Pontius, Spector called into USMNT camp

ChrisPontius (ISIPhotos.com)

D.C. United midfielder Chris Pontius and Birmingham City defender/midfielder Jonathan Spector have been called into the U.S. men's national team training camp as injury replacements for Heath Pearce and Zach Loyd, U.S. Soccer announced on Friday.

Pontius and Spector will take part in this week's U.S. training camp ahead of the team's upcoming friendlies against Costa Rica on Friday in Carson, Cal., and Belgium in Brussels on Wednesday, Sept. 6th.

Pontius is enjoy a stellar season for D.C. United as a goal-scoring left winger while Spector brings his usual versatility and skill to the U.S. squad.

Pearce suffered a hamstring injury in Chivas USA's loss to Real Salt Lake on Saturday while Loyd has been carrying a knock for some time that he was unable to overcome.

In other USMNT camp developments, Clint Dempsey will join the U.S. team in Belgium for the second friendly and will not be joining the team in camp in California, thereby skipping the Costa Rica friendly.

What do you think of these developments? Share your thoughts below.

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82 Responses to Pontius, Spector called into USMNT camp

  1. Pgloerse says:

    Dempsey also not coming for the Costa Rica game…will meet up in Belgium.

  2. MSNats says:

    Guess JK already knows who he wants to play in defense.

  3. Danny says:

    Free V-Nasty!!

  4. Steve McSteve says:

    It’s nice to see Pontius, but I’m pretty over Spector. I’d prefer to look at George John, Geoff Cameron, Brad Davis, Josh Gatt and Mix Diskerud.

  5. Turgid Jacobian says:

    Spector is 25, played pretty well in all competitions for a while now! over him?

  6. Stephen says:

    Did Jonathan break your heart?

  7. CrispyST3 says:

    What’s been going on with Charlie? How’s he been doin for DC? Is he still injured?

  8. Hawk says:

    Anyone have any insight on why Lichaj was not called up for this camp?

  9. abc says:

    I’m fine with these two, but what do Omar Gonzalez, George John, Mix Diskerud, and Zak Whitbread have to do to get Klinsi’s attention?

  10. Pgloerse says:

    I would imagine with Makoun going out loan AV is pretty damn thin and could be a prime opp for him to break in. I am chalking last weekend’s no bench as a result of him playing 90 earlier in the week.

  11. Rufus Firefly says:

    He’s not getting first team time with his club.

  12. CR says:

    There’s still a glimer of hope for him to play for AV, especially with his Carling Cup performance. Don’t want to take him away from that competition and let him lose his spot.

  13. Raisa says:

    I want all of their names to get called up so badly!!!!!!

  14. donttreadonme says:

    Wait until Oct/Nov…

  15. Kee says:

    We also don’t know how many players declined the call up. It’s asking a lot for a player to fly out for 2 meaningless friendlies.

  16. Hawk says:

    Thanks, all. Makes sense. After his Gold Cup performance, I hope he earns a starting position at AV and gets some more call ups.

  17. spencer says:

    Whitbread needs to get healthy, and mix is battling a very deep midfield.

  18. Jim in Atlanta says:

    why? But i’d hive it to Kreayshawn.

  19. go usa says:

    I’ve got to agree that we don’t want him as right back, unless it’s against weaker competition. I’d like to see more what he can do in midfield, but there is plenty of competition.

  20. Two Cents says:

    All those guys will be in a camp sooner or later, at least I hope. Also, Whitbread picked up an injury this weekend, so he certainly could not have been a replacement for the friendlies.

  21. Brian says:

    Who is V-Nasty?

  22. Creige says:

    Geoff Cameron should be brought in pronto. Need his versatility and he was the only one who knew how to defend Man U during the All-Star game. I like George John but tired of calling in everyone who happens to have dual citizenship and therefore gets the opportunity to play in Europe. Chad Marshall is better than George John and so is Geoff Cameron.

  23. Turgid Jacobian says:

    That’s fair, though I’m willing, given his improvement in form (albeit at other positions) to give him a few more runs there.

  24. Bryson says:

    No one seems to care that Bedoya was not called up. I am hoping that is just because of his transition to Rangers, but even then Bocanegra was called up and he is in the same situation.


  25. AV_13 says:

    Was Clint left off, so he can seal a new deal before the transfer window? I read Sevilla and a couple of others are after him.


  26. Bryson says:

    Who I would like to see start. Although I like the 4-5-1, I am going to go with a 4-2-2 because i dont feel like we have a strong CAM and I would like to see all 3 forwards get some time.


    Cherundolo Boca Ream Chandler

    Donovan Edu Torres F. Johnson

    Altidore Bunbury

  27. anon says:

    What about Parkhurst? Pontius is at a completely different position than Pearce/Loyd.

  28. Justin says:

    How long does Zusi need to dominate the league before he gets called up?

  29. AV_13 says:

    Looks good. I would prefer Agudelo over Bunbury…he has a better first touch and can pass the ball well.

  30. Brett says:


  31. UCanStudyBuzzed says:

    yeeeeaaa my boy Pontius finally gets his chance! Gauchos represent! hahah

  32. Brett says:

    Yeah, same reason Jozy wasn’t called in for Mexico. Let the players get in with the clubs so they can get on the pitch. Seems to have worked for Altidore…

  33. cajun says:

    Ives, are you sure Zach Lloyd is injured? From what I understand, he (along with George John and Brek Shea) is(are) playing in the USOC semis for FC Dallas vs Seattle tomarrow.

  34. Bryson says:

    Yeah, i dont really care who starts but i would like to see both play

  35. Dancy says:

    Davies has been poor for DC lately. Poor attitude, poor form, poor finishing, and poor effort. Many DC fans don’t even want him back next year, myself included, unless he really turns it around in the next two months. Maybe injuries have played a part, but they don’t make you unable to cheer for your teammates when they score. The guy doesn’t even pretend to give a crap about anyone but himself.

  36. UCanStudyBuzzed says:

    I also wanna see Josh Gatt, and I’m curious about this 22 year old Conor O’Brian kid playing in the Danish Superliga, was in the 3rd division there just a year ago. He’s a possession oriented attacking mid type, and NOBODY picked him up in the MLS draft! I don’t get it! He even says in the interview that he “hopes he’ll catch the interest of an MLS team” haha my how things have changed if a young american prospect has to prove himself in a European first division to catch the attention of MLS! I’d like to see the kid called up for the olympic camps let him test his mettle.

  37. Indy says:

    I would guess Bedoya was not called in so that he can get comfortable and compete for a spot at Rangers. Bocanegra has has a starting spot, is an old pro and captain of the US.

    I’m guessing MB90 was not brought in because he will be moving and in a new fight for a spot in Italy.

  38. Eurosnob says:

    He started the season great, but his form has tailed off recently (whether due to injuries or otherwise). It is remarkable that he is able to play professional soccer after his accident. Things were very encouraging at the start of the season, but based on his recent dip in form, I think that Charlie is at least a year away from seriously contending for a spot in the national team. I think, if things fall just right, he may still be able to be a contributor down the road, perhaps he could first be used as a speedy option of the bench.

  39. Eurosnob says:

    Yes, Pontius deserved this call up.

  40. swoopy says:

    Agreed about Zusi, but don’t know him well. What’s the +/- on him?

  41. fischy says:

    Props out to Pontius. He really merits a look, and he’s earned it with his hard work. He’s on the cusp of being something really special — just needs to get better with his shots…still seems to send his headers at the goalie and his shots either at the goalie or off-frame. If he can get a little more deft touch — and he is improving almost every week — he will be awesome.

    Still, I don’t understand calling in two midfielders to replace two defenders.

  42. Seriously? Have you ever seen him play? I saw him while he was at Bucknell and he was NOTHING special. There is a reason he wasn’t drafted in the MLS. He isn’t that good, that’s why. You don’t test mettle in camps like that.

  43. Neruda says:

    George John ranks above Marshall and Geoff Cameron and not because he has dual citizenship, but because he’s actually very good and dangerous on set pieces with his height.

  44. Blueswiss says:

    for minute I thought it was going to say Chandler….

  45. DaMa says:

    Really how do you justify starting Bunbyry over Shea? If you have to play a 4-4-2 then play LD withdrawn behind Jozy and Shea gets an outside midfield spot.

  46. Good Jeremy says:

    They better play techno when he goes on!

  47. Good Jeremy says:

    Pontius prefers to go by his alias Party Boy.

  48. UCanStudyBuzzed says:

    well if you’ve seen him play and he’s not that great I’ll submit to your judgment since I haven’t. And ya I guess I would hope that overall the MLS would be better than the Danish Superleague; I guess Parkhurst and Goodson are just over there then for the $$$. Still tho, MLS doesn’t have a very good track record in the past of valuing and showcasing possession oriented technical players, and college soccer is even worse for that matter, so maybe you didn’t see the best the kid has to offer either.

    Anyways, I’ll stand by Gatt that guy is a beast and should definitely be called into the Olympic camp.

  49. Freddie Footballer says:

    Pontius could be a fwd but plays midfield. Spector could be a defender but plays midfield for his club. We have too many midfielders!

    In other news, I’m disappointed that Fabian Johnson won’t play at all this next week bc he is filing the FIFA paperwork for the one time switch, per Jeff Carlisle on Twitter.

  50. DadRyan says:

    Noticed that they took down the Davies billboard on H St. NW the other day…. We’d been joking, ” now diving at RFK ” for a hot minute. I couldn’t help but state the obvious, ” well, I guess Charlie is NOT playing at RFK these days…”.

    Still peepin’ the Dax-“the engine” buses rollin’ around… also the Bosko-the architect jawns… ahhhhh marketing.

  51. DadRyan says:

    Break away shorts with sequined banana hammock underneath….

  52. RangerSG says:

    Spector deserves the call-up for his versatility alone. And he’s played well at level equivalent to MLS, at least.

