Adu signing with Philadelphia Union

FreddyAdu (

Freddy Adu's return to Major League Soccer will happen, and he will once again be plying his trade on the East Coast, where he'll be reunited with a familar coach.

Adu will be introduced as the Philadelphia Union's newest signing on Friday, marking his return to MLS after four years in Europe, multiple sources confirmed to Fox Soccer on Thursday.

Adu was set to sign with Chivas USA as a Designated Player but that deal fell apart after upper management at Chivas USA balked at the signing. There are conflicting accounts about whether Adu will be a Designated Player for the Union, with one source with knowledge of the deal saying Adu will be a DP.

Adu will be reunited with Union head coach Peter Nowak, who coached Adu during his first years as a pro, with D.C. United.

By adding Adu, the Union will have the flexibility to play a number

What do you think of this development? Like Adu on the Union? Think the signing makes sense for Philadelphia?

Share your thoughts below.

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223 Responses to Adu signing with Philadelphia Union

  1. 20 says:

    What the *^@$

  2. jonk says:


  3. David K says:

    awesome, hated the though off him in red and white stripes.

  4. 20 says:

    If I were a Chivas fan I would be _________ right now. Fill in the blank. And remember that they also passed on Feilhaber

  5. jonk says:

    Should be good for him. I was starting to wonder how wise it would be for Adu to be in Los Angeles (even if he was with Chivas, it’s still LA)

    But what about Roger Torres?

  6. Robert Daniels says:

    I know I’ll get ripped on this but I don’t like it. MLS is restrictive on creativity, something that Adu thrives on and is a very physical league with Adu being more finese. I know he needs more playing time I just wished he’d find it in Denmark or Turkey or Holland.

  7. rambo says:

    Good, I hope he plays a ton under Nowak. How long before people start saying he needs to go to Europe to improve

  8. STX81 says:

    Props to philly. Is it a loan? What’s the contract length details?

  9. Dinho says:

    Looks like the Union (and not the US or Mex) were the big winners in Philly after last night’s game….

  10. Dan says:

    I agree and was thinking the same thing.

  11. J Mitt says:

    So wait, he’s actually going to get some playing time?! Me likey.

  12. AD22 says:

    I like … but what about the allocation order? Is he being signed as Philly’s first DP?

  13. ctmo says:

    Know what else stifles creativity? Not playing.

  14. jonk says:

    Have you actually been watching MLS? Sure, there were some horror tackles that took out some of the most dynamic players, but those creative players were flourishing and their teams were allowing them to do so.

  15. Zorbthegeek says:

    If the Union got him for less than DP money, The Chivas FO should be fired in its entirety.

  16. HandofFrings says:

    Glad it’s not a DP contract. He has done nothing at the club level over the last year to justify a DP contract. 1 good national team game against Panama does not justify re-starting the Adu hype machine.

  17. 20 says:

    He’s not a DP, Philly was next on the allocation order and Chivas passed on him

  18. patrick says:

    wow, out of left field. Funny, i was just thinking about Ives’ chat yesterday and his comment about him and nowak being rather close these days. Apparently he was right!!

  19. jonk says:

    From the post: “Adu will NOT be joining the Union as a Designated Player”

  20. job says:

    I’ll bite. He needs to go to Europe to improve, maybe Benfica would be a good starting point to turn things around. Thoughts everyone??

  21. Rbny says:

    Can we trade Dax McCarty for him?

  22. Union says:

    100% agree. My thoughts exactly. I’m a fan of the MLS and hope it continues to grow, but I’m first and foremost a fan of the USMT. Sad thing is, MLS is an okay starting point for guys like Adu, Gil and others (though I still am way more in favor of europe bc of the 11 month schedule and competition). But by 21, 22, its time to test Europe. Unfortunate that Adu did the exact reverse of that. He needs playing time, but his skills are much more suited for Holland. Though, I imagine if he could have found playing time in one of those leagues, he would have been there. Lets hope that he’ll have the option to head back overseas in a couple of years and that the MLS won’t restrict his mobility.

  23. Andrew says:

    Freddy! Time to go get a new jersey. Looks like the East may run through PPL Park come playoff time.

  24. Robert Daniels says:

    Let’s just hope he finds it in Philly.

  25. Jamie Z. says:

    That’s why it may be exactly what he needs. What Freddy Adu does not need is to be catered to and coddled. What he does need is to work in an environment where he will be challenged to mature and become more well rounded as a player. We’ve already seen that he has made improvements to his attitude, work ethic, and tactical sensibilities. Playing regularly in MLS will give him an opportunity to put what he’s learned into practice.

