Vancouver to make major player announcement Tuesday

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The Vancouver Whitecaps are ready to make a major player announcement on Tuesday morning, and while there is no clear evidence of who the player is, there are plenty of rumors swirling about where the player might be from.

There is a strong belief the player is of Africa descent after well-known Nigerian journalist Colin Udoh wrote on Twitter that a captain of an African national team was going to be announced as the first MLS Designated Player from Africa in a Tuesday press conference.

Marc Weber of The Province is reporting that the player is a forward, which would allow the Whitecaps to slide Camilo Sanvezzo to the wing.

What do you think of this development? Who are you hoping the player is?

Share your thoughts below.

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142 Responses to Vancouver to make major player announcement Tuesday

  1. ZT says:

    who’s the south sudan captain?

  2. Doug says:


  3. kevpking says:

    WELL DONE!!!

  4. Rev up those Revs says:

    Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please

  5. Pope Eddie says:


  6. Joe says:

    Wild Guess based on Vancouver Tottenham ties:
    Steven Pienaar – Captain South Africa

  7. Smits says:

    DeMerit’s retiring

  8. Pope Eddie says:

    I wouldn’t hold your breath.

  9. Matt D. says:

    I would think Adebayor, although didn’t he retire from Togo? If it’s Drogba, wow!

  10. Frank says:

    Why would someone who was courted by Chelsea and just recently signed a 4 year contract with Tottenham move to the MLS?

  11. Alex says:

    As much as I’d like that, Pienaar JUST signed with Tottenham – no way Vancouver (or MLS) goes for that transfer fee.

  12. Todd says:

    Wasn’t it reported to be the South African Shabalala? I could’ve sworn I read that last week from Avi Creditor’s Tweet.

  13. Ram says:

    Frederic Kanoute?

  14. MLS Fan says:

    That would be nice but I have a feeling it won’t be that well known a name.

  15. Joe says:

    Didn’t realize he resigned. Like I said Wild Guess.

  16. MLS Fan says:

    Haha like this one too, wouldn’t be that big of a suprise if he was the signing.

  17. cajun says:

    I’m a little confused at why they’d be doing this now. Seems like they would be better off waiting until the winter transfer window, financially. The chances of them making the post season this year is nil

  18. Joe says:

    Not a forward but fits the 30 year old Mid-Table EPL team mold : Joseph Yobo – Nigeria

  19. A wise man once says:

    Well they need all the help they can get! XP

    seriously though that would be so cool if it was Drogba.

  20. Kenmore says:


  21. J-man 1221 says:

    That would be pretty crazy… Chelsea probably value him a lot… but they have Torres, but he isn’t doing anything…

  22. Jack says:

    Stephen Appiah would make sense except he’s a MF

  23. Joe says:

    Another guess could be : Benjani. Free agent, striker and former captain for Zimbabwe

  24. mistadobolina says:

    that would be awesome just so announcers could say Shab-a-la-la!

  25. ohyeah says:

    Eddie Johnson, Jonathan Spector, Michael Bradley, Freddy Adu, and many many more capable players without a job. Yeah M. bradley is not happenlng but then Vancouver doesnt need him when they have plyaers like M. Nanchoff sittin’ on the bench.

  26. AlexSWill says:

    Benjani is back with Rovers as of two weeks ago.

  27. slowreno says:

    +1 only one that makes any sense. drogba is still too expensive!

  28. mistadobolina says:

    its probably easier to get players in the summer, off season for most clubs.

  29. Chris says:

    Owen Hargreaves looks likely.

  30. NE Matt says:

    Michael Bradley to Seria A side Bologna is what I’m hearing

  31. KB says:

    I know from an inside source that it’s Pablo Aimar.

  32. MC Pharaoh says:

    Wow, I thought a few days ago that this would Tagoe for Seattle or something like that, but THE CAPTAIN OF HIS NATIONAL TEAM? A STRIKER?

    Absolutely %100 its Eto’o or Drogba if these hints are right…It couldnt be anyone else with the info we are given. Some things could be wrong however.

