Angel heading to Chivas USA, paving way for Keane move to LA

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Juan Pablo Angel's tenure with the Los Angeles Galaxy has been a disappointing one, and now it appears to have ended with a move that will keep him in LA, but in different colors.

The Galaxy have traded Angel to Chivas USA, sources told Fox Soccer on Monday. Details of the trade have yet to made available, but the deal helps free up a Designated Player slot the Galaxy will now use to sign Irish National Team striker Robbie Keane, who is reportedly joining the Galaxy on a $3 million transfer. (UPDATE-The Galaxy officially announced the acquisition of Keane this afternoon).

The Galaxy had received interest in Angel from the Philadelphia Union, Seattle Sounders and Chivas USA, and after initially balking at a move to Chivas USA, the Colombian striker changed his mind and will now join a Chivas USA side in the thick of the MLS playoff race.

Los Angeles will now add a top striker in Keane who will bolster the team's weakest position, and arguably their only true weakness, making the Galaxy even stronger MLS Cup favorites.

Angel joins a Chivas USA side that needs another forward as it makes a push for one of the final playoff spots in MLS. Angel has been struggling, but could find new life with a club that needs him to perform even more than the Galaxy did.

What do you think of this news? Like the idea of Keane coming to MLS? Think Angel can make an impact for Chivas USA?

Share your thoughts below.

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81 Responses to Angel heading to Chivas USA, paving way for Keane move to LA

  1. Modibo says:

    Good luck to Angel.

  2. Tenorio says:

    WTF Angel waht did you do my friend?

  3. Ski Fast! says:

    So much for the Union picking up the striker…

  4. strider says:

    Considering how little Angel has accomplished this year, its a wonder Galaxy were able to off-load him, especially at his age. Keane will be a beast in MLS. The Galaxy should be in great shape to win the Supporter’s Shield now. Playoffs are always a bit more iffy.

  5. Second City says:

    Unable to research it properly (at work) and failing to remember:

    Is the Robbie Keane transfer the highest MLS has ever paid for a player?

  6. Chivas usa fan says:

    Great more GALS trash.

  7. Paddy_Megroin says:

    Calling Keane a top striker is a bit of a stretch.

    Can’t wait to hear how LA got this deal done before the deadline passed.

  8. Second City says:

    You should specify which deadline you’re referring to.

    MLS transfer deadline, according to league rules?
    LA’s individual deadline, according to Garber?

  9. Ski Fast! says:

    I’m interested in knowing if any league “rules” were bent to accomplish this, or if it was completely legit all the way through.

  10. brokejumper says:

    I would look for something simpler. What was it the league promised Chivas in order to sweeten the deal. In no sane universe does this deal get done straight on its merits.

  11. Aguinaga says:

    3 teams wanted Angel? Seriously?? Loved him in NY, but how in the world were they able to move an injury prone DP striker ready to retire? Only if they paid for most of his salary? Actually feel bad for Goats fans for once. No to Adu, yes to Angel??

  12. jonk says:

    I’m going to have a hearty chuckle if Chivas makes the playoffs as the #10, advances to the next round against LA and then knocks them out on a couple of Angel goals.

  13. So . . . basically Chivas USA is the LA Galaxy reserve team?? :)

  14. Keep Juninho in LA says:

    Good luck to JPA. I wish things had worked out, but maybe a change will do him some good.

    Now, come on Galaxy! We’re waiting for ANOTHER announcement!!

  15. Paddy_Megroin says:


  16. Edwin in LA says:

    Was a 3 million dollar transfer fee or 3 million pounds?

    Kind of a huge deal in MLS terms, anyhow, I hope Keane tears it up, and I also hope Angel can light it up a few times the rest of the season for Chivas USA, he just couldn’t buy goal and the Galaxy CANNOT afford that from, not to mention from a DP.

    So he’s the 2nd DP to get traded correct? After Ljundgerg and he is also Chivas USA’s 1st DP correct?

  17. Keep Juninho in LA says:

    Galaxy fans all thought “We’re going to have a hearty chuckle if Galaxy beats NYRB on a couple Angel goals.” Never happened. Don’t get your hopes up.

