Soccer Wednesday: Your Running Commentary

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If you haven't cleared your schedule for tonight, you might want to consider doing so.

With five MLS games, five friendlies pitting an MLS side against an English Premier League one, a Copa America semifinal, a World Football Challenge match featuring Real Madrid and a WPS match featuring a number of the women who represented the United States at the World Cup, Wednesday night's slate has something for just about everybody.

If you will be watching any of Wednesday night's games, please feel free to share any thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below. Enjoy the action (TV schedule is after the jump):


7:30 p.m. – Fox Soccer Channel – Western New York Flash vs. MagicJack

7:30 p.m. – MLS Direct Kick/MatchDay Live – D.C. United vs. New England Revolution

7:30 p.m. – No national broadcast – Philadelphia Union vs. Everton

8 p.m. – MLS Direct Kick/MatchDay Live – Toronto FC vs. FC Dallas

8:30 p.m.Live audio streamHouston Dynamo vs. Bolton

8:30 p.m. – No national broadcast – Sporting Kansas City vs. Newcastle

8:45 p.m. – Univision/YouTube – Paraguay vs. Venezuela (Copa America semifinals)

9:30 p.m. – MLS Direct Kick/MatchDay Live – Colorado Rapids vs. New York Red Bulls

10 p.m. – Fox Soccer Channel – Seattle Sounders vs. Manchester United

10:30 p.m. – MLS Direct Kick/MatchDay Live – Los Angeles Galaxy vs. Columbus Crew

10:30 p.m. – MLS Direct Kick/MatchDay Live – San Jose Earthquakes vs. Vancouver Whitecaps

11 p.m.Live video streamPortland Timbers vs. West Brom

11 p.m. – ESPN2/ Deportes – Chivas de Guadalajara vs. Real Madrid

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78 Responses to Soccer Wednesday: Your Running Commentary

  1. Tarkus says:

    Hi all,
    does anybody know of a stream for the KC v. Newcastle game? Much obliged…

  2. Alexandria says:

    How short sided to not have these games broad casted just plain dumb.

  3. bob says:

    the only one that really matters is being broadcasting. But I agree with you, I so despertly wanted to see New York Flash V. MagicJack.

  4. Matt says:

    Anyone else watching NE and DC on Matchday Live? It seems like the picture quality is a lot worse than usual.

  5. CA says:

    Frings just had a great attempt on a free kick. Hartman blocked it out for a corner.

  6. Citronomics says:

    DCU looking sharp in the final third with nice interchange, and DeRo showing a great touch to separate and get shots off. Reis has made a couple of good saves – always seems to frustrate DCU.

  7. jonk says:

    Ooh, and Davies pulls a Lloyd.

  8. Citronomics says:

    Reis saves a penalty kick by getting into Davies’ head. Man he skied it…

  9. chupacabra says:

    Ha ha. Divies biffs a PK! Karma is a beeyotch.

  10. jonk says:

    I had already composed my “#9 for #9″ comment, too.

  11. jonk says:

    Yeah, too bad it wasn’t against either LA or RSL.

  12. Edwin in LA says:

    Anyone watching Philly vs Everton or Houston vs Bolton in their local markets? Or if you’re there, give as an idea as to the line ups for the MLS teams. I heard Houston was going to test out the Costa Rican and German who they had on trial.

    Hope CJ Sapong and Bunbury get some goals tonight!

    Also hope Roger Torres gets a run at midfield. I like him much better than Mapp who for some reason is playing on the right, I say put Torres on the left and if you much play Daniel put him on the right but I think Le Toux there with Mwanga and Ruiz up top takes the prize. Then Union has like 5 guys who can play central mid?

  13. Citronomics says:

    “There’s a little bit of strut we haven’t seen in the Revs for three weeks” Why? because they put a cross into the DCU box and almost a header on goal. Who are these Revs announcers?

  14. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    Union did not start Mondragon, Ruiz, Le Teux, or Califf….did start Mawanga and Torres. They have been playing really well. 0-0 in the 70th minute, but Union have gotten the better of them so far.

