USA women rally to beat Brazil in penalties

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Down a goal and a player well into extra time, the U.S. women's national team looked ready to see their 2011 World Cup end earlier than expected.

That was before Abby Wambach stepped up and delivered a historic equalizer, and Hope Solo made a vital penalty shootout save to set the stage for an amazing comeback. U.S. penalty takers converted all five attempts, including Ali Krieger's conversion to clinch the shootout victory in the World Cup quarterfinals in Dresden, Germany on Sunday.

Having gone a man down after a questionable red card issued to Rachel Buehler in the 66th minute, the United States kept pressing for a winner. After the match went into extra time, Marta scored what looked to be the winner for Brazil, but Wambach headed home a Megan Rapinoe cross in the 122nd minute to send the match into penalties.

Solo made a clutch diving save on Brazil's third attempt, by Diane, and that was enough for the United States to pull out the shootout victory in the 12th anniversary of the USA's World Cup Final penalty shootout victory over China.

"That is a perfect example of what this country is about," Wambach said after the match. "What the history of this team has always been. We never give up. We literally went to the last secend it seems."

The victory was a deserved one for the United States after some questionable calls went against the Americans. Buehler was sent off for a challenge on Marta, and after Solo saved Brazil's initial penalty attempt, the match referee ordered the kick to be retaken. Marta converted the re-taken penalty to tie the score at 1-1.

The United States will take on France in the semifinals.

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216 Responses to USA women rally to beat Brazil in penalties

  1. Coby says:

    gave me chills

  2. RichP says:

    Find a way. I guess the pressure does make you! USA USA USA

  3. Jack says:

    That was the most incredible game I have ever watched in US history.

    And that includes Algeria, Lando. Sorry.

  4. Jeremy says:

    justice was served in this game. The ref nearly decided it, but in the end not. Amazing the way the crowd turned on Brasil due to their negative tactics.

  5. AJ says:

    Amazing game. The U.S. deserved the win. Brazil complained and faked injuries for pretty much the whole game. The U.S. kept chugging along. They didn’t play great for large portions, but did have the resolve that we come to believe of U.S. teams and atheletes.

  6. Adam says:

    Incredible game, brought back memories of the Algeria game…

  7. I have to say, this is one of the most brilliant games I can ever remember. This might be up there with 1-0 over England.

  8. ciscokid says:

    Really one of the greatest games I’ve ever watched, men or women. To come back down a player and a goal at the death was incredible.

  9. Mikey says:

    Agreed. Most amazing finish in US history!

  10. MennoDaddy says:

    Wait, doesn’t the USA play France in the semis, not Sweden?

  11. kar says:

    And justice for all (episode 2)

  12. Tyler Kitchens says:

    This was a phenomenal game. They’re continuing the progress of this sport in America. If they win the World Cup I daresay we could see another spike in the popularity of the game here much like we saw after they won in 1999. But this time would be much more meaningful given the progress that we have made between then and now.

  13. esimmons00 says:

    Rapinoe was not very good during most of the game. That cross though was world class.

  14. ShaggyReAL says:

    This makes me wish the WC was every year.

  15. timmytwoshoezzz says:

    Now that Brazil is out, hopefully Erika can get that troublesome back of hers looked at. What a joke.

  16. Jon says:


  17. ga-gone says:

    Wambach is straight gangster.

  18. tom says:

    There should be repercussions for the Brazilian Federation.

  19. Seriously says:

    I completely agree. She has been poor all tournament but it only takes one moment to make history.

  20. jon says:

    Espn nailing it today btw

  21. bad officiating sux says:

    I am so happy that we won this match. However, I think you have to question the officials regardless of the victory. In the men’s game, the coaches, fans, etc. would be all over the ref. The ref should be sent home by FIFA. It wasn’t even the encroachment called on the penalty that the analysts are talking about that is the big question, but it was not a penalty or red card in the first place. How could the ref call a foul on that? It should have been a play on! And then Brazil’s second goal was offside.

    That is sad officiating. I think we should have competent refs – female, male, or hemaphrodite. This Australian woman was worse than the guy from Mali last year. An utter disgrace for the game.

  22. Jack says:

    That player who time-wasted by playing injured was just disgusting. Doesn’t merit the title “athlete.”

    Props to the crowd for their constant booing of Brazil.

  23. believerz says:

    Just like Lloyd who could barely run today. Too bad she made history with her goal in ’08.

  24. Brad says:

    Le Peilbet had a decent game and Rapinoe was a possession killing turn-over machine until her last service. Doesn’t make sense the coach would sub out Cheney who’s having a pretty good cup…

  25. Brad says:

    And the coach should have a talk with Lloyd about that blatant handball, dumb, dumb, dumb play to make while already on a yellow…

  26. Predicto says:

    Now they are back down to earth, I’ll bet they are already planning for Wednesday. Pia is saying, great defense, but you gotta possess, stay cool on the ball, play through the mids, stop the long balls….