  18. Keep Juninho in LA says:

    $3 million USD, £1.8 million GBP.

  19. Second City says:

    I’ve read £3,000,000, not dollars, on several other sites. Probably an oversight in the article.

    That said, you and I are on the same page. Pretty hefty transfer fee by a league that doesn’t believe in paying them generally.

  20. howardroark says:

    Seriously folks…what other than your own conjecture and opinion make you believe that this matter was other than legit? Not just opinion and pretty much verifiable by all the sports writing’s in relation, this seems very straightforward and no rule breaking has been done to give the Galaxy an unfair advantage.

  21. jimi p says:

    If I were a Chivas fan, I would be angry with management because their purpose in life seems to be to take on whomever the Galaxy wants to unload. They must be getting a ton of allocation money with the deal since I can’t imagine they’d want to take on all that salary. You got to wonder if the league didn’t sweeten the deal for the Goats somehow.

    That said, Robbie Keane should tear up MLS!

  22. Ossington Mental Youth says:

    Keane will be a top striker in this league for sure, bit out of shape but thats lack of playing, not talent.

    Surprised that anyone wants Angel after the last little while. Makes me laugh that some TFC supporters were calling for his signiture at the start of the season.

  23. Dudeinho says:

    what a waste of a purchase another old fart to retire here. God Arena sucks same bland boring style. We let Sigi go for the same reason why cant we offload him. at Least Sigi’s Style changed but Arena is too defensive minded.

  24. Second City says:

    An article this morning on (which isn’t up now) stated Keane at the time of the article being posted, around noon in England today, remained unsure if the transfer would be completed since the deadline passed.

    The article cited variables such as Angel needing to be moved in order to make room for Keane and that deal had yet to be completed.

    Conjecture, speculation or jaded skepticism: would you really be surprised if rules weren’t bent?


  25. Ski Fast! says:

    Well, signing TV deals can help pay for transfers like this now.

  26. Second City says:

    While he may not have 100% match fitness, he did just complete the usual preseason routine and isn’t injured, from all reports I’ve read.

    Refreshing we’re not getting an injured 30+ to rehab and wait till the follow year to see play…….

  27. Ski Fast! says:

    Too defensive minded? Well, that’s what happens when you coach the USMNT for more than 4 years :]

  28. Keep Juninho in LA says:

    Good point.

  29. dcm says:

    have you seen keane play recently? you may want to hold those comments until you do.

  30. Hood Rich says:

    No they paid about 5 Million for Luis Hernandez.

    I thought MLS doesn’t pay transfer fees?

  31. Second City says:

    Not that I’m against it. I’d love to see more in the future, if I’m honest.

    Great point, though.

  32. JL says:

    Why would Chivas allow this to go through? It makes no sense to me for them to take on a DP salary for a guy who can’t score, and let their rival bring in another big name to further push them towards irrelevance. Just seems shady

  33. gbott says:

    Haha +1

  34. tmack says:

    As if the state of refereeing in the league wasn’t enough to render it a joke, the repeated complete circumvention of league rules for the benefit of AEG ought to finish the job. This is a league in which David Stern and Tim Donaghy would feel right at home. I guess we’re not out of step with FIFA in regards to integrity though.

  35. howardroark says:

    Again, what verifiable information other that blatant speculation do you have that proves that the league and the LA Galaxy have bent or broken rules to make this happen?

    Other sports leagues including the NFL, NBA and the MLB have proposed deals go down to the wire and surprise deals are struck nearing and even surpassing the trade or deal deadlines…

    I say bravo to the league and mostly to the Galaxy for making this happen. Deals like this should be struck more often, so the league has an more appealing perception on a global scale.

  36. Giggsy says:

    at this point i’d rather have alejandro moreno than jpa. younger by a bit and just as much league experience and actually likely to score and get goals … why they needed jpa in chivas land is anybody’s guess … they don’t seem very bright over on that side of the HDC.

