Corona called up by Mexican U-22s, admits USMNT interest

JoeyCorona (Getty)


The chase for Club Tijuana forward Joe Benny Corona just got a bit more interesting. 

Corona has been called up by Mexico's Under-22 side for a pair of matches against Chile's Under-22s. Corona is joined on the roster by another California native, Chivas de Guadalajara left back Miguel Angel Ponce.

Corona has two goals in the Apertura for the Xoloitzcuintles (or Xolos) in their first season since being promoted into the Mexican Primera Division. Corona's rising star began during the Xolos drive for promotion, with Corona even scoring the goal that decided Club Tijuana's promotion playoff. In addition to his ability to represent Mexico and the U.S., Corona is also eligible to represent El Salvador, his mother's birth nation.

In a recent ESPN profile of Corona, Corona stated that he had been on former U.S. national team Bob Bradley's preliminary roster for the Aug. 10 friendly against Mexico but didn't end up making the final roster after Bradley's firing. During his conversation with ESPN, Corona admitted that he has been in contact with the current regime under Jurgen Klinsmann, who sent a scout to watch him in a recent match against Puebla.

What do you think of this development? Confident Corona will wind up with the U.S. national team? Think Mexico is seriously interested, or just trying to keep him from the USMNT?

Share your thoughts below.

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96 Responses to Corona called up by Mexican U-22s, admits USMNT interest

  1. DeLarge says:

    Hopefully, he accepts a (potential) call-up to our FIRST team.

  2. T Daddy says:

    Wait…Bob Bradley knew who this guys was and was going to cap him but even with that info Klinsmann didn’t and now the US might lose him to Mexico???… Let’s start it now…fire Klinsi! If he can’t judge talent better than Bob Bradley we are in big big trouble…right?

  3. Union says:

    You have to think that was a calculated move by the Mexican federation being as though they know Klinsmann is announcing a roster soon and he has been targeting Mexicans with dual citizenship.

  4. shutupayouface says:

    i kind of have to agree with this.

  5. DeLarge says:

    Spot on. And to call him up to their youth national team, no less, while knowing full well he’d get called up to the other country’s FULL side? Almost smacks of indifference.

  6. Bryson says:

    cam ’em

  7. Bryson says:

    or cap him

  8. shutupayouface says:

    like Cam from Modern Family?

  9. Jose says:

    Where are our U-23 friendly games? That’s the question?

  10. welshbean says:

    or can him

  11. bryan says:


  12. BenH says:

    But U22 doesn’t tie you to the national team, so I don’t think that’s why FMF would call him up. It doesn’t bind him, right?

  13. Jack says:

    He is a good player, not flashy but one we need. He has the ability to calm a game down while still being an attack minded player. he would be a great addition to our roster immediately and IMO would make the 23 man roster almost every time.

  14. shutupayouface says:

    i believe it would mean he would have to make his one time switch to play for the US

  15. Titan says:


  16. DeLarge says:

    Does anyone know if this callup means he HAS agreed to turn out for them? Or just that they put his name on a list so that if he doesn’t show up, it looks like he’s AWOL.

  17. EA says:


  18. Titan says:

    He’ll play for Mexico guaranteed, Mexico has shown too much power and we are rebuilding from scratch, Besides we can enjoy the cast-offs and make a real team and win…..MLS has some exciting young players already within 16 years of existence.

  19. Joe B. NYC says:

    There has got to be enough talent in MLS for Klinsmann to choose from. As much as I’m into getting more Mexican-American players on the team. My opinion is if you accept a call to Mexico (even if it won’t get you cap tied), you’re not that interested in repping the USA. This sounds like another Hoyos (Argentinian-American) situation to me. I feel the same way about the Chandler situation (yes, I know it’s slightly different), but either you want to play for the US or you don’t. Get Convey back on the scene for left-back. I’m getting so tired of this crap…

  20. DeLarge says:

    Corona must know he could benefit more in regards to potential playing time if he chose us. But then again, he can make the choice that he feels suits him best. People make emotional decisions all the time over logical ones.

    Just look at women.