    There’s plenty of time left for Europe. Right now, Freddy is doing what he needs to do to get back there.

  26. Tony in Quakeland says:

    SO much for all the pop psychologists in web land and their Adu/Nowak theories

  27. Sackasarus says:

    Obvious question, is Freddy is not a DP why on earth did Chivas balk at signing him. Sounds like MLS once again is forcing things behind the scenes.

  28. Ja Ja James says:


    This is a great move for Adu, Phili, and MLS! This coming from a Dynamo fan.

  29. Ben says:

    I believe he shall be called Freddy ADOOP

  30. T says:

    This is good, Adu has serious ball skills, and will be reunited with Nowak. I hope he doesn’t get hacked down in MLS by unskilled brutes like Ferreira did…. MLS is known for injuring creative players……

  31. mistadobolina says:

    buying a Galaxy jersey

  32. Prime Rib says:

    I was thinking that a move back to MLS was the best thing for him for awhile now. People may argue that he’s not going to improve unless he plays for a European club team but the operative word there is playing. He hasn’t had solid playing time anywhere in quite some time. I’m convinced that if he shows he can solidly contribute for Philly over the course of a season his options will open up. But who knows? Maybe he stays in Philly for awhile. I personally think playing time trumps almost anything. If he’s above the competition then he’ll shine and get noticed much quicker anyways.

  33. CDub says:

    What does that mean?

  34. TJ says:

    WTH? Oh man, oh man, my man, man!

  35. Ja Ja James says:

    Or maybe he would only play for Chivas for DP money but less to play with Union and Nowak. In it’s two years in existence, the Union have much more going for it then Chivas USA has ever had. Sorry Chivas fans.

  36. Timchappy says:

    for some reason I really wish he signed for dc united not sure why

  37. Chris says:


  38. mistadobolina says:

    Philly called Garber and said “F*** your stupid allocation order” and Don replied “okay”

  39. jonk says:

    Maybe they didn’t want to put his salary (even if it’s non-DP) on their books…or they think EJ or someone else is about to broker a deal with MLS and they’d rather save the allocation spot.

  40. CDub says:

    It’s better than not playing at all and MLS is better than the Danish Superliga any day of the week, also better than the Turkish 2nd division and better than a Dutch bench where he would have most certainly wound up. This is great for Freddy and MLS.

  41. srose13 says:

    I thought Freddy and Nowak hated eachother!?!? I’m happy I’ll get to see him play again, but not thrilled he will be playing against my Black and Red!

  42. Welshbean says:

    I just hope Nowak can install work ethic and proper training habits on this lad….if so; this could be the right move “right said Fred” should have made a few years ago!

  43. ACS says:

    I like that he took a pay cut to so he could play and is this going to be a long term thing or a short term contract until he can get back to Europe? Also will he be dressing on Saturday against Shea and FC Dallas?

  44. Mike says:

    No way rbny could afford him. I have no idea how the afford the roster they have now…… NY&LA do play by different rules though

  45. jay says:

    This is great news! And from what I’ve seen, the union is pretty creative in the way they play so I think this will be a great team for Adu.

  46. Jason B says:

    Kudos to SBI for breaking this story. Its not even on ESPN, fox soccer or anywhere else to my knowledge.

  47. mojorisin says:

    so true ctmo

  48. Jamie Z. says:

    I second the Benfica idea. What could possibly go wrong?

  49. Second City says:

    Well, I recall Ives tempering people’s perception that Nowak and Adu bridges were still burnt.

    Turns out, he was right.

    I like this move on a number of levels. Shows Adu feels a renewed since of optimism in being called up if he’s playing regularly. Also shows humility, imo, willing to prove his worth.

    Excited on a number of fronts and another added incentive for more people to tune into MLS…..especially now that it’ll actually be aired in HD…..if ya know what I mean……

    (also: no DP money? = brilliant piece of business by the not-so-Bimbo’s)

  50. malkin says:

    well played

  51. Charles says:

    Refresh my memory on the other things that “MLS has forced” ?

    …and no one at Chivas says a word ?

    Wow, you would think they would complain a little. Maybe a leak or something as to what happened ?

  52. Chris says:

    I don’t understand it. I thought Novak didn’t like him, especially because of his lack of work ethic. Seems like a weird fit, but I hope it works.

    Thank goodness the Union didn’t have to give up a DP spot for him!

  53. Fifawitz1313 says:

    Freddy in a Bimbo jersey. Seems Appropriate.

  54. Shane says:

    “MLS restrictive on creativity” – what BS. But you are free to have your opinion and be proven wrong. Yeah, he can can stay in Europe and be treated like a dog by his club and coach. Or he can come to MLS where he will get support and respect, something most players need to thrive.