  27. Brian S. says:

    Completely agree. I love that they seem to be in full embrace of soccer now. Even if just for a moment. I think they finally realize that this is a market share that they were missing out on. Props to them

  28. Brad says:

    all teams do it, with Erica’s fake injury being the worst example for a long time. there has to be a rule from FIFA to change the players behavior, have them sit out 5 minutes, add an automatic 5 minutes to the end of the game when the stretcher comes out the first time, more yellow cards during and after the game for faking. It’s a tricky thing to deal with, you have to address “injuries” seriously…

  29. Brian S. says:

    I hope Greg Ryan watched this game and finally realizes that Hope Solo is a stud in goal.

  30. Brad says:

    USA needs to finish. They should sit Rodriguez and start Morgan, imho…

  31. ZacIndy says:

    that and the rest of the world’s progress in the women’s game.

  32. They gave her a yellow when she ran back on the field. They also added 3 minutes of stoppage time which is when the US tied.

  33. Broseph says:

    MMMMM justice is sweet. With all of the flopping, hissy fits and blatant cheating via time wasting, I’m almost as happy that Brazil lost as I am that the US won. Robinho, Lucio, Dani Alves, et. al. would fit in well with that team.

  34. Joamiq says:

    I absolutely agree. If a player goes down and has to be taken off, she/he should have to sit out for the next three minutes. Call it a safety measure.

  35. Jeremy says:


  36. Alexandria says:

    The good thing about taking out cheney is she is going to be ready to go for wendsday. Same with rodriguez. But I think Shannon Boxx needs to sit for lindsey vs France we will need speed up top. Almost think Morgan and Rodriguez should start and let Abby come of the bench. France has the worst D of all the teams left. But still should be a good game.

  37. ShaggyReAL says:

    Hope Solo thought she was bigger than the team, he did the right thing. The reason the team won today was of unity and belief. One cancerous player can take that all away.

  38. Erik in Atlanta says:

    That’s hilarious. So glad he got fired after that nonsense of benching her. She’s never lost to Brazil, ever. Yet she was benched 4 years ago and kicked off the team.

  39. Igner Ant says:

    I’d like Ian Darke and Julie Foudy to do all US Soccer games from here on out. All of them, whichever gender is playing.
    What an incredible game, just about killed me leaping off the couch.
    What I can’t imagine is the pressure going into next game. Coming off of that incredible emotional high is always very, very difficult, then going to be the prohibitive favorite… sounds like a setup.

  40. Predicto says:

    And it’s strange that I thought one reason Ryan was replaced by Sundhage was to stop the long ball and play possession through the mids. Didn’t do much of that today.

  41. ShaggyReAL says:

    Boxx looked very tired out there.

  42. Jeremy says:

    I believe it might be within the refs discretion to make the player wait on the sideline, not that this ref really had a brain anyway.

    Cant think of another time when I saw a player unbuckle themselves hop off a stretcher and start running to the sideline to get back into the game. What a fool, and that her fake injury (time) was when we scored is all the sweeter

  43. esimmons00 says:

    Boxx had some good moments today. Rodriguez has not had a good tournament. I would rather see Morgan start.

  44. ShaggyReAL says:

    I was thinking along the same lines. I love the way Ian Darke calls a game and Foudy knows her soccer. She should get a shot to mens games if she so desires.

  45. Predicto says:

    Agree – I luv Darke, but Foudy needs to stop coaching from the pulpit and just describe what’s happening

  46. esimmons00 says:

    I don’t understand why we play so many long balls. It seems that our gameplan is to play balls into Abby no matter what. It is painful to watch. We actually had better possession after we went down to 10 women.

  47. donttreadonme says:


    Women’s Game=respect

    I think I like it better than the mens.

  48. ZacIndy says:

    Has anybody seen Erika’s wikipedia page?

    link to


  49. Predicto says:

    Agree 100%. Seems as soon as they get pressured, they resort to back pass and long boot.

  50. NBizz5 says:

    Completely agree. Ian Darke is brilliant and the combination of him and Julie Foudy is just pure win.

  51. This Guy says:

    Correct. Wed. @11:30 ET.

  52. Brad says:

    just to be fair, Wambach was looking for fouls from Brazil’s defense, a little too much I think, just play soccer…

  53. drew says:

    the only problem is that someone needs to tell the ESPN commentators that extra time ends in the 120+ minute. This happened in the Men’s WC, when in the 114 minute they start saying “there are only seconds left,” getting confused that it ends at 115.

  54. Brad says:

    yeah, Boxx was one of the best today…

  55. Predicto says:

    CB Buehler is a big part of the long ball problem. She constantly boots it long. Gotta get more speed, technical ability and composure back there.

  56. Brad says:

    I have the same birthday as her!

  57. Brian S. says:

    I noticed that as well. I rarely question Ian Darke’s genius but he was losing me there. He had me thinking that the rules had changed

  58. Steve McSteve says:

    Agreed. Truly amazing.

  59. ZacIndy says:

    That’s awesome. But that’s not what I was refering to.

  60. McNulty says:


    “GO! GO! USA!!!!!”

  61. Willardo DuPont says:

    Sorry Brad. If you see Wambach was beaten like a punching bag. What #13 did is shameful. Not even close. Sorry.

  62. Chris in Oakland says:

    By far the best US Soccer game I have ever seen (men or women); so much drama occurred in this game that it’s hard to even describe everything to people who missed it.

