Donovan or Wambach: Whose U.S. World Cup goal was more dramatic?

AbbyWambach (ISIEisenhuth)  

Abby Wambach's thrilling last-second extra time equalizer in Sunday's World Cup quarterfinal victory by the U.S. Women's national team against Brazil came a year after Landon Donovan's own dramatic game-winning goal for the U.S. men against Algeria in the 2010 World Cup.

Two amazing goals, two unforgettable moments.

Wambach's goal helped keep the United States alive in the 2011 Women's World Cup, while Donovan's late goal vs. Algeria helped the USA win its World Cup group and advance to the 2010 World Cup Round of 16. Both goals came in the dying seconds of games that looked like lost causes and both goals caused emotional reactions from Americans everywhere.

The goals have already begun drawing plenty of comparisons, which leads us to ask SBI readers which goal they felt was more dramatic. Both goals were amazing, and picking one over the other will surely be difficult, but we're sure each goal will mean different things to different readers so we've decided to ask the question.

Cast your vote here:

Which goal did you pick? Did you have trouble choosing between the two? What made you pick the goal you voted for?

Share your thoughts below.

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218 Responses to Donovan or Wambach: Whose U.S. World Cup goal was more dramatic?

  1. colin says:

    If I cared evenly then prolly Wambachs, but I cared so much more about Donovan’s so have to go with his.At least for me, it meant so much more and in the end, was more dramatic.

  2. Sg says:

    Wambach’s goal is more dramatic by far. Quarterfinal, 122nd minute. Man down. Bad calls against them. v Brazil. Donovans was a classic but v Algeria in group play isn’t the same as Brazil in Quarterfinals. Even tho usmnt needed the win.

  3. NBizz5 says:

    The Donovan goal was an absolute wonder, but I just don’t know how anyone could vote against Wambach’s goal.

  4. BIll says:

    Given the circumstances of each game it has to be Wambach’s. Her goal kept a team’s World Cup hopes alive against one of the top teams in the world. It would have been like Donovan scoring against Brazil, Netherlands, Argentina, Spain etc. etc.

    Donovan’s, while amazing in its own right, came against a weak team in a game that had basically devolved into each team taking a turn making runs up and down the field at each other. All it did was advance a team with a slim to none chance of winning the WC into the knockout round.

    The only argument would be what Donovan’s goal did for soccer’s popularity in this country and how it put more eyeballs on Wambach’s goal.

  5. Gary says:

    Wambach for sure. Stoppage time in Extra time. Having played for 54 minutes with 10 men. At the wrong end of some very contentions officiating decisions. With the weight of history on their shoulders (no USWNT have ever missed a WWC semi). Such heart. Such determination.

  6. JSmiley says:

    Donovan’s goal had more meaning for the men’s team, because it resulted in winning the group, never before done.

    But Abby’s was better on two counts:

    – It was done against the odds of playing 10 on 11

    – It was done against a Brazil team that was detestable to watch

    Also, Abby’s goal was more athletic on the part of both her and Megan Rapinoe. Goals don’t have to be athletic to be important, but it’s an added plus.

  7. Gary says:

    Also, Brazil’s women are ranked 3rd in the latest FIFA rankings. At the time of the USA v ALG match, the USA were 13 and ALG was 33.

  8. ThaDeuce says:

    Donovan, the build up to the goal was classic—Howard—Donovan—Altidore—Dempsey (SHOT BLOCKED, GROANS, ITS OVER)—DONOVAN!!! IT’S NOT OVER!!! WE WIN!!!!

    That is drama.

    Abby’s was amazing, and I told my wife that I hadn’t felt that way since Donovan’s goal, but Donovan’s was even more dramatic to me.

  9. A wise man once says:


  10. Luke says:

    It definitely comes down to the emotions of it. Wambach’s was obviously much more unlikely. But, I had so much emotion invested in Donovan’s goal that i have to choose that one. I only follow women’s soccer when the world cup comes around….but i’m preparing and agonizing over the men’s World Cup for 4 years minus 1 month.

  11. Joamiq says:

    Yeah, I care more about the MNT, but I agree with you for the reasons you stated. Also, it got the ladies into the semis, whereas Donovan’s only got us out of the first round.

  12. Tony in Quakeland says:

    While Donovan’s goal may be my all time favorite sporting moment, got to give it to Abby for drama. Plus it was JUSTICE DONE!

  13. BenH says:

    All things being equal, you’d have to think Wambach.

    For me, personally, I’m much more tied to the men’s national team so for me it was Donovan’s.

  14. StevenG says:

    I liked Donovan’s better. Of course I was more invested in the USMNT.

  15. USNT Fan says:

    For me Donovan’s goal was much more dramatically simply for the fact that I had thought we were done when Donovan scored his whereas when Wambach scored I hadn’t yet excepted defeat. The were both very dramatic, but I would give the edge to Donovan because I had lost almost all hope.

  16. Jeff Awesome says:

    I voted for a tie. Wambach’s goal is probably more dramatic-more dramatic game overall and whoever won would be the favorite to win the tournament, but the men’s World Cup is a bigger event and Donovan’s goal was a huge goal for US Soccer.

  17. Ross says:

    I don’t care we shouldn’t need dramatic comebacks it’s getting old and I’m tired of US teams pulling these mickey mouse events when they play, why do we have to have everything “dramatic” that s**T is getting old real quick. Just go out there and kick the other team’s a**.

  18. Mike Caramba says:

    Well put. Can I change my vote?

  19. dman says:

    I’m a bigger fan of the USMNT, as opposed to the WNT.

    I have to say Wambach’s on a neutral scale is better.

    — Playing Brazil – #3 in the world

    — Quarter Finals

    — Extra Time

    — Man down

    — 122nd minute

    The US needed the win, yes but they were playing Algeria……my favorite moment but com’on we should have not needed that end of the game goal

  20. JSmiley says:

    Wonder if there’s a video of Abby’s goal with Andres Cantor making the call.

    If I knew how to do it I’d just paste Cantor’s call of the Donovan goal, to Abby’s video.

  21. Aaron in StL says:

    I say Donovan’s for me personally as that’s one of those moments I’ll remember exactly where I was for a long time.

    Wambach’s could end up being a much bigger deal for interest in women’s soccer in general in the States. They’ll be getting a lot of exposure the next few weeks, hopefully they can take advantage. Lord knows WPS needs something big to happen here to pick up steam

  22. Real Cold says:

    Abby’s goal. I am more invested in the men’s team, but I felt so wronged by the entire second half full of bad calls a fake injuries. Her goal felt like a big F-you to the whole system.

  23. Jon says:

    Don’t really understand why there’s so much internet activity asking for fans to pick one or the other. Different sports, different teams, different tournaments, different moments.

    Both goals felt big because the unjust disappointment the teams were facing was equally huge. A group stage exit for the US would have been a catastrophe for the men. Likewise, a QF stage knockout for the US women would have been intolerable. So both goals had the relief of avoiding those huge disappointments.

  24. sean says:

    Agreed. That was exactly my thought process.

  25. winston says:

    yeah. forget enjoying tense, memorable games. let’s bring out some minnows we can squash because that’s entertainment.

  26. Pat says:

    I thought Donovan’s was. Both teams were wide open and there were chances going back and forth.

    Also, Dempsey being stopped on the first attempt added to the tension and anticipation. As a singular moment, I think the Donovan goal was more dramatic.

    If you look at the entire match, I don’t think there is a comparable situation to what the USWNT did yesterday. There were so many dramatic twists and turns, most everything went against them. In that sense, it was the most dramatic match.

  27. Tom says:

    I went in thinking it was a crazy question for all the reasons everyone has mentioned, yet the Donovan goal is leading the poll. How can this be? Are people voting who didn’t even see the game yesterday? That was one of the most dramatic sporting moments I’ve ever seen.