  37. wilyboy says:

    So Chivas passed on Freddy and Feilhaber, and chose the ineffective, aging forward? As a DC fan, I’m glad the dumb front office mantel has passed.

  38. Colin says:

    I bet AEG paid the fee, not MLS.

  39. partnerincrime says:


  40. Ski Fast! says:

    Well, that would represent some bending of historic policy for this single-entity league as currently constituted, wouldn’t it?

  41. Hood Rich says:

    MLS most likely transferred him (Spurs -> MLS) within the FIFA deadline. Since MLS owns all the clubs, allocating him could be considered an internal affair and beyond FIFA’s jurisdiction.

  42. Paul C says:

    Great pick up. Was impressed with Keanes willingness last year while at West Ham. Guy is 31, proven, and if he maintains that hunger he’s had for the last couple of years, should be a serious threat.

    Still concerned about what we look like in 2-3 years, but this has to put us in serious contention for the Shield and the Cup this year.

  43. Zach says:

    Chivas USA has fans?? Woah.

  44. frank from sf says:

    perfectly said. if owners who really care for their club AND are willing to spend crazy money to bring good players in then im all for it. unless, everyone wants to have owners like my ‘Quakes that won’t spend unless it’s on the cheap and thus end up w/ the quality of team we have! who cares if rules are being bent or broken, as long as good players are on their way it’s a good!!!

  45. Charles says:

    A bunch of people all mad because the league is speculated to have bent the rules based on nothing really.

    IF the league did, THEN I am mad. NO question.

    But none of you have any idea. Some seem like they “hope” the league did.

    Are you saying the Sounders, Dallas, and Salt Lake won’t be asking the questions, if they feel like LA had an unfair advantage ?

  46. jonk says:

    It seems to make sense given what I’ve heard of Vergara. He’s too cheap to want to pay Freddy or Benny, especially since those would be long-term deals. With Angel, he might only be on the hook for the rest of the season (and maybe not even the full salary if LA had to sweeten the pot), and he got a player that plays a position they desperately need help at.
    Now that’s not to say the Chivas FO is dysfunctional, but given what we know about their dysfunction, this makes sense.

  47. jonk says:

    sorry, “that’s not to say the Chivas FO is NOT dysfunctional…”

  48. Paul C says:

    Anyone who thinks rule stretching while the transfer window closes is individual to MLS is insane. Fernando Torres much?

    You see this all the time when Visa’s and last minute signatures are required.

    Did they bend the rules? Yes. Are you upset that this league signed Robbie Keane? I hope not.

  49. Roberto says:

    The MLS transfer window closes at the end of Sun Aug 14. However, player who are not under contract can still be signed after that day.

  50. Fabre-Too-Much-gas says:

    Where did he say it was a “bad thing”? The response was on whether or not there’s credible suspicion on league rules being bent.

    You’re naive if you think they weren’t based on several websites stating the transaction WAS NOT COMPLETED by 12am…aka the deadline.

    Do you work for MLS?

  51. JOSH says:

    yeah as long as u keep paying us to pick up ur over payed players why not

  52. john says:

    Freakin LA is going to be unstoppable!

  53. Keep Juninho in LA says:

    I’m sure that’s what happened. Isn’t that the way the whole DP system works? MLS picks up the tab up to the salary cap limit, then the team owner pays the rest.

  54. matt says:

    keano will score a lot of goals in MLS. he works very hard and this is the kind of league for him. he doesnt have the ability to keep up in the EPL anymore but in the MLS he will do very very well for the next few years.

  55. Primoone says:


  56. Primoone says:

    the request needs to be turned into the league office prior to the deadline…the negotiations can still resume after the deadline. It is the request that is important here.

  57. Paddy Megroin says:

    It’s not a FIFA deadline, it’s a MLS deadline.

  58. ELAC says:

    Jorge Vegara is cheap bastard and uses Chivas USA more as a tax write off than ever. He helped spur the expansion that the MLS needed in 2005, but has done little to support this franchise in terms of investment.

    As a season ticket holder, I am ashamed that he has allowed such dysfuntion and poor player personnel decision making.

