Who should the MLS All-Stars start vs. Manchester United?

DavidBeckham (ISIPHotos.com)

Photo by ISIPhotos.com

The MLS All-Star team is set to take on Manchester United in a match-up that should be entertaining, but clearly won't be easy.

New York Red Bulls head coach Hans Backe will be tasked with selecting a lineup capable of keeping up with the English champions, something that will be a bit more difficult after LA Galaxy and U.S. national team star Landon Donovan bowed out of the match with an injury.

There is still plenty of firepower to build a good squad, and certainly enough star power to keep fans interested in this mid-season friendly.

So who will Backe turn to as starters against Manchester United? Here is the squad we can see him trotting out at Red Bull Arena on Wednesday:


No real surprises here. We could certainly see Hans Backe going with Omar Cummings or Omar Bravo up top instead of Wondolowski, but it remains unclear just how healthy Cummings is at the moment.

Think the Joseph-Beckerman tandem is a bit too defensive? Keep in mind that Joseph can definitely get forward if called on to do so.

As for the defense, a Ream-Olave combo works well because Olave's speed can cover for Ream's lack of speed while Ream can play the role of distributor out of the back. Heath Pearce is playing centerback for Chivas USA these days, but Hans Backe is well aware that Pearce can play left back, and would easily be one of the best left backs in MLS if he played there regularly.

We've put Faryd Mondragon in goal, and he's been outstanding, but Backe could be tempted to give Kasey Keller the nod given this is his final season before retirement. Either way, it seems a good bet that Keller gets on the field on Wednesday.

What do you think of this squad? Who would you replace? Who would you start that didn't make our cut?

Share your thoughts below.

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64 Responses to Who should the MLS All-Stars start vs. Manchester United?

  1. Drew says:

    Bravo would be great in that lineup for sure.

  2. I’d go with a similar starting lineup, just with Keller getting the start instead. Otherwise, classic lineup.

  3. maka says:

    So you pick the two defensive mids over a five man midfield? Interesting choice, but I think Hans is going to pull something crazy.

  4. Justin O says:

    No way Brad Davis has the hair for that midfield.

  5. Cheers says:

    I just want to see Beckham and Davis whip in crosses all day.

  6. mouf says:

    As a skc supporter I hope he doesn’t play much, save dem legs. But not sure even SanJose fan will say Bravo isn’t better the Wondo. Between Thierry and Omar you have a just a bit of scoring experience

  7. Richard says:

    If there’s any game for these MLS guys to throw in some dangerous slide tackles, it’s this one. Take down a few of those Red Devils and there’s no Crew players to get any retribution tackles.

    I kid.

  8. Brian says:

    Bravo, sir. Bravo.

  9. elgringorico says:

    sub wondo out for… anyone else. I know he’s great in the MLS but if his recent USMNT play is any indication of his ability to play against faster, stronger defenses. That being said I’m not even sure if there’s a better alternative.

  10. vik says:

    haha, yea, but seeing as he’s probably replacing Donovan in midfield, just consider it a “like for like” replacement.

  11. Justin O says:

    A hair replacement? Landon would probably appreciate that.

  12. SurfGuyI says:

    ha ha . . . gotta love that shot of Becks! looks like he just woke up!

  13. shane says:

    Backe will put out the second string. Being European, he doesnt care about the All Star game. Why on earth does this man get to coach the MLS All Stars?

  14. Reid says:

    I don’t really think its a european thing anymore. Americans don’t really care about All Star games either.

    -Pro Bowl is a joke, they can’t even fill the stadium

    -MLB has to have 80-90 all stars because no one shows up

    -NBA is basically a Harlem Globetrotters showtime reel

    -NHL, couldn’t tell you its been years since i’ve watched one

    It seems that All Star games are meant for kids that want to see stars and not a competitive match…. I could be way off base though

  15. dan says:

    Bravo up front with Titi for sure.

    Best scenario without Donovan would be to have Shea slot in for Becks and put Beckham in the middle with Joseph or Beckermann

  16. Joamiq says:

    Oh man, you’re 2 for 2! Nicely done, haha

  17. dan says:

    its a REAL shame that Marquez and Donovan aren’t healthy, they would’ve made a HUUUUUUUGE difference.

  18. mouf says:

    It’s about being entertained, and is why the NBA all star game draws a large viewing audience

  19. Gerald says:

    Backe is coaching because the RedBulls are the host team,

  20. austin says:

    I’d rather see Tally Hall starting

  21. Pierre says:

    Did Bob Bradley make this lis lineup???

  22. Cilio says:

    bummer that 2 marquee names wont be there

  23. Midwway says:

    You are way off base…ASG’s are a great thing about American sports. As the league continues to create/bring in household names…East Vs West will be back

  24. Abbey says:


  25. Guru N says:

    where are Ferreira and Morales???? Thank you MLS hacks

  26. shane says:

    I was referring to Backe’s own comment that as a European he doesnt care about winning the MLS cup, he wants the supporters sheild.

  27. Andi says:

    where is Chavez of FCD???

  28. Rory says:

    Beware, Joseph might get red carded for sticking his finger in Beckerman’s ear.

  29. go usa says:

    BeX-men: “My Adamantium cleats will chew you up…”

  30. Juntio says:

    where in the crap is Hassli?

  31. irishapple21 says:

    I’m going to the All Star game and I hope the All Stars don’t get their butts kicked, 5-0 or worse. I really, really want MLS to win, but I know that’s probably not going to happen.

  32. K Bone says:

    Where in his post did he mention anything to indicate he’s a “euroswine”? The games he talking about were in the Gold Cup and was he wrong in saying United has a faster, stronger defense? Get a clue and don’t be ignorant…

  33. drew says:

    Completely off topic…but does anyone know any bars in DC where crowds will be gathering ahead of the ManU v Barca game this saturday?