  33. Brian says:

    Don’t Canadian soccer fans hate him?

  34. Ricky B. Free says:

    Michael Essien will sign and will move to striker when he recovers from his knee injury. NOT!.

    I hope that they get a good player, even if I havent heard of him.

  35. Ricky B. Free says:

    OOh no!! Its Drogba´s Music…..

  36. AlexSWill says:

    Only reasonable name I’ve come across is Niang of Fenerbahce. He was supposedly out last month, but he’s been real good for them. Who knows!

  37. Jamie Z. says:


  38. Jamie Z. says:

    Let’s try to leave his character out of this.

  39. The Dude says:

    Well, we know the player is a) African and b) the captain of his national team, so I’m guessing John Mensah. He captained Ghana at the 2010 World Cup and spent last year on loand. Big, reliable central defender.

  40. AlexSWill says:

    Whoops, I suppose Kanu is a perfectly logical choice as well. I’ll eat my foot* if it’s someone bigger than Niang or Kanu.

    *Not a problem because it won’t be anyone bigger than them.

  41. jonk says:

    Yeah, my first thought was Yakubu but then I saw that Kanu is Nigeria’s captain, so bingo.

  42. jayrig5 says:


  43. Mike Donovan says:

    Steve Nash was born in South Africa & was captain of Canadian National basketball team at 2000 Olympics. And he’s part owner of the Whitecaps. Boom.

  44. maxq says:

    If it’s Niang, there will be two players named Mamadou playing for Cascadia MlS clubs.

  45. ATMNEUX says:

    Ya, but he’s not a forward…he’s a guard.

  46. mikey says:

    So basically this is an announcement about an upcoming announcement?

  47. MC Pharaoh says:

    Kanu has retired from Nigeria and it says national team captain, lol. Niang is a possibility. Drogba or Niang are linked out of their clubs and they fit the absolute description.

  48. bigPepe says:

    oh baby jesus, its drogs. thats cacacacacrazy man. man oh man, van’s got some real balls. can we put the likes of chivas usa, quakes, and crew in the nasl?

  49. Onesto says:

    +1 hahaha great retort.

  50. ImaGoalMan says:

    Ok I LOL’d

  51. jpc says:

    They’ve acquired Joseph Ngwenya for their washing machine. They needed a striker, DC United needed a washing machine. They had to pull the trigger. Huge Move

  52. jonk says:

    Yep. You see, often times teams like for media to be present when they have press conferences and so they announce to the media that a press conference will be happening at a predetermined time and place.

    All snark aside, the announcement is news because of the anticipation of the first African DP.

  53. Kevin Smith says:


  54. JR says:

    Please Pienaar, Drogba. You guys are lucky if its Benjani. At least Benjani is a free agent.

    Siphiwe Tshabalala would be a big coup for MLS and Vancouver too. He’s still playing for Kaiser Chiefs, so at least that is theoretically doable for Vancouver’s bankroll. Tshabalala was fantastic in the World Cup too.

  55. vic says:

    that colin udoh guy just tweeted that its not Mensah, but that he cant believe its still a secret. i’m interpreting that to mean that the player is of a high caliber who has press all over him….

  56. vic says:

    its Benjani as Rovers have let him go. Man, screw that. I thought it would be Drogba. Oh well. On Canadian news of late, did you guys see the up-skirt pic of Kate Middleton? Google kate toronto sun up skirt….nice rear lady!

  57. This Guy says:

    Calm down everyone, it’s Stephen Appiah. Been reported in Italian news.

  58. sal says:

    He also just tweeted that he was the captain at the u17 and not a big name. Scored 20 goals in all euro competitions last year

  59. jose says:

    hes cm. & not captin

  60. jose says:

    hes cm. & not captin

  61. Jason B says:

    Also, from West Africa and under 25 years old…

  62. FGB says:

    I honestly can’t tell if this Drogba talk is sarcasm or just utter delusion

  63. FSegaud says:

    excellent pick up for DC United…they really need to upgrade RFK Stadium and a washing machine is a good start.

