Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

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The day after defending World Cup champion Germany was upset by Japan, the U.S. women's national team and Brazil will face off in a match that should go a long way toward determining who the next world champion will be.

The United States will look to rebound from an upset loss to Sweden in the group stage, but must find a way to stop a Brazil attack that has gotten the better of the Americans in the past.

On the MLS front, the Portland Timbers play host to the Seattle Sounders in the first MLS installment of their fierce rivalry to be played at Jeld-Wen Field. The Timbers took a point from the meeting at Qwest Field earlier in the season, but has hit a six-match winless streak while Seattle is on a seven-match unbeaten streak.

The best match of the day might actually be taking place in Mexico City, where host Mexico is facing Uruguay in the Under-17 World Cup inal at Estadio Azteca.

If you will be watching today's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's TV Schedule is after the jump):


7 a.m. – ESPN/ – Sweden vs. Australia (Women's World Cup)

11:30 a.m. – ESPN/ – Brazil vs. USA (Women's World Cup)

3 p.m. – GOLTV – Fluminense vs. Flamengo

3 p.m. – Telefutura/YouTube – Colombia vs. Bolivia (Copa America)

4 p.m. – ESPN/ – Portland Timbers vs. Seattle Sounders

4 p.m. – ESPNU/ – Germany vs. Brazil (U-17 World Cup third-place match)

6 p.m. – Fox Soccer Channel – Boston Breakers vs. Atlanta Beat

7 p.m. – ESPNU/ – Mexico vs. Uruguay (U-17 World Cup final)

8 p.m. – Azteca America – America vs. Morelia (friendly)

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234 Responses to Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

  1. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    Hope Solo is going to have to have the game of her life if the United States is going to win. With the shaky back line, I can see it being a barrage of shots against her goal.

  2. Predicto says:

    Agree. To win, it’s gonna take denying Marta the ball, step-up-in-your-face defending, and 3 goals.

  3. Matt C in Tampa says:

    Sad. Seems the underlying current is that we’re pinning our hopes of getting by Brazil on our keeper! Have our expectations for the our ladies sunk that low?

  4. Don’t we have a bunch of talented studs on the bench? Or has soccer fallen out of favor among our women?

  5. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    Well, the back 4 are slow and have been leaking chances the whole tournament. Actually, I expect the ladies to win today and Hope Solo to play big.

  6. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    This is just my opinion here and might be a minority opinion, I don’t know. I think the problem with the United States offense is Abby Wambach. From what I have seen this tournament, she is passed it. In the role of sole, hold up striker she is good because of her size. However, she is not quick enough and the team seems reliant on her because of who she was. I think they would be better off going with their quicker forwards such as Alex Morgan and Amy Rodriquez.

  7. franky says:

    Weird… sounds exactly like Brian McBride in ’06

  8. RB says:

    Unfortunately Rodriguez cannot hit the side of a barn, lately.

  9. sammysounder says:

    So I’m off to Portland. After some debate with the little lady it was decided . . . . I will wear the Levesque jersey. Anyone wanna be on the odds of me returning covered in beer?

  10. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    Yeah, you got that right. Neither can Wambach. The goal against Sweden was a fluke.

  11. Jamie Z. says:

    Ugh. USA starting lineup released. Same as last match but with O’Reilly back in at right midfield. I can see Boxx, Buehler and LePeilbert getting bossed by Brazil. I guess we’ll see how it goes.

  12. RB says:

    Actually what this situation looks like, when you think about it, is the GC final.

    Hopefully it won’t turn out the same way…

  13. BWH says:

    You’ll be fine if you sit in your proper section.

  14. Predicto says:

    Brazil’s defense has looked suspect in their first few games, and offence is not as smooth as in the past. There is hope…..

  15. beachbum says:

    come on!!! fish the next one already!!!!

  16. glaing says:


  17. Citronomics says:

    Boxx has lacked a step or two all WC IMO but kudos to her whipping in a low cross that Brazil muffed big time.

  18. beachbum says:

    good call.

    22 minutes in, and Brazil finding their feet; need to weather this and counter with purpose to push them back

    or hold the ball up and possess for 10 passes

    and bam…Marta on the blow by, but good pressure Rampone

  19. PetedeLA says:

    No sooner does Ian Darke say, “No need to force things,” the girls pass a hopeful long ball to no one in particular.

    They need to step things up or they’re going home.

