Sporting KC signs Brazilian Jeferson

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Sporting Kansas City recently opened a new stadium, and has now added another big-money player to help please the fans at Livestrong Sporting Park.

Sporting KC announced the signing of Brazilian playmaker Jeferson from Brazilian club Vasco de Gama. Jeferson joins Omar Bravo as one of two Designated Players on Sporting KC's roster, along with Omar Bravo.

“We are excited to have gotten Jéferson based on the fact that he is a player with the attacking qualities that can really help our team with the final pass and also scoring goals,” Sporting KC head coach Peter Vermes said. “This is an area where we continue to want to improve, and this is an excellent addition with his pedigree of playing in Brazil."

Jeferson joined Vasco de Gama in 2009 after helping Santo Andre gain promotion to the Brazilian First Division. He hasn't played for Vasco de Gama, having most recently scored four goals in eight games while on loan with Avai.

Jeferson, 27, will join Sporting Kansas City on loan for the rest of the season.

What do you think of this signing? Think he can help Sporting KC make the playoffs?

Share your thoughts below.

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14 Responses to Sporting KC signs Brazilian Jeferson

  1. mouf says:

    Like it if he can stay healthy

  2. easy goal says:

    Why did they give the DP spot to a guy who is LOANED to them?

  3. jonk says:

    1) MLS typically requires loan deals include the option to buy. 2) Why should how much KC pays the guy have anything to do with whether he’s on loan?

  4. chris says:

    First time he touches the ball he’ll break his leg. This guys made of glass.

  5. jpc says:

    I was just looking at the teams he used to play for, which I noticed were no less than 90% Brazilian players, so I started looking at the 1st division Brazilian teams, and they are all comprised no Brazilians, w/ Maybe 1 or 2 foreigners on each team…. I’m not sure about anyone else, but that is astounding to me. Most leagues of that quality probably have at most 60% of players coming from that particular country. No wonder they have more players than any other country playing in the champions league.

  6. Flacotex says:

    Who is going to get the ball to Bravo and Jeferson?

  7. jeremy says:


  8. SPAM Removal Squad says:

    Able to ban this spam’s IP, SBI Staff?? Getting rather annoying sifting through it daily.

  9. Bundy, Al - Polk High #33 says:

    While many of us are familiar with the “MLS typically requires loan deals to include a purchase option”….where has it been stated there is one?

    Additionally, I read SKC took on another loan player that plays defense for the T&T national team.

    Neither have been stated publicly there’s an option to buy, hence, easy goal’s valid questioning.

    The transparency (or lack thereof) of our league is becoming alienating.

  10. Alex says:

    If there is a loan or transfer fee associated with a transfer, the player is a DP. Consider Fabian Castillo, whose wages are not at DP level, but is a DP because FCD paid a transfer fee for the deal.

  11. Weezie says:


    Looks like the sporks are going to be ‘Movin on up’

  12. Dustyn says:

    Gotta love this line – “Jeferson joins Omar Bravo as one of two Designated Players on Sporting KC’s roster, along with Omar Bravo.”

  13. J-man 1221 says:

    I’m not really impressed with everyone signing new people… I don’t think it’s really payed off.

  14. J-man 1221 says:

    MMMMMMMyyyyyEEEEEErrrrrSSSSSSSSS. Did I spell his name right?