  34. Paul says:

    I know there are probably reasons for it, but it’s odd that Marquez is not in the All-Star team even though he was well enough to play for RBNY on Saturday against Dallas.

  35. Raisa Khan says:

    U obviously didn’t follow mlssoccer.com at all. Kasey Keller won’t be playing because of the fact they are having a CCL game this week. That’s why none of the FC Dallas players or Seattle sounders players weren’t on the list. If it weren’t for injuries and upcoming games, we would of had a solid roster with players like Omar Gonzalez, Landon Donovan and Brek Shea as well for Freddy Montero who many people are upset of the fact that he didn’t get named to the roster. I’m still surprised that Wondowloski got on the roster.

  36. elgringorico says:

    Lucky Bar in Dupont Circle will be completely packed. BlackFinn Saloon off K st has had good gatherings, but the DCU fanbase is anywhere off H St NE (The Pug). Four Courts in Arlington also has good crowds for any Euro games.

  37. soccerlastic says:

    honestly, the game will miss Donovan. but i think the replacement is good. Beckham at the flanks and Henry at attack will be very dangerous as Becks and feed-in through passes.. and woe be ties united if the should commit set-pieces deep in their half… it gonna be a great game,…

  38. drew says:

    thanks for the suggestions!

  39. pd says:

    Can Keller and mon dragon play at the same time? That might be better than wondo

  40. Po says:

    Wondo sucks.

  41. Javier says:

    Beckerman is strong but Alonso is having the better season

  42. GJJ says:

    Will they have more than five minutes to practice together? Last year was a train wreck.

  43. Supsam says:

    his 8 goals this season (none are PKs) and his 2010 golden boot begs to differ

  44. jerka says:

    who really want,s this game, for certain MAN.U. don,t,they dread getting injured with so much at stake in the coming season, their out to collect another prem and reclaim the champ,league,but they will probably beat the MLS even in safe mode

  45. Union says:

    Fun to note that the top two players on the team are Henry and Beckham, the two guys who are also using the MLS as a retirement league. And they are probably still the most talented players in the league skill-wise.

    Sorry. I watch the MLS, I wish nothing but the best for the MLS, I hope MLS talent will help out by beloved USMT, but….the MLS drives me insane.

  46. Po says:

    It’s MLS……..

  47. KEEP says:

    Futbol Cafe in South Arlington,also a new spot in DC on U street, “Touchdown” also a good spot ( DCU bar)

  48. hogatroge says:

    MLS All-Star game sold out Reliant Stadium in Houston last year… 78000+ attendance.

  49. hogatroge says:

    Shea will not be there.

  50. hogatroge says:

    Are U kidding? Keller will be there… received special permission from the Sounders.

  51. Supsam says:

    smart. Judging his overall play based on his first few national team caps and discrediting what he has accomplished in MLS. smart. Eurosnob.

  52. Supsam says:

    why should MLS fans be ashamed of them being the top 2 guys? I guess you didnt know that top clubs around the world still want Becks and Henry’s services.

  53. marco says:

    Way too many quality MLS players will not be there for various reasons. United 5 all stars 1.

  54. Foshizzle says:

    Even though im a big mls fan Man United will laugh, put in their near 4th string and win comfortably.

    Red Devils-3 MLS All Stars-1

  55. Reply, i dare you. says:

    Everyone here knows absolutely nothing about the gam, NOTHINNGGGGG its embarassing.

  56. reply i dare you. says:

    beck’s and henry’s service? haha who da fook r u?????

  57. Matt says:

    Out with injuries…

  58. Geo says:

    euroswine’s father

  59. Tim says:

    If Seattle’s starters go 1-0…I think MLS wins this one 3-2

  60. Supsam says:

    “reply i dare you”? what are you, 8 years old? Grow up. im sure this guy is that “Po” commenter. How do I know? Cuz you keep posting comments that do not further conversation.

    Let me give you an example on why i said that they are still wanted by big clubs:Just recently, I guess you didnt know that a club called “Tottenham Hotspur” (i didnt lose you yet did I?), who plays in the EPL (english premier league) wanted to secure Becks on loan a few months ago but it didnt happen. Did i dumb it down enough for you to understand or are you going to keep on ridiculing me with a 5 word response?

  61. Supsam says:

    why dont you clarify your statements so everyone on this site can understand why you say what you are saying instead of going on a soccer blog and insulting us……..oh wait, that’s right. You cant clarify your statements.

  62. Brent McD says:


  63. Colin says:

    The line-up has two holding midfielder. I’d rather see De Ro with Joseph or a more attacking midfielder in the middle with him. I’m not a big Wondolowski fan just because he’s not as good as several of the other people in MLS. Agudelo won’t start I guess, but Agudelo is a better soccer player than Wondo. I’ve seen comments about Agudelo’s movement but he seems to always be moving and looking to get open and he’s good at either attacking or shielding the ball until he can make a good pass to someone else. I don’t see Wondo really attacking or shooting against Man U. I could see Henry not even passing to Wondo. Otherwise, the line-up looks pretty good. Lots of injuries are effecting it. I’d love to see Feilhaber in the All-Star Game, but people felt he hasn’t done enough to make the team or start. Brek Shea deserves a start just on performance and skill level. There are better left backs than Pearce. So, I don’t think Pearce or Wondo should start and Shea and De Ro should start. It was weird that Backe traded De Ro for McCarty because one is a holding mid and the other is an attacking mdi. I bet they’d play well together.

  64. Colin says: