Soccer Tuesday: Your Running Commentary


Three spots in the U.S. Open cup semifinals will be claimed by the night's end, and the Copa America picture will clear up a bit as well, as Group C co-leaders Chile and Peru square off and Uruguay faces Mexico in their final games in the group stage. The summer club friendly schedule also continues, as the San Jose Earthquakes host Premier League club West Brom.

Here's the schedule for the night's matches:

6 p.m.Streaming videoChicago Fire vs. New York Red Bulls

6:15 p.m. – Telefutura/YouTube – Chile vs. Peru

8:30 p.m.Streaming videoSporting Kansas City vs. Richmond Kickers

8:45 p.m. – Univision/YouTube – Uruguay vs. Mexico

9 p.m.Streaming videoFC Dallas vs. Real Salt Lake

10:30 p.m.Streaming audioSan Jose Earthquakes vs. West Brom

If you will be tuning in to any of Tuesday night's matches, please feel free to share any thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below. Enjoy the action.

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62 Responses to Soccer Tuesday: Your Running Commentary

  1. Mikey says:

    Where exactly is the streaming video? On both Chicago Fire’s and the Open Cup’s site there doesn’t appear to be a link to feed?

  2. wanker says:

    Yeah where is the freaking game?

  3. RSFT says:

    Oy. Still no video at any website

  4. Joamiq says:

    No video for the Red Bulls-Fire game. Audio only. Awesome.

  5. Joamiq says:

    And the link for the audio just goes to a story about the game. How professional!

  6. Mikey says:

    Oduro already scores. 7th minute.

    1) yay
    2) I bet Houston is wondering “what the hell, man?”

  7. jonk says:

    Yep, audio is up but you’ll probably need to be a Fire or RBNY supporter to handle listening to those clowns. At least when it was a video feed you could turn down the sound.

  8. Brit says:

    Chile is an exciting team. We should play them again.

  9. Michael on Long Island says:

    I understand no stream, there’s a massive power outage in the Chicago area now.

    What I don’t understand is Hans Backe’s refusal to take the competition seriously.

  10. JFC says:

    where did they find the commentators for the RBNYvsFire game? I can’t stand them. Is anyone in Toyota park who can Iphone face time the game to me?

  11. JFC says:

    “thanks jeff your a top man,I’m happy to have your help in the booth” hahah these guys.

  12. Yinka Double Dare says:

    The announcers are probably punishment for not going to the game, which was free once they moved the start time. Free parking too.

  13. Yinka Double Dare says:

    Hilarious, the announcers just called themselves “a couple of hacks.”

  14. jonk says:

    Cuesta with a goal for Chicago off a corner.

  15. jonk says:

    Or rather, off a short corner.

  16. jonk says:

    Chicago go up 3-0 on a deflected goal from Barrouch.

  17. jonk says:

    Sounds like a good turnout from Section 8 (i can hear the tetris horns and accompanying “lo lo lo lo” on the audio feed.

  18. Scott A says:

    I haven’t had this large of a divergence of opinion with RBNY management in a while. The fans wanted the USOC taken seriously. I’m pissed.

  19. jonk says:

    Barrouch makes it 4-0 to Chicago in 69th.

  20. Howell says:

    stream anyone?

  21. Jeff Awesome says:

    Shame on New York. How pathetic.

  22. Jeff Awesome says:


  23. Javier says:


  24. lprevolution says:

    This is the team that I’ve started taking my hat off to because they represent what “Big Clubs” are suppose to do. IE Take all competitions seriously? Wow, just wow.

  25. Tank says:

    The only potential “Big Club” to be in MLS is RSL in 7 years they’ll be the team peole will want to play for, I’m a fan of the league no particular favorite. New York doesn’t put out the consistency to be a MLS Cup Champion maybe i’m wrong but they need to pick it up to join the likes of respect of DC United or LA Galaxy DC united major trophies: 12, LA: 8, they have a while to go….

  26. jonk says:

    Wow, minus the starting goalkeepers, RSL and SKC are deploying regular season quality starting lineups. It’s like a bonus league game for MLS fans.

  27. jonk says:

    Sorry, bonus game(s) since obviously RSL and SKC aren’t playing each other.

  28. jonk says:

    It’s too bad RBNY weren’t playing Richmond. It would have been fantastic to see them get destroyed by a USL team.

  29. JesseMT says:

    I feel bad for Red Bull fans today. You deserve better.

  30. Smith says:

    Sorry, but the USOC is a joke. It is a competition for teams who are in dire need of hardware so they can pretend to be somebody. It is a good place for lower division clubs to get a chance to play MLS sides, but the games are played in smaller stadiums with reserve rosters and minimal broadcasting.

    If fans get upset that the team doesn’t take it seriously it is probably because that team needs hardware in a bad way.

  31. Kosh says:

    Suuuuure. I’ll concede that the USOC could use some more love and respect, but a joke? Hmmm, that trophy, title and spot in the CCC doesn’t seem so funny to me. This is soccer, a trophy is a title and clubs and fans love titles – so I’m not quite grasping this desperation picture you are painting here.

    This make for an interesting argument though – if “people” do not recognize a trophy does it make it worth it? While we would all love to win the one withe the “big ears” you can only win the titles you are eligible to play for. I personally think that the USOC is an important title – popular it ain’t but that does not reduce it’s importance. The history and benefits do make it worth the while.

  32. Tank says:

    So, honoring america’s “oldest” soccer competotion is a joke? Wow, I can’t believe it! I give credit to SKC,FCD,SSFC,and RSL for respecting the tournament besides you do get cash for winning it and a trip to the CCL which will also give more money and prestige to the club first and the league second. I really think RSL will be champs or the Sounders who along with FCD could be CCL hopefuls this year unlike the disrespectful Galaxy.

