Bocanegra joins Rangers

  Bocanegra (Getty)

Glasgow Rangers has grabbed the unofficial title of Team America on Wednesday after making U.S. national team captain the second American to sign with the Scottish club champions on Wednesday.

Bocanegra joins Rangers via transfer from St. Etientte, and could be in action as soon as Thursday. His signing came on the same day Rangers announced the acquisition of U.S. national team midfielder Alejandro Bedoya.

Bocanegra, Bedoya and Maurice Edu will now team up to try and help Rangers advance in Europa League as well as win another Scottish League title.

With three U.S. players on the books, Rangers has the most Americans of any European squad.

What do you think of Bocanegra moving to Rangers? Like the move? Ready to buy a Rangers jersey?

Share your thoughts below.

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146 Responses to Bocanegra joins Rangers

  1. Luke D says:

    FC Dallas, United, and now Rangers. These are my sqauds.

  2. PewPewBoom says:

    We need Fulhamerica-esque nicknames ASAP

  3. cory says:

    I think this can only be viewed as a step up from St. Etienne in the sense that Rangers will have a better shot at the Champions League. Hope he’s a solid contributor & gets lots of minutes, just as I hope the same for Bedoya.

  4. wva97 says:

    Ugh. well, guess you have to keep the career going somehow… Scotland is an awful league though. If Gers crash out of Europe, will be a long, frustrating season in cold, middle-of-nowhere Scotland

  5. GlasgowPowerRangers says:

    You would think that as players get older they try to go into less physical leagues, not more …

    I wonder if Edu is still potentially making a move to Ligue 1? If he gets regular time, he could do well there.

    In the meantime, the notion of 3 yanks in the starting lineup (unless Edu is on his way out) is an interesting prospect.

  6. wva97 says:

    Sorry – awful is a gross overstatement. just thought he was doing fine in France.

  7. Freddie F. says:

    I would have preferred him to stay in France, the overall quality of that league is better than the SPL.

  8. Alexandria says:

    I say meh the league sucks but atleast the threehave a chance to win a championship even if its in the equivalent of conference USA.

  9. AII says:

    Um, I think they should share a nickname with most teenage boys….Yank-Gers

  10. Oranje Mike says:

    Follow, Follow, USA, USA!!

  11. Oranje Mike says:

    Follow, Follow, USA, USA!!

  12. GlasgowPowerRangers says:


    SPL is not bad to make some coin and try for European play, but even if you’re suiting up for Celtic or Rangers you get very limited minutes against solid competition.

    Celtic/Rangers are quite a bit stronger than MLS, but the rest of the league … is not (apologies to Heart of Midlothian).

  13. Footballgasm says:

    I know none of them are from TX but as a symbol of American pride: The Walker Texas Rangers

  14. Idaho Brian says:

    I agree with most here that the quality of play in the SPL is not great…however, I like the prospect of having Bedoya, Edu, and Bocanegra get more familiar with eachother on the field as all three could play significant roles during upcoming WC qualifying…

  15. Mike Vann says:

    I just puked in my mouth. Not once. Not twice. But three times for each Yank there. I can’t even say the name of that wretched club. So mad I could spit fire. I have, for years, wanted more Yanks at my club. Not just one who’s a backup keeper. Damn, I hate this. I could/would never wish bad things on US players but everyone else on Rangers can piss off.


    Lifelong Celtic supporter

  16. Jon says:

    Ligue 1 is a very physical league, but that is part of his game…awful move

  17. Edwin says:

    screw the racist Ranger supporters

  18. rlw2020 says:

    AmeriGers or YankGers

  19. ELAC says:

    Time to get a Rangers jersey.

  20. jon says:

    I second “Yank-gers”

  21. Eric W says:

    totally. makes me sad that so many americans play for a team i can’t begin to root for. anti-irish, anti-catholic, pro-imperialist rangers.

  22. Mattbag212 says:

    I agree with Walker Texas Rangers.