  55. Kyle B. says:

    Completely agree. Ives is always up on his stuff. I like checking news here first anymore before any place else.

  56. Javi says:

    yea going to europe, struggling, and coming back to MLS spells doom for Freddy’s USMNT career. it didn’t work for landon donovan after all…

  57. Bob says:

    He was a kid then and has had some long years to get smacked by reality.

  58. 20 says:

    (Just to be clear I’m excited about this move too, my surprise was that Chivas passed on another very good player. surely not again, I thought)

  59. ELAC says:

    Balked!!!! Wtf!

  60. john.q says:

    WOW! smart move adu. its the right thing to do. hopefully its a shorter term deal so he can go back to europe before the next world cup (if he starts playing lights out of course).

    ..but as a red bull fan… go f*ck yourself adu!

  61. jonk says:

    People have often speculated Novak didn’t like him, and even if it was true, maybe Novak just didn’t like 16 year old Freddy.

  62. 20 says:

    Definitely, Ives tweeted about big news before the news even broke and I knew it was about Adu

  63. Union says:

    I’m not sure what to think of this. Definitely going to have to see where the Union will play him, and how he does. Too early to tell if he’ll really help the team, though there’s a massive upside. Would do this deal shipping off Ruiz for Adu every day of the week. Union front office are genius. If it’s not a short term loan deal, they’ve really set the squad up nicely for the future.

  64. RK says:

    Everyone wants to go to Philly!

  65. Rory McLean says:

    he’s a slightly smaller, weaker Mehdi Ballouchy. Philly fans will hate him by the all-star break next year.

  66. Jack says:

    Makes sense, after all the MLS is where all soccer players from Europe go to play when they get in their 30’s…

  67. Hush says:

    Yes!! My boy comes home. Hopefully he is only here for two years. I expect him to move to Europe because I consider him above MLS. But for now, this is a great move for MLS & Futbol fans in general.

    Brazil would have been a great place for Adu, but that is just me dreaming. :) Santos or Flamengo would have been niiice… Or Adu at Boca! :)

  68. Marco says:

    Shame he isn’t on New England with Feilhauber so they could punch each other again. Wonder how the olympics might have turned out last time if Benny had been taken instead of Freddy following the punch-up.

  69. RYC says:

    And breaking it before it actually happened. His family now saying he’s undecided about MLS vs. Europe. He hasn’t signed anything yet. Think Ives jumped the gun.

  70. john says:

    one word comes to my mind Levi Houapeu. young midfielder with similar characteristics, speed.. Levi hasn’t played yet, I think this will hurt his development.

  71. Rory Mclean says:

    Uhm, there’s the whole deal over how if you come back to the league in so many years your previous team still owns your rights although there is no international rule allowing such a thing, for starters.

  72. salgado says:

    A good situation. Peter Nowak was a highly creative attacking center mid who was relentless and ever dangerous. Having played for the Polish national team, he knows what the international game is all about.

    PS: Herr Klinsi, please call Corona and Acuna now…

  73. Tyler says:

    I was this comparison on a previous Adu-to-MLS story on SBI… He is not a Ballouchy.

  74. kpugs says:

    Between MLB, NFL and MLS that cesspool of a city has never been more repugnant to me than it is right now.

    Good for the fans there. I hate you and all of your teams. 😉

  75. Rory McLean says:

    Nowak clearly couldn’t instill work ethic or proper training habits years ago.

  76. CrispyST3 says:

    As a Galaxy fan, i am SOOO happy he didn’t end up in Chivas USA, and as a USMNT i am soooooo happy he didn’t end up in Chivas USA and with Phili, i feel like he will do better at Phili

  77. Rory McLean says:

    It’s not a pay cut if your current deal is running out and you have to settle for what you can get. If he’d taken a pay cut he would have come home or found another team years ago.

  78. Tyler says:

    He’s going going, back back to Philly Philly

  79. bottlcaps says:

    Actually, Chivas would only give him DP money if he changed his name to Aduiguez, and told everybody he was actually born in Guadalajara (or Bellflower)

  80. Esteban de la Sexface says:

    good one

  81. Russell says:

    This sure adds excitement to the league leaps and bounds more than if he was going to Chivas.

    I’m glad as well that he’ll have people surrounding him to play with. Much better for his improvement.

  82. T says:

    Me to Chivas is a boring team.

  83. Dur says:

    He’s still in his early 20’s, jackass.

  84. T says:

    :) haha good good!