  63. Joamiq says:

    Amazing game.

    I think the Rapinoe hating is out of line. She doesn’t turn it over a whole lot more than others on the team, and she’s usually doing it while trying to create something, which is something all American players could do more of.

    LePeilbet was much more solid today. Good job by her.

    Foul/red card on Buehler was total BS. As was the encroachment call. Didn’t even look like the US player had one foot down in the box when the ball was struck.

    I assume LePeilbet moves to the middle and Stephanie Cox takes over at LB against France?

    Hope Solo was brilliant.

    US central midfield did a much better job today of breaking up attacks and not letting things develop. They could use some better decision making on the ball, though.

    Rodriguez… what do you do with her? She stretches defenses and can score at any time… but she’s not getting it done. Team played better with Morgan in there. Might be a better idea to start her.

    The whole team needs to refocus the attack around the idea of getting Wambach the ball.

  64. Atletico Man says:

    Couldn’t have been encroachment on the penalty as the “ref” carded Solo, so it could only have been an off the line call. Which didn’t happen.

  65. joel says:

    amazing result…nice game

  66. Charlie G says:

    Hope this inspires another gigantic wave of young American girls to take up the game with passion, and while they’re at it, please bring your little brothers along for practice !

  67. GW says:

    Solo was carded for “dissent”

  68. GW says:

    Rodriguez gave the ball away all day ( leading to a couple of breakaways) and had a pretty bad game.

  69. phillypride says:

    There should definitely be a requirement to sit out 5 minutes if you need treatment on the field. If it was a serious enough injury that the player needed assistance on the field then they shouldn’t be physically able to play for at least 5 minutes anyway. Such a rule would greatly increase the quality of play.

    Added time shouldn’t be a 5 minute automatic amount, it should be the amount that the player wastes. Refs shouldn’t hesitate to add a lot of time if a lot of time was wasted.

  70. esimmons00 says:

    I think you have to replace Rodriguez. Maybe bring her on late in the game if needed. Morgan should start.

  71. phillypride says:

    Morgan did not impress at all when she came in. She seemed overwhelmed by the moment.

  72. phillypride says:

    I don’t remember her doing or saying anything controversial until AFTER he stupidly benched her.

  73. uh says:

    Lucio? He’s not a diver and doesn’t really participate in the gamesmanship like the other two you mentioned.

  74. biff says:

    Amazing come-from-behind, last-second equalizer and then the penalty kick win. This team plays with so much heart and does not buckle under pressure and was able to hit all five penalty kicks. I love these foxy USA babes. In my mind, Abby Wambach was the one who kept the team going in those last minutes, screaming at her teammates to keep pushing, pushing, pushing. Incredible match…

    …and interesting that all the Bob Bradley supporters (like you, C) who were out in force celebrating after the loss of the USWNT to Sweden and saying how bad the team is and making jokes about Pia Sundhage being a foreign coach and the first to have lost a group stage match, well, you all are pretty quite today.

  75. phillypride says:

    I agree about Rapinoe. She had some bad turnovers but also did a lot to control the game for the US.

    I don’t know about Morgan. She looked dangerous a few times but then would pass it to no one or try a very unlikely move. And that was against exhausted Brazilian competition.

  76. Paul Thomas says:

    That, or start Cheney as a forward and use Lori Lindsay in midfield.

    It’s not a coincidence that the US attack picked up greatly once Rodriguez was subbed off. I’m aware that she runs fast and looks athletic, but as Billy Beane once said, we’re not selling jeans here.

  77. buff111 says:

    I’ve been a fan of this game for over 45 years, and I can’t recall a better cross at more clutch time. Simply amazing.

  78. RRs says:

    a woman down, they went a woman down in the 66th minute.

  79. Northzax says:

    That one point when Darke said ‘just to be fair’ and brought up re non-yell, and Foudy’s respOnse of ‘stop being fair’ and his response of ‘well, that’s what they pay us for’


  80. AshortDeparture says:

    Poor Ian was so excited to get to the thrilling conclusion that he got entirely too far ahead of himself!

  81. Paul Thomas says:

    I’ve got to disagree with this assessment. Her hold-up play was excellent (better than Wambach’s, actually, which is odd– but Wambach is clearly not at 100% right now). She rarely had decent passing options because the team was tired and down to 10 players.

  82. Magellan says:

    I am not sure what was better, Wam’s goal or watching Marta get mad. What’s with all the first names on Brazil?

  83. canchon says:

    They even had camera shots of the german fans booing Marta. Fantastic camera work to show the drama in the stadium. Really well done.

  84. canchon says:

    Solo mentioned in the post game interview that she didn’t know if the penalty was redone for encroachment in the area or for her going off the line – and with usual FIFA tradition, no explanation is given.

  85. Paul Thomas says:

    They still haven’t changed the “footballer” link that goes to the page “professional diving”…

  86. Jamie Z. says:

    It’s already been edited. What’d I miss?

  87. beachbum says:

    did not get this decision by Pia at all, and agree with you

  88. canchon says:

    Agree, Lucio has never been a diver. He’s very humble and a field leader, he gets a bit emotional (he’s a crier when Brazil wins) but is definitely not a diver.