  15. Citronomics says:

    Dangit! Just can’t get past Reis… great kick save on a shot by DeRo. Slick ball from Najar to set up the shot.

  16. Edwin in LA says:

    Thanks Doc!

    I was wondering about them, I like watching Philly, I think they are slowly becoming a GREAT team after having a 1st inaugural season in which had it not been for Seitz and the other keeper who was terrible, they might of made the playoffs to keep the tradition going with Seattle.

    What about Jac Mac? He in the game yet? Or at all?

  17. Marty says:

    The SKC and Philly games should have been picked up somewhere…this is ridiculous

  18. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    He started and played the first half. Played decently. Just took the lead 1-0 on a Christian Hernandez goal….the Dutchman Heitinga just got a red for being a thug. And it’s over. The Union played great against a mostly first choice Everton squad.

  19. Cris says:

    what channel is this on?

  20. chris says:

    Man Shea has really improved this year. Hes earned himself an olympic call up.

  21. Jim says:

    anybody have a stream for any of the friendlies???

  22. Zenga says:

    Any one know where i can find a live stream of the Red Bulls game online tonight?

  23. Serrano says:

    utter garbaggio

  24. Edwin in LA says:

    I’m guessing it’s only on a local Philly channel or he’s at the game.

    Glad to hear Philly played well vs Everton, a usual top 10 or top 6 EPL team!

    I know they didn’t have Tim Howard but it looks like they did good, I’ll wait to see the goal in highlights to see if Timmy could of done something to stop it or to organize his defense better to prepare for the play that created the goal

  25. Edwin in LA says:

    Okay who is Christian Hernandez? lol

    No joke or attempt at talking smack, not sure who that is???

    Sweet, anyone responsible for containing Everton in particular? I’m guessing the Farfan brothers might have something to do with this?

    What about Okugo did he do okay?

  26. Vinny says:

    Has anyone else noticed that Shea is generally a level above the competition when he plays anyone that isn’t Seattle, LA, or RSL?

  27. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    It was on Comcast Sports Net here in Philadelphia. Umm…the entire team really looked good. Valdes played exceptional in the first half as did Williams. Christian Hernandez is some young kid they have. They brought in a bunch of youngsters down the stretch. They provided a lot of energy and did not look over matched. Okugo played well. Best player for the Union was probably Torres. He played great from start to finish. Mawanga made nice runs and got into the gaps. Had a couple half chances and a real good chance he should have put away.

  28. Dr.MonkeyArmy says:

    The keeper made the first save and there was a scramble and the young kid got the ball settled and blasted it home. He should have converted on the first shot but it was a nice save. Maybe Howard makes the second save, but I don’t think so.

  29. chris says:

    NY still in their two month slump

  30. Ed says:

    Another awful jersey design by Nike…Man U in Inter Milan colors?

  31. Scott A says:

    Did Wells Thompson learn how to be a hack from Mullan or the reverse?

  32. glaing says:

    Wells Thompson with another Colorado cardable tackle

  33. RS says:

    Not even a yellow card for that tackle? I’m all for letting the guys play but that was ugly.

  34. mike says:

    For whats its worth, the union really controlled the match against everton. kept possession and frustrated the prem boys. the end of the match was great, as zach pfeffer and two union academy players, along with mwanga and torres (i think both 20) created several chances with academy player hernandez (18) scoring the goal. everton played with a full squad to besides timmy howard.

  35. glaing says:

    Are you kidding,referee gives a yellow for a dive and Thompsons celebration, but none for the Thompson tackle.

  36. chris says:

    They have had a blue and black shirt like every other year for a long time.

  37. NE Matt says:

    tim ream is getting burnt by sanni nyassi…SANNI NYASSI!!! 3-0 rapids 1st half

  38. NE Matt says:

    i’ve noticed hes torn it up all year if thats what youre saying

  39. RS says:

    Please sub out Mehdi Ballouchy and just release him at halftime…for everyone’s sake. I can’t take watching him anymore.

  40. chris says:

    just saw the jerseys. Those are so much nicer than anything addidas makes

  41. Edwin in LA says:

    Might as well and put in Albright ar Right back and try to put Solli in the Defensive mid or something?