  85. bottlcaps says:

    1. Sign as a teenage prodigy.
    2. Become a somewhat good player under a strict coach.
    3. Go to Europe and suck!
    4. Come back sign as a DP (steal some underwear)

    5. PROFIT!!!!

  86. Will says:

    By repugnant I think you mean talented :)

  87. Dainja says:

    This is great for the league. Though the Philly franchise has always had good fan support, they’ve never had a marquee name to pitch to people. Now they have it, and the East Coast (biggest media markets in general, besides LA and Chi) now each have a USMNT star…BRILLIANT.

  88. Vinny says:

    Talk about Ponzi schemes…

  89. TGA says:

    Yep!! MLS signs another washed up Euro…

  90. PetedeLA says:

    I agree. I was just about to start buying Chivas tickets.

    But I guess Chivas thinks LaBrocca can fill the same type of role.

    In any case, I still think Robin Fraser’s doing a good job.

    Chivas really needs a solid center forward. My theory is their looking for a Latino forward to keep their ethnic thing growing.

    (Yes, I think it’s weird to have a team that seems to favor Latino players. JMHO)

  91. mistadobolina says:

    you must really think highly of Ballouchy! … Adu is a league above Ballouchy..

  92. Tony in Quakeland says:

    I’m reminded of John Coltrane returning to the Miles Davis band. Will Adu and Nowak record MLS’s version of Kind of Blue? Stay tuned!

  93. mistadobolina says:

    id prefer jumping the gun to flat out not reporting anything.. ESPN sucks at MLS/USSF coverage..

  94. mistadobolina says:

    oooooooooo, nice

  95. Steve Shak says:

    No Doubt it was either MLS or Cyprus for the cagey veteran.

  96. T says:

    Ballouchy is terrible for NY.

  97. Michael says:

    Another perfect opportunity blown by Chivas ownership. Blew the chance with Bravo last year and now Adu this year. Not counting Benny F earlier this year.

    The ownership has stated they won’t sign a DP (or even someone near that money) unless it makes sense on and off the field. Tell me how this wouldn’t fit that criteria!! Please!!

    This team will never be successful. Now I understand why the rest of the league looks down on us.

  98. JJ says:

    Only if they can’t make it in Seattle!

  99. T says:

    They should move to San Diego and rebrand, they play second fiddle to the G’s, whom are really LA’s team.

  100. Charles Ritter says:

    apparently for all of you that follow other mls teams and don’t watch the Union they play a attractive brand of ball possession and creativity Freddie Adu will fit in perfect and give a boost to the offense since we released Carlos Ruiz. I am from Philly and can’t wait for tomorrow. By the way who made the difference in the US game vs Mexico the MLS Players not the European players.

  101. Royce says:

    Racist much?

  102. Clayton says:

    Glad to hear Adu is coming back to MLS. Even more glad that he’s not signing with Chivas “USA” – anybody but Chivas, please.

    Good luck, Freddy! See you at PHP soon.

  103. Royce says:

    From the post: “with one source with knowledge of the deal saying Adu will be a DP.” Either the article changed, or your just making stuff up.

  104. Clayton says:

    What’s a Chivas fan?

  105. Clayton says:

    The comment wasn’t racist, but Chivas might be…they have a policy that only Mexicans can play for them. That’s why Salgado had to leave when he chose the USMNT.

  106. Zach says:

    Dude get a clue. His comment was not racist, nor was it incorrect. If Adu was in the same exact position he’s currently in (teenager hyped to be amazing but struggled in Europe and is now coming back after four years abroad…) but was Mexican, Chivas WOULD have signed him. As Clayton said, bottlecaps’ comment wasn’t racist, but Chivas might be.

  107. Sam's Fan says:

    Really happy Adu didn’t sign with Chivas USA. I try to support each team in MLS, but they are unwatchable because they have zero identity. The Union have an awesome stadium, great fans, and a team I love to watch – at least when they’re playing at home. Having Adu there will make them a sure beat for more of a following from people like me who 100% support MLS but don’t have a team.

  108. Good Jeremy says:

    The Donovan thing seemed kind of forced, and this is coming from a gaLAxy fan. Also, changing rule books when bigger teams want to.

  109. Zach says:

    As I said above, and as Ives speculated on twitter, you gotta wonder/think that Chivas passed on Adu because he’s American and not Mexican or at least Latino.

  110. RS says:

    Big news indeed: Ives is still an actual reporter.

  111. BDP says:

    I don’t understand why this impression is so widespread. Yeah, there was tension in DC more than 5 years ago, but does no one recall Adu’s respectable, maybe even impressive, performance at the 2008 Olympics? He was one of the leaders on that team, a team coached by Nowak. Did it really take Ives speculative comments in yesterday’s chat to convince so many of you this might work?