    If you want to call out the Brazilians for diving, look at Neymar, Dani Alves, and Robinho. Neymar feels the wind blowing the wrong way and flops. I can’t wait until he starts his first game in the EPL and flops down and the ref (and the defensive player stopping him) yell “Get up crybaby!”

  89. beachbum says:

    agreed. Rodriguez’s next deft touch in the final 3rd will be her first in many games. I like her, but so far, not happening. agree there must be another option to try, whehter Morgan was basically ineffective today or not

  90. SelfReflection says:


  91. Rev up those Revs says:

    I was working out at the campus recreation center and saw the game was going into penalty kicks so I stopped to watch. After we won I start chanting USA. Everyone looks at me like I’m crazy.

  92. Stephen says:

    Anyway, either way, the “encroachment” was so minute. From the slow mo replay it looked simultaneous to the ball being kicked, unless I’m wrong about the encroachment rule.

  93. NE Matt says:

    Amazing game. Give France hell girls!

  94. BB says:

    A sick display of gamesmanship. Within the “rules” but a sickening twist on them. I agree there should be a required “healing” time for any player taken off for injury.

    So glad it flew back in her face with the extra time goal.

  95. Stephen says:

    Hmmmm. Sounds familiar…

  96. truf says:

    child please

  97. northzax says:

    this is why we have captains. the Ref should issue a final time wasting warning to the Captains, both of them. Time wasting cards, including something like this, should be matched with a yellow card to the captain. this should the be primary role of the Captain. in exchange for more leniency in complaining to the ref, you are responsible for the sportsmanship of your players. it might not affect that particular match, but card accumulation matters, so does a second yellow.

    make a habit of it, and you’ll see things change.

  98. BB says:

    You are off on this one. Solo is a great part of the team and the right thing happened with his canning in the end.

  99. Colin Ferguson says:

    The guy doing minute-by-minute on the Guardian said somethings similar.

    I pretty much completely disagree, Rapinoe provided a vital outlet and played some pretty good slipped balls up the line in wide positions. She also had some great tackles that led to counter attacks. Everyone was so concerned with couple corners she hit too high and hard, but the way she was trying to drive them, if she gets that right, anything on that ball might direct it at goal with pace, she was just slightly off.

    Really in my opinion, from about 70 minutes on, she was the best US player out there, not sure what everyone else saw that was so bad.

  100. Stephen says:

    She’s a hot one, even if she is a diver…haha.

  101. truf says:

    both teams played ugly, just saying how it was, bang ball with lackluster approach to possession, why on Earth Brazil doesnt knock the ball around up a goal and player is beyond me, they carelessly gave away the ball trying to beat players 1v1 at spots in the field where you dont benefit much from it. Credit the for jumping on it, showed incredible resolve

  102. BB says:

    You better believe WPS is happy about today.

  103. Stephen says:

    France has a pretty technical side, they’re gonna be tough.

  104. Bring Wambach off the bench? Completely ridiculous. She’s been better than both Morgan and Rodriguez, who did virtually nothing today. You put your best players on the field in a game this important and Wambach is, unquestionably, one of the best players.

  105. Stephen says:

    Anyone know where there’s a replay? I would like to watch it.

  106. truf says:

    well, even with all of Brazils skill they cant really possess the ball either, they play pretty direct too. Maybe that its just a move effective way to play in the womens game, a bit less speed to exploit pass made by possession and the hard hit ball switching fields is just that much tougher a ball in the womens game. If both these teams played a ball control game this game, i dont think the US comes out on top.

  107. Completely wrong, ShaggyReAL. Completely wrong. Solo was NEVER a cancerous player. She spoke her mind. It was a terrible decision by Greg Ryan and he paid the price for it.

  108. She’s a color commentator not a play-by-play person. It isn’t her job to describe what is happening.

  109. Tom says:

    Why would off the line call prompt a yellow card?

  110. Predicto says:

    I thought Brazil was not in sync for this game – or really this tournament. They normally work together very samba. But Japan – they have shown incredible ball control and tiki-taka passing.

  111. Stephen says:


  112. Stephen says:

    And they have Pace. Which could be a nightmare for the back line.

  113. Brad says:

    on espn3 maybe?

  114. andrew says:

    Awesome awesome game!!

    Concerning the whole PK:

    Since when can a different player retake a pk??
    Cristiane takes the pk that is disallowed for whatever reason, shouldn’t she then take the ensuing pk? not Marta?

    totally confused about that

  115. Predicto says:

    But…about watching a replay… I thought for 120 minutes that it was a ugly defensive game, lots of long balls, little creativity from either side, and hard to watch. The exciting stuff came in short snippets with the ref blowing Buehler’s red, Solo’s saves and redo, and the very end of the game with the last minute comeback and PKs.

  116. Jacob ATL says:

    Find the youtube videos of Marta’s goal and then Wambach’s. The difference in the crowd’s response to them is comical.

  117. away goals says:

    That would actually be a pretty terrible rule.

    Go into somebody’s ankle hard enough that he needs treatment and he has to sit out for five minutes. That’s a strong incentive to make dangerous tackles on your opponent’s best players.

