Who is your biggest MLS All-Star snub?

Davies (ISIphotos.com)

Photo by Brad Smith/ISIphotos.com

While 22 MLS players found out that they'll be suting up against Manchester United in the league's All-Star Game next week, there are quite a few others who didn't get the call that have a case, and that's even with players from Seattle, FC Dallas and Toronto FC being ineligible because of their CONCACAF Champions League commitments.

Players like D.C. forward Charlie Davies, who is second in the league with eight goals during his comeback season, and Columbus defender Chad Marshall, who has anchored the Crew's back line while helping keep the team in the mix in the Eastern Conference race, come to mind as deserving players who won't suit up for the MLS All-Stars.

Who is the biggest All-Star snub (remember — don't count players from Seattle, Dallas and Toronto) in your opinion? Cast your vote after the jump:


How did you vote? Who belongs on the MLS All-Star matchday roster that didn't get the nod?

Share your thoughts below.

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127 Responses to Who is your biggest MLS All-Star snub?

  1. RSL til I DIE says:


  2. HandofFrings says:

    Joel Lindpere

    CD9 and Casey… too many of their goals are always lame PK’s.

  3. Moscow says:

    How is Carlos Veldez not on this team?

  4. Brian Stephens says:

    Kevin Hartman

  5. Big Dog says:

    Carlos Valdez

  6. NBizz5 says:

    I was going to say Carlos Valdes, too.

  7. The Dude says:

    Jan Gunnar Solli. More assists (6) than any other defender in the league.

  8. JGIB says:

    Nick Rimando even got snubbed from the vote for most snubbed list that how snubbed he is

  9. Jamison says:

    Love Agudelo, but Rodgers is having the better season so far

  10. USAFan04 says:

    Joel Lindpere, definitely. Charlie Davies, also.

  11. chad says:

    davies is a diver, not an all-star.

  12. Brit says:

    Osvaldo Alonso

  13. dalton says:

    Lindpere is the complete midfielder, one ofthe few mls players who could actuallly retain possession against a team with the caliber of players as united

  14. matt says:

    Alonso and Lindpere

  15. seriously, people have hop off Davies. He is only as good as his diving. I stilldont get how Wondo is in this roster

  16. Byron says:

    Chad Ochocinco

  17. Jared says:

    Grahm Zusi

  18. Keith says:

    George John and Nat Borchers, #2 and #3 in the much hyped Castrol index.

  19. Will says:

    DCU fan but voted for Lindpere. The Davies diving leaves a sour taste in my mouth too…

  20. Brian says:

    Sheanon Williams

  21. RailhawkDomination says:


  22. John says:

    Rodgers is injured but can still get in through the player voting for the inactive roster.

  23. Steven says:

    George John

  24. KP says:

    Carlos Valdes

  25. Chris says:

    How do yo overlook one of the greatest clutch players in MLS? I guarantee you Dwayne De Rosario would have come through for MLS.

  26. Ajonesin says:


  27. Bill L. says:

    Ozzie Alonso

  28. toro says:

    Charlie Davies is a diving cheat who gets goals mostly from penalty shots — no way should he be on an all-star team.

  29. euroman says:

    This is still MLS (minor league soccer) so what did we all expect. We have players on this team that don’t start for their clubs….stupid, stupid leadership in this league.

  30. Ian says:

    Freddy Adu :-)

  31. tyson says:

    Probaby the keeper who’s allowed the fewest goals this season…???his names Rimando not even on your list..piss poor galarcep

  32. LWA says:


  33. Tyler Warfel says:

    Someone made the comment about Davies and Casey getting too many goals from PKs. Well, Casey has only one PK goal this year. Charlie Davies has 4, which is a lot, but is only one more than Landon Donovan has and I don’t see anyone complaining about him.

  34. Dude says:


  35. drewcore says:

    Lindpere. Hands down.

  36. Mark says:

    Davide Chumiento has the skills!!!!!!Should be on showcase

  37. RSLin208 says:

    Absolutely. This coming from an RSL fan. Next in line would be Ihemelu, Espindola, and Zusi, for me.

  38. SoB says:

    Sheanon Williams

  39. Kaos_Rob says:


  40. abc says:

    LOL Charlie Davies, is that a joke?