  21. GlasgowPowerRangers says:

    You guys do realize how this works, right? If we call him in, he’ll turn out to be an overhyped dud. If we don’t he’ll tear up the FMF and get sold to Bayern or Liverpool and become a UEFA CL warhorse. It’s just how the goddamned galaxy works!!!

  22. Jake the Snake says:

    That’s true, Klinsy has been know to target Mexicans that have already played for the US. The man is a genius…

  23. 99 says:

    dude, you’re gonna get beat up for that one.

  24. YO says:

    Agree with you, let the cholos go!

  25. Ben says:

    Do men not get married?

  26. Alex says:


  27. Good Jeremy says:

    Eh. He will probably end up with them, but you never know. I won’t get heartbroken for losing an unproven player, even though he is playing well and has a lot of potential.

    If I complained about this then I would have to complain about Mixx and Chandler too. Self-identity and cultural ties are probably more important than citizenship anyways and if he feels more Mexican than American than he is making the right choice.

  28. Union says:

    Yea, I think it just makes him take a side. Cap tied or not, when you are in your 20’s and playing for a national side it’s not easy to switch out. Outside of the technicalities, its a very bold move. Especially bc there are never any guarantees in regards to how long you’ll have a spot on the roster.

  29. BenH says:

    According to Jorge Ramos he said he was playing for Mexico just a bit ago. Who knows.

  30. Dainja says:

    like Cam Newton. If Corona had stayed at San Diego State, he had Heisman written all over him!!!

  31. Ben says:

    Yes, not only that, but lets have a patriotism test as well. Nor must we stop there, but I think it is time excommunicate all US fans who choose to root for second or third teams depending on their cultural heritage, traitors. You either want to root for the US or not. ‘Merica, f’yeah. Red, White, and Blue or else we will stick a boot up your @ss!

    As if a kid from a variety of cultures who grew up in two different countries wouldn’t be naturally conflicted. This is beyond stupid.

  32. Tyrone says:

    Hopefully I’m not the only one that sees Delarge’s statement as tongue-in-cheek humor.

  33. MTs says:

    There is no U-22 it’s U-23 my friend SBI!

    (SBI-Some countries call their teams U-22, which it technically is since THIS YEAR they need to be U-22 to be U-23 NEXT YEAR when it matters that they are a U-23. Does that make sense to you? Calling a team a U-23 team TODAY is misleading because someone who’s 23 this year can’t play on the Olympic team next year. So the truth is, any pre-Olympic team can be called U-22 in 2011.)

  34. MTs says:

    either friendly rof senior team

  35. Jake the Snake says:

    Damn I can’t believe Klisny let him slip away, with all his talk of Mexicanizing the US team, he sure hasn’t brought anyone new.

    Either way there’s still a chance, I don’t see him cracking Mexico’s senior team, hill probably end up a left over like his buddies: Torres, Orozco, Bocanegra, Castillo, and Gomez.

  36. Tyrone says:

    Wow, if you thought Joe B. NYC’s comment was stupid, look in the mirror and read your own comment. Way to not overreact.

  37. jaileer says:


  38. Jake the Snake says:

    Typical American. 😉

  39. Aaron in StL says:

    There may have been the slightest hint of cynicism there… you may have missed that bit.

  40. Anonymous says:

    you are a prophet.

  41. Primoone says:

    Mike Farfan > Corona

  42. Good Jeremy says:

    was Boca a leftover? I always thought he considered himself American through and through.

    Fun fact: Bocanegra has done underwear modeling before.

  43. Joe B NYC says:

    Thanks Tyrone.

    Maybe Ben should have actually READ my post…

    I didn’t say strip him of his US citizenship. I SAID (basically) let’s give priority to those who’s desire to play for the USA is clear and not ‘naturally conflicted’. That was a pretty dumb reply…

  44. BenH says:

    Pure class!

  45. BenH says:

    Bocanegra’s father is Mexican, but Los from what I know was never contacted nor ever considered playing for Mexico.

  46. Jose says:

    What’s the big deal? We have plenty of talent here and abroad.