  118. WiscFan says:


  119. Paul Dickov says:

    Always liked Marta until today… her antics and theatrics on the pitch were disgraceful. The US were getting knocked around just as much as Brazil did and every time they got up and walked away. Brazil, on the other hand, couldn’t stop hyperventilating at the slightest touch. The proper team won today..

  120. JW says:

    +1000, but unlike Brazil, the men’s team doesn’t get any stars until they earn one.

  121. Soro says:

    This was the same ref that – ealier in the tourney after Christine Sinclair was elbowed in the face breaking her nose, without a foul being called – waived at her to get up. Clueless.

  122. Northzax says:

    At which point France will be playing the role of Finland in 1980zzz

  123. Northzax says:

    They don’t play enough matches together. Brasil is like an all-star team. Their players are insane, but they don’t know each other well enough. If they played more friendlies, they’d be unbeatable. But since the Federation won’t spend the money, they always crash out.

  124. phillypride says:

    Ummm, what!? As it stands now, there’s already incentive to injure opponents since an injured player obviously doesn’t play as well or might have to leave the game permanently. This rule gives no additional incentive to injure the opposition. If a player is really hurt so badly that they can’t continue to walk or make it to the sideline then there is no way they should physically be well enough to come right back on the field. The only thing this rule would do is make sure that players don’t ask for treatment on the field when they don’t really need it.

    Anyway, you know that there is a punishment for intentionally trying to injure another player, right?

  125. Lil' Zeke says:

    Whoops, didn’t actually see it did ya truf? Well go ahead and drop a comment anyway

  126. Brad says:

    that’s why trying to stop fake injury gamesmanship is so hard, creates weird incentives. but if a player fouled another hard enough to have that player sit out then the fouling player should get a card him/her self…

    This is why post-game punishment is so important, if injury was deemed to be fake, then the player should be fined (in leagues) or given a yellow (in tourneys)….

  127. Brad says:

    I’m glad the USA is playing France next. Anyone else think Thinay for France is the best looking woman in the tourney?

  128. Lil' Zeke says:

    Yeah I thought she was a star, really special. I got a better look at the last hour too though.

  129. Lil' Zeke says:

    Freakin weasel… Did she happen to miss a penalty? That would be sweet justice.

  130. Thorpinski says:

    Solo and Chaney for me

  131. ManicMessiah says:

    Only disappointment was not getting a “go(al) go(al) USA” from Ian Darke after the Wambach goal.. Unbelievable comeback from USA.

  132. Byron says:

    She’s a baller!
    Get it?

    I am so funny!

  133. Brett says:

    Jonathan Bornstein needs to take crossing lessons from Megan Rapinoe. What a ball.

  134. unternehmen says:

    Agree with Colin Ferguson here.

  135. Moochie says:

    If you put aside the rather huge question as to whether or not the Women’s World Cup is as big a thing as the Men’s, you can argue that this game outranks the US Men v. Algeria because: 1. the men’s victory only got them into the final 16, whereas, the women’s puts them in the semi-finals; 2. the women beat a much more highly ranked team in Brazil then the men did in beating Algiers; 3. the women had to overcome some horrific officiating, whereas the men were the victims of only one bad offside call, 4. the women played a woman down for a big part of the match, and; 5. Wambach’s goal come in extra time at the end of TWO overtime periods, whereas Donovan’s goal came in extra time at the end of the regulation 90 minutes. However, you can argue that the men’s victory was more thrilling because it was decided by a goal scored in the run of play, as opposed to being settled by the always less than satisfying penalty kick ordeal. In any case, both were matches for the ages and highly illustrative of good old American gumption and stick-to-it-tiveness. I agree Brazil is more talented (and they seemed a lot speedier, too), but they don’t play well as a team, for which the Brazilian soccer authorities are to blame. And, even though I think both of Marta’s goals were gifts from the referee, the skill she showed in engineering both was absolutely astounding.

  136. hey o says:

    It was actually Foudy who said there was 5 minutes left at the 110 mark. She confused Darke, and me as I added 30 to 90 twice to make sure it was still 120.

  137. Moochie says:


  138. Moochie says:

    Here’s what’s still left on Wikipedia, at the moment. See first reference. link to

  139. hey o says:

    Yeah, the men beat a team so lacking in gravitas that you called them Algiers, which is the capital of the country of Algeria.

  140. glaing says:

    True. Did I hear them say that Brazil had played only 19 games in the last 2 or 3 years. Their FA needs to support them better. Foudy said that after the 2004 Olympics. She said back then if they ever get organized they will be impossible to beat.

  141. Moochie says:

    No, I called them Algeria.

  142. K. Bowen says:

    Fantastic game. Fantastic win.

  143. Jeff O says:

    I think there are several situations that would need to be addressed separately. To potentially solve the problem we saw in overtime…if a player goes down due to “injury” in a play in which there was no foul called/committed on that person, the player would have to sit for a period of time (2-5 mins).

    There is still the loophole of players exaggerating actual fouls, but hopefully it could reduce the nonsense that we saw today.

    The ref finally got a call right by giving the Brazilian a yellow, but we shouldn’t rely on refs to catch it every time. Instead we should look to deter the behavior entirely.