  23. Mattbag212 says:

    I agree wholeheartedly. The chemistry on the left side of our starting XI just got significantly better.

  24. TrentHill says:

    You said it, Eric W. I’ll root for the individual Americans, so long as they aren’t playing Celtic, but I can never root for that awful team and it’s bigoted foundations.

  25. Steve McSteve says:


  26. Topher says:

    I think its pretty clear this is an attempt to get into the wallets of the US market (probably at the expense of our player’s health/form).

  27. TrentHill says:

    Mike, I hear you. I’m 100% with you. I’m a USMNT fan big time, but I simply cannot root for that bigoted club.

  28. TrentHill says:

    Topher, I wouldn’t be surprised by that. Rangers doesn’t have the appeal in America that Celtic does do to its Irish roots.

    With that said, I’ve been wanting more Americans to play at Celtic there for years.

  29. jon says:

    So is Bradley next?

  30. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:


    Guess I’ll have a lot more 4:30am wakeup calls to catch those noon time games from Scotland…

  31. kea says:

    Don’t know what to make of it…Definitely not the best league. I’m guessing Bedoya will be similar levels of competition as he was in Sweden, which couldn’t have been much better (or worse). So I definitely like the move for him. Bocanegra, on the other hand, I’d have rather seen him stay in France. Definitely would become a better player there, and probably not in Scotland. I do think he’s a great player for the USMNT tho, so I’d love to see him do well there. And it is cool to think that the 3 could get some PT together and see if we can’t get something in the works for how we’d set up the national team.

  32. truthiness says:

    Anyone note the irony of the kit Boca is wearing in the picture?

    Also, Bradley to Celtic would provide a nice foil.

  33. Goalscorer24 says:

    How about US Rangers!

  34. Ryan says:

    When Celtic supporters call Rangers a club of bigots just remember who did this link to…………………………………..

  35. Igner Ant says:

    Yeay, finally a few more Americans get to participate in some real soccer traditions– racism, xenophobia, and good old-fashioned blood feuding!!!
    Uh, just to be clear: between Rangers and Celtic supporters, it’s not like either one can really claim the moral high ground at this point. At a certain point, when you’re on a race to the bottom of the barrel, you have to be the one to stop running, no matter who started it.

  36. adub says:

    as a Texas Rangers fan… dont you ever say YankGers in you life again

  37. Brandon says:


  38. sleepy says:

    If you dig deep enough you can find racist supporters or groups in the history of just about any club, Rangers and Celtic just figured out how to make a profit out of it…

  39. Mingjai says:

    The Off-Broadway Blueshirts?

  40. john says:

    The U.S. Rangers?

  41. john says:

    Why are people so critical of the move? He’s toward the end of his career and maybe wants a bigger paycheck who can blame him

  42. Martha says:

    Crap this is the best our players can do?

    I can name three players who will miss quite a few natl team qualifying practices and games because their gonna get hacked in a hack league.

  43. gbott says:

    Sorry for the ignorance, but can someone explain the roots of this club?

  44. Jones says:

    Unless he is getting paid substantially more, a pretty bad move, probably better off in MLS.

  45. al17 says:

    No way in hell would I wear a Rangers strip. He’s a Hun now and that means I cheer against him unless he’s playing for the USA.

  46. marden08 says:

    With all due respect. We scots are predominatley protestant. The catholics would be the interlopers here. Nice try. Nothing against Celtic or the Catholic church but take the papist rants somewhere else.

  47. Gacm32 says:

    You’re a bigot, stop calling each other Huns and Felians, it’s getting bloody old. You’re all so cqught up in a war that happened 3 centuries ago. Somebody needs to take the moral high ground.

  48. Gacm32 says:


  49. Dominghosa says:


  50. freddino says:

    Please do not compare MLS to anything “premier” or Superliga in Europe, and definitely not SPL. We are up and coming (especially the fitness level….ask benny and Adu) but Technically we have a long way to go

  51. Stu says:

    Listen to all you bigoted idiots complaining about YOUR Americans signing with a club you could never support. I’ve supported Glasgow Rangers since I was a boy and although I love to see them beat Celtic on the pitch, I’ve got no place for anyone who is sectarian, racist or otherwise. I’m just like the majority of the Rangers supporters, and just like the majority of the Celtic supporters on the other side. These clubs have a long and bloodied past but strides are being taken on both sides to move on and that’s where we are headed. We should have no place for the bigotry on either side and to claim that either the blue or green has the high moral ground would be a joke.

    I’m extremely excited to see the new boys jump in with Mo and get stuck in. I would be just as excited to see some Americans getting good game time with Celtic although, obviously I would still hope that Rangers beat them throughout the season. I can agree with some that the level of play has dropped over the years but that’s as much a casualty of ratings and money as anything. Either way, the SPL is MY league and between that and my MLS games, I’m happy. The one thing you can be sure of is that it’s a physical, strong and fast league so there should be some good action ahead.

    I don’t know what we need to do to get small minded people to move past the racism and bigotry, on both sides of the Old Firm, but you guys that could “never” support them because they’re wearing blue, it’s time to move on. You can always support your team and cheer against Rangers, hell that’s what makes this sport so great…. just remember, if you find yourself cheering against them because of the actions of a small group of their fans, then you’re no better than them.

  52. CSD says:

    I guess it is a shorter flight from Glasgow to USMNT camps on the east coast of the US. That is really the only positive I get from the Rangers collection of Yanks.

  53. marco says:

    Good luck to Bocanegra who looked good in friendly, since he didn’t need play both CB and FB as when Bornstein was on the pitch. I don’t feel Rangers/SPL is a good fit for him though.

  54. CSD says:

    Since Rangers and Celtic are only two teams in the league it is natural that their is some animosity. I have just always found the whole Scottish League to be a total waste of time. It is a two team league in an imaginary country that is becoming less competitive in European competition every year.

  55. DrewROC says:

    Now we just gotta find a way for jersey sales in the states. You can find Celtic at practically every sporting goods store in the US that sells Nike apparel. An Umbro Rangers jersey? Not so available…anywhere…my wife bought my 2010-2011 one on ebay from the UK.

  56. McQ says:

    Too bad…I used to like Boca.

  57. martha says:

    What does it matter when theyll be hurt more often than not. Why did Edu miss the last game? Oh yea he was hurt playing in a hack league

  58. Rlw2020 says:

    going to say the same thing.

  59. Eddie Johnson says:

    Hey Rangers hook a brother up.

  60. Nick says:

    Let’s not forget that Celtic supporters sang IRA songs during a moment of silence for 9/11…and a Celtic supporter did right airplane thing with his arms right behind Claudio Reyna afew days after 9/11.

    It’s not just Rangers who have bigoted fans.

  61. cajun says:

    Glasgamerica Rangers?

  62. sleepy says:

    I’ve seen this “more players get injured in the SPL than any other league” for years now but have yet to see any hard numbers. Not saying that it isn’t true but all evidence to date has been anecdotal.

  63. Stu says:

    Some of us still enjoy it, flawed as it is… kind of like Americans winning the “world series” in a game that only they play! I know the whole story about the name of the series but you get my point. Nothing is perfect but why can’t we enjoy what we like. The SPL has enough problems so I see some good, aggressive US players coming in as a positive for a fan like me.

  64. Josh says:

    +1. Thanks for countering the rant with a sane, reasoned response.

  65. Eric W says:

    oh it’s not a papist rant. i’m no catholic and i’m only part irish. but rangers fans sing about being “up to their knees in Finnian blood” and other mass killing of the irish who were pushed out of their country by english imperialism. i’m not a fan of over-politicizing sports, but the rivalry between rangers and celtic is loaded. interlopers is one way to put it. ethnic minority is the other.

  66. Eric W says:

    yeah, i like Boca in the green and white.