  28. Mikey says:

    I’m more of a MNT fan, but having watched both matches in their entirety, Wambach’s was so much bigger. They overcame more adversity by overcoming two undeserved Brazilian goals while being a player down, and against a better team.

  29. Felix says:

    In terms of the moments in the game and what was at stake, I think they are a tie. I dont really follow the women’s game, so for me, the Donovan goal will be one of my favorite sports memories of all time. But that Wambach goal was cool.

  30. Seth says:

    Donovan’s goal has to be a bigger moment just based on the fact that so many more people were watching it.

    The only way Wambach’s catches up is if the US wins the World Cup, women’s soccer becomes a much more mainstream sport and 20 years down the line, lots of people start to “remember” watching it who didn’t really see it live.

    That said, in pure sports terms if both World Cups were equal events, then of course Wambach’s goal is bigger.

  31. Ross says:

    The men’s team had to have a dramatic goal against the likes of Panama (67th) to advance, the women’s goal was ok because the women’s game is improving and people somewhat give a s**t so it’s a positive for them. I wish the men were as good as the me… I mean ladies.

  32. Larry Y says:

    Wambach loses to Donovan because the goal wasn’t the end. The drama was not over as the stage was set for the next act: penalty kicks.

  33. MG says:

    I’d say Donvan’s simply because the US men have not had the success of the women in the world cup

  34. WK says:

    +1 I loved Abby’s comment after the game- “that’s what this country is all about”. She’s a Patriot! Our ladies never gave up, made me extremely proud…

  35. frank from sf says:

    he never mentioned “minnows”. why make something up when it was never mentioned?!

  36. Pat says:

    Another good point.

  37. NKyRobert0 says:

    I am a much bigger fan of the MNT than the WNT, and thoroughly enjoyed Donovan’s goal against Algeria.

    With that being said, Abby’s was far more dramatic because of what it meant for the landscape of the tournament, plus what they were up against. The US men’s team was not going to go much further than winning the group (although they should have gone a round further than they did). It had no real bearing on the final result of the tournament. They were also playing probably the weakest African team that qualified. They hadn’t had anyone sent off in controversy.

    Wambach’s goal and the eventual US PK win probably altered the course of the tournament and directly affected who wins it. They won despite all of the things working against them.

  38. OC says:

    My basis for choosing LD’s is that Wambach’s didn’t close out the game; if we lose PK’s then it doesn’t have the impact that it does now. Whereas LD’s goal sealed the victory; its impact wasn’t dependent on the outcome of a subsequent series of events downstream. Even so, this only puts LD’s goal ahead by like .000001%.

  39. matt says:


    Wambach’s goal may have been more dramatic in a vacuum. However, look at the famous celebration video on youtube for Donovan’s goal. I was in one of the many crowded bars that erupted in wild celebration after that goal and it was a fantastic moment. Unfortunately, I doubt that scene was repeated in too many bars/restaurants/public areas for this women’s match. So it’s less dramatic in that it was not shared/celebrated by as many people across the world (and I would wager, fewer hearts would’ve been broken had Wambach’s shot missed than if Donovan missed)

  40. shane says:

    +1, it takes nothing away from Landycakes’ goal. It is just playing that long a man down made it more tempting to give in/up and they didnt.

  41. sean says:

    As mentioned before thougth, Wambach’s goal did NOT get the ladies to the semis, it got them to penalties. Donovan’s goal was a winner

  42. aptm70 says:

    Remember, the question is which goal is more dramatic. I’m a diehard USMNT fan, but its algeria in group play vs. brazil in the quarters. As well as the 94th minute vs. the 122nd minute, and a man down. That’s more dramatic.

  43. otergod says:

    same meaning though. If Donovan didnt put his away US would have been sent home. US Mens had a goal called back. Algeria may not be Brazil, but it was still a “win or go home”

    IMO both were very dramatic and neither are above each other. They both came late in the game and both saved the US from being sent home.

    I would argue Wambach’s goal MIGHT be more impressive seeing the US women were down to 10 men for a hefty chunk of the game.

  44. Joamiq says:

    Well, with Hope Solo in net, it pretty much did 😉

  45. Mouf says:

    I’m sorry, I just can’t care about the womens game, I’ve tried, went to Chicago in 96 etc, but I just can’t get emotionally invested, so I can’t really find it dramatic

  46. OC says:

    So you voted for a tie?


    It’s okay to compare 2 moments in US Soccer history. Not necessarily to make one better than the other, but just to re-visit the excitement and drama of both in parallel.

    Sportswriters make comparisons across completely different sports all the time. Softball writers extrapolate pitch velocity to compare what it’s like hitting a WCWS softball to an MLB fastball. People compare Buckner’s 5-hole to CWebb’s timeout in terms of how big of a folly they were. Why take the fun out of fans’ love for different sports / subtypes of sports? It’s nice when fans can express their interpretations of the emotions of sport across a plethora of venues.

  47. AL17 says:

    They’re equal for me. Both made me scream with joy, high five strangers and friends and got me a lil misty eyed – not like Ol Yella – but a lil glossy eyed.


  48. Sabo from Minneapolis says:

    Donovan’s goal gets my vote. I’m totally biased as I was just a few yards away from the field when Donovan scored.

    While it doesn’t count for the vote, Darke’s call for Donovan was more incredible and will forever be etched in my memory.

  49. DC Josh says:

    I waited 8 years for Landon Donovan’s goal after we lost 1-0 to Germany in 2002.

    As little as I follow the women’s team, Abby Wambach’s goal was as dramatic as you can get, literally the last minute of overtime. It’s a tie for me.

  50. Joamiq says:

    OK thanks for your contribution, peace

  51. Leo says:

    It doesn’t matter. Without Wambach’s goal, there wouldn’t have been any penalties. They’d be on the plane home today.

  52. Cheechmaster says:

    +1 Exactly what I was thinking.

  53. DC Josh says:

    I would have ruptured my vocal chords if I was at the match.

  54. away goals says:

    I’m with you jon. USA fans have been treated to priceless soccer moments for three straight summers now.

    Sucks that we’ll be ‘off’ for the next two.

  55. JoeL says:

    +1 : Very tough choice, both very memorable moments but I have to go with Wambach…

  56. JSmiley says:

    Off topic, but another reason I detested watching the Brazil women:

    Why are they wearing five stars on their jerseys? For the five World Cups their MEN’S team have won?

  57. Indigo Montoya says:

    exactly…w/o the wambach goal we’re not having this discussion. COUSWNT

  58. Leo says:

    Here’s my reasoning:

    Donovan’s goal, I was cheering loudly because my wife was rooting for Algeria and I wanted to make her feel bad for cheering against her own country.

    Wambach’s goal, I was cheering silently and still almost passed out from the excitement.

    Wambach, no contest.

  59. Smacking says:

    If you had asked me before yesterday’s game if the USWNT could ever evoke the same emotions as I had for Donovan’s goal and the men’s team… Abby’s goal
    (quarterfinal, opponent, the injustice, down to 10)

  60. Oranje Mike says:

    Stage two matches: USA Men vs Brazil Women and USA Women vs Algerian Men and see how the games turn out.

    Landycakes. Hands down.

  61. biff says:

    I am with you 1,000,000%, SG. Yeah, Landon’s goal was great. But Abby’s was at a much higher technical level after a wonderful full field march-first stealing the ball from the arrogant Cristiana and the beautiful Ali Krieger moving up field and passing to the beautiful Carli Lloyd who buzzed around Brazilain defenders and a perfect pass to the beautiful Megan Rapinoe who taps the ball forward once runs a few steps spots the beautiful Abby Wambach and waits and waits and then kicks the most heavenly cross in the history of the universe and Abby sees the ball coming and she will not be denied and jumps and then bam–perfect, rattles the net. Technically, the cross and header were at the level of the greatest men’s teams, like Barcelona or the German men. I could watch it over and over. But, wait, time to forget the past. France is next.