  144. Lady Wambach is on a whole other level. Jesus, that ref and her assistants made MLS refs look like the legal geniuses of the Supreme Court. Four words: Krieger all day long. And it has nothing to do w/her putting in the winning goal, she’s just flat out fine.

  145. bigPepe says:

    Random observation with respect to Canada and Mexico a bit being stronger supporters of the women’s game: put a WPS team in Monterrey and in Toronto.

  146. wc says:

    I don’t really get all the Marta-hating. Any player in that kind of tackle would’ve gone down in the same way. Earlier in the game, Wambach dove blatantly (as confirmed in the replay) and Marta got in her face and told her to get up. I think Marta’s really heated and emotional but I don’t remember any blatant flops. And Carli Lloyd almost broke the one girl’s leg at the beginning, so I didn’t blame her for rolling around. Erika is another story.

  147. georg says:

    Love the result, and I am sure even in Brazil most would have to agree the U.S. deserved the win. ( well maybe not).

    Agree with a post earlier, Foudy should stop coaching and start commenting on the match instead, maybe a good start would be to know how much time in extra time.

    I have watched many matches but this ending was a true classic. Well done Ladies.

  148. Jen says:

    Didn’t think about it at the time, but it does seem strange that they were able to switch players.

  149. Bill T. says:

    Abby is the bomb!

  150. TommyOC says:

    The American attacker did encroach into the penalty area right before the kick was taken. the replay shows it. Technically, the ref was within her right to call a re-kick.

    HOWEVER, the spirit of the laws, which are just as important as the letter of same, would only have you retake the kick if it were am egregious encroachment our if it interfered with the kicker’s attention or if that player gained advantage from the encroachment – say, being in a better position to collect a rebound.From what I saw, the minor encroachment did not benefit the US team in any way.

  151. Paul Dickov says:

    It’s not just the tackle (which didn’t deserve a red, btw)… it was her attitude and demeanor on the field all game, especially in the first half. “Heated and emotional” she may have been, but she was also acting ridiculous and over the top. Her attitude put a very ugly stamp on Brazil’s performance. She wanted the US to receive cards for every small act, but then she gets in the refs face, jumps up and down, freaks out about every call and doesn’t see any sort of discipline.

  152. GW says:

    No. We beat Russia in the semis and Finland in the final in 1980.

    France are playing the role of Russia and Sweden would be Finland of we make the final.

  153. MiamiFCforever says:

    I got to admit This one outdid the mens.First full USWNT game I watch from start to finish.They won me over.Plus I think I developed a crush on Hope Solo

  154. GW says:

    True about the lack of FIFA explanation but I don’t see why she would be carded for going off the line early, you just re take it.

    I’ve never seen a keeper carded for that before unless they give the refs some **** about it in which case it becomes dissent.

  155. GW says:

    If you watch the replay Buehler has a fistful of Marta’s shirt in hand as Buehler goes down.

    It would have been hard for Marta to go anywhere that way.

    You could have called it either way.

    Mata was acting very Landon Donovan-ish with the refs. Maybe she has been taking lessons from him.

  156. JJ's shin says:

    Has anyone else noticed that Rosana looks exactly like Ronaldinho? I feel so sorry for her.

  157. Judging Amy says:

    Agreed. She was clearly the best player out there once extra time hit.

  158. Byron says:

    Yeah, I know I shouldn’t be saying this but the whole lot isn’t exactly the most photogenic bunch.

  159. RL says:

    I am trying to figure out why the Brazilian women have five stars above thier crest. Didnt the men’s team earn all of them?

  160. Judging Amy says:

    Hope Solo is a great leader and team player. That was evident today.

  161. Ross says:

    The USA women are just as manly and unwoman like.

  162. daledaledynamo says:


  163. Ross says:

    To bad our nation is crumbling from financial debt, and losing out to China economicaly, we own barely anything in this country and China could buy Washington because they own all of our huge debt, their also increasing their military power as well and within a few years as projected will become the new World power, congrats to the women’s team (they still got lucky as hell like the mens team, except their magic runs out in big situations.)

  164. Brad says:

    nope, took the men’s or the “federations” championships. they mentioned this on one of the espn telecasts…

  165. Hush says:

    What a game by our girls today! Rapinoe cross was simply outstanding. She was solid, a few giveaways, but for the most part she was energetic and pushed as much as an athlete could. She is my player of the game. I’m not sure what some of you guys were watching. Rodriguez attracts a lot of attention around her position freeing up space in the 20 yrd box, that’s why I believe she should be the starter for now. She provides space for Abi. Alex Morgan is probably my favorite player and I believe she is the next big thing on our team. She is technical and speedy, the girl can shoot from distance and provide Adu type services. But right now I believe she is dangerous coming off the bench to give that high offensive pressure. Two offensive waves is devastating to the opponent, and we have that luxury on our bench. :) Alex also is so damn hot!! :-)

    This games is definitely in my top 3 of all time!

    1. USA vs Algeria. Too much BS to overcome in the group. It was historic.
    2. Women vs Brazil. It was a hard choice, but beat out Argentina & Mexico game. My girls are nasty! :)
    3. Beating Mexico 2-0 in the world cup.
    4. Beating Argentina in Copa America! That made it clear we were on the rise. I cried during that

  166. try again says:

    No, you called them Algiers.

