Who would you hire as USMNT head coach?

 Klinsmann (ISI)

The Bob Bradley era with the U.S. national team is over, and while we should find out who is replacing him soon, there's still time to consider the possibilities.

Juergen Klinsmann is the heavy favorite to take the job, but Italian manager Marcelo Lippi has also been mentioned. There are any number of candidates with their names being bounced around, but

One coach not on that list was Marcelo Bielsa, who recently took the Athletic Bilbao managerial position. If he were still available, he would certainly have been a top candidate.

Who did you vote for and why? Who wasn't on the ballot that you would have voted for?

Share your thoughts below.

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275 Responses to Who would you hire as USMNT head coach?

  1. Richard says:

    Caleb Porter

  2. alex says:

    Juergen Klinsmann should have been hired to begin with after the world cup

  3. Derek says:

    If all these guys were laid out infront of me… Guus Hiddink

  4. CrispyST3 says:

    Johan Cruyff! lol carrying it on from the previous post

  5. The_Gatties says:

    I went with Carlo Ancelotti. Although, if Klinnsman gets it (and I wouldn’t be real happy for the record), maybe there is a chance he adds Reyna & McBride to his staff. Both have coaching ambitions. For McBride especially, it would be a nice first step. Plus, McBride could toughen that Jozy kid up.

  6. K-Town says:

    Klinsmann or Hiddink. I give the edge to Klinsmann because he knows the player pool very well, and that counts for a lot to me. I think Hiddink is a better coach, but I believe the USMNT needs a coach that understands the US player pool and culture.

  7. Father Ted says:

    Hans Backe

  8. kpugs says:

    Klinsmann over Hiddink is insane. Lay off the pipe people.

  9. Ejesse says:

    Do we all want Klinsmann at the same level if he does NOT get to revamp the youth system?

  10. Daniel says:

    Dunga. He runs a system close to what fits the USA. He has had a fair amount of success with Brazil, winning Confed Cup and going out in a good game to the Dutch in the World Cup.

  11. David says:

    Diego Maradona!

    but seriously…… Frank Rijkaard

  12. patrick says:

    the more everyone speaks of klinsmann, the more I’m worried that he’s TOO familiar with the player pool. I chose Hiddink, and I think hed come in like a force and clean house, which is what we need.

  13. Villain-from-Texas says:

    Any reasonable person would opt for Hiddink. Didn’t vote for him, though, because it simply won’t happen.

  14. Matt says:

    I vote for Bielsa. I think having an hispanic/latino culture will go a long way to attracting some of the best young talent we have in the US.

  15. jmansor says:

    Duck Duck Guus!!

  16. MrCoffee says:

    It seems like this is getting overlooked all of a sudden…would Klinsmann even want the job with Reyna as youth director?

  17. Daniel says:

    Klinsmann has done nothing to warrant the job. The Germans have made the Semis of the World Cup over 50% of the time. So simply just making it that far as the German National team coach is not that impressive, especially when you see it was held in Germany. Plus he was a flop at Bayern, getting fired before seeing out his first season. So what has he done to deserve the job?

  18. el caifan says:

    Diego Maradona!!!!!

  19. TulsaFan says:

    I’d like to see hiddink, but it seems much to far fetched to actually happen. Klinsmann’s star has waned in my eyes recently, so I think one of the Italians would suit. I think it will be Kilnsmann, though.

  20. Murph says:

    Familiar? Yes. Loyalty? No. He will shake things up and knows how to grow a proper system. Plus, with the influx of German born American players, he will bring an added benefit.

  21. The Dude says:

    Maradona. Why isn’t he on the list?

  22. Brian says:

    Grant Wahl says we won’t be surprised by who the new coach is. Definitely has to be Klinsmann.

  23. JCC says:

    Isn’t Guus Hiddink in charge of Turkey?

  24. al17 says:

    Frank took a gig as Saudi Arabia’s Nationa Team Coach which means we don’t have the money to even think about approaching him to coach the US. I’d like to see Gianluca Vialli coach this team. One of the sharpest football minds around who’s been working as a TV commentator for Sky Italia.

    We’ll find out soon enough.

  25. Igner Ant says:

    Uh, I assume nobody has mentioned this because it’s just too obvious, but Sven Goren-Eriksson has to be the clear favorite. I mean, if you can tear him away from his internet radio broadcast.

  26. Seriously? says:

    As was basically said above, Klinsmann has lived here for a while, and understands the country and the player pool far better than Hiddink.

  27. josh says:

    Louis van Gaal?

  28. LoS says:

    rumor mill… Michael Bradley is done with the USMNT also.

  29. Oranje Mike says:

    I think Sunil’s arrogance with Klinsmann will be enough to keep international coaching options away. I think we’ll be getting a MLS based coach to manage USMNT. Kinnear or Nowak perhaps?

    From the list above I’d take Hiddink.

  30. Nav says:

    I really think that we should hire Guus Hiddink, Klingsmenn or Rudolf Voller. Any coach that can develop a uniform style of play and fitness regime.

  31. Goget says:

    We might not get a foreign coach,,, and we’re getting ahead of ourselves already

  32. Ian says:

    My sister-in-law already offered her services. Waiting on baited breath.

  33. Oranje Mike says:

    Rumor that will stay a rumor. He’s one of out best guys.

  34. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Óscar Tabárez

  35. Ben says:

    I’d like Lippi, who has won just about everything you could want. Also, unlike some of the other candidates on here, he seems to be looking for a job. It seems like it will be Klinsman though, which is okay if can can have another Jogi Loew at his side.

  36. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Reyna as his Loew? Could see that

  37. Quen047 says:

    Klinsi is soooooo overrated. Low did all the heavy lifting when he was the German coach, and then he bombed at Bayern. But I’m guessing he’s the next coach, so I wish him luck and hope I’m wrong.

  38. Mingjai says:

    Earnie Stewart… okay not as coach, but I’d like to see him more involved with the USMNT player development.

  39. Andrew H. says:

    Marcello Lippi. He is a great coach, particularly with defense, creativity and tactics–things we desperately need. I also like Hiddink and Klinsmann. Bob Bradley did a good job through the group phase of the World Cup, but Gulati absolutely made the right move.