  20. Citronomics says:

    Brazil the more assertive side for the last 15 mins or so but their finishing (and shot selection) has been weak – thankfully. Partial credit I think is deserved so far by the USWNT backline that, so far, is more tactically sound.

  21. beachbum says:

    need to spring O’reilly up that wing; she can get by

  22. Alex G says:

    hows the us playing?, I kno the are winning but are they handling the pressure?

  23. Citronomics says:

    Ok, I know Brazil is hitting the gas pedal now but enough with these aimless long balls from the back. Maybe let’s keep the ball for a bit to ease the pressure.

  24. beachbum says:

    agree…the easy ball outside is there…play it

  25. Joamiq says:

    Poor decisions on both yellows there.

  26. Joamiq says:

    They’re handling the pressure. It’s not like constant pressure or anything. But the US isn’t really doing anything going forward.

  27. MidWest Ref says:

    by the ref or the players

  28. ShaggyReAL says:

    USA women need to COME to the ball more and stop booting the ball over the midfield when you have other options. ugh. So hard to watch sometimes.

  29. Predicto says:

    2nd half, the USA needs a deep breath and patience through the middle – brazil is giving them lots of space. They’ve been putting way too many over the top balls.

  30. PetedeLA says:

    Well.. we’ve got quality players that can come off the bench. The substitutions should be interesting.

  31. beachbum says:

    how about Morgan for Rodriguez, then put her out left and let her go to work?

  32. The US started really well, but then had trouble keeping the ball. They are trying to force things too much. Hearther O’Reiley needs to get more of the ball. I would like to see some through balls to Rodriguez, her pace should give Brazil problems.

  33. Shane says:

    no, Morgan for Wambach. Wambach has been doing nothing this world cup. Boxx needs to come out of midfeild too.

  34. Joamiq says:

    Ref. Wambach went down way too easily, and anyone would yell at her to get up after that.

  35. Willardo DuPont says:

    +1. Truly dreadful play by the USA right now. There’s acres of space to play through the midfield if they would just lift up their heads.

  36. beachbum says:

    hmmm, would say that’s the best half Boxx has played in this tournament, making a positive difference in there

    let’s see if Abby can get loose in the first 15 minutes here of the 2nd half

    must keep that midfield pressure going, yes?

  37. RB says:

    However you do it, get Morgan in the game.

  38. KNPonder says:

    Ironic I guess that the men’s best play, Messi, rarely talks to the ref, rarely complains, and does not dive. While the women’s best player . . . well, if you have been watching this tourney so far, I am sure you have seen enough.

  39. Joamiq says:

    That’s because Cristiano Ronaldo does more than enough whining and diving for him and Messi combined.

  40. Citronomics says:

    Good Lord. I applaud Wambach hustling to win the ball but wow that was just ploddling into the Brazilian player.

  41. Joamiq says:

    Failure to call a blatant offside on Rodriguez, failure to call that intentional handball yellow on Lloyd, very weak yellow for the challenge on Wambach, no yellow on her for her clumsy American football tackle on Formiga… US definitely can’t complain about the refereeing today.

  42. Citronomics says:

    Ummm… Lloyd should’ve been tossed there; no attempt even to mask that she handed the ball.

  43. beachbum says:

    Rampone! Pia gets some props for this stuff, Foudy all over it

  44. beachbum says:

    Formiga saw her coming and got a good hip into her :)

  45. beachbum says:

    Foudy is good; Lloyd is the one to pull, not Cheaney. I don’t get it at all

  46. Joamiq says:

    Haha, I think it was more of Formiga establishing her position before Wambach got there… but fair, that hip came out one way or another (not that Abby needed to run her over like a tank… not graceful, to say the least)

  47. Joamiq says:

    Agreed. Cheney’s been good, Lloyd has not, and keeping her in there with the yellow and the yellow that should have been is playing with fire.

  48. beachbum says:

    the hand of Goddess attempt there ?

  49. Citronomics says:

    And now we’re even on deliberate handballs. Now, I will assert that *if* you’re going to whip out the ol’ volleyball block in the box, at least get the “shot” off.

  50. beachbum says:

    Pia’s subbing not delivering anything

    where the heck is Morgan???

  51. KNPonder says:

    If the US is thinking they can win this 1-0, then I think they need to reconsider. Also, I wonder what the pass completion percentage for the US is on passes going forward? I set the over/under at 25%.