  62. Jeremy says:

    me too. Landon’s goal doesn’t go in = 4 years of agony. Abby’s doesn’t go in and I’m prob. over it by this morning. Not trying to be a jerk…No offense USWNT – really pulling for you gals!

  63. Indigo Montoya says:

    The US should “create” an invitational cup next summer or summer thereafter…if only for soccer-starved folk like me…

  64. Jeremy says:

    As much as i loved Donovan’s goal, and as crazy as my reaction was to it (I still get chills when I watch it), I have to go with Abby’s here.

    The level of competition was so much greater. I mean, it was Algeria… Does anyone even know where Algeria is?? The men were expected to beat Algeria.

    The women, on the other hand, played the 3rd best team in the world in their first knockout game, they were down a man and they had to face the challenge of not only playing against the 3rd best team in the world, but also the officials.

    It’s a close call, but I have to go with Abby

  65. Sabo from Minneapolis says:

    Thank you for saying this. I was thinking the same exact thing and something tells me another star would not have been added to the Men’s jersey if the women had won the world cup.

  66. Rev up those Revs says:

    Agreed. I took the summer off to watch the WC games last summer. I’m enrolled in classes right now. The goals are probably equal but I wanted and needed the Donovan goal. If Brazil wins yesterday I move on right away.

  67. Sabo from Minneapolis says:

    The American couple next to me was tackled into the next section due to my excessive excitement. Totally worth it!

  68. Jeremy says:

    dont get the logic here.

  69. Oranje Mike says:

    The men’s game features more pressure and superior talent. Asking to draw comparisons between the two goals is apples and oranges.

  70. Joseph D'Hippolito says:

    Donovan’s, definitely. I will never give Wambach any credit until she publicly apologizes for the way she (and her teammates, except for Carli Lloyd) treated Hope Solo in the 2007 WWC in China. Furthermore, I will not support the WNT until Wambach retires from international play. I don’t support arrogant bullies.

  71. LoS says:

    Landon’s goal made me even more proud to be an american. Wambach goal was unbeliaveable. I think USWNT should lots of heart. both of them should have one these games. Landon has the slight edge IMO.

  72. vik says:

    yup, the layers of almost failing and donovan just coming out of nowhere to slot it home made it a more dramatic sequence. I voted for donovan, though I feel like the drama over the course of the entire game was probably greater in the build-up to the wambach goal.

  73. LoS says:

    hees showed* and won*, its monday

  74. JSmiley says:

    Take Cantor’s call:

    link to

    and Abby’s goal (muted)

    link to

    Start Cantor’s call first, then start Abby’s goal after about six seconds.

    Works pretty well as long as you don’t speak Spanish and can ignore Cantor saying “Landon Donovan”.

  75. Josh says:

    +1. Donovan’s goal was great and dramatic and all that, but if the USMNT had tied and crashed out of the WC, they would have had only themselves to blame. (Well okay, there was Dempsey’s goal disallowed for a phantom offsides, but the US was a better team than Algeria.)

    But given everything that had gone against the WNT–Wambach’s goal restored balance to the Force.

  76. ThaDeuce says:

    Hey SBI, which do you choose!?!

  77. ThaDeuce says:

    Hey SBI, which do you choose!?!

  78. Josh says:

    The Indigo Montoya Cup? Let’s start negotiating broadcasting rights now!

  79. cesc says:

    The WWC is a great event, but c’mon now, the two settings aren’t even close. The World Cup is the greatest sporting event in the world. How many millions around the world saw the Donovan goal? I haven’t deleted it off my dvr and still get chills watching it (that and the confed cup goal…). AW’s goal was great, but the drama, tension, and release of Donovan’s goal is unmatched.

  80. Josh says:

    I noticed it too, and thought that after the game, they should’ve had the stars removed in disgrace for the way they played (esp. Erika). The US Men don’t wear two stars on their jersey.

  81. Josh says:

    Well, okay, but what does that have to do with the drama of Wambach’s goal? Since Solo and Wambach were hugging after the match, I’m pretty sure they’ve both moved on; why can’t you?

  82. ThaDeuce says:

    I also agree with a reader above who mentions that Donovan’s goal won it, where as Abby’s sent it to Penalties. That affects the emotional feel. When Donovan scored, we were celebrating an almost certain win after what was feeling like all was lost. With the women, we were still unsure, so the full emotional release was held in check a bit by the coming penalties.

    Also, whenever something like this is posed, the event that happened most recently usually gets a bit of an advantage because it is more memorable in people’s minds than it might be a year from now. Especially with all the emotions intact and fresh.

  83. Gender bias is the only force that can account for the tie in SBI’s voting as of this point. From the left footed-yet perfect cross to the situational factors, Wambach’s goal has everything. Donovan’s goal was lucky from it’s inception, as our midfield was cherry-picking and almost cost us at the back immediately prior to the downfield march to glory(but for a lack of poise on the part of two Algerian strikers that match was over! “Howard, gratefully claims it…”). The WMNT goal involved resolve and determination, the luck only came in at the last second since I don’t think Rapinoe could hit a cross like that again if you paid her. I am a guy voting for Abby!

  84. I’m going to have to say Wambach’s goal was more dramatic. Because of all that bad calls that happened in the game leading up to it. Going a player down, Brazil scoring in overtime, the time wasting. In the final seconds of stoppage time, in overtime! It was just spectacular.

  85. anthony says:

    wambach- the quarterfinals against the third best team in the world, and against marta, best player in the world. getting jipped by the ref the whole game and playing a man down. Extra time goal to bring a soccer nation of brazil to pk’s.

    donovan- group stage and should’ve easily beaten that team. amazing feeling/ amazing goal so not taking anything away from it but..


  86. I was pretty confidant that they were going to win once Wambach’s header went in. As it turned out, so were all the women on the team.

  87. BB says:

    Wambach’s was an incredible goal and very dramatic but the Women’s World Cup is not the same level of event as the Men’s is.

    Donovan’s had everyone around I could see jumping in elation. I was watching the women’s game alone at home. Just reality.

  88. I’m pretty sure that was the Coach’s doing, not her teammates.

  89. But there’s always more time after a goal in soccer and there was no telling if Algeria couldn’t have put together a blazing run after their restart. Instead, they crumbled and got a red card – whereas Solo flourished and showed the Bizillions who got da skillions. While it is fair to say that the USWNT finish would be a mere footnote if we’d lost on PKs, it can’t be the basis of lifting the men over the chicks. Plus, IMO the PKs added to the importance of the victory because it’s much harder to fight that late into the game for a mere tie.

  90. mtryan says:

    To me it felt like revenge for the flopping ghana did to us in 2006. Karma comes in weird ways.

  91. glou says:

    I’m surprised by a lot of the referee bashing… the pk retake was the correct call, and the second brazilian goal was onside (even is on, and benefit of the doubt goes to attacker). If Boxx hadn’t briefly quit on the play, she likely cldve closed down Marta and prevented the shot anyhow. And if the struggle with refs inclines one to vote for Wambach, let’s not forget what the US faced in ’10 re the refs.

    Wambach’s goal came as the result of a horrendous flailing by the Brazilian keeper from a subpar long ball.

    No contest– LD without question (and are we really comparing the WWC to the greatest event in the world??).

    PS: Not sure if anybody else felt this way, but I found Foudy unlistenable. She is the homer of all homers and proved to have no ability to be objective.