  47. vivalosburros says:

    After all the talk of Mexico’s youth development (and rightly so) it is interesting that Corona was developed within the normal channels of American soccer, if outside the youth national team set up. He played club and high school in San Diego then college for a year.

  48. Ricky B. Free says:

    I will take gatt over this overhyped guy. I have seen him play and he doesnt add creativity or something that we lack.

    We can find better players in the US if we search hard enough.

  49. R says:

    Perhaps if Mexican Americans were made to feel more welcomed in the U.S. (rather than being scapegoated for many social and economic problems not of their making), the issue of split loyalties wouldn’t be as great as it is.

    Your disparaging inference that Mexican American players like Torres, Castillo, Gomez, and Orozco are “left overs” is tinged with an element of racism. Or, can we also refer to Holden, Kljestan, Parkhurst, Lichaj, and any other 2nd or 3rd generation WHITE American player as “left overs” (code for “reject?”) for their respective ancestral countries?

  50. Kevin_amold says:

    “This is beyond stupid.”

    I completely agree. If by “this” you mean “My comment”

  51. Jorge Belon says:

    people calm down i am sorry to say but we have so many other good young players playing in Mexico and in Europe so there is no reason to start freaking out. besides both Ponce and Corona are not lost forever. They were just called to the youth teams so calm down and stop praying for bob to return because it seems like he will be eating cuscus for the next few years to come.

    Beside Kinsmann is doing a good job by just watching the game against Mexico. You can tell that our youth will improve way more then they would ever improved under Bob.

  52. Felix says:

    oh snap!

  53. Felix says:

    Before we start flogging ourselves, where does this guy play in the field? What’s his position?

  54. Dudeinho says:

    This is All about Money not Allegiences, the Mexican Fed will flush Money at Corona. and potential endorsements the US cant compete at that level. Untill the US has econminc Power of the Mexican team in this country then youll see the tide turn.

  55. Alexandria says:

    “Perhaps if Mexican Americans were made to feel more welcomed in the U.S. (rather than being scapegoated for many social and economic problems not of their making)” WTF does this have to do with soccer?

    I for the life of me cannot understand how racism is excepted by you all in the name of US Soccer it disgusting, you do not undo wrongs by discriminating against others. Players should be chosen by their merits and that’s it not because of their heritage (which no one has control over)But because of how they play. At the rate we are going we are gonna only pick players based on the census report. I personally don’t care what kind of hyphenated american anyone is I want players who can play who can be apart of the core team and who will fight for the shirt. So whether that’s a rich white kid from New York or a poor Hispanic kid from Texas if you can play you deserve a shot. But to sit here and say we should only start looking at one set of players instead of another because of their racial background is something that should not be tolerated.

  56. Tim M. says:

    who do some people feel like these kind of articles are an open ticket to explore their racist feelings on america.

  57. Paul says:

    Didn’t you mean sarcasm?

  58. Jake the Snake says:

    That’s true, too bad we didn’t look hard enough for Joe when he was here.

  59. T says:

    Correct, we should incorporate all of the ethnic groups from Hispanics,blacks,whites, and the asians everyone should be able to play, but they must also contribute something to the team.

  60. T says:

    The ignorants use the internet to create a pool of racism which effects the commenting session.

  61. wilyboy says:

    We can’t afford to lose forwards like Corona. Mexico can. The only advantage for US? Mexico’s attacking depth at Corona’s position. Here’s hoping.

  62. Juan from L.A. says:

    Guys he is a goner. He was interviewed by ESPN Deportes guys and his decision has been made. Wish him luck. He is not hte first and won’t be the last in choosing Mexico over US or vice-versa. It will happen and YOU ALL in either side have to respect their decisions. The messed up part is Mexico is already ahead in their U-22 development. We don’t even have a coach?!?!