  167. Hush says:

    Damn iPhone spell ckecks. A few sentences were erased, sorry if it doesn’t make sense.
    But those on top are my top 4 games.

  168. kackac says:

    I thought she was a solid sub. At the very least she put in some great balls on set plays

  169. Neruda says:

    Hope Solo is tough as nails and I don’t mean finger nails. The ref made two horrible calls in the red card and on Solo’s stunning first block. What a win!

  170. bYRON says:


  171. Goob says:

    Anyone would be better than Harkes.

    That dude couldn’t carry Julies microphone.

  172. Byron says:

    Um, more than half of the women on our team are very pretty. Heather O’Reilly is as cute as a button. Sorry, but you can’t say the same for the Brazil team.

  173. kackac says:

    strange but definitely legal

  174. Dennis says:

    I pretty much agree, but when she first came on she ahd several bad touches and a few bad give-aways. Whether she settled down or whether her immediate opponent just got tired and the slow legs gave Rapanoe the time to look a lot better is hard to tell. But certainly she was a shining star from the time the USA went down to 10 players.

  175. Cargobarn says:

    I think the best solution is just doing away with the running clock. What’s wrong with a stop clocked when play stops?

  176. kackac says:

    I think that is one of the many, many lessons he needs

  177. Paul Thomas says:

    The USA’s already had its “Miracle on Grass.” It was the Spain game.

    If you want a hockey analogy, this felt much more like the 2010 gold medal game: two top teams going toe to toe to the death with everything on the line.

    As an added bonus, this time the USA won…

  178. Paul Thomas says:

    No… ironically, the saved penalty was Daiane, who also yielded the own-goal in the 2nd minute.

    Definitely not one for the ol’ scrapbook there.

  179. Paul Thomas says:

    So much this.

    Cut the game to 40 clock minutes a half and stop the clock when the freakin’ ball is out of play.

  180. DingDong says:

    Bornstein’s crosses aren’t all that bad.

  181. Dennis says:

    I thought it was not a foul, the contact might not have been quite within strict shoulder-to-shoulder contact, but both players were attempting to play the ball which was bouncing away from them, and neither realy did anything of the sort that usually results in a foul being called. Once it was called as a foul, the only choice the referee had was either the one she took or to “confere” with her assistant referee in order to replay in her mind what she had seen and change the call or not accordingly. If it was a foul, it was a sending-off and a penalty-kick, but I don’t think it was a foul.

    Within the rules, Solo did come off the line before the ball was struck (but by only a tiny amount), so it comes down how much does it take to be “off the line”. The encroachment was clear and the LOTG, LAW14 actually is clear that that requires retaking the penalty (actually I think both a USA and Brazilian were encroaching, so hit or miss, it should have been retaken)

    In the penalties to decide the match, Solo stayed on her line, the Brazilian keeper did not (I think not on any shot) so when the USA shot did not go in it was retaken, had any other USA shot missed, it would have been retaken. I thought The Brazilian keeper did not learn from the either the call against Solo, nor her own blatant step forward that gave the USA a second attempt.

    The offsides on the last goal should not have been missed, the assistant referee was not paying attention! No way the center could judge that one from her position and she was let down by the assistant.

    Generally, I thought the assistant referee on the near (camera) side made several wrong calls on balls that crossed the touch line awarding the ball to the wrong team in at least 5 cases (with a 50-50 chance of getting it right, she must have guessed 10 times when she did not see the play). That is way too much inattention to what she should have been doing!

  182. Paul Thomas says:

    Wouldn’t mind seeing a 4-2-3-1:

    Rapinoe Cheney Lindsay
    Lloyd Boxx
    Cox LePeilbet Rampone Krieger

    [I’m assuming O’Reilly can’t go. She’s just not 100% at this point.]

  183. marco says:

    Great USA victory over Brasil and the officials. The crowd correctly booed Marta and Brasil for diving and time wasting, There certainly wasn’t any beautiful soccer nor sportsmanship in their play.The officials should be removed from further duties.

  184. Paul Thomas says:

    Just a sports thing with them… not even just soccer. (See: Nene of NBA fame, or the 2008 silver medal beach volleyball team of Talita and Renata.)

    Must get pretty damn confusing when multiple players have the same name, though.

  185. Dennis says:

    The card for Solo was for dissent. There is no card for the keeper coming off her line.

    BTW, the announcer claimed Loyd, I think it was, got let off the hook for handling the ball deliberately and not receiving a 2nd yellow card. If a handball is not done deliberately, it is not an infraction, so by inference, all handballs that are called are deliberate and a handball in and of itself is not a cautionable offense. There are some circumstances like unsporting behaviour (often a tactical foul) results in a yellow card, or if a player handles the ball to prevent an opponent from playing it, a yellow card is the punishment and the special circumstance of attempting to score a goal with one’s hands. Preventing a goal from being scored with one’s hands is interpreted as denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity, the punishment for that is a red card. This handball was deliberate, but it was to control the ball, not directly to deny the opponent possession; it would be a bit of a stretch to call it a tactical since the opponent did not have possession.

