Brazil claims Under-20 World Cup

BrazilU20 (Reuters)

Brazilians looking ahead to the 2014 World Cup had to be a bit concerned after their national team flamed out of the Copa America, but some of the confidence and excitement about 2014 was replenished after Brazil's Under-20 team won the Under-20 World Cup on Saturday.

Brazil rode a hat-trick from Oscar to knock off Portugal, 3-2, in extra time. Oscar kept Brazil alive with a late equalizer in regulation, then delivered an audacious chip shot in extra time to clinch the match.

Mexico completed its own impressive Under-20 World Cup run with a victory in the third-place match, a 3-1 win against France on Saturday.

Here are the highlights from Brazil's Under-20 World Cup Final victory:

What did you think of Brazil's victory? What players impressed you the most during the Under-20 World Cup?

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8 Responses to Brazil claims Under-20 World Cup

  1. tbkh says:

    Why does Sepp have to be in every picture?

  2. Artie says:

    Because he’s such a handsome man, obviously.

  3. Chivalife says:

    That oscar kid…. Wow he’s got a beautiful touch

  4. Matt Kassel says:

    easy there, tiger

  5. Juan from L.A. says:

    Mexico’s rise is impressive, but they are their own worst enemy. Many of these young guys has had minutes in the field playing 1st team ball (hint hint something Klinsmann said). With that said they did this by implementing the 20/11 rule in the past tournament which guarantee playing time for players in this category in their apertura and clausura tournament per team. But they stop that for this tournament. They had a really productive and impressive summer. Won two, got their U-23 team a much needed experience and third place in this one. Watch out CONCACRAP, cause Mexico will continue to dominate. Meanwhile we have Backe who doesn’t give minutes to our most potential and talented youth and only fields one American. Sorry had to throw that one in there.

  6. Dave from Charlotte says:

    Anybody see the game? How did the American refs do?

  7. Daddy says:

    I think they did well, they got a medal.

  8. JP says:

    American officials did a good job. Game was not difficult though with teams playing aggresively but mostly fair.