    Or they could just put Rooney as the other central mid. Or put in Hertzog and play 4-3-3, you’re already getting destroyed give the rookie a try with the starters!

  42. Todd says:

    Necesito un gol en paraguay v. venezuela

  43. chris says:

    Just leave him at the stadium

  44. JJ says:

    All Rapids are hacks

  45. Erit says:

    Why isn’t one of MLS’ best, RSL, not playing in any friendlies?

  46. D Day says:

    It would be a great opportunity to showcase the best the MLS has to offer…

  47. RB says:

    And again, yada yada yada…

  48. Joel L says:

    Once I heard he was starting for Tainio I knew RBNY had lost.

    But let’s not forget how bad our back line has been.

    And Backe…zero changes at the half?

  49. ManicMessiah says:

    No changes for the Red Bulls at the half. I’m so sick of defending this team.

  50. Ruta says:

    Kirovksi…absolute yuck

  51. glaing says:

    I guess they were satisfied with the first half.

  52. Frank says:

    Juan Agudelo = Hugely Overrated

  53. Adikus says:

    Streams for the man u friendly?

  54. NE Matt says:

    did anyone see that laser by shea?? amazing!! – he’s the true scoring leader with 9 goals = none of them are penalties

  55. chris says:

    NY overrated. I was hoping this team would make the ccl, not any more.

  56. Frank says:

    Would be nice in the CCL with Marquez and Rodgers back.

  57. NE Matt says:

    No way is Time Ream ready for the big time. Lets hope we cap George John before the Greeks get him

  58. glaing says:

    Why is the starting 11 is still in for NYRB

  59. CA says:

    Sounders had a pretty good first half against Man U, in fact I bet Seattle had a tad more possession. The obvious difference is that Man U is much more clinical and dangerous in the final third. Immensely entertaining regardless…

  60. RB says:

    Hat trick Nyassi, with plenty of time for more.

  61. Scott A says:

    Hans Backe thinks a sub is a sandwich.

  62. Scott A says:

    So funny how many times I’ve seen Henry point to someone after a game when an opposition player asks for his shirt and he has to tell them he’s already promised it to someone else.

  63. Todd says:

    Go Venezuela…1 MLS player and 2 former players

  64. Rick says:

    In 3rd Place game!

  65. boosted335 says:

    it was!

  66. Modri says:

    Timber stream is dead

  67. RBNY won't make playoffs says:

    Ballouchy looks like the lost tripet of Rafael and Fabio who must’ve fallen on his head as a baby and lost that first touch.

  68. chris says:

    Seattle getting destroyed. Cant watch, i hate these f**king friendlies

  69. Lassidawg says:

    Taylor Graham on the field against Rooney, enough said

  70. Frank says:

    Chivas holding firm and looking dangerous against Real Madrid

  71. RB says:

    It’s really remarkable to consider that even the Rapids, only in 5th place in the West, and after a ton of injuries and blown chances and so forth this year, are nevertheless a point better at this point than the NYRB, in 2nd place in the East.

    The single table would look brutal to teams in the East right now, I guess…

  72. Andy in Atlanta says:

    In all fairness Venezuela played the more attractive football and hit the woodwork 3 times.. Very unlucky to go out on penalties

  73. shane says:

    Not sure the Seattle defenders realized you might want to keep an eye on Wayne Rooney

  74. ShanE says:

    You could even mark Rooney . . . just a thought.

  75. marco says:

    United 7 Sounders 0, and the Sounders owned the first half. One thing that sticks out among many is finishing. Sounders just have poor technique while United has classic finishing. Ianni responsible for first two goals, playing neither man nor ball. He just moves into empty space? Sounders first side looked very good, if Hurtado was in for Ianni then top notch. Bad news for GM Hanauer, his first two draft picks stunk up the pitch. Both tetteh and Carrassco looked terrible, completely lost. If the starting 11 stayed in it would have been a great match.

  76. marco says:

    I like John also. When someone hints at playing elsewhere, USSF goes into black-ball mode. They ignore the player and smear both his talent and loyalty. That’s what they do.