  92. yankiboy says:

    Asking me which was better is like asking me if I like sweet potato pie better than pecan pie–they both make me happy.

    Both of the goals left me euphoric.

  93. joel says:

    thats a tough question.

    however the usa women are ranked number 1 and are always among the favorites…while the boys arent…
    so based on that maybe donovan’s goal is.

    both were amazing moments…wow

  94. Welshbean says:

    Man; Wambach looks beef in that second picture!

  95. Honestly says:

    All in all, in terms of recognition and respect, Landon’s… I hate to say it, but we would be lying if we said both tournaments were equal.

  96. Wispy says:

    And yet you compared them.

  97. RB says:

    I agree with all but the first sentence. I voted a tie because it was the women’s game as a whole (which is what the remainder of Sg’s comments are about, not the goal) that was more dramatic than the men’s game.

    If you rephrase the question as which WC match was more dramatic, then yesterday’s by far.

  98. Gbott says:

    Bad call…I seem to remember a good Dempsey goal being disallowed

  99. RB says:

    Remarkable: wrong on almost every point! LOL

    You’re right re Boxx on the Marta goal, at least.

  100. yankiboy says:

    Wow. I didn’t vote (coz I find the premise to be silly in a harmless, non-offensive, who should win the grammy sort of way).

    “Gender bias is the only force that can account for the tie in SBI’s voting as of this point…”

    Your gender bias take is a little alarming to me. Maybe your’e right. Maybe not. maybe it has more to do with the demographics of the participants here.

    I think it’s funny that you are disrespecting Landon’s goal in favor of Abby’s. They both came in desperate moments.

    I didn’t vote, and Iwould never dream of telling anyone who they should vote for on anything–but the gender card???

    Is it just possible that another factor might be that more people who participate here have a predisposition to vote for Landon because they consume more of his product?

    Sure that it’s all just about dudes not giving chicks (my words, not yours) mad props when they deserve it?

    Is that really the only reason that they voting can’t be so lopsided?

    I’m not saying that it isn’t a factor, in any way shape or form; all I’m saying is that the gender card is kind of like some of the other cards that get thrown out with a blanket type statement.

    This might be more of a consumer driven result than being exclusivley an “Abby doesn’t get the props because she’s not a dude”.

    The NATettes showed mad grit, determination, guts. HEART. I had to bow down. I’ve been highly critical of Abby and the squad at times.

    For as much criticism as Donovan has taken over the years, in that match, he came up big when we needed him to. Which is what Abby and the USWNT did.

    That was one of the most thrilling finishes thatmy pathetic, not too clever middle-aged behind has ever seen.

    It was glorious. I’m still trippin’ of that.

  101. d says:

    Agree. Playing a (wo)man down for so long, against a much more difficult opponent required more mental and physical fortitude. It would have been so easy to give in to the exhaustion and console themselves with the fact that there were so many bad calls against them. But they didn’t. The WNT members are tough and they deserved the win. Was there a little karma involved? Had it not been for the ridiculous time wasting of the Brazilians, there wouldn’t have been enough injury time added on for the US goal to be scored!

  102. Benny says:

    Donovan’s goal for me was far more dramatic than Wombach’s. When Donovan scored everybody went crazy. The reactions were priceless. Wombacks goal was wonderful but just did not have the same impact. Furthermore, the USMNT were subject lousy calls not only in the Algeria game but throughout the whole tournament and still found a way to win their group. I would even rate MB’s goal as more dramatic. Happy for the girls and hope they win it all but not more damatic than Donovan’s

  103. Mike says:

    So in 2007 the players should have staged a mass revolt against their coach’s decision? That worked out so well for France last year and the US men in 1998.

  104. Indigo Montoya says:

    the trophy will be a golden hand with 6 fingers.

  105. camjam says:

    hahaha. I know I shouldn’t think this is as funny as I do. Meh. I’m over it


  106. Josh says:

    Yeah, but then technically Donovan’s goal wasn’t the end, either, as the US still had to hold on for 2+ minutes.

  107. glou says:

    Was there not an american encroaching in the box on the pk? Whether or not the call is consistently made, it is in fact the correct call.

    As for the brazilian goal, the shadow showed the players were even. I was shocked Foudy disputed it. In addition to having played the game for 30+ years, I’ve reffed a good number of those too; the law reads that they were even.

    As for the Wambach goal, was the ball not lofted into the box and badly misjudged by the brazilian keeper? It was a routine play.

    If I’m wrong on those points, I’m fine with acknowledging that you know nothing of the sport (or are simply just beginning, in which case: Welcome!).

  108. WIld BIll says:

    Drama? Hmm. Landon. So many things didn’t go our way that game. Seemed we’d never get over the hump. Then finally at the death, not only did we win, we qualified, AND we won our group.

    Wambach’s was very close. Technically far superior but we are the number one ranked team in the world we are supposed to make the semis. Our men weren’t supposed to win the group and the FIFA refs hosing the U.S. was two games worth (for those with short memories) not just a game and an OT.

    Weird thing is at the start of the breakaway I was having flashbacks to Donovan’s goal (anybody else?). Also, of note is we are developing an International soccer identity that’s distinct and a good one. The American soccer spirit started in the Confederations Cup, continued into the World Cup, and now in the Women’s world cup. We are never out of it, no matter how bleak the odds. That’s a lot better than the old one of being a laughingstock.

    Another perk is casual fans are coming around and it might have taken two added on goals to do it but people I wouldn’t have dreamed were watching a soccer game, much less a women’s game, were all over facebook and twitter yesterday. Great job gals.

  109. kpugs says:

    I absolutely CANNOT believe it’s this close and that Wambach’s is losing!

    Please guys…Donovan’s was AMAZING. But it game in a game that they should have won EASILY, in a GROUP MATCH.

    The women were playing a quarterfinal a man down with the referee obviously calling the game so that they would LOSE, in the 122nd minute!!!!! Anyone who voted for Donovan’s goal is either one of those jerks who don’t think women should play sports or is certifiably INSANE.

  110. PetedeLA says:

    That was poetry!

    I’m with you gazillion percent.

    To put it another way… which victory sounds more prestigious.

    1. With a woman down, we came back in dramatic fashion to equalize and take us to penalties against Brazil with the best goal of the tournament!
    2. We waited until the last minute to beat Algeria, but it was suspenseful– and that took us into the second round.

    Gimme the 1st one any day of the week.

  111. RB says:

    I’ll skip the insults. They’re so par for the course on this forum. I’ll just agree with most of the rest of the world on these points. But you go ahead on as you please.

  112. PetedeLA says:

    For me, the goal seemed even more dramatic because Abby seemed to be struggling with form. Then she comes up with THIS!

  113. RB says:

    “I absolutely CANNOT believe it’s this close and that Wambach’s is losing!”

    Relax: such a non-scientific survey doesn’t mean anything, anyway. Just for fun and discussion.

  114. DC Josh says:

    “Donovan’s goal, I was cheering loudly because my wife was rooting for Algeria and I wanted to make her feel bad for cheering against her own country.”


  115. joe says:

    Donovan’s was more dramatic because the whole country was watching.

  116. DC Josh says:

    Don’t forget that USA is ranked the number one team in the world. So that means Brazil was the underdog. I still find this reasoning difficult to wrap my head around. Brazil is never the underdog to USA in soccer.

  117. joe says:

    Or how about they just disagree with you? This is an opinion-based survey after all.

  118. Kevin_amold says:

    Then abby’s wasn’t the end either, because they still had 1 more minute (or so). I’m with larry on this one.

  119. DC Josh says:

    I’ve said this before, but if Landon Donovan and Brian McBride had a daughter together in happy matrimonial love, it would be Abby Wambach.