  40. Adam says:

    The question was who would you hire, not who will Sunil hire.

    Bring on the Potato.

  41. Clover362 says:

    Normally that is true, But his particular german team was in a “rebuilding mode” (as much as germany ever is rebuilding) and also he did give them a great attacking style that was fun to watch

  42. Ne-Dub says:

    Couldn’t agree more.

  43. Hopper says:

    Apparently Grant Wahl has already tweeted that a US Soccer insider said that we won’t be surprised by Bradley’s replacement, so I’m guessing it’s going to Klinsmann.

  44. Duck says:

    Dutch Dutch Guus!

  45. Jeff Awesome says:

    I voted for Klinsmann. I know he really wants the job and considers the US his second country, but he also aspires to make big changes to US Soccer. I’m worried a big name European coach might get frustrated in the job, but I would be happy with the Italian names as well.

  46. K-Town says:


    I don’t think he has any loyalties to the currant players, and for some reason, it never occurred to me that we now have so many German born/raised Americans on the team.

    Really though, it could be anyone as long as it is NOT RAFA BENITEZ!

  47. Bill W. says:

    Most observers said it was Joachim Low who was the mastermind in 2006 with Klinnsman being the “cheerleader.”

  48. PewPewBoom says:


  49. Nomar Garciaparra says:

    Mia Hamm

  50. Bill W. says:

    I want Joachim Low, the true German mastermind!

  51. Bill W. says:

    Pia Sundhage!;) Mia with Brandi as her Jogi Low!

  52. Mingjai says:

    If we’re intent on hiring a manager recently sacked by Bayern Munchen, then van Gaal’s at least as attractive as Klinsmann.

  53. Creige VA says:

    Same here (except I don’t buy into this idea that most of the talent is hispanic and we haven’t been finding these kids). Until last night I would have said Hans Backe.

  54. Patrick says:

    Gotta go with Guus.

  55. Greg G says:

    What are you nuts? Lippi is the Hersey Hawkins of coaching.

  56. Bill W. says:

    Michael Bradley is one of our best midfielders. he stays, folks.

  57. Ejesse says:

    My understanding was that Klinsmann had demanded way deeper changes than that. Like complete, utter overhaul of the very concepts of how US youth is run.

    Edit: grammar fail.

  58. jonk says:

    Earnie is already occupied with a very critical job in USMNT player development at AZ.

  59. Mingjai says:

    Frank de Boer. (Unlikely, though)

  60. Pico says:

    Gulati blew it when he had the chance to pick Bielsa for the position.

    If it is Klinsmann, I hope USSF gives him the reins to the player development program as well.


  61. sean says:

    martin oneill

  62. kfly says:

    Roberto Martinez!

    Remember last summer when everyone was calling for him to be the head coach of a national team, namely our own? And then his Wigan side took the field….

  63. KKS says:

    If I could take any coach on planet earth, it’d be Oscar Tabarez. But I doubt he’s leaving Uruguay any time soon. Of the coaches in the poll, I’ll take Klinsmann.

  64. caerbannogfc says:

    this list is dangerously devoid of magicians.

    That said, i don’t know, none of them? god, how i hope it’s none of them. what a bunch of tired old men.

  65. KKS says:

    +1 to you

  66. Mingjai says:

    So with Jozy now in the fold, who should be Stewart’s next USMNT project in the pipeline?

    Paco Torres?

  67. Oranje Mike says:

    Because an MLS All Star team of elderly Europeans way past their prime and Americans that would ride the pine in Europe couldn’t beat what is, perhaps, the best club in the world?

    No one could have steered that team to victory or even a draw.

  68. Matt says:

    Piotr Nowak deserves a mention.

    I also kinda like the Hans Backe suggestion although the timing might not be the greatest.

  69. Bill W. says:

    Gulati is in California, delaying a trip to RIo until Saturday. I guess it means it’s Klinsmann.

  70. daniel says:

    Steve Nicol

  71. Ben says:

    Really? A World Cup trophy, a champions league title, Serie A titles are analogous to what part of Hawkins resume?

  72. anon says:

    What about…

    Marco van Basten

    Glenn Hoddle

    Louis Van Gaal

    Mark Hughes

    David Moyes

    Chris Coleman

    Dom Kinnear

    Steve Nicol

    Avram Grant (just kidding. sort of.)

  73. chris says:

    Amen jurgen hasn’t done anything and his plan is retarded

  74. NE Matt says:

    It will be lippi. Or alexi lalas lol

  75. JP says:

    Any good coach who will integrate the work and development of the national team from youth to senior levels.

    Therefore, we need a team of good coaches with a clear development vision and philosophy who are able to collaborate well.

  76. ShaggyReAL says:

    David Beckham!

  77. Felix says:

    My “pie in the sky” but “out of my league” candidate would be Guus Hiddink – because he has been able to walk into various situations and nations and turn various countries into competitive NTs.

    I’m not a fan of Klinsmann without Jurgen Low. I think Klinsmann’s tenure at Bayern Munich, the fact that no European club has touched him since, and this farce we continue to see out of TFC shows would an over-rated manager he is.

    Out of these coaches, I would pick Schmid because he understand the US system and won’t need the time to familiarize himself with the player pool that some of these other coaches would. If this was right after last year’s WC, I’d would be fine with someone like Lippi, Benitez, etc, because they would have the time to familiarize themselves – but now that the GC has come and passed and some friendlies are coming up, the US doesn’t have time to mess around.

  78. Smartest thing I’ve read here in a long, long time. He is the brightest young coach in the nation.

  79. Martha c says:

    He has always strick me as a He’s going to take his ball and go home if he doesn’t get what he wants type player….
    ….but he would come back sooner it later..
    If it’s not too late that’s the one position where stockpiled with players and prospects..

    I’m sure he will be part of the pool, he should be on the team, he’s just not good enough yet to be automatically penciled in as a starter yet.

  80. Angel FAN of USA says:

    well he did, he wanted to change the US youth Program and I believe that Claudio Reyna is in the same boat. Plus remember that Sunil wanted to hired Bielsa as a director of the USNMT. That is a semilar role that Klismann wanted.

  81. Felix says:

    Some of those guys are jokes, I wouldn’t touch van Basten or Grant. Some of the others are intriguing as NT managers. Van Gaal and Hughes being the top of that list for me.

  82. fischy says:

    Yep, but he’s not ready for the USMNT.

  83. Jeff Awesome says:

    He’s certainly done more than Jason Kreis. Klinsmann may or may not be a great manager, but he has spent his career at the highest levels of the game and has a better resume than past USMNT managers.

  84. usa 2day says:

    Sergio Markarián

  85. Peter says:

    Kasey Keller.

  86. fischy says:

    HIddink would be a better coach, but Klinsmann has one advantage — lives in America and would be far more interested and committed in success. That’s some powerful mojo that rumps the rent-a-coach.

  87. Will says:

    Martin O’Neill

  88. fischy says:

    I like a good Italian suit.

  89. fischy says:

    I can’t determine if you’re being intentionally funny.

  90. Greg G says:

    A Missouri Valley Conference title. Leading scorer at Bradley. Two NCAA Tournament appearances. God’s gift to basketball! What are you talking about?

  91. fischy says:

    Definitely Sepp Blatter, then.

  92. Angel FAN of USA says:

    +10000 I didn’t read ur post early and I think the same way you do. I think he will influx of german born American to come and play for USA.

  93. Tony says:

    You say clean house but what are any coaches options. I’m all for getting rid of Bradley, but let’s not pretend that this was all on Bradley we just don’t have the player pool to come in and clean house.

  94. chris says:

    God dammit its jurgen! Bielsa would have been prime but gulati blew that one again. Jurgen will be just as effective as BB but its a buffer till we develope more coaches. Reyna and kreis for the future we need more former usmnt players in the system.

  95. fischy says:

    Recep Erdogan is in charge of Turkey.

    I think Hiddink is coaching the soccer team, though….at least until September.

  96. Being “ready” for the job is the excuse given by people who don’t have any real reason to give. Porter is a sublime judge of talent, an excellent developer of young players and what he lacks in experience he can easily get with some time to prepare.

    None of the above candidates know the youth system and talent pool better than he does, either. Maybe not his turn yet but he would be an excellent choice and will have the job within the next 10 years anyway.

  97. fischy says:

    I prefer Italian suits to Italian names.

  98. Felix says:

    That’s not a bad shout – but again, we have a unique system/setup here, and not every coach will want to take the time to familiarize themselves with that and attach their reputation to that. But Dunga’s tactics do match our player personnel, he would need a #2 though that his very familiar with the American game.

  99. Eurosnob says:

    I would prefer Klinsmann over the others, and not because he is the best coach, but because that would mean that he would be given authority rehaul the flawed “pay to play” system in US soccer. If you are looking for a quick improvement in results, however, Hiddink is a very solid and safe choice.

  100. Turgid Jacobian says:

    I would have loved Bielsa.

  101. downintexas says:


  102. fischy says:

    Put that thing back in your shorts.

  103. Don Pelayo says:

    Why on earth is Benitez on the list? Most overrated manager ever…and he isn’t really rated that highly.

  104. Alex says:

    Here’s the thing: I’m not trying to start a flame war here, but I take objection to one thing you say. Caleb Porter may be great at developing talent, but that is NOT THE NATIONAL TEAM MANAGER’S JOB. The national team manager is supposed to call on the BEST available players and form a capable team with them; the responsibility to develop players is not on HIM when he gets to see them for 2 or 3 weeks at a time most camps. It’s on the CLUBS. NOT the manager of the national team. You’re getting the brunt of my frustration but I see this all the time, it’s not just you. And just to ease the mood a little bit, I agree with you on all other points. I think we’ll see Caleb Porter in MLS sooner rather than later, and I see no reason why he can’t be the USMNT coach some day.

  105. downintexas says:

    Jeff, No one in this section of comments is talking about Kreis. What is your point of even bringing up Kreis? Having a long resume is great lets bring in Sven G. he has a long resume as well.

  106. chris says:

    The problem is there is nothing between high school and MLS in terms of developement. I would really like to see MLS implement a developmental league sponsored by us soccer like the nba has. Improving college soccer is a must too.

  107. Ben says:

    It did cross my mind that your post was joke, but I had an internet sarcasm fail. In retrospect, the use of Hawkins is a clear indication. I’ll now have a Hawkins rule: from this day forward, whenever someone invokes the name of Sir Hersey in internet conversation, I will assume a joke until proven otherwise.

  108. Chaz says:

    any chance were missing another man crush that Sunil has? Carlos Quieroz can easily be bought out of his contract with Iran. The “great” developer of young talent and his robin Danny Gaspar were of course the authors of the wonderful piece of bathroom literature Project 2010. He is a Sunil bromance too!

  109. David Letterman says:

    Abby Wambach.

  110. downintexas says:

    EVERYONE VOTING FOR KLINSMAN are just FCT fans wanting him out of Toronto.

    Because he is doing a wonderful job there

  111. jjraines says:

    We’ve all heard the counter-arguments to Klinsmann but it’s speculative at best and completely overlooks the many benefits (understanding both American and Euro soccer cultures, innovation on player development, Germany link, etc.).

    There is also much more risk with hiring one of the standard Euro mercenaries — the unique off-field concerns with US often stifle those not familiar with our culture (soccer and otherwise). Besides, they’ll have another offer at another country in 1-2 years so what do they care? No thanks.

  112. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Good heavens. Talk about ugly football…

  113. Ricky B. Free says:

    Moron he is not in charge of player moves. He was hired to get a coach and he gave them a list. They chose the coach.

  114. Karol says:

    I think Klinsmann`s reputation has suffered following his stint at Bayern. But I think that`s a little bit unfait, since he was not allowed to sign his own players and the only player he wanted (Landon) was deemed not good enough by the Bayern bosses.

    And Loew himself is the most overrated coach in world football at the moment. He didn`t achieve much before Klinsmann installed him as his assistant – and the success of Germany is a result of the young talents coming out of the youth system. Loew is a very ordinary manager.

  115. Hush says:

    Phil Jackson & Tex Winter!!! Bring the triangle to the USMNT! No one in Concacaf would know what hit them. 😉

    On a serious note, I give Klins a shot. We are not getting any better, so why not give someone who is passionate about coaching the USMNT a shot. I don’t think we can fall any lower.

    Benitez, ancelloti, Hughes, etc… I would take before anyone else. Unrealistic pics though.


  116. Ricky B. Free says:

    I would choose Guus Hiddink. Great coach.

  117. Angel FAN of USA says:

    I don’t believe Reyna want to be a assistant coach or even a coach, I think he wants Sunil Gulati position and I think he will be the right person because he love this country, know the game and he has the knowledge..

  118. CACuzcatlan says:

    Gus Hiddink is, to borrow a line from The Wire, a person who can truly do more with less.

  119. Glory Glory says:

    Roy Keane.

    Boys would be a fit bunch of ba$tards, and things would be done right.

  120. Eurosnob says:

    You forgot that Klinsmann took over the German national team after their embarassing performance in Euro 2004 where they eliminated in the first round unable to even beat Latvia. After that Klinsmann rehauld Germany’s youth system and had the team play attractive offensive soccer. In Euro 2006,just two years after he took over, Germany made advanced to semi-finals where it lost in the overtime to the eventual champion Italy and eventually settled for the third place. He was widely praised for this performance in German press, not criticized, for being mediocre as you suggest. And Klinsmann was not a flop with Bayern – he was sacked when they were 3 points off the first place with 5 games to go. They also reached the quarterfinals of the Champions League, where they lost to the eventual winner, Barcelona. To sum up, Klinsmann won the World Cup as a player, lead his teams to the semi-finals in the WC and quarter-finals in the Champions league as a coached, where his teams lost to eventual winners. I would say that it is a pretty impressive resume, particular when you compare it to prior coaches of the USMNT.

  121. jmadsen says:


    Honestly, such a long list to vote from, but they were nearly all “jokes”

    Hiddink is a proven coach with playing experience in the US

  122. Paul says:

    Yes, Hiddink is proven at building teams. Look what he did with Russia and South Korea. He is also able to adapt his methods to suit the personnel.

  123. Mike Johnson says:

    Clearly Pia is the best choice. She knows how to get to a World Cup Final :)

  124. JoeW says:

    What has he done since then? Why, he’s been the braintrust for TFC, advising them and providing direction so they can reach new…uh…never mind.

  125. Scott from Austin says:

    Walk down the street in the Netherlands somewhere, ask a suitable looking candidate if he likes soccer and if he answers ‘yes’, we have our coach. He speaks English, knows the American system because he did not flinch at the word ‘soccer’ and we know he’s a good coach because he’s Dutch.

  126. Raisa says:

    Guus! He has a way of bringing least favorite teams to the top of the world! Like South Korea and Russia! Second with be Jurgen!

  127. T says:

    Ruud and Alexi

  128. Angel FAN of USA says:

    +1 u are absolutely right. Why not give him a shot and gamble with him. If the USSF was planning to go 4yrs with Bob Bradly and his bunk style why not give a shot to Klismann. I would love other one but lets be realistic until USA start getting respect it and more know as a team to be wrecking with around the world other big time coach will like to manage the USNMT. So give a chance to Klismann how low can we go.

  129. Paul says:

    I don’t think Bielsa would come here – he just took a job.

  130. abc says:

    Yes! Wait, is this the year 2018??

    Jason Kreis should be considered after the 2014 World Cup, and Caleb Porter after the 2018 World Cup.

    Let them both stay where they are for now and bring in a foreign coach.

  131. Brad says:

    Bill Parcells.

    He’s a great football coach.

  132. abc says:

    Hiddink gets my vote as well. I’d have voted for Bielsa if that was an option.

  133. Ajax Fan says:

    Keep your hands off Frank!

  134. Paul says:

    Believe in Bruce!

  135. CGold says:

    Villas-Boas…just kidding. Gotta be Guus for me.

  136. Paul says:

    +1 for the Bielsa comment and another +1 for the Klinsmann comment.

  137. g-dub says:

    Moyes. He’s probably not even on Sunil’s list, but he’s who I would go after. Relatively young, proven manager, with great potential and ties to some American players. Moyes for Nats!

  138. Paul says:

    I don’t think it will be him, but I do like that guy.

  139. Paul says:

    Gulati would not want to deal with an ego like van Gaal.

  140. dinho says:

    Ruud Gullit? :)

  141. john says:

    more appropriately, Klinsmann care about the development of US soccer, given past comments. Hiddink is just a hired gun. K>H definitely.

    Although, I still want Roberto Martinez.

  142. J says:

    this is dumb. Out of the top 3 only Klinsmann WANTS this job right now. Kreis will get it in 4-8 years

  143. supergrandefilms says:

    Bielsa… are you serious? Hiddink all the way; he’s a proven winner, international experience. We would be fortunate to have Guus as our coach.

  144. SwerveZ says:


  145. SwerveZ says:


  146. ShaggyReAL says:

    Freddy Adu

  147. Neruda says:

    I can see why the vote is going to Klinsman because he lives over in the states and is familiar with the soccer scene over here. Still I chose Lippi because what the US lacks is defense and the Italians are known for their strong emphasis on playing D. Of course it might mean a boring attacking mentality but Lippi has won a WC. That’s huge.

  148. marko says:

    A list of what? Players????? Ricky B you are a moron of the highest degree. If you think he was only hired to fine a coach you are not too bright. Klinsmann “will be given a free hand to rebuild an organization that has failed to make the playoffs during each of its four seasons of existence

    Guess what FCT will not make the playoffs this year. Great score for Klinsmann

    Yes lets give Klinsy a free hand to build USSoccer. We are going in the right direction.

  149. Neruda says:

    Jason Kreis is coach of the future for the US. I just hope the player pool advances to a degree that he can do some real damage (to other teams) when he gets his chance.

  150. Idaho Brian says:

    I would love to see Hiddink…I have a feeling though many fans will be underwhelmed with a lower profile selection. It would not surprise me at all if it is a guy like Peter Nowak.

