Chivas USA lining up Adu as Designated Player

Freddy Adu (

Freddy Adu's roller-coaster ride through Europe could end with a return to Major League Soccer.

Chivas USA is lining up a move to sign Adu as a Designated Player, high-ranking MLS sources told SBI late Tuesday night.

Adu is currently in the final year of his contract with Benfica, but could be allowed to move to MLS on a free transfer as the Portuguese club is looking to unload his contract.

A move to Chivas USA would re-unite Adu with Chivas USA head coach Robin Fraser, who was an assistant coach with Real Salt Lake during Adu's final season in MLS before heading to Europe in 2007.

A return to MLS would mean more playing time for the former U.S. Youth national team star and current senior national team midfielder, and could help boost his chances of playing a key role on the U.S. Olympic team in 2012.

What do you think of this development? Like the idea of Adu returning to MLS? Think he should stay in Europe?

Share your thoughts below.

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144 Responses to Chivas USA lining up Adu as Designated Player

  1. Will Smith says:

    I can dig it. Any playing time Adu gets right now would be beneficial to him.

  2. al17 says:

    I like it. He just needs to play on a regular basis and in an environment where he’s got a great support.

    Too much upside for him and he’s nowhere near maxing out on his potential.

  3. jayrig5 says:

    Would he be the youngest DP in MLS?

    It’s amazing to me how young he still is.

  4. Petaluman says:

    I support this move. Playing time is the key here.

  5. Ossington Mental Youth says:

    what happens with allocation next year?

    Im under the impression TFC is in the top 5 right now (with noone really coming back). Does that get reset in some manner next year?

    Not expecting anyone really, just sort of an added bonus to have, maybe we can get that CB leader we need so bad.

  6. dcm says:

    it might hurt his pride a little, but it’s a good move. and it seems like chivas need him. he has time to move back to europe if he wants that.

  7. JL says:

    What exactly has he done to be a DP again? Not my money or team, just seems like he should be getting paid less than DP money when he can’t find a team anywhere in Europe that wants him. He is a nice developing player, but not a designated player.

  8. Joe from El Paso says:

    About time! I feel that Adu has never been given a fair shake by his past coaches. Maybe with the new Klinsmann era beginning, Adu can be utilized and show why so many people hyped him up all thosey ears ago…. I think he will thrive in MLS. He knows now he has to prove himself and will not take it for granted like he has in the past. Good luck Freddy!!

  9. Ivor the Engine Driver says:

    The move makes sense for Adu – could play AM there with Braun and Moreno as forwards. Signing as a DP allows the Goats to stay at #1 for allocation rank but could they afford another high price player like Eddie Johnson who seemingly could be a good replacement for Ruiz in Philly since they hold allocation rank #2.

  10. Brandon says:

    Yeah, it be be the ideal move at this point in his career. I do think he has grown over in Europe, but at this point the most important thing for him is to play on a consistent basis.

  11. smt says:

    i think this is good. but i would not go after eddie johnson, unless chivas can be assured that eddie will actually try and play defense.

  12. Topher says:

    Better question would be “is he worth the money to be a DP?”. Based on his recent form, potential, and star-power, I would say he is worth a contract over $500k, making him a DP.

  13. JJ says:

    Good for all involved. I wanted him in Seattle but looks like we’re banking on Levesque come playoff time …

  14. bottlcaps says:

    It’s a good move for Adu, but I would think Chivas would go for a Mexican/Latin player for it’s DP. I don’t think to second guess Fraser though, he has done a standout job to turn the fortunes of Chivas around.

  15. Shane says:

    I like it. Good news!

  16. Murphy says:

    he just needs to play games so this is a good move for him. i hope he has a good game tonight…

  17. Shane says:

    Adu has been given a fair shake by his American coaches, Bradley included.

  18. Ryan says:

    Let’s be real fellas. This is great news for Freddy: playing time, decent league, nice pitch, under the watchful eye of Juergen in SoCal, and a fresh start. I am all for it. Go Freddy

  19. K says:

    I rather he stayed in Europe, just play at a French or Turkish side.

  20. Joshua says:

    What has he done to be a DP? Have you seen the DPs who are getting brought in these days? You’ve got young guys with sell-on promise, guys who scored a hatful of goals in the French second division five years ago, guys who were role players at semi-big Argie clubs – a DP doesn’t mean anything more than the fact that the player requires more salary than is permitted and the front office chooses to use a DP slot instead of paying it down with allocations. That’s all.