  64. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    There are over 50 countries in Africa. Don’t get your hopes up.

  65. bob says:

    Clever, made me laugh.

    But really we should not bash South Sudan. They have been through enough. Lets not toss Vancouver on them as well.

  66. bob says:

    Most likely Essien

  67. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    And he didn’t score more than 20 goals in all competitions.

  68. abc says:

    Because they want to keep their fan base interested. Despite their struggles, attendance is great, but they don’t want fans to think they’re not trying to improve the team.

  69. abc says:

    Most beautiful city acquires most ugly soccer player.

  70. abc says:

    A forward would make them pretty damn dangerous with this signing, Hassli, Chiumiento, and Camilo. Now they just need to improve defensively, what’s the story with DeMerit?

  71. Orlando Pirates fan says:

    Maybe its someone from Egypt or Algeria. Can’t think of any names though.

  72. dan says:


    After all those Davies dives they needed a new washing machine to help relief the load that the current one has to do all on it’s own. Should be a good pairing in the locker allowing Davies to continue his run, or shall I say trip, of form

  73. U says:

    Peter Utaka

  74. dan says:

    he does need a club, he is a forward, and he was the captain of his national team. other than the small problem that he is way too good and expensive for mls its perfect sense! 😛

  75. Fleety says:

    Whoever it is Vancouver will still finish last in the West. Vancouver is a great city though and I hope the Canucks win the Stanley Cup next year.

  76. jonk says:

    Colin Udoh’s latest hint on Twitter is that it’s a West African. And that his captaincy was at U17 level.

  77. shawn says:

    Thank you

  78. abc says:


    Do you know the captains of Djbuti and Mauritania?

  79. jonk says:

    Peter Utaka and Frederic Kanoute both scored 20 goals across all competitions last year…but was either ever a U17 captain?

  80. bigPepe'sPapa says:

    Yeah, Utaka was captain of u 17 team. It aint Drogba, but Utaka aint bad. Oh wait,i was thinking of John. Ah hell, we suck. Corinthians is ready to fork over 40 mil for Tevez, and this is all MLS can come up with? Ah hell, we suck.

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    who is frank..
    i know why.
    i always take care for him bec.he dont like want to die..i know she always remember me.
    im abby?

  82. dan says:

    neither played for u17 team.

    UTAKA > Kanoute any day.

  83. bec.he want to be a pilot from him.
    but i want to be a pilot from her..
    sorry frank.
    i always remember you from the letter from bi bought this letter from you.but for the first thing i brought from now.that’s why im call.?

  84. dan says:


    John is the better guy

  85. Timbur says:

    Patrick Vieira is of African descent

  86. abc says:

    Looks like Peter Utaka.

    U, jonk, and bigPepe’sPapa win.

  87. Andrew says:

    My guess is Daniel Cousin. Captain of Gabon, and a target forward who would seem to fit Vancouver’s style..

  88. Older & Wiser says:

    Soulemain Coulibaly anyone?

  89. Jcl says:

    Eric Djemba Djemba!!!!!

  90. Massive City says:

    Dude you realize the Crew have been a quality side for years now right? Just because they are small town and small money doesn’t mean anything when we walk all over you like the rest of the league.

  91. Micahrowe18 says:

    Mustapha Jarju. Boom!

  92. T says:

    Benny McCarthy captained South Africa at one time amd he is a striker. He is currently a free agent and is a striker.

  93. MC Pharaoh says:

    Its a designated player… The first African designated player.

  94. tom says:

    I’m the captain of your girlfriend’s djbutie.

  95. RK says:

    It isn’t necessarily an African. It could be a Canadian. Oh wait, they said major player announcement, so maybe not.

  96. Morning Train says:

    Obafemi Martins?

  97. Morning Train says:

    Guess no George Weah!

  98. rory says:

    I checked all the facts and most likely it’s one of the two Senegal national team players that scored 20 goals in europe last year,or Sow or Cisse. The last clue offered up was that he was NOT a known name to most and they fit the bill.