  151. marko says:

    Does this mean Micheal Bradley won’t get any more playing time???? LOL

  152. GW says:

    My response to you is take a very close look at the quality of the players JK had available to him when he took over Germany and Bayern.

    Compare those guys to the current US player pool. JK may do a good job if he gets the USMNT position but anyone who is looking for him to repeat the results he got at Bayern and Germany is foolish.

    It is always about the players and Klinsi always had them. How he would do with our third rate player pool is uncertain.

  153. shane says:

    Dominc Kinnear would be best but looks like it’s Klinsmann and it wont work. Klinsmann hasnt worked anywhere.

  154. drew says:

    This is the most common critique of Klinsman, that Low was the real force behind Germany – but where does it come from? Is it based on Klinsman’s time at Bayern not working out? I’ve never actually seen a story that discusses why Low should get the credit.

  155. GW says:

    Alexi Lalas

  156. shane says:

    Caleb Porter’s not going anywhere anytime soon. The man just signed a 10 year contract with akron when he had a chance to be the coach at DC United. He’s only in his 30’s and is too smart to enter the merry-go-round of the pro or Sr. Nat team coaching ranks at this point. He’s got plenty of time to coach in the pros. And he already coaches for the US, he’s the u18 assistant coach. Go Zips!!

  157. Al says:

    Bruce Arena…lol!!!!!!!!!!!

  158. jpc says:

    Who is voting for Klinsmann? he has almost no track record as a good coach. Can someone give me one reason to vote for Klinsmann… Hiddink would be the guy for me, but if not him, then either Sigi Schmid or Jason Kreis

  159. Cairo says:

    Hadn’t considered Dunga–this would be a really good choice for our personnel. Wonder what he’d cost?

  160. Predicto says:

    If we just wanna a coach, then it’s Hiddink. But he’ll only get incrementally more out of the boys than BB.

    If we want to change the big picture – 10 years to overhaul the youth development system and change the way we play – then it’s Klinsmann. But then you gotta be patient.

  161. Mexy says:

    Klinsy is the new coaching face…He has done his work in Toronto, now we need him to work his magic here.

  162. Max says:

    Kinnear is defensive garbage like Arena and Bradley.

  163. Cairo says:

    Did USSF come into some big money recently? Klinsmann might be affordable, but some of these names are not. I voted for Sigi Schmid. He knows the pool, has been successful pretty much everywhere, and has done a great job melding foreign players together in Seattle. Best mix of an American coach who is familiar with the different international styles (his current midfield has an Argentinian, an Uruguayan, a Swede, and a Cuban). I’d love to see David Moyes, but it’s just not happening.

  164. B Commerson says:

    No, Bruce Arena is the Big Tuna of soccer….and man does he his style stink!

  165. Sebo says:

    he has rehauled the staff and team there…TFC now has the parts to finally contend.

  166. Mcgee says:

    you must not be paying attention to their recent activity

  167. Grant says:

    totally agree

    Hiddink is just a hired gun like someone else said

    get hired, improve the team a bit, collect paycheck, rinse repeat with another NT

    i want someone who actually cares about the MNT program instead of a robot/hired gun

  168. d-bar says:

    That’s funny, thanks.

  169. RangerSG says:

    1st choice: Hiddink, hands down. Also, he’s pretty much a mercenary coach, so he’d come in with a ‘win now’ mentality for the players on hand. From there, the Federation could work out the direction they wanted to take the team in the future, probably when someone like Kreis is ready.

    The Klinsmann revisionism I’ve already discussed. The Germany team in 04 was a disaster when Klinsie took over. And Loew came in BECAUSE of Klinsie, part of being a good head coach is knowing who to staff. Most of the “It was all Loew” nonsense started when Kaiser Franz and crew decided that rebuilding the way Bayern worked (and divesting them of power in the process) was something they didn’t want to do, AFTER agreeing Klinsmann should do it.

  170. JCC says:

    Touche fischy. But I thought Hiddink’s contract ran until the Euro Cup?

  171. Reg says:

    guess what? the season isn’t finished! And who is FCT? If you mean TFC, they have won a trophy, wone their 1st Concacaf Champions League game, and they have assembled a deep roster and staff after starting with absolutely nothing.

    Typical eurotrash comment

  172. Will says:

    Hiddink is not American enough….at least Klinsmann lives here and has worked in our league.

  173. Jon says:

    Pia Sundhage.


  174. yobo says:

    No way jose a pice o sh*t

  175. Wm. says:

    Walter Zenga for USMNT, as player-manager.

  176. hogatroge says:

    Juergen Klinnsman should have been hired forever ago, but his time has LONG since passed. He’s old and busted… we need the new hotness, whoever that is.

  177. sushant says:

    To me, the issue isn’t as much the USMNT but rather all the US teams from the U17s (which didn’t do well at the U17 WC), to the U20s (which didn’t qualify for the about to begin U20 WC) and all the way to the USMNT.

    I’m not sure Klinsy is the right guy, but I will say that the US teams need to pick a style of play and be consistent through the teams so players can graduate and know what is expected. The U17s play a possession oriented game but it wasn’t clear what the U20s nor USMNT played.


  178. hogatroge says:

    Please no MLS coaches.

  179. hogatroge says:

    Maybe Gulati finally admitted the youth system needs to be overhauled.

    U-17s underperforming at the WC, U-20s undeperforming period, U-18s underperforming at the Milk Cup….

  180. gtv says:

    The Special One.

    I refer, of course, to Pia Sunhage.

  181. Eurosnob says:

    GW, nobody is saying that by hiring Klinsmann we would immediately finish third in the WC or that the quality of the players’ pool would magically improve overnight. My point is that Klinsmann is not a bad coach as some here suggested. He took a team that could not advance out of the group in Euro 2004, identified and brought new talent, introduced his philosophy, and led the team to the third place finish in the WC. It would seem that these qualities, plus his experience as a professional player, would translate well regardless of the talent level. It is mind boggling but none of the last three USMNT coaches played soccer professionally and they have to teach the players how to beat the world’s best players at the world cup. In addition, Klinsmann rehauled German youth development system in a way that I wish our youth development system was rehauled.

  182. Jeff says:

    Clearly, Hiddink has the “magic touch” at the national level, and as far as a pure tactician, he’s probably the best choice.