  120. Mikete says:

    I give Donovan the edge, but probably just b/c I follow the men’s game more than I follow the women’s. To me, Donovan’s was the best moment in US sports that I’ve ever seen. As a very shallow analysis, I remember jumping and hollering a lot more when Donovan scored. Maybe that means it was more dramatic; just by a hair. Both awesome moments.

  121. JayMah says:

    Women’s had a tougher game than the mens. Again, nothing against Landon’s goal in the 91st minute during the group stage.

    Now, consider this for the USWNT:
    – calls going against them – and there are a number of them during that entire match – from PK re-kicks, ghost fouls and even “offsides”
    – played with 10 from the 65th minute – they played about an hour with 10!
    – were down a goal and needed a goal just to send it to PK
    – go to the cruelest (legitimate)way to lose and win it in PKs (especially after Solo was cheated of a PK save during regulation)

    So, given those scenarios, look at the poll in terms of the entire thing as a “sport” not UMNT vs UMWNT and clearly the women deserves it the most.

    Oh, by the way, the fans at that stadium in Germany was chanting U-S-A and were pulling for them…didn’t see that love for the men =)

  122. JayMah says:

    ***USMNT vs USWNT***

  123. Dan in New York says:

    Gus Johnson, awesome! “Fires…….GOAAOAOLL!”

  124. Douglas says:

    Most suspenseful – Donovan, because I believed that they could still score. 90 minutes in and I believed that something could come. As 120 minute rolled around, I was resigned that the women would lose to Brazil.
    Most exciting – Donovan, both because I cared more and that I was paying attention to the whole game. I watched the gamecast of the match while I was at work and my hands were shaking from the 80th minute on. Such an incredible feeling after the goal. For the women’s game, I had it on the tv but I locked myself out of my apartment so missed brazils second and most of the 2nd half. I got to see 110minute on, and the goal came out of nowhere so I wasn’t ready.
    Most dramatic – Wambach, for all the ups and downs of that game, it gets the bigger, more vague award because that game had more of everything (goals, disappointment, etc)

  125. smokeminside says:

    Someone may have already said this, but I’m just happy we’re able to have this discussion at all. BTW, I couldn’t choose between them. I had the exact same reaction to both and awakened my family with my shouts and jigs each time (we live very, very far to the west; it was early a.m. for us)

  126. Raisa Khan says:

    When is comes to a TEAM performance I would say that the USWNT teams win this round cause they were with 10 men and put a lot of pressure to the Brazilian team but this Q’s is about the performance by Landon and Abby so I had to go on Landon with this one for sure like 100%.

    Like really, Landon’s goal is what changed my life and if that goal hadn’t happened then I wouldn’t had the chance to see the women’s play this summer. His goal changed the minds of Americans across the world who once hated the sport now loves it.I know like 100 people who lives change or more because of his goal. His goal really did grow the passion of football in the US as many consider men’s football more interesting than women’s.

    Plus,their was more US supporters for the women’s this year thanks to Donovan’s goal who was able to give Americans the memo that US football is always alive. Plus, Donovan’s goal had more of an irony where the goalkeeper would of actually caught that ball as well for Abby’s the Brazilian defense was just lacking in the whole tournament where everyone knew that Brazil has a weak defense skill but has a strong offense skills.

    Also Landon’s goal is what sealed their win to go the the Round of 16 as elsewhere Abby’s goal went into penalties. Just imagine if the Women’s did lose to PS then Abby’s goal would have been a waste.

    As for reaction, I totally lost hope on the men’s until the winning goal and was the most craziest but also emotionally person that day. As for Abby’s I knew that goal had brought my memories back from last summer and was able to relive Donovan’s moment again but it was not as exciting as Donovan’s. So Donovan wins this again.

    Also the contribution to Donovan’s was goal was really made by like only 4 players as the women’s used all 10. Yeah Donovan worked very hard to make the goal as he was the guy who started the run for the goal and he was the one who ended it with him making the goal as for Abby’s it was more of a teamwork goal.

    Also just imagine if Donovan didn’t make that winning goal last summer. It would of have effected the women’s in some ways. Maybe that goal by Abby wouldn’t have ever happened.

    It was Donovan’s goal that really started everything like the love of football and the support of the team and showing that USA football has still hope and faith in themselves. Plus, the men’s team has never won a world cup as the women’s won twice. Plus it was their first tournament that they won the group stage in 80 years as the women’s was more of a upsetting one where they went through their first lose and was 2nd place in the GS.

    Donovan’s goal is something that no one will ever forget as it really changed the love of football and history in the US and deserves most of the credit.

  127. Jon L. says:

    I would like to say Donovan, but it really has to be Wambach…

  128. three11stu says:

    I give 55% to Wambachs goal. Down a man, last minute of play against a team that you should have lost to. With Donovan, the US should have beaten Algeria with ease. Not taking anything away with the goal, because it was amazing.

  129. Martha says:

    Amy’s goal for sure. They were a player down for 55 minutes, brazil was given two PKs for one it was the last minute in overtime in a quarterfinal and did I mention it was against BRAZIL

    Meanwhile Landon scored in group play on a team that should have been beating Algeria 2-0 or 3-0. Heck Landon didn’t even show up against Ghana. Landon superman showed up the last minute to save them against Algeria and then put on Harry Potters invisibility cloak for the Ghana game.

    Unless your sexist their is no debate

  130. JJJ says:

    Abby’s goal came in the quarter final of the world cup against Brazil. The men wish they had played in a quarter final. Or could beat Brazil. I still voted for a tie as the mens world cup means more to me. I still jumped off the couch high five-ing everyone watching the game with me. Go USA

  131. jimbo says:

    They both had the same impact, propelling their teams in the tournament. Abby’s goal was a better goal, Donovan’s was just collecting the loose change.
    Better than both was Donovan’s Slovenia unassisted roof-top goal:
    link to

  132. m says:

    You do realize that the quarters = the knockout stage in the men’s game, right?

  133. Seriously says:

    Amen! Several posts of mine here and elsewhere say the same thing after the game haha.


  134. ImaGoalMan says:

    What if the WWC was last year, and Donovan’s goal yesterday? Would you even bother comparing the two events? I wouldn’t and need not. They are fantastic plays in their own right. Comparing the two tarnishes either experience.

    That said…Landos goal >> Rapinoe to Wambach goal. If said teams went head-to-head, what would be the result?

  135. Byron says:

    If we can’t find future talent for the Men’s team, like Mexico is, then we should start breeding a new generation.

    Donovan and Wambach should have a baby and it should be nurtured in a competitive soccer environment.

    Problem solved :)

  136. Brett says:

    Impossible to compare objectively, but going on pure emotion I have to go with Landon’s.

    Abby’s goal was an equalizer in a knockout game. That’s huge.

    But Landon’s goal took us from going home to winning the group.

    Both were at the death, but Landon’s = a win while Abby’s meant we still had to go to penalties.

    Edge: Landon.

  137. Indigo Montoya says:

    ‘there is an american party goin’ on, all around the terraces…’

  138. Brad says:

    That is not fair to say you are sexist if you choose Donovans goal over Abbys. There are only a few countries in the world that promote womens soccer and the quality of soccer suffers greatly….but every country in the world watches and dreams of winning games at the WC. The whole world stops to watch soccer for a month.The WC can pause a 30 year cival war. The WWC doesnt even compete. The WWC is not even the most watched tourny right now. The world is watching the Copa America now. You can call this sexist if you want, but know that its the truth.

    And you should have used the Potter reference for the England match.

  139. Joe says:

    Marta had a good comment about that. She said if they won the WWC, she wondered if the men would wear a pink star on their jersey like the women have to wear for the men.

    That being said, I obviously am glad she lost a heart breaker.