  63. Lorenzo says:

    Ha ha

  64. Ben says:

    I did read your post and it was stupid. How can a 21 year old kid born to central American parents and who grew up in the US and Mexico be expected to simply leap at the US without any thought? Anyone with parents from other countries is likely to be “naturally conflicted,” but that shouldn’t mean we exclude them on that basis. You know, little things like understanding it is a young kid with a heterogeneous identity would be better then calling for some test of purity. Otherwise, we shouldn’t call in any players who aren’t completely ‘Merican, because they could harbor mixed feelings; they could even like other countries! People, especially young people, in my experience, makes mistakes, like, for instance, accepting a call up for Mexico and then realizing they would like to play for the US, but things like that are evidently too subtle for your magisterial view.

  65. Ben says:

    The old “I agree, if you mean what I mean” construct, where a puerile substitution supposedly becomes wit. It’s so easy to use even Kevin_amold can do it.

  66. abc says:

    Yup, well said. Many people don’t seem to consider the issue of endorsements…

  67. Tyrone says:

    “Construct” and “Puerile Substitution”?! Really? In a casual soccer comments thread? Way to come off better-than-thou. In reality, your reply was simply an overreaction to Joe B.’s post. No one’s denying the kid’s difficult decision.

  68. Alex G says:

    I´m with you on that one…

  69. Alex G says:

    Where did u hear this news, espndeportes??, this is insane. Who cares, go play with Mex, we will be better again in a while and he´ll come back begging for a chance.

  70. marco says:

    Joe is not spectacular but is very good. If on the USA roster probably places between 20 to 30 another Bedoya.
    If on Mexico’s roster he places 30 to 40, not likely to play first team soon. However he has a chance at making both countries Olympic teams. His youth coach says Joe
    will play with whoever brings him in first.

  71. dew says:

    i really dont understand the need to target a certain ethnicity. why not just call in the best players in the pool. period.

  72. PD says:

    well, let’s add to this line of thinking:

    in the last friendly

    team goes down early? check?

    “regular” starters put in an uneven performance? check

    teams has to come back relying on fitness and hustle? check

    left back puts in a questionable performance? check?

    people screaming for the coaches head? um…..

  73. Benny lowe says:

    Most american coaches have a “philosophy” that only 6ft and up players can make it to the NT. When messi the best player in the world stands 5ft 7 could take on 6ft 7 defenders by himself. Seriously that bs needs to stop.

  74. marco says:

    ‘Best players’ need to be brought into the pool, they’re not born there, well most are not. Some of these players are dual nationals who need to be courted. Example, if Subotic and Rossi had been courted successfully the USA would have probably made the final 8 or higher at the last WC. That would have been huge for the USA soccer.
    So dual nationals need to be looked at when they are very young, not to create an ethnic mix, but to capture a talented player before someone else.

  75. Edwin in LA says:

    Lets be honest, it comes down to styles of play and what parts of the game certain players focus on. Some players might need to work on endurance and physical fitness, things you can actually work on.

    But skill and technique is much harder to find and to teach and also to learn. Latin players we all know are more about the possession and nice passing and aggressive offensive football. With no disrespect most of our boys in the US, white or black or Hispanic…. they come from a system of pay to play that focuses on pure great athletes and ride that wave all the way to the world cup.

    IMO Torres is WAY better than guys like McCarty, Beckerman, Clark among others oh Larentowicz. Clark being the best of the bunch and then Beckerman far FAR behind.

    Gomez I wish people would stop including him in their weird arguments of “mexican rejects” or “conflicted players”

    Guy came up thru the US ranks and started in MLS, grew up in Vegas and then in late teens in LA!

    He’s about as American as they come, go look up Glenn Davis’ podcast for Monday’s show in the 1st hour of Dynamo Access he talks about his experiences in Mexico and how sometimes he feels just as home, because of the Americanization of a big plaza in the area he lives in.

    I too don’t think players should be picked based on ethnic background. But lets face it, Orozco has merits, maybe not over John but for sure over Ream and as much as Gonzalez. Torres has plenty of merits, look up game at El Salvador in qualifying.

    Castillo, is there for the same reason Heath Pearce played so much and was still considered while sucking in a 2nd Division German team that was being relegated to 3rd, and he couldn’t even play for them horrible form!

  76. Ben says:

    Eh? So vocabulary should be whittled down to the lowest common denominator?