  67. JJ says:

    Since you were a boy … ?

  68. JJ says:

    You are right. Every team on the face of the earth has “bigoted fans”. Some just have more than others.

  69. jpc says:

    That’s too bad, I think Boca improved more in France than anywhere, including the EPL

  70. Paula says:

    Whither that statement from St. Etienne saying that they needed Carlos to lead their “young defense”?

  71. Vincent says:

    I don’t like it. The Scottish league is not a better league than Ligue 1 top to bottom.

  72. Ryan says:

    Didnt Bocanegra just get the captains armband in france?

  73. Cromulent says:

    No, not as a Texas Rangers fan. As a simple baseball fan that doesn’t think Bucky Dent belongs in the HoF just because he hit two home runs in a World Series game.

  74. John says:

    Anyone know a reliable site that streams live Rangers matches so that we can watch these guys play every week?

  75. Cromulent says:


  76. Kenny_B says:

    I think the whole issue of Ireland, Rangers, and Celtice is a little more complex than English imperialism. I agree that the song you describe is despicable, but I cannot fathom that the response from Celtic fans remotely approaches something pleasant about Ranger supporters.

    This debate probably can’t be resolved in one or two paragraph replies. IMO, this falls outside of the scope of what normally would be discussed on a soccer website. But if you guys want to duke it out let me go get marshmallows first.

  77. Kenny_B says:

    Ummm….didn’t Rangers just wash out of Champions League?

  78. Brian says:

    Why did Boca leave France? Didn’t he just move to St Etienne last season?

  79. soccerhorn says:

    Bradley… a fine name for a Celtic man.

  80. T says:

    F*ck the “Gers” and their racist fans, and the SPL is a piss poor league rather have american players play for West Brom in the EPL then Celtic or Rangers.

  81. soccerhorn says:

    and don’t forget… the MLS scotched a deal only 1.5 years ago that would have put Klesjan (sp?) in the hoops.

  82. interloper says:

    um, actually catholicism was there first, just saying

  83. Mike in Missouri says:


    No one plays the race/xenophobia/ethnic card quite like the left in the USA. This is pretty mild, all things considered.

  84. T says:

    Amerigers…. -___-

  85. Felix says:

    The SPL on a whole is such a subpar league, i can’t say I’m really excited about this move. Either way, Boca isn’t going to develop any further anyway, he is what he is. I’m just afraid he’s going to get injured before a big WCQ playing in this league.

  86. Shane says:

    As a Fulham fan I know Woy boy doesnt have much respect for ‘merican players so get lost. He’s the one who gave Boca the boot from Fulham. Jeez. West Brom go . . . . whateva … go He benched Dempsey and made public comments about him that showed poor taste. I respect Roy and detest Liverpool fans for the way they treated him but Palease dont expect Woy woy to give american players a fair shake.

  87. abc says:

    Well it’s not like Celtic couldn’t add more US players if they wanted to. Maybe you should be angry with your own club?

  88. TrentHill says:

    gbott, no problem man.

    Rangers is a club that has traditionally represented protestant and royalist views. Celtic has traditionally represented Irish immigrants and Catholicism. Probably more than any other club rivalry, this one has a religious and political angle that is tied up in the very history of the game itself.

    Celtic is a club that was founded, originally, to help feed poor Irish immigrants. While it was owned and supported by Irish-Scotsmen and Catholics, protestants were always welcomed to play on the team and be fans.

    Rangers did not allow Catholics to play until sometime in the 70s, I believe. Mo Johnston, I believe, was the first Catholic. And when he came on the field he was roundly booed by their fans. These days, plenty of Catholics play for Rangers, but the fanbase is still almost entirely protestant (just as Celtic’s is mostly Catholic). The Rangers chants usually concern killing “Fenians” or calling Celtic the “IRA”. The sectarian chants have gotten them in trouble with UEFA/FIFA several times.