  53. Brendan says:

    Thanks for making that reference so I didn’t have to.

  54. Gerald says:

    Loyd didn’t play Saturday nor was he an option off the bench. Considering that John wasn’t available as well it must mean something

  55. Good Jeremy says:

    Great news if true!

  56. go usa says:

    Mashall has scored as many goals as Cameron and John combined…

    I like all of these players but John and Cameron hardly rank “above” Marshall.

  57. E says:

    I would actually like to Spector in the midfield. I think it would be interesting to see how he does. Give him a shot and see what happens. Waiting for Holden…

  58. kris says:

    Did you see the seattle columbus game? Marshall was awful. He’s been tested at the international level and sucked.

  59. abc says:

    Charlie Davies is still only the fourth best forward on his own team… of course that somehow worked in Teal Bunbury’s favor!

  60. abc says:

    Bunbury?? Dude barely starts for his own MLS team!

  61. beachbum says:

    he’s playing darn well, no doubts there

  62. go usa says:

    I watched the game but had limited time so not with 100% attention. Columbus was flat. It’s tough to pin a team whooping on the center back. Marshall has been one of the steadiest defenders in the league his entire career. His team is in first place in the Eastern conference and had the lowest goals against record in the league until Saturday’s misstep. So yeah, he clearly sucks.

  63. Beckster says:

    Agreed and he is doing well and playing every game at Birmingham. If he gets through the rugged Championship schedule with consistent playing time at midfield, he may well be come a solid, albeit unspectacular, central midfield option.

  64. Second City says:

    Also because he’s not MB90.

  65. A wise man once says:

    And don’t forget Gonzalez!

  66. sweet says:

    id rather have spector coming off the bench when cherundolo gets hurt than bornstein

  67. JoeW says:

    He hurt his knee, missed 3 games and hasn’t been the same since.

  68. scott says:

    Agreed, he has worked hard and has had a great season so far.
    Go Pontius!!!

  69. Jack says:

    I have the feeling Dempsey and Klinsman aren’t going to get along too well.

  70. GW says:

    Charlie Davies has been pretty honest about the fact that he is a selfish, extremely self centered person.

    Anyone who watched him try to turn the USMNT’s 2010 World Cup into the Charlie Davies redemption tour saw that. And his subsequent behavior at Sochaux was quite similar. Then again good strikers are often arrogant jerks like that.

    From what I’ve seen in DC, his body is letting him down. This is not entirely unexpected and as others have said, he is probably a year away from truly getting back to his best, if that ever happens.

    Gooch suffered for coming back too soon and I believe Davies is doing the same thing. My guess is if and when he ever gets back to his best, the US will have already found better alternatives.

  71. fischy says:

    I doubt that’s true, but I’m 100% sure you have no idea that’s true. And, it’s not even funny.

    Should we call you “Hedgehog” because yuor name is Jeremy?

  72. Edwin in LA says:

    Marshall has flamed out at the senior level, and you might want to check you facts buddy. Columbus has 30 goals against, minus the 6 =24.

    How many does the Galaxy have?

    George John IS the best American defender in MLS right now, I think Cameron can beat him if he were to go back to CB, after all he made Best XI in his 2nd season and 1st as starting Center back.

    But don’t take my word for it, or Neruda, go usa & kris for that matter or even Ives.

    Just read the piece he wrote about the All Star game and the selections the PLAYERS would choose as their MLS starting 11.

    Marshall was like the 5th one. Olave, John, Gonzalez and Ream I believe were higher. Think Ihemelu might of been switched for Ream?

  73. Edwin in LA says:

    Wasn’t he available sub in the Gold Cup final? He could of just started him, which I believe was the OBVIOUS choice when Lichaj had been used to Left back the whole Gold Cup and excelled at it.

    Yup just checked the team 18 man game day roster for that day, could of used Spector at RB Bob! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!

    (Bangs head against wall in PTSD after Gold Cup final memory =(…..)

  74. Brian says:

    I know it kills me too.

    Hell, Bob could have moved Lichaj to RB, brought Tim Ream/Maurice Edu/Jonathan Spector in at CB and moved Boca to LB.

  75. Brian says:


  76. hogatroge says:

    In league play, Marshall has 3 more goals (13) than Cameron (10) in 90+ more appearances in MLS.

    Marshall is also the only one of the 3 to make an appearance for the USMNT. Both John and Cameron have been called up but were injured before or during camp.

  77. hogatroge says:

    Bedoya has only made one appearance for Rangers off the bench. He needs to focus on earning a starting spot with his club.

    He’ll be back… don’t worry.

  78. hogatroge says:

    Just conjecture on my part… maybe there was a behind the scenes agreement by Klinsmann and FC Dallas not to rob the team of 3 of its best players. Judging by past performance, Brek was chosen?

  79. hogatroge says:

    He’s been in a lot of SKC highlights lately.

  80. DC Josh says:

    Pontius deserved this call-up.

  81. bryan says:

    both deserve it. bedoya, mix and gatt probably do too.