    How do Carlos Veldez, Nick Rimando, and George John not even make the poll?

  41. Joamiq says:

    Yeah, I’m biased, but Solli has been ridiculously good this year. His defensive positioning is excellent, he’s fast, and he’s such a weapon going forward. And Lindpere is one of the best midfielders in MLS and probably deserves it too. Works so hard, effective both ways – he’d definitely be an asset against Man U. I could see Rodgers meriting a nod too, though perhaps he’s just on the outside. But I’m glad no other Red Bulls were named, because they need the rest.

  42. Joamiq says:

    Doubt it’ll happen though – I don’t think Rodgers has made too many friends on opposing teams

  43. Bo says:

    All-star diver…

  44. JohnC says:

    Come on now- other! Sheanon Williams and Carlos Valdes are both extremely deserving to be on this team. They play for the team in 1st place in the East (with 2 games in hand on the Red Bulls and 3 and 4 respectively for LA and Seattle) and on the 2nd best defense in the league.

    I think there are a slew of very good CBs so I can understand Olave over Valdes and Borchers and Marshall being just as worthy snubs but for Backe to pick Geoff Cameron with CB in mind is a slap in the face to all the excellent ones who were not chosen.

    Williams to me is the biggest snub bc there is a lack of quality outside backs, especially ones so good on the offensive side of the ball.

  45. Adam G says:

    +1 Rimando is the best.

  46. Ivan says:

    Rimando. Clearly.

  47. pd says:

    Until it stops being part of the game…

  48. pd says:

    if bitter ever got a taste of that it would say “ew. me.”

  49. Eurosnob says:

    Lindpere’s fans need not respond because his “All Star” spot was reassigned to NYRB’s reserve Agudelo. Philadelphia, which is in the first place in the Eastern Conference with games to spare on NYRB, has one “all star” player, but NYRB has three all star players and New York fans argue that New York players are getting snubbed.

  50. bayonetbrant says:

    Wow… just wow… not one positive comment for Chad Marshall, who’s lost Frankie, Gino, and Danny from his defense last year, and is *still* bossing the field around. He’s frequently bracketed by rookies (Balchan), retreads (Gardner), injuries (James, O’Rourke), and attitudes (Iro), and he’s still the rock of The Crew.
    He’s the two-time MLS Defender of the Year and not one person can state a case for him having taken a step backwards this season, and all anyone wants to talk about is Davies diving, Rimando getting diss’ed, and a bunch of other guys having good years, but hardly on Marshall’s level.

  51. Dancy says:

    Davies isn’t even the biggest snub on DC. Wolff has more points despite Davies taking all the PKs and Pontius has been DC’s most dangerous player.

  52. a fellow Union fan (pd) says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it takes two or three titles before the Union overshadows the likes of NY and LA, and even then it’s not what the marketers want.

    But you are abso-sexing-lutely correct. Olave and Valdes plus Mondragon organizing the defense and keeping it locked down.

    That’s fine though, I’d rather have championchips than All Star Nominees.

  53. boosted335 says:

    George John….he even gets snubbed during the snub vote. He’s the best CB in the league and yet only 25% of fans know his name….even less give him any credit. Strange

  54. pd says:

    if only he played left back. more people would have then heard of him.

  55. TH says:

    How about Alex Morgan? Great finish on Sunday and an assist.

  56. john says:

    note backe picked no NYRB player (all from other sources). he’s already annoyed at all the games and travel and won’t risk another player before the trip to london.

    if it wasn’t for that trip, and he maintained his picks, he should be getting applausing for being a rare coach to NOT over-pick from his own team… which is what typically happens.

  57. John says:

    Alan Gordon

  58. ben says:

    Wanted to say Nat, and he is deserving, but far and away it is Nick Rimando. Consistently underrated.

  59. Eurosnob says:

    Chad, being a diver and being a star are not mutually exclusive. Take, for example, Christiano Ronaldo or the performances by several Barcelona players in the recent El Classicos. New York’s Henry had a blatant double handball against Ireland in the WC qualifier that led to the game winning goal, but he is on the MLS all star team.

  60. Mikey says:

    Osvaldo Alonso.