    As a DC fan, I’ve always had a soft spot for Adu (though I’d pretty much given up on him over the last couple of years) and even more admiration for Nowak. I think Nowak is the perfect coach for him. I am a little worried about what this will mean for the DC-Phil match in Chester next month.

  112. Zach says:

    I see what you did there :) earlier in this thread I was gonna call them Chivas “USA” as well, but wasn’t bold enough to do it.

  113. Richard says:

    I keep hearing this and it’s the worst comparison of a player i’ve ever heard. Adu has vision, moves, and can play the ball forward.. Mehdi cannot do any of those three.

  114. Letoux adu says:

    This may be a far fetched rumor but I heard Vancouver had a handshake agreement with chivas USA for future considerations (from the Moreno for allocate $ deal), then Philly basically traded Jordan Harvey for that agreement with chivas.(also traded for allocate $)

  115. Tenorio says:

    He shoud go to Holland or Belgium not stupid MLs

  116. I_Bid_You_Adu says:

    Someone clearly doesn’t understand sarcasm.

  117. Paul Thomas says:

    Someone really needs to explain to me how Chivas can get away with giving arbitrary preference to Mexican players. Maybe they can do that in Mexico, but it’s flat-out illegal here.

  118. chris11 says:

    Anybody read Italian? This article mentions Fabio Grosso and the Union. Don’t know what it says…for all I know Grosso is saying the Union are his favorite team.

  119. chris11 says:

    Guess the link would help…

    link to

  120. Roy G says:

    I don’t think it was that Nowak did not like Adu at DCU, just that he did not like the league expecting Adu to play a lot without earning it. Adu probably learned Nowak is as cuddly as most European coaches.

  121. broadstreethooligans says:

    It means what about Roger Torres?do the Union still try to make his loan permanent? Does Torres lose a lot of playing time. Adu and Torres are similar enough players. I’d love to see the both of them playing together ont he field but I can’t imagine that happens. If they see Adu as a long term thing, and not a rental waiting to be sold to Europe Torres is all but gone. if they see him as a rental, they might do a bit more to keep torres around.

  122. yeah says:

    It’s not illegal. It’s just stupid.

  123. dan says:

    releasing Ruiz makes me wonder how long they knew this was gonna happen…

    at least the East are stepping up now a little, West still dominates 😉

  124. bryan says:

    wow! this is a surprise. now we know why he was not at the game yesterday. as a DC United fan, i don’t like seeing him in Philly…

  125. NBSeeya SD says:

    I think this question should be applied when any trade in MLS happens.

    Just for pure amusement.

  126. bryan says:

    says he is no longer in Juve’s plans. Says he is on his way out and not to rule out a move to a foreign league. Philly is targeting him along with others in Russia, Turkey and UAE.

  127. Villain-from-Texas says:

    Great move all around. You need to look no further than Break Shea—just one of the good examples—to see that young players can improve and make strides in this league.

  128. Ed says:

    Hopefully he develops some chemistry with Mwanga, that could be an awesome duo to watch from a neutral perspective..

  129. Good Jeremy says:

    Washed up at 21 and getting calls to his national team?

  130. Al K says:

    I’m not a Philly guy, but Novak seems to me to be real old school, you gotta earn it, bench you to make a point that he is in charge type of coach. I don’t think that’s a great fit for Adu, who needs some freedom to create and the freedom to make some mistakes. I worry that he does not get to play as much as he would with a less strict coach. I would rather see him with a different MLS team. That said, he is thy type of player Philly’s stagnant offense needs right now.

    It will be interesting to see if his skill is sufficient to make him effective in the physical MLS game.

  131. Brant says:

    You’ve got your Chivas teams confused, Chivas USA has no such rule, last time I check Pearce has no connection to Mexico what so ever.

  132. Good Jeremy says:

    They get away with it because it’s both legal and no other team will look to change another team having HORRIBLE player selection when it lets good players slip to other teams.

  133. BK says:

    Give me a break, Royce. Here’s me playing the “Stop always playing the race card for crying out loud” card. Idiot.

  134. John says:

    Nowak hinted that there may be multiple signings — I wonder if this means they signed Adu as a DP and Johnson through the allocation device — that would require Chivas passing on Johnson as well. Either way go Freddy, go Philly! ps: Seattle would be a great place to play if they played on grass.

  135. curmudgeon says:

    Charles writes: “Refresh my memory on the other things that ‘MLS has forced'” ?