  99. rory says:

    Utaka didn’t net 20 times last year though.

  100. rory says:

    but he didn’t net 20 goals last year

  101. Lex says:

    Still nothing on the MLS website about this announcement. Hmmm.

  102. BerlinTexas says:

    Mustapha “Toubabo” Jarju

  103. MikeR says:

    My sources that are very reliable in the front office say it is Cisse they have seen the jersey and everything…..

  104. BerlinTexas says:

    Colin Udoh has been taking special requests.

  105. Yepp says:

    The player is Mustapha Jarju from the belgian second division.

  106. Morning Train says:

    it has to be Peter Utaka…but i thought the first African DP was easily Doctor Khumalo!!!!!!!!!

    i would pay him DP money any day

  107. dub says:



  108. Helium-3 says:

    John Pantsil? Not a forward though..recently released by Fulham.

  109. The Sir says:

    Can you read? Is a he a forward? Did he score 20 goals in all competitions last year? Jeez.

  110. Jayrod1111 says:

    Im guessing 1 of 3




  111. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    The only West African strikers I can find that are under 25 and have possibly scored 20 goals in all competitions this year would be Teteh Bangura (from Sierra Leone, plays in Sweden) and Modibo Maiga (from Mali, plays with Sochaux).

  112. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    He has the age, location (W. Africa), captaincy at U-17, and goals in Europe, but he is listed as a midfielder.

  113. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Sow and Cisse are aged 25+. Didn’t Udoh say the player is younger than 25?

  114. PD says:

    no have-sexin’ way. not for another 5 years.

  115. Jayrod says:

    After doing a bit of research I have narrowed my 3 choices down to 1

    And the winner is Freddie Kanoute….Its gotta be him!!!

    20 goals last year in all competitions, he will do nicely in MLS!!!!!

  116. PD says:

    Niang was at OM last season, injury aside, my guess is he’ll head to England or Italy after another seasan in Turkey once he heals before he’d head here

  117. PD says:

    Samuel E’to?

  118. PD says:

    but he’s French. This would make sense though from an age perspective and the connection with henry. BUT he’s not a forward.

  119. PD says:

    nope. too young.

  120. PD says:

    Roger Milla from Cameroon.

  121. PD says:

    at 33 that would make sense…. did her ever captain a national side?

  122. tonyyy says:

    Did they mean this tuesday or next tueday????

  123. Joamiq says:

    … This is officially the most bizarre pair of comments I have ever seen on SBI.

  124. Joamiq says:

    Wow. I’ll enjoy your reaction when it’s not anyone like Eto’o or Drogba.

  125. jason says:

    It’s Yakubu. Bank on it. Captain, check. 20+ goals, check. Nigerian, check.

  126. Morning Train says:

    lmao, i was hoping george weah

  127. Jayrod1111 says:

    He had to have at some point. I know Diarra is the normal captain, but perhaps for a few games.

    Kanoute was African footballer of the year a few years ago as well

  128. Aquaman says:

    Toto Tamuz

  129. Morning Train says:

    Diomansy Kamara?

  130. Morning Train says:

    Toubabo Jarju signed, sealed and delivered

  131. Morning Train says:

    Mons executive were left in the cold when Mustapha-Toubabo Jarju failed to show up at the club board’s meeting over a possible contract renewal.
    Jarju’s contract with the Dragons of Mons is nearing its end, and club chairman Dominque Leone is eager to hand his price asset a contract renewal before big clubs comes knocking.
    The former Gambia U-17 captain is understood to have a lot of offers with the bulk coming from European suitors.

  132. Morning Train says:


  133. Randall says:


  134. LoS says:

    wow a guy from a 2nd division belgium team, is a DP in the MLS. hopes he proves his worth.

  135. Morning Train says:

    helped his team to promotion, is only 24 and the league has had some good success with Gambians so far. The DP part might be questionable at first, but i have to applaud Vancouvewr and the league for continually trying to find talent in odd places