    He gets snubbed and doesn’t even make your snub list despite being the best at his position in the league

  61. John says:

    (remember — don’t count players from Seattle, Dallas and Toronto) in your opinion?

  62. Creige VA says:


  63. Ben Fox says:

    Seriously, this is the reason the Sounders are good.

  64. gerald says:

    Why would Backe select anymore Redbulls when They would have to fly to London the next day

  65. Joamiq says:

    I’m sorry, did I say Backe should have selected more Red Bulls?

  66. Dino1er says:


  67. Kevin says:

    Couldn’t agree more with Mikey. Osvaldo Alonso, is by far and away the best central defensive midfielder in the league. No one else even comes close. He would be a huge asset in breaking up Man United’s play.

  68. todd shaw says:

    Aurelien Collin

  69. Auzzy says:

    DeRo: I thought being on the all-star team permanently was written right into DeRo’s contract? Or was that just another verbal promise from Mo which isn’t being kept? 😉

  70. ShaggyReAL says:

    Even Tony Rimando got snubbed!!

  71. ShaggyReAL says:

    I’m wondering if Becke talked to jason kreis about Rimando? He’s got an ankle problem that’s been bothering him all year. That’s the only reason I can see him NOT being selected.

  72. ShaggyReAL says:


  73. Jlpaz87 says:

    Abby wambach

  74. AND HOW says:

    I voted Chad Marshall, but I’m also agreeing with the NIck Rimando’s.

  75. Jlpaz87 says:

    Also everyone is complaining about pk goals …… Anyone see brazil miss 4 ….. Not as easy as the average Joe would think

  76. EBFG says:

    Asvaldo Alonso

  77. Warsaw says:

    Make that 3 for Carlos Valdes

  78. Clover362 says:

    George John Is the best CB in the league, I can understand him not getting picked because he has CCL duty but I hope the player vote will recognize him. The same can be true with Kevin Hartman. Also Davies has 8 goals this season no matter how they come the number is what matters 8 = allstar.

    Does anyone want to argue that FC Dallas does not have the best back 4 in the league?

  79. Dizzo says:

    Best D-mid in the league gets no love

  80. Paul C says:

    The Lindpere snub is pretty ridiculous.

    On a much lower level, I think Chiementu (sp?) has been extremely impressive.

  81. Neruda says:

    No Rimando even as a number two? Weak.

  82. rapidsfan says:

    +1. She was awesome. Wish I could say as much for all of her teammates. :(

  83. Drew says:

    RSL’s GK, Union’s D, Galaxy’s Mid, and NYRB forwards…

  84. K-Town says:

    OMG! That announcer for the CCL games a few months ago was KILLING me every time he called Nick “Tony Rimando”.

  85. Dan Ericson says:

    Total Agreement. He was totally snubbed all the way. There is not a better holding midfielder in MLS.

  86. Jason says:

    All three deserved to be there, but i would add Eddie Gaven to that list. Tremendous year after year…..

  87. JoeW says:

    Actually, I think there were no real snubs. Since MLS plays this game in order to get credibility against marque teams of one sort or another, the objective is to form a coherent team that makes sense. So the interest is really in putting together the collection of players most likely to show well and perform as a team. Which means that sometimes guys like Josh Gros make the team–not b/c they’re having a great season but b/c they fill a critical role. From that perspective, no-one deserves to be an all-star and no-one can really be said to be snubbed…as long as the coach is picking a group of players that is supposed to be a coherent and cohesive side.

  88. Sonicdeathmonkey says:

    bgnewf = boob of the year.

  89. esteban de la sexface says:

    #4 for Valdes

  90. Sonicdeathmonkey says:

    Jesus, can nobody read on these boards anymore????? Seriously, WTF?????????????

  91. Ron says:

    no…Lindpere is too slow

  92. Mark says:

    great player, but not a great 1st half for dero

  93. NB says:

    but not the numbers…good youngster though

  94. Mick says:

    Chad Barrett

  95. Gary says:

    Carlos Valdes

    Sheanon Williams is on my 2012 prediction list.

  96. Rick says:

    it’s impossible to be cohesive without any practice together. There has to be more time off.

  97. papa bear says:

    I don’t see how Davies isn’t on there. Complain about his diving (and at times it is a bit much) but the guy is still at the top of the goal scoring table.