    For the record, I’m not Catholic. But I’m a hardcore supporter of Celtic. I am Irish-American, though.

  89. TrentHill says:

    No one here mentioned the Pope or tried to praise the Catholic church, yet marden08 still replied with “but take the papist rants somewhere else”–that pretty much tells you everything you need to know about Rangers and their hardcore base.

  90. TrentHill says:

    Won’t happen. Celtic is super-deep at midfield. They’re looking for a striker right now (no one say Eddie Johnson…)

  91. abc says:

    This is the US, where like 92% of the population considers themselves Irish for some stupid reason or another.

    The reality is both clubs have some supporters who are not exactly classy individuals, but every time the Rangers are mentioned here or elsewhere, expect the haters to come out.

  92. TrentHill says:

    You found “a celtic fan” saying something dumb and that’s your counter for the sectarian chanting that occurs at Ibrox?

  93. abc says:

    And the Celtic fans who were so outraged by Rangers racism above? Where are they when one of their own calls Bocanegra a “Hun”?

  94. TrentHill says:

    Celtic has long played protestant players, long officially welcomed protestant supporters and advertisers, long taken a hardline against sectarian chanting by supporters–none of which Rangers can claim.

  95. TrentHill says:

    Don’t call them Huns, idiot. You’re just getting down on Rangers’ level.

  96. TrentHill says:

    Every team has bigots.

    Rangers was founded and run by them until the 70s.

  97. abc says:

    That’s not relevant because it concerns America, you know, the United States. The country most of us here are from. The country whose national team Boca, Edu, and Bedoya play for. The country this blog is centered around.

    Maybe Irish offending Americans is a-ok around here? But offend the Irish and feel the RAAAGE!

  98. TrentHill says:

    Just check They play on Saturdays usually. They play tomorrow in Europa.

  99. abc says:

    Yeah, what happened here?

    He was under contract, right? I’m really confused….

  100. abc says:

    SPL hasn’t dropped THAT far yet.

  101. salim says:

    Racist Rangers. Celtics all the way.

  102. AC says:

    I hope Rangers place him back in his strongest position of centerback.

  103. abc says:

    We have a winner!

  104. Dimidri says:

    Scotland and the SPL exist because of special clauses and grandfathering. Scotland does not deserve it’s own domestic league that receives special European slots nor do they deserve their own national team. Why?

    It boils down to one of two things-a) Scotland=’functionally a country’ and deserves national team recognition, and/or b) they’re not good enough to exist without their special recognition. Those are both really lame reasons.

    Scotland is part of the United Kingdom. Yes they have a good degree of autonomy, guess what, so do hundreds of regions throughout the world-Somaliland, Zanzibar, Western Sahara, Basque regions in Spain, Catalunia, islands in Indonesia, tons of Russia, etc. Yet none of them get special recognition-it is unfair to each and every one of those relatively autonomous regions, who have players who would make the Basque national team but not the Spanish for Scotland to have a team. And please, yes Scotland has differences than England and Wales, but come on, every country has regional differences, Texas and New York are very different, but we are American first, Texan second(well, most of us anyway). b) is similar to a)-nobody cares that your team isn’t good enough to play on a United Kingdom team, tough, get some better players.

    Oh ya, the various member states of the UK also have like 60% of the voting in the rules of the game committee whereas FIFA as an orginzation has 1 vote I believe.

  105. ACS says:

    Imaginary country may change, the nationalist have won the majority and get to vote on whether they want to become an independent nation. Although they finally get a vote, it probably still won’t pass.

  106. abc says:

    I always assumed it was more because soccer started in the UK (not in Somalia or Spain). It’s not Scotland are the only ones with their own national team separate from England, Northern Ireland and Wales have them as well.

  107. Warren says:

    Yeah kind of like pracically the entire Spain squad playing together on Barcelona, or Real Madrid.