  140. Indigo Montoya says:

    your first sentence notwithstanding, the rest is tripe.

  141. OC says:

    Really getting tired of ppl claiming gender bias.

  142. dpg says:

    Didn’t read the 1,000’s of posts before me, but the two goals elicited different emotions. Both were among the most joyful moments for US soccer fans, but Donovan’s was a goal of relief with tons of expectations. Wambach’s was purely retribution; it would have been ok to lose to Brazil. Retribution feels 10x better. I voted for Wambach.

  143. Dan says:

    The win yesterday was as awesome and dramatic as they come, but there’s no way yesterday’s goal comes anywhere close to Landon’s game-winner against Algeria.

  144. Slight flaw in your plan... says:

    I’m fairly sure at least one of them would not be willing to consummate. :)

  145. dan says:

    You can’t isolate the goal, you have to take into account the impact.

  146. Paul Thomas says:

    If you’re following the World Cup, you ought at least to follow the Olympics as well– unlike the men’s tournament, the women’s is essentially a second World Cup, with full national teams present.

  147. Paul Thomas says:

    Eh, the USMNT had TWO goals that would have sent them through disallowed. Don’t forget the phantom “foul” on Maurice Edu in the previous game. The team should have won the group by clear points, not on a goals-scored tiebreaker.

    The officiating was comparably incompetent/biased in both tournaments.

  148. Paul Thomas says:

    I actually remember Andres Cantor doing coverage (in English) for the first women’s Olympic tournament, back in 1996. Legendary.

  149. RNG says:

    As a long-time fan of USMNT, I still have to give this one to Wambach.

    The question is about “Most Dramatic” and drama is all about ups and downs. The Donovan goal–which was great– came after a long slow build up of frustration. But the Wambach goal came after a succession of bad calls, offsides, flops and dives, unfair penalties and retakes, and fighting on a player down. Each step in the game ratcheted up the drama.

    That’s what makes the Wambach goal most dramatic.

  150. Paul Thomas says:

    Next summer there’s the Olympics (should be a quality US men’s squad, particularly if Jozy and Adu are called up for it, and the full USWNT should be there– plus, I mean, jeez, it’s the Olympics, surely you can find SOMETHING of interest*).

    2013 is the hexagonal. (Though there may be a couple months off during the height of summer.)

    Never a dull moment.

    *Insider’s tip: judo is much more exciting than it sounds like, once you figure out what the heck’s going on.

  151. agnigrin says:

    +1 It is very hard to choose. They were both awesome moments I will cherish forever but Abby’s goal was more dramatic for me by just a hair!

  152. Paula says:

    WAMBACH’S. 120 mins. Against Marta and Brazil. With 10. In a quarterfinal.

    Sorry, Landon.

  153. Bobby says:

    Here’s the real question…will someone create a “Watch the World’s Reaction” video for Wambach’s goal? Probably not…don’t get me wrong, it was a HUGE goal…but I think Landon’s goal was more dramatic.

  154. Paul Thomas says:

    In that situation, for the US to be playing “normal defense” instead of, as you say, “cherry-picking” and hoping for some luck, would have been inexcusably incompetent coaching. It didn’t matter whether the match ended 0-0 or 0-1. 1-0 US was the only way the team was moving on.

    Teams play more desperately when they need a goal (and believe me, the women were doing the same).

    Also, I don’t really think it’s “gender bias” to observe that the men’s tournament is bigger, more competitive, and harder than the women’s. That’s just a fact about the way soccer is structured right now (now, if you want to know WHY it’s that way, then you can get into gender bias… but that’s not really what the poll is asking about). Only the top women’s national teams are made up of pros– England just went to pro-level salaries for their WNT two years ago, whereas they have like 150 fully-professional men’s CLUB teams.

    Hopefully that will change in the future as the women’s game grows, but you can’t change 100 years of bigoted attitudes and lack of support overnight. So I understand the votes for Donovan’s goal– it was, in some sense, the more impressive of the two from a pure athletic standpoint.

    That said, Wambach’s goal was the climax of what was probably the most dramatic soccer game I’ve ever seen, men’s OR women’s. I can’t vote against it.

  155. Wambach’s goal.

    It was in a knock out game. The US played with 10 players for so long.

    The women overcame incredible odds to win it. Went it went to penalties, I knew we were going to win. We had Solo in goal.

    Donovan’s was great too, but Wambach’s goal could propel them to a title.

  156. Todd says:

    Agreed. That’s really what it’s down to. THE World Cup vs. the Women’s World Cup. However, I will say, if the USWNT goes on to win it all, then Wambach’s was the more important of the 2.

  157. Paul Thomas says:

    Dude, the freaking FIFA world feed showed that the play was offside by at least a yard.

    This was not some after-the-fact thing. They literally showed a replay like 30 seconds after the goal went in.

    link to

    1:25 mark.

    Now, please shut up.

  158. Neruda says:

    It’s a tie but the Wombach wasn’t only one difference maker and the other was Hope Solo. Tim Howard made some great saves against algeria but wasn’t called upon to produce a miracle PK stop like Solo was both during the game which she was wrongfully robbed of the first stop and during the PK’s when she once again showed why she’s the best womens goalie in the world.

  159. Eurosnob says:

    Yes, this is true, but you also have to consider the quality of competition. Donovan’s goal came against Algeria, while Wambach’s goal was scored against Brazil. Plus, Wambach scored against all odds when the US was one player downd due to a very questionable red card.

  160. agnigrin says:

    The Olympics are next year!

  161. Adam M. says:

    Donovan. With all due resepct to the women, and they deserve it, the Men’s World Cup is the biggest sporting event on the planet. It involves dozens of good teams, world class players spread around even on lesser teams, and is the culmination of a globally competitive qualifying competition. The womens’ game does not approach the depth the men have globally. Donovan’s stage was so much bigger. Donovan’s goal was also more important. The US women have won a World Cup and have been the number 1 team in the world. A loss to a world class team like Brazil, in what everyone though was a down year, would hurt, although it would have been mitigated by the red card which put them at a disadvantage for so long. But it wouldn’t have been the massive heart attack to the game that the men would have caused had they not qualified from the easiest draw in the whole tournament. The men were seconds from going home in the group stage having played poorly and losing to arguably the two weakest teams there. Donovan’s goal was also more desperate — Wambach scored on a great, but not unusual, header from a cross. I don’t know I’ve ever seen a build up like Donovan’s goal before. The only point to Wambach was that the game was so much better than the Algeria game. Wambach fans might have more of an argument were it the final, but for me Donovan’s was the more dramatic goal.

  162. Now it’s 38-35 for Lando. Look guys, all I am saying is that Lando being male is the only reason he’s are ahead. It could be because of fanbase, SBI readerbase, sexism, demographics or what have you. The more important part of what I was trying to say is that Wambach’s goal was simply better. It had all the intangibles of Donovan’s goal +++. The stakes were about the same – score or you don’t advance. The backdrop was the same – some really bad calls went against both teams up to that point in the game/tourny. The scorers were about the same in terms of their historic team roles, respectively. (But even their Wambach had something more to prove in stepping out of Hamm’s shadow, whereas Landon was merely trying to prove that Everton should have made a better offer.) The overseas fan support – similar. The timing of the goal…almost identical. The call by Ian Darke – actually started out the same, listen to it!

    That though, is where the comparisons end. The girls were playing a tournament favorite, whereas the boys were playing Algeria. The chicks were a man down, whereas the dudes were at full strength. The gals were playing against the ref, whereas the guys were given one of the best officials in the game because of the poor officiating in the prior match. The men played well enough to win and should have salted the game away (Dempsey, anyone?) whereas the women were in a scrappy phone booth knife fight type match where their perseverence over adversity put them through.