    Lots — but since we’re talking about Adu, the circumstances under which DCU took Adu with the first pick in the 2004 draft involved a lot of pressure on Dallas by the League office.

  136. NC Jeff says:

    Best of luck to him. Dude is STILL just 22 … will be eligible for the Olympics next year WITHOUT using up an overage exemption.

  137. hogatroge says:

    Freddy’s still young… if he plays well at Philly and gets some more USMNT call ups, he’ll go back to Europe.

  138. MC Pharaoh says:

    A tweet by a MLS-Philly writer in the loop says Grosso wont be coming but Nowak still seems to be positive about possibly more than one signing…

  139. ryan says:

    Chivas USA, other than FieldTurf and shoddy refs, is the worst thing about MLS. rebrand already! or move out of LA. or both. san diego and phoenix have huge latino populations and no team. unless they’re making a profit drawing <10K/game. and i know their “average” is higher than that, but having been to a couple Sounders-Chivas games in LA, i can tell you that a large portion of their tickets are free give aways. i wonder what their actual PAID attendance is? it’s not healthy.

  140. KC says:

    haha The prodigal returns to where he belonged all along….MLS

  141. T says:

    Person who likes goat meat.

  142. TommyOC says:

    International rules dont apply in that case. MLS is the true contract holder. They can force your rights onto any team they choose. Perfectly in-line with the rules as they apply to contract holders.

    One should note that this rule existed to prevent players from.gamijg the system, though some (Ty Harden) still succeeded in doing so.

  143. deepm says:

    Good to see he finally swallowed his pride and came back to MLS.

  144. abc says:


  145. thedirty says:

    you clearly dont know anything about chivas

  146. K-Town says:

    “1 good national team game against Panama does not justify re-starting the Adu hype machine.”

    Adu looked like one of the best players against Mexico in the final too. Make that 2 games.

  147. Joe in Indianapolis says:

    If I was a Chivas USA fan (they do exist, right?), I would be feeling pretty s**ty about this. Front office doesn’t want a DP? Really?

  148. Joke says:

    no, there is only one LA…1996

  149. Howie says:


  150. Reg says:

    wow…what is Chivas thinking???

  151. Will says:

    complete 180

  152. Mark says:

    its not like chivas has been around forever either

  153. Milt says:

    they dont lose their spot?

  154. Sonicdeathmonkey says:

    Finally a post where the response of “Eurodouchery” is appropriate. 😉

  155. Sam says:


  156. Pete N says:

    I consider you eurosnob

  157. Juan says:

    Unfortunately they will always be the Clippers of soccer

  158. JJ says:

    they still need another attacker after Adu

  159. Sonicdeathmonkey says:

    Okay, how about when Adu was drafted? Adu said he would sign with the league if he could play with DC…poof, he was drafted by DC. Landon said he would sign with the league if he could play in LA…poof, he ended up in LA. Hernandez said he would sign with MLS if he could play with LA…poof…Mathis is traded, and Hernandez ends up in LA. Shall I go on?

  160. Wc says:

    lol….and just forget about the best US soccer players right now…Donovan, Howard, Dempsey

  161. Sonicdeathmonkey says:

    Think about it for a second.

  162. fred says:


  163. Max says:

    screw racist phoenix

  164. Malt says:

    Chivas must have a bigger name up their sleeve

  165. Jake the Snake says:

    Being Mexican is a race now? Thats as dumb as Ives saying that Mexican is an ethnicity.

  166. Ja Ja James says:

    Yeah I know, but when have they ever been exciting? Although the Union have three more points then Chivas, IMO they are just more fun to watch and Freddy will just add to that.

  167. Finnet says:

    he doesnt need to go back there

  168. jpc says:

    Assuming that Adu fits in well, is there a better roster than:

    ——–Le Toux
    Subs- McInerny; Nakazawa; Miglioranzi; Torres; Okugo

  169. Joey says:

    At least it’s not LA or NY. So tired of seeing those teams get everything. If Nowak actually wants him this time it could be good. The kid has talent and all the reports out of the Gold Cup camp were that he kept his mouth shut and kept working.