    But Klinsmann’s familiarity with the country/system, and more importantly his desire to overhaul US Soccer makes me think that while we might not have the immediate success that we’d have with Hiddink, it might be a better long-term decision.

  183. Thomas Binkley says:

    John Harkes.

  184. stever says:

    This is an opportunity to also rethink the whole future structure. So we need experience managing at the international or senior club level, a proven coach who has ability and vision to take the whole US game forward by a leap. Mark Hughes or Martin O Neil would be on my list.

  185. DynaPete says:

    Louis Van Gaal

  186. Jose says:

    Would have loved to see Bielsa

  187. moosecat says:

    would take!

  188. Louis Z says:

    you are correct. so along those lines the new USMNT coach should excel at determining true talent at the club level AND know what lineup is best suited for the talent he has chosen.

  189. Ian in ATL says:

    I usually read these comments like a zealot but tonight I’m busy so I apologize in advance if someone has already mentioned this: In my oopinion the best option is not an option in your poll…Bielsa should be the front-runner.

  190. FCT Rocks! says:

    lol, “they won a trophy”.

    winning a trophy with four clubs, and all of them are incredibly weak….is like claiming to be the tallest midget.

    you’re a midget, bro.

  191. FCT Rocks! says:

    There, Nowak got his “mention”.

    End of story.

  192. Hood Rich says:

    Klinsi also played PDL ball after his pro career. He was the one who discovered Robbie Rogers. RR has been in a funk the last 2 yrs but he needs to go back to Europe to get to the level he was at before.

  193. FCT Rocks! says:

    Sooner he takes over Sunil’s position, the better.

    That’s the one element lost in all of this discussion: is it really “changing” anything if Sunil isn’t following Bradley out the door?

    Sunil (the unathletic suit of a midget that he is) will continue to hold this country’s progression back.

    Dude is a moron. Hopefully he spends that Spain friendly money on hiring a worth while manager…since that cash grab of a friendly was so ignorantly scheduled 3 days before the start of the Gold Cup.

  194. SydneySounder says:

    I was reading too fast and accidentally misread Balboa instead of Biesla. I almost had a stroke.

  195. bottlcaps says:

    Germany had a terrible World Cup and the team was in shambles, so bad that many of Germany’s top coaches would not touch the job. Prior to the WC and even with the fact that it was being hosted in Germany. most experts gave Germany little chance of progressing even out of the group stage.

    This was a great opportunity and Klinsmann introduce a whole slew of new coaching techniques including bring in AMERICAN fitness coaches. He also brought in a lot of fresh faces. But the proof was in the pudding an he brought them to the semi’s, which was more than anybody hoped for in Germany at that time.

    His tenure at Munich was fraught with club political infighting and he didn’t finish the season but had the team only 3 points from the top of the table.
    Remember the Galaxy FIRED Sigi Schmid after he won the MLS cup the CONCACAF Champions Cup and was leading the MLS, So we all know that management can screw up as much as coaches.

    It was Jurgenn Klinsmann as the Galaxy’s Technical Director that brought the team it’s first trophies.

    He had everything to do with the restructuring at Toronto and bringing in Torsten Frings.

    And Finally he has benn coaching at the youth level for many years and knows what it takes to put together good youth development program. It was his insistence that the youth and development programs be brought under his control and the USSF refusal to do so that was the deal breaker last year when Bradley was resigned.

    Since then, the U20’s and U17’s, despite as being tagged as some of the best in years, crashed out of their respective WC’s showing his observations were spot on.

    He IS the man for the job.

  196. Jake says:

    Eric Renalda

  197. Bill B says:


  198. Ted says:

    The eurodouch is back!

  199. bottlcaps says:

    where is Bora, now that we need him…

  200. Gil says:

    no, eurodouche

  201. Big Dog says:

    Piotr Nowak

  202. Van Lir says:


  203. mug says:

    RUUD GULLIT!!!! … and yes I’m joking.

  204. Cooper says:

    Travis Pastrami

  205. KutamaObama says:

    Dude, what do you mean “if USSF came into some money”. Did u know that the USSF is the 2nd richest soccer federation in the world, 2nd to Germany as of last year’s world cup. Who knows, they could be number 1 by now. With all these friendlies being played here in the United States, they get a cut from each soccer games……from Mexico playing here & the World Football Challenge, they get a cut out of the revenue generated in all these friendlies so when u wanna talk about money, they’ve got plenty of it & can afford anyone but they wouldn’t do that though.

  206. oh noes says:

    Or he could mean we won’t be surprised by a terrible decision.

  207. dibo says:

    Too bad Reyna does not have enough experience yet.

  208. RB says:

    Oh, I know! I know! Pia Sun–


  209. Adam M. says:

    I always thought that Bradley was a poor man’s Dunga. Very similar style. But the problem is, if didn’t work with Brazil’s talent… There are a fair number of Brazilian managers who I’d pick, but not him.

  210. marko says:

    Umm how was that a typical eurotrash comment??????? Explain that to me. Yeah I know it is TFC and not FCT its ummm a joke. But I guess i’m just eurotrash and ain’t got no sense.

    Oh and Reg, I’m sorry that your TGIF I mean TFC suxs so bad.

  211. downintexas says:

    Recent activity?? Every window they change the entire squad. Sure they got some new players but they will all be gone by Christmas.

  212. On the Outside says:

    Carlos Quiroz…US government aids in trading a bag of potatoes to Iran for him.

    No but seriously…

  213. skyman says:

    Agreed on Jason Kreis (I played with and against him many times in our teens). He’s still too young, but seeing what he is doing now, his philosophy of style, and overall competitive drive, I hope he is coach after 2014.

  214. JP says:

    It sounds like Klinsmann, but Hiddink would be the man. He is just what we need, he has no loyalty to any American player, he just wants to win and win now. He will not play favorites. He will go in four years so he doesn’t need to make any friends. This is the breath of fresh air that the national team needs. Someone with no prior opinions about the program who has a proven record of taking underdeveloped talent and winning. Hiddink would qualify the US easily and no doubt get us into the Round of 16. He has done it with nations less talented than ours.