    I’m just wondering how Philly is so under-represented given their place atop the leader-board?

    In either event, I really wish they would do away with this silly game but I know I’m screaming at a wall with that one.

  98. Gary says:

    +1. The kid is for real

  99. rod says:

    Osvaldo Alonso – supplants Joseph as best holding mid in MLS. Covers a lot of ground to let wide players get forward. Is the reason for our good start. Definite snub

  100. bmvaughn says:

    Why don’t count players from those 4 teams? I know they couldn’t play, but they still deserve being named for the bonus $ if they are true all-stars.

  101. jpc says:

    Can I hear from a DC fan who’s watched all/most of their games. What is the general DC impression of Davies this year?

    I ask b/c to me, goals aside, b/c many if not most are from PK’s, Davies has not looked remotely close to his old self from the 2-3 times I’ve seen him. he doesn’t seem as threatening physically, and his skills seem diminished.

  102. georg says:

    I will be the total homer: Rimando=no brainer. Espindola=2nd best goal per 90 in league. and Borchers=just plain to good to be left out.

  103. Timbo says:

    George John George John and George John. The CB that they chose don’t even belong in the same conversation as George John. If he played for LA, NY, Seattle or DC he would be on this roster. MLS/ US Soccer pay attention to this guy or you will see him anchoring the Greek National defense instead of the US National team.

  104. Geoff says:

    Carlos Valdes

  105. BWH says:

    I know you customers have no idea about what goes on outside of your city, so I’ll help you out a bit. Seattle is going to be in Panama on the 26th (the day before the All-Star game) to face San Francisco FC in a Champion’s League prelim match.

    Would you rather Alonso play in the CCL or the All-Star game? You see how it isn’t a snub now?

  106. BWH says:

    So you would rather he play in the All Star game instead of the CCL prelim against San Francisco FC in Panama?

  107. Real_ity says:

    Goals against: FC Dallas – 19, RSL – 12
    Granted RSL has 3 games in hand, but I highly doubt you’ll see 7 goals scored against RSL in any remaining 3 game stretch.

  108. phillypride says:

    Valdez absolutely deserves to be on the team. It’s crazy that he hasn’t gotten more recognition and credit for the Union’s improved defense this year.

  109. phillypride says:

    With you all the way. Especially with Valdes.

  110. Rob says:


  111. DingDong says:

    Toronto will have sold Frei by the All-Star game.

  112. TommyOC says:

    “Who’s Luke Rogers?”

  113. Matt says:

    That doesn’t resolve the issue of not picking Hartman in his place, that guy has got skills. signed: a RSL fan.

  114. random says:

    As an LA fan, even I’ll go with Rimando. Him and Ricketts(who’s missed ALOT of games) are easily 2 of the 3 best keepers this season (other is Keller). Those should be the All-Star keepers, but we won’t get that b/c of CCL, an injury, and pure stupidity. Rimando definitely deserves the nod.

  115. Charles says:

    Don’t care,

    Alonso could win two game MVPs playing the same day, the same time in different cities.

    ALONSO !!!

  116. phillypride says:

    Yeah, but remember we’re not including FC Dallas players.

  117. phillypride says:

    He still plays for FC Dallas, right? Remember that those players are not eligible.

  118. phillypride says:

    Oh, but we can’t include George John because he plays for FC Dallas and they aren’t eligible.

  119. Mario in QT says:

    Carlos Valdes is the rock in the middle of a very good Union defense that has the team in 1st place without a top notch goal scorer. I also have to admit that George John is also deserving. Saw him play last year and the guy was a monster. USMNT needs to look at him before its too late.

  120. JoeW says:

    Correct that Davies isn’t back to his old self yet. His finishing skills are quite good (got a couple of goals on a first touch shot, another off a bar), it’s his open field touch that is rusty. That said, he’s a factor in nearly every game, almost always has at least one play per game where his speed and timing create major issues for opposing defenses.

    He hasn’t had any games like Henry or Bruin where he scores 2-3 goals and just owns the game. But he’s a factor nearly every game this season except for maybe 2 or 3.

  121. Nic D "The Texas 2 Stepper" says:

    + 85