forward, IMHO — not the holy grail, maybe, but better than some of the players who’ve started ahead of him. If he can get called up from the 2.Bundesliga, I see no reason why Taylor couldn’t as well. Plus, if there’s one country whose league(s) Klinsmann’d be familiar with, it’d be Germany’s, so he’ll surely at least be aware of Taylor … though Klinsmann will be looking to develop a team for 2014 and Taylor will be 33 by then, so he may have missed the boat.