  33. Tank says:

    sorry “competitiion”.

  34. Kosh says:

    * Sorry I meant berth into the CCL and not the competition we won’t be going to in 2013. LOL

  35. Smith says:

    The CCL birth is a recent addition that was an attempt to give the Cup some worth. In the eyes of most teams it didn’t add enough. Being the oldest competition really doesn’t mean a thing. The MLS should drop it and let it be a competition between all of the lower tier clubs.

  36. Emerald_City_Jason says:

    Couldn’t be more wrong. Plenty of teams over the last few years have used A squads, or at least have deployed B+ squads for both the midweek USOC game and MLS games on the weekend dates bookending the USOC game.

  37. ciscokid says:

    I disagree with much of your assessment. I think the CCL is a good step to give it some meaning but I believe the prize money should be at least doubled.With the modest salary of many MLS players, playing for some decent cash would make them take it more seriously.

    Then the USSF should get off their lazy asses and do some basic marketing to add a little sizzle to the event. I respect teams who take competitions seriously, and the governing body should contribute their fair share.

  38. Sean says:

    Hans Backe should be fired. It’s a disgrace that the Red Bulls aren’t taking the US Open Cup seriously. They could care less and that isn’t good for the reserves, it’s not good for the club, it’s not good for MLS.

    And, it certainly infuriates the fans.

  39. Kosh says:

    To each their own, Smith. Perhaps you support a team that does not care for the USOC and you’re quite fine with that. But I think RSL, Sounders, FCD, KC and my club (DCU) – just to name a few – have it right, the USOC is a very important title and these clubs do what they can and go for the win.

    Sometimes managers have to decide, based on injuries and playoff planning, whether to go for this title seriously or not. I get that when the call is made from that point. I do not get the way RBNY went about it – they were basically three wins away from a title, which I am sure would do much for their fans. Fans that have been hurting for a title for a while. I think the remedy to this is to have the USOC settled early in the season – say before the All-Star break. That way managers can give it their all in the 1st half of the season and resume the serious playoff jockeying (AKA drawing games like it’s going out of style) for playoff spots in the second half of the season. I mean that’s one way to go about it, but if it were to stay as it is I have no beef with that either. Either way I know I would love it when DCU claims that title again.

  40. Naboo says:

    where is the steam….i wanna want my rlocal club richmond
    !! LLLLAme

  41. glaing says:

    “It is a competition for teams who are in dire need of hardware…” That would be the NYRB. And I’m a Red Bull fan.

  42. Naboo says:

    nvm…i’m SloW!

  43. glaing says:

    I wouldn’t say he should be fired. However, if the NYRB wants to be aconsidered a top club in American soccer, then they should fight like hell to win whatever trophies are out there. Not just the glorious Atlantic Cup.

  44. Satan says:

    I expected them to lose with their play over the last few games, Chicago deserved to win in the fashion they did.

  45. Isaac says:

    I think Backe has done a wonderful job bringing a structure to this team that it seriously lacked before he was there. His lack of enthusiasm for the U.S. Open Cup is disappointing, but it’s not a deal breaker by any means.

  46. AJ says:

    link to

    RSL – FC Dallas video

  47. JesseMT says:

    If anybody can’t tell, I love this competition. =) The Open Cup and its history gets me to step back and remember how far American soccer has come, from the days of Bethlehem Steel, through NASL, early MLS…. I like it because it shows that American soccer has a rich history, but also that we’ve come a long way.

    It also shows that soccer in American is a national sport – we play it in not-so-big locales like Rochester, Harrisburg, Charleston, Richmond. I really missed all the lower division clubs this year; hopefully they’re all back and eligible next year.

  48. JesseMT says:

    Also – the FCD broadcasters are doing a great job on the webcast. I’m appreciating their frequent mentions of the time of play since there’s no running clock on the stream. Quality’s good too.

  49. VADCUfan says:


  50. ciscokid says:

    What happened to SKC game? Thunderstorms?

  51. giaco says:

    So yeah, about a dozen RBNY supporters showed up to the match today in Chicago–good to see them out supporting, sad to see the team that was put in front of them.

    That being said, they had a bed-sheet banner that read “we’re here for a reason”. I read that to mean that they had traveled to see the match on a Tuesday at their own expense and with only 3 games standing in the way of their first hardware and a spot in CCL, but the manager doesn’t show and doesn’t even give the team the players to even compete. What a shame. The RBNY FO and technical staff should really re-consider their approach to this competition.

    I felt for them-from a supporters standpoint. But I still am perfectly fine with the Fire win.

  52. Francois says:

    Where is Gil playing on the pitch for RSL?

  53. fischy says:

    Amen. It’s a cool tournament. So what if most MLS teams don’t play their best XI?

  54. hogatroge says:

    Then there would be no possibility of a treble.

  55. rva says:

    804 baby!!! kickers!

  56. Randy says:

    Didn’t matter…awful result

  57. SurfGuyI says:

    JesseMT my brotha you hit the nail on the head!
    Good on ya mate . . .
    This is what US football is all about!

  58. Kejsare says:

    Some MLS teams have something better to do than try to win 7 single elimination games.

    If it is Open it at least should be more level for every team.

  59. Brian says:

    The only cup competition the Red Bulls take seriously is the La Manga Cup

  60. WK says:

    West coast report: David Bingham scores from a long punt about two minutes into the Quakes match vs WBA. Quakes go on to win 2-1 that featured mostly reserves in the first half…