  21. ThaDeuce says:

    Whoa. I thought he’d never come back…

    Says a lot that he will get dp money even with lack of minutes.

  22. mbw says:

    Right — Bradley helped save Adu’s career this summer. . . .

  23. Sticky says:

    Being a DP should help salvage his pride a bit. If we’re to believe what we hear, he’s finally listened to the people telling him that he needs to work hard and be humble rather than the people telling him how great he is.

  24. Timber Dan says:

    Ummm… gotta disagree. Adu was never used in his most effective position attacking the ball under Bradley. He was as a U-20 player and he was a man among boys. For the full national team Bradley didn’t play him at his most effective until more recently.

    Bradley played a strict system of “pack it in our 4-4-2 and try not to lose.” Fortune favors the bold and Freddy can help us score goals. Defense is important, but if you ACTUALLY score more than the next guy you win every time. 😀

  25. Creige VA says:

    Based on his past comments about wanting to stick it out in Europoe, MLS must be his only option. I’m surprised not one Dutch or Belgium team came in for Adu.

  26. AC says:

    Smart move.

  27. Aaron in StL says:

    Well it doesn’t seem the offers were flying in.

    Time for him to get his feet on the ground and play. If he does well, he’ll work out a nice MLS career. If he does great, maybe he gets back to Europe some day. Still a young kid… with European “experience”.

  28. Alex says:

    No, I believe that would be Fabian Castillo. He’s 18.

  29. Stephen says:

    Um he’s a forward. Defense is not his main job.

  30. the special one says:

    As a DP? Really? He couldn’t cut it in europe so why give him DP money? I feel sorry for the Chivas fans. What a waste of money.

  31. Dorito_420 says:

    I would prefer he stayed over in Europe, or anywhere else besides MLS. I find it amazing that NO team in all those European leagues want him and are willing to give him playing time. Personally I think he’d be a great fit somewhere in the Brazilian league.

    That being said, right now playing time is paramount. Go to Chivas, sign a short 2 or 3 year contract, and use it as a showcase to make it to a bigger team.

  32. Rob says:

    I thought Chivas was trying to go the Southern Cal route with their franchise

  33. As a galaxy fan,I am would hate to see him go to CUSA. As a National team fan, I am happy he would go with a team who could give him playing time.

  34. rph says:

    I like the move to MLS, just not to Chivas, but that’s just because I don’t like the goats.

  35. Erik the Orange says:

    Man among boys….haha, probably cause he was actually a 32 year old man, among boys.

  36. wc says:

    Fabian Castillo, 19, is the youngest DP, but he only counts as a DP for the first year of his contract.

  37. Big Chil says:

    I think it’s fantastic for both he & MLS. This is where he should have been all along instead of bouncing around the Turkish 2nd division, etc. He’s only 22. When he’s 26 he can move back to Europe if he grows as we hope in MLS. He looked like a revelation in the Gold Cup Final.

  38. BrianVT says:

    If Adu doesn’t defend at the international level, he will be jettisoned from JK’s system most expeditiously.

  39. kimo says:

    Any Chivas fans out there? What formation do they use and how would Adu fit in with their system?

  40. Jason B says:

    Yep, the allocation order gets reset each year according to the standings, so next year Chicago, Toronto, Vancouver, and New England should all be at the top of the list depending on how the rest of the season shakes out.

  41. Chris says:

    As a Chivas fan, this is pretty exciting news. I’ve never been the biggest Adu fan, but I respect what he is and the potential for more. I’m glad to see Chivas finally (FINALLY!!!!) make a move for a DP, but like everybody, I’m a bit surprised to see him as there choice. I think that this team needs a true #9, an out and out striker, (I’m sure Simon Elliot will be the first to tell you that he’s not a real #9) and I know he wore 9 for DCU and can score goals, but is he really a striker? Overall, I like it. I hope it brings the team some much needed buzz, and can be the spark that gets them back to where they were under Bradley and Preki and push them around the next corner.

  42. DCUPedro says:

    Adu has — and has had — plenty of interest. However, Benfica’s playing hardball with his contract. If he were on a free, he could get on with a number of clubs in France or the Netherlands.

    MLS is probably the only place where a team has a cost-benefit proposition with acquiring him, because they’ll be able to afford his current wages based on increased ticket sales (he can still sell tickets here in the US).

    Win Win Win. But if he plays even reasonably good, he’ll only be here a year or two.

  43. Rory says:

    I’m not sure how Chivas will benifit from having a smaller, slighter Mehdi Ballouchy on their team.