  52. beachbum says:


    absolutely no way, not even a foul

    Brazil’s yapping in the official’s ear has paid off

  53. Joamiq says:

    Hope Solo is amazing.

  54. beachbum says:

    the FIX IS IN


  55. Joamiq says:

    The refereeing crew is having an absolute shocker all around.

  56. Citronomics says:

    Com’mon… no way Solo moves off the line. US has certainly benefitted from the Ref’s decisions but this retake call is horrid.

  57. canchon says:

    She absolutely did not move off her line. She shuffled left but did not move off her line.

  58. ericJ says:

    US screwed over.

  59. Wow, that was a good save. I can’t believe they gave Solo a yellow. We might be seeing Morgan soon.

  60. Seriously says:

    Wow… I can’t even watch the womens game anymore because the anti-US bias is there too. Beuhler didn’t even foul yet gets red carded and then since we save one penalty it had to be illegal and they give another? What a joke.

  61. AcidBurn says:

    This is Bob Bradley’s fault.

  62. Joamiq says:

    Definitely. Absolutely ridiculous.

  63. FireBOBNow! says:

    that is why we need video replay. because refs at every level are a disgrace of epic proportions.

    fifa trying to steal from the US again … probably bought off ref crew.

  64. Shameful says:

    Why even make Brazil retake the penalty? Just put the score on the board if you want to give it to them so badly.

  65. Graham says:

    Wow horrible call on Solo. A call so bad it makes you wonder about match fixing.

  66. Joamiq says:

    MLS refereeing > WWC refereeing

  67. Seriously says:

    This all by the way after a Brazilian intentionally handdles the ball in an attempt to score and sees no card.

  68. beachbum says:

    look at all the belief in Brazil’s play now, never earned, but given by the officials

    pathetic BS that has always been a a part of FIFA football

    revealed again

  69. chris says:

    Hahaha these refs are horrible. MLS should contact them

  70. rlwang says:

    FIFA is a big joke.

  71. AcidBurn says:

    Sad but true. CONCACAF refereeing > WWC refereeing.

  72. FSegaud says:

    I’ve turned off the TV…that is a disgrace.

  73. beachbum says:

    kudos to the German crowd who know BS when they see it, too

  74. AcidBurn says:

    Why didn’t the referees just get in a huddle and decide to award a goal to Brazil? It was NOT a red card, NOT a PK, and then NOT a retake. That’s 3 shambolic refereeing decisions together.

    This ref makes Mali’s Coulibaly look like a world class ref.

  75. Scrotie McBoogerballs says:

    Women prove they are also inferior to men at reffing.

  76. AcidBurn says:

    The only thing that didn’t happen on that PK was for Marta to do a full stop “paradinha” style and wait for Solo to get out of the way. Then we could have had all the possible penalty kick fixes to happen at once.

  77. c(note) says:

    That was the most ridiulous sequence have ever seen. Not a straight red and an amazing save by solo. This is bulls$&@. I am stunned by this and the referring. Awful

  78. Ted in MN says:

    Just wow what a terrible decision

  79. MC Pharoah says:

    Who thinks Gulati may resign if the Women’s team loses? We exited in the U-17’s in horrible fashion, this is a bit unlucky but they should still be playing better, the 20’s didnt qualify, the men should of gone further in the WC and we expected to win the world cup. Could it get any worse? When every team fails like this you have to point the finger at Gulati and USsoccer as a whole…

  80. MC Pharoah says:

    Win the Gold Cup**, not world cup

  81. Joamiq says:

    There’s nothing about this game that warrants any heads rolling, and the USMNT went just as far as they were supposed to last year.

  82. C(note) says:

    Please join the rest of us in the 21st century. Sexist idiot

  83. Joamiq says:

    Most people expected Mexico to win from the start.

  84. Jac says:

    They have less experience because they have less opportunities to ref. If both had the same amount of time calling games, they’d be equal.

  85. NK says:

    0% chance of that

  86. Seriously says:

    Rapinoe has not doen well this tournament. She is giving the ball away every time its near her.

  87. Jack says:

    Ref aside, Solo is a BAMF.

  88. SuperChivo says:

    It’s funny how people hate on Gulati, the guy is genius who has a real job (Phd. in Economics at Harvard) and selflessly works for U.S. Soccer. Is he perfect, no, but he really believes in and loves U.S. Soccer.