    I hope JPA pans out, but I suspect it’ll be another example of Chivas USA taking Galaxy scraps and trying to make something out of it.

  59. TGA says:

    Hey!! Here is a new wrinkle…for MLS. a washed up Latino

  60. TP says:

    Correction, for the benefit of LAG. The Dynamo (also partially owned by AEG) get screwed on the regular too. If you honestly look at this deal, something smells. Any other salary cap league, no other team makes this trade and you leave your opponent holding a high priced non-performing player.

  61. Haha says:

    I love how all the cry-babies come out as soon as the Galaxy do anything to improve their team. Waahh! Waah! If it had been NY they would be crying just as much, why? One word, Haters! Don’t be mad at the league or at the teams that spend money, go boycott your own team for not spending the money on players you clearly would like to have. Go write a letter to your team right now and complain, meanwhile, I will be sitting at the HDC watching Robbie put away goals against your team. By the way….. LA!!! ……Galaxy!!!

  62. Bo says:


    I was starting to get wet from all the tears above.

  63. bml says:

    Because everything you read on the Internet has to be true?

    What exactly had to be completed by midnight? A letter of intent, the entire contract or a one page form? We don’t know.

    These kind of deals are complicated and easily fall apart so I would guess there is flexibility built into the process. It wouldn’t surprise me if Garber had the power to alter some of these things “in the best interest of the league.” After all, it doesn’t do the league any good to hamstring themselves.

    The bottom line is that if the league approves it then it was legit. Single entity has it’s advantages.

  64. Pete says:

    Chivas can trade him

  65. Eurosnob says:

    On the other hand, based on De Rosario’s results against his former teams, no team that traded De Rosario wants to play against DCU in the playoffs.

  66. Matt says:

    Actually, I would consider LA to be fairly weak at goalkeeper.

  67. tim says:


    I can’t believe anyone bit on him… If Keane wanted to head to MLS I am sure many teams would love to have had him. Perhaps it was LA or bust?

  68. A wise man once says:


  69. A wise man once says:


    ^ troll face

  70. A wise man once says:

    Uh, no.

  71. DC says:

    it could also be said that since its an MLS deaslind… it snot a Galaxy deadline. MLS owns the contract. as long as they have signed him, they can take time working out the particulars at the club level

  72. Wicked_1 says:

    Well, as a Galaxy fan, I didn’t want us to take a chance on him, for DP money anyway.Id rather we find someone young, or had paid Buddle more to keep him. The gamble didn’t work, so it was the right thing to gete rid of him, should have happened sooner. I’m wait-and-see on Keane, again I would have preferred us to have gone out and found a young DP, like Seattle. Not to mention we had to pay a transfer fee for someone has been trying to get rid of for the last 2 years. If he scores goals, then its all good. I expect nothing less than at least 6 goals, in all comps, from him, for the rest of the year. I strike force is very weak with Barret & Christman, hahaha. I expect Landon to play as 2nd striker for the rest of the year, mostly. We have enough midfielders to go around, haha. I’m neither upset or delighted by this acquisition.

    As usual, the LA Galaxy are nice and try not to uproot their outcasts and trade him in-state, and as usual I expect Juan Pablo to score a hat-trick against us the next time we play Chivas, like most ex-Galaxy players, haha.

  73. Tom says:

    I dont think so, they dont have any decent strikers other than Keane, and no width on the wings. Maybe they pick up a player from Chivas?

  74. Tim says:

    Which midfielders are you referring to? Birchall, Stephens??? Weak

  75. Burns says:

    If it is a trade, what do the Galaxy get?

  76. RB says:

    I’d just like to know if JPA will definitely be in uniform at DSGP this weekend…

  77. solles says:

    Look at his scoring record. For MLS, Keane will be a top striker.

  78. A wise man once says:

    Saunders would start on most other teams, Ricketts is recovering, and Perk is one of the best 3rd string keepers in MLS.

  79. ripsaa says:

    Vergara is so cheap I’m surprised he hasn’t tried to recruit the valet parkers at the home depot center to come in on there day off!!

  80. TommyOC says:

    Not score goals.