    I’d still like to know why he didn’t make the bench in the Mexico game though? I would have thought that after his Gold Cup performance, the bench would be an automatic? Love to find out what happened

    I for one think playing anywhere is better than not playing. He’s been carrying a big salary that makde him unattractive in Europe. Time to come home. I think Mikey B will be coming this way too

  170. JoeW says:

    1. My understanding is that the Chivas pass wasn’t b/c of nationality/ethnicity but they couldn’t work out the contract.

    2. This is probably a good thing (playing in MLS with Philly) for Freddy. Why?
    –he will get PT (which is what he needs)
    –Nowak is a good coach who understands talented players. For all the stuff about how Nowak is into hard work, defense and running, (and he rewards guys like Le Toux and Gros and Eskandarian who give “honest effort” as Nowak likes to say), he can related to young stars (he was one) and big players. He just doesn’t coddle them.
    –Besides PT and close access to the USNT, this is also about Freddy being with a team that will work on his biggest weak spots. Freddy tends to drift in and out of games, positioning is haphazard, he has no work rate, doesn’t win balls, isn’t much of a defender. Nowak won’t make him one of those (for instance, Nowak had great success with Ghristian Gomez and Gomez didn’t defend, win balls or run all day). But Freddy will learn how to contribute and fit in with that kind of system (rather than just stand around and wait for the ball to come to him and THEN he plays). He’ll improve his team defense and other off-the-ball aspects to the point where they aren’t international liabilities. And he’ll get the minutes and PT and direction that allow him to fourish as an A-mid.

    3. Philly fans should temper their enthusiasm just a bit. Freddy has no team until now. He’s rusty. Until the Gold Cup final, he really hasn’t played soccer. So he may not have a big contribution this season…we’ll have to see.

  171. Roger says:

    Let’s hope he has picked up some experience on his journey…last time I remember him in MLS, he was a pert-time player with RSL

  172. Jason B says:

    Just stop with this crap already.

  173. JoeW says:

    I don’t think that describes Nowak at all. Nowak is a guy who’s big on attention to detail and win EVERYTHING. Guys who work hard, care and are competitive love him. Christian Gomez flourished under Nowak (and Gomez didn’t defend, win balls or have great conditioning). Gomez was a real creative attacker.

  174. hogatroge says:

    Am I supposed to insulted? People need to stop flinging these stupid terms around. You just make yourself look uninformed and unreasonable.

  175. dgoshilla says:

    I love hearing that MLS “stifles” creativity. Did any of you watch the USMNT match last night? The most creative players all started or currently play in MLS. Europe is where Americans go to die on the bench.

  176. Fred Garvin says:

    Sneider to Man United

  177. Brian says:

    Freddy and Benny got in a fight? Where was I?

  178. primoone says:

    Willing to bet its a “Pavel Pardo” thing for the remainder of the MLS Season with Adu hoping for something more solid in the winter. If memory serves me correct, he only has 1 more season under benfica.

  179. Rudi says:

    Sons of Ben chant forthcoming: “You make me wanna say Adu, Adu, Adu-du-du-du-du-du-du.”

  180. Dennis says:

    Coaches can’t instill anything a player is not ready to learn. Years ago, Adu was a teenaged phenom with no need to grow up. He’s not so young and cute now so people actually expect him to contribute to the team if he is going to be on the pitch.
    Years ago, Novak limited his playing time, but Freddy never got the message. Novak was not the last coach to waste time on him.
    Adu now at least seems to have learned to say the right things like “I want to improve” , “I want to play” , ” “my teammates”. I guess we will learn if he can put his words into action. I hope he can because he is a player with special talent and if he will learn how to play with teammates within a system he may even become as good as the hype.

  181. primoone says:

    Now you’re F-ing Talking man!

  182. dgoshilla says:

    Did you watch the US match last night? Tell me, which players that exemplified creativity don’t play in MLS? Where did Dempsey, arguably our most creative player begin his career? What Americans playing abroad are so creative? Straw Man’s argument. The only players I think can truly benefit from going to Europe are those who sign when they are 16 or younger.

  183. Goalscorer24 says:

    Good news! Now hopefully he can get himself some regular playing time, and then a chance with the national team.

  184. bottlcaps says:

    Blown opportunity?..not even close! in 2006 the year after Chivas USA was founded, they had this weird policy of only fielding Mexican or latino players and preferably those with some connections with Chivas Guadalajara. This led to Chivas, Mexico sending youth or lower division p[ayers to play for Chivas USA (little respect for the MLS) and as a result they had their head handed to them (won 1 game, I think) One of the players that Chivas USA TURNED DOWN was a little used young striker named….
    Javiar Balcazar.

  185. Avi Editor says:

    I couldn’t agree more with this statement: “By adding Adu, the Union will have the flexibility to play a number.”

  186. sef-one says:

    bob, espn/soccernet just sucks at soccer coverage in general.

  187. Rafavic says:

    I’m not happy about this. We get rid of Ruiz who was scoring but his whole flopping thing was getting tired for Adu. He maybe more creative but not the goal scorer I’m looking for. Plus Adu and Torres are the same kind of player. I’m scratching my head on this one and hope that the Adu deal is short term. I’d say they need to sign Torres to a deal instead….and where is our goal scorer…sign a good one and then I’ll be excited.