  89. Eric says:

    Seconded. Amazing keeper.

  90. KNPonder says:

    Heads rolling exception: Australian ref.

  91. Joamiq says:

    Haha, agreed

  92. Ted in MN says:

    Far superior at her position to anyone in the women’s game. If anything, she’s proving that today.

  93. esimmons00 says:

    Rapinoe for Cheney looks like a bad substitution so far.

  94. SuperChivo says:

    The U.S. players are reaching down deep to pull this off. Great heart.

  95. esimmons00 says:

    We have had better possession since we went down to 10.

  96. KNPonder says:

    +1 Playing better with 10 than they did with 11.

  97. Matt says:

    Come on Alex!

  98. Andrew H. says:

    The only third party screwing up a sporting event worse today than this ref was at the Tour de France. One of the tv crews cars hit the leading rider at 40 mph. Check it out here: link to

  99. beachbum says:

    just embarrassingly bad

  100. beachbum says:

    the whole game is a joke now…FIFA

  101. Ted in MN says:

    Julie Foudy: stop being so fair please. I enjoyed that.

  102. Clark says:

    Is espn3 down?

  103. RK says:

    How dumb are these commentators? They couldn’t figure out that Rampinoe was fouled, then got the card after the slide tackle?

  104. MC Pharoah says:

    Then who do you blame? I’ve never had a problem with him until he kept Rongen for years after multiple U20 foul ups, lied to US fans about discussing BB’s future last week, and we now see every team failing to succeed.

  105. kimo says:

    This has been one of the ugliest games I’ve seen in quite some time. A horror show. Have we completed more than 2 passes in row? Wambach can barely run more than 10 yds. FUGLY!!!

  106. esimmons00 says:

    Why did we not have this type of possession earlier in the game?

  107. esimmons00 says:

    Do we have another substitution? If so, who should it be?

  108. MC Pharoah says:

    Completely disagree… The US has a stereo-type of being completely mediocre I guess. Teams like Ghana and Uruguay the US is very equal with and we certainly could have gone further.
    Also, Mexico was your favorite to win. Ask most people, they could decipher between the 2. Cherundolo didnt go off injured and I think we would have won.

  109. FireBOBNow! says:

    i hope this ref crew faces the derision and shame they deserve for how wretchedly the have reffed this game. they are a disgrace to soccer and a disgrace to women and pretty much par for the course for FIFA which is biased against all things in the developed “old” world like the US and Europe in favour of the third world and emerging places like South America.

    i hope these refs families and nations greet them with shame. and i hope fifa is destroyed and all of the corrupt people involved find the painful ends they deserve for destroying the game.

  110. Ted in MN says:

    Damn Damn Damn Damn

  111. beachbum says:

    the genious…whatever


  112. ShaggyReAL says:’s like the usa women gave up on the ballgoing into the box. Goal brazil!

    Who ever wears #7, shame on you!!!

  113. AcidBurn says:

    Marta was OFFSIDE on the goal. This is outrageous!!!

  114. Ted in MN says:

    And that was offsides. Come on rally

  115. tom says:


  116. beachbum says:



    cheers FIFA

  117. FireBOBNow! says:

    sorry. i know this sounds bad but if i were playing out there i’d go out and break Marta’s leg.

    if FIFA want to cheat to get Brazil into a final then i would have no compunction about cheating to make sure that didn’t happen. plus she is a diving complaining cheating scum player anyway … skilled or not.

  118. Eric says:

    She was offsides! This game has gone to **** because of horrible reffing.

  119. beachbum says:

    Brazil with TWO gift goals by the officials

    have earned NOTHING

    FIFA 2-1 USA

  120. AcidBurn says:

    US players should start flopping in the box, the ref owes them one.

  121. Ted in MN says:

    Well at least we’re fighting back

  122. Jack says:

    Would actually be interesting to see her in a men’s game sometime.

  123. Ted in MN says:

    Rapinoe can’t hit the broad side of a barn

  124. alabama futbol says:

    what is it going to take to get instant replay enacted in the game? How many horrific decisions, how many worthy teams knocked out by missed referee calls?