  77. Edwin in LA says:

    Wow sorry didn’t mean to make the post that long?

  78. Daniel says:

    So Mexico wants him for the U-22 team and some here want him for the senior team. Some guys need to stop being so desperate to chase any player that “might” be good. Players should be waiting to be called by the NT not the other way.

  79. Phillypride says:

    Show a little patience and understanding. Every player’s situation is different. It makes sense for someone who’s eligible for 2 or more countries to take time to figure out what to do. Why does that bother you so much?

  80. Phillypride says:

    Where did R say anything at all about choosing players based on their heritage?

  81. Phillypride says:

    I agree that Mexican Americans should be made to feel more welcome here. Regardless of the soccer implications, it’s the right thing to do. And there is certainly a lot of racism against Mexican Americans.

    But, I don’t think Jake the Snake’s comment qualifies. I read his leftovers comment as meaning that those players might have preferred to play for Mexico, but weren’t good enough. It could actually be read as a complement to Mexico and their national team.

  82. Steve C says:

    psssh. We can put Corona in an Allstate commercial and overdub his voice w/ someone who sounds more stereotypically Mexican.

  83. DC Josh says:

    M’eh. This kid scores a couple goals and now he is on everyone’s radar. He could be the next Chicharito, or he could be the next Herculez Gomez. We have enough young forwards in professional systems where I feel we don’t need to be worried about kids like Corona who pick Mexico over the USA.

  84. hogatroge says:

    pssh… like Cam Weaver OC!

  85. hogatroge says:

    Chandler wants to play for the US. His club doesn’t want him to play for anyone but them, Germany included. He’s young and being manipulated.

  86. hogatroge says:

    I am a huge fan of the Farfan bros, but they (Michael esp.) need more PT before a call up.

    After watching Gabriel shut down Kaka and Michael score when they played Real Madrid, though, I know there are call ups in the future.

  87. marco says:

    Bottom line, Bedoya and Corona would be an upgrade on the wings to Rogers and Kljestan, but not over Landon and Deuce.

  88. LoS says:

    why is it that Mexican scouts are always “finding” potential US talent before the US… does the media not report it… or does the US scouts just suck!!!SMH… i usually dont report articles but there is a good article on Soccer America about Mexican club teams casting over US talent.. its a really good read…. why cant our scouts see the talent!!!

  89. Matt says:

    There are many interests at stake:
    From Mexico’s point of view, they are probably interested in this kids talent. I have followed Tijuana for more than a year now and he is KEY to their success. Part of it is also trying to keep him from the US. But remember, he is not caped tied untill he plays a qualifier, even if he does play in the Olympics.

    From Corona’s point of view, I believe he is sincere is saying he is still open for playing for the US. Mexico called him up first. I wish Klinsmann would still try to call him up on a later date. God knows we could use some good forwards.

    But there is one important thing to consider: Mexico’s Olympic squad (the same team that went to Copa America) had 8 of their players suspended before the South American Tournament started. Players like Jonathan Dos Santos, Javier Cortes and Marco Fabian are still suspended for four more months. For Corona, this is an opportunity for him to stand out in a squad that is already filled with talent. While those eight players are out, Corona has a chance to show Mexico what he has and Mexico has a need for his talent.

  90. Matt says:

    US scouts have sucked, even in finding talent within the US.

  91. Matt says:

    Mexico is ahead but don’t forget that they still have 8 players (to include Marco Fabian, Javier Cortes, Jonathan Dos santos) suspended for four more months because of their actions before the Copa America. So they don’t have it all together.

  92. Paula says:

    People should probably stop dissing Gomez, period. He’s been arguing for a while that MLS and USNT need to target the dual nationals. If anything, he should get called into camp just because Klinsmann might get better information from him than any scout, just because he actually plays in the league.

    Also, people really need to get a grip on the Mexico hate. The rivalry is going to involve a lot of players making choices between sides and we’d just better get used to it.

  93. Coach Paco says:

    Mexico has more players like Corona or better, the only difference here is that he has triple nationality: US, Mexican, and Salvadoreno. Would he elicit so much concern if he decided to play for El Salvador?