    In light of all this, the only way to account for more of SBI’s fans picking Lando is gender bias.

  163. joe says:

    Okay, so Wambach’s goal was one of several “climaxes” that went back and forth in that game. It wasn’t the first celebration of the game, and it certainly wasn’t the last. The USMNT game was a slow build up, that actually started in the game before with horrible officiating that continued through the Algeria game, with a massive climax. I’m sorry, but as far as “dramatic” goes, Donovan’s wins.

  164. Adam M. says:

    That’s a good point. We wouldn’t be taking about this if it weren’t for Solo’s penalty save.

  165. true, but the offside rule is the only place where soccer officiating is (or tries to be) objective, encroachment is not and you know you have done this too in games if you’ve ever played. This encroachment was marginal and had no effect on the play – BAD CALL.

    Yeah, I would fault the officials more for calling offside on the 2-1 goal.

    Routine play? that’s like saying Eruzione’s goal was just routine…it was, but nobody characterizes it that way. Donovan’s goal was a tap in past a downed keeper, BTW.

  166. Erek says:

    I think the anxiety had been building throughout the group stage for the men. First a tie with the team we worried most about, then to go down so poorly in the first half against Slovenia, only to rebound with two goals and an Edu winner wrongly called back. Ending with a nail biting 90 minutes against Algeria, everyone was waiting for this one goal to explode. With the womens team there was that same kind of anxiety but for only 120 minutes. It was a fantastic game and goal but Donovan gets my vote.

  167. Paul Thomas says:

    Gotta say you’ve missed out on some great moments in US sports history then– like this one:

    link to

    (skip ahead to 3:30 if you just want the good part)

    Donovan’s goal was fantastic, but best ever? Nah.

  168. Paul Thomas says:

    I’m a sucker to keep falling for this, but it irks me so much every time I see it. You have got to be kidding me if you think a group of Paraguay, the worst Italy team in the last 20 years, Slovakia and New Zealand is not easier than the draw the US had.

  169. It’s probably a multi-faceted thing, with outright sexism taking a backseat to SBI readership and the fact that males dig sports more than women, and that males usually watch/like male sports more. BUT IT’S STILL THERE!

  170. Neal says:

    Good point about Donovan’s goal leading to the increased attention on yesterday’s game.
    Many of the people I spoke to yesterday/today knew about all of the drama, etc because the watched the game, not because they saw highlights on Sportscenter.

  171. Jack says:

    “Donovan’s goal was also more desperate.”

    You do realize that the USWNT, a team expected to seriously compete for the WC, was about to be eliminated, correct? Wambach scored in literally the last second of game and the team was able to hold on for PKs and eventually win the game. If that’s not desperate, I don’t know what is. Had the USMNT not moved on, it would have been a serious disappointment. For the USWNT to have been eliminated that early, it would have been a serious shocker.

  172. Neal says:

    Like the point about the development of an international soccer identity.
    And, yes, definitely a distinct and good one.
    Pia mentioned the never say die American attitude in her post game comments.

  173. Wansteiger says:

    LDs goal, simply because the game ended shortly after. Wambach’s goal was good, but we still had to sweat PKs out.

  174. JDog says:

    Abby Wambach is many things, beautiful is not a discription I would use

  175. GW says:

    The key is the definition of dramatic.

    Dramatic usually refers to something that is striking in nature usually with the help of a contrast i.e. one person wearing a blood red shirt in a sea of people in all white.

    Both goals came in knockout situations ( neither team was going to advance in the tournament had things stayed where they were) close to the end of the game.

    Donovan’s goal loses some dramatic effect in large part because it was a year ago whereas Wambach’s happened yesterday.

    I would give a millimeter’s edge to Donovan’s goal because I was 100% certain we were dead and buried and was leaving the bar and halfway out the door when he scored.

    I was only 99.9% certain the USWNT was dead and buried.

    In truth there is no choosing between the two for dramatic effect.

  176. abc says:


    Same reasoning, I’m a fan of both teams but I care far more about the men’s team, so I have to give it to Donovan.

  177. fieldsy says:

    It’s the Donovan goal for me. I have a picture of the goal in my living room. The Wambach goal was great, but I live for the USMNT.

  178. PD says:

    If she didn’t score there wouldn’t have BEEN penalties.

    At the risk of having my comment removed by the moderator, if AW if she rocked a sausage there would be no contest. get over yours and accept that “the Man” in the case is a Lady.

    If the US had gone on to beat Ghana and make a deeper run then maybe, but this was last gasp for the semis from a player who had been struggling to deliver all tourney against a team that many had picked to win it all. Sorry, but Algeria just doesn’t compare. Total clutch. Just because you felt more during the other goal doesn’t really make a difference.

  179. PD says:

    see above.

  180. PD says:

    what you feel about reality doesn’t really define reality.

  181. PD says:

    go ch0ke off…

  182. PD says:

    AGREED! bring Japan, Ghana, South Korea, Chile and Australia in… call it the four corners cup.

  183. biff says:

    Hey, Commando Lando, great description of the backdrops of both matches. Wambach’s goal for me was the most dramatic of the two. So I agree with you on that.

    I don’t agree with calling the survey tilt toward Donovan’s goal “gender bias.” I see it more as personal preference for men’s soccer. I watched my first ladies match ever just two weeks ago, USA vs North Korea–and was shocked to see I liked it. AFter Colombia, I was hooked and I have been loving watching these matches and was pumped up for the Brazil match.

    And I totally disagree your statement that that Rapinoe could not hit a cross like that again if you paid her. Yes, it was one of the greatest crosses under pressure ever (men or women), and no one is going to hit a perfect one like that every match. But Rapinoe has talent and she still is so young. She will hit more great crosses in the years to come. And if she does not start Wednesday against France to ride on that momentum then Pia Sundhage should have her head examined.

  184. Nicole says:

    I must say, Ives, that due to the nature of some of the comments I continuously read from folks such as PD – unreasonable, nasty comments for people who have a different view – it has made your site unreadable for me.

    I have probably read and commented on my last article from this site. It’s getting worse than BigSoccer…and that’s saying something.

    My vote goes to Donovan. I simply love the Men’s team more, considering where they’ve come from; whereas, the women have always been at the top because of Title IX. It’s more expected from them.

  185. SBI Troll says:

    I thought they were both wonderful
    goals for the Americans. Oh wait…I guess you wanted Ives to answer.

  186. SBI Troll says:

    Well ESPN had a similar poll last night and Wambach dominated Donovan.

  187. JR says:

    Wambach’s goal was a World Cup quarterfinal, against the World’s #3 ranked team. Donovan’s was group stage, against the world’s #51st. It’s no contest for Wambach.

  188. Kojo says:

    Is a tie for me. I invest a lot more time in the MNT than the WNT. For the men I watch all of the qualifiers and even friendlies live. While for the WNT I didn’t even watch the two game playoff against Italy to get into the WWC but I did look up the score. Yet playing a (wo)man down for roughly 60 minutes. Getting called for a penalty on a questionable foul(I thought that both kicked for the ball at the same time at best a penalty and a yellow at worst no call) and then given a red card. To then save the ensuing penalty only to be retaken and have Brazil score. To have the go ahead goal scored on a non offside call just seems that the world was conspiring against us yesterday. (It was like 12 vs 10 you could say the ref was Brazil’s 12th (wo)man)Then the shameful time wasting. My god that girl jumped off of that stretcher and ran to the half way line to re-enter the game was simply shameful only to have Wambach score in stoppage time in overtime was one of the most dramatic goals yet oh no we’re not done yet. We still have to win on penalties and they did and it was one of the most dramatic come from behind stories in any sporting game.

  189. jai says:

    Donovan’s. Wambach’s goal was magic, for sure, but Donovan’s goal was in the World Cup — the one that doesn’t need a qualifier in its name.