  125. Aero says:

    Absolutely atrocious call to give Buehler a red. She and Marta were equally muscling for the ball- no foul at all. Disgusting! And Marta had already lost the ball- there wasn’t even a scoring chance any more. This unspeakable abomination was then doubled up on by a staggering decision to redo the penalty. These two calls are just beyond belief, they aren’t even close to being reasonable. I guess Marta’s hissy fits worked on the this impressionable clown of an official… what a shame, even the crowd is all over Marta every time she touches the ball…

  126. AcidBurn says:

    +1 to the German fans, they know BS when they see it.

  127. Jack says:

    Have read a lot of articles saying that Marta is the female Messi. A difference between them is that Messi gets clobbered and (usually) just gets up–not saying that he never dives, but in terms of Barca/ARG, he’s definitely not the worst.

    Marta dives like she’s going for Best Actress and then gets up and cries to the referee.

  128. Seriously says:

    Oh look, Brazil is given another goal by the officials. This time they were clearly offside.

  129. alabama futbol says:

    people say instant replay would interrupt the flow of the game.. it would not slow the game down any more than the discussion between ref and linesjudge trying to figure out whether to award a retake.. a simple 5 second look at a video monitor for replay would show that Hope stayed on her line, the save would be given, and we would avoid this problem. This is just common sense. Shame on FIFA for not seeing it.

  130. MC Pharoah says:

    Damn iPhone, couldn’t decipher*

  131. Eric says:

    I can’t stand how much whining Marta seems to do. Especially after she just tackled Rampone from behind.

  132. ShaggyReAL says:

    Marta is only 25? She looks like mid 30’s to me.

  133. ShaggyReAL says:

    Womback is a big girl yet she’s on the ground all the time.

  134. AcidBurn says:

    Awesome by the ESPN camera staff, showing German fans booing Marta.

  135. HairyApe says:

    Poor first touch, can’t string 3 passes together, can’t shoot on target- the American soccer disease. Solo is brilliant.
    The ref needs another doughnut.

  136. Joamiq says:

    If you don’t rate Ghana, I’m sorry but you don’t really know much about world soccer. Ghana is straight up more talented than the US. Yes, the US is certainly capable of beating Ghana, but the better team won.

    Mexico was the favorite to win the Gold Cup. There was a poll on SBI before the tournament, and most people thought the US would lose in the final to Mexico. Obviously the US COULD have won, and if Cherundolo hadn’t been sent off, there’s a very good chance that the US would have won. But they were clearly the underdogs.

  137. rlwang says:

    This officiating rivals the USA-USSR 1972 Olympic basketball game.

  138. Erik in Atlanta says:

    Welcome to Brazlian women…

  139. AcidBurn says:

    If Brazil isn’t offsides on that play, LePeilbet’s flop in the box is a penalty. Why can’t we get crappy reffing on both sides?

  140. Ted in MN says:

    Come on give the bleeping whistle

  141. chg says:

    But they don’t, and FIFA should look to get the best refs on the field, not the best women officials.

  142. AcidBurn says:

    Bwahahahaha she took two steps and fell on her own, but that’s a foul of course.

  143. Joamiq says:

    Wow. These samba girls are the queens of shame.

  144. chg says:

    I would have no problem with a very, very hard foul that necessitated a real stoppage in play. If you’re going to fake injuries that bad, you need to suffer a couple real ones.

    Don’t want to break a leg, but if it happens, I don’t mind either.

  145. FireBOBNow! says:

    wow. tits or no tits it appears that Brazilians are diving, play acting, cheating scumbags. way to go Brazil … lower the game to your level. this is why i have always hated f**king Brazil.

  146. WisFan says:

    Brazil and the refs are a disgrace to women’s soccer.

  147. chg says:

    Is Abby Wambach dead? She wasn’t even close to the right position multiple times tonight.

  148. Anbdrew H, says:

    Holy crap!!!

  149. ShaggyReAL says:


  150. chg says:

    LOL never mind.

  151. beachbum says:


  152. Erik in Atlanta says:


  153. FireBOBNow! says:

    SUCK THAT BRAZIL … F**K BRAZIL … F**K FIFA and their cheating refs!!!

  154. beachbum says:

    NO SHE IS NOT…SHE LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  155. Joamiq says:


  156. RichP says:

    OH SNAP!!


  157. Erik in Atlanta says:

    + 1000000000, but now we gotta win it.

  158. FireBOBNow! says:

    i hope Hope Solo saves every single one of these f**king penalty kicks and then goes over and laughs right in the faces of those scumbag Brazilians

  159. Jack says:

    UNITED STATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  160. Leo says:

    C’mon you Yanks!!!!!!!