    Ok, scratch that comparison : (

  108. Eric K says:

    Pretty psyched to see Boca and Bedoya moved to the Gers. I started following them the past few years once Edu went there. Rangers have had a very solid team the past few years – without much money to spend, they had to coach and develop their players. What a novel concept – instead of just splashing the cash every time things got rough. They ended up with a group that had a lot of cohesion.

    From reading a lot about the situation there, it doesn’t seem like either Rangers or Celtic fans can really take a moral high ground. I think one thing us Americans can relate to is the friction that can come from an immigrant population that still identifies with their previous home. All the Mexicans who live here but support El Tri over our team. You assume at some point a few generations on they’ll think of themselves more as “Americans” (like all of us have). By comparison, and I say this realizing some others probably know a LOT more on the subject – it seems like Protestant Scots wonder if Catholic Irish immigrant descendants will ever totally assimilate and become Scottish, and Catholic Irish may wonder if they’ll ever be treated as “Scots” as much as their neighbors. My calm two cents.

  109. dr.gonzo says:


  110. CJ says:

    As if “Bocanegra” and “Bedoya” aren’t catholic-sounding enough for ya. This whole sectarian thing is BS. F**k Glasgow. Ally McCoist is a fine name for a Celtic man too.

  111. Mattbag212 says:

    Obviously now Rangers will go after Eddie Johnson. Michael Bradley too.

  112. downintexas says:

    i giggled

  113. Jim says:

    Here’s the automatic counter to that: Nobody covers up their racist tendencies like the right in the US, by saying things like, “playing the race card.”

    See, moron, it easily works both ways. Take the politics someplace else, and TRY to leave this a board about soccer.

  114. Juan from L.A. says:

    Rangers has more americans and will start them than NY Redbulls…thanks Backe, you are the worst that can happen the development of this sport in this league…

  115. vanilla face says:

    Think they’ll print an Edudoyanegra jersey?

  116. Eric says:

    Im catholic till i die Im catholic till i die Hie o the dairy o im catholic till i die.

  117. Eric says:

    Yank till I die Yank till i die Hie o the dairy of IM Yank till i DIE

  118. Eric says:

    Being a Yank and a Yankees fan are totally different things by the way.Go Red Sox.

  119. abc says:

    Well said.

  120. abc says:

    Yeah but Americans don’t know how to play football properly according to Backe… and of course that explains why the Rangers never win anything while the Red Bulls are the #1 MLS team!!

  121. Mrhawkins56 says:

    Predominance isn’t the problem, bigotry is. You make a “fine” contribution to proving that point.

  122. Stephen says:

    This is true bro. But people did forget about the Barca-Real rivalry as well. Huge historical political and social implications there too. Rivalries like that are part of soccer all over Europe.

  123. Predicto says:

    I’m sad to see boca on the decline, but I hope he can keep the big paychecks coming as long as possible. Ligue 1 is fast and technical, and he rarely attacked from his left back position. An ASSE forum notes that they got 1 to 1.5m euros for him from Rangers and lightened ASSE’s wage bill. But they also said that while Boca was slow and had faults, he was hard worker and a tough leader and will be missed on defense. link to

  124. Soccernomics says:

    For those of you interested in the mixture of culture, politics and soccer I’d recommend “How Soccer Explains the World” by Franklin Foer. There is an entire chapter dedicated to the significance and history of the Rangers – Celtic rivalry. An easy read.

    link to

  125. Now is probably the time... says:

    Will Bocanegra switch to the middle in Scotland? That is probably the only place he can play right now with the USNT.

  126. Soccernomics says:

    IIRC Celtic banned that player for life after the Reyna stunt.

  127. Andy in Atlanta says:

    I am pretty shocked at how many people are tearing down the SPL… the league is not nearly as soft and unskilled as you all think… there are some decent footballing sides and I would say as a whole it is every bit as good if not a little better than the MLS…

    And for the record I always defend the MLS… I would not be stunned if Hearts beat Spurs reserves today in Europa..