  190. TimN says:

    It’s funny, this comparison immediately popped in my head literally moments after she scored. After some thought, I have to give the edge to Wambach for the following reasons:

    1. They were playing Brazil, the #3 team in the world, for a spot in the WWC semis, whereas the MNT were playing Algeria, a much lower ranked team that they should have handled readily, just trying to get out of the group.
    2. The WNT were playing with 10 against a very strong Brazil team.
    3. They battled through MUCH adversity in that match with poor officiating that was having a dramatic effect on the outcome…the ridiculous red card, the Marta PK re-take, the 2nd goal where the assist to Marta came from a clearly offside position.

    However, having made these points, Donovan’s goal was still epic, and one of the greatest I’ve seen in U.S. Soccer. This was a tough call for me.

  191. DirtyLeeds says:

    Donovan and its not even close, the womens world cup isnt even in the same stratosphere as the world cup.

  192. Paul Thomas says:

    Eh, I’m not a fan of the short hair– a little butch for my (admittedly rather conservative) tastes– but she’s not bad looking at all.

  193. jpc says:

    Not to be sexist, but it’s women’s soccer. a lot of people care when it comes time to WC, but before and after, nobody cares. Ives, ESPN, Fox Soccer, etc. never did analysis and player ratings of women’s friendlies before, and won’t after… On the other hand, the men’s team, the US soccer fans watching that had lived and died w/ that team for the entire cycle, and the tournament was beset w/ up and downs before that. It’s was much more dramatic b/c we all knew the players what they’d been through as individuals and a team, especially Donovan… Both were great, but the men’s was much better

  194. Paul Thomas says:

    I really think it’s less about “like male sports more” and more about “like pro sports more”. As I said earlier, the women’s game is basically semi-pro/sandlot level right now, outside of heavyweight bouts like USA v. Germany.

    I mean, look at viewership for NBA games vs. college basketball games. College teams are more fundamentally sound, the games are more tactically interesting and each game is far more meaningful, AND they’re less of a time investment. Seems like a no-brainer, right? And yet most people (not me, obviously) seem to prefer the NBA. Why? Because they can do things athletically that all but the tiniest fraction of college players can’t.

    I doubt that’s prejudice against college players. It’s just a preference for highlight-reel PLAYS over tenacious COMPETITION. And I’d guess about 75% of the viewing audience has that preference. I am, obviously, one of the 25% and I’m suspecting you are too.

  195. Paul Thomas says:

    So… what you’re saying is that the men’s game climaxed once and then ended a couple of minutes later, whereas the women’s game climaxed many times?

  196. Brian says:

    She’s attractive. But I think she’s a lesbian.

  197. David says:

    Donovan’s because no vaginas were involved.

  198. Joseph D'Hippolito says:

    Mike, the players didn’t need to shun Solo. They didn’t need to force her to eat her meals by herself. They didn’t need to force her to get her third-place medal away from the rest of the team. Kristine Lilly and Wambach instigated that crap, not Greg Ryan (the coach at the time). That’s not enforcing discipline. That’s trying to destroy a teammate’s spirit. That should *never* be tolerated. And all because Solo expressed her disappointment at not starting publicly? Ryan and the “girls” were too insecure to recognize competitiveness when they see it.
    All the players who participated in that shunning are cowards.
    I don’t care if she played more internationals than any other man or woman. Lilly is scum for doing that. I don’t care if she scored twice as many career goals as Mia Hamm. Wambach is scum…and she deserves to be treated as scum until she *publicly* apologizes for her *public* behavior.

  199. JSmiley says:

    I finally watched this link.


    Get real.

  200. Arthur says:

    This is an easy question to answer. I sat on the same couch and watched both goals on the same TV.

    For Wambach’s goal, I screamed a couple of times and was in shock.

    But for Donovan’s goal, I was yelling at the top of my lungs. I ripped my shirt off and there was a dog pile on my living room floor. We then proceeded to drive around the neighborhood shouting “We’re through. We won the group” on our way to get breakfast at 9 a.m.

    It’s great to see the support for the Women, but the whole world watches when the men go at it.

  201. frest says:

    didnt sift thru all the comments. but surprised me that a womens sports goal was even close on the voting to a mens

  202. frest says:

    infact it upsets me

  203. Brian says:

    Donovan’s was a game winner, Wambach’s tied the game. That’s the difference for me.

  204. biff says:

    Hey, man, all the ladies on that team are foxy babes (although, true, some might be foxier than others:-). As for Abby, at the moment she knocked in the header, she was without a doubt the most beautiful girl on the planet, and you can forgive her for siding with the fool coach Greg Ryan who kicked Hope Solo off the team in WC2007 and made her fly home alone from China on her own dime for the crime of simply speaking the truth and telling the world what a fool he is. I wish a few of the USMNT players had a tenth of Solo’s courage.

  205. Mikete says:

    I did say “To me”. It’s all very subjective, isn’t it? If you’re a golf fan, you might think Leonard’s ’99 Ryder Cup putt was the best moment, or someone might choose the ’84 men’s volleyball upset over Brazil. I’m gonna stick with mine. I did like the swim meet, though. Very exciting stuff.

  206. Halper says:

    Sure is does.

    What is this, philosophy class?

  207. diddy says:

    wambachs obviously it was to help usa get to semis donovan was just for group stage

  208. Todd says:

    i’ve been watching the USMNT since I was 10 years old. 20 years now. Wambach’s late equalizer gave me tears of joy and utter pride. The USMNT has never ever came close to evoking pride from me – mostly the USMNT just causes me to be not too embarrassed by our international performance sometimes.

    The contexts of the goals are similar but the quality of the goal is so much higher on Wambach’s side. First of all, Landon’s goal was a garbage goal: following up the play hoping for a rebound. Wambach put her head on a 40 yard cross with the goalkeeper and the opposing defender challenging it. It’s a no brainer.

    I think some sexism is going into this vote.

  209. Todd says:

    not to be sexist, but? well that’s “how to spot sexism 101″.

    it’s ridiculous that so many purported soccer fans are calling the LD’s goal more dramatic merely because it was a men playing the game and the world just generally cares more about men’s sports for some reason (which apparently isn’t at all sexist).

  210. SG says:

    If USWNT win the World Cup than that goal will go down as most dramatic goal in US Soccer History. again Donovans goal was important and dramatic but they were playing a team they should have beaten. Are we asking if it was personally dramatic for each viewer or the player who scored. Cuz if and i think we are talking about drama on the pitch then Wambach wins it hands down.

  211. Todd says:

    it only needs a qualifier because for most of the world’s history women’s athletes were frowned upon.

  212. Dennis says:

    Really not a good question.

    Both goals brought the team back from the brink of what surely would have been deemed failure. Yet neither assured success later in the tournament.

    Chastain’s goal in the 1999 WC final will be remembered longer. Wambach scored in the 112th minute vs Brazil in the 2000 Olympic final for the win (yet so few remember that one). I am a fan of the mens’ team, but both those goals were more dramatic and both resulted in winning the championship, rather than merely advancing.

  213. winds23 says:

    Donovan is from my hometown, plays for my home team, plays for my home country, and in my opinion is a world-class player who hits the pitch with heart every game and gives everything he has. I’m just a Donovan fan, so his goal brought tears to my eyes. I almost tear up just thinking about it. I still freak out every time he scores even for the Galaxy, because it reminds me why I wear his number to games.

  214. BidYouAdu says:

    Wambach, cause I’d rather have sex with Wambach than Donovan.

  215. BidYouAdu says:

    You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar

  216. BidYouAdu says:

    I voted Wambach, because I’d rather smang Wambach than Donovan.