  161. AcidBurn says:

    Love it, absolutely love it when one team resorts to faking injuries to slow the game and the other team ties it in extra time that was added on because of their faking injuries.

  162. RichP says:

    All Americans, channel your inner Dempsey!

  163. Steve McSteve says:

    Boy, you missed some drama.

  164. MC Pharoah says:

    Who the hell said I dont rate Ghana? We went to overtime with them and probably should have won it in 90 if it weren’t for the Rico give away. Mexico were absolutely not clear favorites. They were completely found equal BEFORE the tourney. I don’t remember that poll, but before Mexico started beating everyone with confidence in the group stage, no one saw mexico as “clear” favorites.

  165. ShaggyReAL says:

    The brazilian chick gave it away. she looked left corner right before she kicked it. lol

  166. beachbum says:

    win with class

    most deserved win I’ve ever seen that was almost not

  167. FireBOBNow! says:


    F*CK BRAZIL!!!!!!!

    that was better than Algeria … !!!!

  168. tom says:

    Cheaters won’t prosper today…

  169. KNPonder says:

    Brazil: You have to EARN it. Now take those five stars off your jersey – put them on it when you have earned it.

  170. Ted in MN says:

    In terms of pure plot, this is one of the finest matches I’ve ever seen.

  171. MensreaJim says:

    wow whoa wow

  172. RB says:

    Spectacular! Huge congratulations to the US women. Magnificent.

  173. Seriously says:

    Justice! We were cheated three times to put Brazil up and we still won! Suck it FIFA refs and Brazil.

  174. John D says:

    Yeah she is awful hahahaha. You sound like quite the idiot now.

  175. Jack says:

    I am a male.
    And I am crying.

  176. canchon says:

    Absolutely. Between the bad refereeing leading directly to the two Brazilian goals, to the US pressing the tempo even with 10 men, to Brazil timewasting to secure the win, the US with the tying goal and then the deserved win on penalties. Wow.

  177. This Guy says:

    I’m truly glad I watched this match instead of the Fire vs. Galaxy replay!

  178. canchon says:

    pressing the tempo even with 10 women…*whoops*

  179. SelfReflection says:

    Rapinoe haters: show yourself and be counted…

  180. LiquidYogi says:

    It wasn’t a call on Solo. So horrible call on your part.

  181. beachbum says:

    Cheers Brother!!!

    Awesomeness we just saw, pure awesomeness.

  182. FSegaud says:

    So….while I did turn off the TV after that disgrace of multiple calls, I did calm down after 15 minutes and watched the rest. :)

  183. Storybook stuff. Do you believe in miracles?

  184. ShaggyReAL says:

    No, but it was still top notch!

  185. ericJ says:

    This is why I hate and Love this game soooooooo much! Brilliant.

  186. It’s the minority opinion because it is downright silly. Birgit Prinz? Done. Marta? Done. Abby Wambach? Clutch goal and still playing.

  187. AshortDeparture says:

    I was about to say that Messi may resemble Marta but her attitude is all Ronaldo. Kudos for pipping me to it. XD

  188. Leo says:

    I almost passed out celebrating Wambach’s goal.

  189. Aero says:

    There is a God… Rapinoe and Wambach were ignorantly getting killed on this thread- way to come through… What a game!

  190. Embarrassing late-game display by Brazil. Seriously embarrassing.

  191. Josh says:

    Now that’s intestinal fortitude! USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!

  192. Joamiq says:

    With both the Gold Cup final and the USA-Ghana game, you are conflating the notion of having a chance to win a particular game at some point within the game itself as it actually played out, and who would win the game more often than not if it were played 100 times. Both against Ghana and against Mexico, the US was more likely to lose. We absolutely COULD have beaten Ghana. But Ghana was the better team. Losing to them was hardly a great failure. And I’m sorry to inform you, but anyone can tell you that the widely held belief before the Gold Cup began was that Mexico were the favorites. Everyone believed that the US COULD win, but most people felt that the US would fall to Mexico in the final. It’s simply a fact that that was the most predicted outcome before the tournament.

    Bottom line, it’s easy to pin your disappointment on one person and believe that the solution is as easy as getting rid of that guy, but it’s not that simple.

  193. WisFan says:

    Glad you did. I was thinking the guy that did will be kicking himself when someone tells him the final score. 😉

  194. Joamiq says:

    You don’t blame any one person. Coaches, players, youth academy directors – everyone could be doing a better job.