  188. Freddy Adu says:

    This story is about me.

  189. adub says:

    WHAT IS GOIN ON WITH CHIVAS USA??? they are like the LA Clippers of MLS.. Chivas USA doesnt seem to have any intrest in USMNT players… i cant root for them

  190. gigi says:

    Was the right move for both adu and for the union. I have confidence that Adu will reignite his career back here. Some players just do better in their home league, and adu is one of them. Not to say that they are bad players or anything. It just is what it is.

  191. gigi says:

    However, i almost feel bad for dc fans. That must suck, id be mad if jozy left europe and got signed by philly.

  192. Padre says:

    you don’t know if this is correct or incorrect…

  193. Colin says:

    Thats the first time some one called someone Eurodouchery and it was actually not studip. Though I too would prefer he was in Holland or Belgium, but dont mind this move. Hope he does well.

  194. rillo says:

    yes, the best player in the country’s history came from MLS…maybe Shea can be next?

  195. hogatroge's mother says:

    lol! you make yourself look the fool with your eurosnobbery…just pointing it out

  196. Patricio says:

    Le Toux as the lone striker? No, they need another guy up top. Mwanga needs to play the right, or be the super sub. And whow do you not start Torres???

  197. Randy says:


  198. Tumag says:

    A-doop, doop!

  199. Dime BAg says:

    maybe they have somebody better than Adu in mind???

  200. Simpson says:

    I wouldn’t…Lazy Out the door blows

  201. Paul Thomas says:

    It’s nothing of the sort. Discrimination in employment on the basis of national origin has been illegal since the Civil Rights Act.

    MLS players are employees. And there’s no bizarre sports exception to the law. It’s not affirmative action. I’m struggling to think of some other justification.

    As for the other teams not caring: gee, you think? The people hurt by this retarded policy are the non-Mexican players, not the other teams.

  202. mistadobolina wins the Comment of the Week Award.

    (Wait, there isn’t such an award on this site?)

  203. Dulliwhig says:

    This is the first thing that came to my mind. Where does this leave Torres?

  204. YO says:

    plus 20!

  205. YO says:

    Cosmos next!

  206. ELAC is pissed says:

    You guys are morons. Where does it say that chivas USA only fields Mexican. That’s the other chivas team. The racist one. Our primary owner, Jorge Vergara has final say and he swift no tp Freddy.
    Now I get read how were racists too? Lame.
    We git screwed and thwres no other way.about it.
    Our GM has a Damn good idea about how to build this team and it has nothing to do moving to san Diego or rebranding.
    Gettin Adu would have jump started that.

    Congrats to the Union!

  207. RB says:

    Thank you.

  208. ELAC says:

    What about brad guzan, sacha kjelstan, johnny bornstein, heath pearce, zarek Valentin?
    Learn something about my club before you post.

  209. Hood Rich says:

    Does anyone have the scoop on Levi Houapeu?

    I’ve been anxiously waiting for his debut on the 1st team but don’t think he’s ever made the bench. I know he has been playing with the reserves but he is just not ready or Nowak is not willing to take the risk?

    You are right Houapeu is similar to Adu and I wonder why they picked up Adu when they have Houapeu (who hasn’t played on 1st team) and Torres; guys who have ability to unsettle defenses with their individual skill.

    They picked up Agorsor and cut him, and they still held on to Houapeu so you know they see something in him more than Agorsor.

  210. Hood Rich says:

    Philly have a lot of talent. Mapp is surplus to requirements and I wouldn’t be surprised if he is traded.

    Daniel was a great pickup. Nowak and/or his scouts have a really good eye for (cheap) talent.

    Keep an eye on Gershon Koffie (Vancouver); he is only 19 and is a dynamite player like a lanky Michael Essien. Every time I’ve seen him he gets better and better.

  211. Timothy says:

    Adu gnomes!

  212. primoone says:

    “Adu’s possible return to MLS first appeared in the Insider on Wednesday morning and his move to Philadelphia was first reported by the Soccer By Ives website.” -Steven Goff

    This is so stupid.

    “I heard about the New AF-1s before you went out to buy them, I’m better than you… Wah wah wah…”

  213. primoone says:

    Other blogs that do this…The shinguardian and Noshortcorners. So annoying

  214. Perry H says:

    This is good for Philly, they can push Paunovoic up to striker…But they still have question marks at D-Mid and Right Mid. If they can shore up these holes, sky is the limit.

  215. lane says:

    he sucks overrated like agudelo.