  44. Good for him. Great for MLS.

  45. rory says:

    Right, and there’s nowhere better for someone to forget the star they think they are than in LA… Oh wait…

  46. Adam M. says:

    Great move for all involved, but especially for Chivas, who instantly gets out from behind the Galaxy’s shadow in LA and gives the rest of the country a reason to watch them.

  47. DCUPedro says:

    People have this strange notion that “DP Money” = Beckham’s millions. It doesn’t. The league max per player is $335,000 per year. So if Adu is making 350,000 and Chivas doesn’t have any allocation money to buy that down — he’s a designated player.

    It’s just a roster category. It doesn’t imply that he’s making truckloads of money.

    Also, whether or not he could “cut it” in Europe isn’t relevant. He is a national team player, and oh by the way, if he was on a free in Europe, he’d still have a job in Europe. Things aren’t as black and white as you’re making them out to be.

  48. beachbum says:

    disagree, particularly w/ this analysis “Bradley played a strict system of ‘pack it in our 4-4-2 and try not to lose.'” Not accurate at all, sorry, although that was what happened when teams outclassed us, true. I’m not going to explain it to you since you believe you already understand.

    anyway, on Fred, I would argue it is his increased maturity and recognition that he too MUST defend at the international level that has earned his teammates’ respect back on the USMNT, making him a much better teammate and player himself, a lesson Bradley appears key in helping him to learn. Bradley certainly gets credit for giving Adu a chance again too as no one else was interested except the second division in Turkey

  49. CSD says:

    Biggest MLS news of the day:

    “NEW YORK (AP) — Major League Soccer games will be televised by NBC’s networks starting next season, doubling the number of homes that dozens of games will be available in.”

  50. Sam's Fan says:

    I think it’s a great move for Freddy to come back to MLS. He absolutely needs playing time and Chivas USA have a decent squad and a solid manager. Plus, I totally support MLS franchises spending money on quality players from the US and Canada. No knock on the abilities of some of the recent DP signings, but Mustapha Jarju or Milton Caraglio aren’t going to make me – or really anyone – tune into a game. People will tune in to watch Freddy.

  51. Union says:

    “Good for him. Great for MLS.” I think that sums it up. A player like Adu needs A) playing time, so its good if gets it as a regular starter at Chivas but just as importantly he needs B) to play in a league that suits his skill set. We’ll see how he fares tonight, but his strengths are ball skills and creativity….not MLS’s strong suit. I’m sorry, the MLS drives me crazy. I watch it, I root for it, I hope it grows as a league, but Garber has no coherent (or reasonable) vision whatsoever. It’s gotten a whole lot better, but its still a gross mash up of a European soccer league and the NBA or something. All star games? Designated players? Salary cap? Playoffs? I dunno. I’d rather have Adu play in the Primera division before he goes to the MLS. And what if does sign with Chivas? So what, he plays for a few more months and then is once again stuck not playing while the MLS takes has a ridiculously long break?

  52. RangerSG says:

    Glad reality got through his handlers and ego and let him do the best thing for his career. He never should’ve left MLS in the first place.

  53. Union says:

    When he was 14? Or in general?

    Why are people still convinced that the MLS is the best breeding ground for young players? It’s not the whole problem, but its part of the problem. The development academies will hopefully fix this, but there are plenty of Americans whose development was absolutely STUNTED by the MLS. Not that they had other options, but still. (cough, Agudelo).

  54. Goalscorer24 says:

    It would be great! Any continual playing time Adu can get would be good.

  55. Goalscorer24 says:

    I don’t think it is that no team in Europe wants him. No team wants him at his current price. I think the issue has always been about money. Freddy and his handlers don’t want to get less money then what Benefica are paying him, and nobody wants to pay that much for him.

  56. Felix says:

    Last week, Jimmy Conrad co-hosted on World Football Daily for a day and Freddy Adu came up. In a foreboding comment, Conrad mentioned that there’s a strong chance that Adu would be returning to MLS. I didn’t put it together at the time, but now it makes sense.

    Personally, I wish his career would have flourished in Europe, but ultimately the best thing is that he plays.

    I wonder if he pondered playing in Mexico, there style of play fits his style better than the physical, fast MLS.

  57. Felix says:

    I think Adu’s salary scares a lot of teams off.

  58. Seth says:

    ReD bulls plz

  59. Mitch says:

    There is only one L.A.