  215. sf says:

    Nice. I thought when reading the post that Porter’s name wouldn’t come up for at least two minutes.

  216. D says:

    It might be a little too early, but what about Nowak? I’m a Union fan, yes, and would hate to see him go already, but look at what he has done with not a ton of veteran talent and a lot of young potential.

    He’s been with the US–Actually, it could be said that he had more of an effect on the success of 2009 than Bradley did. In the end, regardless of the coach, it needs to be a balance of continuing the revamp (the newer MLS Academy System), finding talent, and tactics.

    Overall, though, I think all Americans would like to see a better style on the field. It’s time.

  217. abc says:

    “Hiddink would qualify the US easily and no doubt get us into the Round of 16.”

    Sooo what you’re saying is he would do just as well as Bob Bradley?
    Does that mean we’d have to deal with thousands of “fire Hiddink” comments?

  218. David says:

    I honestly don’t get why everyone has such a woody for Klinsmann. He has less than 100 games in his managing career and after not making it even one season at Bayern has not had a sniff at any job besides his prolonged flirtation with US Soccer. Honesty I thought Bob needed to go after the World Cup because 2 cycle coachs don’t work out but I hope his replacement is not Klinsmann.

  219. David says:

    One name that keeps coming to mind is Mark Hughes. He has experience managing at the international level with Wales. Though I think he fancies himself a Champions League caliber manager but perhaps taking the US to the World Cup would be equally satisfying for him perhaps.

  220. Wm. says:

    Noel Biderman.

  221. KevNYC says:

    I want a proven winner at the international level.

  222. Thomas says:

    I went with Rafa simply because he is a tactical master. If anyone can get us to beat Mexico in Azteca or pull a crazy upset in the WC it would be him. Although we might have to suffer through some embarrassing home losses as well.

  223. Sparta Riverside says:

    Klinsmann’s best quality is that he puts good soccer people in good positions around him…some say give Low the credit, but isn’t there something to be siad for him putting Low in that position in the first place.

    Klinsmann would be a good coach, but I would rather see him have Gulati’s job.

  224. ThaDeuce says:

    Why not just steal pep from barca? Jk, but there are limits here. I voted guus, would love lippi, would be very interested in klinsi, and highly pleased with Ancelotti. However, i expect something like schmid. In a particular order. If it is what i expect, fire gulati. If it is one of those 4, cheerio!

  225. Sam says:

    he will as long as he deserve the spot, which i think he did in all of those situations.

  226. ThaDeuce says:

    Hahahaha + 2. It could only be better if JP was a proven bradley basher.

  227. pd says:

    Smart money is On Klinsmann’s. That story will be is this the beginning of a revolution or just a marquee name that turns out to be a dud. Either way it’s going to br an interesting year.

  228. David Raether says:

    Jose Pekerman of Argentina.

  229. pancholama says:

    I am betting my last nickel on that it’s Klinsman. It would be a good, good thing for the whole USMNT system from the U17s on up.

  230. blokhin says:

    that would a leading contender for whom fans want least…

    If it was April Fool’s, Ives would typing up a “Steve Sampson back as USMNT head coach” story, with Harkes, Wynalda and Lalas as assistants…

  231. Marshall says:

    Carlos Quieroz. What’s that? Iran, you say? Ok. Steve Nicol?

    (Ok, go ahead and flame away, but I do think he’d do a good job.)

  232. away goals says:

    You had me at “improve the team a bit.”

  233. JR says:

    Hiddink also has a job, he’s the national team coach of Turkey. So, like Bielsa, why was Hiddink even included on this poll?

  234. Leo says:

    So, by that rationale, Radar Benitez should’ve done wonders with Liverpool and Inter. He had great players, did he not?

    I’m sorry, but your conclusion is not based in logic.

  235. Dennis says:

    Well, I would not go so far to say anybody but Klinsmann, but … Other than picking Loew as his assistant while he was an absentee coach, he did very little. Loew led Germany back to another W.C. 3rd place finish and is still in charge there, Germany is undefeated in Euro qualifying and Loew’s contract was extended to 2014. Klinsmann left Bayern after a humbling tenure there. His ballyhooed administration of TFC has shown little sign of success.

    At least Bradley was willing to travel and watch endless tapes scouting for nat team prospects. Klinsmann has done nothing to indicate he would perform the day-do-day tasks required of a national team coach.

  236. Dennis says:

    It will probably be Klinsmann. I wonder how long before his work ethic and his ego get in the way.

  237. fsegaud says:

    …much like any renowned manager.

  238. Dennis says:

    Actually (West)Germany made the semis 9 of the last 12 W.C. finals. And 3 of the 5 since reunification.

  239. Ryan says:

    There’s only one name for the job, folks…BRIAN MCBRIDE!!!

  240. Johnny Appleseed says:

    Where’s Curt Onalfo on the poll? He’s definitely the best man for the job! What a class act!

  241. Xander Crews says:

    First off, my vote would be for Wilmer Cabrera – I think he’s done a tremendous job with the U17s, and I don’t think there’s any reason to suggest his methods and tactics wouldn’t work with the senior side.

    More importantly, I’m getting tired of all of these people who complain that there’s no talent in the US pool. There’s plenty of talent – in fact, outside of goalkeeper, I’m pretty sure one could put together a squad that was as good as what the US fielded in the Gold Cup with players who were passed up by Bradley. For whatever reason, certain players wound up in his doghouse and that was it, even as Bradley strangely changed from his stated mission of only playing players who were “in-form” and playing regularly for their club (that was the reason for certain selections during the WC, but strangely didn’t matter come Gold Cup time).

    There’s plenty of talent (and plenty of young talent) among US players. Any new coach with the willingness to let players’ performance ON THE FIELD (not how well they get along with the manager or his son) will be a drastic improvement over Second-Best Bob.

  242. Xander Crews says:

    Not a bad pick, but I think he suffers from having been a part of the Bradley tree. I’m not sure how his coaching style with the players differs from Bradley’s, but I think they need to go with someone willing to shake things up a little more and without previous baggage from the USMNT.

  243. g-dub says:

    Moyes > Hughes

  244. Kenny_B says:

    Several great points you make if you are operating under the current imposed limitations to our coach.