  195. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    Wambach had the goal, but she didn’t play a great all around game in my opinion. I still think she is passed it, but she is a monster at set pieces and in the air. I give her credit for that.

  196. Steve McSteve says:


  197. Joamiq says:

    Go go USA!

    Rapinoe’s cross was inch perfect. Absolutely brilliant. You won’t ever see better in soccer.

  198. word up says:

    To be fair, both her and Wambach were terrible up until that goal.

  199. agnigrin says:

    Congrats USA WNT! You gals are awesome!!!!!!! What an f8cking game!!!!!!! Heart is still pounding…Boom Boom Boom…

    Abby, Hope, Megan, Allie and the rest of the team are an inspiration to us all.

  200. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    Defense played great today. Still think they are a tad slow in spots, but it was more then compensated for with heart and determination. Great effort ladies.

  201. Joamiq says:

    She didn’t get a whole lot of service either though. The attack definitely still has some kinks to work out. There needs to be a rededication to finding her in the box.

  202. This Guy says:

    Textbook example of going from goat to G.O.A.T. outta Rapinoe and Wambach.

  203. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    I stand by what I said. It was a great goal, but I don’t think she played all that great. She was out of position quite a bit, but when it counted most she was right where she needed to be. Great cross.

  204. Jack says:

    Same. For the PKs, I was sitting there unable to move. Thought my girlfriend was going to have a heart attack.

  205. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    I don’t think so. The fluidity in the attack half was poor for a majority of the game. Don’t confuse scoring a goal and playing great. Two different things.

  206. Joamiq says:

    Haha, I can’t decide what’s worse, CRonaldo’s babyish whining, or Marta’s unabating, unlimited anger

  207. Sonicdeathmonkey says:

    You were saying?

  208. SelfReflection says:


  209. NK says:

    Great cross Stuart Holden’s sister!

  210. Predicto says:

    next game, please usa play the same defense but add some possession ball on offense and make your goals before extra time….

  211. Ricky B. Free says:

    I always had Hope in Solo…

  212. Benny says:

    No, the better team did not win.Ghana were a bunch of hacks and if it were not because of a clearance that miraculously went to Asamoah Gyan, the U.S. probably wins on penalties. Both teams were about evenly matched. In these games whoever gets the breaks and luck wins.

  213. alabama futbol says:

    absolutely brilliant game. possibly the best game of soccer I’ve ever witnessed, in terms of drama.

  214. Joamiq says:

    Remind me again how many Ghanaians play for huge clubs, and how many Americans do? Chelsea, Milan, Inter… yeah, total bunch of hacks.

  215. NBizz5 says:


  216. MBarsenal says:

    hey Ives thought you might be interested to hear that in an interview with Theo Walcott about the Emirates cup, he said he had heard that Jens Lehmann is going to New York Red Bulls…..a solution to their goalkeeping problems?

  217. beachbum says:

    yeah baby!!! when needed most, too.

    I give Rapinoe grief, but she sure earned the praise on that ball.

    just like you said!

  218. Emerald_City_Jason says:

    Sounds like they’re piping in artificial crowd noise at Jen-Weld…

  219. Gerald says:


  220. francois says:

    This crowd at Jen-Weld is incredible. Great day of soccer, Espn finally seems to be getting their sh!t together.

  221. Emerald_City_Jason says:

    Fernandez and Hurtado both subbed out with injuries—Hurtado’s looking quite serious. Starting to feel like one of those years…

  222. canchon says:

    This Portland-Seattle game has been very entertaining – good advertisement for MLS. Fantastic crowd at Jen-Weld and a cracker of a game.

  223. chg says:

    They wear stars for the men’s victories? Lame. Can almost guarantee when their women finally win one, the men will not add an 8th star to their shield.

  224. Jake the Snake says:


  225. Ted in MN says:

    I agree. She has the reflexes but the problem would always be (unsurprisingly) keeping up the physical presence. While Van der Sar may not look it, the guy will come in, smash into, grab the ball away from your head, and you will fall backwards into a pile of mush against his strength while he happily boots it up the field. Simply put, if it comes to a matter of strength (and it often does on let’s say corners), she would lose. However, in terms of positioning, reflexes, distrobution and all the other things, she could.

  226. juno says:

    mexico u-17 champion for the second time.