  60. Sean says:

    I dont even think he is MLS worthy….maybe USL level right now

  61. Creige va says:

    Where have you heard this? I think it will be very difficult for Adu to get back to Europe even if he does well. He would have to dominate a la Landon to get another shot,

  62. al17 says:

    …you mean like Monaco who let him go after he was on loan there for a season? Rolls eyes…. as if these options were available to him.

    Get Real..

  63. Will says:

    Chivas become the deeper team with this move…sad, but true

  64. Are you seriously comparing Ballouchy to Adu? Adu is a much better player.

  65. I think having him with Labroca in the middle can do wonders for their attack.

  66. Eurosnob says:

    I agree, but Adu’s performance in the Gold Cup final gives me cautious optimism. I don’t hesitate to critique Adu for lack of defensive intensity and hard work, but he worked his tail off in the Gold Cup final, tracking back on defense and fighting for every ball. I could not believe my eyes that it was Freddy Adu doing sliding tackles and chasing the players down. If he keeps it up, he’ll earn Klinsmann’s trust.

  67. atlas says:

    This is dumb, if he was going to come back he should have last winter before going to Rizespor. That loan, though in a second rate European league, improved his confidence and form greatly and it showed in the Gold Cup. His performance there coupled with his showing at Rizespor has garnered much more interest in Europe than there had been last winter. It would be a foolish time to go back now after proving himself more mature by playing at Rizespor and thus creating a larger market for his services in Europe.

    I feel like this all comes down to money, DP money will come close to his current salary while if Adu stayed in Europe he might not have been able to make the same money.

  68. marco says:

    Good move for Freddy, he needs to play. DP? not sure about that.

  69. biff says:

    I too would rather seem him playing in Europe–and still three weeks until the transfer windown closes. St. Pauli in Hamburg is desperate for a player like Freddy and I think he would fit in great there. St. Pauli was relegated to the second Bundesliga after an awful second half of the season last year, but is a good team with great fans that some think will bounce back next year into Bundesliga One. The second Bundesliga would be about a million times better than playing in Turkey as he did last season, and would give him the chance to show his stuff and maybe catch the attention of some bigger European teams–and that is not going to happen again if he goes back to the MLS.

  70. Ski Fast! says:

    The Union should have made a move like this.

  71. The Sir says:

    Bravo, did you come up with that one on your own?

    Do yourself a favor and watch some soccer so you can actually have an “informed” opinion.

  72. Bobby says:

    And just which channel/stadium would you find Adu on???? I agree with Sean…One good game for USA and he is the savior once again???

  73. MC Pharaoh says:

    Chivas USA would be playoff contenders if they could pull off the signatures of EJ and Adu before the 14th…

    Labrocca + Adu as attacking mids with Braun + EJ up top.

    Now if they can just re-brand in the offseason, I wont hate them…

  74. Hog says:


  75. YO says:

    I don’t like it, specially becasue Chivas is associated with Mexico.

  76. The Sir says:

    Who said ANYTHING about Freddy Adu being the savior? This conversation is strictly about his CLUB situation, your comment is completely out of context and scope.

    Furthermore, I watched about 5 of Adu’s games in Turkey and both of his recent internationals and its clear he is headed in the right direction and certainly good enough for MLS. Any reasonable fan of the game can see that.

  77. Crewmudgeon says:

    Returning from Europe with his tail between his legs didn’t hurt Landon Donovan. So it shouldn’t hurt Freddy.

  78. Poo says:

    Love it. Would be at least one reason to watch Chivas USA, right now the only one is the other team.

  79. gerald says:

    I have to agree with Sergio on that one

  80. goooo freddy says:

    I agree with Union’s assessment. MLS also over expanded and seem to be in a rush to get to 20 teams. The discrepancy between the best and worst teams has increased dramatically as a consequence.

    I worry about Freddy breaking his leg in the league as well. Look what happened to Ferreira and Zakuani this season. I hate to say this, but think he would be better off in the Mexican league which is a much slower tempo and much much more skillful than MLS.

    Still, playing somewhere is better than not playing. I hope this is a stepping stone to better things for Freddy and I also hope that Fraser uses him as an attacking midfielder and not on the flank.

  81. Eurosnob says:

    Adu is under contract with Benfica. He gets paid the same amount of money, whether he plays for Benfica or Rizespor or Chivas or simply watches the games in Benfica’s cafeteria. Benfica is more likely to allow him to go on a free transfer to MLS than to a European team. Benfica makes money from transfers of players to other European teams and the last thing they want is to allow free transfers within their primary market.