  128. BrianVT says:

    Errrmmmmm… …just confirming here… isn’t “Walker, Texas Ranger” more a symbol of American shame?

  129. Diggles says:

    Get the chapter in question here: link to

  130. Predicto says:

    And SPL pays a whole lot better than MLS for a journeyman defender.

  131. wides in MN says:

    Yes, though they are now in Europa League.

  132. emanuel says:

    His injury was a “calf strain” and he then went on to play 90 minutes on Saturday.

  133. GW says:

    Here is how UEFA ranks the leagues by country (for seeding puposes).

    Note that Sweden and Norway aren’t even in the top twenty.

    The top 4 MLS teams would doubtless do just fine in the SPL. The biggest gap between MLS teams and equivalent European sides is the depth. Most European sides have a more resources for developing depth.

    Once MLS academies start to really develop talent my suspicion is things will change dramatically for the better.

    Rank2011 League

    1 England

    2 Spain

    3 Germany

    4 Italy

    5 France

    6 Portugal

    7 Russia

    8 Ukraine

    9 Turkey

    10 Netherlands

    11 Greece

    12 Denmark

    13 Romania

    14 Belgium

    15 Scotland

    16 Switzerland

    17 Israel

    18 Austria

    19 Czech Republic

    20 Cyprus

  134. Mike in Missouri says:

    “take politics somewhere else?” This entire thread has been about politics.

  135. MJC says:

    I think what he is saying is it is okay to talk politics as related to soccer. Generalizations like your “No one plays the race/xenophobia/ethnic card quite like the left in the USA. This is pretty mild, all things considered.” are unnecessary.

  136. GJJ says:

    Bocanegra and Bedoya better be skipping the sign of the cross if they score. Rangers is one team that gives me the creeps.

  137. Mike in Missouri says:

    I can understand your point. I guess what I meant to say was that I think the race card and charges of racism/xenophobia/bigotry are way too quick to be leveled at other people, parties, groups, and, in this case, soccer teams. Especially when it’s not like Celtic is the shining beacon on the hill of goodwill while anyone associated with Rangers will be sitting next to Adolf Hitler in Hell.

  138. bryan says:

    I don’t like this. I would rather him be in France.

  139. OC says:

    Got em.

  140. OC says:

    I believe he is referring to their perennial chances. Rangers has a far better chance of finishing tops in their league than Boca’s squad did in France.

  141. pancholama says:

    Yeah – Real Madrid was Generalisimo Francisco Franco’s team from 1939 – 1975 (fascist dictator who “restored” the monarchy to Spain after there was an attempt at a freely elected democratic government by the Spanish Republic – Franco was aided during the Spanish Civil War by Hitler and Mussolini, there are still mass graves being discovered today in Spain created by Franco’s fascist troops under orders to rid Spain of all Republicans, “reds,” and Masons, and free thinkers, etc. etc. – if interested read “Las Fosas de Franco.”). The Camp Nou was the only place in Spain where the people of Catalunya could sing their national anthem, or dance the Sardana with out getting a rifle but in the head from Franco’s fascist police “la Guardia Civil.” Barcelona and Catalunya were the site of fierce resistance to the Fascist-Nationalist troops led by Franco, and the Catalans were punished accordingly for siding with the Republic for decades. I too, could go on for pages and pages….. ………..but suffice it to say – Mourinho has proven once again why he is the “special one,” that he is a very special and unique example of poor sportsmanship, a genuine horses a** – his behavior does not belong in organized football. Guardiola has more class in his left foot than Mourinho has in his entire soul-less body.

  142. Good Jeremy says:

    Shame? Did I miss something?

  143. Good Jeremy says:

    Dude, they just signed two Latino Catholics and a black guy. Maybe we can stop talking about how bigoted and evil they are. It’s not like they’re Chivas or anything.

  144. Good Jeremy says:

    Rangers just signed two Latino Catholics and a black guy. Maybe we can stop talking about how bigoted and evil they are. It’s not like they’re Chivas or anything.