  186. Paul Thomas says:

    Actually, she was carded for dissent at about the end of the first half.

    It’s true that the crowd’s reaction was over the top, but she was basically acting as the lightning rod for criticism of the entire team and the officiating (crowd couldn’t exactly boo the official when she had the ball, could they…).

  187. Dennis says:

    Definitely ESPN3

  188. TheJamericadian says:

    Foudy did terrible with the least 3 times she said something wrong about the time on the clock

  189. Paul Thomas says:

    Jessica Clarke. Her Wikipedia photo is especially foxy.

  190. Paul Thomas says:

    Ironically, the best-looking woman on Brazil is our bête noire, Erika…

  191. Paul Thomas says:

    Uh, Spain? Scalping the world #1 doesn’t rank your top 4?

  192. Paul Thomas says:

    First time in Women’s World Cup history that a team has scored playing 10 against 12.

  193. sushant says:

    Wow, 200 comments for a USWNT team? That’s about 40-50% of a USMNT WC game, but still amazing that this many people watched and commented on the game.

    We still have a ways to go for a possession game. We don’t have the female equivalent of a Xavi/Ineista (yes, that’s a tall order) to possess the ball and make great passess. Watch France and their possession game. They will find holes.

    I don’t know the USWNT players well enough to say anything about who should sit / start. That said, I thought Rapinoe was dangerous when she was on the field (pace and some skills to boot). A.Morgan didn’t seem to do much. Wambach was good. A.Rod was off. Boxx was ok, though much more a holding mid than a creator (not well suited to a 442 midfielder focused on possession). I had a hard time figuring out which ones were Cheney, Lyod, O’Reilly during the game.

  194. Brett says:

    France is also ripe for counterattacks and their defense is not great. I suspect the US will try a “launch it and hope for fouls in dangerous positions” strategy.

  195. AC says:

    One of the most amazing games ever for USA! The ladies kept their composure after getting bad call after bad call. Wambach’s header was amazing. Can’t forget Rapinoe’s pinpoint cross to her as well. And then Solo. All they needed was one stop and she provided it. What an ending!

  196. DC Josh says:

    USA deserved to win. Brazil scored their goals off horrific officiating decisions. That ref deserves nothing more than a pink slip after that performance.

    Abby Wambach = Landon Donovan & Brian McBride’s daughter.

  197. DC Josh says:

    I can’t help but be disgusted over Mexico’s dominance this summer. It makes me sick to the stomach as a USA fanatic. The Mexican U-17 squad looks very good, but I wonder how well they would have performed in another country. Would the USA U-17 team reach the finals while playing at home?

  198. Ross says:

    So they made a man-child?

  199. Barry Coyle says:

    More reporting is needed on the horrible officiating at the world cup. Almost every game, there are horrible, rookie mistakes and game changing calls made. Where’s the outrage?

  200. Clover362 says:

    In almost every international competition I come away thinking the following reforms should be made for the good of the game. 1) put 2 referees on the pitch one for each half so they are not constantly out of position. 2) if a player stops play because of an “injury” they have to leave the pitch and cannot be let back on for 10 minutes. 3) have a fifth official in a booth who can electronicaly monitor offsides and radio the ref on the field.

  201. kevin says:

    I agree I’ve been saying that for a while now. Its just sickening when you see that I know they added on some of the wasted time at the end but not all and she got a yellow but we see it in big games all the time and it would be easy to fix.

  202. Abumax says:

    GW: You missed the point, which was that the France game will be anticlimactic in comparison.

  203. JonesJunior says:

    I agree with all of you. I can’t understand everyone saying she played poorly. She did fantastically to create space on that sideline and when she has possession she held it. The cross was top notch and her penalty was absolutely buried.

  204. Brett says:

    I didn’t know non-inflammatory, non-vulgar comments got deleted. Guess “the big man” doesn’t like dissent, lol.

  205. marco says:

    Marta dove two or three times and whined continuously. Brasil also faked injuries. The whistles and boos were well deserved.

  206. Gillyking says:

    @Predicto, well said! Once we went down to 10, we finally started that strategy and that in fact had a massive negative effect on the Brazil fitness and stamina.

    Playing cool, possessing and building through the midfield and for the most part stopping the long balls was a large contributing factor in our loss to SWE.

  207. torpedo says:

    I’m betting that Boxx moves to center back for France. Also, When we went to 10.. I kind of liked when Abby dropped back into the mid and was running to space instead of waiting to gain the ball and plunge through.

    I liked the way our defense pretty much checked those fabulous Brazillian strikers.. I think that they’ll fare well vs the French, whom I also believe is less fit than Brazil. If we play the ball up through the midfield, Rampone and Boxx’s pressure and deft distribution being in the game early, The Frenchies will be hanging onto their shorts by the hour mark. They have a couple of tall targets, but Thomis is no Marta and I’m feeling that we’ll pester the hell out of her.

    I’m on a positive for this Semi!

    Go USA

  208. marco says:

    Speculation is that the officials would not have flagged the Brazil goal keeper for jumping off her line on every PK.
    That would have been a cruel end if a USA player had missed.