  82. John says:

    The chivas style is so slow and boring I hope it doesnt rub off on adu

  83. gerald says:

    I think people people fail to realize that Freddy is not going to leave Benfica for 150-200k if he is already getting more

  84. Jourdain says:

    Both are below average MLS players…Adu should go to USL first

  85. Max says:

    Freddy is really 34

  86. Cheech says:

    If the best American player doesnt get a fair shake in foreign lands, nobody will. Come home Freddy!

  87. Jack says:

    CD San Diego…perfect fit

  88. Javier says:


  89. Mack says:

    Passing on Benny F. wasn’t such a bad move for Chivas, especially if they can also bring in a striker

  90. Will says:

    Labrocca is better on the right anyway….nice move

  91. Simpson says:

    very eurodouchy….yuck

  92. Ricky says:

    Union only goes after defense

  93. marco says:

    better to watch than LA Galaxy

  94. RSL123 says:

    This is a great move for Freddy!

  95. USA Fan says:

    Yes, I think he now has the confidence and seasoning to blossom. Welcome home!

  96. nic d the "tx 2 stepper" says:

    Glad to hear this. Would prefer him playing in Holland or Belgium but PLAYING is the key. I guess I will have to watch Chivas now especially if they can get EJ as well.

    No One on the Pac NW could get him in the fold? Portland or Vancouver.

    Portland would have been perfect for him and them.

    GK – Troy Perkins
    RB – Lovell Palmer
    CB – Eric Brunner
    CB – Mamadou “Futty” Danso
    LB – Rodney Wallace/Chabala
    LM – Jeremy Hall/Nagbe
    DM – Jack Jewsbury
    DM – James Marcelin
    AM – Freddy Adu
    RM – Perlaza/Zizzo
    F – Kenny Cooper

    That’s a TEAM to be feared

  97. Tim says:


  98. Baggy says:

    French league is too physical, MLS might be also…

  99. Ossington Mental Youth says:

    thanks, i do appreciate it

  100. tim says:

    Not true. The only way the order changes is through signing players or trading spots with another team.

  101. Dominghosa says:

    Kind of good for Adu, rather see him stay in Europe and get signed by his last Turkish team.
    Bad for LaBrocca, this will change his role and dynamic with the team. He’s having such a huge, breakout year.

  102. Jackie T says:

    Turkey blows, Go USA!

  103. CUSAfan says:

    Right, by adding LA to the name.
    Otherwise, you would be Carson galaxy

  104. Clover362 says:

    Also he makes like almost no money

  105. Long Dong says:

    tru dat

  106. soccerhorn says:

    anybody follow Ives live chat this morning? He poo-pooed the story! Said he didn’t see it happening. (Despite the fact that his website broke the story!) Rumor-mill, nothing more.

  107. Rerun says:


  108. sy says:

    Not main job, but important job. When your team loses the ball, you become a defender.

  109. Winston says:


  110. Clover362 says:

    It’s not MLs that have stunted players in the US its college. that is what has held the us back, for instance a NCAA athlete can only practice 15 hours a week, and even less during the offseason. in every other country in the world 18-22 year olds are alread professionals putting in preffesional amount of time into their game (40 hours a week +) and not amature student athletes.

    The MLS academies are changing this dramatically which is why you have seen some very good talent already come up through them (najar, Agudelo, Shea) even though they are small and have not been around for long

  111. ThaDeuce says:

    Whoa, just thought of something. Why isn’t benny in this camp!?

  112. Brett says:

    Obviously it’s important that he play, but I really want to see him stick it out in Europe. What has he done to earn a DP slot?

  113. ThaDeuce says:

    I went live and then re-read and got that he thinks it will happen. Maybe we should read it one more time?

  114. ThaDeuce says:

    Before bashing your fav. Site’s creator

  115. abc says:

    What has he done to deserve being in this camp?

  116. abc says:

    Has he done anything to make the Revs better?

    How many points did they get per game before he joined, and how many with him?

  117. @stellarcaster says:

    @sergio i agree. its not even close.

  118. dimidri says:

    Why hasn’t Chivas USA Been more aggressive in going after the big name European players who want to come to MLS? They are in one of the supposed two most desirable cities in the US(LA, with NY) that seem to be the only places foreign players want to go. Is it ownership? I feel South/North American Latin based players would flock to them. Or was the monicker ‘Chivas’ too narrow, alienating both Latin non-Chivas fans and American ‘not-fans-of-Mexico-especially-the-team-that-is- the-epitomy-of-Mexico’ alike?