    I agree with Reyna when he said the US doesn’t have a style.

    We need a style of football and with that we need more than a coach. We need a visionary that will help us move our football forward for the next decade, even if that coach only stays for one WC cycle.

  245. Kenny_B says:

    That is a good point. I think Bayern were in third when they let him go, not that far back in the table if memory serves me correctly. He had a vision for Bayern also that he was attempting to accomplish over several years. I thought Bayern had committed publically to supporting the changes he wanted to implement but ultimately Bayern mgmt decided they didn’t want to wait a while to win.

  246. marco says:

    Klinsmann has several things in his favor. He took 3rd place with a German side that wasn’t favored. He tutored the young successful Low in Germany. He may have the moxie to bring another coach along then replace Sunil. He correctly identified the problems with USSF youth programs.

  247. biabia1305 says:

    Ok Xander, give me your lineup that woulda be the one Bradley put out there. CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS…

  248. marco says:

    John O’Brien

  249. Justa Guy says:

    I’m a pretty new fan, so have patience with me if my comments and questions are not the smartest.

    I’m unclear on the head coach’s role in creating young talent and finding talent vs. coaching a given team.

    My gripe with Bradley wasn’t results per se. During most of five out of six gold cup games, I had the definite feeling I was watching 11 players with 11 different strategies. THAT is a coaching problem.

    I read here that we want a coach with a strategy. But what KIND of strategy would work best for the U.S., given its modest pool of talent? Certainly not one based on superstar ability and highlight reel plays. Can the side play consistent possession/short pass as in the victory over Jamaica? The most convincing game I’ve seen them play in recent years was the Confed. victory over Spain–conservative bunker defense plus strong counters.

  250. Justa Guy says:

    What would be involved in getting Gulati replaced? Who chooses/hires this role?

  251. 8ball says:

    You’ve got the right idea. What Bielsa did with Chile in transition during the last cycle was impressive.

  252. EJ_defender says:

    Bryan Robson

  253. Wm. says:

    Why not give Cle (“Booger”) Kooiman a chance?

  254. Brett says:

    Golden Guus would be ideal. Respected internationally, track record for getting smaller nations to punch above their weight, and the penchant for creativity and movement that makes for attractive football.

    Problem is… This job is way below him at the moment. Seeing as serious talks have been had in the past with Klinsmann, the edge obvious has to be his. I do like Klinsy’s approach, but he does not have success with foreign teams to his credit as Hiddink does.

  255. yurch says:

    For anybody who wants an American coach because he “knows our player pool”, I suggest you read Soccernomics.

    Some pretty valid points about foreign coaches…

  256. BrianVT says:

    Shouldn’t the headline say, “Whom…”?

  257. David says:

    maybe true but last time I checked David Moyes had a job.

  258. Korey says:

    I just feel like it’s going to be Dominic Kinnear.

  259. shane says:

    From people in Germany and from the fact that he commuted from LA when he was the coach.

  260. Saint John says:

    I have this recurring nightmare where we end up with Avram Grant.

  261. pd says:

    If Klinsmann gets the nod the real story will be how much control he’s given and how much he gives up. Whoever gets this job though, it’s not about trophies, it’s about developing a sport and a culture for young athletes. That has evolved a lot in 20 years and needs to continue improving.

    His record aside, which is impressive, I think more than anything, the next coach will determine Bradley’s ultimate legacy. Will he be the metaphorical “middle child” who is quite accomplished but doesn’t measure up to the elder Arena or the baby brother?

    I think we’re going to look back on his tenure as a very important time in US soccer, one that the new coach will build on. Fun times are in store folks!

  262. Colin Ferguson says:

    That Klinsmann is even in the same discussion as Hiddink is embarrassing.

  263. John says:

    All reasons to have considered him for replacing Thomas Rongen. Senior team is something altogether different.

  264. Tractor says:

    I’m too lazy to look, but does anyone know whether/what USMNT players have been tweeting about this, i.e., their thoughts on Bradley being fired, his legacy, or thoughts about who should replace him? The latter would probably be ill-advised, but fun to know…

  265. Tractor says:

    I’d be particularly curious to know how Bornstein, Torres, and Convey react!

  266. John says:

    I’m confused that Claudio got only 2% in this poll. He’s the most iconic player in USMNT history, coincident with the period of the US’ deepest WC run. He has instant credibility with the players, and credibility matters. He’s also intimately acquainted with the current USSF structure. Struggles with the brass would be minimized. He knows them and they know him. He’s also the candidate most closely involved with the development system, which means two things. For the short-term, he knows best where to look to inject new talent into the pool. For the future, he has capital to spend on influencing changes to that system.

    Contrast the two leading vote-getters. If Klinsmann was going to be the USMNT manager, he would have been before now. If he’s announced later today, I’ll eat crow, but I doubt it. He and Gulati obviously don’t see eye to eye on how a national manager should function. People love that Klinsy is an iconoclast, but that would surely cause problems down the road.

    As for Hiddink, he has a history of waffling worthy of a Belgian chef. Would he keep both eyes on US soccer, or would he keep an ‘I want to regain my old Chelsea job when Roman tires of the new kid’ train of thought in his head?

  267. Frazer912 says:

    Is there a reason that Marco van Basten isn’t on that list? I would love to see the Americans attempt Total Football.

  268. Detroit! says:

    Reyna is in a position to change that, and he seems to be bringing US Soccer along. He’s in charge of player development, and as I understand it he led the group that just came out with its recommendations for developing players from age 4 or 5 on up. It’s a great document: calls for Spanish-style possession play, with quick passing in a 4-3-3 or 4-5-1. Huge emphasis on technical skills, and very specific advice for coaches of all age groups. Anyone who’s interested in where US Soccer wants to see itself go should check it out. (Also, any coaches should read it: great advice.) And most of this seems to be right in sync with Reyna’s thinking–develop an identifiable style, and build a structure that will train young players to play it.

    I find it very encouraging, and I’d expect (hope!) the new usmnt coach to be someone who endorses it….

  269. +1000

    If you haven’t read Soccernomics – shame on you. Really great stuff.