  119. @stellarcaster says:

    this could actually be HUGELY beneficial to all parties involved. adu has behaved like a bonehead at times, but he CAN play!

    only down side… I’m a galaxy supporter. lets sell angel to chivas and sign adu ourselves. come on… we r the HDC LANDLORDS!

  120. ThaDeuce says:

    His form for the nats has been at a higher level than that of rogers… Also has creativity and versatility of positions. I assume it is because of injury, which i forgot about. Or maybe he sucks now? Is that what you are saying? I don’t watch revs. But he has been a big game player for the nats before.

  121. Galaxy Main says:

    haha…Yes, so we can have Adam Cristman and Chad Barrett as starting forwards….sounds great!

  122. nic d the "tx 2 stepper" says:


  123. MrTuktoyaktuk says:

    DP but on the low $ side ($500-800K) seems about right.

  124. Charles says:

    Ever notice when MLS does well in anything, the trolls come out in force ?

    MLS lacks skill.

    MLS has no fans.

    MLS negative this and terrible that.

    Watch for it….but be careful.

    Dallas wins CCL this year, the blog might explode from the guys wishing MLS wasn’t good.

  125. Russell says:

    Exactly. I had no reason to watch Chivas games before. Now I do.

  126. TomR says:

    This would be laughable. This kid has a good agent and has been selling a bill of goods now for what 4 or 5 years?

  127. lasoccer says:

    No matter how you might feel about Adu’s age, this comment — joke or otherwise — is unbearably stale.

  128. pancholama says:

    It’s a good move for him – though may be short lived.
    More playing time here in the US in MLS will lead to a new European contract and he will be off again.

    Freddy – a word to the wise – it is a wise person who rules his stars. It is a fool who is ruled by them.
    Pay attention to your astrology, especially to your astro-cartogaphy and you will see, your career will flourish.

    Most of all, work hard. Be humble. You’re not special, not separate from your team-mates.
    One day the world will spin on your shoe laces – but you are going to have to work very hard to get there.
    Be kind, be brave, be pure. Everyday, try your hardest.

  129. pancholama says:

    ……I’m no Ray Dommennech (thank G*d), but I know a little.

  130. Santo says:

    that and the LA originals

  131. gstommylee says:

    Wrong Expansion teams are automatically top of allocation spot so Montreal is #1 next year.

  132. Paul C says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t like this move for him?

  133. papa bear says:

    I like the move. I’m not quite sure how he deserves DP money. Though I’m not too worried about that since I couldn’t care less about Chivas USA.

    I guess at the end of the day, they are hoping this will boost their gate numbers in a soccer mad market where there are some butts that could be put in seats and therefore justify the DP tag.

    All of that aside, playing time is good for him. MLS is a solid league and it is better to get time here than it is on a reserve team in the second division of the Turkish league. At least he’ll get some exposure here and move back to Europe if he does really well and turns his game around.

  134. what the says:

    Freddy is a Nike corporate marketing creation. He does not fit in at St. Pauli.

  135. Sean says:

    I don’t believe Adu should get DP salary. I think it’s kind of ridic. After all, he’s been jettisoned at every club he’s visited since MLS.

    I do believe MLS could be a good option for him. And, I could even say give him a cool 200K to 500K salary. But a DP? Really?

    If Chivas USA wasn’t questioned before for their decisions (which they were) they should be now.

    Do we really want to entitle Adu for NOT DOING MUCH OF ANYTHING YET??? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan. But, he really must earn something for goodness sake.

    He’s been playing in the lower divisions of lesser leagues. Come on!

  136. Dax says:

    If this is as a DP, I assume they stay #1 in the allocation draft. Any chances of also picking up Eddie Johnson in that process?

  137. jpc says:

    great move if it could happen, maybe now I can sit through a Chivas USA game. They’ve been brutally boring since Mikael Galindo was on the team

  138. CUSA fan says:


  139. The Sauce Boss says:

    Jourdain you should be banned from commenting…clearly you have no idea what your talking about. Adu certainly does not belong in the USL and he is most certainly a better than average MLS player.

  140. The Sauce Boss says:

    He would not be in the spotlight in LA…Beckham and Donovan will over shadow him with the Galaxy. Kinda like the Yankees over shadowing the Mets

  141. BlueWhiteLion says:

    tru dat

  142. brian says:

    i used to abuse LD for not staying overseas, but i think Freddy should come home and establish himself as an MLS player. The kid needs games and he needs some structure, and if he can’t play here, he sure as hell can’t play over there.